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赣州脱毛赣州市立医院整形美容The devastation wrought by Sandy is forcing New Yorkers to consider a whole host of measures from fortress-like flood barriers to offering a buy-out to people living in flood-prone areas to make the city safe from future storms.桑迪造成的破坏迫使纽约人考虑一整套的措施——从堡垒一样的防洪障碍到向洪水易发地区的人提供一个收容所——让城市在未来的风暴中处于安全之地;We are vulnerable,; the states governor, Andrew Cuomo, told reporters this week. ;Anyone who thinks there is not a dramatic change in weather patterns is deny reality. We have a new reality and old systems.; New York, with its 520 miles of coastline, is second only to New Orleans in the US for the numbers of people living within 4ft of the high tide mark, or about 200,000 people. There is also valuable property at risk and those risks will only grow.“我们是脆弱的,”州长安德鲁#8226;科莫本周告诉记者。“那些认为气候模式没有戏剧性变化的人都是在否认现实。我们面临新的现实和旧的系统。”纽约有520英里的海岸线,在4英尺的洪水下或约20万人受困,仅次于新奥尔良。也面临着宝贵的财产风险——那些风险只会与日俱增。As New Yorkers discovered this week, subways, power lines, and other infrastructure are also at risk from storm surges and flooding. And time is running out to find a solution. Flooding during Sandy even exceeded the disaster scenarios envisaged in a 2011 New York state government designed to help authorities plan for future climate change.纽约人发现这个星期在暴风雨和洪水的冲击下,地铁、电线和其他基础设施也面临瘫痪。而找到解决方案的时间已不多了。桑迪期间的洪水甚至超过011年纽约州政府旨在帮助当局规划未来气候变化时设想的灾难场景;The impacts we saw in the last couple of days were actually impacts we did not think we would see until the 2080s, such as the flooding in lower Manhattan, and in Long Island, the vulnerability of subway tubes and some of the airports,; said Art DeGaetano, a Cornell University professor and director of the north-east regional climate centre, who was one of the authors of the report.“在过去的几天里我们看到的影响实际上是我们认为我们看不到的影响,直到2080年,例如洪水淹没曼哈顿下城,在长岛脆弱的地铁系统和一些机场,Art DeGaetano说,康奈尔大学的教授和东北地区气候中心的主任,他是研究报告的作者之一。With sea-level rise, a common storm could prove as catastrophic as Sandy, putting about a third of the citys streets in a flood danger zone.随着海平面上升,一个常见的风暴都可能会像桑迪一样灾难性,把大约三分之一的城市街道置于洪水的危险地带。The city is looking at a variety of options from big engineering projects, such as levees, sea walls and pumping stations, to offering a buy-out to people to move out of flood-prone areas.这个城市正在从大型工程项目如堤坝、海堤和泵站寻找各种方法,以提供一个收容所帮助人们搬出洪水易发地区。But protecting a city of 8 million from the consequences of climate change is a monumental undertaking. In the end, there may be no iron-clad guarantees.但是保护800万人的城市远离气候变化的恶果是一个不朽的事业。最后,也可能没有万全的担保;You are not going to be able to build any infrastructure that is 100% safe from everything that nature may throw at it,; DeGaetano said.“你无法建立任何自然的一切都无法摧毁00%安全的基础设施,”DeGaetano说;There is a trade-off to making something that works through a lifetime against some fortress that will withstand any type of devastation nature may throw at it. I am not sure anyone could have designed a system to withstand the type of surges that New York City saw.;“有一种平衡来使得一些东西一辈子有效,而不是承受任何类型破坏的一些自然可以摧毁的堡垒。我不确定有人可以设计出一个系统,能够承受纽约市所遇见的各种波涛汹涌的类型。”来 /201211/207324赣县区妇幼保健人民医院疤痕多少钱 第一句:Do you think I would believe a story like that?你认为我会相信那样的谎话吗?A: John, you are late again.约翰,你又迟到了B: My mother was ill, and I ...我母亲病了,我……A: Do you think I would believe a story like that?你认为我会相信那样的谎话吗?B: Well, the truth is I overslept.哎,其实是我睡过头了第二句:It hard to tell.那很难说A: He promised to allow us a commission of %.他答应给我们%的佣金B: It hard to tell.那很难说对对方的话表示怀疑或不确信的相关表达法还有:I dont have much trust in his words.我不太相信他的话I wont take it too seriously.我不会对这个太认真的It sounds fishy to me.我觉得有点可疑 5Senior Chinese officials are hinting that U.S. technology giant Apple is at risk of losing its trademark dispute with a company in the southern city of Shenzhen that claims ownership of the iPad name in China. Officials with the nations commerce ministry and its trademark office told reporters Tuesday they regard Shenzhen-based Proview Technology as the rightful owner of the iconic trademark.中国高级官员暗示说,美国科技业巨头苹果公司很可能会在与深圳唯冠公司的商标权争端中落败。唯冠公司称拥有在中国的iPad商标名称所有权。中国商务部有关官员和商标局星期二对记者表示,他们认为,深圳唯冠科技公司是iPad这个具有标志意义商标的合法所有者。Proviews Taiwanese subsidiary registered the trademark more than a decade ago, long before Apple developed its popular tablet computer. Apple purchased the rights from Proview in , but Proview says Apple failed to register the trademark in mainland China. The U.S.-based firm has been engaged in a lengthy court battle with financially troubled Proview over the trademark. Analysts say Tuesdays comments could place more pressure on Apple to settle the dispute.唯冠的台湾子公司在十年多年前注册了这一商标,远早于苹果开发这款受欢迎的平板电脑。苹果公司在年从唯冠公司购买了商标权,但唯冠表示,苹果没有在中国大陆注册这一商标。设在美国的苹果公司在这一问题上与资金窘迫的唯冠公司进行了长期的法庭争斗。有分析人士说,中国官员星期二的讲话可能让苹果在解决争端上承担更多压力。来 /201204/179317赣州俪人男科医院打美白针多少钱

宁都县人民医院开双眼皮多少钱Cancle my reservation取消订票Id like to cancle my reservation on flight MS701 to Warsaw on the 3rd.My name is Michael.我想取消我订的3号MS701飞往华沙的机票我是迈克Hold on a moment.(a few minutes later)I have cancelled your reservation.ShallI make another one you?请稍等(几分钟后)我已经取消了您的预订,您要预订其他机票吗?No.thanks.不用了,谢谢I see.Pleaso call us again any further reservation.Thanks calling Us.好的如果您有任何需要的话,欢迎拨打电话给我们谢谢 36735于都县妇幼保健院整形美容中心 宁都县妇幼保健人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

赣州俪人医院祛痣怎么样Out-of-eason Tour淡季旅游Have you any tour route to Budapest?有去布达佩斯的线路吗?Yes.I have,sir.How long are you going on vocation?有的,先生您有多长时间的假期?About weeks.大概两周I recommend you this route.We call it golden routs the sightseeing spots.我建议您走这条线路我们称之为游览的黄金线路Well,will you offer me any reduction since it a out-of-eason tour?嗯,由于现在是旅游淡季,你们能不能给我打折呢?Of course.we Will,sir.当然可以,先生 31 My Size适合自己的尺寸We have a variety of trousers.Which one do you like best?我们有各种款式的裤子,您最喜欢哪条昵?I want to buy one to match my shirt. Can you give me some advice?我想买条搭配我衬衣的裤子你能给我些建议吗?What about this one?这条怎么样呢?Yes.they seem to be my size and go with my shirt quite well.I will take it.不错,看上去大小很合适,并且也很酝我的衬衣我就要这条了 9赣州医院美白针赣州韩式三点双眼皮价格



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