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赣州俪人整形美容医院鼻中隔偏曲手术怎么样安远县人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱商务对话实战连载(1)-- ::57   In this conversation, Oscar Davidson, the owner of a chain of retail clothing stores, is talking to Kathleen Harbrough, his financial manager, about a big deal one of his competitors has just concluded.   Kathleen: Have you heard the news, Oscar? The InFashion merger with Artingdales has just been approved.   Oscar: Yeah, I heard. They’ve just leap-frogged ahead of us by a good margin. Our 65 shops nationwide pales in comparison to their 7. On top of that,they now have a top manufacturer as part of their operation. Kathleen: sure. Most analysts think that Debusy Manufacturing was the crown jewel of Artingdales.   Oscar: This really gives InFashion a huge competitive advantage over us. Do you have any news on potential acquisitions we might go after?   Kathleen: Actually, I do. You may be a little surprised at this one. I’ve been checking up on Clarisa Exclusives.   Oscar: Clarisa! They’ve never shown any interest whatsoever in a merger, and they would probably never agree to an acquisition.  Kathleen: I know, but the time might be right a takeover.It’s not a well-known fact, but their finances are in poor shape. Actually, they could turn out to be a Sleeping Beauty. I think their assets are highly undervalued in the industry.   Oscar: Wow, that would surely put us back in the thick of things. OK, Kathleen, give me a report on the finances involved as soon as you can. Let’s go after them!   参考译文:   在以下这段对话中,Oscar Davidson是一家装零售连锁店的老板,而Kathleen Harbrough是他的财务主管他俩正谈论一个竞争对手刚完成的一笔大买卖  Kathleen: 嘿,Oscar, 你听说了吗?InFashion和Artingdales已经成功合并了    Oscar: 我听说啦他们已经大步向前,把我们远远甩在后面了你看,全国范围内,我们只有65家店,而他们却有7家另外,现在还有一个顶尖的制造商加入了他们的行列   Kathleen: 的确如此大多数分析家都认为Debusy制造公司是Arlingdales最具实力的拳头部门  Oscar: 这无疑给Infashion增加了不少竞争砝码,而我们已处于劣势了对了,对于我们下一步的收购计划你有什么目标吗? Kathleen: 当然或许你会有些意外,但我现在确实在关注Clarisa专卖店   Oscar: Clarisa!他们对合并可从来没有过什么兴趣,我想他们更不会同意被收购  Kathleen:我知道,但此一时,彼一时,现在也许正是收购的最佳时机他们的财务状况可以说是一团糟,但这个事实却鲜为人知可以说Clarisa现在还是一个“睡美人”据我所知,他们的资产被业界大大低估了   Oscar :好啊,那肯定会使我们脱离困境的这样吧Kathleen,你尽快给我一份涉及相关财务状况的报告,是 我们大显身手的时候了!定南县妇幼保健人民医院去痘印多少钱 小学英语作文:我爱北京 -- :6:01 来源: 小学英语作文:我爱北京Bejing,the capital city of China,is my favorite city. Bejing is the center of economy, politics, and culture.It locates in the northeastern part of China. 北京,中国的首都,是我最喜欢的城市北京是经济、政治、文化的中心它座落在中国的东北部In beijing,you have many attractionsto travel, such as Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and so on. Bejing is a modern city with long history. In , the 9th Olympic Games was held in Beijing. It was a great success. 在北京,你可以去很多经典旅游,比如天安门广场,颐和园,长城等等北京是一座历史悠久的现代化城市年,第二十九届奥运会在北京举行,取得了巨大成功 I love Bejing,i hope one day i can travel to Beijing.我爱北京,我希望有一天可以去北京旅游一位六年级小学生写的英语小文章 -- :39: 来源: 一位六年级小学生写的英语小文章  House, it’s very important us, because we must study, live ,and sleep in it .  My dream house is very different from the usual house. I would like to introduce it to you if you are interested in it.  The shape of my dream house like a strawberry; the roof if green, and walls are red.  Let’s enter my dream house and look around: it consists of a living-room, a study-room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.  The wall of the bedroom is covered with mink, so that I can sleep with a sweet dream and feel more comtable.  There are a lot of things in my house ----such as computers,televisions, telephones, tables, beds, and so on. Of course, the cost of my dream house is very big, too.  How can make my dream come true? We will realize it only by our hard working.赣州脱腋毛价格

江西省中心人民医院光子脱毛多少钱我的爱好 My hoy --19 :19:5 来源: My hobbyI am Bob. I am years old. I live in a tall building. It has twenty-nine floors. I live on the twenty-first floor. I am from China. I have small eyes. My favourite food is chicken. My favourite animal is dog,because it is lovely.My best friend is Ted. We often play together. But his house is very far from my house. He likes playing computer games. My hobby is playing football. I often play football with my classmates, because they like playing football, too. We often win. Why do I like football? Because it does a lot of good my body. Do you like football?赣州丽人整形美容医院治疗狐臭多少钱 不拿自己的长处和别人的短处比的英语话剧 -- :5: 来源: Place:Beside the brook地点:小溪边Characters: Little camel,red pony and mother camel人物:小骆驼、小红马、骆驼妈妈Scene I第一幕(The curtain rises.Little camel goes a walk after breakfast,he walks to a brook,and looks at himself through the brook.He nods repeatedly while looking in the brook.)(幕启小骆驼吃好早饭出来散步,来到一条小溪边,就照起了“镜子”一边照镜子一边连连点头)Little Camel(with satisfaction): Look,the hair style i combed today suits me very much!小骆驼(满意地):瞧,我今天梳的这个发型可真适合我呀!(Red pony sings and walks up)(小红马一边唱着歌一边走过来)Red pony(Snorts when he see Little camel appreciates himself very much): Your soles of the feet are big and thick,and two layers ofocular hairsare on your eyelid,besides ,there are two lumps on your back,how ugly it is!If i were so ugly i would hide in home and not go out all the day!小红马(见小骆驼这么欣赏自己,就喷着响鼻):你的脚掌又大又厚,眼皮上长着两层眼毛,背上还有两个肉疙瘩,多难看哪!要是我长得这么丑,我早就整天躲在家里不出来了Little camel(feel wronged):Sob——(Little camel turns to find his mother right away)小骆驼(委屈地):呜——(小骆驼马上扭转头去找妈妈)Little camel(sadly): Mom,Red pony said i looked ugly!!! Sob——小骆驼(伤心地):妈妈,小红马说我长得很难看!!!呜——骆驼妈妈(疼爱地)孩子,明天你跟我到沙漠里走一趟吧Scene II第二幕(The curtain rises.Little camel and his mother arrives thevast desert.The walks very far,Little camel rises his head,and looks at theboundless desert.)(幕启小骆驼跟它的妈妈来到了茫茫的沙漠它们走了很远很远,小骆驼抬起头来,望了望无边无际的沙漠)Little camel(worriedly): Mom,if we keep go on,how should we do when we are hungry?小骆驼(担心地):妈妈,再走下去,我们饿了怎么办呢?Mother camel(Points to their back): The two lumps on our back are called humps,in which nourishment are stored,that's enough us to use on the road.(points to theloose sands underfooting as well)Thanks to our big and thick soles of feet,if our soles are like Red pony's,How would we draw them out when we trapp into the sands?骆驼妈妈(指了指他们的背): 我们背上的那两个肉疙瘩叫驼峰,里面贮存着养料,足够我们路上用的了(又指了指脚下松散的沙子)多亏我们的脚掌长得又大又厚,如果我们的脚掌也像小红马那样,陷进沙子里怎么拔得出来呢?(Suddenly,blows a sandstorm (忽然,一阵风刮过来)Mother camel(shouts loudly): Little camel,learn ward quickly,and close your nostrils and eyes!骆驼妈妈(大声地喊) : 小骆驼,快点俯下身子,闭上鼻孔和眼睛(The sandstorm passes away later)(一会儿,风沙过去了)Little camel(open the eyes slowly,and looks around,happily): Mom,there're no sands in my nostrils and eyes.Oh,oh!小骆驼(慢慢地睁开眼睛,环视一下四周,高兴地):妈妈,妈妈,我的鼻孔和眼睛里没进一点沙子哦!哦!Little camel(on the way home,lightly):Our humps,soles and ocular hairs are useful in the desert,i should be proud!小骆驼(回来的路上,轻轻地):我们的驼峰、脚掌、和眼毛在沙漠里有那么大的用处,我应该感到自豪才对呀! 不拿自己的长处和别人的短处比的英语话剧定南县丰唇手术费用

赣州俪人整形医院丰唇好不好我最爱的小 My Favorite Dog -- :35: 来源: I have a little dog. His name is wangwang. I love him very much. I pick him up in front of my house. He lies there two days. No one takes him and he also doesn’t go home. Then I take him home. After that, he accompany with me every day. He plays with me, and stays in the gate to wait me home from school. He is one of my best friends.我有一只小他的名字叫旺旺我很喜欢他我在我家前面捡到他的他在那里呆了两天没有人带走他,他也不回家之后我就把他带回家了在这之后,他每天都陪着我他陪我一起玩,还呆在门口等我放学回家他是我最好的朋友之一 什么料都要-- :7:31 I'd like to cheeseburgers all-dressed, please.   我的奶酪汉堡什么料都要   在餐馆里要汉堡时,他们一般都会给你在汉堡上加一些调料,而具体加什么由你来决定   如果你什么都想要的话,就应该用这句话来表达你的需要在这句话里all-dressed的意思便是什么调料都要,而很多的调料都被称作dressing赣州医院整形中心痘坑赣州医院整形美容中心割双眼皮多少钱



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