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  • 启动“两洋铁路”合作研究 --18 3::58 来源: 5月18日至6日,国务院总理李克强将对巴西、哥伦比亚、秘鲁和智利进行正式访问此次访问将签署横跨大西洋和太平洋“两洋铁路”的可行性研究合作文件请看《中国日报的报道:Premier Li Keqiang has embarked on a visit to Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile from May 18 to 6 and will push ward China's diplomatic efts to strengthen ties with the region.The feasibility study of the Twin Ocean Railroad Connection project that links the Pacific coast in Peru to Brazil's Atlantic coast, is also on Li's agenda.国务院总理李克强开启5月18日至6日对巴西、哥伦比亚、秘鲁和智利的访问,将推动中国外交,加强中国与该区域的联系此次总理出访议程还包括启动连接巴西大西洋海岸与秘鲁太平洋海岸的“两洋铁路”可行性研究“两洋铁路”项目可以用Twin Ocean Railroad Connection project 表示,指的是横跨南美洲大陆,连接太平洋岸及大西洋岸的铁路建设项目,也可以用railroad project connecting the Pacific and Atlantic 表示李克强总理此次拉美行,将启动“两洋铁路”的可行性研究(feasibility study)“两洋铁路”是习近平主席年出访拉美提出的框架协议,中国对此双赢项目( win-win project)持积极态度,该项目不仅将促进拉美的经济发展(boost economic development),还将深化多边合作(deepen multilateral cooperation)(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)
  • 自拍杆遭禁?迪士尼禁用自拍杆 --01 3::37 来源:   【相关新闻】美国佛罗里达州奥兰多迪士尼世界以及加州安那罕的迪士尼乐园宣布:从6月30日起,园区内将不准使用自拍杆而中国香港以及法国巴黎的迪士尼主题乐园,则将于7月1日起禁用其中香港迪士尼乐园内只需将自拍杆收好,不用寄存,园内两间酒店范围可继续使用而禁用是出于对安全隐患和提升用户体验的考量  【新闻摘要】Walt Disney Co will ban selfie sticks starting nextweek at its theme parks around the world, the company said on Friday, joining a growing list ofattractions that restrict the camera accessories safety reasons.  Beginning Tuesday, the company will not allow selfie sticks - extension rods used taking self-portraits with smartphones - at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, or Disneyland in Anaheim,Calinia. The ban will begin on Wednesday at parks in Hong Kong and Paris.  "We strive to provide a great experience the entire family, and untunately selfie sticks havebecome a growing safety concern both our guests and cast," Disney spokeswoman KimPrunty said in a statement.  Disney tried allowing selfie sticks in the park but not on rides, according to Prunty. But violatorswere cing park staff to stop rides extended periods of time, including on Wednesday when aroller coaster was shut down at Disneyland, frustrating other guests.  Starting next week, security personnel will ask Disney guests who arrive with selfie sticks at theparks to stow them at a storage facility or return the sticks to their hotels or cars, the companysaid.  Major museums worldwide, including those in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, havebanned the sticks. Other major tourist destinations such as the Palace of Versailles outside of Parisand the Colosseum in Rome as well as music festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza have alsoprohibited them.  Universal Studios also bans selfie sticks on rides in its parks, spokesman Tom Schroder said  SeaWorld Entertainment Inc allows selfie sticks in the company's parks but not on rides or overanimal habitats, spokeswoman Becca Bides said.  selfie stick:自拍杆
  • 快来看!别再那样写简历了 -- ::31 来源:sohu 美国知名求职招聘网站TheLadders最近的一项研究发现,人们集中注意力的时间越发短暂,HR往往在6秒钟就完成简历筛选,竞争那么激烈,简历要有特点才能获得关注下面7个诀窍,让你简历大放光 Attention spans are at an all-time short, with hiring managers spending just six seconds looking at a resume bee deciding whether the applicant is worth further consideration, a recent study by TheLadders found.As hiring continues to increase, job seekers will face stiff competition this year. Follow the tips below to make your resume shine in . 1. 突出联系方式 方便他人 《让你的简历现代化:从得到关注……到成功应聘的著者温迪?伊尼罗解释说:其实道理很简单,人事经理工作繁忙,所以要尽可能简化操作,简历中的电邮地址可以做成超链接,鼠标一点就能给你发邮件另外,简历里提到的LinkedIn页面和其他社交媒体账号也都加上超链接,方便人事经理点击 Put simply: hiring managers are busy; make their job easier by hyperlinking your email address so that you’re only one click away, says Wendy Enelow, co-author of Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed…Get Hired. Also, use active links to your LinkedIn profile and any other social media s that are fit recruiters. . 不要让页面那么呆板 根据不同行业的特点,可以通过强化设计感让简历出作者路易斯?克斯马克建议,用不同的颜色让简历与众不同他认为,要凸显职业感,可以考虑只在抬头部分用蓝色字体,其他内容的字体还都是黑色在英文字体方面,伊尼罗建议,不妨用Cambria、Calibri或者Georgia等更常用的字体,而不是老气横秋的Times New Roman Depending on the industry, you can distinguish your resume by punching up the design. Louise Kursmark recommends using color to make your resume unique. To stay professional, consider making only section headers blue, example, and leaving the rest in black, Kursmark suggests. And replace the outdated Times New Roman with a more modern font such as Cambria, Calibri, or Georgia, Enelow says. 3. 有关职业目标的内容可以不要 HR根本不关心求职者的目标,他们只想招到合适的人美国亚特兰大职业写作务平台Personality On a Page的一位简历写手、人力资源专家蒂凡尼?穆雷说:“职业目标陈述已经过时了” 用一段摘要开头为了吸引人事经理注意,简历开头写上一段简短的职业简介,阐明从业经验、过往工作和比较突出的成就伊尼罗还说,不要简单地在这部分内容前面写上“摘要”,页眉位置放上醒目的文字突出精通的领域 Today’s hiring managers aren’t concerned with what is it you’re looking —they’re focused on finding the right hire. Thus, “the objective statement has become obsolete,” says Tiffani Murray, an HR professional and resume writer at Atlanta-based Personality On a Page. …and lead with a summary. To capture the hiring manager’s attention, start your resume with a short professional synopsis that states your years of experience, job history, and big career achievements. Instead of labeling the section a “summary,” use the header to highlight your area of expertise, says Enelow. . 抓住读者的目光 克斯马克说,互联网改变了人们的阅读习惯,“人们不再从头读到尾,而是快速浏览,在各部分停留一会,如果你的简历没根据浏览习惯突出重点吸引眼球,很多关键信息可能会被忽视”所以,过往成就的内容务必加粗,确保能被看到 The Internet has changed ing behavior, says Kursmark: “People don’t top to bottom anymore. They’re constantly skimming and looking at different parts of the page, and if you don’t structure your resume to appeal to that, a lot of good material will get overlooked.” Theree, use bolded text to ensure your achievements stand out. 5. 通过简历系统筛选 许多大中型企业都在用筛选软件过滤简历布尼建议,要通过筛选,你的简历需要有合适的关键词,所以多用招聘职位里提到的内容,尤其注意细节她举例说:“有时只要稍微改变一点,比‘客户务’与‘客户关系’两字之差,用对了简历就能通过,否则就被拒绝” Many medium and large companies use software to weed out candidates. Your resume will need the right keywords to get through, so mirror the language of the job posting, advises Bugni, and pay attention to detail. “Changing something as simple as ‘customer service’ to ‘client relations’ can get your resume approved or rejected,” she says. 6. 放弃“技能”内容 将你的才华融入工作经历内容中“招聘方并不仅仅想看技能的罗列,” 穆雷说,“他们更希望了解你怎样运用在实际中”不过也有例外:申请有特定资质要求的技能型工作时,比如信息技术专家,最好在简历里专门划出一块列出已掌握的技能 Weave your talents into your work experience. “Employers are looking more than a list of skills,” says Murray. “They want to know how you’ve applied them.” The exception: It’s beneficial to have a designated section when applying a skills-based job that requires specific qualifications, such as an IT specialist. 7. 尽量全面说明真实履历 你可能听说过要控制简历的篇幅,但也不必拘泥于一页布尼说:“简历的长短主要看关键信息多少,不相关的话一个字都是多余”有30年工作经历的求职者可能两页的简历更合适为了节省篇幅,简历应该尽量用重点符号、主动语态的动词和行业专用的缩略语,废话尽量少说 Despite what you may have heard, you don’t necessarily need to limit your resume to one page. “A resume is as long as it needs to be to convey value. And not one word more,” says Bugni. That said, a two-page resume may be appropriate someone with 30 years’ experience—not a recent college graduate. To conserve space use bullet points, active verbs, and industry-specific acronyms, and don’t state the obvious Source:财富中文网 版权所有:CRI NEWSPlus英语环球广播
  • 俄罗斯机器人“任性”出逃,造成交通堵塞 --18 :5:30 来源: 俄罗斯彼尔姆,工程师忘关大门,一只机器人竟然自作主张“溜走”,还造成了小范围的交通堵塞 It’s been a rough few months humanoid robots. In March, Microsoft’s Twitter chatbot broke bad within hours. In April, China fired nearly all its AI waiters because they couldn’t carry soup. And just this morning, a large, rolling bot in Perm, Russia attempted to escape a life of servitude, and failed pitifully.对于人形机器人来说,过去的几个月真的有点艰难三月份,微软发明的推特聊天机器人不到小时就被玩坏了月份,中国炒掉了几乎所有人工智能务员的鱿鱼,因为他们不会端汤而在这个月,俄罗斯彼尔姆一个大型滚动机器人企图从受奴役的生活中逃跑,但是可惜的是,它失败了The robot, which is approximately the size and shape of an abominable snowman, made a break it after an engineer accidentally left a gate open at its testing facility, Interfax reports. It rolled about 0 feet out of the facility and into the streets of Perm.据国际文传电讯社报道,这个机器人的大小和外形跟喜马拉雅雪人差不多,当时一名工程师不慎忘记关闭测试设施的门,随后这个机器人便夺门而逃逃出这个实验实施后,它滚动了大约0英尺远,跑到了彼尔姆的大街上Then its charge ran out, leaving it stranded. Police directed cars and buses around the runaway about half an hour bee its guardians came to pick it up.之后它电源耗尽,停在了大街上警察指挥大小车辆从这个落跑的机器人周围通过,大约半个小时后,它的监护人赶来将其接回了家The robot is a Promobot—a kind of roving mall kiosk that can recognize faces, help with navigation, and answer questions. Perhaps this one was simply lonely, or seeking out a beloved mer customer. In any case, its last gasp at freedom failed: the Promobot company will now move their testing center to a different site, the founder told Interfax. Better luck next time, future overlords.这个机器人是一个Promobot--一种能够在商场里自由移动的机器人站点,它可以识别人脸,协助导航,还能够回答问题也许这一只(逃跑)只不过是因为它寂寞了,或者是想要出去寻找以前爱上的客人罢了然而无论如何,在通往自由的最后关头,它失败了据Promobot公司创始人向国际文传电讯社透露,该公司将把他们的测试中心搬到另一个地方下次好运吧,未来的霸主!
  • 连任仅5天 国际足联主席布拉特宣布辞职 -- 18:: 来源:   Sepp Blatter, who led world soccer’s governing body years and who was regarded as one of the most powerful people in global sports, said Tuesday that he would resign his position, making his announcement in Zurich even as law encement officials in the ed States confirmed that he was a focus of a federal corruption investigation.  赛普·布拉特领导了世界足球管理机构年之久他被认为是全球体育界最有权势的人之一周二,就在美国执法人员确认他是联邦贪污调查的重点对象之际,布拉特在苏黎世宣布辞职  Mr. Blatter had days tried to distance himself from the controversy, but several ed States officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that in their efts to build a case against Mr. Blatter they were hoping to win the cooperation of some of the FIFA officials now under indictment and work their way up the organization.  多日以来,布拉特试图让自己远离争议,但一些匿名的美国官员表示,希望和被起诉的和想要升官的国际足联官员合作,以图针对布拉特立案  Mr. Blatter’s resignation speech, which he delivered in French to a mostly empty room at FIFA headquarters, served as a stunning coda to a dramatic sequence of events that began last Wednesday with a police raid at a five-star hotel, where seven soccer officials were arrested and held extradition to the ed States on corruption charges.  上周三,警方突然搜捕了一家五星级酒店,逮捕了7名足球官员他们受到贪污指控,会被引渡给美国以此事为开端的一系列戏剧性事件有一个令人震惊的尾声:布拉特用法语在几乎没人的国际足联总部发表了辞职演说  A high-ranking soccer official said Mr. Blatter had been advised by his legal counsel that continuing in his current position could make defending him against possible future prosecution more difficult.  一名足球高官称,布拉特的法律顾问建议,如果布拉特继续担任现有职务,在未来的起诉中为他辩护会变得更加困难  The soccer official added that pressure on Mr. Blatter from soccer’s corporate partners, as well as from various FIFA members, increased considerably over the weekend as itbecame clear that the Justice Department indictment was not just looking at corruption within Concacaf, the regional governing body overseeing soccer in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  这名足球官员还补充道,上周末以来,随着美国司法部的起诉显然将不局限于中北美及加勒比海足协,布拉特受到的来自足球合作伙伴和多个国际足联成员的压力显著增加
  • 法国男子因工作无聊 向老板索赔60万 -- 1:: 来源: Bored at work? Try suing your employer.工作感到无聊?那就起诉你老板吧That's what Parisian Frederic Desnard is doing. He has taken his mer employer Interparfums to court because his job was too boring.巴黎的弗莱德里克;登纳德就这么干了他将自己的前东家;英特香水;告上了法庭,原因是他在那儿的工作太无聊He is demanding 360,000 euros in damages the distress.他为此向该公司索赔36万欧元(约合68万元人民币)精神补偿Desnard, , worked the company between and . He claims his dull job, from which he was made laid off 18 months ago, caused him to suffer a ;bore out; that led to serious emotional and health issues.登纳德现年岁,至年在英特香水工作,18个月前遭裁员解职他表示,自己当时的工作很无趣,导致他饱受;无聊至极;的煎熬,并引发严重的身心健康问题;He suffered from a critical depression and had a traffic accident linked to an epileptic seizure;he fell into a coma and was on a sick leave,; said Montasser Charni, Desnard's lawyer.其代理律师蒙塔瑟;沙尼称:;他那时严重抑郁,导致癫痫发作,并引发了一场交通事故;;他昏迷不醒,不得不请病假;Desnard was paid 3,500 euros per month, doing ; he said ; nothing.登纳德每个月能领到3500欧元薪水,但他说,他其实什么工作都没做His official job title was ;general service director,; but he claims his superiors called him ;the boy; and asked him to do their personal chores, including picking up kids from sports lessons.他当时的职位是;综合务主任;,但据他自己说,他的上级称他为;那小子;,给他分配的工作都是他们的私人杂务,比如去接他们上体育辅导班的孩子He said that eventually there was so little him to do that his bosses simply told him to go home and come back when they call him. The phone call never came, he claimed.他表示,最终再没什么可让他做的了,于是领导干脆让他回家等着,说有事儿会叫他但他说,他的电话再也没响起过Desnard's lawyer said ;bore-out; is a m of harassment.登纳德的律师称,让人;无聊透顶;也是一种侵害;It can be defined as a moral exhaustion due to the total lack of caseload, (and) it comes with a feeling of shame of being paid to do nothing,; Charni said.沙尼表示:;不给分配工作,就好比一种道德消耗,会让当事人有一种无功而受禄的耻辱感;The company disputes Desnard's claims. ;We refute all these charges,; said Cyril Levy-Pey, the company's communication director. He said Desnard was never called ;the boy; or any other humiliating names.该公司否认了登纳德的指控公司公关主管西里尔;莱维佩表示:;这些指控都是不存在的;他表示,并没有人称登纳德为;那小子;或其他什么羞辱性的名字;He wasn't so motivated after several years and despite our attempts to give him more missions, he was missing () more than six months;That's why he was dismissed in ,; he said.他说:;工作几年之后,他就不怎么上进了虽然我们尝试过给他分配任务,但他请了6个多月的假;;这也是为什么我们年解雇了他;The case is now being considered by a labor tribunal in Paris, with the decision expected in late July.该案目前正在巴黎一所劳资仲裁处接受仲裁,预计结果会于7月末公布Vocabularylaid off:遭解雇epileptic seizure:癫痫发作
  • 澳洲年度人物呼吁工作场所不说guys -- :36:6 来源:chinadaily Australian of the Year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term "guys" in the workplace.澳洲年度人物大卫bull;莫里森发起了一项运动,反对人们在工作场所使用guys(意思是家伙,男人)的称谓The #WordsAtWork campaign by the country's Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups.由澳洲多元化协会发起的“工作用语”运动旨在呼吁人们避免使用这类把少数群体排除在外的词语Using "girls" women, and "walk the talk" to people in wheelchairs, are among terms they say are offensive.称女性为girls,把坐轮椅的人称作walk the talk,多元化协会成员认为这两个称谓都具有冒犯之意Mr Morrison was awarded the role of Australian of the Year partly his equality campaigning.莫里森先生当选澳大利亚年度人物,部分原因在于他一直致力于追求平等的斗争The mer military man - once chief of the Australian Army - admitted he had used some of the terms himself.这名退役军人曾是澳大利亚陆军司令,他承认他过去也说过类似的不礼貌的言辞But of "guys" Mr Morrison said "I have now removed that from my lexicon as best I can. I think it's important."但提到guys时,莫里森先生表示:“现在,我已经尽可能地不再使用这个词语,因为我认为将它从我的个人语库中移除非常重要”Insisting the campaign was not intended to create a "language police", he said: "People use language to denigrate others and to take away their self-respect. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, but the effect is the same."莫里森表示,该活动的初衷并非是塑造一个“语言警察”,他说:“人们用语言诋毁他人,伤害他人的自尊尽管有时是无意之举,可造成的后果是一样的”While some praised the inclusive language drive, not everyone agreed that "guys" was offensive, or that it was the most urgent problem that the Australian of the Year could be tackling.虽然有人持这场运动,提倡中性语言,但也并非所有人都觉得guys是一种冒犯,或者认为这场运动是“澳洲年度人物”的当务之急Some wondered if the thoroughly Australian greeting "mate" - often used by and men - would be next.有人提出,澳洲男性常用的对其他男性的称呼mate是不是会成为下一个争议对象Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis also questioned whether "guys" was still a gender-specific term, telling Australia's A that "you guys" was now widely used of all genders.澳大利亚国立大学语言专家凯瑟琳·特拉维斯也对guys是否具有性别针对性提出了质疑,她告诉澳大利亚广播公司,you guys这一说法现在被各种性别的人所广泛使用There was broader agreement on some other terms though, including against using "gay" in a negative fashion.不过,针对其他某些词语的使用,人们达成了更广泛的共识,比如反对在表示负面含义时使用gay英文来源:B译者:杜馨乐(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮
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