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It was 7:30 a.m., and I was groggily pulling on a bathrobe when the doorbell rang.当时是清晨七点半。一听到门铃响,我便迷迷糊糊裹上了一件浴袍。#39;Who could that be?#39; I murmured to my husband.“那会是谁呢?”我向丈夫呢喃道。#39;It#39;s the painters,#39; he answered, darting downstairs to open the door. I soon heard him chatting with them in Spanish on the front porch. That#39;s when I really woke up.“是油漆工”,他一边冲下楼去开门一边说。不久我就听见他和油漆工们在前面门廊用西班牙语交谈。那时,我才真正从梦乡中醒来。#39;The painters? For our house?#39; I called down the stairs incredulously. Alejandro and I had been talking about painting the exterior of the house for over a month. We had looked at color charts, painted sample patches and narrowed down the choices. But we were still completing the plan.“油漆工?来刷我们的房子?”我冲楼下大喊,觉得难以置信。一个多月以来,亚历杭德罗(Alejandro)和我一直都在谈论房屋外观的刷漆问题。我们一起看了比色图表和刷好的样品,并缩小了选择范围。但我们仍在完善这个计划的过程中。By the time he came back inside, I was furious.等他回到房间时,我已是怒不可遏了。#39;Why are painters aly here? We don#39;t know the accent colors! We haven#39;t sketched it out! We didn#39;t run it by my sister!#39; I complained.“为什么油漆工现在就来了?我们连主色调是什么都不知道!我们还没有把草图画出来!我们还没让我的过目呢!”我抱怨道。#39;We#39;ll get started and figure it all out as we go,#39; Alejandro said. #39;It#39;s time to make it happen.#39;“我们就要动工了,在这个过程中,我们会把所些问题都一一解决的。”亚历杭德罗说,“该是开工的时候了。”I was mad all day long: Painting our house is part of our investment in it and ought to be a mutual decision, I fumed. But that evening when I got home and took a look at the painters#39; progress, it was suddenly easy to figure out where the trim color should go and what color the door should be. I tried to defend my morning hysteria, saying we had not technically been y to pull the trigger on the project, but my argument fell apart in light of how well it was working out.我一整天都气鼓鼓的。刷房子是我们对房产投资的一部分,这应该是两个人共同的决定,我十分恼火。但那天晚上,当我回家看到油漆工的进展时,突然觉得不费吹灰之力便能说出门该上什么色、哪些地方该刷配色。但我还是试着为自己早上歇斯底里的行为辩解。我说,严格说来,我们并未准备好动工。但由于刷漆工程进展得异常顺利,我的此番争论因而完全站不住脚。#39;Maybe you could even say…I was right?#39; he asked, teasingly, hopefully.“也许你甚至可以说……我是对的?”亚历杭德罗揶揄道。他对我的态度发生转变仍抱有希望。I answered with a mock cry of horror, as though he had asked me to curse my children. I love the man, but really. What a suggestion.我对他的话报以一阵恐怖的假哭干嚎,就好像他要我诅咒自己的孩子一样。但我爱这个男人,是真爱。让我承认他是对的,这是多好的一个建议。***---In a democratic system like our marriage, where two parties enjoy a 50-50 split in voting rights, it#39;s uncomfortable when one party designates himself or herself the dictator and makes a decree. I#39;ve always prided myself on being part of a marriage of equals, where we are both the bwinners and, as I like to tenderly remind the South American gentleman to whom I am wed, we are both responsible for the housework. We also both handle the banking, bill paying and investment decisions.当身处我们的婚姻这样一种民主制度中时,双方在投票表决权上各占一半,如果其中有一方(他或她)自封为独裁者并作出一个裁定,这就会让另一个人不快。一直以来,我都为自己是这段平等婚姻中的一份子而感到自豪。我们两个人都在赚钱养家,同时我也喜欢温柔地提醒我丈夫──娶我的这位南美绅士──两个人都应该承担一些家务。而在事务、账单付和投资决策方面,我们俩也是有商有量。But as illustrated by the #39;paint-gate#39; episode, sometimes it really doesn#39;t work to wait around for consensus to take hold. Sometimes you need to designate a trigger man to execute the final decision. And sometimes─and this is where it gets complicated─we need to assign ourselves that role and simply take over.但回到我刚刚提的“刷门”事件上,你会发现,有时候想要达成共识,光空等着根本就行不通。有时你需要指派一位“扣动扳机的男人”来作出最终的决定。还有一些时候──这种情况就很复杂了──我们需要自封为这个角色并坦然接受。In retrospect, I realize I did this a few years ago after our kids were born and I felt strongly that we did not have enough life insurance. For Alejandro it was a nonissue: None of his Uruguayan friends or family have life insurance, which he considered a symptom of Yankee neurosis. Getting insurance for myself was easy enough, but it felt awkward to demand that Alejandro take out a policy on himself. Combine that with the fact that when I can#39;t sleep, I watch those true-crime TV shows that are inevitably about one spouse who knocked off the other for the insurance money.回忆往事,我发觉自己在几年前就曾这样做过。那是在我们的孩子出生后,我强烈地感到一家人的人寿保险缴得不够多。而对亚历杭德罗来说,这根本就不是个问题:他在乌拉圭的家人朋友统统都没有人寿保险,所以在他看来,这完全是美国佬的神经质症状。要我为自己买一份保险是小事一桩,但如果要求亚历杭德罗也这么做会让我觉得尴尬为难。还有,那就是我在睡不着的时候会看一些根据真人真事拍的犯罪电视节目,那里面必然会上演这样的剧情:夫妻中的一方为了吞掉配偶的保险金而出手干掉对方。However, it was my absolute certainty that life insurance was essential that motivated him. Now we both have policies, and we both feel better for having them.尽管如此,我还是百分百确定,人寿保险对他来说必不可少且至关重要。正是这种坚定,促使我让他上了保险。现在我们俩都投了保,这也让我们感觉更好。One party having that total confidence that this is the right thing to do is, I believe, the first requirement for decree-making. It relates to the second requirement, which is a willingness to take responsibility for the consequences. It#39;s not always possible to completely mitigate the impact after the fact, but it#39;s important to let your spouse know you understand it will be your job to clean up any mess.我认为,作出独裁决定的首要前提就是:一方须完全确信自己要做的事是对的。而这又与第二个前提息息相关,那就是愿意为一切后果承担责任。虽然事后不可能完全消除所有的影响,但有一点很重要,就是要让你的伴侣知道,你非常清楚残局要归你来收拾。I got an opportunity last week to exercise some of my new theories on decree-making when we needed to clear out space in our garage, which we are converting to a guesthouse. I suggested selling our unneeded stuff on Craigslist.上周,就在我们需要清空车库、准备将其变成一间客房的时候,我得到了一个能将我自创的“独裁决定新理论”付诸实践的机会。我建议将家里用不上的东西放到在线分类网站Craigslist上出售。Alejandro was negative about Craigslist, arguing that he didn#39;t want strangers stopping by the house and that the payoff would be too small for the work of posting ads and fielding calls. At first, I let the items sit while we mentioned them to friends, hoping we might somehow luck into a taker.而亚历杭德罗却一口否决了在Craigslist上卖旧物的想法,他争辩说不想让陌生人到家里来,而且跟刊登广告和接答电话的工作付出相比,卖东西的所得太少了。一开始,我依了他,就将物品闲置在家里,但向朋友们宣传了旧物出售的消息,希望就这样靠运气,没准儿会寻来买家。Finally, I decided this was silly: I knew selling them on Craigslist was the right thing to do, and I was willing to do the work of vetting calls and receiving customers. A week later, our garage was empty and we were a few hundred dollars richer. Alejandro can hardly remember why he didn#39;t like the Craigslist idea and is happy to have been overruled.但最终,我觉得这种方式太愚蠢了:我知道把它们放在Craigslist上出售才是正确的事情,我也愿意去做筛选来电和接待买家的工作。一周以后,车库就被清空了,我们的手头也多出了几百美金。现在,亚历杭德罗很难想起自己当初为什么不喜欢在Craigslist上卖东西的主意,他也乐于接受自身建议被否决的事实。And, oddly enough, that#39;s how I feel about the house paint and some other decisions that my beloved temporary dictator has unilaterally imposed.说来也怪,在刷房子和其他一些由我心爱的临时独裁者单方面敲定的事情上,我也颇有同感。I may even work my way up to saying #39;you were right.#39; But first let#39;s see how the house looks when the paint dries.也许,我会争取说一声“你是对的。”但在这之前,先让我们等油漆干了,瞧瞧房子的模样再说吧。 /201305/242252。

Psychiatrist: What#39;s your problem?Patient: I think I#39;m a chicken.Psychiatrist: How long has this been going on?Patient: Ever since I was an egg精神病医师:你哪里不舒?病人:我认为我是一只鸡。精神病医师:这种情况从什么时候开始的?病人:从我还是一只蛋的时候开始。。

I#39;m not having it all cut off没把头发全剪掉啊Miles sometime went to the barber#39;s during working hours to have his hair cut. But this was against the office rules: clerks had to have their hair cut in their own time. While Miles was at the barber#39;s one day, the manager of the office came in by chance to have his own hair cut and sat just beside him.麦尔斯有时在上班时间去理发馆理发,但这是违反办公室规定的:职员只能利用自己的时间理发。一天,正当麦尔斯理发时,经理碰巧也进来理发,而且就坐在他旁边。;Hello, Miles,; the manager said. ;I see that you are having your hair cut in office time.;;你好,麦尔斯,;经理说。;我看到你在上班时间理发了。;;Yes, sir, I am,; admitted Miles calmly. ;You see, sir, it grows in office time.;;是的,先生。正是这样。;麦尔斯平静地承认了。;可先生,你看,头发是在上班时间长的。;;Not all of it,; said the manager at once. ;Some of it grows in your own time.;;不全都是吧,;经理立刻说,;有一些是在你自己的时间里长的。;;Yes, sir, that#39;s quite true.; Answered Miles politely, ;but I#39;m not having it all cut off.;;对呀,先生,你说得很对。;麦尔斯礼貌地回答说,;但我并没有把头发全都剪掉啊。;。

They are notoriously shy around humans, beating their tails and chattering their teeth to try to warn us off before emitting loud whistles to tell other members of their colony to flee.众所周知,土拨鼠在人类面前很胆小。它们会敲打着尾巴,吱吱地磨着牙,以警告人类不要靠近。它们还会发出响亮的口哨以通知领域内的同胞逃离此处。But when these alpine marmots see Matteo Walch, they scuttle to his side and show him nothing but affection.但当这些高山土拨鼠遇见Matteo Walch时,它们涌到他的身边,流露出的满满全是喜爱之情。The eight-year-old built up a remarkable relationship with the creatures since first being taken to see them by his nature-loving family four years ago.自从四年前被热爱动物的家人带着见到这群土拨鼠后,这个8岁的小男孩儿便与它们建立了深厚的感情。The family return to visit the colony in Groslocker in the Austrian Alps for two weeks every year.这家人每年都会来到位于奥地利阿尔卑斯山下的格罗斯洛克住两周,探访Matteo的动物朋友们。Matteo’s father Michaela, said: #39;Their friendship has lasted for more than four years now.Matteo的爸爸Michaela说道:“他们之间的友谊已经持续四年多了。”#39;He loves those animals and they are not at all afraid of Matteo because he has a feeling towards them and they understand that.“他爱这些小动物们,而它们也完全不害怕他的存在,因为他对它们有一种感情,而它们也完全能领会。”We go there every year now for two weeks - it’s amazing to watch the connection between a boy and his animal friends.’“我们每年都去那里呆两周——看到一个小男孩儿和动物朋友之间的情感联系,这样的感觉很美妙。”Marmots stand at around 18cm tall and reach up to 50cm in length. Bizarrely, the animals are heavier in the autumn, when they can weigh up to 8kg, in comparison to 3kg in the spring months.土拨鼠直立高度差不多有18cm,身长约50cm。奇怪的是,这种动物到了秋天便会增肥,能长到约8kg重,而春天仅3kg。Michaela, a schoolteacher from Innsbruck, Austria, has uniquely captured the unique bond between Matteo and his marmot friends throughout the past four years.Michaela是奥地利因斯布鲁克的一位教师,他在过去的四年内拍了许多Matteo和土拨鼠朋友的照片。He said: #39;I could spend hours watching animals - it gives me a connection with nature and its life forms.他说:“我能一连几小时注视着动物们——它能让我与自然和动物的生活方式产生联系。”#39;It’s great that I have been able to document the marmot’s natural behaviour around Matteo without making them afraid of me and my equipment.“当我在拍摄Matteo和土拨鼠之间的自然行为时,它们一点儿也不怕我和我的器材。这真是太棒了。”#39;I wanted to capture the animals exactly the way I see them - the way they behave among each other, in harmony with their surroundings.#39;“我想把我所见到的动物最真实的样子拍下来——我想拍出那种它们自然互动、和周围一切和谐相融的感觉。”It is clear from the pictures that Matteo and the marmots are totally comfortable in each other’s company.从照片中可以看出,Matteo和他的土拨鼠朋友们相处得非常自然。Michaela, 46, said: #39;The picture of a curious animal approaching me is a thousand times more beautiful than the picture of any animal looking at me in fear before it takes flight.46岁的Michaela说道:“一张小动物好奇接近我的照片,要比那些紧张地注视着我镜头、准备立刻逃跑的动物照片美丽一千倍。”#39;This is how I try to picture the proudest, more beautiful and also the funniest moments, giving others the opportunity to enjoy the miraculous world of animals.’“我便是这样拍出那些最令人自豪、最美丽、同时也是最有趣的瞬间的。这样,别人也能有机会去享受这不可思议的动物世界。” /201208/197258。

Over the last two decades models have gone from the catwalk to the front pages of glossy magazines. Some of the most well-known models live a jet-set lifestyle – they fly from country to country, from fashion show to photo shoot. And in the process they can earn millions of dollars. Brazilian beauty, Gisele earned .5 million dollars in 2001 – a world record!这20年来,模特已经从天桥走上休闲杂志的封面。个别有名的模特已经过着奢华的生活方式。她们飞遍各国,参加时装秀,拍摄封面照,轻松拿下几百万美元的钞票。来自巴西的名模吉赛尔2011年赚了一千两百五十万美金——打破模特界的世界纪录。Fashion designers demand the most beautiful and high-profile models to show off their latest creations. Frequently the‘haute couture’ clothes and accessories that the models wear are so outrageous that to wear them in normal life would be inappropriate.时尚设计师需要最美丽,知名度最高的模特们来展示她们的最新产品。通常模特身上的那些高级时装和配饰非常名贵,平时基本不适合穿戴。However, newspapers and magazines often devote whole sections of their publications to photographs of fashion shows. This means that the designers, such as Dolce Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent achieve worldwide publicity.然而,报纸杂志还是把发行的重头放在时尚秀的摄影上。这样那些诸如杜嘉班纳,伊夫·圣·洛朗等著名的设计师才能把牌子在全世界宣传。So if you are more than 1.8metres tall, have perfect skin and are devastatingly beautiful, then build up your portfolio. Who knows – maybe you could be the next supermodel!因此,你如果是个身高1.8米以上,肤质好,模样靓的姑娘,制作一个自己的影集。说不定,你就是下一个超模! /201211/209248。

People who eat a lot of processed meat such as ham, bacon, sausages and burgers run a greater risk of premature death and developing conditions such as cancer and heart disease, research shows.研究显示,吃大量加工肉类如火腿、熏肉、香肠和汉堡的人将面临更大的过早死亡风险,并引发癌症和心脏类疾病。The study, which included data from 448,568 people in 10 European countries, including the UK, found that the biggest consumers of processed meat were 44% more likely to die prematurely from any cause than those who ate little of it. High levels of consumption increased the risk of death from heart disease by 72% and cancer by 11%.这项囊括包括英国在内的欧洲十国448568人的研究,发现加工肉类的最大消费者比那些很少吃它的人多44%的可能因各种原因而过早死亡。高消耗增加了72%的心脏病死亡风险以及11%的癌症死亡风险。If everyone ate no more than 20g a day of processed meat – about one rasher of bacon, chipolata sausage or thin slice of ham – then 3% of all premature deaths could be avoided, according to an estimate by the authors, led by Professor Sabine Rohrmann from the University of Zurich. Their results are published in the journal BMC Medicine.据来自苏黎世大学的Sabine Rohrmann教授指导的研究者估计,如果一个人一天食用不超过20克的加工肉——大约一薄片熏肉、小香肠盘菜或火腿薄片,其中就有3%的人可以避免过早死亡。他们的研究成果发表在BMC医学杂志上。But a small amount of red meat also seems to benefit health, because it contains important nutrients and minerals, they add. Risks rise in line with the level of consumption, the researchers found. The results are in line with previous studies. Dr Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science at the World Cancer Research Fund, said the research bore out its own findings in 2007 – disputed by the meat industry at the time – about the health risks of processed meat.但是少量红肉似乎也有益于健康,因为它含重要的营养素和矿物质,他们补充道。研究人员发现风险随着消耗量的增加而增加。结果与之前的研究结果是一致的。世界癌症研究基金会的科学副会长雷切尔#8226;汤普森士表示,该研究在2007年实了自己关于加工肉类的健康隐患的发现,那时受到肉类产业的质疑。It has found that consuming bacon, ham, hot dogs, salami and some sausages heightened the risk of bowel cancer. The charity estimates that 4,100 fewer Britons a year would be diagnosed with the disease if everyone ate no more than 10g of processed meat a day, though advises avoiding it altogether.研究发现食用咸肉、火腿、热、腊肠和一些香肠增加了罹患肠癌的风险。如果一个人一天吃了不超过10克的加工肉,该慈善机构估计每年英国将减少4100人被诊断患有疾病,虽然建议完全避免加工肉。Dr Carrie Ruxton said the study#39;s findings were not robust enough to justify changing public health advice. The fact those who consumed the largest amounts of processed meat also displayed other unhealthy habits meant it was hard to confidently ascribe risk of death to meat eating alone, she said.Carrie Ruxton士说这项研究发现还不够有力地来明改变公众健康的建议。事实上那些消耗大量加工肉的人还显示了其他不健康的习惯,这意味着很难确定地将死亡风险单单归结为吃肉,她说。;The occasional bacon butty isn#39;t going to do you much harm. People shouldn#39;t avoid bacon or salami because they think it#39;s going to kill them, because it won#39;t. We can#39;t say that from this study. But we do know that processed meat has a higher salt and fat content, so having bacon or salami in moderation, and switching to lean red meat products, is a good idea,; Ruxton added. Tracy Parker, a heart health dietitian with the British Heart Foundation, said people who ate a lot of processed meat should try to eat a more varied diet, such as chicken, fish, beans or lentils.“偶尔的熏肉三明治并没有对你造成多大的伤害。人们不应该因为觉得这将致命而避免培根或意大利香肠,因为它不会。我们不能从这个研究中这样说。但我们知道,加工肉类有更高的盐和脂肪含量,所以适度食用熏肉或香肠,并转换到瘦红肉产品是一个好主意,” Ruxton补充说。英国心脏基金会的心脏健康营养师特蕾西#8226;帕克说,吃大量加工肉的人应该尽量尝试更加多样化的饮食,如鸡、鱼、黄豆和扁豆。 /201303/228866。