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超级实用的英语口语要素句(5) -- :9:5 来源: 6. It doesn’t seem like that.(似乎不象是那样)7. Don’t get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦)8. Everything will be fine.(一切都会很好)9. I’ll be y in a few minutes.(再过几分钟就好了)0. I wonder what happened to him.(我不知道他出什么事了)1. You are just trying to save face.(你只是想挽回面子). His argument doesn’t hold water.(他的论点站不住脚)3. Your face tells it all.(你的表情透露了一切). The days are getting longer.(白天越来越长了)5. You’ve got to do something.(你一定要想办法)6. I hope this will teach you a lesson.(希望这会给你一个教训)7. I feel younger than ever.(我觉得比以前年轻)8. It’s a hard job, but I hope he can make it. (这不是件容易的差事,但我希望他能做到)9. Don’t look wise.(别自作聪明)0. I’m afraid all my efts were in vain.(我担心我的努力全白费了)1. What happened to you memory?(你的记性是怎么搞的?). You’re going too far!(你太过分了!)3. Don’t bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实). I have no other choice.(我别无选择)5. I don’t have the nerve to do it.(我没胆勇气去做)6. It’s a matter of life and death.(事关生死)7. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿)8. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物)9. He’s been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(1) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(3) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(5) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(6) 超级 实用 英语口语英语口语每天说上半小时0(1) -- ::8 来源: 高速下载 1. Like Dislike1. Don’t you like meeting people?. Do you care this color?3. May I ask if you’ve found the feature films?. I’m very keen on outdoor sports.5. There’s nothing I enjoy more than attending a party.6. I fancy that dress.7. I’m crazy about skating.8. What I most enjoy is painting.9. I really hate gossiping.. I can’t say smoking appeals to me very much.Dialogue 1W: You don’t look like enjoying this workout.M: I’m not crazy about it at all.W: You don’t like this sort of exercise?M: I’m not interested in it. Are you keen on it?W: Yes, that’s funny. I thought you liked it.M: I hate it.W: Never mind. It’ll be over in minutes.M: It’s the worst thing I’ve ever tried.Dialogue M 1: I love slim girls, don’t you?M: Not particularly. I like fat girls.M1: And I like a girl with good skin, do you?M: I can’t say I do. What I like a girl with good manners.M1: Oh, yes. But surely you like a girl with a nice figure.M: Yes. But I like a girl with a nice personality.M1: But you like a girl to be rich, surely?M: Not particularly. I like a girl to be good.M1: What about you, Henry? You haven’t said a thing.H: I don’t like girls. I think they’re awful.Dialogue 3M: Oh, hi, Lily. When did you get back from Canada?W: Just last week.M: How was it?W: Oh, I loved it. I only visited a couple of cities, you know. But I had a great time.M: Well, tell me. What are they like?W: They’re nice.Dialogue W: Do you like chocolates?M: It depends.W: Do you like coffee?M: Um. It’s delicious.W: And do you like English food?M: Not all of it.Dialogue 5M: Hi, what’re you ing?W: Oh, it’s Death on the Nile. Have you it?M: No, not that one. But I saw the movie. Could I borrow it when you finished?W: Sure. I didn’t know you like mysteries. M: Oh, I’m crazy about them.Dialogue 6M: Kate, what do you like to do tonight? Do you often go to the movies?W: Of course. I often go to the movies.M: There’s a good movie called Summer in Beijing.W: I heard it’s a very good movie.M: Let’s find out what time it starts.W: Let’s look at the newspaper.M: Here it is. It starts at 8:00.W: Wonderful. I’m so excited.What I like most I suppose is the fact that is so unusual. I mean, when I tell people what I do, they just look at me usually as if I’m a mad. I get up at about 6: every morning. I leave my wife in bed because she is not as mad as me. And I put my trunks on and my track suit and drive down to the park with my cloths and case. It only takes about 5 minutes because there’s no traffic of course at that time in the morning. So when I get there, I leave the car and the car park and run around a bit. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

在艾伦当初听到这句格言的时候,他还只是一颗鹅卵石但是当他面临危机,需要指引的那一刻,他就变成了钻石所以,尽量多地收集些鹅卵石,那么有朝一日你就会拥有一个钻石般的未来 The Magic Pebbles"Why do we have to learn all of this dumb stuff?" Of all the complaints and questions Ihave heard from my students during my years in the classroom,this was the one most frequentlyuttered.I would answer it by recounting the following legend.One night a group of nomads were going to sleep when suddenly they were surrounded by a great light.They knew they were in the presenceof God.A voice spoke finally,"Gather as many pebbles as you can.Put them in your saddle bags.Travel a day's journey and tomorrow night will find you glad and it will find you sad."The nomads were disappointed and angry-the task made no sense to them at all.However,the memory of the brilliance of their visitor caused each one to pick up a few pebbles.They traveled a day's journey.At night they searched their saddle bags and discovered every pebble had become a diamond.They were glad they had diamonds.They were sad they not gathered more.It was an experience I had with a student,Alan.When Alan was in the eighth grade,his master's in "trouble".He had studied how to be a bully and was getting his master's in "thievery".Every day I had my students memorize a ation from a great thinker.No one complained about this daily routinemore than Alan- right up to the day he was expelled and I lost touch with him.Then one day,he called.He told me that after being sent to juvenile hall,he had because so disgusted with himself that he had cue his wrists.He said,"As I lay there with my life running out of my body,I suddenly remembered that dumb e you mad me write times one day.'There is no failure except in no longer trying.'Then it suddenly made sense to me.As long as I was alive,I wasn't a failure,but if I allowed myself to die,I called help and started a new life."When he had heard the ation,it was a pebble.When he needed guidance in a moment of crisis,it became a diamond.So,gather all the pebbles you can,and you can count on a future filled with diamonds. 3

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