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乌鲁木齐市切割双眼皮哪家好新疆激光去痘多少钱A friendly against Switzerland next week could have been David Beckham's opportunity to join the exclusive club of football players with 100 caps, but instead of such glory, the former England captain hasn't even made the squad.Fabio Capello, leaving the FA's headquarters this afternoon, his smiling demeanor probably a stark contrast from David Beckham's, "Fabio, why did you leave David out of the squad?" The Italian who is still taking English lessons didn't speak to answer, but he does give his reasons on the FA's website. "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he's not had any real match practice since playing in November, when I spoke with David on the phone yesterday, I advised him that he is still part of my plans, and once he is playing regularly in America, we will look at him closely again. "Beckham's LA Galaxy season ended last October, and he hasn't played a competitive match since England were defeated by Croatia, he has been training with Arsenal though, and said last week that he's fit, sharp and y to be selected. He said it before while collecting a sport industry award last March. "Not being in the team is very very difficult, but I've always said and I'll always say while I'm still playing, I'm always available for the country."It's not the first time Capello's left Beckham out, it happened when they were at Real Madrid, too. His decision leaves the 32-year-old still coveting his 100th cap, but if the cap doesn't fit, Beckham has plenty of other hats to wear at the moment. As UNICEF ambassador, he was highlighting child mortality in Sierra Leone last week. And this week he's been in Brazil, opening his new academy. And even if he is not playing against Switzerland at Wembley, at least there will be more time for keep-it-happy on the beach.200810/53803石河子玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 HOW people collaborate, in the face of numerous temptations to cheat, is an important field of psychological and economic research. A lot of this research focuses on the ;tit-for-tat; theory of co-operation: that humans are disposed, when dealing with another person, to behave in a generous manner until that other person shows himself not to be generous. At this point co-operation is withdrawn. Fool me once, in other words, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.人们在难以数计的谎言诱惑下会怎样进行合作,是心理学和经济学研究中的重要课题。有关这个课题的研究通常集中于对;投桃报李;理论的研究,这个理论认为:人们总是倾向于向别人表现慷慨,除非对方表现出不慷慨的态度。在这个时候合作往往会终止。换句话说,人如果受到一次愚弄,或许是因为错在对方。如果再次受到对方愚弄,就只能怪自己不吸取教训了。When he encounters such a withdrawal of collaboration, the theory goes, the malefactor will learn the error of his ways and become a more co-operative individual. And there is experimental evidence, based on specially designed games, that tit-for-tat does work for pairs of people. Human societies, though, are more complex than mere dyads. And until recently, it has been difficult to model that complexity in the laboratory. But a paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Nicholas Christakis and his colleagues at Harvard has changed that. Dr Christakis arranged for a collaboration-testing game to be played over the web, with many participants. As a result, he and his team have gained a more sophisticated insight into the way co-operation develops.根据这个理论,一旦作恶的一方得不到对方的合作,他将会从自己的错误中吸取教训,并变成一个更具有合作精神的人。根据从特别设计的游戏中取得的实验据,投桃报李的原则确实适用于成对的研究对象。不过人类社会要比成对的研究对象复杂得多。直到最近为止,研究人员都很难在实验室中模拟出社会生活中的复杂情景。不过哈佛大学的尼古拉斯?克里斯塔(Nicholas Christakis)和他的同事们本周在《美国国家科学院院刊》上发表的论文改变了这个现实。克里斯塔士设计了一个能够在互联网上供多人参与的合作测试游戏。根据这个游戏,克里斯塔士和他的团队获得更多的资料,得以了解合作关系的演变规律。Dr Christakis used what is known as a public-goods game for his experiment. At the beginning of such a game, points are doled out to each participant. During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours. Points so donated are augmented by an equal number from the masters of the game. If everyone co-operates, then, everyone ends up richer. A ;defector; who refuses to donate to his co-operating neighbours will, however, benefit at the expense of those neighbours. At the gamersquo;s end, the points are converted into real money, to ensure that proper incentives are in place.克里斯塔士在实验中使用了一种称为公开物品的游戏。在比赛开始时,每个参与者都获得一定的分数。在每轮游戏中,游戏者都有机会给周围的人一些分数。游戏的主持人会将参与者给予别人的分数翻倍。如果每个人都采取合作的态度,那么每个人都会得到更多的分数。游戏中的;叛逃者;,即拒绝将分数赠送给邻人的参与者,能够从别人的损失中获益。在游戏结束时,所有的分数都会转换成实际的金钱,以保障游戏具有适当的激励机制。To play his large-scale public-goods game, Dr Christakis recruited 785 volunteers via Mechanical Turk;a service provided by Amazon, an online retailer, that works by farming out small tasks to an army of individual workers. Each volunteer was randomly assigned links to, on average, eight other players. Together, they played repeated rounds of one of three variations of the game.为了将这个公开物品游戏推而广之,克里斯塔士通过土耳其机器人(Mechanical Turk)召集了785个志愿者(土耳其机器人是亚马逊推出的一种务,它的作用相当于网络零售商,能够将小型的任务分配给数量庞大的人群完成)。每个参与者都能够随机分配到几个邻人,平均来说,每个人一般能分到八个邻人。他们一起参与三种不同游戏形式,在每种形式中都会反复玩上几轮。In the first, participants always interacted with the same group of people. In the second, the connections were randomly reshuffled after each round. In the final version, one-third of the possible pairings between participants were chosen at random after each round (such pairs may or may not, therefore, have been dealing with each other in the previous round). One player from each pair was first told or reminded of how the other had behaved in the previous round, and was then asked whether he wanted to break his connection with that player, if he aly had one, or form a new connection, if he had not.起初,参与者总是与同组人玩。接下来,每结束一轮,参与者之间的联系都会随机打乱,并重新分组。在最后的阶段,每一轮结束时都会随机挑选出三分之一的参与者让他们有机会重新配对(这些将要配对的参与者之前是否曾经合作过并不重要)。每对组合中都会有一个人能够首先得知合作对方或将要合作的参与者在过去的游戏中表现如何,然后会问他是否还愿意和对方合作(如果他已经和对方结伴),或者是否愿意和对方结伴(如果他尚未和对方结伴)。In all versions of the game, roughly 60% of players started out co-operating. However, in the first two, this decreased over time as the pernicious influence of the freeloaders sp. The larger the fraction of a subjectrsquo;s partners who defected in a given round, the less likely that person was to co-operate in the next;classical tit-for-tat. However, this tit-for-tat retaliation was not enough to save co-operation, and after a dozen rounds only 10-20% of the players were still willing to co-operate.在游戏的三种模式中,大约有60%的参与者起初都愿意表现合作精神。不过在前两种形式中,合作者的数目随着不劳而获者不断散播的消极影响,而逐渐减少。在特定的游戏中,调查对象的合作者中如果存在越多的人扮演叛逃者,该对象在下一轮游戏中就越不愿意表现合作精神;;这正是典型的投桃报李精神。不过这种投桃报李的回馈态度无法维持合作关系,在大约12轮游戏后,只有大约10-20%的参与者仍然愿意表现合作精神。In the variant where participants had some choice over whom they interacted with, though, the amount of co-operation stayed stable as the rounds progressed. When Dr Christakis and his team looked at how the relationships between players were evolving in this third version, they found that connections between two co-operators were much more likely to be maintained than links that involved a defector. Over time, the co-operators accumulated more social connections than the defectors did.不过在游戏的第三种形式中,即参与者有权选择合作对象时,愿意表现合作精神的人数并没有随着游戏次数的增加而减少。比较过三种游戏形式中参与者相互关系的演变规律后,克里斯塔士和他的团队发现二个同是合作者之间的关系要比其中一个是叛逃者之间的关系更容易维持。随着时间的推移,合作者比叛逃者积累了更多的社会关系。Furthermore, as they were shunned, the defectors began to change their behaviour. A defectorrsquo;s likelihood of switching to co-operation increased with the number of players who had broken links with him in the previous round. Unlike straightforward tit-for-tat, social retaliation was having a marked effect.不仅如此,由于受到大家的回避,叛逃者也开改变自己的行为。如果在上一次游戏中有越多的参与者拒绝与某个叛逃者合作,那么这个人在下一次的游戏中就越可能变成合作者。与单纯的投桃报李相比,社会回馈更有助于维系人与人之间的关系。The next question, then, is whether such a mechanism holds outside the laboratory. To find out, Dr Christakis has forged links with some anthropologists. They hope to report the answer soon.接下来的问题是这一机制是否能推广到实验室之外呢?为了找到这个问题的,克里斯塔士已经与一些人类学家取得合作。他们希望能够尽快回答这个问题。numerous adj.很多的withdrawal n.退回convert v.(使)转变(化)retailer n. 零售商; 零售店pernicious adj. 有害的, 致命的201111/162579Death just isn't what it used to be. Once a month, followers attend mass at the Santa Muerte Shrine and pray to the so-called Death Saint, often depicted as a skeleton dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe, or in a long flowing white gown. Santa Muerte is one of several unofficial folk saints, most commonly worshipped by the poor in Mexico. Reportedly, a growing number of immigrants who come to the U.S. are bringing the practice of Santa Muerte with them. The skeletal symbol, representing death, is most commonly associated with the feast of the Day of the Dead, held each year on November 2nd. Rodrigo Lemus, a follower of Santa Muerte, built the shrine in her honor. Every year, I bring Saint Death mariachi(一种墨西哥的音乐表演形式), and every 22nd of every month, she has her Mass. The Catholic Church does not recognize the group and condemns Santa Muerte, linking it to black magic, devil worshipping and cults(宗教崇拜).It's said that they’re bishops, priests in masses. But they are not part of the Roman Catholic Church. You could say that they’re false Catholics. Mexican authorities have reportedly linked the worship of the Saint to various criminal activities. Devotees say the saint is not bad, but like any other official Catholic saint. We also have marriages, baptisms and all of that. Often we perform these services because the Roman Catholics won't for lots of reasons, one of them, because we are devoted to Saint Death. In downtown Guadalajara , a few blocks away from the Roman Catholic Cathedral, is the corona market where shoppers can buy Santa Muerte artifacts such as candles , books and figures. People are devoted to her. They believe she is a Saint, and maybe she is. But more than anything it's their faith and devotion that moves them to buy these kinds of products. However, the Catholic Church remains unmoved. Many times, people are looking for magic answers, and well, they won't find that in Catholic Church, but they think they'll find that in Saint Death.200812/59674新疆阿克苏市第一人民医院修眉多少钱

库尔勒纹眼线手术多少钱Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty IndustryLead in lipstick? Harsh chemicals in baby shampoo? How is this possible? Simple, says Stacy Malkan, a self-described former makeup addict. "The billion cosmetics industry is so powerful they've kept themselves unregulated for decades." says the author of a new book, Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.It is estimated that on any given morning, the average person uses up to 20 cosmetic products before they leave the home. But is it possible that we are exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals that can affect our health? Author and self-proclaimed make-up addict Stacy Malkan is challenging the cosmetics industry by releasing her book, Not Just a Pretty Face, the ugly side of the beauty industry. And she joins us in our studio with more. Welcome! (Hello, thank you.) This is alarming Because everybody, men and women, we use all kind of products. Let's take a look at this list that we put together from your book, some of the problems that we will find. We're talking lead in lipstick, some of the other things you have as phthalates in lotions, neurotoxins in the mascara we use and coal tar in shampoo. First of all, why is this in there and how bad is this?Well, many products, unfortunately, and we are talking about shampoos, deodorants, lotion, make-up, even baby shampoos, contain carcinogens, hormone-disrupting chemicals, chemicals that have never been tested for health effects. And we're putting these chemicals on our bodies, in our hair, on our babies, day after day, and the toxic exposures are adding up. Ok, and what it will do in to us?Well, we see, unfortunately as we know, many increases in er, certain types of cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, there's a lot of evidence showing that chemical pollutants are contributing to those increases in chronic diseases. So we think that it's a good idea to reduce toxic exposures wherever we can, you know, starting with the products we are putting on our bodies. OK, now let's talk about some of the things that you brought. (Yeah.) Because, you know, here's the, that shampoo there (Yes.) that we probably all used at one time or another. Yes, we analyzed a dozen popular baby shampoos and children's bubble baths and found that found all of them contained one,four-dioxin which is a probable human carcinogen according to the EPA, was not listed on the labels. Companies don't have to tell us about contaminants or fragrance chemicals. So often toxins that aren't on the label are in the products. This is a very cute product, you know, obviously meant to appeal to children, (bubble bath, ah-ha. ) has a warning label right on it that says prolonged exposure may cause urinary tract irritation. (Let me turn this around, yeah, I haven't seen that before.) and actually many children's products have that. (Really?) You dont really want kids sitting in the tub for a long period of time with these chemicals. OK, you know, I'm looking at this choking hazard warning sign, I don't think I would even notice there's the other one. OK.And I found this, you know, at ground level, where a child will find it and grab it not let go of it.Ok, lipstick, we wear it every day!Well, lipstick, yes, we found 61% of lipsticks contain lead, including some high-end brands, this is a .2 tube of lipstick that definitely does not need to contain lead, (Ok, and finally these products) er, some of the more toxic products, very disturbingly, are targeted at women of color. We see skin whitening creams, this has hydroquinone, highly toxic, banned in Europe, legal, er, in the US. And then, here's another example of a product hair relaxer, targeting children. You know, that's a five-year-old on the cover. Now I have to ask you have there been scientific studies to prove to us that these are harmful to us because, we are, were just going to take your word for this, but I'm sure there are some people who would say this is not true. Yeah, well, what we know is that some of these chemicals are unknown to cause cancer, health effects. You know, the companies will say it's just a little bit of toxin (Right.) in the baby shampoo. Yes, it's true but we're using these products everyday and then the exposures are adding up. Well, what about the FDA, what about the EPA? Isn't somebody regulating this industry?Well, most people are surprised to find out NO. Companies can put any chemical nearly into personal care products, no safety testing, without telling us everything that's on the label. So, this industry needs to be regulated. And that's what we're working toward. All right, raising awareness. OK, what can we do if we don't want to use any of these. I mean if you want to use the right stuff? What do you do?Ok, simplify. Looking for, er, look at product labels, look for fewer chemicals, try to avoid synthetic fragrance, we also have a database where you can look up products called "Skin-deep free database" at safecosmetics.org. So, you know, there are tocsin resources for us to do our own research and until the industry is regulated, that's what we have to do. Ok, I know you're wearing a little foundation, I don't see your lipstick on it. Is that on purpose? Well, I do wear makeup, I love makeup. I believe all makeup can and should be safe. OK, Malkan, and you, we have some help now. So, if you'd like to know more about all of this, you can go to our website abc7chicago.com, click on "see it on TV" and the website you mentioned will be there too? Thank you very much. Yes, safecosmetics.org.And you were speaking of the Sunday event, which is also on our site.Yes, Sunday at the Green Festival, check out the Green Festival Sunday at noon. OK, thank you so much for joining us today.Thank you. phthalate:【化】邻苯二甲酸盐neurotoxin:【化】 神经毒素deodorant:【化】 除臭剂; 芳香剂carcinogen:n. 致癌物质urinary tract:【医】 泌尿道 hydroquinone:【化】 氢醌; 对苯二酚200812/59585昆玉去痣多少钱一颗 Speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Iraq’s foreign minister says his country is headed in the right direction.伊拉克外交部长霍希亚尔.兹巴里在纽约向外交关系委员会成员演讲时表示,伊拉克在向正确方向发展。Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari spoke without notes to members of the private group. He described his country in upbeat terms, saying that although corruption and mismanagement remain endemic, the country is on the “right path” toward a stable democracy.伊拉克外交部长兹巴里在纽约向民间组织外交关系委员会成员发表演讲时没有使用讲稿。他用乐观语气来形容伊拉克。他说,尽管伊拉克仍然充斥着腐败和管理不善,但是伊拉克以正确的步伐 ,迈向一个稳定的民主国家。“Iraqi leaders came together, through our own initiative, to form a broad national unity government. Still it’s not complete, but it’s established: Iraq has its structure. It has its constitution. It has its way of resolving its own difficulties or internal problems," he said. "There may be delays. It’s not easy. It’s not tidy but really, when we compare ourselves to our neighborhood, we are in a stronger position.”兹巴里说:“经由我们自己的倡议,伊拉克领导人团结一致, 组成了一个基础广泛的全国团结政府。这个政府还不完整,但是已经建立。伊拉克有自己的结构,自己的宪法,用自己的方式来解决自身的困境或内部问题。这当中可能出现拖延,而且困难重重不够严谨,但是,跟邻近地区相比,我们更为强大。”Zebari says that, although U.S. forces are to leave Iraq at the end of the year, he believes there is a continuing need for U.S. military training. He cites recent incursions by Iran and Turkey into Iraq’s territory, including air strikes by Turkey, in attacks against Kurdish militants. He says he is concerned that the Iran-Turkey actions may indicate an attempt to assert more power in the region once American troops withdraw.伊拉克外长兹巴里说,尽管美国部队在年底时撤离伊拉克,伊拉克继续需要美国提供军事训练。他指出,最近伊朗和土耳其为了打击库尔德激进分子而进入伊拉克领土,土耳其还使用空袭。兹巴里说,伊朗和土耳其的行动可能意味着,这两个国家试图在美国部队撤离之后在这个地区显示更大的势力。对此他感到关注。“That is another reason that the Iraqi government needs this continued support at least to be able to deter this regional intervention,” he noted.兹巴里说:“伊拉克政府需要美国继续持的另外一个理由是,至少让伊拉克有能力遏制区域性的干涉。”Some observers contend that Iraq will be in danger of falling apart once American troops leave. Zebari says he disagrees, saying that Iraqis are committed to resisting sectarian conflict.一些观察人士认为,一旦美军撤离,伊拉克就有崩溃的危险。兹巴里说,他不同意这种看法。他认为,伊拉克人致力于抵抗宗派冲突。He adds that he believes that Iraq’s example that led to the popular democratic uprisings in the Arab world - and helped end what he called a “taboo” against asking for international help.Look at Libya, for instance. They have publicly, openly welcomed the NATO American support to save lives. In fact, not only has there been air attacks on Tripoli and other places, I can tell you there has been special forces, European forces, fighting on the ground to defeat Gadhafi,” he stated.兹巴里说:“比如在利比亚,他们公开欢迎北约和美国人的协助来挽救利比亚人的生命。事实上,北约不仅对的黎波里和其他地方进行空袭,我还可以告诉你,特别部队,欧洲部队一直在地面作战,以击败卡扎菲。”Zebari says he thinks the democracy movement will inevitably succeed in Syria, too, although he says the repressive government of Bashar al-Assad remains very strong.201109/154984北屯治疗狐臭多少钱

库尔勒做狐臭手术多少钱Olympic sponsors pay gold 广告大战 The cost and risk of an Olympic sponsorship is so high that it probably isn?t worth it except for new multinationals. You just have to turn on your TV to see it. Global giants like McDonald's and Coca Cola going all out for Beijing 2008 with advertising and marketing campaigns celebrating the Olympics and Chinese culture. For these corporations the prize isn't a gold medal, but exposure to China's booming market. Analysts estimate international companies have laid out 80 to 100 million dollars, just to be able to call themselves official sponsors, and that's before the hundreds of millions spent on advertising.(Cheers.Gan Bei.)Sponsors have spent 2 or 3 times more in almost all categories to be the official sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and it's really because they are trying to capture the emerging Chinese middle-class.Chinese companies are also posting splashy ads, hoping Olympics' sponsorship will raise their profile worldwide.We are hoping to reach literally the rest of the planet, we think we have a great opportunity for us to be able to penetrate markets that we haven't been previously.So was the Olympics' sponsorship worth the cash? Brands have to compete for attention with more than 50 sponsors and suppliers officially associated with the Games plus outside brands that try to get in on the action, for example, Adidas is the official partner of Beijing 2008, but Nike is a sponsor of Team USA Basketball and has its own advertising campaign. Olympic organizers are taking steps to protect official sponsors from such competition known as ambush marketing. They've taken control of billboards around the Olympic venues and / are even banning spectators from wearing clothing with large logos.If someone's wearing this type of shirt into the venue, the security guards will probably stop him in front of the gate to ask him to change before getting in.A recent study showed the mixed messages are enough to confuse the Chinese public. Sixty percent of consumers questioned said Pepsi was the official sponsor versus only 40% for Coke. Only half knew Adidas and not Nike was an official sponsor. On the streets of Beijing, we conducted our own informal survey.Adidas, McDonalds, Nike is official, traditionally I would say Coca Cola, but I haven't seen very many Pepsi products although I am a Pepsi fan.But companies new to China, such as office supplies from Staples can gain instant recognition from Olympic sponsorship.It's at least effective for big multi-national companies that have aly been in China for a long time, everybody knows Coca Cola, everybody knows McDonald's.Still, with the billion potential consumers in China, many companies seem to think Olympic sponsorship is worth the risk.Eunice Yoon CNN, Hongkong.参考中文翻译:奥运会赞助商的成本和风险都是非常高的,除非是跨国公司,否则根本不值得这么做。你可以打开电视机看看。国际巨头麦当劳和可口可乐全力以赴争取到2008北京奥运会上宣传奥运和中国文化的广告和市场活动。对这些大公司来说,他们的荣誉不是金牌,而是扩大中国市场。分析家国际这些跨国公司成为官方赞助商至少花费了8千万至1亿美元,而这还不包括数以亿计的广告费用。赞助商们花费了他们所有种类广告费用的2到3倍成为2008北京奥运会的官方赞助商,是因为他们想抓住中国日益蓬勃发展的中间阶层。中国的公司也印制了引人注目的广告,希望奥运赞助商能够在世界范围能提升他们的品牌形象。那么,奥运赞助商真的值这么多钱吗?每一个品牌必须还50多个赞助商和供应商竞争来吸引注意力,这还只是和奥运会本身相关的,更不用说那些外线品牌也极力要吸引大众眼球。例如,阿迪达斯是北京2008奥运会的官方合作或白,但是耐克是美国篮球队的赞助商,有独立的广告活动。奥运会的组织者真采取行动来保护官方赞助商免于这种埋伏性竞争。他们控制奥运会场周围的广告牌,甚至禁止观众穿戴印有醒目的商标的衣。如果有人穿这样的衣进入会场,保安人员会在门口进行阻拦,换掉衣才能进入。最近的一项研究显示,如此眼花缭乱的信息足够使中国大众的眼光产生混乱。在被提问的消费者中,60%的人认为百事可乐是官方赞助商,而40%的人认为可口可乐才是。只有一半的人知道阿迪达斯才是官方赞助商,而耐克不是。在诶经的街头,我们也进行了一场非正式的调查。阿迪达斯,麦当劳,耐克是官方的。传统的来说我可能会说是可口可乐,虽然我是百事迷,但是我没有看到太多百事的产品。但是一些新进驻中国的公司,比如来自斯台普斯的办公室用品供应商就由于赞助奥运会马上得到了认可。至少对那些已经打入中国市场很长时间的跨国公司是有效的,每个人都知道可口可乐,每个人都知道麦当劳。但是,面对这中国十几亿的消费者,许多公司仍然认为,成为奥运赞助商是值得的。200811/56645 Yaeuml;l: Hey Don, whatcha ing? Don? Don! Don: Huh? Y: I asked what book you're ing. D: Oh, sorry. I guess I was lost in the story. Y: That's OK. That's what a good story will do, right? In fact, there's a study that explains what's going on the brain when we get caught up in a story. D: Do tell. Y: Basically, according to the study, when you a story that engages you, your brain creates detailed and vivid simulations of the details in the story. D: You mean that when I'm ing, my brain is activated as though I'm actually doing the things I'm ing about? Y: Or observing them, or imagining them. The point is that ing isn't a passive activity where the brain is just processing language. It's much more dynamic and active. So if you're ing a book about baseball, say, the brain reacts in ways similar to how it would if you were actually playing baseball, or watching a game, or imagining yourself hitting a ball, or whatever. D: Interesting. How was this studied? Y: That's interesting, too. The researchers studied ers' brains using an MRI scanner. But because the ers had to remain perfectly still, their heads were immobilized as they the story one word at a time on a computer screen. D: That's hardly a typical ing experience. Y: True. But even ing stories in that strange, one-word-at-a-time way, the ers'brains were still activated to create mental simulations of the story. D: So what does this mean? Y: Maybe that being lost in a good book doesn't mean you're zoned out. It's more like your brain is tuned in. be lost in sth:全神贯注与,沉浸于to be lost in thought 陷入沉思get caught up in sth: 陷入,沉浸于,被吸引stimulation:刺激;兴奋;激励;鼓舞Lazy people need stimulation to make them work. 懒人需要激励才能使他们工作。immobilize1. 使固定;使不动: She was immobilized by shock.她由于震惊而目瞪口呆。 2. 使(部队、车辆等)不能调动,使丧失机动性 zone out:使变得浑然无觉,使变得头昏脑胀 07/79337乌市高新技术产业开发区治疗蒙古斑价格乌鲁木齐祛老人斑手术哪家医院好




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