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Friday afternoonHolly: The weekend finally here!Yi-jun: And it a long one. I have Monday off. It Memorial Day or something like that.Holly: Yep. It the kickoff of the barbecue season. Were invited to a grill party in the park tomorrow.Yi-jun: Sounds good. What do we need to bring?Holly: We need to buy some buns the hot dogs and hamburgers, and Im making potato salad.Yi-jun: Ill dig out the Frisbee and my kite from Taiwan.参考译文:星期五下午荷莉:周末总算到了!怡君:而且是个长长的周末我星期一放假好象是阵亡将士纪念日还是什幺的荷莉:没错这是烤肉季的开始我们明天受邀到公园参加烤肉派对怡君:听来不错我们要带什幺去?荷莉:我们得买一些包热和汉堡用的圆面包,还有我要做马铃薯沙拉怡君:我会找出飞盘和我从台湾带来的风筝重点词汇:kickoff (n.)(口)开始,序幕Hurry up, or youre going to miss the kickoff.快点,不然你会错过开头grill (v.,n.)烤肉架,烤肉炉,烤架中的木炭、火候;烤肉grill party则是「烤肉聚餐派对」A: How do you like to cook your steaks?你想怎幺处理你的牛排?B: I love to throw them on the grill.我想把他们放在烤架上bun (n.)(一般用来夹汉堡肉或热用的)圆面包Do you want your bun toasted?你的圆面包要烤过吗?dig out找出You should go dig out the Frisbee.你应该把飞盘找出来 369【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension 1 Choose the correct word(s) in each sentence 选择下列句子中正确的词1 Harry Johnny plays football Harry likes doesn’t like his job 3 There are vacancies computer human resource experts in Johnny’s company Olivia sells cheap expensive shoes 5 Fadi prepares sells food 6 Fadi’s uncle father owns the business Comprehension Fill the gaps with one of the following words: 用所给单词填空solutions exclusive alone online job workaholic 1 Johnny is a ………….. Olivia’s shoes are …………. 3 Harry has had three ….. offers Harry is ……… in the café when Olivia arrives 5 Olivia has thought about selling shoes …………. 6 Harry finds ………….. companies with computer problems 198Anime looks to expand overseasJapan animation is a .5 billion hit at home, but still looking to make a firm beachhead overseas.精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?Japanese anime or animation is a 3.3-billion-dollar hit 1 , but still looking to make a firm beachhead overseas. An industry that began nearly 0 years ago has undeniable winners like Pokemon franchise, with feature films, cartoons, and character products. But anime exports are worth 3 % of domestic business. And Japan is hosting an international fair to push its prowess, from cult status to cultural icon. Some anime watchers say Japanese trademarks, high production values, characters with huge eyes, and busty women don't always translate abroad. Another concern is that the local industry may be hollowing out because of a brain drain to the game industry. Still some industry crossover has begun. And this Karaoke game allows customers to do their own anime voice-overs. that Hollywood is also responding to anime's potential, Disney recently announced ties with Japanese producer Toei, planning a robot 5 anime likely due in May.Dan Sloan, Reuters Tokyo. 填空 :1. at home. a slew of 3. less than . In a sign 5. adventure隐藏WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. hit : n-countIf a CD, film, or play is a hit, it is very popular and successful.eg: The song became a massive hit in 195.. beachhead : n-countA beachhead is an area of land next to the sea or a river where an attacking ce has taken control and can prepare to advance further inland.3. slew : n-countA slew of things is a large number of them. (mainly AM). prowess : n-uncountSomeone's prowess is their great skill at doing something. (MAL)5. brain drain : n-sing 人才外流When people talk about a brain drain, they are referring to the movement of a large number of scientists or academics away from their own country to other countries where the conditions and salaries are better. 6. crossover : n-varA crossover of one style and another, especially in music or fashion, is a combination of the two different styles.7. Karaoke : n-uncountKaraoke is a m of entertainment in which a machine plays the tunes of songs, and people take it in turns to sing the words.8. voice-over : n-countThe voice-over of a film, television programme, or advertisement consists of words which are spoken by someone who is not seen. 6679

Today Lunar New Year, British English, Quincenera, Schools in the US, Well, Good, and Bad, Effect versus Affect, Maybe versus Perhaps.Words:Sweet LatinoDropoutGrade SchoolTuitionKindergartenDiplomaTrackingElectives 83

The Basics of Basketball; Flea Markets; grass versus herb; delectable versus palatable; be my guestWords:offensedefenseto substituteto blockto foulto dribblefleacollectableantiquesecond handbargainto negotiategrassherbdelectablepalatablebe my guest

N~I@5AD6+_UwRMPSr]#mY,%SAmq56oj7HrStc(#gOieqs|vShe went into the laundry room. She was in a hurry. She needed to wash and dry her clothes. Then she needed to go to work. The washer was running. Someone was using the washer. The washer stopped. She opened the lid. She took the damp clothes out of the washer. The damp clothes belonged to someone else. She put their clothes on top of the dryer. She put her own clothes into the washer. She started the washer. Half an hour later, she took her clothes out of the washer. She put her clothes into the dryer. An hour later, she took her clothes out of the dryer. Then she went to work. She left the damp clothes on top of the dryer.[!~aLLe+zbZ9R^xjYNQ7gZ5WlOf~Ahv57(WQMOi~gE*;|G1qN)hgG|q0S@ 1

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