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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201611/477476青岛专业盆腔炎医院North Korea has suffered devastating flooding in the northeastern part of the country following a typhoon.台风登陆后,朝鲜东北部地区遭遇特大洪水。The government has called the recent flooding the worst the country has experienced since 1945.政府称这是1945以来朝鲜经历过最严重的洪水。Flooding is a fairly common occurrence around the world. But what#39;s newsworthy is North Korea is actually admitting it.洪水在世界上是一个相当普遍的现象。但值得一提的是,朝鲜竟然承认了此次洪水的危害。Most news coming out of North Korea portrays the country and its leader as strong and successful. But now the country is getting help from over a dozen local and international relief agencies including some that represent the ed Nations.来自朝鲜的大多数新闻描绘的是国家和领导人的强大和成功。但现在朝鲜正向十几个当地和国际救援机构寻求帮助,包括一些代表联合国的机构。According to various stories published by state-run Korean Central News Agency, the flooding has destroyed many buildings. 据国立朝鲜中央通讯社,洪水已经摧毁了许多建筑。The government apparently told the ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that 133 people have died and 395 more are missing. OCHA reports over 35,000 homes and 8,700 buildings have been damaged. About 100,000 people are believed to be displaced.朝鲜政府告知联合国人道主义事务协调办公室,洪水已造成133人死亡,395人失踪。据人道协调厅报道,超过35,000个家园和8,700座建筑已被破坏。大约有100,000人流离失所。Even so, the stories about the flooding on the KCNA website are mainly focused on the united response from the North Korean people and government. 即便如此,朝中社网站对洪水的报道主要集中在朝鲜政府和人民的团结一致。译文属。 Article/201609/466154济宁孕前检测多少钱新英语900句视频版 第6课:在奥尼尔家 文本如下:BILL: Hello! Nora? Billy? Jack? Suzy? Peggy? I#39;m home!喂! 诺拉? 比利? 杰克? 苏西? 蓓姬? 我回来了!NORA: Hi, dear. You#39;re home early.嗨! 亲爱的, 你回来得很早嘛!BILL: Hi, honey. Where were you?嗨! 甜心, 你刚才在哪里?NORA: I was in the bathroom.我在洗手间.BILL: Where are the kids?孩子们到哪里去了?NORA: Peggy#39;s at the library. Billy and Jack are at baseball practice.蓓姬去图书馆, 比利和杰克练棒球去了.BILL: And Suzy?苏西呢?NORA: She was here a few minutes ago. Maybe she#39;s in her room.她刚刚还在这里, 也许在她的房里吧!BILL: Gee, I#39;m tired.唷, 好累.NORA: How was your day?今天怎么样?BILL: Busy, but not bad.很忙, 但是还不错.BILLY AND JACK: Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.妈你好. 爸你好.BILL: Hi, kids. How was baseball practice?你们好, 棒球练得怎么样?JACK: Great! I#39;m hungry, Mom.非常好. 妈, 我肚子饿了.BILLY: Jack, we weren#39;t great, and you know it.杰克, 我们练得并不好, 你是知道的.JACK: Maybe you weren#39;t.或许你练得不好.BILLY: Oh, I see. You were great, but the team wasn#39;t.哦, 我懂了, 你练得非常好, 而全队不怎么好.JACK: Right. Now you understand.对了, 你现在才晓得.BILLY: Jack, you are a...杰克, 你这个人...NORA: Dinner#39;s almost y. About five more minutes.再五分钟左右, 晚餐就好了.BILL: When#39;s the big game?什么时候大赛?BILLY: Next Saturday. This was our last practice before the game.下星期六. 这是我们比赛前的最後一次练习.JACK: I#39;m hungry.我肚子饿了.BILLY: Hey, Jack. Let#39;s practice until dinner#39;s y.嗨, 杰克. 我们再去练, 练到吃晚餐为止.JACK: OK. Superman. Let#39;s go.好吧, 超人. 走吧! /200808/46853新东方英语900句 Lesson 13:FamilyCore Sentences.1. How many people are there in your family?2. I've got two sisters and one brother.3. Sam and Tony are twins.4. Robert was up in a single parent household.5. Richard comes from well family.6. I have a close family.we love each other.7. His parents always quarrel with each other.8. My father is a and he is very strict with us.9. There are more and more families in big cities.10. What do your parents do?11. My father is the b owner. 12. Rick is an only child. Her great grandpa is still living.13. My parents grew up in the countryside. We moved to the city when I was just five.Dialog ExerciseNumber one Talks about family.A. How many people are there in your family?B. Four, my father, my mother, my brother and I. We are geting on very well.A. What do you parents do?B. My father is professor, he is strict with us. My mother works in a hotel, and she loves us a lot.A. How old is your borther?B. He is twenty five, three years older than I am.He is a soldier.A. Do you have any grandparents?B. My grandpa on my father side is still living. But he dosen't live with us.Nuber Two Introduction of the FamilyA. How many are there in your family, Eleen?B. There are three of us in my family.A. So you are the only child in your family.B. Yes, and you?A. There are fives in my family.B. Are you the youngest?A. No, I'm not. My brother Jaims is the oldest, and my sister Cleo is the youngest.B. So you are the second child of your family. How old is your brother?A. He is going to be twenty tomorrow.B. Please tell him Happy Birthday.A. Thank you, I'll tell him. /200604/5858即墨市市北医院官网

平度人民医院等级青岛宫颈糜烂要多少钱能治好Stage 56 bar tricks第56关,吧台小戏法So here is how it is going to work.下面我讲一下规则I#39;m going to bring out a few people to perform their incredible feats.我会邀请一些人进行才艺展示If you guys think it is fantastic and amazing they get to stay here at the bar.如果你们认为表演的好或者很惊艳,他们就可以留下If you think it#39;s disgusting and grossing and you are not intending at the least,如果你们认为表演很恶心,难以接受,觉得一点儿都不搞笑then our crack security staff who are here.我们有训练有素的安保人员They are crack security staff. They are not two guys who work in our office.就是他们,他们可不是天天呆在办公室的普通上班族They are. They are. They are trained killers, OK?他们是……他们可是训练有素的杀手They will usher them out of the studio to never return again.他们会把不合格的人赶出演播厅,让他们再也回不来So what do you say? You want to see some bar tricks?你们觉得怎么样?想看吧台戏法吗Let#39;s bring out our first contestants.让我们有请第一位选手Hello, sir. Hello.先生,你好What is your name? Where are you from?你叫什么名字?你来自哪里My name#39;s Jonathan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.我叫乔纳森,来自宾夕法尼亚州的兰开斯特Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?感谢你的到来,你要表演什么I#39;m going to remove my underwear without taking my pants off.我不脱长裤可以把内裤脱下来You#39;re going to take off your underwear without removing your pants? That is correct. Yeah.你不脱长裤就能把内裤脱下来?对All right. Who wants to see it?好的,有人想看吗No!不是吧Oh, my god! That was—天呐!真是—What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?大家觉得怎么样?他可以留下来吗Take a seat at the bar. Well done.请在吧台边就坐。干得漂亮Let#39;s meet our next contestant!有请下一位选手Hello, sir.先生你好How are you? What#39;s your name and where are you from?你好,你叫什么名字,来自哪里My name is Charles. I#39;m from Idaho.我叫查尔斯,来自爱达华州OK. Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?好的,欢迎你的到来。你要表演什么呢I#39;m going to put suction cup darts in my eyes.我能在眼睛上粘两个吸盘I mean, the question is who wants to see it? Do you want to see it?问题是会有人想看这个吗?你们想看吗?All right. Go for it.好的,开始吧Oh, my—No! Oh!哦天,别!天呐!I don#39;t know how you learned to do that!你是怎么学的这个!Oh, my god! What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?天呐!大家觉得怎么样?他能留下来吗Oh, he#39;s got to go. They are kicking him out.哦……他得离开。他们把他踢出局了Oh! Wow. Tough crowd. Tough crowd! He put—OK.天呐,观众都好残忍,好残忍。他把——好吧All right. Let#39;s meet our next contestant.好了。有请下一位Hello, sir. What#39;s your name and where are you from?先生你好。你叫什么名字,来自哪里Josh from Madison, Wisconsin.我叫乔希,来自威斯康星州的麦迪逊Oh, thanks. Big whoop there.好的,欢呼声很激烈啊An audible whoop from Wisconsin. And what is your trick?来自威斯康星州的欢呼。你要表演什么I#39;m going to make a fart sound with my mouth that goes forever.我能用嘴模仿放屁的声音并且一直不停Going to be a tough one for us to judge that, Josh. All right. Take it away.你这个很难评价啊。好,开始吧He hasn#39;t actually started yet. That is actually me.实际上他还没开始。刚刚那个声音是我What do we think, guys? Should he stay or go?大家怎么看?留下还是离开They are kicking him out! Take your forever fart away from me!他们把他踢出局了。快点走吧Look at this guy. Sitting pretty smug.看那个人,坐的真是自在哈Look at him sitting on the bars. All right. OK. One more? Do you want one more?看那个坐在吧台边那个人,还来一个吗?你们还想看吗Let#39;s bring in our next contestant.有请下一个Very well, sir. What is your name and where are you from?好的。你叫什么名字,来自哪里My name#39;s George the Giant. I#39;m from Bakers Field, California.我叫大个子乔治,来自加利福尼亚的贝克尔斯菲市OK, George. Now what is your bar trick?好,你要表演什么I drink milk a little bit differently than normal people.我喝牛奶的方式跟普通人有点儿不一样OK. You have certainly revved the crowd up. OK, George. Go for it.好的,观众有点儿激动。开始吧,乔治When I was a kid, I loved crazy straws. I thought it was the interesting thing in the world.我小时候,特别喜欢吸管,我觉得吸管是世界上最好玩的东西But then I got older and I wanted to be something different.我长大后就想玩点儿不一样的I wanted to be the world#39;s biggest crazy straw and this is how I did it.我想做成世界上最长的吸管,就是这个OK, leave it free. A little bit long.好,松一下,放长一点儿Now it is not a straw unless someone drinks out of it. No, I#39;m good.没有人在这头吸得话它就不是一根吸管。不用了,谢谢Don#39;t make me laugh! Milk will come out my nose!别逗我笑,我一笑牛奶会从鼻子里喷出来的What do you think, folks? Should he stay or should he go?大家怎么想?留下还是离开George, take a seat at the bar. Well done. That was stage 56 bar tricks.乔治,在吧台边就坐吧。干得不错。这就是56关,吧台小戏法。If you have a bar trick and you think you#39;re good enough to come sit here at the bar just tweet us at @latelateshow.如果你有足够好的玩法,能让你坐上吧台边的位置的话,请在推特上给@深夜秀发消息。We would love to see you here, and show everything you have got.我们很希望能够在这里看到你的才艺 Article/201707/517049山东省青岛市七院看男科青岛市城阳区第二人民医院有无痛人流术吗

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