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如果弱小的我无法掌握宇宙的特征,至少我能在自己窄小的轨道里我的信念生活,从其他人那里获得力量,直到有一天所有的人都能休息一下——去招待自己的灵魂 Two Commandments Are Enough By Peggy Wood Occasionally my mother used to announce that she was going to take time out from the day's activities "to rest," she would say, "and to invite my soul." She always put the phrase in es, in order, I expect, to divert the facetious remarks which might arise from the worldly or practical-minded folk within earshot or disarm those who might feel "soul" was a Sunday word not to be used in everyday conversation. But she meant to do exactly what she said, "invite my soul." The pressure of the modern world is so great upon us today that we find little time rest, physical rest, let alone leisure spiritual reception. Thus, when we take the word "soul" out of its Sunday clothes it is unfamiliar to us, we don't know it very well. We may have different interpretations of the meaning of the word; to some it may mean "conscience," to others that part of our being given us with life. I believe with Dr. Schweitzer in the sanctity of life, that the miracle called life, which cannot be manufactured by man, does come from a source which we call God, and that life and soul are the same. And yet when I am asked point-blank, "What do you believe?" I hedge and play time in my confusion by saying, "Well, now, that's a pretty big question." It is not altogether the pressure of the modern world which has clouded our comprehension; "the simple faith of our fathers" got a nasty jolt when Copernicus propounded his theory that the sun and stars did not revolve around the earth and that theree man was not the sole object of celestial concern. Darwin dealt another blow and Freud's search into the operations of our hidden selves shook our conviction that man could be made in the image of God. It might be said that such matters affect only dogma and not belief, and yet the mounting complexities of man's discoveries about himself and the world he lives in increase so with the years it is little wonder man cries out something simple and enduring in which to believe. As in moments of great grief the reeling emotions steady themselves by concentrating upon small physical occupations - the careful tying of a shoelace, the straightening of a crooked picture on the wall, the tidy folding of a napkin - so I believe, in this heartbreaking world, in tending to the simple familiar chores which lie at hand. I believe I must keep my doorstep clean, I must tidy up my own backyard. I need keep only the two great commandments to live by to respect the Giver of Life, and my duty towards my neighbor. I believe that people deeply revere these two commandments (upon which hang all the laws and the prophets) and suffer personal distress when they are broken. When the property owners in South San Francisco refuse to let a Chinese family move into their district, when flaming crosses are burned and when the homes of decent people are bombed, we are all aware that our own doorsteps have been sullied and the human neighborhood besmirched. If I am too puny to grasp the cosmic contours I believe I can at leave live my faith within my own small orbit, gaining in strength from others until that time when all men can rest - and invite their souls. 9

口语句型天天讲:maxed out 累惨了 -01-7 19:: 来源: maxed out 累惨了  A: I'm working 70 hours this week. I'm totally maxed out.  A: 我这星期工作七十个小时我真是完全累坏了  B: 70 hours? I'd be dead if I worked this hard.  B: 七十个小时? 我要是工作这么多, 我一定会死了  "max" 是「极限」的意思用"maxed out" 来表示一个人累惨了应该是很贴切的哦 天天 口语 maxed 工作

英语口语句:如何婉转的拒绝别人 -01-7 18:6: 来源: Declining an Invitation 拒绝邀请Some people find that saying "no" to a friend is extremely hard sometimes. Are you this kind of person? If you are tied up and cannot go to your friend's party, how do you say "no" and at the same time sound inoffensive? 拒绝比接受更难如何委婉得体地拒绝别人?赶快看看下面的个例句1. I am sorry to turn you down. 我很抱歉必须拒绝你Turn you down 就是拒绝别人的要求例如有一次请老美去参加一个 party,她说她很抱歉无法参加,就是用的这句I am sorry to turn you down.另外男生追女生,女生想拒绝他,也可以用 turn down例如I am sorry but I have to turn you down.另外不要忘,turn down 还有一个解释就是把音量或是空调关小还有不要把 turn you down 和 let you down 搞混,这二者是完全不同的意思:turn down 表示拒绝,而 let down 则表示让人家失望. I am not interested. 我没有兴趣当电话推销员找上门来,这时你要说的就是I am not interested,这样子对方就不会纠缠太久了通常在拒绝别人的时候要注意一下说话的语气,像这句 I am not interested. 听来就不太客气通常要使得拒绝别人的话听来客气一点,只要在句首加上I am sorry.整句话的口气立刻就不一样了所以礼貌一点的说法就是I am sorry. I am not interested. 听起来是不是客气很多?3. I'll think about it. 我要考虑看看这句话是在买东西时候讲的例如你去百货公司专柜买化装品,虽然专柜讲了半天你也觉得还不错,但总觉得太贵,你就可以说OK, I'll think about it.我再考虑看看当然你就可以趁机脱身了. I can't afd it. 我付不起一样东西太贵你买不起就可以这么说I can't afd it. 你都讲明没钱了,想必人家不会继续纠缠吧美国买东西都有所谓的 refund 制度,就是东西买完之后不满意都可以拿去退钱有时候店员会问你(通常不会问)为什么要拿来 refund,通常你就可以直截了当地说I don't like it.或者It's too expensive. I can't afd it.5. I can't handle it. 我应付不来Handle 跟 afd 的区别要分清楚:handle 指的是事情上应付不来,而 afd 多半指金钱上无法负担例如工作很多做不完,你就可以说 There's too much workload here. I can't handle it.6. I am really not in the mood. 我真的没有什么心情Mood 解释成心情,没有心情你可以说成I don't have the mood. 或者I am not in the mood.比如考试期间,别人还找你出去玩,你就可以这么拒绝I am sorry. I am really not in the mood.7. There is nothing to talk about. 没什么好说的当别人问你不想回答或懒得回答的问题时,你就可以说There is nothing to talk about.例如有人问你考试考几分,你自己考得太差而不想讲,就可以说There is nothing to talk about." 另外一个类似的用法叫 No comment. 就是无可奉告的意思8. I really want to, but I got hundreds of things to do. 我想去,可是我有好多好多事情要做别人邀请你参加他们的活动,就算你不想去,也不要直截了当地说 No, I don't want to.这样子别人下次可能就不会找你了试着用这种比较好的说法先说 I really want to 或者I really love to,再说 but I got hundreds of things to do. 这样感觉上比较礼貌,也比较不会让别人觉得没面子9. I don't want to go and that's that. 我不想,就是这样That's that 通常是接在否定句后,意为就这样了,不必再多说了这种语气是很强烈的,通常听的人可能会不太高兴假如电话推销员很烦人,那就可以跟他说 That's that.That's that. 跟That's it.不太一样That's it. 的意思是就这样吧,就这些吧,在点餐时使用That's that 则是表示不想再跟对方谈下去了同样的情况,你也可以这么说The conversation is over.". That's enough, anymore is just overkill. 那就够了,再多一点也是多余的Overkill 在美国的口语里就是多余的意思,它跟 kill 一点关系也没有例如跟一个老美打球,打了二局之后问他还要不要再打,他就说That's enough, anymore is just overkill.又如吃东西时你问别人还要不要再吃,如果别人吃不下了就可以说No, thanks. That's overkill.礼貌拒绝的典型例句 Refusing invitations without being offensive:That's very kind of you, but I'm afraid that I'm tied up on Saturday. 非常感谢, 可是恐怕我周六没时间 I'd really like to, but I'm aly booked up next Saturday. 我很想去,但是我下周六的日程己经安排满了I wish I could, but I have an appointment on Saturday. 我真希望能去,但是我周六和别人约好了 Thanks asking me, but I am going to be out of town that evening. 谢谢你邀请我,但是我那天晚上要去外地 I'm really sorry about that! 非常抱歉! Thanks, anyway. 还是谢谢你!I would like very much to join you another time. 希望我下次能参加 别人 拒绝 如何 英语口语

常用英语900句:形容物品、度量、比较 Measuring And Comparing -01-7 ::19 来源: Measuring And Comparing 形容物品、度量、比较301. What's the height of the building? 这座楼有多高?3. How much does the elephant weight? 这个大象有多重?3. What's the color of your new dress? 你的新衣是什么颜色的?3. What's the size of your shoes? 你的鞋多大尺寸?3. My brother is twice as tall as your sister. 我弟弟比你高一倍3. My grandma is 0 years older than me. 我祖母比我大0岁3. This river is one third as long as that river. 这条河只有那条河的三分之一长3. What's the shape of your balloon? 你的气球是什么形状?3. How wide is this bridge? 这座桥有多宽?3. How thick is the ice here? 这儿的冰有多厚?3. This metal is harder than that one. 这种金属比那种硬3. He can run as fast as Jim. 他跑的和吉姆一样快3. Kate is smarter than I. 凯特比我聪明3. How long do you watch TV every day? 你每天看多长时间电视?3. How often do you gomming? 你多久去游一次泳? 比较 英语 形容 物品

地道口语:“拒绝”别人没必要说No -- :58:19 来源: 1. I am sorry to turn you down. 我很抱歉必须拒绝你 更多信息请访问:http:www.en.comTurn you down 就是拒绝别人的要求譬如有人请我一起去唱K,我很不喜欢这种吵吵闹闹的活动,就可以说:I am sorry to turn you down. 另外像是男生要追女生,女生要拒绝他,也可以用 turn down, 例如:I am sorry but I have to turn you down.另外不要忘了,turn down 还有一个解释就是“把……关小”,通常指音量或是空调注意可别把 turn you down 和 let you down 搞混了,这两个可是完全不同的意思turn down 表示拒绝,而 let down 则表示让人家失望,例如 Because I love you 这首老歌中所唱的:Because I love you, love you, love you, so don't you let me down.. I really want to, but I got hundreds of things to do. 我想去,可是我有好多好多事要做别人邀请你参加他们的活动,就算你不想去,也不要直接了当地说 No, I don't want to. 这样子别人下次可能就不会找你了试着用这种比较好的说法:先说 I really want to,或是 I really love to,再接着说 but I got hundreds of things to do这样感觉上比较礼貌,也不会让别人觉得很没面子3. I am really not in the mood. 我真的没什么心情Mood 的意思是“心情”,没有心情你可以说成 I don't have the mood. 或是 I am not in the mood. 比如考试期间,别人还找你出去玩,你就可以这么拒绝他:I am sorry. I am really not in the mood. 必要 别人 拒绝 口语

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