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The ;world first operational Robocop; has been unveiled in Dubai as part of the emirate planned robot police ce.世界首个机器人警察在迪拜投入使用,这是阿联酋规划的机器人警察部队的一员Robocop started work on Sunday and is aly making a name itself.机器人警察在上周日(5月日)正式上岗,而且已经声名远扬At 5ft 5in tall and weighing 0kg, it can speak six languages and is designed to facial expressions.这个机器人身高5英尺5英寸(合1.65米),体重0公斤,会说6种语言,根据程序设计,还可以读懂人们的面部表情The machine has a built-in tablet so people can use it to pay fines or report crimes, and can also transmit and receive messages from police headquarters.该机器人身上嵌入了一个平板设备,这样人们可以在他那里缴纳罚款,或者报告犯罪线索,还可以从警察总局那里传输和接收消息The robot police officer has the ability to scan faces from metres away and bears a touchscreen on its chest which members of the public can use to report crimes.机器人警察可以在米外扫描人脸,胸前还有一块触摸屏,公众可以用它来报告犯罪线索He can chat and interact, respond to public queries, shake hands and offer a military salute.他能和人们聊天互动,回答公众的询问,和大家握手,还会行军礼Multi-lingual crime-fighting robots will make up a quarter of the city police ce by , according to officials.据官方消息,到年,多语种的反犯罪行为机器人警察数量将达到迪拜警察部队的四分之一It also has a microphone which feeds directly to the Dubai Police call centres.机器人警察还配有一个与迪拜警方呼叫中心直接连通的麦克风A prototype robot was first unveiled at the GITEX annual computer and electronic trade show at the Dubai World Centre in October, .年月,机器人的原型首次在迪拜世界中心举行的海湾信息技术展年度计算机与电子贸易展览上亮相Earlier prototypes of the robots have been developed with the aim of offering assistance to tourists on the streets and in shopping malls in Dubai.早期机器人警察的原型是用来给迪拜街头和购物中心的游客提供帮助 55

导购口语:The spun silk is the best material pillowcase.绢丝是做枕套的最好料子This material is a mixture fabric of pure wool and plush.这种料子是纯羊毛与长毛绒的混纺织物Tweed is one of the best men clothes.粗花呢是一种最好的男装衣料 语句:Spun silk绢丝;mixture fabric混纺织物;丝织品,我们可以说“silk fabrics”;pure silk真丝;pure wool纯羊毛;one of the best…表示……中最好的一个 种 情景再现:You should choose a fabric that will wear well.你应该挑选耐穿的料子There is a great deal of wear in this stuff.这材料很耐磨损It velvety and the color is brilliant.这种绸缎如天鹅绒般光滑,而且颜色鲜亮 18

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  第一句:Im afraid Im going to be sick.恐怕我要吐了A: Are you all right? You dont look very well.你还好吗?你看起来不太舒B: Im afraid Im going to be sick.恐怕我要吐了第二句:You look pale. Are you seasick?你脸色不太好,是不是晕船?A: You look pale. Are you seasick?你脸色不太好,是不是晕船?B: Yes. I dont feel well.是的,我感觉不太舒A: I have some tables seasickness.我有止晕药片若是看到别人不舒的话可以用:Are you all right? 或者 Are you OK? 意思是“你还好吗?”有关晕船的英文表达法是:I feel a little seasick. 我有点晕船 33

  1. Good Samaritans help rescue seven kids from a Central Park pond1. 冰面开裂,好心人士奋力救出落水儿童During an unseasonably warm day in February , seven minors were rescued from a pond in Central Park after they suddenly plunged through the ice.年月,纽约天气异常温暖由于中央公园池塘的冰面突然融化开裂,7个孩子在冰面玩耍时突然落入水中By the time FDNY arrived at the park, the kids, ranging in age from about ten into the teens, had been pulled out of the water by good Samaritans, Bennett Jonas and Ethan Turmbull.落水的孩子最小的才十岁,最大的也才十多岁好心人伯尼特和伊桑在纽约消防队赶到前成功将孩子们救起The duo was skating nearby when they saw the kids dancing on top of the ice, then suddenly plunging into the water. Jonas dove in as Turmbull stood by to grab them. One boy was so far out in the water, Jonas wasnt sure he would be able to get to him (but he did).据悉,事发时两人正在附近滑冰,正好目睹了孩子们落水的过程紧要关头,伯尼特决定潜入水中救人,伊桑则在岸边把孩子拉上岸其中有一个男孩离得很远,伯尼特在没有把握的情况下还是竭尽全力成功救出了男孩EMS showed up and rendered first aid, though some of the kids were taken to local hospitals with minor, hypothermia-related injuries.随后急救人员抵达并展开紧急治疗,最后其中几个孩子因轻微的缺氧问题被送往医院. The man who defied weather warnings and had to be rescued from a Northern Calinia jetty. 汽车搁浅,遛夫妇报警救出被困司机An uninmed and unidentified man defied National Weather Service warnings about rough seas in Humboldt Bay near Eureka, Calinia, and drove his truck out onto the North Jetty in January . Almost immediately, the vehicle and driver became stranded. They were battered by powerful waves and a couple walking their dog nearby called 9. No one was hurt in the incident, but the Nissan truck remains stranded. To add insult to injury, the driver will most likely be charged his rescue to the tune of an estimated ,000 - $,000.年1月,美国国家气象局发布了洪宝德海湾(加州尤里卡附近)大浪预警一不明男子在不知情的情况下驾驶货车前往北部码头,不幸遭受巨浪的猛烈袭击,汽车搁浅,司机被困附近一对遛的夫妇发现后拨打了9(美国报警电话)虽然本事件中没有人受伤,但司机的尼桑卡车报废了雪上加霜的是,司机还极可能需要付8000-000美元的救助费用3. The woman who helped rescue a cop from a vicious attack3. 抓捕现场,女子当机立断勇救被袭警察Baton Rouge, Louisiana resident and good Samaritan Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56, is being hailed as a hero after police say she saw an officer struggling with a suspect and jumped on the man back to help the officer subdue him. Williams-Tillman was driving to the store one Sunday morning when she spotted Officer Billy Aime wrestling with the suspect. The suspect had grabbed Aime baton and repeatedly bashed him on the head with it. Williams-Tillman took immediate action—she jumped on the man back as police backup arrived and the suspect was apprehended after being shot with a stun gun. He now faces charges including aggravated battery, disarming a police officer, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and drug possession.威廉姆,56岁,是路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日的居民某个星期天早上,她在开车去商店的途中看见比利警官在和嫌犯扭打嫌犯已经拿到了比利的警棍,并连续敲打他的头部威廉姆当机立断从后方跳到嫌疑人背上以帮助比利制嫌疑人随后警方的援随后抵达并用电击制伏了嫌犯据悉,该名嫌犯将面临故意伤害、抢夺警械、暴力袭警,拒捕和持有毒品等多项指控The BRPD hailed Williams-Tillman on its Facebook page, posting a message of thanks that went viral with over 7,000 likes and ,0 shares.事后威廉姆被授予英雄称号,巴吞鲁日警局给威廉姆的感谢信在脸书上被广为传播,获得7000多个赞和余次分享. The snowboarder who was saved by fellow thrill-seekers after being buried in the snow. 不慎落崖,滑雪者深埋雪底十分钟后获救Snowboarder Mac Jacobson had to be rescued by fellow thrill-seekers after he was buried under a mountain of snow minutes. Jacobson, who been a snowboarder years, was on the slopes at Squaw Valley in Calinia when he fell from a 30ft cliff. He landed on his head, with his whole body under several feet of snow. His worried friend, Stephen Boyd, could only see his snowboard which was still attached to his feet. Boyd, armed with a GoPro, captured the moment he rushed towards Jacobson and dug him out.马克是一名有年滑雪经验的滑雪者某次在加尼福尼亚斯阔谷的坡上滑雪时,他从30尺的悬崖上摔下,头部着地,并且整个人被埋在雪下几英尺他的同伴斯蒂芬飞奔到他那里时已经只能看到他穿着的滑雪板了随行同伴立刻对马克展开营救并成功将他从雪中挖出此时距他被困已有十多分钟斯蒂芬戴在手臂的GoPro记录了整个救援过程5. Rescuers save a woman fused to her chair5. 久坐不起,老人皮肤和座椅融为一体Foster, 75, was found stuck to a chair in her front living room, surrounded by fecal matter and urine—her skin had merged with the furniture. She was so tightly molded into the chair that her bones started breaking, causing her immense pain as she was carried out of her home and transported to a local hospital.佛思特,75岁,住在俄亥俄州,近期被发现困在了客厅的椅子上由于多月不曾起身,她的皮肤已经和这把椅子紧紧黏在了一起,甚至“融为一体”,骨头甚至开始破碎,周围全是排泄物随后佛思特被抬出家并送往当地医院,并在整个过程中遭受了巨大的痛苦A volunteer with Our Lady of Lourdes called 9 because Foster was not acting like herself. He also told police that she had not moved from her living room chair since July of last year and said he had gotten used to the home foul odor.据悉,报警者是养老院的一名志愿者,他在发现佛思特表现异常后拨打了9据他称,佛思特从去年七月份就没从客厅椅子上下来过,整个房子都散发恶臭,他已经习惯了 58

  A Swiss luxury watchmaker is pushing the limits of time and sense with its latest design – a watch that doesnt tell the time.日前,一家瑞士豪华手表制造商推出的最新设计,挑战了时间和固有观念的限制:一只不能看时间的手表The Playground Labyrinth watch, unveiled by Swiss timepiece firm Hautlence, has no dials or numbers and instead has a maze game the wearer to play.这款“迷宫游戏”手表由瑞士钟表公司豪朗时打造,没有表盘、数字,但有一个迷宫游戏供佩戴者消遣It is described on the designer website as a ;useless yet entirely essential object.; The 01 and Labyrinth models are part of a limited collection and will be sold ,000 Swiss francs each.设计师在网站上形容这款产品“无用但不可或缺”迷宫系列的01款和款为限量版,售价为每只1.万瑞士法郎(约8.1万元)In addition to the maze game, each watch comes with a satin-finished Louisiana alligator leather strap.除了迷宫游戏之外,每只腕表还配有缎光路易斯安那鳄鱼皮表带The wristwatch also has an extra-hard sapphire crystal crown that stops the polished platinum ball from escaping from the solid rose gold maze.这款手表表面还具有加硬倒角蓝宝石水晶的“王冠”,它可以防止抛光铂球从玫瑰金迷宫中掉出来Sandro Reginelli, co-founder and boss of Hautlence, said: Labyrinth is an old game that we have decided to bring back in a watch. What we are presenting here is a new vision of time and this new vision of time obviously doesnt show traditionally the time. We want people to disconnect and go to this dimension of time where you decide what you want to do.豪朗时的联合创始人及现任老板德罗·雷吉内利桑德罗·雷吉内利表示:“迷宫游戏是一个传统游戏,我们决定将它带回手表当中去我们在这里展示的是时间的新诠释,它显然不同于传统意义上的时间我们希望人们抛开时间,利用这方寸之地想想你到底要做什么” 379


  P:Im sorry,maam.you cant stop here.对不起,夫人,这里是不能停车的D:Im sorry,Officer.Im waiting someone.对不起,警官,我在等人P:You cant stop here,maam.你不能在这里停车,女士D:May I stop here a few minutes?Im waiting someone.我可以在这里停几分钟吗?我在等人P:Yes, a few minutes.Dont leave your car,please.是的,停几分钟可以,请不要下车P:This is a one_way street.这是单行道D:Im sorry,I didnt see the sign.对不起,我没看到标志P:Please turn around and go back.请调转方向向回走P:May I see your driver license?你的驾照让我看看好吗?D:Yes.What the matter,Officer?是的,有什么不对吗?警官P:You were going 65 kilometers an hour.你的车速是每小时65公里The speed limit is 0 kilometers.时速限制是0公里You made a left turn.你左转了You passed a car on the left.你从左侧超车了You were driving recklessly.你疯狂驾车You went through a red light.你闯红灯了D:Im sorry,Officer.对不起,警官P:Dont do it again.Watch the signs carefully.不要再犯,仔细看清标志D:Id like to find the house of Tom Tian.我要找汤姆?田先生家P:What is his address?他的住址是几号?D:5,Nanhai Road.南海路5号 191。

  第一句:Could you help me to take a picture of the hotel we stay in?能不能帮我拍一张我们住的旅馆的照片?A:Excuse me, could you help me to take a picture of the hotel we stay in?打扰一下,能不能帮我拍一张我们住的旅馆的照片?B:No problem. What should I do?没问题,我该怎么做?第二句:I hope itll come out well.但愿冲出来的效果好A:Step ward a little. Say cheese!往前站一点儿,说“Cheese”!B:Thank you.谢谢A:Youre welcome. I hope itll come out well.不客气但愿冲出来的效果好表达愿望时,可以说I hope that...,但如果这个愿望实现的可能性很小时,一般说I wish I could...,get photos developed的意思是“冲洗胶卷”

  A flight from Changchun to Shenzhen was delayed by a day at its stop over in Yantai. The delay was caused by an ugly, aggressive and unexpected passenger: a rat.近日,一架从长春飞往深圳的航班在烟台不被迫延机一天此次航班的延误,是因为一位丑陋、具有攻击性的、出人意料的乘客:一只老鼠A passenger surnamed Yu told to the media: ;It was the most absurd voyage of my life. We stopped at Yantai as scheduled. When we returned to cabin take-off, we were told to get off the plane again, this time with our luggage.;一位于姓乘客告诉媒体称:“这是我这辈子最荒唐的旅行我们的航班在烟台准时停落当我们回到机舱准备起飞时,被告知要再次离开飞机,这次还要带着我们的行李”Yu also reported: ;They didnt tell us the reason at first. When we kept asking, flight attendant finally said that there was a rat on board, and it had chewed the wires of the plane.;于某还说道:“起先,他们没告诉我们缘由在我们一直追问下,空乘员最后表示,有只老鼠登机了,它咬断了飞机上的电线”According to Yu, all the passengers who were delayed received 00 yuan as compensation from the airline. They also received overnight accommodations and were rescheduled on a flight the next day.根据这位乘客表示,所有遭遇延机的乘客,都收到了航空公司00元的慰问金他们还被安排了住宿,被于次日起飞A staff member at the head office of Shenzhen Airlines offered a statement on the matter,saying it was the cabin crew that found traces of the rat. The whole crew immediately began to search the rodent, but by the time the plane was supposed to take off, they still hadnt found it.深圳航空公司总部的一名工作人员就此事发表了一份声明称,该机舱人员发现了老鼠的行踪于是所有机舱人员立刻开始搜寻这个啮齿动物,但是直到飞机起飞的时候,他们还是没找到”;According to regulations, since we had not caught the rat, the plane could not take off. Rats can be aggressive, which not only threatens the safety of passengers, but can also cause problems with the aircraft,; said the staff member.机组成员表示:“根据规定,因为我们没有抓到老鼠,所以飞机不能起飞老鼠具有侵略性,它不仅会威胁到乘客的安全,还会造成坠机的相关问题”The employee also mentioned that Shenzhen Airlines has encountered similar cases bee this one, including one that caused a flight to be delayed three full days.该工作人员还提到,在此之前,深圳航空已经遇到了相同的事件,其中一起事件造成飞机延机整整三天When the Shenzhen Airlines staff member was asked how the rat got onto the flight, he said that in addition to the usual passenger and cargo channels, the rat may have entered the aircraft while it was parked on the tarmac.当这名深圳航空工作人员被问到老鼠是怎么进来的时候,他表示,除了正常乘客通道和行李通道,老鼠可能在飞机还停在机场上的时候就已经进入了 35395


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