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青岛哪家人流比较便宜青岛专业治疗不孕不育的医院A: Hello, Madam. What can I do you today?您好,女士今天我有什么可以帮您的吗?B: Hello. Id like to send 600 RMB in cash to my daughter. How long will it take her to receive the money?你好我想给我的女儿汇600元现金她要多久才能收到?A: It very quick and easy. It just takes hours, we guarantee that. All you need to do is fill in this slip and we can proceed.这项业务非常快速、简便它只需要小时,这点我们保您所要做的就是填这一张单子,然后我们会办理的B: Are there any extra charges, like commission?还有任何额外的费用吗,比如手续费?A: There is a service commission that you must pay.It 1% of the funds to be remitted, so you should pay an extra 6 RMB.您是得付手续费它汇出金额的1%收取,所以您应该另外付6元 7777青岛处女膜修复哪家好 Checking the Car检查车辆Kathy and Evan are inside the customs building.凯西和艾凡在海关大楼里面K:Gee, do you think there any problem?凯西:咦,你想有任何问题吗?E:I hope not! Were not doing anything wrong. She said our papers are in order, and were not carrying any contraband. I guess she meant what she said. Theyre just doing a random search.艾凡:希望没有!我们没有做错任何事她说我们的文件都没问题,况且我们也没有携带任何违禁品我猜她说话算话,他们只是在做一项抽查而已K:I dont see anyone else car being pulled over.凯西:我没有看到其它人的车子被拦下来E:Well, well find out soon enough. Hey, look, Kathy! There are two officers looking through our car.艾凡:嗯,我们很快就会知道了嘿,凯西,瞧!有两名海关官员在检查我们的车子K:Are they looking in our suitcases?凯西:他们是不是在检查我们的行李箱?E:No, just the car. One is looking under the hood, and the other one is looking in the trunk.艾凡:没有,只检查车子一名海关官员检查引擎罩下面,而另外一名官员则检查后车箱K:Maybe theyre searching drugs. A lot of young people use drugs these days. Were from the States. Maybe they think were drug dealers.凯西:也许他们在搜查毒品时下有许多年轻人嗑药我们是美国人也许他们认为我们是毒贩E:Do we look like drug dealers?艾凡:我们看起来像是毒贩吗?K:Who knows? Maybe theyre just being careful. How long do you think theyll take?凯西:谁知道呢?他们也许只是小心罢了你认为他们会花多久的时间呢?E:She said about minutes. Oh, look! Now one of the officers is leaving. The other one is looking under the seats.艾凡:她说大概十分钟左右哦,瞧!有一名官员现在走开了另外那个在检查车椅下面K:Gee, this is kind of scary.凯西:天啊,这真有点吓人E:We didnt do anything wrong, so we have nothing to fear.艾凡:我们没有做错任何事,所以没有什么好怕的K:Yeah, youre right. Denmark is a civilized country. We have nothing to fear.凯西:是啊,你说的对丹麦是一个文明国家我们没有什么好怕的 5平度市人民医院医生在线咨询

青岛市立医院有妇产科吗?U.S. President Barack Obama is calling for a strengthened missile defense system in order to counter the threat of North Korea, which defied U.N. sanctions by conducting its third nuclear test.美国总统奥巴马敦促加强导弹防御系统,以应对来自朝鲜的威胁。朝鲜无视联合国的制裁决议,进行了第三次核试验。Speaking Tuesday at the annual State of the Union address, President Obama vowed to take ;firm action; in response to the test.奥巴马星期二发表年度国情咨文演讲时,誓言将针对朝鲜核试验采取“坚决的行动”。Mr. Obamas speech came just hours after the U.N. Security Council unanimously condemned the underground nuclear test, calling it a ;grave violation; of previous international sanctions against North Koreas weapons program.在奥巴马发表演讲的几小时前,联合国安全理事会一致谴责朝鲜进行地下核试验,并说这一举动“严重违反”了先前国际社会针对朝鲜武器项目的制裁规定。来 /201302/225054青岛市公立三甲医院可以做输软管吻合术吗 第一句:Can you recommend a toy a -year-old girl?你能给我建议一下给岁小女孩买什么玩具好呢?A: Excuse me, can you recommend a toy a -year-old girl?打扰了,你能给我建议一下给岁小女孩买什么玩具好呢?B: With pleasure. How about some dolls?乐意效劳!布娃娃怎么样?A: Well, that a nice choice.嗯,不错的选择!第二句:Can you help me to choose one?你能帮我选一个吗?A: I found it difficult to decide on the right design. Can you help me to choose one?我发现很难决定合适的图案,您能帮我选一个吗?B: How about this one?这个怎么样?其他表达法:Could you give me some advice on buying the brands?再买名牌上你能给我些建议吗? 973青岛妇女儿童医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样

青岛哪个医院妇科检查1. Are you a social person?你是个善于社交的人吗?. What is your strategy in communicating with colleagues?对于同事之间的交往,你的技巧是什么?3. Well, the most important thing in communication is your sincerity.我觉得最重要的就是要真诚. I have friends even though I am a man of few words.虽然我是个寡言的人,但我也有自己的朋友5. I am a hard-working silent person.我是个工作刻苦、沉默寡言的人6. Teamworic is OK to me, and I hope the team will be complementary in personality.团队工作对我来说还好,但是我希望团队中的成员是性格互补的7. I worked in a big export company as a PR staff and I gained some insight into people and their relationship.我曾在一家大的出口公司做过公关工作,对人和人之 间的关系有一些特殊的见解8. The greatest fear is fear itself.最大的恐惧来自于恐惧本身9. People are always so scared of meeting strangers that they just cant be who they are.人们通常太害怕见到陌生人了,以至于不能大大方方地表现自己. I benefit a lot from my strong competence to communicate.我交际能力很强,自己也获益良多dialogue 1对话 1A: Are you a social person?A: 你是个善于社交的人吗?B: Yes, I am an outgoing person who likes to be with a lot of friends.B: 是的,我觉得我是个性格外向的人,我喜欢和很多朋友在一起A: What is your strategy in communicating with colleagues?A: 对于同事之间的交往,你的技巧是什么?B: Well. the most important thing in communication is your sincerity.B: 我觉得最重要的就是要真诚Dialogue 对话 A: Do you have your own circle of friends?A: 你仃同己的朋友圆吗?B: Yes. I have friends even though I am a man of few words. Just like the old saying goes, ; Actions speak louder tham words;. I am a hard-working silent person.B: 有虽然我是个寡言的人,但我也有自己的朋友正如谚语所说,“行动比语言更为响亮”,我是个工作刻苦、沉默寡言的人A: What you said was right, but we need to work as a team, how could you make adjustment to that?A: 你说得不错,但是我们需要团队合作,你能适应这个环境吗?B: Teamwork is ok to me, and I hope the team will be complementary in personality.B: 团队工作对我来说还好,但是我希望团队中的成员是性格互补的A: OK, I got it.A: 我明白了 1.惯用口语句子:Id like to cash a check.我想兑现一张票cash v.兑现聘.现金Id like to I need to I want tocheck cheque.意为“票”Can I please cash a check here?我可以在这儿兑现票吗?Can I please...? Can I...? 36863连云港做人流哪家医院最好的青岛治疗子宫脱垂哪家好点多少钱



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