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A warning for you if your partner is a Megan or a Nathan - apparently they#39;re the most likely to cheat.如果你的伴侣叫“梅根”或者“南森”,我不得不警告你了——似乎他们是最有可能欺骗感情的人。That#39;s according to an online company which matches married people who want secret flings.这是一家网络公司对想拥有地下情的已婚人士进行调查得出的结果。Gleeden.com asked a sample 4,000 members for their name to find out who#39;s most likely to stray.Gleeden.com询问了4000名用户的名字来弄清谁非常有可能出轨。A spokeswoman said, ;We have been able to analyse the names that are the most represented on the site.一位女发言人说:“我们已经能够分析出在网络上最具代表性的名字;。;With women, Megan appears to be the most unfaithful, followed by Jessica, Amy, Olivia and Rebecca. ;“在女性中,梅根这个名字看起来是最不忠诚的,其次是杰西卡、艾米、奥利维亚和丽贝卡。”;The top name for men is Nathan, followed by Christopher, Charles, Anthony and Eric.;“男性中最不忠诚的名字是南森,紧随其后的是克里斯多夫、查尔斯、安东尼和埃里克。”The company, with 2.5 million members across the world, questioned 2,003 female and 2,019 male subscribers in the UK who had been unfaithful during the past 12 months.这家在全世界共有250万用户的公司,询问了英国2003名女性用户和2019名男性用户,这些人在过去12个月里都曾出过轨。 /201505/376755Welcome to China#39;s bleak capsule hotels whereyoung travellers pay #163;7 a night to sleep in pods only just big enough to liedown.欢迎来到中国单调的胶囊旅馆,一晚上只要7英镑,但是只能容纳一个人躺下。China#39;sminute capsule hotels are gleaning popularity with young travellers due totheir very affordable price tags.中国微小的胶囊旅馆由于价格便宜正受到很多年轻游客的欢迎。The Space Capsule hotel, in Taiyuan, in the Shanxiprovince, is one of many to open up in China,after the trend for sleep pods began in Japan, decades ago.位于太原的空间胶囊酒店是在中国兴起的众多胶囊旅馆之一,而这种趋势在日本几十年前就出现了。Each of the pokey rooms measure a mere 4.3feet by 6.6 feet, but costs just under #163;7 (.59) per night to stay in, makingthem a tempting prospect for budget travellers and young people.每一个房间4.3x6.6英尺,但是每晚上只需要不到10.59美元,所以对于预算紧缺和年轻人来说是非常有吸引力的。The 5,200 square-foot building consists of86 fibreglass capsules in nine rooms, each named after star signs to reflectthe space theme.这个5200平方英尺的建筑包含了86个玻璃纤维的胶囊,分布在9个大房间里,每一个房间由星座来命名以反映各个房间的主题。Along with a simple bed, the rooms containa mirror, television, smoke detector, coat hook and fold-down computer desk.除了一张简单的床,里面还有镜子,电视,烟雾报警器,衣钩,以及可折叠的电脑桌。Each is also equipped with is a plugsocket, smoke detector and a fan.There#39;s a wireless network for those who wishto stay connected, and even a selection of soundproofed capsules reserved forpeople who snore.每个小房间里还有一个插座和风扇。还有无线网络,甚至还有隔音的小房间供那些会打鼾的人。According to Chinese newspaper, Xinhua, thehotel manager Xu Meijang was inspired to open the unusual business by thepopularity of sleep pod hotels in Japan and by the number ofgenerally young travellers requiring an affordable night#39;s stay in the area.据新华社报道,酒店经理许美静是受到日本那边豆荚旅馆以及一些年轻人要求能住到比较便宜的旅馆的启发后才开办了这些胶囊旅馆。 /201501/353035Latest robots are on display at the China International Robot Show 2015 in Shanghai on July 8, 2015.2015年7月8号,为期三天的2015中国国际机器人展览会在上海国家会展中心进行。Over 2-thousand robots, including industrial robots, service robots and specialist robots, are on display at the three-day event.展品2000余件,展示了最新概念的务机器人新技术、新产品,涵盖工业机器人、务机器人以及应用于高危行业的特种机器人。Qu Daokui, director-general of the China Robot Industry Alliance, says humans should make good use of robots but also be aware of their negative effects. ;Now we think that technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we should let robots contribute to social development. On the other hand, we should reduce their negative effects to a minimum.;中国机器人产业联盟的常务理事曲道奎说:“机器人是一把双刃剑,人们应合理发展机器人,使其对社会有利,同时将其负面影响降到最低”。Service robots have been popular at the show.展会上,最吸引眼球的是务机器人。The current market size of service robots is nearly two billion US dollars despite the fact that service robots haven#39;t been used in everyday life for very long.如今,务机器人占据了大约20亿美元的市场份额,这还是在它们没有被长期用于日常生活中的情况下。Gao Feng, a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, says it will have dramatic growth in the near future.上海交通大学教授高峰提出,机器人将在不远的未来实现突破性发展。This is the fourth annual CIROS show since its foundation in 2012.此次是CIROS自2012年成立以来举办的第四场展览会。 /201507/385507

At an eye-watering cost of #163;3.6billion and sp across almost 1,000 acres of an old farmland, these pictures show Disneyland Shanghai ahead of its grand opening next year.成本36亿英镑,面积达1000英亩的农田,这些照片显示了正在建设中的迪斯尼上海乐园的景象,该乐园将于明年开张。The highly anticipated theme park will include the world#39;s largest Disney castle called the #39;Enchanted Storybook#39;.这个深受期待的主题乐园将包括世界上最大的迪斯尼城堡——被称为“被施了魔法的故事书”。It will also feature a production of #39;The Lion King#39; in Chinese and a pirate-themed zone based on the #39;Pirates of the Caribbean#39; movies.还将有中文版的《狮子王》以及以《加勒比海盗》电影为基础的海盗主题区。An artificial mountain will loom over thepark, becoming the highest hill in Shanghai#39;s Pudong district, and a 420-room Disneyland Hotel is planned in an #39;elegant Art Nouveau style#39;, with another based on the Toy Story films.园区内将建起一个假山,将成为上海浦东区的最高山,而且会以“优雅的新艺术形式“建起一座420个房间的迪斯尼酒店,而另外一个酒店将以《玩具总动员》电影为模版。On a commercial level, an adjacent #39;Disney town#39; will have 495,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and a 1,200-seat theatre.在商业层面,附近的“迪斯尼城”将拥有商店,餐馆和一个1200座的电影院,面积达495000平方英尺。As well as the Disney attractions, the park will also have a #39;distinctly Chinese#39; character, namely through a park called the #39;Garden of the Twelve Friends#39;.除了迪斯尼本身的景点外,该主题公园里还将有独特的中国特征——即其中有一个公园叫做“12个朋友的乐园”。Shanghai Disney will also have 12 mosaics that will exhibit the Chinese Zodiac#39;s 12 signs, but with the use of Disney characters. 里面还会有12座镶嵌画,展示中国的12生肖,但是用的是迪斯尼的卡通人物风格。It is hoped the park will open to the public in the spring of 2016 and welcome more than seven million visitors ayear, eventually rising to 16 million.这个公园将于2016年春天与大众见面,每年将迎来700万游客,最终达到1600万。It is built on a farmland in the once rural area of Chuansha, near the city#39;s Pudong International Airport.这个乐园位于浦东川沙,在浦东国际机场附近。 /201502/359118

Every couple of weeks, Andrew Livingston, 22, a co-founder of a Brooklyn men#39;s wear company, stops on his way home from work for a drink — either a glass of pale ale or an espresso — in a setting where he typically finds like-minded guys.今年22岁的安德鲁·利文斯顿(Andrew Livingston)是布鲁克林一家男装公司的联合创始人。每隔两个星期,在下班回家的路上,他就会去喝点什么,不是一杯苦啤,便是一杯espresso。在那里,他总能找到一些和自己志趣相投的朋友。His destination: the Williamsburg location of Blind Barber, where haircuts are offered alongside 10 types of beer, including four varieties on tap, and cappuccinos made with Blue Bottle coffee and prepared in an airy cafe adjacent to the hairdressing space. Along with his drink order, Mr. Livingston gets a trim while seated in one of four vintage salon chairs.他去的就是Blind Barber理发店在威廉斯堡(Williamsburg)的店面,那里45美元(约合人民币279元)的理发务配有10款酒水饮品,包括4种不同的桶装啤酒,和几款在理发店旁一家通风的咖啡店里用蓝樽咖啡(Blue Bottle coffee)调制的卡布奇诺。利文斯顿坐在店内四把高级沙龙椅中的一把椅子上,一边选择饮品下单,一边等着理发。“It’s a nice spot to kind of catch your breath,” he said. “For guys, especially in a place like New York, it’s important to have an environment like that, where you can just kind of de-stress, chill and talk.”“这是个不错的地方,很有吸引力,”他说。“尤其是在纽约这样的城市里,对男性而言,能有个那样的环境让你释放压力、好好休息并聊聊天是非常重要的。”Blind Barber’s co-founder Jeff Laub said: “It’s not just about making on a coffee. That coffee is supposed to start a conversation, develop a friendship and then hopefully spark something else.”Blind Barber的创始人之一杰夫·劳布(Jeff Laub)说:“这不只是为了在一杯咖啡上赚3美元(约合人民币19元)。有了那杯咖啡,就可以开始交谈,可以建立友谊,进而产生新的想法。”The cafe-barbershop is a growing trend. Dr. Alon Gratch, a clinical psychologist who wrote “If Men Could Talk: Translating the Secret Language of Men,” said that such a place “seems new, in that it provides a space for conversation.”现在,咖啡厅式的理发店越来越流行了。一位写了《解读男人心:翻译男人密码》(If Men Could Talk: Translating the Secret Language of Men)的临床心理学家阿龙#8226; 葛瑞奇(Alon Gratch)说,这样一处地方“显得有新意,原因在于这里提供了一处可以交谈的场所”。“It is bridging the gap a little bit and moving in the direction of what women do, but in a more unique ‘guy’ way,” he said. “The other traditional places for guys to hang out together are bars, which are very noisy, so there’s no real potential for conversation, or sports events, and the same goes for them.”“这里把男女之间的差距缩小了一点,原本女人做的事,男人也可以去做了,但方式更加男性化,”他说。“过去,男人们往往在酒吧里聚会,但那里的环境非常吵闹,不太适合彼此交谈,再就是一些体育活动,但情况也是一样。”Strictly speaking, these establishments do not bar women, but most schedule appointments at tight intervals to accommodate short haircuts. They typically feature straight-razor shaves and beard trims prominently on their concise s of services.严格来说,这些地方并不拒绝女人,但多数理发店由于预约都排得很满,所以接的都是一些剪短发的活儿。这些理发店往往都把剃须与修髯两项业务一目了然地列在他们那份简明的务清单上。Catering particularly to a style-conscious clientele, these shops list haircut prices several times that of a traditional men’s walk-in barbershop, and the décor has more in common with a farm-to-table restaurant or men#39;s wear boutique than a beauty salon (except for a prominent display of scissors, combs and glass jars of Barbicide).由于这些理发店迎合的是一群有时尚意识的客户,所以他们开列的价格也比那些随到随剪的传统男性理发店要高数倍,而且这些理发店的装修也更像一家“农场直供餐桌”的餐厅,或是一家男装精品店,而非美发沙龙(只不过店内到处都能看到剪刀、梳子与美发产品Barbicide的玻璃罐)。Although coifs and comestibles would not seem to have much in common, for a specific demographic, a cappuccino made with locally roasted, ethically grown beans is a natural accompaniment to high-caliber haircuts.虽然美发与美食似乎相去甚远,然而,对某些特定的人群而言,一杯以栽培得当、当地烘焙的咖啡豆烹煮而成的卡布奇诺,自然与那些高档理发店相得益彰。“It’s definitely the same group of customers,” said Steve Marks, who owns Persons of Interest, a barbershop that teamed up with Parlor Coffee to serve espresso drinks at its Williamsburg location. “It’s all one piece. The same people who are going to get a great haircut are the same people who are keen to have the best coffee.”“这显然是同一群客户,”Persons of Interest理发店的所有者史蒂夫·马克思(Steve Marks)说,他在威廉斯堡的门店与Parlor Coffee咖啡店携手合作,为客人提供espresso咖啡。“没有差别。愿意做漂亮发型的是那些人,喜欢喝上等咖啡的也是那些人。”As Dillon Edwards, the founder of Parlor Coffee, put it, “The guy that will spend on a haircut will also spend on a cup of coffee.”正如Parlor Coffee的创始人狄龙·爱德华兹(Dillon Edwards)所言,“愿意花45美元做头发的人,自然也愿意再花5美元喝杯咖啡。”Even in neighborhoods saturated with coffee bars and hair salons, new combination businesses along these lines continue to pop up, having acquired the necessary cafe or liquor licenses. In March, Cotter Barber opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, complete with a La Marzocco manual espresso machine perched on a reclaimed wood counter in front and four antique barber chairs in back. (It is somewhat more unisex, but the majority of the clientele is male.) At the Williamsburg location of Fellow Barber, coffee service was introduced in February. Both cafe-barbershops get their coffee beans from artisanal roasters (San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee and Tandem Coffee of Portland, Me.).即便在已经遍布咖啡馆与美发店的社区里,这种二合一的新型商业模式也在不断涌现,它们还取得了咖啡酒水类产品的经营执照。今年三月,Cotter Barber理发店在布鲁克林的绿点区开业了,店内配有一台La Marzocco的特浓咖啡手动烹调机,就放在前面一个可循环利用的木质柜台上,另外还有四把古董美发椅放在后面(虽然这家店男女皆宜,但大部分主顾都是男性)。Fellow Barber理发店于今年二月在威廉斯堡的门店中开始提供咖啡。这两家店目前都在向一些手工烘焙咖啡豆的商家(例如旧金山的Four Barrel咖啡店与缅因州波特兰的Tandem咖啡店)购买咖啡豆。The combination of barbershops and beverages extends well beyond Brooklyn. In Toronto, for example, there is a bar inside Rod, Gun amp; Barbers, where cigar smoking is also encouraged. In San Francisco, Peoples Barber amp; Shop serves cold beer, as does the Duke Barber Co. in Philadelphia. The Modern Man, a chain of five salons in Portland, Ore., offers beer and bourbon from local purveyors. Fellow Barber plans to add a bar to its Detroit location.而这种酒水结合理发的务已不再局限于布鲁克林了。例如在多伦多,理发店Rod, Gun amp; Barbers在店内设有一个吧台,在那里抽雪茄是受到鼓励的。在旧金山,Peoples Barber amp; Shop 理发店可提供冰啤,而在费城,Duke Barber Co.理发店也一样。在俄勒冈州的波特兰市,有五家门店的连锁美发沙龙The Modern Man可提供来自当地供应商的啤酒与波旁威士忌。而在底特律,Fellow Barber理发店正打算在其门店内增设一个吧台。In the years before the new breed came along, the popularity of barbershops was on the wane. According to “Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History,” they went into a slump in the mid-’60s, and thousands went out of business. In the ’90s, books like “The American Barbershop: A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place,” by Mic Hunter, and “The Vanishing American Barbershop: An Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art 1860-1960,” by Ronald S. Barlow, suggested they were all but finished.在这些新生代的理发店出现之前,传统理发店的人气多年来已经每况愈下。据《美发百科:一部文化史》(Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History)记载,在20世纪60年代中期,理发店数量骤减,成千上万家店面关门大吉。而在90年代,诸如麦克·亨特(Mic Hunter)的《美国理发店:近距离观察正在消失的地方》(The American Barbershop: A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place)与罗纳德·S·巴洛(Ronald S. Barlow)的《正在消失的美国理发店:图解1860-1960理发艺术史》(The Vanishing American Barbershop: An Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art )等书就曾指出,理发店差一点就不复存在了。“They were associated with a generation of postwar men — either World War I or World War II — who had very short hair, very corporate hair,” said Dr. Allan Peterkin, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and the author of three books on men’s grooming. “Then you get into the ’60s, with the hippies, and the ’70s, with the mustache swingers. In the ’70s and ’80s, you started to see more unisex salons, when men had more elaborate haircuts, and they thought that the barber couldn’t do it.“这种情况涉及战后那一代的男人——不管是‘一战’还是‘二战’——他们当时都留着非常短的头发,有非常好打理的发型,”多伦多大学的一位精神病学教授阿兰·彼得金士(Dr. Allan Peterkin)说,他还写了三本关于男性穿着打扮的著作。“然后进入60年代,流行嬉皮士,再到70年代,流行长须浪子。在70年代至80年代,你开始看见,有更多男女皆宜的美发沙龙,那时候男人梳着更讲究的发型,但他们觉得这样的发型在理发店里做不出来。”“Today, a lot of men are wearing their hair short — the hipsters wear short, short cuts, even if they have bushy beards — so it’s a swing back to shorter hairstyles; barbers were always the ones who were the best at those.”“如今,有许多男人都留起了短发——那些嬉波士们(hipsters)则留着超短发,哪怕他们蓄了浓密的长胡须——所以,发型潮流又回到了较短的风格;这是理发师们从来都很擅长的一种发型。”The cafe-barbershop hybrids are regaining the cultural territory held by barbershops in the days before the decline.这种咖啡理发混合的商业模式重新占领了传统理发店衰落之前所攻占的那片文化领域。“These combinations are almost like community centers,” said Emma McKay, the executive editor of AskMen, a male-centric website. “In modern society, guys are lacking men-only spaces, and the barbershop still works as a male-first space.”“这些结合了两种务的门店几乎成了社区里的中心地带,”一家男性门户网站AskMen的执行编辑艾玛·麦凯(Emma McKay)说。“在现代社会中,男人们都缺少仅供男性交流的空间,但这些理发店作为一个男性优先的地方仍然有这样的作用。”Stylish men find the environment at such places more inviting than that of a no-frills neighborhood barbershop.有些追求时尚的男性发现,这些理发店的环境比没有装修的社区理发店更吸引人。Carlos Garcia, 32, a restaurant management consultant, still goes now and then for the haircut at a walk-in shop near his apartment in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where he waits his turn while sitting in a vinyl-covered chair. But he has found the experience at Cotter Barber to be more pleasant. There he sits with an Americano in hand; on nice days, he can relax in the shop’s backyard.今年32岁的餐厅管理顾问卡洛斯·加西亚(Carlos Garcia)仍然会偶尔光顾在他的布鲁克林区格瓦纳斯(Gowanus)公寓附近的一家10美元(约合人民币62元)一次、随到随剪的理发店,他坐在店里的一把塑料椅子上等着轮到自己理发。但他发现,在Cotter Barber理发店的体验更加愉快。他手里端着一杯美式咖啡坐在店里;天气好的时候,他还可以在这家店的后院里消遣。“I totally appreciate going in and having coffee I enjoy, since there’s usually a long wait,” Mr. Garcia said.“我真的很愿意进去点一杯我喜欢的咖啡,因为通常都要等上好一会儿,”加西亚说。Jon Wilde, an articles editor at GQ who lives in Brooklyn, said the cafe-barbeshops are “making that haircut feel like an experience and not an obligation. These places are inching us toward that hashtag ‘treat yourself’ moment, where you don’t mind going and taking care of yourself a little bit.”《GQ》杂志的编辑、现住布鲁克林的乔恩·王尔德(Jon Wilde)说,这种咖啡厅式理发店“让人觉得理发像是一次体验,而不是什么必须做的事情。这些地方让我们渐入佳境,懂得要‘善待自己’,因而不妨常去,对自己稍微好一点儿。”“Yes, the haircut might be a bit more expensive,” he said, “but you can have a beer if you want, and they are going to take good care of you.”“是的,在这里理发可能有点贵,”他说,“但如果你愿意,可以喝杯啤酒,而且,他们让你非常享受。” /201506/382772

The reign of the silver fox has been long and glorious.银发盛行的时代由来已久且极受欢迎。George Clooney, Robbie Williams and even The Great British Bake Off#39;s Paul Hollywood have capitalised on their distinguished grey barnets, oozing style and sophistication with a hair colour that lesser men have sought to change.乔治#8226;克鲁尼、罗比#8226;威廉斯、甚至英国备受欢迎的B节目《英国家庭烘焙大赛》(The Great British Bake Off)的保罗都利用其特色的灰发、细缓的风格以及这种少有人愿意改变的发色具有的老练气质获益良多。But now the salt and pepper elite are facing competition from young pretenders who are paying to turn grey.但是现在,老一代精英正面临着来自年轻效仿者的竞争,他们自掏腰包把头发染成灰色。Online retail giant Amazon has reported an 80pc spike in the sale of grey hair dye.在线零售巨头亚马逊称,灰色染发剂销量剧增了80%。The two bestselling dyes, Renbow Hair Color Cream in Silver and Stargazer Silverlook Hair Dye are up over 200pc and 80pc respectively.两个最畅销的染发剂,Renbow染发剂的银色系列以及Stargazer银发系列染发剂,销量分别增长了200%和80%。“No longer something to hide, grey hair has emerged as the latest beauty trend,” said Amazon#39;s vice president of retail, Xavier Garambois.亚马逊零售副总裁泽维尔加拉姆伊斯说:“灰发不再需要被隐藏,而是作为最新的时尚潮流出现。”“Perhaps one of the most surprising style successes of the year so far, grey hair has been seen everywhere from catwalks to high streets up and down the country.”“这可能是今年到目前为止最令人惊讶的风尚潮流之一,从走秀台到繁华街道和乡村,灰发随处可见。”Amazon#39;s beauty store manager Charlotte Green said: “From the natural silver of Dame Judi Dench to the graduated green-to-grey look as seen on Lady Gaga, it#39;s a striking style choice for all ages.”亚马逊的美容店经理夏洛特#8226;格林说:“从朱迪#8226;丹奇女爵士的自然灰发到Lady Gaga的绿灰色系,这是所有年龄段都可选择的一种醒目潮流。”“Whether enhancing natural greys or experimenting with a bold transformation, semi-permanent home hair dye is a low-risk and inexpensive way to get this latest look.”“无论是加深自然灰还是尝试大胆风格转变,半永久性的家用染发剂都是一种低风险、低成本获得最新时尚风貌的最佳选择。” /201505/374403

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