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014 bedroom Words Bed bedside table alarm clock wardrobe pillow duvet blanket sheet chest of drawers bedside lamp mirror dressing table pyjamas nightdress mattress Phrases Go to bed Get up Set the alarm clock Go to sleep Read in bed Make your bed Beginner A: I’m thinking about redecorating my bedroom. I bought this magazine in order to get some ideas. What do you think of this? B: that looks good. The room in the picture is bigger than your bedroom, so you wouldn’t be able to put all the furniture in your room. A: I’d like to have the bad and the wardrobe. B: you would fit both of them in your bedroom. Perhaps you could also get the dressing table. I think that one would look good in your bedroom. A: yes, it would. It’s very expensive though. B; everything in this magazine seems expensive. You could probably find something similar in a discount store. A: yes. I’m sure I could find something similar at one. I’d also like to get a new carpet for my bedroom. B: you can get cheap carpets easily. Another idea is to buy a rug. That would cover a lot of the carpet and you wouldn’t have to replace the carpet. It would save you a lot of work. A: that’s a good idea. I’m really looking forward to redoing my bedroom. B Intermediate A: I have redecorated my bedroom. I decide to repaint the walls and change the pictures. I also bought a new pair of curtains. What do you think of it? B: I think is looks great. I really like the light colors you have chosen. The pictures are nice too. Did you bought any new furniture? A: I bought a new mattress and some fresh bedclothes. I also bought a new dressing table and a new bedside table. B: new furniture makes a room seem so fresh. I see that you also bought a new lamp for your bedside table. A: do you think that I should get a new wardrobe? B: that wardrobe looks quite big. Is it full of clothes? A: yes. I have some many clothes stuffed into it. Perhaps I should get rid of some of them. There are clothes in there that I never wear anymore. B: I like to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear rather than keeping them in a wardrobe. They take up too much space. There are several charity shops that you can give old clothes to. They will be happy to receive them as long as they are in reasonable condition. A: that’s a good idea. After I get rid of the old clothes I no longer wear, I can see what new clothes I need to buy. B: I need to buy some new clothes for the summer too. Perhaps we can go together one day. A: ok. I’ll let you know when I’ve sorted out my clothes /200704/1282017. Give my regards to... 向······问好。 用法透视 这是让对方代自己向别人问好时的用语。也可以说"send my regards to"。 持范例 1. Do give my regards to Harry. 请一定代我问候哈利。 2. We're sorry not to have seen Mary. Tell her we send her our regards. 很遗憾我们没能见到玛丽。告诉她我们问她好。 3. Please give my sincere regards to all the members of your family. 请代我向你全家致以诚挚的问候。 会话记忆 A: How are your parents these days? 最近你父母身体好吗? B: Oh, they're fine, still very active and enjoying their retirement. 哦,都很好。他们依然很活跃,退休生活过得很愉快。 A: Oh, good. That's nice to hear. Please give my best regards to them when you're home. 那太好了。这真让人高兴。你回家时请代我向他们问好。 B: Sure, thank you. 一定。谢谢你 /200705/13096

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In fact, most of us do,事实上,我们大多数也会拒绝whether were atheist or theist or anywhere in between or beyond, for that matter,无论我们是无神论者或有神论者,或中间派或超越二者,就此而言what drives us is that, despite our doubts and even because of our doubts, we reject the nihilism of despair.让我们前进的是:尽管我们会怀疑,甚至正是因为我们怀疑,我们排斥絶望的虚无主义We insist on faith in the future and in each other.我们坚持信仰,对未来和对彼此皆是Call this naive if you like. Call it impossibly idealistic if you must.随便你叫它做天真。叫它做不可能的理想主义But one thing is sure: Call it human.但这点是确定的:叫它做人性Could Muhammad have so radically changed his world穆罕穆德能彻底改变他的世界吗?without such faith, without the refusal to cede to the arrogance of closed-minded certainty?没有信仰,不拒绝退让给抱成见的固执傲慢者?I think not.我认为不会After keeping company with him as a writer for the past five years,在过去五年里,作为一位陪伴他的作家I cant see that hed be anything but utterly outraged at the militant fundamentalists我看到他对那些被称为激进的原教旨主义者非常愤怒who claim to speak and act in his name in the Middle East and elsewhere today.对那些今天在中东和其他地方藉他的名行事的人。Hed be appalled at the repression of half the population because of their gender.他会对半数人口因为她们的性别而受到压抑感到大为震惊Hed be torn apart by the bitter divisiveness of sectarianism.他会被宗派主义之间充满仇恨的分歧所折磨Hed call out terrorism for what it is,他会大声叫喊那是恐怖主义not only criminal but an obscene travesty of everything he believed in and struggled for.不仅是罪犯,还是对他所相信的、所奋斗的、令人厌恶的拙劣模仿Hed say what the Koran says: Anyone who takes a life takes the life of all humanity.他会照着《古兰经》说:任何人夺走一条生命,就夺走了全人类的生命Anyone who saves a life, saves the life of all humanity.任何人拯救一条生命,就拯救了全人类的生命And hed commit himself fully to the hard and thorny process of making peace. Thank you.他会全心全力地投入这条艰难的、充满荆棘的和平之路。谢谢201609/468792

  This has not only affected how music institutions,how schools for the deaf treat sound -- and not just as a means of therapy although of course, being a participator of music,that definitely is the case as well.这不仅仅影响了聋人音乐学院处理声音的方式。 同时也不仅仅是治疗的一种方式而已,当然,作为一个音乐的参与者,我完全同意这样的观点。But its meant that acousticians have had to really think about the types of halls they put together.但这意味着,声学工作者需要去仔细考虑一下演奏厅的类型他们所选择的。 There are so few halls in this world that actually have very good acoustics,在这个世界上,很少有演奏厅,有很棒的音响效果,dare I say. But by that I mean where you can absolutely do anything you imagine.我敢说。 但即便如此,你仍然可以展开想象的翅膀,去做任何事。The tiniest, softest, softest sound to something that is so broad,最微小,最轻柔的声音对某些东西来说或许它很广阔,so huge, so incredible! Theres always something it may sound good up there, may not be so good there.很巨大,无法想象。 总有一些东西,在这儿或许听着很不错,在那儿了又或许不那么好。May be great there, but terrible up there.在那儿或许很棒,但在上边却糟糕透顶。Maybe terrible over there, but not too bad there, etc., etc.在那儿简直是个噩梦,但在这儿听着还不错呢 ,等等等等。So to find an actual hall is incredible for which you can play exactly what you imagine,所以找到一个真正意义上合适的演奏大厅是不可能的,像你想象到的那样的效果,without it being cosmetically enhanced.并非表面上的修饰和放大。And so therefore, acousticians are actually in conversation with people who are hearing impaired, and who are participators of sound.因此,事实上,声音工作者是在和一些听力受损的人们探讨这个问题,事实上他们也是声音的参与者。And this is quite interesting.这一点其实很有趣。I cannot, you know, give you any detail as far as what is actually happening with those halls, but its just the fact that they are going to a group of people for whom so many years weve been saying,我还不能透露目前的进展如何,关于演奏厅的效果,但意义重大的是,他们正向这样一群人寻求帮助,多年来我们常常议论的这样一群人,Well, how on Earth can they experience music? You know, theyre deaf.瞧,到底他们怎样感知音乐呢?要知道,他们可是失聪的。We just -- we go like that, and we imagine that thats what deafness is about.我们一直这样,我们想象着聋人应该是怎样的。Or we go like that, and we imagine thats what blindness is about.或者我们也这样,我们想象着失明的人应该是怎样的。201605/442761

  106. Speaking of ... 说起······ 用法透视 当对方讲起某个话题,而你对此感兴趣,就可以用"speaking of / talking of...(说起......,谈到......)"来接过话题。 持范例 1. Speaking of honesty, I know a lot of people who don't pay bus fares. 谈到诚实,我知道许多人乘公车不买票。 2. Speaking of Harry, have you seen him recently? 说到哈利,你最近见过他吗? 3. Talking of bicycles, China is called "he Kingdom of Bicycles". 说起自行车,中国可是被誉为"自行车王国"。 会话记忆 A: I have some photos here taken by myself. Would you like to see them? 我有些自己拍的照片,你想看吗? B: Sure. Speaking of photos, what type of film will be the best? You know, I'm planning a tour to Jiuzhaigou Valley. 当然想看。说起照片,你觉得什么胶卷最好?我正打算去九寨沟旅游。 A: I would get Fuji 200 film for taking photos of natural beauty. 拍自然美景我喜欢用富士400。 B: Thank you so much. You're an expert. 多谢,你真是个专家 /200706/14676。


  Ⅹ Financial Management财政管理 28 Insurance保 险Part One: Expressions1. Let me ask you something.我来问你一点事情。2. You have children now. 你现在有小孩了。3. He’ll give you a good deal.他会给你一个合理的价钱。4. I think I broke my leg.我象是把腿给摔断了。5. This is going to be a very expensive broken leg.这次摔断腿花费可不小。6. The government really takes a bite, doesn’t it?政府确实扣除了不少。7. We’ll both end up rich slobs.我们最终都不会缺钱。8. My grandmother gets by on social security.我祖母是靠社会保险金过日子的。9. Let’s just hope the politicians don’t figure out a way to spend it.我们就巴望政治家们别想着法子用了它才好。10.None of them would have jobs if they did.如果他们这样做了肯定工作也不保的。Part Two: Dialogues1.Life Insurance 人寿保险A: Hey, daughter, let me ask you something.B: Yes, dad?A: Do you have life insurance?B: Well, no. It just seemed like another bill we’d have to pay.A: You have children now. What if something, God forbid, happens to you?B: That’s true. Well, how much do you think I should get?A: A 0,000 policy shouldn’t be too expensive. Here, call my agent. He’ll give you a good deal.A: 嘿,女儿,我来问你一点事情。B: 什么事,爸爸?A: 你买了人寿保险吗?B: 哦,没有。这好像是我们必须付的另外一项开。A: 你现在也有小孩了。如果万一有什么不测,当然但愿不会如此,那该怎么办?B: 那倒是。哦,我可以得多少?A: 10万元保单不算贵。给你这个,打个电话给我的代理人,他会给你一个合理的价钱。2. Health Insurance医疗保险A: Ohhh, I think I broke my leg.B: Here, sir, sit down in this wheelchair.A: Thanks.B: The doctor will be with you in a moment. I just need to ask you a few questions.A: All right.B: Name, age and date of birth, please.A: John Taylor, 32, May 23, 1970.B: Health insurance company and policy number?A: I don’t have it.B: What?A: I don’t have health insurance.B: Well, this is going to be a very expensive broken leg, Mr. Taylor.A: Ohhhh!A: 哦哦哦,我象是把腿给摔断了。B: 坐这儿,先生,坐在轮椅上。A: 谢谢。B: 医生马上就来。我要问你几个问题。A: 好的。B: 您的姓名、年龄和出生日期是…?A: 约翰·泰勒,32岁,生于1970年5月23日。B: 您购买的医疗保险的公司和保险单编码是多少?A: 我没有。B: 什么?A: 我没有买医疗保险。B: 哦,泰勒先生。这次摔断腿花费可不小。A: 哦哦哦。3. Social Security社会保险A: Man, they take a lot of our paycheck.B: Yeah, the government really takes a bite, doesn’t it?A: Seriously. The only tax I don’t mind them taking is social security. It’s only a few dollars every paycheck.B: Yeah, I don’t mind it either. We’ll both end up rich slobs and not need it, but what if we do, you know?A: Yeah. It won’t be much, but at least we’ll have a monthly check when we get old.B: Yeah. My grandmother gets by on social security and the money my grandfather invested when he was alive.A: Let’s just hope the politicians don’t figure out a way to spend it.B: Really?No, they couldn’t. None of them would have jobs if they did.A: 嘿,他们从我的薪水里扣了不少钱哦。B: 是呀,政府确实扣除不少。A: 当然。只有社会保险这种税我不介意上交。每回只要从薪水里面扣除几元钱。B: 是呀,我也不介意。我们最终肯定不会缺钱也不会需要它,但是如果我们有这个钱的话,你知道?A: 是呀,虽然不多,但是最少老了以后每个月有一个固定收入。B: 是呀,我祖母就是靠社会保险金和祖父在世时的投资生活。A: 让我们巴望政治家们不会想着法子把它用掉吧。B: 真的吗?不,不会的。如果他们这样做了,他们的工作就不保了。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: Let me ask you (something/ this/ a question). B: Sure, go ahead.我来问你(一点事情/这件事/一个问题)。当然,问吧。2. A: Do you have (health insurance/ life insurance/ dental insurance)? B: Of course I do.你买了(医疗保险/人寿保险/牙齿保健)吗?当然买了。3. A: What do you know about this guy? B: He’ll give you a good (deal/ bargain/ price) 这个人怎么样?他会给你一个(合理的价钱/便宜的价钱/合理的价格)。4. A: What’s the problem? B: I think I broke my (leg/ arm/ finger).什么问题?我象是弄断了(腿/手臂/手指)。5. A: This is going to be a very (expensive/ painful/ serious) broken leg. B:Oh no!这次摔断腿(花费可不小/可是会很痛/会很严重)。哦,不。6. A: Here. Take these pills (three times/ twice/ ten times) every (day/ an hour/ thirty minutes). B: Does my insurance cover them?这个,这种药每(天/小时/半小时)用(3次/两次/10次)。是由保险金付吗?7. A: I don’t mind (paying that tax/ donating some money/ paying the monthly insurance). B: Yeah, it’s for a good reason.我不介意(缴那种税/捐钱/每个月缴保险费)。是的,这毕竟有好处。8. A: It’s only a few (dollars/ times/calls every month. B: That’s not so bad.每个月只要(几元钱/几次/打几个电话)。那还不是很糟糕。9. A: At least we’ll have (a monthly check/ our families/ those savings) when we get old. B: Aren’t we fortunate?至少等我们老了以后我们(每个月会有收入/还有家人/有那些储蓄)。我们不是很幸运吗?10. A: My grandmother gets by on (social security/ her pension funds/ charity). B: Mine too.我的祖母靠(社会保险/她的抚恤基金/慈善捐款)过日子。我的祖母也是。Part Four: MonologueSocial security is a government program that provides a fixed monthly payment of money to people over 68 years old. The great U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created it in the 1930’s. Workers pay for it by having a small amount taking out of their paycheck every month, which the government invests very safely. Then, when they retire, they receive a check in the mail every month from the government. Social security is a very important issue in the U.S. presidential campaigns because older people tend to vote more than younger people.社会保险是一项政府规划,它每月为68岁以上的老人提供一定数额的资金。这项规划是20世纪30年代由美国伟大的总统弗兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福开始实施的。每个月从业人员的从薪水中拿出一小部分来付,然后政府对这部分钱妥善投资。之后,等到他们退休,政府每个月便给他们邮寄一张票。社会保险是美国总统竞选重要的一个环节,因为比起年轻人来说,老年人更热衷于投票。Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases--insurance 保险;保险契约--life insurance人寿保险--health insurance健康保险--social security社会福利(包括退休、失业、伤残等保险) --policy 政策,方针,策略,手段--agent 代理人;代理商;中介人 --wheel chair轮椅--taxes税捐,税款--paycheck 付薪水的票;薪津 /200704/11882英语会话800句 6 /200608/9056I will not be thinking about a policy I promoted.我不会去回忆我推行过哪些政策.I will not be thinking about the speech I gave.我不会去回忆我进行过什么演讲.I will not be thinking the Nobel prize I received.我不会去回忆我获得过诺贝尔奖.I will be thinking about that walk I took with my daughters.相反 我会回忆同女儿一起散步的时光.Ill be thinking about a lazy afternoon with my wife.我会回忆同妻子共度的慵懒午后.Ill be thinking about sitting around the dinner table and.我会回忆一家人坐在餐桌周围.Seeing them happy and healthy and knowing that they were loved.大家快乐 健康 家中充满了浓浓爱意.And I!ll be thinking about whether I did right by all of them.我会去想 我有没有正确对待家人.So be a good role model, set a good example for that young brother coming up.当一个好的榜样 为我们的后辈树立一个好榜样.If you know somebody whos not on point, go back and bring that brother along.如果你看到某人失足了 回过头拉那位兄弟一把.Those whove been left behind, who havent had the same opportunities we have.那些落后的人 那些没有我们这样机会的人.They need to hear from you.他们需要以你为参照.Youve got to be engaged.你需要做好榜样.On the barbershops, on the basketball court, at church.不管是在理发店 篮球场 还是在教堂.Spend time and energy and presence to give people opportunities and a chance.花时间和精力 为其他人提供机会.Pull them up, expose them, support their dreams.拉他们一把 发现他们 持他们的梦想.Dont put them down.不要打压他们.Weve got to teach them just like what we have to learn.我们应该教他们 我们所学到的这些.What it means to be a man.做一个男人意味着什么.To serve your city like Maynard Jackson.像梅纳德.杰克逊一样务于城市.To shape the culture like spike lee.像斯派克.李一样影响文化.To be like Chester davenport.像切斯特.达文波特.One of the first people to integrate the university of Georgia law school.是佐治亚大学法学院种族隔离后的第一批黑人.When he got there, nobody would sit next to him in class.他到那里时 没人愿意上课坐他旁边.But Chester didnt mind.但切斯特并不介意.201605/443087

  第30课I couldn''t eat another bite.我实在吃不下了。 30.美餐之后 109、Now that was a great meal. 这顿饭真够丰盛! Now THAT was a great meal.强调that Now that was a great movie/person/day. 110、Are you up for some dessert? 你要不要来点甜食? (你想要什么,你喜欢什么,你愿意要什么?) Are you up for a movie/dancing/a swim?(习惯用语) 111、I couldn''t eat another bite. 我实在吃不下了。 I''m so full,I couldn''t eat another bite.(我不能再吃一口了。) delicious,意思是批某东西很棒,最好的 tastes good 是说味道还可以,还行,不错 31.家居的烦恼32.别来有恙33.熙攘与冷清34.云想衣裳花想容35.恋爱的烦恼36.出发之前37.“计算机死了!”38.“打尖住店”39.“烟”雾缭绕40.拮据生活 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2937

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  突破口语之独白(6):Oversleeping赖床We all relish an extra hour of rest on an occasional Saturday morning, but researchers say oversleeping on weekends can be a clue to the extent of the sleep debt you're building up during the workweek. If you sleep more than an hour late on weekends, try to increase the amount of sleep you get during the week.我们都喜欢在星期六早上赖床,但是研究人员表示,周末赖床可能会增加一周工作日中的睡眠债。如果你在周末多睡一个小时,在这个星期里你就得增加睡眠量。注解 :1) relish v. 喜爱,爱好2) clue n. 线索 /200708/16463。

  即学即用英语会话词典B部分:留言 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14995

  One thing the world needs,有一样东西,这个世界非常需要,one thing this country desperately needs这个国家更是迫切需要is a better way of conducting our political debates.那就是一种更好地进行政治辩论的方法We need to rediscover the lost art of democratic argument.我们需要复兴失落了的民主辩论艺术If you think about the arguments we have,想想时下的所谓辩论吧most of the time its shouting matches on cable television,大多数是电视节目中的唇舌战ideological food fights on the floor of Congress.或是国会里基于不同价值观的相互抨击I have a suggestion.我对此有一个建议Look at all the arguments we have these days over health care,大家看看时下的焦点话题:关于医疗保障,over bonuses and bailouts on Wall Street, over the gap between rich and poor,关于金融制度,关于贫富差距,over affirmative action and same-sex marriage.反对歧视和同性婚姻等等Lying just beneath the surface of those arguments,在这些问题背后with passions raging on all sides,是一些引发强烈争议的,are big questions of moral philosophy, big questions of justice.关于伦理道德,公平正义的大是大非问题But we too rarely articulate and defend可惜在政治辩论中,and argue about those big moral questions in our politics.我们极少涉及或讨论这些关于伦理的大问题So what I would like to do today is have something of a discussion.所以我今天想做的就是和大家进行一个讨论First, let me take a famous philosopher首先,我想引用一位古希腊著名哲学家who wrote about those questions of justice and morality,关于公正和伦理的著述give you a very short lecture on Aristotle of ancient Athens,给大家一段简短的演讲,这是亚里士多德关于公正的理论Aristotles theory of justice, and then have a discussion here然后我们进行讨论to see whether Aristotles ideas看看亚里士多德的理论actually inform the way we think and argue about questions today.是否验了今天我们看待和辩论问题的方式So, are you y for the lecture?我要开始演讲了,准备好了?According to Aristotle, justice means giving people what they deserve.亚里士多德曰:公正意味着给予人们他们所应得的Thats it; thats the lecture.好了,演讲结束Now, you may say, well, thats obvious enough.你可能会说,这根本就是明摆着的The real questions begin when it comes to arguing about who deserves what and why.但问题的争议往往在于谁应该得到什么,理由是什么?Take the example of flutes. Suppose were distributing flutes.举个例子来说,假设我们要分配笛子Who should get the best ones?谁应该得到最好的笛子呢?Lets see what people -- What would you say?你们怎么说?Who should get the best flute?谁应该得到最好的笛子?You can just call it out.直接说出来就行At random. You would do it by lottery.有人说随机分配,就跟抽票一样Or by the first person to rush into the hall to get them. Who else?或者先到者先得,还有其他想法吗?The best flute players. The worst flute players.有人说给最好的笛子手.有人说要给最差的笛子手How many say the best flute players? Why?有多少人觉得应该给最好的笛子手?Actually, that was Aristotles answer too.实际上,这也是亚里士多德的回答201606/451942


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