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吹风机:hair dryerdryer: 烘干机reception: 前台housekeeping:中心(打扫卫生)The hair dryer is broken. Could you please send a new one to the room?吹风机坏了,可以帮我送个新的到房间来吗?Ill have it sent to the room. 我会叫人送到房间。 /201505/377119山东省青岛人民医院检查特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Let’s invite Bobbie and John to our party, OK?咱们邀请波比和约翰来参加我们玩会,可以吗?B: You can never do that.你永远可别那样做。A: Why?为何?B: There’s been bad blood between them since Bobbie took away John’s girlfriend. 自从波比抢走了约翰的女朋友,他们之间就恨得咬牙切齿。第二、 对话精讲1. 地道表达【核心短语】bad blood【解词释义】此语字面意思是“坏血”,引申为“恶感,仇恨”。All the bad blood between them was forgotten when they had to unite against the enemy.他们忘却了所有的恩怨,联合抗敌。There s a lot of bad blood between those two families.这两家人积怨很深。 There was bad blood between the two nations.那两个国家之间有敌对的情绪。 There was bad blood between them over a pretty girl.为了一个漂亮的女孩,他们互相仇视。【联想记忆】make bad blood:挑拨离间e.g. He made bad blood between John and Mary.他在约翰和玛丽之间挑拨离间。e.g. They probably thought he was a petty creature trying to make bad blood between them!说不定他们已经把他看成了离间亲戚的小人!2. 词海拾贝invite sb to sth:邀请某人去做某事I did not think that you would invite me to dinner.我想你不会请我去吃饭的。I didnt invite her to my party because she didnt invite me to hers. It was just tit for tat.她没请我吃饭,我也不请她吃饭,针锋相对嘛。Its very nice of you to invite me to a Chinese lunch.谢谢你邀请我去吃午餐。take sb /sth away:把某人抢走,夺走No government shall take away the rights of the native people.任何政府也不能剥夺土著人的权利。Dont let him take away your freedom to think for yourself.别让他夺去你独立思考的自由。Theyre going to take my citizenship away.他们打算取消我的国籍。“Give me the knife,” he said softly, “or Ill take it away from you.”“把刀子给我,”他轻声说,“不然我就自己从你手上拿掉了。” /201309/255099去青岛哪家医院人流手术Finance and Economics Anthony Atkinson: For Poorer, For Richer财经:安东尼·阿特金森:为了穷人,为了富人Anthony Atkinson, a great British economist died on January 1st, age 72.安东尼·阿特金森,英国伟大的经济学家,1月1日与世长辞,享年72岁。“Time is of the essence,” wrote Sir Anthony Atkinson, a British economist, in a report on measuring global poverty, published in July 2016.“时间是最重要的,”英国经济学家安东尼·阿特金森先生在2016七月发表的全球贫困评估报告中写道。His sense of urgency may have been influenced by another constraint.他的紧迫感可能受到另一种约束的影响。In 2014 Sir Anthony had been diagnosed with incurable cancer.2014年,安东尼先生被诊断为不治之症。Some might have paused; he sped up.有些人可能已经停了下来,他却加快了脚步。He chaired the World Bank commission that produced the poverty report, and wrote a book, “Inequality: What Can Be Done?”, in just three months.他主持了提出贫困报告的世界委员会议,并在短短的三个月内写了一本书《不平等:可以做什么?》。On January 1st, his time ran out.2017年1月1日,他与世长辞。In his lifetime, he was tipped for a Nobel prize.在他一生中,他获得过诺贝尔奖。On his death, fellow economists rushed to describe him as “one of the all-time greats” and emphasized his extraordinary “decency, humanity and integrity”.在他去世后,经济学家们纷纷称他为“最伟大的人之一”,并强调了他与众不同的“得体、人性和诚信”。The two were linked.这两者被联系在一起。For him, economics was about improving people’s lives.对他来说,经济学就是要改善人们的生活。A six-month stint volunteering as a nurse in a hospital in deprived inner-city Hamburg was an early influence.在贫困的汉堡市中心内一家医院,为期六个月的护理志愿者经历对他产生了早期影响。He saw poverty, and went on to spend his life combating it.他了解了贫穷,并坚持用一生去战胜它。He fought his battles gently—shying away from the adversarial style he experienced as a student at Cambridge—but with rigorous precision and an unfailing sense of social justice.他的斗争很温和,避开了在剑桥当学生时针锋相对的方式,但是这种温和有着严格的精度和经久不衰的社会正义感。As economists fell in love with markets in the 1980s and 1990s, he wrote the best textbook on their failures, with Joseph Stiglitz, another economist.当经济学家们痴迷20世纪80年代和90年代的市场时,他和另一位经济学家约瑟夫·斯蒂格利茨写了关于失败最好的教科书。(Mr Stiglitz’s scrawl was some comfort to Sir Anthony, as evidence of handwriting even worse than his own. )(作为比他自己的笔迹更糟糕的据,斯蒂格利茨先生潦草的笔迹对他来说算是些安慰。)Faced with an imperfect world, he showed how to achieve a second-best compromise.面对一个不完美的世界,他展示了如何实现最好的妥协。The theoretical pontificating of 18th- and 19th-century political economists on welfare and inequality had rather fallen out of fashion.18世纪和19世纪的政治经济学家提出的关于财富和不平等的理论已经落伍。Sir Anthony quickly identified a big obstacle to getting the message across: a lack of good data.安东尼先生很快发现了信息传递的一个大阻碍,即缺乏可靠数据。He pored through historical sources to unearth past trends in income inequality.他通过仔细研究历史资料,揭示出过去收入不平等的趋势。He created data sets on the highest incomes, findings from which would support the slogans on protesters’ placards.他还创立了最高收入的数据集,由这些数据可以持抗议者的布告标语。Sir Anthony was a mentor and collaborator of Thomas Piketty, famous for his book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”.托马斯·皮凯蒂因“21世纪的资本 ”这本书闻名于世,安东尼先生正是他的导师和合作者。Mr Piketty says that all work on trends in income and wealth inequality stems from Sir Anthony’s.皮凯蒂先生说,作品中所有关于收入趋势和财富不平等方面的内容都来自安东尼先生。In the course of his career, Sir Anthony contributed to an average of nearly a book a year and sat on numerous government commissions.在他的职业生涯中,安东尼平均每年出一本书,并且出现在许多政府的委员会上。The legacy of his most cited paper, published in 1970, is an inequality index that bears his name.他被引用次数最多的论文发表于1970,是一个以他的名字命名的不平等指数。Existing measures, he showed, might seem like neutral indicators of the sp of incomes in a country.他表示,现有措施似乎是一个国家收入分配的中性指标。In fact they contained implicit value judgments.事实上,它们包含隐性价值判断。Some were more sensitive to sagging incomes for the poorest; others would respond more to soaring incomes at the top.有些人对最贫穷的人的收入下降更敏感;另一些则会对收入的飙升反应更强烈。Always constructive, he then created a new class of inequality measures, making explicit what had been implicit.他总是建设性地开创一类新的解决不平等的措施,明确什么是隐性的。Today they are used by the US Census Bureau.今天美国人口普查局采用了他的观点。He went beyond analysing the world to trying to fix it—in ways that many rejected.他超出对世界的分析试图解决世界问题,这种方法被大部分人反对。His faith in the power of government to right the world’s ills led to radical proposals.他关于通过政府力量来纠正世界性问题这方面的想法带来了激进的提案。His final book on inequality argued for a participation income (a payment for all who contribute to society) and a tax on wealth to finance an inheritance for everyone on reaching the age of 18.安东尼先生最后一本关于不平等问题的书中赞成参与性收入(付给对社会有贡献的人),和对18岁及以上的富人征收融资遗产的赋税。He pushed back against pressure to cut taxes and prioritize containing inflation over reducing unemployment.他顶住压力,削减税收和优先遏制通货膨胀来降低失业率。To the end, he was battling lifelong challenges: inadequate data; how to harness government for good; and closed minds.到最后,他毕生都在与挑战作斗争:数据不足,如何更好地治理政府,还有封闭的思想。考研英语时事阅读 /201703/494811我的一位朋友在股市上被套了, 我打心底里同情她。大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天的英语课来学习如何表达你的同情心。Sympathy n. 同情(心);同情;(感情上的)持I have great sympathy for people in affliction. 我对那些受苦受难的人们充满同情。His wretchedness aroused our sympathy. 他的不幸激起了我们的同情。Let me convey my deep sympathy to you. 允许我向您表示最深切的同情。I show my deep sympathy to you for what youre suffering. 我对你遭遇的这一切深表同情。I have some sympathy with that point of view. 我比较赞成这种看法。sympathize vi. 同情,持I know you feel angry, and I sympathize. 我知道你感到愤怒,我也有同感。I sympathize with you; Ive had a similar unhappy experience myself. 我很同情你,我自己也有过类似的不幸遭遇。He could neither understand nor sympathize with my eagerness. 对于我的急切心情,他既无法理解也不能体谅。I really sympathize with your sufferings. 我对你的痛苦表示真诚的同情。I sympathize with you from the bottom of my heart. 我打心底里同情你。总结:Show / convey sympathy to somebody for somethingSympathize with something/somebodyOh, poor man, come on, let me give you a hug, I sympathize with you from the bottom of my heart. Please take my sympathy for your sufferings. Loss of 2 dollars is not that bad, heres my 5 dollars. 可怜的人呢,过来,让我给你一个拥抱,我从心底里同情你。请接受我对你的痛苦的同情。丢了2块钱也没那么糟,这是我的5块钱,收下吧。 /201206/186979胶南市妇女儿童医院口碑怎么样

崂山看医院看妇科那儿较好青岛中度宫颈糜烂医院Have a seat.Thats lovely,thank you very much请坐 真好 谢谢大家Thank you for it,I say right back at you,thank you so much for being here谢谢你们 掌声和欢呼如数奉还给你们 谢谢你们来到现场Hows that you feeling,good.Im glad大家都好么 我很高兴I am glad here,but would you feel even better if I told you for the very first time in the history of this program我很高兴 你们会不会更嗨一点 如过我说我们首次在节目中This is never happen before ever,not none other time previous till today in history before the moment that we are in now,that Brad Pitt is here有史以来第一次 就在此时此刻之前 都没有来过的 Brad Pitt来了Ive known so.Its a luxury here today which is perfect because I would like to talk about electricity我就知道会这样 今天你们是来对了 完美的一天 我想谈关于电的话题Who wants learn about science,anybody有人想了解可续吗 各位You dont have a choice,soap is gone.Its me now你们也没得选 肥皂剧时段结束了 我说了算Im sure you know there is a lot of power outage over the past few months because the storms or hurricanes相信你们都听说了 最近由于暴雨和飓风 频发引起断电and I know about them first hand,because my house was struck by lightening我是身有体会啊 因为我的房子就被闪电击到了Now some people dontt believe me,but it is true and you can ask aliens who learned it all at our backyard一些人并不相信 但这是事实 你们也可以问问我后院的外星人 它们目睹了全过程It is really struck by lightening,but people dont believe me大家并不相信 可它真的是被闪电击中了But anyway,because the power outages there was a poll.I have so many polls,I didnt realise there are so many polls不管怎样 由于停电也有一个投票 我有很多头头投票 从没有想到会有这么多投票But there was a poll just conducted,part upon was conducted这个投票正在进行 /201611/475461青岛市立医院能做人流吗听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Ten days from now we will have a new President, and in time he will name a new justice to the Supreme Court, and eventually a nominee is likely to be confirmed.I teach college students, mostly seniors and graduates, journalism history and law. And sometime after the new justice takes office, one will ask me when theyll have to run for reelection. They dont, of course; they are selected for life.But Ive become used to the fact that the vast majority of Americans are grossly ignorant of how their government is supposed to work. For many years, high school students in this state have been required to take and pass a one-semester civics course.I attended a working-class high school in the 1960s, and recall having to learn the difference between the state and federal court systems and the strong mayor and city manager forms of government. But as far as I can tell, whatever kids learn in civics these days passes through many of them rather like a stone through a goose.You might think, if you live in a well-educated household, that these are just anecdotes from someone who, after all, teaches, in Detroit. But theres plenty of evidence that we face an alarming tide of national ignorance. A survey of American adults by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 found that more than one third were unable to name any one of the three branches of the government.Many thought a close Supreme Court decision was sent back to Congress for reconsideration, and most didnt know which party controlled either the House or Senate.When I this, I had the same thought I had on Election Night, that of Benjamin Franklin emerging from the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and being asked by a woman what form of government our leaders had given us. “A republic, if you can keep it,” he said. To his great credit, State Representative Pete Lucido, a Republican from Macomb County, has done something about this. The one group of adults Ive found to be the best informed are immigrants who have taken the test to become U.S. citizens.Lucido managed to get a bill passed last session that will require high school teachers to cover the same material that immigrants must know to pass the citizenship test they have to take.Students are going to need to know the same material covered in the one hundred questions on the citizenship exam. Actually, would-be citizens are only asked a random ten questions, but they must answer orally and get at least six right.Lucidos bill was signed into law with little fanfare last week by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, and the media barely noticed. Actually, I think we should have made a big deal out of this.Theres a e from President John Adams inscribed over a fireplace in the state dining room of the White House, which says in part, “May none but the wise men ever rule under this roof.” There was a lot of concern during the last presidential campaign as to whether one of the candidates knew enough about how our government functions.Maybe if our citizens knew more, wed have a little less to fear.201701/487845青岛401医院开住院证明

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