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10% of apple today would be worth10%的苹果股份在现在将价值,631,420,312.42,约376亿多美元But despite his share in the company,但是尽管他拥有公司的股份Ron was worried that working with jobs and woz罗纳德担心与乔布斯和沃兹一起工作Might prove to be too stressful.将会太有压力At 40, I thought I was getting a little old for that.当我40岁的时候,我想我对于他们从事的事情来说有点老了They were absolute whirlwinds.他们绝对是一阵旋风.It was like having a tiger by the tail.那种感觉有点骑虎难下so ron decided to hand back his share因此罗纳德决定无偿兑现他的股份For nothing and walk away with no regrets.然后不带任何遗憾离开Wayne: a lot of people have the impression许多人猜测有人在某些事情上That somehow or other I got diddled out of something.欺骗了我.Well, I did not. Nobody diddled me out of anything.没有,没人在任何事情上欺骗我. wayne may not be bitter,韦恩也许是最苦逼的,But he wasn#39;t the only early apple employee但是他却绝不是唯一一个苹果早期雇员里Who made a life decision most of us would regret.做了让我们大多数人 铁定后悔的决定的人.The funny thing is that steve jobs hired me,史蒂夫乔布斯雇佣我是一件很搞笑的事情And he said he had hair just down to his waist at the time,他说道,那会儿他头发几乎长到他的腰了And as I recall he only ate fruit,当我给他回电话的时候他只吃水果And he said, ;we don#39;t have very much loot,他说,我们现在没有多少钱,So we#39;d like to pay you in stock.;但是我很乐意通过股份的方式来付你薪水I held out for the cash.我提出要现金.Narrator: when steve jobs first launched apple,当史蒂夫启动他的苹果战舰的时候,The computer industry meant mainframes and minicomputers.电脑工业意味着大型机或者超大型机Huge devices sat in air conditioned rooms,巨大的设备填充满整个房间And users worked on terminals.使用者在终端上工作It wasn#39;t a personal experience.那会儿根本没有什么个人用户体验the apple II was the first computer苹果二代机是第一台That looked like a consumer electronic device.看起来像是电子消费设备的计算机It was actually designed, and they thought About the user experience她在设计的时候考虑到了用户的体验And that it was intended really to be used对于普通个人用户来说,By a single person用一种 令人享受的,in some interactive way That was enjoyable to the user, different.与众不同的人机交互方式操纵计算机 具有非凡的意义. /201309/255269。

广告意义:光阴碾走,曾经的个性分明到如今的温文尔雅,每个人在生活和家庭的责任面前,在岁月无声的流逝中,时间悄悄抚平了我们的棱角,然而,这不代表你已经不是你了,只要蓬勃的心仍在,一切都未晚!广告双语文本内容:In life, we have choices. We can choose to grow up but not old; choose to raise our families and still follow our dreams.在生活中,我们有选择。我们可以选择成长而不是变老;选择养家而仍然追寻我们的梦想。At INFINITI, we choose to inspire在INFINITI,我们选择启发灵感,by engineering the world#39;s first back-up collusion intervention system that can sense what#39;s coming even when you can#39;t, and apply the breaks even before you do,借助由建造出世界第一个倒车防撞系统,能够在你甚至还看不到时便侦测到接近的东西,并且甚至先你一步踩下刹车,by designing a family vehicle that doesn#39;t sacrifice your individuality,借由设计出一辆不牺牲你个人特色的家庭车款,and by creating a bold new expression of seven-passenger luxury, featuring class leading third roll access.以及借由创造出对七人座豪华车款全新大胆的诠释,配有领先同级的第三排出入口。Introduce the all new INFINITI JX Luxury Crossover.在此介绍全新INFINITI JX豪华跨界休旅车。INFINITI Inspired Performance.INFINITI 激发灵感的性能演出。 Article/201408/323304。

沙希·塔鲁尔认为,印度正在迅速成为一个超级大国 -- 不仅是通过其贸易和政治,而更多的是通过其“软”实力,它正通过饮食,音乐,科技,宝莱坞与世界分享自己的文化。他认为,从长远来看国家实力不是体现于一个国家的军队的大小,更重要的是其对世界心灵和思想的影响力。 Article/201311/265197。

Hector Ruiz,AMD执行主席,希望给每一个人提供因特网的连接。在这个演讲中,他分享了他不寻常的人生故事,并且描述了AMD50×15的创举项目。这个项目要在2015年,通过网络连接起世界上50%的人。 Article/201304/232899。

In China the Shang Dynasty, which had been in power for over 500 years, was toppled by a new dynasty, the Zhou.商朝的统治维持了五百年,便被新的周朝取代。The Zhou came from the west-from the steppes of central Asia.周朝的统治者来自西部:中亚的干草原。Like the Kushites of Sudan who conquered Egypt at roughly the same time, the Zhou were a people from the edge, who challenged and overthrew the old-established, prosperous centre.苏丹的库施人征了埃及,而几乎在同一时间,来自帝国边缘的周人推翻了富庶稳定的中央帝国。The Zhou ultimately took over the entire Shang kingdom and, again like the Kushites, followed it up by appropriating not just the state they#39;d conquered but its history, imagery and rituals.他们最终接掌了整个商朝,并如库施人一样,在接手国家的同时也接手了前朝的历史、图像及仪式。Central to the ritual of Chinese political authority was the practice of elaborate feasting with the dead, and this involved magnificent bronze vessels, which are both instruments of power and major historical documents.他们继续鼓励不同形式的艺术创作,也延续了对中国政治权力来说极为重要的用青铜器祭祀祖先的仪式,以明上天会庇佑新的政权。I#39;m in the Asia gallery of the British Museum, and I#39;m with a handsome bronze vessel called a gui.我现在正身处大英物馆的亚洲艺术走廊,我手里是这件被称为簋的华丽青铜器。It is about the shape and size of a large punch bowl, about a foot across, with two large curved handles.本节中的簋大小如同大潘趣酒杯,直径约二十七厘米,有两个大把手。What you first notice I think, looking at the outside, is the elaborate, flower-like decoration that run on bands on the top and the bottom;杯沿与底座各有一圈精致的装饰花纹,but undoubtedly it#39;s the handles that really are the most striking element, because each handle is a large beast, with tusks and horns and huge square ears, and it#39;s caught in the act of swallowing a bird whose beak is just emerging from its jaws.但最引人注目的无疑是它的把手,每一个都是一头长牙尖角、大方耳的猛兽,正在吞食一只小鸟,嘴里还能看见鸟矇。 Article/201408/322613。

设计师苏珊李和大家分享她的实验成果:用红茶菌培养的生物材料,能被像布料或者植物皮一样用来做衣。实验的过程是迷人的,实验结果是诱人的(尽管还有个小缺陷),而它的潜力,是令人震惊的。 Article/201404/291680。

The first towns grew up less than 600 years ago.最初的城镇出现在6000多年前。It was a considerable leap in human history.这是人类历史的一大步。Why towns? Because they allowed humans to defend themselves more easily.为什么呢?因为这能使人类更容易的保护自己。They became social beings,meeting and sharing knowledge and crafts,blending their similarities and differences.他们变成了社会人。在一起分享他们的知识和手艺,融合他们的共性和不同。In a word, they became civilized.简而言之他们文明化了。But the only energy at their disposal was provided by nature...and the strength of their bodies.但他们可用的能量只是双臂和大自然赋予的东西。It was the story of humankind for thousands of years.这是人类数千年来的故事。It still is for one person in four-over one and a half billion human beings-more than the combined population of all the wealthy nations.也是现今四分之一人类。即十五亿人的故事比富裕国家人口的总和还多。Taking from the Earth only the strictly necessary.他们只从地球获取必须的用品。For a long time, the relationship between humans and the planet...was evenly balanced.很长一段时间 人类和地球的关系,平衡对等。For a long time, the economy seemed like a natural and equitable alliance.很长一段时间,经济看起来是自然公正的联盟。But life expectancy is short, and hard labor takes its toll.但人类寿命短暂 艰苦劳动大行其道。The uncertainties of nature weigh on daily life.大自然的不可预知加重日常负担。Education is a rare privilege.教育是罕有特权。Children are a family#39;s only asset,as long as every extra pair of hands...子女是家庭唯一资产,每双手。is a necessary contribution to its subsistence.对家庭的生存都要作出贡献。The Earth feeds people, clothes them...and provides for their daily needs.地球为我们提供食物和衣物以及日常所需。Everything comes from the Earth.一切来自地球。 Article/201409/332681。