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Homelessness in France法国的流浪者问题Down and out in Paris露宿巴黎街头的流浪汉们Tolerance has its limits包容的底限Sundy nights in Paris are busy on the northern tip of the Canal Saint-Martin. On either side of the water, two groups form long ordered queues, albeit for different reasons. One queue is for those hoping to buy something to eat from a new gourmet hamburger truck (hour-long waits are normal). The other queue, almost all young North African men, is for those hoping to find a seat on a bus to a homeless shelter on the outskirts of the city.周日夜晚,巴黎的圣马丁运河北面热闹非凡。运河的两岸,动机不一的两组人井然有序地排着长队。其中一组人是为了从一家新开的美食汉堡车上购买食品(为此排上几个小时的队毫无稀奇)。而另一组几乎全是北非男性,他们的目的是为了坐上一辆开往城郊流浪者之家的巴士。Paris is no stranger to such contrasts. Luxury and penury have always coexisted there in uneasy tension. But now a growing number of homeless are stretching the limits of the city’s generosity.此般鲜明对比在巴黎早已习以为常。奢华和贫困两种现象一直以来都并存于这个城市,其紧张关系也令人不安。而今,随着流浪者数量的激增,巴黎包容的底限正不断被拉长。“It is easier to be homeless in Paris than any other city in the European Union,” says Julien Damon, a sociologist at Sciences Po, a university. Paris is a magnet for the transient. Parisian police are more tolerant of the homeless than those in other European cities and rarely trouble rough sleepers—an approach that has deep cultural roots. In European surveys French respondents are the most likely to see homelessness as a product of unemployment and the least likely to see it as the result of drug or alcohol addiction.“比起欧盟其他城市,巴黎更容易滋生流浪汉。”巴黎政治大学(Sciences Po)的社会学家朱利安·达蒙(Julien Damon)说道。巴黎吸引了大量流动人口。而巴黎警方对于流浪汉的态度,也比欧洲其他城市的要包容得多,几乎从不为难那些流浪汉。这一态度深刻在其文化之中。在诸多欧洲诸国的记者调查中,在法国流浪的主因通常是失业,而非吸毒或酗酒。Nobody knows how many homeless there are in Paris. Data collection is meagre and infrequent. The last meaningful estimate by INSEE, France’s national statistics office, dates from the mid 2000s and pegged the number, including those sleeping rough or in emergency shelters on any given night at around 12,000. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the number is considerably higher today. Despite a big expansion in shelter capacity since 2004, demand still outstrips supply. Calls to an emergency number run by Samusocial de Paris, a government-funded charity that allocates beds in emergency shelters, doubled between and 2010.巴黎流浪汉的具体数字无人知晓。因为这些数据收集得很少,开展频率也很低。法国统计局(INSEE)最近一项较有意义的数据统计始于2005年左右。据该统计数据显示,街头与庇护所的流浪汉都包括在内,每晚流浪人数约在12000左右。而根据一些非正规数据,现今的流浪人数要比其高得多。2004年以来,专供流浪者的庇护所容量扩大了不少,但仍然供不应求。Samusocial de Paris是一家专为流浪者安排临时住所的公立慈善机构。该机构在年至2010年间接到的紧急电话数相比过去翻了一番。The faces of the homeless are changing too. Twenty years ago, the typical homeless person in Paris was likely to be a single, middle-aged French man. Now, the homeless are more likely to be younger, with a family and foreign-born. Interpreters have become indispensable figures at most Paris soup kitchens. Joint patrols of French and Romanian police, each officer wearing his own national uniform, help deal with an influx of Roma from eastern Europe.与此同时,这些流浪者也在改头换面。20年前,巴黎流浪汉的代表一般都是未婚的中年法籍男性。而今,流浪汉趋于年轻化,并常带有家属或外国籍。在巴黎的众多施粥场(向穷人免费开放的食堂)翻译成了不可或缺的职业。而法国和罗马尼亚的警察则分别穿着自己国家的制,在巴黎街头巡逻,应付大批来自东欧的吉普赛人。“Our problem is too much bureaucracy and centralisation,” explains Mr Damon. Dealing with homelessness, he argues, should be the exclusive responsibility of the Paris city council. Instead, at least 12 different government bodies are charged with caring for the homeless in Paris.“我们面临的问题是政府过度的官僚化和集权化。”达蒙表示。他又称,解决流浪汉问题应是巴黎市议会独自承担的义务。但相反的是,巴黎政府中至少有12个不同部门在负责这一问题。Overlapping responsibility means duplication. Paris has three separate publicly funded groups that transport homeless people to shelters. Some complain about being woken up over the course of an evening by different homeless services. Philippe Redom, a 56-year-old rough sleeper and former chef, prefers to remain in his alcove outside an office block. The shelters are “too big and there is no privacy”.义务重叠则说明工作重叠。巴黎市有三家独立的公立组织负责安排流浪汉留宿。而一些流浪者抱怨称,一个晚上会被多个流浪者务机构给吵醒。Philippe Redom是一名56岁的流浪汉,之前曾担当过厨师。他表示宁可呆在壁凹里,也不愿去留宿处,因为那些地方“太大了,没有一点隐私。”As spaces in shelters are in short supply Paris rents hotel rooms. A report in 2011 by the Cour des Comptes, France’s national auditor, warily noted that more than 90% of the Samusocial’s annual budget of 116m (0m) went to hotels. In September the French government announced 50m in emergency spending on housing the homeless in Paris.由于那些留宿处供应紧俏,巴黎政府开始向旅馆租借房间。法国国家审计法院(Cour des Comptes)于2011年做了一份报告,报告中谨慎地指出,慈善机构Samusocial年均预算额为1.16亿欧元(约1.5亿美元),其中90%以上都花在了旅馆开上。同时,法国政府于今年九月对外声称,在紧急安排巴黎流浪者们住宿上,其开销高达5000万欧元。Some of those funds would be better spent on collecting better data, yet the most useful fix would be for rough sleepers to go closer to the top of the queue for permanent public housing, as happens in London with good results. The problem is not just that there are not enough houses, but also that the wrong people tend to get them. However welcoming the streets of Paris, the homeless would do better with a roof over their heads.这些资金若花费在改善数据收集上,将会更有意义。但是目前,流浪者问题最为有效的解决手段还是让更多人长期进入公共住所,这一政策已在伦敦得到施行,并取得颇佳的成果。但问题并非在于住所不足,而是其现居者并非最为需要者。然而,这些流浪汉们很喜爱巴黎大街,露宿街头对他们来说或许更为快活。 翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世 /201607/457131黄岛区中医院能用医保卡吗Healthy snacks in Japan日本健康零食The joy of soy黄豆欢歌Defying Western food imperialism小黄豆不畏西餐帝国主义If you want to learn how to live longer, look at the people of Okinawa, a string of islands in south-western Japan. Raised on a diet of fish and soyabeans, their life expectancy is among the highest on Earth. There is a natural control group; many Okinawans fled to Brazil and Hawaii after the second world war, where they switched to a meatier diet of steaks and burgers. All have been studied regularly by Japanese researchers over the past three decades to prove that a soya-rich diet can prolong life. Now it is time for the taste test: can a healthy bag of soya nibbles sweep the fatty potato snack off the table?想知道延缓衰老的秘籍,不妨学学冲绳岛的原住民。冲绳岛群岛位于日本西南部,岛上居民自古以鱼和大豆为食,平均期望寿命居全球之首。二战结束后,许多冲绳人逃亡至巴西和夏威夷,饮食习惯也入乡随俗,改为以牛排和汉堡为主的肉食;这些冲绳人便成了天然的对照组。日本研究学家为明富含黄豆的饮食能延缓衰老,在过去的30年里一直对两组人群做定期研究。如今到了测试口味的时候:健康小黄豆是否能取代高脂土豆零食,成为桌上新宠?Kaoru Yamada, a young food specialist at Otsuka Pharmaecutical, a Japanese drug company, has risen to the challenge. She dislikes the taste of soya, so she invented a lightly baked soya pastry that tastes of cheese, is crispy, has soyabeans rattling inside it and can sit on a desk—or even on a bar—for months without going soggy. Called SoyCarat, her creation went on sale in Japan this month. Otsuka, which also produces a big-selling health drink called Pocari Sweat, sees it as part of a counter-offensive against Western snacks that are making Asians fatter.日本大塚制药株式会社的青年食物专家山田薰已着手应战。山田因为不喜欢黄豆的味道,故特意研发出了一款奶酪味黄豆酥。这款名为SoyCarat的黄豆酥经低温烘焙而成,内含嘎吱黄豆,口感松脆。在台面或柜台上存放数月也不会受潮变软。山田的新发明将于本月在日本上市。亚洲人在西式零食的影响下日趋肥胖,生产热销运动饮料宝矿力的大塚制药则将SoyCarat视作西式零食大反攻行动的一部分。The science is compelling: research, albeit part-sponsored by Otsuka, suggests that eating soya protein quickly lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The company notes that the average American eats less soya in a year than the average Japanese eats in a day. Otsuka is not alone in Japan in trying to use science to sell consumer products: for instance, Uniqlo, a clothes retailer, sells hi-tech underwear that it says makes sweat dry quicker.科学研究显示,摄入大豆蛋白能迅速降低血压、减少心血管疾病发病率。虽然大塚制药是该研究发起人之一,但科学研究总能令人信。公司指出,日本人日均大豆食用量高于美国人年均摄入量。在日本,利用科学研究推销产品的公司大有人在,大塚制药绝非独家——装零售商优衣库就在推销一款号称能超速吸汗的高科技内衣。But the marketing may be a problem. Sophisticated diners insist that soya is scrumptious, but others vehemently disagree. Gary Larson, a cartoonist, once drew three disgusted lionesses spitting out the wobbly flesh of “a tofudebeest—one of the Serengeti’s obnoxious health antelopes”. It struck a chord.然而,将新产品推向市场或将不会一帆风顺。精明的食客们坚称豆制品美味至极,但其他人却强烈反对。漫画家加里.拉尔森(Gary Larson)画过这样一幅漫画:三头母狮们厌恶的相继吐出口中摇晃着的块块鲜肉,因为它们捕到的是“塞伦盖蒂最令人作呕的健康羚羊——豆腐羚”。该漫画引发了公众的强烈共鸣。SoyCarat’s brand name is tricky: whatever the spelling, it evokes the idea of two things children shun and adults munch only reluctantly. Perhaps it should be portrayed as something laid back and Okinawan instead, like a bar snack. After all, what could be better than a life-enhancing glass of Orion beer in one hand, and a life-extending bag of soya snacks in the other?SoyCarat这个品牌名本身就很复杂——无论soy和carat怎样组合,总会让人想起“黄豆”和“克拉”这两种小孩避而远之,大人勉强食之的东西。或许应该将它描述成具有冲绳风情,在酒吧吃的那种休闲小零食。毕竟,还有什么能比一杯增加生命宽度的Orion啤酒,一袋增加生命长度的黄豆小食更惬意的呢? 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/451253青岛黄岛区哪家医院做四维彩超好Presidential candidates keep hopping on the bandwagon. Tis the season, after all.But according to a recent survey conducted by the Detroit News and WDIV-TV, Michigan voters are mostly not liking what theyre seeing.The News Lansing reporter, Chad Livengood, tells us that the survey says the established brands – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – have an advantage through sheer recognizability, but they also have an ;unfavorable; problem.According to Livengood, when all candidates on the survey were scored on ;favorables; versus ;unfavorables,; the results were skewed toward the latter.;Its just one sign that maybe the public is increasingly disengaged or turned off by whom they see vying to be the next leader of the free world,; Livengood says.Listen to our conversation with Livengood above to learn more about the survey results and what it might mean in the upcoming political landscape.201506/381620From the last eleven seasons,youve known that our first guest is Dr.Meredith Grey在过去的十一季中 我们的第一位嘉宾一直在A电视台的热门剧on As hit show ;Greys the Anatomy;.;实习医生格蕾;中扮演梅雷迪思·格蕾医生Take a look.This is a regular ting,一起来看看 大家都来这You all come up here and you watch surgeries. Why?观手术是常事吗 为什么Not just surgeries... the big surgeries, the whale surgeries,the rare ones, the crazy ones.不是一般的手术 大手术 巨型手术 罕见的 牛逼的才来I mean, youre on the edge of your seat.The patient could die. (This is) life or death.你在上面坐立不安 病人随时有生命危险 非生即死The adrenaline, the rush...肾上腺素爆棚 分秒必争So you watch, like, the worst day of a persons life like a movie.你的意思是 把病人最煎熬的一天 当做电影看吗No, not like a movie. Thats insulting.This is not entertainment.;Movie.;怎么会是看电影 那太不敬了 这又不是大众 ;电影;Oh, okay. This is where the good part starts.快快快 注意啦 精的部分开始了Please welcome Ellen Pompeo.Hey Ellen.Hi everybody hi.So congratulations you have a brand-new little child.欢迎艾伦·旁派 艾伦 你好 大家好 祝贺你又生了个萌娃We do, yes.Wow. How old is she?Shes six months.Six months?谢谢 么么哒 她多大了 六个月了 六个月了吗-Sienna May Ivery. - Sienna?她叫希恩娜·梅·韦弗里 -希恩娜Yes.Thats fantastic!Thank you.对的 好名字 谢谢And how is that going with..Oh, look at that.现在情况怎么样 哦 太有爱了Yeah shes a lot bigger now.她现在长大许多了And how is Ste...how old is Stella?-Stella is five. -Five?斯特拉多大了 斯特拉五岁了 -五岁了啊So how did she accept a new little thing at the house?家里有了新的一员 她是什么反应 /201510/401629山东青岛新阳光女子医院医生有哪些

山东青岛新阳光做引产需要证明吗青岛哪些医院能做四维彩超Fresh air is not the norm anymore in China.在中国,新鲜空气已不是常态。Earlier this month, Beijing issued its first-ever red alert for smog — the most serious warning on a four-tier system adopted a little over two years ago.本月早些时候,北京发布首个雾霾红色警报,是两年多前采用的四级系统中最严重的。Now, fresh bottled air from the Canadian Rockies is selling out in China because people are seeking for ways to breathe in non-smoggy air.现在,新鲜的瓶装空气正从加拿大落基山脉销往中国,因为人们正在寻找无雾霾的空气。Vitality Air, which bottles and resells air from the resort town of Banff in Alberta and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, has sold out its first shipments to China, which it began selling there less than two months ago. The cans of compressed fresh air come with a face mask attached for the user to breath through.“活力空气”从阿伯达班夫旅游圣地和莱克路易斯班芙国家公园装瓶和售卖,已经向中国售出第一批货物,在那里销售不到两个月。压缩的新鲜空气罐可以通过连接的面罩呼吸。Depending on the size of the bottle, its products range from to .根据瓶子的大小,其产品价格从10美元到60美元不等。译文属。201512/416726即墨市第四人民医院官方网站Now,I will tell you for many reasons I feel good,我告诉大家 有很多原因让我感觉非常棒 there is smile on my face,there is spring in my step and there is a ring on my finger.我脸上挂着微笑 我脚下如按弹簧 每步雀跃 我的手上也带上了一枚戒指Right,so yeah,I dont know if you all heard or not,but I got married.我不知道你们听说了没有 但我已经结婚了It was kind of quite,so nobody.这件事比较低调 所以没有人会知道you know,Ill tell you as you know every little girl dreams about two things大家知道 每个小女孩都梦想这两件事thats having a beautiful wedding day and meeting the Jonas brothers,Ive done both now一个是拥有美好的婚礼和跟乔纳斯兄弟见面 这两件事我都完成了So Im done all,all right,so I know I promised to show you some photos and Im gonna keep my vows to you我的梦想都实现了我之前许诺大家要给你们看一些结婚照片 今天我就实现我的诺言And Im gonna show you some photos that I brought here today我给大家看看今天带来的相片and these are from our personal photos from kind of the wedding and a little bit after这些是婚礼和婚礼过后的一些私人照片and some I havent even seen myself,we rushed them to get them y for the show有一些我自己也都还没看过 我们催着让工作人员快点准备好节目的照片So the whole wedding was on our house,and It was just our family and a few of friends我们整个婚礼是在我房子里举行 参加婚礼的只有我的家人和一些朋友and of course our dogs,and our cats had pilot commitments so they could not,they didnt show up.当然还有我们的 我们的小猫们有飞行任务 所以他们没有出席And I wanna say a shout out to Zac Posen, Zac Posen designed our outfits.they were absolutely gorgeous我想感谢Zac Posen,Zac Posen设计我们的礼 这些礼非常漂亮they made me beautiful like shirts and pants for the vest in,a dress for Portia that was so gorgeous跟结婚马甲配套的衣和裤子让我很漂亮 Portia的礼裙也非常好看this is the dress,yeah,that is not portia,thats just the dress.这就是裙子 对 那不是Portia 只是礼裙 /201607/456174青岛市妇科科医院做无痛人流多少钱

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