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莱西市妇幼保健医院哪年成立青岛什么医院看妇科比较好A Filipino beauty queen has been shot dead moments after opening the front door to #39;hitmen#39; who gave her flowers and chocolates.日前,菲律宾一位选美皇后在打开房子前门接受一名“职业杀手”的献花和巧克力时,却被对方杀。Mary Christine Balagtas, 23, opened her front door to the two men at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines, last Wednesday morning.上周三清晨,住在菲律宾布拉干省的23岁的玛丽·克里斯汀·巴尔塔扎尔为两名男子打开了房子前门。They let off a single bullet into the student#39;s head then fled on a waiting motorbike, according to police investigating the murder.据调查这起谋杀案的警察称,这两名男子在这位还是学生的选美皇后头上开了一,随后跳上了一辆在旁边等候的托车逃走。She was rushed to hospital as paramedics battled to stabilise her but she died inside the ambulance.玛丽随即被迅速送往医院,医护人员试图挽救她的生命,但最终她还是在救护车中离世。Superintendent Julio Lizardo from Plaridel Police said they were now investigating a man who had a previous relationship with Ms Balagtas.普拉里德尔警方负责人胡里奥·利萨尔多表示,他们正在调查一位曾与玛丽保持恋爱关系的男子。He added: #39;We believe the attack could have carried out by a hired gun. We found an empty shell from a.45 calibre pistol at the scene and believe that two men had fled on a motorcycle.#39;他补充说道:“我们相信本次杀是雇佣杀手完成的。我们在案发现场发现了45口径手的空弹壳,并认为这两人是骑托车逃跑的。”Ms Balagtas previously won the La Bulakenya pageant in 2009 and second pageant in 2010. She was studying at the University of Regina Carmeli College when she died.巴尔塔扎尔曾在2009年和2010年连续获得La Bulakenya选美冠军。她生前在菲律宾的瑞吉娜·卡麦丽大学学习。Friend Flores Vecina said: #39;Life is just really too short. We may not even know what true happened to you but we let it given in the hands of our almighty God. We are confident that justice will prevail. We just pray that your family and us, your friends will get that fair.#39;她的朋友弗洛雷斯·贝西纳说道:“人的一生真的太短。我们可能甚至都不知道发生了什么,就将一切交给万能的神灵。我们相信正义终会胜利。我们祈祷你的家人们和我们--你的这些朋友们,能得到一个公道。” /201704/503990青岛中心医院在哪 Loved for its leanness, adaptability and inoffensiveness, chicken is a popular meat all over the world. 鸡肉因低脂肪、高适应和无害性而风靡全球。In fact, many people actively choose to eat chicken over red meat because they believe it#39;s healthier. 事实上,许多人热衷选择吃红色肉类中的鸡肉,是因为相信它更健康。But as a result of changing practices in poultry farming, it turns out chicken is no longer as good for us as it once was. 但由于家禽饲养的技术发生了变化,鸡肉早没以前那么好了。A new by Compassion in World Farming has been released, aiming to educate the public about #39;white striping#39; in chicken.世界农场动物福利协会发布了一个新视频,旨在告知大众什么是;白纹;鸡肉。More and more chicken breasts now have #39;white striping#39; - strips of fat that appear as a result of a condition many of the birds develop in factory farms. 现在越来越多的鸡胸肉都有;白纹;--许多在工厂化农场培育出的家禽身上都会出现的条状脂肪。Truly lean chicken breast won#39;t have any of the white striations, but all you have to do is pop down to your local supermarket to see how common it is for what we#39;re sold to be covered in white stripes of fat. 真正精瘦的鸡胸肉不会有任何白色条纹,但你只要跑一趟附近的超市,就会发现覆着脂肪白纹的肉十分常见。The stripes come about as a result of the way the chickens are raised - they#39;re produced on a mass scale and farmers are doing everything then can to make the chickens bigger, quicker. 条纹的产生源自这些鸡的饲养方式--它们是被规模化饲养的,而且养殖员采取了各种手段来让它们长得更大、更快。This means the chicken we eat may be a lot fattier and less nutritious than it used to be. 这意味着我们吃的鸡肉可能更加油腻,并且更没有营养。A study last year by the University of Arkansas and Texas Aamp;M concluded that ;the severity of white striping has increased in recent years,; and found it present in 96 percent of the 285 birds they tested.美国堪萨斯大学和德克萨斯农工大学在去年做的一项研究显示:;近几年白纹肉的情况更加严重了;,他们检测了285种家禽,其中96%都出现了白纹。What#39;s more, the researchers discovered that white striping ;negatively impacts meat quality; and results in chicken that is less tender and absorbs marinades less easily. 此外,研究人员发现白纹会;损害肉质;,使鸡肉没那么嫩,且不易吸收调味料。A 2013 study also found that chicken breasts with the condition can contain 224 per cent more fat than normal ones.2013年的一项研究也表明,白纹鸡胸肉比正常鸡肉多包含了224%的脂肪。But according to Jaclyn London, R.D., Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we shouldn#39;t be swearing off the stuff: ;Chicken - so long as it#39;s not bed and deep-fried - is a great source of lean protein (that also happens to be rich in B-vitamins, iron and vitamin B12),; she said. 但来自伦敦好管家研究院的营养师贾克琳指出,我们不该;一棍子打死;。她说:;只要不是撒了面包屑和油炸过的鸡肉,它仍然是种很不错的低脂蛋白来源(富含维B、铁元素和维B12)。;And a spokesman for the National Chicken Council told Buzzfeed white striping actually only affects a ;small percentage of chicken meat; and ;does not create any health or food safety concerns for people and the welfare of the chicken itself is not negatively impacted.; 国家鸡肉协会的一位发言人告诉Buzzfeed网, 白纹其实只影响;很小一部分鸡肉;,同时;并不会给人们带来任何健康或食品安全方面的隐患,鸡肉的营养价值也不会被损害。;So you don#39;t need to stop cooking your favourite chicken stir-fries, curries and roasts just yet, but let#39;s hope more supermarkets and restaurants avoid factory-farmed birds.所以你还不需要放弃烹饪你最爱的炒鸡肉,咖喱鸡和烤肉,但让我们期待更多的超市和餐馆能禁供工厂化养殖的家禽肉吧。译文属 /201702/492539莱西市妇幼保健医院几楼

青岛哪家医院看妇科最好Versions of Game游戏的种类China has two versions of game played with the kicking shuttlecock. The original one, called KAI MO IN in Canton, is still played by children andyoung people who can make their own shuttlecocks. But for those who do not wish to go to that trouble there is more than one version of kicking shuttlecock on sale in the shops.中国有两个版本的踢毽子游戏。最初的那个,在广州被称为鸡毛毽,会做鸡毛毽儿童和青少年仍然在玩。但是,对于那些不想麻烦的人可以去商店有买各种各样的踢毽子。Then there is a modern version called simply “SHUTTLECOCK”,a game which utilizes a net to separate opposing teams and is essentially a sport for the super fit athlete.再有就是一个现代版本,简称为“羽毛球”,一个利用网分离对立的团队的游戏,本质上是一种超级适合运动员的运动。The sport has a governing body which lays down stringent rules for playing the game, including the use of yellow and red cards to indicate infringement of the rules.这项运动有一个管理机构,制定了严格的玩游戏规则,包括使用红黄牌表示侵权的规则。 /201612/483087青岛检查妇科疾病 莱西市看妇科哪家医院最好的

山东省第四医院周末有上班吗Since #39;The dress#39; divided the world, there have been countless mind-boggling illusions that have popped up online.“蓝白裙子”之争把所有人分成了两派,之后网上又出现了无数令人难以置信的错觉图。And the latest is perhaps one of the most confusing yet.最近出现的这张可能是迄今为止最具迷惑性的图片之一了。An image shared on Twitter by Japanese #39;experimental psychologist#39; and Professor of Psychology, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, appears to show a bunch of red strawberries on a tart - and seems to be filtered with a blue hue.日本心理学教授兼实验心理学家Akiyoshi Kitaoka在推特上分享了一张图片,图中是一个馅饼上面堆满了草莓,整张图覆盖着一种蓝色色调。But in reality, there is not a single red pixel in the picture.然而事实上,这张图片里就连一个红色的像素也没有。#39;Illusion of strawberry by the two-color method. Although this image are [sic] all made of the pixels of the cyan (blue-green), strawberries appear red,#39; Prof Kitaoka wrote on Twitter.Kitaoka教授解释说:“双色法创造了草莓的幻象。虽然这张图里只有蓝绿像素,草莓却呈现出红色。”Expert on visual perception from the National Eye Institute, Bevil Conway, described the baffling image as an example of the brain #39;colour correcting the world#39; when it is filtered through a different light.国家眼科研究所视知觉专家Bevil Conway表示:这就是大脑在不同光线下的“色校正”。#39;If you imagine walking around outside under a blue sky, that blueness is, in some sense, color-contaminating everything you see,#39;“想象你在室外散步,天很蓝,这种蓝色在某种意义上会影响你看到的所有东西。”#39;If you take a red apple outside under a blue sky, there are more blue wavelengths entering your eye.“如果把一个红苹果放到蓝天下看,你的眼睛会接收到更多蓝色波长。”#39;If you take the apple inside under a fluorescent or incandescent light without that same bias, the pigments in the apple are exactly the same but because the spectral content of the light source is different, the spectrum entering your eye that#39;s reflected off the object is different.#39;“如果把苹果拿回室内,在荧光灯或白炽灯下观察,苹果的颜色没有变,但光源的光谱含量不同就会导致物体反射后进入人眼的光谱有所不同。”Other Twitter users proved that there was no red in the image by isolating some of the colours that appeared red and put them on a white background. As a result, only shades of grey and blue were visible.有推特网友从这张图中分离了几个看着像红色的色块出来放在白色背景中,实这张图中确实没有红色,能看到的只有灰色和蓝色。This isn#39;t the first time Prof Kitaoka has shared illusions on his Twitter page - with the most recent a number of flowers that appear to grow in size as you stare at them.Kitaoka教授还分享过很多幻象图,比如最近这一张——盯着图中的花看,它们在不断变大。 /201703/496029 English (language): What is the most misspelt word in the English language?英语中最常拼错的单词是?1.(1)may be just means might be, a verb phrase.may be只表示可能会,是动词短语。ex: I may be a good boy.例:我可能是个好男孩。(2)maybe means perhaps, an adverb.Maybe表示或许,是副词。ex: maybe you should talk to him.例:或许你应该和他谈谈。2. I have noticed this mistake very frequently in written English, even from very well people. In spoken English, it#39;s difficult to make out whether the person saying it is actually meaning the correct word :)我在书面英语中经常会看到这种错误,即使是出自一些非常学的人们。在口语中,很难区分人们是否说的是正确的单词。Everyday和Every day( Every 和day之间有空格)Everyday and every day are commonly confused in English. There’s no difference in pronunciation, but using the wrong one when writing is a mistake in the everyday English you use every day.在英语里面,Everyday 和every day经常被混淆使用。在发音上面没有区别,但是当表达everyday English,你用every day时就用错了。(1)Everyday is an adjective that means commonplace, ordinary, or normal.Everyday是个形容词,表示日常的、每天的。Example: These shoes are great for everyday wear例:这些鞋子非常适合日常穿着。(2)Every day means ;each day.;Every day 表示每天。Example: I go to the park every day.例:我每天都去公园。3.Ever since I have been on Quora, I am beginning to think #39;lose#39; is the most misspelt word. Unfortunately, it is a mistake even autocorrect cannot correct because both forms - #39;lose#39; amp; #39;loose#39; are real words!自从我上Quora后,我开始认为#39;lose#39;是最容易拼错的单词。不幸的是,这个错误即使是自动更正也没用,因为这两种形式#39;lose#39; amp; #39;loose#39; 都是实际存在的单词。People here #39;loose#39; weight, #39;loose#39; their temper, #39;loose#39; their belongings, #39;loose#39; boyfriends and girlfriends...while I #39;lose#39; my cool because my internet isn#39;t good enough for me to correct all these loosely written answers...人们减肥(#39;loose#39;),失去脾气(#39;loose#39; ),失去财产(#39;loose#39; ),失去男友和女友(#39;loose#39; )...然而我丢掉了我的风度,因为我的网不好,不能让我去更正所有的这些懒散的书面回答...We #39;lose#39; weight which makes our trousers #39;loose#39;. We #39;lose#39; our cool, but that does not make us #39;loose#39; people. When someone dies, then we #39;lose#39; them, but when someone is immoral, he/she is #39;loose#39;. When we breakup with someone, we #39;lose#39; our boyfriend/girlfriend. We are footloose and fancy free, but when we misplace our slippers, we #39;lose#39; them.我们减肥(#39;lose#39;)会让我们的裤子变松(#39;loose#39;)。我们失去风度(#39;lose#39;),但是它不会让变成懒散的人。一些人去世后,我们便失去了他们(#39;lose#39;),但是当某人不道德时,他/她是散漫的(#39;loose#39;)。当我们和某人分手时,我们便失去了男友/女友(#39;lose#39;)。我们自由自在、无拘无束,但是当我们把拖鞋放错位置时,我们弄丢了他们(#39;lose#39;)。So, yes, my vote goes to #39;lose#39; misspelt as #39;loose#39;, loosely speaking....I hate #39;loose#39;y English.所以,是的,我投票给把#39;lose#39;拼成#39;loose#39;的,不严格地说...我讨厌不严谨的英语。 /201704/502844李村中医院妇产科怎样青岛流产医院哪家好



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