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Tara Reid (left) 泰拉·瑞德 Jennie Finch 珍妮·芬奇 Actress 演员 Softball player 垒球选手 835Since Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, the fashion ient both actors has gone up exponentially.   自汤姆·克鲁斯和凯蒂·赫尔姆斯喜结连理之后,这对时尚潮人的时尚指数亦是成倍增长 76

Actress Emma Watson has refused to be silenced by online trolls threatening to leak nude photos of her following her powerful speech on gender equality at the UN last week.Watson’s plea men to join the fight equal rights women has sparked a flood of pledges across the world, including from fellow celebrities and politicians.;I hope we can all finally change laws and mentalities in order to establish what is nothing more than common sense,; Watson posted on her Twitter on Tuesday.Watson, , who rose to fame as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, gave her first major speech as a ed Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador in New York on Saturday, launching the ;HeShe; campaign to e men and women gender equality.The initiative urges men to join the fight against violence and discrimination of women within days more than 70,000 men and boys had signed online pledges, according to the HeShe online active map on the campaign website.The target is to mobilise one billion men and boys over months with an online map showing exactly where men sign up.However, Watson’s speech appears to have angered trolls on chan b board who are now seeking retribution in the m of a smear campaign.Setting up a countdown website that they have called EmmaYouAreNext, um members have threatened to release nude photos of Watson.They are also attempting to get #RIPEmmaWatson trending on Twitter and are posting photoshopped pictures of news sites suggesting that Watson has died.The very basic Photoshopped photos they have produced aly suggest that any nude photos would be similar crude fakes.Earlier this month Ms Watson came to the defence of her friend Ms Lawrence after dozens of images showing the Hunger Games actress in various states of undress were leaked on Chan.女星艾玛·沃森(Emma Watson)上周在联合国发表一场关于性别平等的有力演说,随后她表示拒绝对网络黑手泄露她的裸照这种威胁保持缄默沃森恳求男性加入为女性争取权力平等的行动当中,她的请求在全世界引发了连锁效应,其他名人以及政要们纷纷作出承诺沃森于9月18日在推特上说:“我希望我们的努力最终可以改变法律和人们的心理,将性别平等作为一种常识确立下来”岁的沃森因出演《哈利波特系列电影中的赫敏而成名,9月1日她在纽约作为联合国妇女亲善大使发表她的第一次重要演说,发起了一场名为“HeShe”(他为她)的运动,该运动旨在将认同性别平等的男性和女性团结起来根据HeShe运动网站的在线活动地图显示,自呼吁男性加入女性的反暴力和歧视运动以来,几天之内,超过七万男性在网络上签署誓言此项运动的目标是在个月时间内动员十亿男性加入,网站上的在线地图可以很清楚地显示有哪些地方的男性已经在网上签字然而,沃森的演讲显然激怒了那些在Chan网站论坛上发布明星裸照的网络黑客,他们正预谋通过诽谤进行报复他们创建一个名为“艾玛下一个是你”的倒计时网站,裸照来源论坛上的成员威胁将会发布沃森的裸照这批黑客们还企图以#RIPEmmaWatson为标签在推特上散布假新闻,并附上经PS修改过的照片发布沃森已经死亡的消息他们所制作的这些基础水平的PS照片早已表明那些所谓裸照都是以差不多的拙劣方式伪造出来的9月初,沃森为她的朋友詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Lawrence)打抱不平,这位《饥饿游戏(Hunger Games)的女主此前被人泄露了大量各种姿态的不雅照片,发布在Chan论坛上艾玛发推表示:“比起在社交媒体上侵犯女性的隐私,更令人感觉糟糕的是,看到接下来发布的那些缺乏同情心的”The actress tweeted : “Even worse than seeing women privacy violated on social media is ing the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.More than 0 celebrities were affected by the scandal last month after an unidentified hacker stole explicit images and s from Apple iCloud service.Apple said it was ;outraged; by the attack and encouraged users to update their s with a ;strong; password and enable two-step verification.As Watson’s campaign gained momentum, men from all walks of life pledged to ;take action against all ms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls;.British actor Simon Pegg, known recently playing Scotty in the Star Trek movies, tweeted: ;Husband to a wife, father to a daughter, son to a mother. You bet Im on board,; while singer Ellie Goulding tweeted: “Beautiful speech”.Actress Kate Bosworth tweeted “powerful” while American actress Rashida Jones said: ;The need gender equality amp; the REAL meaning of feminism, beautifully articulated by @EmWatson: http:youtu.bep-iFlqhBsE #HeShe;British singer Kate Nash tweeted: ;Hey @EmWatson I applaud amp; thank you… taking the pledge today. Let do this. #HeShe;上个月,有匿名黑客从苹果云端系统盗取了大量不雅照片和视频,引发了一场牵连0多位名人的艳照丑闻苹果方面表示对黑客攻击“相当愤怒”,并鼓励用户更新帐户,设置更为强大的密码和启用两步确认程序随着沃森发起的运动声势不断壮大,各行各业的男性都宣誓“采取行动反对以各种形式针对妇女的暴力和歧视现象”因近日在星球大战系列电影中扮演斯科蒂(Scotty)而出名的英国男演员西蒙·佩吉(Simon Pegg)发推表示:“作为自己妻子的丈夫,自己女儿的父亲还有母亲的儿子我已经准备好行动了”与此同时歌手艾丽·高登(Ellie Goulding)在推特上称赞:“说得好”在女星凯特·波茨沃斯(Kate Bosworth)在推特上“强力持”的同时,美国女星拉什达·琼斯(Rashida Jones)说道:“@EmWatson: http:youtu.bep-iFlqhBsE #HeShe将性别平等的要求和女权主义的真正内涵完美地结合在一起” 英国歌手凯特·纳什(Kate Nash)发表推文:“嗨@EmWatson,我为你喝并感谢你所做的……我今天许下自己的誓言让我们一起努力吧#HeShe”Organisers credited Watson powerful speech having such an impact and driving up numbers signing to the campaign.;We are all very humbled by the numbers. I have to point out that Emma has been a very instrumental part ... her speech was so powerful,; Elizabeth Nyamayaro, senior advisor to U.N. Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.Watson, who was appointed to the U.N. role in July, received a standing ovation as she called on men and women to reclaim feminism the benefit of all.She disclosed how she became a feminist after being told she was too ;bossy; wanting to direct a play aged eight.;But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word,; said Watson, who studied at Britain Oxd University and Brown University in the ed States.;I was appointed six months ago and the more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting women rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know certain, it is that this has to stop.;So far Watson has dedicated her humanitarian efts as a Goodwill Ambassador to promote the empowerment of young women.She has visited Bangladesh and Zambia to promote girls education, and has recently returned from Uruguay.Mlambo-Ngcuka, a UN under-secretary general said the engagement of young people was critical to advance gender equality in the 1st century.;I am convinced that Emma intellect and passion will enable UN Women messages to reach the hearts and minds of young people globally,; she said in a statement. 该运动的组织者已经肯定了沃森的有力演说影响如此之大,已经发动了相当多的人加入“我们都被这个数字惊到了我必须指出艾玛在这其中发挥很大作用……她的演讲是如此富有感染力,”联合国妇女组织的执行理事兰库卡(Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka)的高级顾问Elizabeth Nyamayaro这样告诉路透社沃森在七月的时候被任命为联合国人物,她为所有人谋福祉,号召男性和女性重新认识女权主义的行为赢得了众人长久起立为之鼓掌她还透露了自己是如何在八岁的时候因为想导演戏剧却被指“专横”而成为一个女权主义者的“但是我近来做的调查告诉我女权主义变成一个破不受欢迎的词,”沃森说,她曾求学于英国牛津大学和美国布朗大学“我在六个月前得到任命,我越是谈论女权主义就越发意识到争取妇女权力的斗争总是被曲解成对男性的排斥我知道我非常确定一件事情,那就是这种认识必须停止”迄今为止,沃森作为妇女亲善大使一直致力于提升年轻女性的地位的人道主义事业她曾到访孟加拉国(Bangladesh)和赞比亚(Zambia),帮助那里的女孩接受教育,最近她刚从乌拉圭(Uruguay)回来联合国副秘书长兰库卡(Mlambo-Ngcuka)说年轻人的参与对于推动1世纪的性别平等至关重要“我非常确信艾玛的才智和热情能够将联合国妇女组织的信息传递至世界上所有年轻人的心灵和情感中”她在一次声明中这样讲道 63

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