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Welcome back, you're watching Channel 4 News. Now controlling inflation has been at the very heart of the government's claims of economic competence. But today for the first time in ten years, the rate of inflation rose above Gordon Brown's target. The Bank of England has the job of meeting that target and the governor has now had to write to the Chancellor explaining what's gone wrong. In his letter, Mervyn King talks of growing price pressures within the economy and most economists believe more interest rate rises are imminent. Our economics correspondent Faisal Islam explains.For ten years, the Bank of England has built an unrivaled reputation for maintaining economic stability through low inflation. But is that now melting away as inflation surges to nearly 1% over the European average? Does a shock breach of the Treasury-imposed target for inflation evaporate Britain's superior economic record?"We have pretty strong economic growth overall. We have a period of very, very low interest rates, and inflations remain. But now, I think some of that is probably now starting to unravel. And if we continue to see decent rates of economic growth in this country and abroad, then that will not be combined any more with low interest rates. We won't be able to have our cake and eat it."The government's target for inflation is an annual rates of 2%, but with a one percent margin of error either side. Over the last year, inflation has been rising towards the target's upper limit, but in the last two months, it seemed to be dropping back. Now today's figure has breached the government's targets for the first time ever. And it's all being driven by real factors within the economy. Food and drinks prices are rising at their highest annual rates for 6 years. Furniture and household equipment prices too are racing ahead at a ten-year high. On the Treasury preferred measure, it's the highest rates of inflation for a decade. The Retail Price Index, which includes mortgage costs, is at 4.8%, a 16 year high."The governor's letter makes it perfectly clear that this is not just a temporary blip. At least half of the inflation, which is recorded, is caused by the big expansion of money in credit and personal debts in the economy. And of course there is a lot of hidden inflation which isn't captured in these figures in the form of a massive boom in the housing market."The letter from the governor of the Bank of England, says he is determined to bring inflation back to target. That's likely to mean rates up from 5.25% within weeks. Some in the city see an augment for the first half a percent rise since 1994. Yet the reply by the Chancellor for this first breach of his system is relaxed and non-punitive. The Treasury has no interests in complaining too loudly."Gordon Brown is handing over the power to set your interest rates, to the boss of the Bank of England, the root of Britain's perceived economic success over the past ten years. It's kept inflation low until today. Well, on the Treasury's own measure, we've had our first failure. A small one? Yes. A temporary one, say both institutions. But it couldn't have come at a worse time for Gordon Brown.""Inflation is on the rise. Unemployment has been rising in this country. We are not as competitive as we should be against countries like China and India. So that reputation for economic competence which Gordon Brown boasted of for so many years is now unraveling before our eyes and people out there in the real economy know it."Since he arrived at the Treasury, Mr. Brown has joked that there are two types of Chancellor: those who fail and those who get out in time. The man who's kept him waiting at number 11 lets to his defense today."Namely a better Chancellor since the Second World War of this country. He's produced the longest period of economic growth, interest rates half of what they were, two and a half million extra jobs, unemployment cut dramatically and massive investment in public services."Today's news augurs choppier economic waters ahead. It's a problem we forgot was there. The Bank of England will have to deal with it, which could make life tough for a Prime Minister Brown.I'm not a candidate…----------------------------------------------------------------------------------blip:n. A temporary or insignificant phenomenon, especially a brief departure from the normal.eg:The decline in the share of GNP going to health . . . appears to be a one-time blip in the historic trend rather than the start of a new trend(Atlantic)200805/39702

Afghan, Foreign Troops Launch Massive Manhunt to Recapture Prisoners阿富汗联军部队搜捕数百越狱逃犯  Afghan and foreign troops have launched a massive manhunt to recapture hundreds of prisoners, including suspected Taliban militants, who escaped a central prison in southern Afghanistan after a raid by Taliban insurgents on Friday night. Authorities say an investigation into the incident is underway and some prison officials are also being questioned to see if they had played any role. In another development, U.S military officials say that a roadside bomb explosion left four soldiers from the US-led coaltion dead in western Afghanistan. 阿富汗和联军部队发动大规模搜捕行动,争取将数百名越狱的囚犯抓捕归案,其中包括塔利班激进分子嫌疑人。塔利班暴乱分子星期五晚上突袭阿富汗南部一所中心监狱,这些人趁势逃走。有关当局说,目前正在对这次事件进行调查。一些监狱官员也在接受问讯,以确定他们是否参与了这起事件。在其它方面,美国军方官员说,在阿富汗西部地区,以美国为首的联军部队遭遇路边炸弹袭击,有4名军人阵亡。A Taliban spokesman told reporters by telephone from an undisclosed location that 30 insurgents and two suicide bombers took part in the Friday night attack on the prison in the southern city of Kandahar.  塔利班一位发言人在一个没有透露的地点通过电话告诉媒体说,大约30名激进分子和两名自杀炸弹杀手参加了星期五晚间对阿富汗南部城市坎大哈那所监狱的袭击行动。The commando-style assault began with a fuel tanker loaded with explosives hitting the main gate while another suicide bomber blew up the back wall of the facility. The powerful explosions are said to have instantly killed at least 15 security guards and wounded many others.  这次袭击很像是特种部队的突袭行动。首先是一辆装满炸药的油罐车撞开监狱大门,同时一名自杀炸弹杀手炸开监狱后墙。据说,巨大的爆炸当场炸死至少15名狱警,并造成多人受伤。Afghan Deputy Justice Minister Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai says that heavily armed Taliban militants then stormed the compound and helped prisoners escape. 阿富汗司法部副部长哈希姆扎伊说,全副武装的塔利班激进分子随后冲进监狱,帮助囚犯逃离。 "Now when this happened, and of course there were some casualties in the beginning and of course when the ISAF forces and the government forces were informed about that, they blocked the roads leading to the prison, and outside of it, and other main roads searching the vehicles to see if they can re-capture those who managed to escape," he said. 他说:“事件发生以后,当然在一开始有一些伤亡。当然,驻阿富汗国际安全救援部队和阿富汗政府军得到消息以后,马上封锁了通往监狱的道路、监狱外边的道路、以及其它一些主要道路,搜查车辆,看看是否能够抓住那些越狱的人。”Afghan officials say that there were nearly 1,200 prisoners, including up to 400 suspected Taliban militants, before the attack, and most of them are said to have been freed by the attackers. 阿富汗官员说,在袭击发生前,这个监狱大约关押着1200个人,包括400名塔利班激进分子嫌疑人。据说,大部分囚犯被袭击者放走。The jailbreak is being described as a major security breach and has increased security concerns for both the government and foreign forces particularly in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban militants have carried out most of their subversive activities in the past two years. 有关方面说,这次监狱被攻陷是一次重大安全失误,加剧了阿富汗政府,特别是驻扎在南部地区的外国军队对安全局势的担忧。过去两年来,塔利班激进分子的大部分颠覆活动都是在南部地区进行的。Under a program agreed to last year to transfer all local prisoners from U.S detention, the U.S. military has handed over an unspecified number of suspected Taliban fighters to Afghan custody. 根据去年达成的一项移交当地囚犯的计划,美国军方向阿富汗政府移交了一批塔利班战斗人员嫌疑人。Meanwhile, a roadside bomb exploded near a U.S military vehicle on Saturday killing four American soldiers. A U.S military spokesman says the attack happened in western Farah province and targeted American personnel helping train Afghanistan's police force.  在其它消息方面,星期六,一辆美军军车遭遇路边炸弹袭击,4名美国军人丧生。美军发言人说,袭击发生在西部的法拉省,目标是那些帮助训练阿富汗警察的美方人员。The violence and jailbreak came a day after international donors at a conference in Paris pledged more than billion for Afghanistan. 在这些暴力事件和监狱遭袭击的前一天,国际捐助者在巴黎举行会议,保向阿富汗提供200多亿美元援助。200806/42134

Let's briefly talk about (the) your wife, the junior senator from New York State. She now has another woman who is challenging her for the New York State, for her reelection, Jeanine Pirro. Listen to what she said: The Westchester County, a district attorney. Listen to this:Jeanine Pirro: When Hillary first came to New York and said she wanted to be a New Yorker, She asked us to put out the welcome mat, and New York did. But now she wants to use it as a doormat to the White House.Is Jeanine Pirro right?Jeanine Pirro is wrong. She...er... Hillary is... is not using any doormat and by the way she doesn't even have a Republican opponent yet. I don't know who the Republic is gonna nominate. I don't think you do. But I know one thing: she has been a great senator for New York. She serves with the Sanctions on the Arms Services Committee. She's been to the battle zones on more than one occasion. She's been a terrific senator for New York after 9.11, getting funds for the city to start again. She's gotten a large amount of money for working families to get health care for their kids. She's done amazing things on economic projects in upstate New York. And you know if had an opinion from my own, she would have voted 99% a time, she's been a senator. I think she still had ninety-seven and a half. So I'm really proud of the job she did as a senator. And according to all the surveys so are on New Yorkers, I think they know she's been a good senator. She has been a good senator for Republicans and independents and democrats and for every section of the state. And I think the people will support her service in the election next year. That's what I think is gonna happen.Yeah, you saw, perhaps, our recent CNN USA Today Gallup, a lot of democrats want her to run for the party's nomination in 2008. 46 percent registered democrats prefer her. Only 16 percent, ah, 41 %, excuse me, 16%for John Kerry, 15 % for John Edwards, 8 %for Joe Biden. She is the front-runner right now, isn't she?No, because she's not a candidate, and I don't know that she will be. We have a rule in our family, that I always follow and that she does. Don't look past the next election, or you might not get past the next election. So I am convinced in my own mind she hasn't decided on that. I believe I would know if she had. And I don't want her even think about that, I want her to focus on getting reelected and on doing a job as a senator. There'll be lots of time to think about that down the road. I just don't think she should do that.200707/15397

India's Economy Maintains 9 Percent Growth油价和通胀将拖累印度强劲经济?   India's economy grew by nine percent last year making it the world's fastest-growing major economy after China. But the news is not all good. There are worries that high crude oil prices and runaway inflation will slow down growth. 印度经济去年增长百分之9,成为仅次于中国的经济增长最快的国家。但也有人担心,高企的原油价格和失控的通货膨胀将拖慢印度的增长步伐。India has pegged economic growth in the last fiscal year at a higher-than expected nine per cent. It is the third successive year that the economy has grown at this pace. 印度上个财政年度经济增长百分之9,高于预期,而且是连续第三年实现这个增长速度。The numbers should have brought cheer to the government. But Indian officials are not celebrating as they battle two emerging concerns, high global crude oil prices and rising inflation.  政府本应对此感到欣慰,但印度官员并没有额手相庆,因为他们正在努力应对两个正在出现的问题,这就是高企的全球原油价格和不断攀升的通货膨胀率。Record high crude oil prices are hurting India significantly because it imports about 70 percent of its needs.  由于印度石油需求的大约百分之70靠进口,因此创记录的原油价格正在使印度受到严重伤害。The government heavily subsidizes prices of petroleum products. But public sector oil companies are now reeling under losses, and have warned they could face a cash crunch if retail prices are not raised. 印度政府对石油产品价格进行大量补贴,但国营石油公司仍旧亏损严重。国营石油公司警告说,如果不提高零售价格,他们将面临现金危机。The government is likely to raise prices of gasoline soon, but there are concerns that the move will fuel inflation, which is aly running high. 印度政府可能很快就会提高汽油价格,但是也有人担心,这样做会导致已经很高的通货膨胀率进一步攀升。India's inflation rate surpassed eight percent last week, its highest level in four years. 印度的通胀率上星期超过百分之8,是四年来最高的。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the government is trying to get a grip on prices. But he says there are no "easy solutions or instant answers."  印度财政部长奇丹巴拉姆说,政府正在努力控制物价,但是没有什么灵丹妙药或立竿见影的解决办法。"Nobody is drawing any great satisfaction with an inflation [rate] of 8.1 [percent]," said Chidambaram. Eight-point-one is worrisome inflation. But we are confident that we will gain mastery over the situation, and inflation will be contained over a period of time. Of course it depends on crude oil prices and commodity prices." 他说:“没有人会对百分之8.1的通胀率感到高兴,百分之8.1的通胀率令人担忧。但我们有信心,我们会控制局面,在一段时间后遏制通货膨胀。当然,这取决于原油价格和商品价格。”However, the finance minister expressed optimism that the economy will maintain a growth rate of 8.5 percent in the current year. 不过,奇丹巴拉姆仍对经济今年保持百分之8.5的增长率表示乐观。Economists say that may not be an easy task. There are aly signs that the economy is slowing somewhat. Growth in the manufacturing sector came down substantially in the early part of the year, partly due to slowing demand from consumers being hurt by high prices. 经济学家指出,这不是件轻松的任务。现在已经有迹象表明,经济增长开始放慢。今年头几个月,制造业增长幅度回落很多,部分原因在于消费者受高价格影响,减少了需求。Indeed, the year ahead could be challenging for India. Economists say the government faces a daunting task in trying to maintain a high economic growth rate and keep inflation in check, which is hurting millions of poor people in the country. 今年对印度来说很具挑战性。经济学家指出,印度政府面临的艰巨任务是保持高增长率,同时遏制使这个国家数百万穷人受到伤害的通货膨胀。200806/40703

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