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2018年12月10日 17:20:07 | 作者:城市知识 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:The German musical ;Mozart; is coming to Shanghai later this year with a modern take on the famous composers lifetime struggles. Huang Yue has more...201704/499933栏目简介:Over the next week more than 1,000 science-related activities will be held in town, most of which are open free to the public. Its all part of the annual Shanghai Science Week that begins this Saturday.201702/491698栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201605/445787

Alexander Fleming.A Scottish army doctor, commended for bravery.亚历山大·弗莱明 一位苏格兰军医 因骁勇而被表彰Neither surgeon nor medic, but a new kind of doctor:A bacteriologist.他既非外科医生也非救护人员 而是新型医者 一名细菌学家On a quest to treat not the symptoms of a disease,but its root cause.他并不是去探求疾病的症状 而是究其根源It was through his absolutely obsessive need to understand他醉心于实验室里的研究what was happening in his laboratory,渴望探索与发现that he wandered into the greatest advance ever,among human scientists.人类科学史上最伟大的发明Fleming sees thousands die needlessly not from bullets and shrapnel,弗莱明亲眼见到无数无辜人死去 并非死于子弹和榴弹but from wounds infected by bacteria.而是因感染细菌而亡100 trillion bacteria inhabit the human body,一百兆个细菌寄生在人体内ten times the number of human cells.是人类细胞的十倍之多Micro organisms that feed on living tissue.微生物寄宿于活体组织之上Most are harmless,but a few species release toxins多数是无害的 不过有些细菌会释放毒素that cripple the immune system and sp disease.削弱人体免疫系统 从而传播疾病Bacteria have killed more people than all the wars in history combined.因细菌感染而死的人要比历史上 所有因战争而亡的人数还要多201605/443483

Progress through this swamp has slowed to a snails pace.穿过这片沼泽地的速度简直慢得不像话It might be a haven for frogs,but if Im honest, they can keep it.这大概是青蛙梦想的天堂 老实说 还是让它们来享受好了Hang on. This is crazy, crazy, crazy.等等 这实在让人抓狂 抓狂啊The rivers just here. Its just there is no bank to it.只有河 周围没有岸Though what there is a lot of are these reeds.但是周围有很多芦苇Lets just see if theyre.我看看它们是不是No, these ones arent hollow.You cant blow through these.不是 不是空心的 气吹不过去These are little compartments that are airtight.这一节一节的都是不透气的And that means these reeds are gonna be really buoyant.这意味着这些芦苇的浮力很大Im just wondering whether it might be actually more efficient我在想 是不是用大捆大捆的芦苇to try and build a raft out of loads and loads of these and try and float down the river.做个竹筏顺流而下 从而加快我的行进速度To be honest, anythings got to be better than this.老实说 随便怎样都比现在好Okay. Come on. Lets commit to this.走吧 做竹筏去Lets gather a load of reeds.先收集一大堆芦苇Reeds flourish in freshwater marshes like this all around the world.全世界 芦苇在淡水沼泽里 都长得非常茂盛For years, theyve been used to make boats,多年来 它们都是做船的好材料some capable of traveling huge distances across oceans.有些甚至可以远渡横洋You know, civilizations have used reeds like this人类利用芦苇的历史for literally thousands of years.可以追溯到几千年之前Okay, what I want to do is split them, turn it around我先把它们分开 掉个头and look what you end up with.The thin, tapered end here.然后你可以看到 这里是最细的地方201705/508145

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466622

Justin has vowed to be here every week as long as he possibly-- is in town,贾斯汀发誓每个星期都会来这 只要他可以在这个小镇上so--so youll be here every week.所以所以每个星期你都会来这And--cause the last time you were here, we pranked some people in the bathroom.并且因为上次来这里的时候 我们在浴室里捉弄了一些人We surprised some women and scared them, and it was really fun. Yeah.我们使一些女人感到惊奇吓唬她们 那的确是很有趣 是的And so now, this is something you do on your own. What do you do?现在 你要做一些你自己可以做的事 你要做什么?I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends.我喜欢对我朋友玩电话恶作剧Its, like, probably top five favorite things to do, so...这个 像 大概是我最喜欢做的前五件事情 所以……Youre just sitting around, and you just call people.你只是坐着 然后给别人打电话Do you ever tell them its you? No. No. No.你以前告诉过她们你是谁吗?没有 没有 没有I just let it play on. Okay, so make sure-- if you get a prank phone call, dont hang up.我只是玩玩 好吧,所以确保--你如果接到了一个恶作剧电话 不要挂断It could be Justin. You dont know. Dont just hang up.他可能是贾斯汀打的 你只是不知道 不要挂断电话All right, so were gonna prank somebody now that we know is a big fan of yours.好的 所以我们现在开始来恶作剧别人 是我们知道的你一个狂热粉丝Lets do it. And she actually-- she goes to college,让我们开始 她实际上她是大学生schedules her classes around watching my show, so she is a fan of mine and yours.她除了上课以为就是在看我的节目了 所以她是我和你的粉丝And what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?你将要做什么?我要说些什么?So I was thinking, cause she goes to UMass-- I got these notes here.让我想想 “因为她在马塞诸塞州大学上课”--我这里有一些笔记She is a really good student, so I think we should scare her她是一个很好的学生 所以我认为我们应该吓吓她saying that we got her grades, and theyre not doing too well. Okay.说我们得到了她的成绩 她的成绩不是很好 可以Who are you gonna be? Who you be? I dont know. - ;Who you be,; I say.你要变成谁?你是谁?我不知道 “你是谁 ”我说I think I should be, like-- Who you be? Who you be? Who you be though? For real.我认为我应该 像--你是谁?你是谁?说真的 你到底想当谁?Right. All right. No, all right, so who do you think I should be?好的 都可以 不是 都可以所以你认为我应该是谁?I got two voices. I think I should either be John, with the deep voice, or...我有两种声音 我认为我可以是约翰 用低沉的声音 或者……I could be Peter. What do you think? You guys think Peter or John? Peter, okay.我可以是彼得 你认为怎么样?你们让我是彼得还是约翰?彼得 好的Peter? All right, cool. Okay, shh. All right. Shh. All right.彼得?好的 很棒 好的 嘘 好的 嘘 好的Hello? Hello. This is Peter from UMass. Is this Miss Melanson? Yes.你好?你好 这里是马塞诸塞州大学的彼得 是曼森吗?是的Im actually the head of the English department,我是英语系的主任and its been brought to my attention that youve been missing some classes lately.这有个事情引起了我的注意 你最近旷了一些课Is that true? Um, no, I havent missed any class. This is Miss Melanson, correct?是这样的吗?嗯 不是 我没有错过任何一节课 是曼森 是吗?Yes. Jocelyn, yes. Okay, and your parents are LeeAnn and Steven? Yes.是的。乔斯林 是的 好的 你的父母是李安和斯蒂文吗?是的Okay. This--this isnt funny to me. I dont know why youre laughing.好的 这个对我来说不是很好笑 我不知道你为什么要笑Well, its not funny to me. I didnt miss any class.好的 对我来说不好笑 我没有旷过任何一节课You--did you go to class yesterday? No, it was a snow day.你你昨天去上课了吗?没有 昨天是下雪天Well, we actually had school yesterday. It wasnt a snow day at all.好的 我们昨天实际上是有课的 昨天不是下雪天What are you gonna do about it? Okay. You got to make it up. You should probably--你要做一些什么?好吧 你需要补过这个错误 你应该--Ill have to talk to the admissions department and figure it out, cause...我想要说我找教务处解决这个问题了,因为……Say, ;Stop yelling at me.; Stop--first of all, you can stop yelling at me.说 “别对我大喊大叫” 停下来首先 你不要对我大喊大叫Im sorry. Just calm down. ;My assistant wants to speak with you.;对不起 你先冷静下来 “我的助理想和你说话”One second, my assistant wants to speak with you. Okay.一秒钟 我的助理想和你说话 好的Yes, Im his assistant, and I dont do accents nearly as well as he does.是的 我是他的助理 我不学也和他口音差不多My name is Ellen DeGeneres, and that was Justin Bieber我的名字是 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 并且那个是贾斯汀·比伯that was on the phone with you just now. Oh, my God.刚刚和你通话的人 哦,我的天Were taping a show right now-- I know, youJustin was being--我们现在在录制一个节目--我知道 你--贾斯汀在--Justin, that was rude. That was rude. Im sorry. It was his idea to call you.贾斯汀 之前很不礼貌 之前很不礼貌 对不起 打给你电话是他的主意But actually, Justin thought you should come to a taping, and so well fly you out here.但是实际上 Justin认为你应该来录制节目 所以我们在这给你订了机票Youll come to a show, youll meet Justin, and--would that be fun?你可以来我们的节目 你可以见到贾斯汀 你觉得开心吗?Oh, Im about to start screaming. Im jumping around. My roommate thinks Im crazy.噢 我开始尖叫 我跳来跳去 我的室友认为我疯了Oh, my God! All right. All right, well-- Thank you so much.哦 我的天!好的 好的 好的--十分感谢你Youre welcome. And buckle down. Quit fooling around in that college there.不客气 我们倾尽全力 在那所大学停止恶作剧Ill try not to. All right, well see you soon. Okay, thank you so much!我不希望那样 好的 我们很快再见 好的 十分感谢你All right, bye. I love you guys. Ah, we love you too. Love you.好的 再见 我爱你们 嗯 我们也爱你 爱你201706/515311

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