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黄岛区儿童医院能刷社保卡吗胶南人民医院妇产Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 3 In the east, another ancient range, the Urals, separates Europe from Asia. Both these ranges are evidence of Europe's earliest formation, the results of processes that began half a billion years ago. Back then, Europe was still in pieces. Scandinavia was in the southern oceans, England and the Low Countries were near the Antarctic Circle, and most of the rest sat near the South Pole. All of these isolated fragments of crust were on the move. Continental plates are dragged along by powerful flows of molten rock deep in the earth's mantle, some 80 kilometers underground. They only move a few centimeters every year, but over millions of years these centimeters add up. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Europe was gradually assembled piece by piece. Each impact created enormous crumple zones. Rock was bent and buckled as if caught between the jaws of a vice, and forced up into great mountain chains along the join. They created Europe's backbone, which in scale once rivalled the Himalayas. The formation of these ancient mountains was the first act of European union. Since then, Europe has traveled halfway across the globe. 300 million years ago, it was straddling the equator. In this warm, wet climate, the foothills of Europe's oldest mountain ranges now became the cradle of the world's first forests. Paris would have been smothered in lush tropical rainforest which stretched east across the entire continent.words and expressionsthe Urals :乌拉尔山脉be on the move:to be travelling在活动中buckle:to bend or become bent, often as a result of force, heat or weakness扣住, 变弯曲vice:a tool with two parts which can be moved together by tightening a screw so that an object can be held firmly between them while it is being worked on老虎钳straddle:to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something偏落于…旁200809/47304青岛无痛打胎好的医院 Republicans To Resume Planned National Convention Activities美共和党大会周二恢复正常议程Republican officials say their party's national convention is back on track with a full schedule Tuesday, after Monday's planned activities were curtailed due to Hurricane Gustav and fears of its impact on the US Gulf Coast. 美国共和党官员说,共和党全国代表大会星期二回归正常,日程安排得很满。由于飓风古斯塔夫,以及对其可能对美国墨西哥湾地区可能造成影响的担心,大会星期一的活动被大大缩减。The storm was not as severe as feared, and with Gulf Coast evacuees aly eager to return to their homes, Republican officials have announced a resumption of normal convention activities. The day's highlights include a remote satellite address by President Bush. Also scheduled to speak are independent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, whom presumptive presidential nominee John McCain had reportedly considered as a potential running mate, and former Republican presidential hopeful and actor Fred Thompson. 由于风暴并不像担心的那样严重,墨西哥湾地区被撤离的民众已迫不急待地要返回家乡,共和党官员宣布恢复会议的正常活动。星期二最引人注目的日程安排包括布什总统通过远程卫星发表直播讲话。独立派民主党参议员利伯曼也将在大会上发表讲话。据报导,共和党总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩曾考虑利伯曼为他可能的竞选夥伴。另外,曾经角逐共和党总统提名的著名演员汤普森也将发表讲话。In a conference call with reporters, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said convention speakers will address the senator's biography and character, focusing on his history of service and sacrifice to the nation, and his reputation as a political maverick. Davis said one segment will feature a testimonial of McCain's years spent as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. 麦凯恩竞选团队经理人瑞克.戴维斯在电话会议上对记者说,在大会上发言的各位演讲者都将对参议员麦凯恩的生平和性格进行阐述,突出强调他为国家付出的务和牺牲以及他在政治上特立独行的声誉。戴维斯说,其中一个部分将是对麦凯恩在越战中被囚禁多年的一段生活的褒奖。"Orson Swindell, one of John McCain's trail mates, if you want to call it that, in a POW camp during the Vietnam War," he said. "He will recognize certain people in the audience who also sustained great valor under difficult circumstances [other prisoners of war]." 戴维斯说:“斯温德尔和麦凯恩一同被囚禁在越战战俘营里,他还将把大会中的某些听众介绍给大家,因为这些人在艰难的环境下同样展示出巨大的勇气。”The evening will also pay tribute to precautions taken ahead of Hurricane Gustav, and urge continued efforts to help the Gulf Coast recover from the storm. Delegates are being encouraged to help put together 80,000 care packages for those affected by the hurricane. 星期二傍晚的会议还将对在古斯塔夫飓夫来临之前的各项防御措施提出赞扬,并敦促继续向墨西哥湾地区提供援助,帮助他们从风暴中恢复。大会鼓励与会代表向飓风灾民提供8万包救援物资。Monday, the convention was stripped of all major partisan speeches. First Lady Laura Bush and Senator McCain's wife, Cindy, gave brief remarks, focused on relief efforts for the U.S. Gulf Coast. 大会星期一的日程中几乎取消了所有具有派性色的重要讲话。第一夫人劳拉.布什和参议员麦凯恩的夫人辛迪.麦凯恩都发表了简短讲话,重点是美国墨西哥湾地区的救援努力。The convention concludes Thursday, when McCain is expected to give his speech accepting the Republican Party's presidential nomination. On Wednesday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, McCain's choice for the vice presidential slot, is tentatively scheduled to speak. She was relatively unknown before McCain announced just last week that he had chosen her as his running mate.  大会定于星期四结束。预计,届时,麦凯恩将发表接受共和党总统提名的讲话。星期三,阿拉斯加州州长莎拉.佩林,麦凯恩的副总统竞选夥伴,预计也将发表讲话。佩林在麦凯恩上星期宣布选择她为竞选搭档之前,几乎不被为人知。On Monday, Palin announced that her 17-year-old daughter, who is unmarried, is pregnant. Palin, a social conservative and opponent of abortion, issued a statement saying she is proud of her daughter, who will marry the father of the baby. 佩林星期一宣布,她未婚的17岁女儿怀。佩林属于社会保守派,她反对堕胎。佩林发表声明说,她为女儿感到自豪。佩林的女儿将和孩子的父亲结婚。Delegates to the convention seemed unfazed by the change in program on Monday, and embraced the Republican Party's call to focus their attention on helping to secure aid for those affected by the hurricane. The McCain campaign reports a spike in fundraising in recent days, suggesting enthusiasm for the convention and the choice of Palin as his running mate. 到场参加会议的代表看起来并没有因为星期一日程的改变而受到影响。他们积极响应共和党的呼吁,集中精力帮助确保飓风灾民得到援助。麦凯恩的竞选团队宣布近日来竞选资金的筹集大幅增加,暗示民众对共和党大会的举行以及佩林被提名为副总统候选人充满热情。200809/47294青岛做人流那家医院比较好

青岛妇科哪家医院最好STERN: First day we are doing a revelation show. Each one of us. Each of the major cast members have agreed to reveal something about themselves that we've never revealed on the air and that has to be -- has to meet a certain standard.KING: Which is?STERN: Which is we put a guy in charge. We each had to go into a confessional booth and confess our sin or secret or something that humiliated us or embarrassed us. And if it didn't measure up, we had to go back and come up with something else.KING: It had to be humiliating.STERN: No, it doesn't have to be humiliating. It might be something that we didn't want to share. It could be a secret, it could be ...KING: A disease. Might have a disease.STERN: Could be a disease. Could be that ded disease that you have. I might get it too. You don't know.But Larry -- so, this is dangerous radio for me. This is a high wire because I went into the confessional, I admitted what it is and the guy said, whoa. And that whoa is what I'm looking for. So we've got some good stuff.I do have to address whether or not Beth and I got married. There is plenty on the table. We just left this huge radio experience. Probably the most successful radio show in the history of radio and walking away from that, I have to tell you that I had no emotional experience about it until the day after, when I woke up.I woke up and I realized I'll never hit that button again and have that kind of access. Millions and millions and millions of fans.KING: Now this is your first public appearance since then, since leaving.STERN: Right.KING: And you go on the new on Monday.STERN: Right.KING: Do you -- are you scared?STERN: Well, I don't feel scared. Well, maybe a little bit because I don't want to disappoint people and I have to tell you, we've done two run-throughs this week and this is the great thing about having your own channel. All of the sudden, I said, when we're doing the run through, just pop on the run through.So in essence we've been on twice aly and whoever was driving in their car, all of the sudden we just popped on the radio and that's fun. And the run through was liberating.I had the most amazing radio experience New Year's Eve and I'll tell you why satellite is great and why every broadcaster should be involved in this. New Year's Eve they said it's the first time your voice can be heard on your own channel. I was out of my contract with Viacom. Would you call in? I said, I don't know, if I'm up.Went out, had a bunch of drinks, fell asleep, but at midnight I heard fireworks coming out of the park and it woke me up and I said, ah, what the hell? I'll just call in. I started talking stream of consciousness into this telephone receiver, kind of drunk, a little bit hung over, and I've never had that kind of freedom before.I didn't use any foul language. It wasn't about that. I didn't have to worry about the constraints, what topics I could talk about. I didn't worry about the average quarter hour maintenance, crossing the quarter hour, how many listeners I had. Whoever was there, it was fine with me, and it was the most intimate radio I have ever done, just talking into that receiver.KING: How did you become Howard stern? In other words, how did you develop this persona?STERN: Well, you know, I have made no secret of the fact that I have always wanted to be on radio.I can remember being 5 years old, and, you know, it goes back. My father was a recording engineer. I have told you this before. And my father used to look at Don Adams and Larry Storch and some of the great voice guys doing cartoons an commercials. And I would go down to my father's studio. Once in awhile, he would bring me. And I would watch his eyes. And he would stare at these guys. And he would have such reference for the greats. You know, these guys were great. And I would watch these guys working. And I said, oh, my God. If my father looked at me like that, he would be so proud of me. And I think, early on, when I saw that microphone, and I saw -- I remember to this day -- I was a kid. And Don Adams was recording "Tennessee Tuxedo," a commercial -- a cartoon. And he's standing there in a blazer and a turtleneck. And he looked so damn suave to me. You know, this was before Maxwell Smart. KING: Yes. STERN: And I just -- I saw my father looking at him. And I went, wow. I want to do something like this. And I didn't listen to a lot of radio growing up. I can only remember one guy, Brad Crandall, I used to listen to at night. KING: Sure. Great voice. STERN: Yes. He was this guy.KING: But how did you carry it on to become what you have become, to take it to the fullest extent? In other words, you didn't draw any middle ground. STERN: Well, it was a process. I -- when I was in college radio, I did a show called the "King Schmaltz Bagel Hour." It was me and three guys. And it was very irreverent. And it has always been my fantasy to go on radio and not do a straight broadcast but to bring the audience into sort of my thought process. I remember listening to the radio, and you would hear a guy close a door in the background at a news station or you would hear a cart or something drop on the floor. And you would go, what the hell is that? And they wouldn't tell you. They would act like it wasn't going on. And I kind of had this fantasy where I would create a radio show where I would tell you everything, everything about me, everybody about -- whoever walked in, complete honesty. We strip away all barriers. And this was my -- my thing. And I went in college radio. And I started this. And I got fired after the third show. We did a bit called "Godzilla Goes to Harlem." And no one ever heard anything like this. And it was a college station, carrier current. And we did this thing. And I got fired right on the air.And that was sort of an omen of what was to come. And my father wrote me a letter. And he said to me, you know, it is great that you are on the air and all of that. But I listened to the tape. And you go, ah, ah, ah every minute. And you (INAUDIBLE) on the air. And you don't sound professional. And you're not enunciating. And he said even a clown probably was a trained ballet dancer or something. And you need to go out and do a straight radio show and, in my opinion, learn how to, you know, do radio. KING: Good advice. STERN: It was really good advice. And I went and I did a straight show for two years. And I was awful. It was chronicled in my movie. And I said, you know what, though? It was the best two years of my life. I had to do everything at that station. And I kept dreaming in my head of breaking sort of all the walls down, all of those straight walls down.Someone asked me the other day, gee, did you ever think about doing like a "LARRY KING" show? They said, you're a very good interviewer. Interviewing is a strength of yours. And I said, that's a career that wasn't for me. I wanted to expose myself and expose every -- so, I didn't want to have any secrets from the audience. KING: I like the guests. You like you. STERN: Well...(CROSSTALK) KING: I mean, you want the show to be into you. STERN: No, that's -- that's not it. That's not what I'm saying. You know, the guy who replaced me in New York, David Lee Roth, I listened to his first show. And he said, hey, man, this ain't heavy lifting. This radio stuff is easy. And I was thinking about that. And I thought, no, radio isn't easy. It's easy -- yes, sure, anyone can go on the air and talk. But to open yourself up and actually break down all the walls and think about all your insecurities, and put those on the air, I think it isn't easy lifting. There's a lot of emotional lifting you have to do.But, having said that, when a guest comes in, I think the reason people might think I'm a good interviewer is that I'm genuinely curious about a person. I don't make judgments. If somebody's a stripper, that's great. If someone's a prostitute, I -- Robin, who works with me, she decided to work with me. She heard a tape of me in Detroit. I was interviewing a prostitute. And she said to me, when I heard you do it, you asked her everything, what she ate for breakfast, why she went to the store, who were her parents, how did she get into this sort of miserable life.And you didn't make judgments. And that's what the show's always been about. I myself don't really have outrageous behavior, I don't think. But I'm a voyeur. (LAUGHTER) STERN: I like to watch outrageous behavior and I like to learn about outrageous behavior. KING: Boy, do you(End).200808/46466青岛新阳光妇产医院的院长 平度市人流手术多少钱

青岛哪个医院盆腔炎好A man accused of killing 5 women who were working as prostitutes has admitted he could have picked up all of them on the nights they disappeared. Steve Wright told Ipswich Crown Court, he might to have sex with 4 of the victims on those occasions and was a victim of coincidences himself, he denied murder, saying he wasn't a random psychopath involved in a campaign against prostitutes. In court, he used the same answer more than 50 times, as Keme Nzerem reports from Ipswich.Later 1 December night a traffic camera picks up Steve Wright leaving Ipswich, wearing his distinctive reflective yellow jacket, the prosecution alleges right was on his way to dump the body of Anneli Alderton, having just paid her for sex at his house while his wife was at work.Steve Wright says that it's a coincidence that there were any links at all between him and the 5 prostitutes that were murdered in Ipswich during the winter of 2006, he admits bringing 3 of them here to his house to have sex with them, another one he had admits having sex with in his car. The prosecutor today asked Steve Wright, could it be a coincidence that he'd selected the 5 prostitutes in the order that they died, further more that they died surely after being with him and that there was a DNA evidence linking him to them, Steve Wright replied: "it would seem so, yes."Repeatedly asked to explain an apparent coincidence after coincidence more than 50 times, Wright responded the same way, and when Peter Wright QC the prosecutor commented you've been singularly unfortunate, Wright replied once again, "it would seem so, yes." Wright described how he'd been tempted by the street prostitutes walking where he lived in Ipswich's red light district, but insisted that as time went on that sexual temptation didn't turn to murder. The body of Tania Nicol, the first woman to go missing, was found in Bested broke on the outskirts of town on the 8th of December, Wright picked her up, but says he didn’t have sex with her because he had agony, but the prosecution claims the fiber from his car found on her head suggests he killed her, Peter Wright put it to the defendant that Miss Nicol had died, because there was violence upon her wasn't there, his response, not by me, Mr. Wright went on, and that violence involved you squeezing the very life out of her, his response, no I did not.Paula Clennell was the last of the 5 women to disappear on December the 10th, her body found 2 days later, Wright admits paying her for sex at his home, but prefer not to lie on the bed he shared with his partner insteads lying on his yellow work jacket, he told the court that like the others there have been no violence with Miss. Clennell, so why then was her blood found on the left shoulder of the coat, the prosecution asked because she may have bitten her tone. Wright claimed. He would wear this jackets when driving to dispose of the bodies, the court heard so he looked like a shift worker on his way home. Steve Wright denies all the charges, the case continues. 200805/40245 to be boxed in ------ 挤在一起 英文释义To be crowded or limited in a way preventing desirable movement 例句I dont like driving in heavy traffic because my car gets boxed in, and I sometimes have trouble when I need to turn.我不喜欢在交通繁忙时段开车,因为我的车被挤在中间,在需要拐弯时会遇到麻烦。 /201610/466507青岛治疗不孕不育哪个医院好山东大学齐鲁医院上下班时间



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