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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Are you clever enough?你够聪明吗? Even the most mundane thing seems fascinating to theintelligent mind. The good news is curiosity is something that can becultivated.在聪明的头脑看来,最平凡之物亦具迷人光好消息是好奇心是可以培养的 Intelligent people ask all the right questions. Itjust goes to show how fast and well their brain processes and accepts inmation. It also indicates that they have a working knowledge of a lot of things and are highly observant.聪明人只问对的问题从这一点可以看出他们的大脑在处理和接收信息时是多么迅速精准,同时也展现出他们懂得诸多事物的运行规律,且拥有很强的观察能力 Not nothing have people stated over and overagain that instead of letting your mistakes get to you and make the voice in your head louder, it is fruitful and valuable to learn from them and move on.人们总是反复强调与其让错误来找你、放大你脑中的声音,更有效果、有价值的做法是从错误中学习,继续前行,这种说法是不无道理的【知识点讲解】instead of prep.代替;而不是 ...例句:I made this cake specially, with brown sugar instead of white.我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕I gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 59

我看见艾薇儿啦-1 :33:3 A:Guess who I saw yesterday?你猜我昨天见到谁了?B:I don't know. Who?不知道.谁啊?A:Avril Lavigen!艾薇儿拉维尼!B:the Canadian rock singer? But I heard you had a part-time job yesterday. How did you see her?是那个加拿大摇滚歌手吗?可是我听说你昨天去做兼职了,怎么会见到艾薇儿?A:yeah,I worked as temporary staff in her concert. Look, her poster, a CD...是啊,兼职做她演唱会的临时工作人员.看,我拿到了她的海报,还有CD...B:so you're a big fan, eh?看来你是她的忠实粉丝啊.A:not really. But I like some of her songs. She's actually very talented. She's a song writer and fashion and fashion designer, too.也不算,她有的歌我都挺喜欢的,而且她很有才,不仅会创作,还是个装设计师.B:and she was in a movie once again, right?她是不是还演了电影?A:yes, though I don't think her acting skills are that great.是的,可是我觉得她演技一般.B:what was your impression of her when you saw her in person?见到真人感觉怎么样?A:she looked sweeter than her pictures.她真人比照片还漂亮一点.B:did you take a photo with her?你跟她合影了吗?A:no, there were too many people. When she got out of the car, her fans were all screaming, trying to give her flowers and ger her autographs.没有,人太多了.她一下车,歌迷们就不停地尖叫,给她献花,还抢着要她的签名.B:crazy!实在是太疯狂了!

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活睡眠不足Youre Clumsier Than Usual反应迟钝 First you knock the alarm clock off the dresser,then you spill the milk as youre pouring your cereal, then you stub your toe on the way out the door -- youve become a klutz overnight. 先是把梳妆台上的闹钟打落在地,然后把牛奶往麦片中倒的时候弄撒了,然后迈出家门时踢到了脚趾——一夜之间你就变成笨蛋了 Researchers dont know exactly why, but sleepy people seem to ;have slower and less precise motor skills,; Clete Kushida, M.D., Ph.D., director of Stand University Center Human Sleep Research told Prevention. Reflexes are dulled, balance and depth perception canbe a little wonky and since you may also have trouble focusing, reaction time can be slowed, meaning you cant quite catch the egg carton bee it hits thefloor. 斯坦福大学人类睡眠研究中心主任柯莱特·库斯达医学士对《预防杂志说,虽然研究人员不知道确切原因,但昏昏欲睡的人仿佛“反应慢,运动技能差”反应迟钝可能引起平衡感和深度知觉较差,而且可能你也很难集中精力,这就导致反应时间长,也就是说在装鸡蛋的盒子砸到地板上之前你无法迅速接住它klutz lt;美俚gt;笨手笨脚的人 木头人不善交际的人 傻瓜例句:Im not going to pay that klutz a plumber one cent!我决不会付那个笨蛋管子工一分钱! wonky 动摇的 虚弱的 摇晃的 靠不住的例句:The wheels keep going wonky.轮子总是左右摇晃更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 1383

《罪恶黑名单第三季:红爹和莉兹面对危险新敌 -- :: 来源:   被列在联邦调查局最高通缉名单上已不是莉兹(Liz)唯一的问题  上一季,莉兹莉兹开打中总检查长她和朋友兼情报人红爹(Red)携手逃跑不幸地是,他们在逃脱联邦调查局的同时,诡计多端的新敌人将趁其不备捉住他们  执行制片人约翰·伊森德拉斯(John Eisendrath)告诉电视指南网:“一个叫所罗门先生的角色将出现在剧中他对莉兹、红爹或他们在乎的人都毫不客气”事实上,所罗门(Solomon)先生威胁到和红爹关系亲近的人,每个人都遇到危险  制作人乔·伯肯坎普(Edi Gathegi)补充道:“我们已经选了艾迪·盖瑟吉(Edi Gathegi)饰演这一角色他曾出演过《暮光之城、《火线警探和一部叫《据的电视剧他就是如此有魅力”  莉兹的风格不会完全转变,她是犯罪侧写师并非毫无理由  《罪恶黑名单将于9月日周四晚9时在N播出 莉兹 罪恶 黑名单

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