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Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment using opaque, often articulated figures in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images.皮影是一种使用不透明物来以及讲故事的古老形式。经常会以一个清晰的人物照出现在被照亮的背景幕的前面,来产生运动图像效果的幻影。201306/245618UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来“的时间到了!By definition, which of these celestial objects orbits the Sun? If you think you know it, shout it out! 以下哪个天体绕着太阳转?如果你知道的话,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it meteorite, Moon, comet or nebula? Youve got three seconds, go.是陨石、卫星、彗星还是星云?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Moons orbit planets, meteorites fall to Earth, nebulas are clouds or stars and that leaves comets as your answer and your shoutout.卫星绕着行星转,陨石会落到地球上,星云是云或者星,那么就只能是彗星了。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: One such comet hurdling through our solar system is Siding Spring. 赛丁泉彗星就是划过太阳系的这样一颗彗星。It was named for the Siding Spring observatory in Australia, which discovered it last year.该彗星由去年发现它的澳大利亚赛丁泉天文台命名。And it almost took out part of Mars on Sunday. 周日,这颗彗星几乎击中了火星。Astronomers say it was the closest comet near miss theyve ever recorded. 宇航员说这是有记录中最有惊无险的一次。Siding Spring was still 82, 000 miles away from the red planet when it passed by. 赛丁泉经过的时候离这个红色星球还有82000英里远。So, it was close in space terms, but not close like Albuquerque in Santa Fe.就空间而言两者距离很近,但并不是像阿尔布开克和圣塔非那么近。Anyway, NASA was concerned. 总的来说,美国国家航空航天局很担心。Its gotten no fewer than five active missions to Mars. NASA要进行不少于5次任务才能到达火星。It says its Rovers were protected by Marss atmosphere, but its three satellites had to duck behind the Red Planet or the comets debris of dust and gas could have blasted them as it went by.NASA表示火星的大气层保护了他们的火星探测器,但它的三个卫星如果没躲在火星后面,彗星的碎片粉尘和气体可能会在他们经过时把他们摧毁。They are all OK, they were able to get pictures and info on Siding Spring and they are transferring that data to Earth as you watch this.这几个卫星都没事,它们还能拍到赛丁泉的图片、搜集到信息,并且还在实时像地球传输数据。 /201410/337953Dense thick layers of fur help它们有浓密厚实的毛发to insulate these snow moneys in this testing environment.所以不畏风雪But they still feel the cold.但它们还是会 感受到刺骨的寒冷At this time of the year food is scarce.每年到了这个时节,食物都很少But macaques are adaptable and clever.但是聪明的猕猴能随遇而安The troop has learnt that this river stays ice-free the year round.这群猕猴发现这条河终年不结冰This female knows这只母猴子知道its a good place to gather insect larvae它可以用多用途的双手 和灵巧的手指from under the rocks, using her versatile hands and nimble fingers.在这里的石头下面 找到昆虫的幼虫In winter, this troop spends most of its time searching for food.这群猕猴大半个冬天 都花在觅食上面The same underground forces that prevent this river from freezing防止这条河结冰的自然力量bring great comfort to others.也给了别的动物慰藉201311/265250

I really love the idea of the levels and getting to the next level,and fighting different styles.As a dancer who battled other dancers,that was like the whole mentality.我很爱这个主意,一级级慢慢来,从低级到高级,对垒不同的门派。就像舞者之间的对决,是心理上的较量。And on the third level its supposed to be a person who is trained in weaponry and so he chose me to do the part.Dan Inosanto,being one of the freshest Filipinos on the planet,was actually the person that brought the nunchakus to Bruce Lee.在第三层剧本设定的是一个使用武器的人,所以他选中了我。丹·伊鲁山度,是个让人眼前一亮的菲律宾人,正是他把双节棍介绍给了李小龙。I introduced the nunchakus to Bruce Lee.And at the time he thought this was a worthless piece of junk.When he moved into the LA area,I taught him how to use it.He said,;Im gonna use this on The GreenHornet.;在1964年,我给李小龙介绍了双节棍,那时他觉得这是毫无价值的垃圾。当他搬回洛杉矶,我教他怎么使用双节棍。他说,他想在《青蜂侠》里用它。Nunchakus was always somemothers broom getting sacrificed,which would then turn into someones groin being sacrificed.耍双节棍时别人的肚子总是先遭殃,然后再是小腹。In three months he was swinging it like he had been doing it for a lifetime.I was living in Miami when they came out.Every gangster in town had nunchakus,and couldnt use them worth a shit.三个月的时间里他就耍得炉火纯青,就好象是从小学起一样。双节棍火起来的时候,我住在迈阿密,镇里每个歹徒都有双节棍,但耍得实在是不敢恭维。I would spend hours whipping them around and trying to learn the moves,trying to copy how hed have it under his shoulder right here and have the hand out.我会花上好几个小时研究双节棍的步伐和花式,尝试着一只手把它夹在肩膀下面,一只手做出这样的姿势。In a short time I think almost every child is using this.It became like a household product.Its outlawed now in California.After I watched this movie, I used to use that.But I always hit my elbow.在那段时间里我觉得每个小孩都在学,这成了每家必备的东西,现在它在加州是被禁止的。看了那部电影后,我曾经用过它,但总是打到我的手肘。Right out of the gate I swung real hard and I even made the Bruce Lee noise.And I hit my head and there was this big nut that came out maybe an inch.走出大门我就使劲挥舞双节棍,我甚至模仿经典的李小龙叫声,结果是我打到了我的头,头上就长出了老大的一个包。And after that I stopped making the noise and I stopped playing with the nunchucks.从那之后我不再想着发出那个声音,也不再玩双节棍了。201312/269663

RAF drops aid for Yazidis in northern Iraq英国皇家空军在伊拉克北部进行人道主义援助空投物资A Royal Air Force aircraft has dropped aid supplies for Yazidis sheltering on a mountain in northern Iraq.一架皇家空军飞机已经空投援助物资,而此次空投的目标人群是被困在辛贾尔山的亚齐德教派民众。On Wednesday, released by the British Ministry of Defence showed supplies flying out of an RAF C-130 Hercules aircraft over Iraqs Sinjar Mountains.周3英国国防部公布的视频显示,皇家空军RAF C-130大力神飞机在伊拉克的辛加尔山脉进行物资空投。The plane dropped emergency supplies, including drinking water and tents, for members of the Yazidi community, sheltering on the mountain from Islamist militants.英国皇家空军空投的第一批人道主义援助物资,其中包括纯净水和帐篷等,救济被困在辛贾尔山的亚齐德教派民众。The office of British Prime Minister David Cameron has described the situation in Sinjar as a massive humanitarian disaster.英国首相大卫·卡梅伦称辛贾尔的局势为一场空前的人道主义灾难。201408/321017

Learn the three most common reasons men cite for having an affair from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随夫妻关系顾问Victoria Wilson士了解大部分男人自述的发生婚外情的原因。There are three main reasons which men cite for having an affair. Number one, is sexual novelty, sexual variety or sexual fetish which they cannot disclose to their primary partner.根据男人们所说,他们发生婚外情主要有三个原因。第一,他们向最初的伴侣难以启齿的性新奇,性多样化或性怪癖。Number two, feeling that their partner had let themselves go and therefore, theyre feeling loss of sexual interest.第二,觉得他们的伴侣可以让他们随心所欲,从而失去了兴趣。And number three, feeling unappreciated at home or feeling that theyre nagged or annoyed by their partner consistently.第三,在家里得不到赞赏,经常被伴侣压制或激怒。So those are the three main reasons. Two of which deal primarily with a sexual interest and the third one deals with the emotional reason for the affair. For instance, many men feel unappreciated or ignored after their wife has a baby and pays all of the attention to the baby and ignores the husband. Or the husband may feel that the wife never has time for sex or interest in sex and instead spends all her time on her girlfriends or on her children. The husband may feel that he has an interest in exploring a particular sexual fetish and that he would insult the wife by bringing it up in a relationship. So he feels more comfortable going to a dominatrix or seeking out an escort than approaching his wife about the particular fetish hed like to explore.以上就是三个主要原因。其中两点与性兴趣有关,第三点与情绪有关。例如,许多男性在妻子生产后觉得自己被忽略,妻子把所有注意力都放在孩子身上,而忽略了丈夫。或者丈夫可能觉得妻子没有时间进行性生活,没有兴趣进行性生活,所有时间都花费在闺蜜或孩子身上。这时丈夫就会有兴趣探索特别的性怪癖,通过发展婚外情来侮辱自己的妻子。因此,他通过找一个母夜叉或者女伴,而不是通过自己的妻子来实现自己的性怪癖。视频听力译文由。201406/306947

Okay, Im sorry. Could you repeat that?Im sorry.,000 isnt gonna get it done.行 对不起 你能再说一遍吗?不好意思 9万美元可能不够。Oh, whoa, whoa. Wait. Steve, one second.I dont see anybody else coming in your garage with a checkbook.Oh, no, no.哦 史蒂夫 等等。还有别人会跑到一个车库里投资吗?不 不是这意思Ninety grand gets it done for us.9万美元对我们是够了I just dont think it gets it done for you.Well do the ,000 investment.我是怕你将来后悔投资的太少。我们先从9万美元开始算吧At a 0,000 valuation.But I also want you to kick in a 0,000 credit line with 10% interest to be paid back in full once we meet net revenue positive.公司总值估30万美元。我需要你再投入25万美元作为贷款,按10%的利息计算,盈利后 连本带利还你。Okay.What I mean is, okay.Yeah.好。我说了 好啊。是的Now, the first thing you need to do is incorporate, so that you two as owners can protect your interest.And that is, of course, if youll have me aboard.现在 你们必须做的第一件事情是...正式成立公司 这样你们两个创始人才能保护好自己的财产。当然 前提是你们同意让我加入Thank you very much, Mr. Markkula.Of course. Mike. Yeah.谢谢 马库拉先生。嗯 叫我麦克就好...Howre you doing? Yeah, put her there.你好吗 是的 放那儿Bill. Bill?Fernandez. Yeah.Oh. Thanks, Mike. Yeah.Steve. Heres to you, pal.比尔 比尔?费尔南德兹 是的。哦 谢了 麦克 耶。史蒂夫 你很厉害啊 /201406/306814

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