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  • 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Last month, we heard how an abundance of deer is reshaping the forests in northern Michigan. Deer are eliminating trees like maple, oak and cedar in many places.The trees cant reproduce because any seedling that sprouts up is eaten.Today, we visit a forest in Leelanau County where a conservation group has taken an unusual step to address the problem.Palmer Woods used to be a private forest managed for timber. Now, it is owned by the Leelanau Conservancy and its open to the public.;Were standing kind of in the middle of the southern end of the property in a deep valley,; says Brian Price as he shows me the property he manages for the conservancy.(Support trusted journalism like this in Michigan. Give what you can here.)There are more than 700 acres of forest here, just east of Glen Lake. Price says the foresters who managed this land knew what they were doing.;Because youll see really straight, beautiful trees; higher percentage of cherry, higher percentage of oak,; says Price.Even though it has been well managed, it has the same problems most forests in northern lower Michigan face. And one is too many deer.;And the reason you can tell that for sure is you see evidence for that everywhere; anything that the deer like to eat is almost nonexistent in this woods anymore. And the things that they dont eat, which are the beech saplings, are everywhere,; he says.In fact, Price estimates nine out of ten young trees here are beech. So this fall, the conservancy fenced off more than 30 acres of Palmer Woods with a eight-foot steel fence. The fence is to keep the deer out.;Mostly when you go by any place and you see a fence up, we think of farming, youre enclosing an area to keep the animals in,; says Price. ;Well, in this case we are specifically building a fence to keep deer out so its an exclosure.;Within a few years, Brian Price expects the areas inside the exclosure to have plants that cannot grow in areas with lots of deer; trees like maple and oak, and also wildflowers that would otherwise be eaten, like trillium.Exclosures like this are not new to conservation and Price has a pretty good idea what will happen, but he also expects to learn a few things particular to this area.And he says the exclosure will help the conservancy demonstrate the damage caused by too many deer. Its a problem he says is invisible to the general public.;What the deer exclosure does is it draws attention to what a forest should look like compared to one that is severely over-browsed. Itll be a stark contrast, we do know that. Everywhere its been done its been a very stark contrast,; he says.Only a small fraction of Palmer Woods will be protected by the fence, about five percent of the forest.The only way to change the ecology of the entire forest would be to get hunters to kill more deer here, a lot more.Research in Wisconsin has shown greater plant diversity in forests on Indian reservations where there is more hunting.But Becky Hill says even if more deer are shot in Palmer Woods, it might not change much for the forest.She manages all the natural areas for the Leelanau Conservancy.;We can manage Palmer Woods hunting policy the way we see best but just to the west is Sleeping Bear Dunes and of course theres private property surrounding, and obviously deer dont pay attention to what those boundaries are and so theyre going to move between properties,; she says.Deer will have no choice but to pay attention to the boundary around a tiny fraction of Palmer Woods.And there, inside the fence, the conservancy will be able to show what a northern Michigan hardwood forest looks like without so many deer.201612/485601。
  • Bryant for the win科比扣进致胜一球Dear Basketball挚爱的篮球From the moment I started rolling my dads tube socks从我开始卷我父亲的长筒袜的那一刻起And shooting imaginary game-winning shots In the Great Western Forum假装着我在西部论坛球馆投进制胜一球I knew one thing was real我确切地明白一件事I fell in love with you我深深地爱上了你A love so deep, I gave you my all我爱得如此深沉,我奉献了我所有From my mind and body to my spirit and soul从我的思想以及身体到我的精神及灵魂As a six-year-old boy deep in love with you六岁的我深深地痴迷于你I never saw the end of the tunnel我从为想过这段旅程结束时刻的样子。I only saw myself running out of one我只看到我自己在篮球之路不停地奔跑And so I ran所以我不停的跑I ran up and down every court after every loose ball for you我每场比赛不停地奔跑,只为争取每一次得到你的机会You asked for my hustle你需要我火力全开I gave you my heart我给了你我的心Because it came with so much more因为这不仅仅需要我付出如此之多I played through the sweat and hurt我为打球流尽血汗、带着一身伤病Not because challenge called me不是因为困难在召唤我But because YOU called me而是因为你在呼唤我更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201705/510396。
  • How did you spend your weekend? Our DreamTrippers wandered Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco, visited the Ta Prohm Temple in Siem Reap, watched fire dancers perform in Cebu City, and strolled along the historic Bund while taking pictures in front of of the infamous Shanghai skyline.周末怎么度过的?我们的旅游体验师在旧金山的渔人码头漫步,拜访了在暹粒的塔布隆寺,观看了在宿务市的火舞者,然后在闲逛在历史悠久的外滩时与上海有名的天际线照相。旅行实用句Is this the right lounge for TG635? 这是TG635的候机室吗?单词1. spend 度过时间2. wander 漫步3. stroll 来回走4. historic 历史悠久5. infamous 恶名在外的6. San Francisco 旧金山7. Siem Reap 暹粒8. The Bund 外滩Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201509/398665。
  • 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:某件事还没有确定up in the air是一个常用的习惯用语,我们来给听众们介绍一下。Air是空气,up in the air就是在空气中,也就是悬在空中,意思就是:某件事还没有确定。通常我们会说,某个计划还没有确定 - the plan is still up in the air。要是有的人对某件事没有办法作出决定,你就可以说:their decision is still up in the air。下面让我们来听一个例句。这是一个建筑公司的老板在说他们的一个项目为什么迟迟不能开工。Now with the new regulations about building next to an airport, it looks like we might not be able to start on struction of the golf course until next year. The whole project is up in the air.这位老板说:因为对在机场附近兴建设施有了新的规定,因此我们在年底之前要开始修建高尔夫球场看来是不行了。这整个工程就因此悬而不定。up in the air这个习惯用语倒是挺生动的。说某件事情在空气里,自然是悬而未决,也就是不确定的意思了。是啊, 这个习惯用语在18世纪中叶就开始流行了,只是当时的人说,in the air,而不是up in the air。那是从什么时候开始说up in the air的呢?那是到了20世纪人们才开始用up in the air。下面我们再来听一个例句。这是一个人在说他对自己的未来一点都不清楚。I wish I could tell you where Ill be in six months time, but I dont even know. Im not sure if I will have the same job. Im not even sure if my girlfriend will be able to stay in this country. Everything is so up in the air.这个人说:我希望能告诉你六个月后我在哪里,可是我自己也不知道。我不知道我是否会作这同样的工作,我甚至都不知道我女朋友是否能留在这个国家。一切都无法确定。 /201209/201659。
  • Subject:You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you. 迷你对话A: You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you.这次你跟我合作,下次我一定跟你合作。B: OK. It is deal.好,一言为定。 地道表达play ball with sb. 1. 释义中国人说“打球”,很少说“玩球”。可是在英语总却刚刚相反,没有人说“打球”,都是说“play ball”。To play ball除了有“打球”的意思外,它还有“合作,互相帮忙”的意思。美国人常说“You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you.”从字面上看是“你和我打球,我就和你打球。”孩子当然会说这样的话。但是这句话作为俗语来看,意思是“这次你跟我合作,下次我跟你合作。” 2. 例句e.g. We need the Committees approval for this scheme.Do you think theyll play ball with us?我们这项计划需要委员会的赞助。你认为他们会跟我们合作吗?e.g. Theyre refusing to play ball with us.他们拒绝与我们合作。e.g. He is very helpful and it is easy to play ball with him.他非常肯帮忙,与他合作很容易。 Ps:It is a deal. 这个口语短句的意思是“事情就定下来了。”或“一言为定。” /201311/264196。
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