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Pillows should be washed every three to six months to remove bacteria, mold, and odors. These helpful steps will demonstrate the right way to do it.枕头应该每三到六个月清洗一次,以清除细菌,霉菌和异味。这些有用的步骤将向你展示清洗枕头的正确方法。You Will Need你需要A pillow一个枕头Mild detergent温和的洗涤剂A terry cloth towel厚绒布毛巾Tennis ball网球Steps步骤Step 1 Remove case1.除掉枕套Remove the pillowcase and pillow protector.除掉枕套和枕头保护罩。Step 2 Read label2.阅读标签Read the care label for instructions. Pillows filled with buckwheat or gel cannot be washed.阅读护理标签以作指导。用荞麦或胶体填充的枕头不能洗涤。Step 3 Put in washer3.放入洗衣机Put the pillow in a washing machine set to the gentle cycle. Use hot water and a mild detergent.将枕头放入洗衣机,设定温和洗涤程序。使用热水和温和的洗涤剂。Hot water will remove dust mites.热水可以清除尘螨。Step 4 Rinse4.清洗Run the pillow through the washer#39;s rinse cycle several times to be sure to wash away any residual detergent.使用洗衣机的清洗程序洗涤几次,确保洗掉任何残余的洗涤剂。Step 5 Remove excess water5.除掉多余水分Remove excess water from the pillow by pressing it with a towel.用毛巾按压,除掉枕头中多余的水分。Step 6 Dry6.干燥Place the pillow in a dryer set on air dry. Prevent matting by putting a clean tennis ball in the dryer.将枕头放入烘干机中,设定为风干。在烘干机中放入一个清洁的网球,避免枕头成团。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233695

Just like the rest of your body, keeping your eyes in tip-top shape requires regular exercise. Here are few to try.与身体其他部位一样,双眼保持最佳状态也需要经常锻炼。以下方法可以尝试一下。You Will Need你需要Table桌子Chair椅子Objects物体Patience耐心Internet access (optional)互联网(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Rub hands1.揉搓双手Rub your hands together for approximately 25 seconds and then cup your hands over your closed eyes to do the palming exercise. Rest your elbows on a table.双手揉搓大约25秒,然后手掌成杯子状覆盖在紧闭的眼睛上,做手掌运动。手肘放在桌子上。Step 2 Sit2.坐下Sit in this position for approximately 2 minutes. As you relax the blackness you see will become darker. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.以这个姿势坐大约2分钟。放松的时候,你的视线会越来越黑。每天两到三次。Step 3 Perform exercise3.远近练习Perform the near-far focus exercise to improve eye flexibility by holding your thumb approximately 6 inches from your nose and focus on it. Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale.进行远近焦点练习来提高眼睛的灵活性,将大拇指放在距离鼻子大约6英寸的位置,视线集中在大拇指。深吸一口气,缓缓呼出。Step 4 Focus4.集中视线Focus on an object approximately 10 feet away. Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat 15 times.集中在大约100英尺外的物体。深呼吸,然后缓缓呼出。重复15次。Step 5 Improve flexibility5.提高灵活性Improve eye flexibility by performing the scanning exercise. Sit down and begin to scan various edges of objects in the room with your eyes.进行扫描运动来提高眼睛的灵活性。坐下来,双眼开始扫描房间内的各种物体。Step 6 Keep eyes moving6.保持眼睛运动Keep your eyes moving fluidly for approximately 2 minutes.眼睛灵活运动大约2分钟。You can also search online for more eye exercises.你也可以上网搜索更多眼睛运动。Step 7 Perform eye stretch exercise7.眼睛伸展运动Perform the eye stretch exercise by looking up toward your eyebrow and rolling your eyes around in a circular motion as far as they can in each direction. Repeat every 2 to 3 hours.眼睛向眉毛的方向向上看,然后以环形运动转动向各个方向转动。每两到三个小时重复一次。Vitamin A helps maintain the skin, lungs, and intestinal tracts but is critical for vision and is found in meat, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.维他命A可以维护皮肤,肺和肠道健康,但是对视力也非常重要。肉类,奶制品,水果和蔬菜中含量丰富。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/236132

Today in History: Saturday, March 02, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月2日,星期六On March 2, 1877, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was declared winner of the 1876 presidential election over Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, even though Tilden had won the popular vote.1877年3月2日,尽管蒂尔登赢得普选的胜利,但最终共和党卢瑟福B.海耶斯击败塞缪尔J·蒂尔登赢得1876年总统大选。1807 Congress outlawed the importation of slaves to the ed States, effective the following year.1807年,国会宣布向美国进口奴隶非法,第二年执行。1836 Texas declared its independence from Mexico.1836年,德州宣布脱离墨西哥独立。1917 Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. Citizenship.1917年,波多黎各人获得美国公民。1939 Roman Catholic Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected pope and took the name Pius XII.1939年,罗马天主教红衣主教Eugenio Pacelli 当选教皇,取名庇护十二世。1962 Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks, an NBA record that still stands.1962年,在费城勇士对阵纽约尼克斯的比赛中张伯伦拿下100分,该项记录仍在NBA保留着。1965 The movie version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ;The Sound of Music; had its world premiere in New York.1965年,罗杰斯和汉默斯坦音乐剧《音乐之声》的电影版在纽约举行了全球首映。1985 The federal government approved a screening test for AIDS that detected antibodies to the virus, allowing possibly contaminated blood to be excluded from the blood supply.1985年,联邦政府同意对艾滋病进行筛选试验,发现艾滋病病毒抗体,并允许可能被污染的血液从血液供应站清除。2004 A series of coordinated blasts in Iraq killed 181 people at shrines in Karbala and Baghdad as thousands of Shiite Muslim pilgrims gathered for a religious festival.2004年,伊拉克数千名什叶派穆斯林朝圣者聚集参加一宗教节日时发生系列协同爆炸事件,致卡尔巴拉和巴格达181人死亡。2008 Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin#39;s hand-picked successor, scored a crushing victory in Russia#39;s presidential election.2008年,弗拉基米尔·普京亲手挑选的继任者德米特里·梅德韦杰夫在俄罗斯大选中取得压倒性胜利。 /201303/227917

  Joseph Kim 以美国难民的身份,诉说在朝鲜的饥荒年月。他在美国开始了新生 - 但仍怀抱着寻回家人的希望。 Article/201402/275611

  Cameron Russell承认她是个遗传的幸运儿,她是个高挑漂亮的内衣模特。但不要光用外表来评判她。在这场无所畏惧的演讲中,她用另类的方式来看待这个让她16岁时就变得充满魅力的的行业。 Article/201307/248813。

  I think that was probably the most important moment in our Champions League compaign,我觉得这可能是欧冠最终要的时刻,because I think if we had lost 4-1 at Napoli,因为如果我们输那不勒斯4球,I think psychologically for us,it would be very difficult to overturn in the home leg.对我们来说心理上,想要在主场逆转就太难太难了。重点词汇: campaign 战役例句:The campaign to seize the city was a failure.攻占这个城市的战役失败了。 视频介绍:如果不是阿什利·科尔在门线上解围,切尔西在本场比赛中将是以4-1的大比分失利,这样一来第二轮比赛的难度是不可想象的。 Article/201404/289487

  The lingering smell of vomit can ruin the atmosphere in even your favorite room. Get rid of the odor and enjoy the affected area again.即使是你最喜欢的房间,挥之不去的呕吐的味道也会破坏气氛。清除异味,重新享受房间的芬芳。You Will Need你需要Baking soda小苏打Patience耐心Flat tool扁平的工具Vacuum吸尘器Steps步骤Step 1 Mix solution1.配制溶液Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to make a paste.将等量的小苏打和水混合,搅拌成膏体。Step 2 Apply paste2.涂抹Apply the paste onto the affected carpet area and let it dry.将调制好的膏体涂抹在地毯上被呕吐污染的地方,等待变干。Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the area for extra odor absorption.向污染部位撒少量小苏打,吸收多余的异味。Step 3 Scrape3.刮掉Use a flat tool, like a painter#39;s scraper, and scrape off the dried paste from the carpet.使用扁平的工具,例如油漆工的刮刀,从地毯上刮掉干燥的膏体。Step 4 Vacuum4.吸尘Vacuum the area.用吸尘器清理。Step 5 Scrape away5.刮净Scrape away any remaining paste and vacuum again. Your carpet will now be odor-free.刮净任何多余的膏体,再次吸尘。你的地毯现在没有任何异味了。The Pazyryk carpet was found in the 1940s in a tomb in southern Siberia. It is the oldest surviving knotted carpet at over 2,000 years old.上世纪40年代,南塞尔维亚一座墓中发现了帕斯拉克地毯,这是2,000多年来保存下来的最古老的编织地毯。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/228646It#39;s not at all clear why the smaller and much less technically sophisticated Zhou were able to defeat the powerful and well organised Shang state.技术相对落后、实力也较弱小的周如何打败了强大而有组织的商,至今仍是未解之谜。They seem to have had a striking ability to absorb and to shape allies into a coherent attacking force;他们似乎有种特别的能力,能吸收整合异族,让他们与自己并肩作战,but above all, they were buoyed up by their faith in themselves as a chosen people.但最重要的是,他们被一种信念所鼓舞,相信自己是奉上天的旨意而战斗。In first capturing, and then ruling, the Shang kingdom, they saw themselves-as so many conquering forces do - as enacting the will of the gods.与许多征者一样,他们推翻并接管商朝时认为自己是替天行道。So they fought with the confidence born of knowing that they were to be the rightful inheritors of the land.因此在战斗中,他们坚信自己才是天下的合法统治者。But-and this was new-they articulated this belief in the form of one controlling concept, which was to become a central idea in Chinese political history.而且,他们明确地将其用思想控制的形式表达了出来一这在世界上尚属首创—并使之成为中国政治史的核心。The Zhou are the first to formalise the idea of the Mandate of Heaven:周朝是第一个明确提出“天命”的王朝。the Chinese notion that heaven blesses and sustains the authority of a just ruler.中国人认为上天会庇佑正义的统治者。An impious and incompetent ruler would displease the gods, who would withdraw their mandate from him.对上天不敬或昏庸无能的统治者则会触怒神明,使其收回天命。So on this view, it followed that the defeated Shang must have lost the Mandate of Heaven, which had passed to the virtuous, victorious Zhou.因此,战败的商朝必定是失去了上天的庇佑,神明转而庇佑德行高尚的周。From this time on, the Mandate of Heaven became a permanent feature of Chinese political life, underpinning the authority of rulers or justifying their removal, as Wang Tao, archaeologist at the University of London tells us:从此,天命成为中国政治的永恒主题,为君王的统治提供依据,或成为改朝换代的理由。伦敦大学考古学家王涛士这样描述:;That transformed the Zhou, because that allowed them to rule other people.天命改变了周朝,给予他们统治他人的权力。If you kill the king or senior member of the family, it#39;s the biggest crime you could make.弑君或杀害尊长是当时最严重的罪行。但任何反抗权威的行为都可以用天命来解释。So to turn the crime against authority or against a ruler into some justifiable action, you had to have an excuse, and that excuse is the Mandate of Heaven.它内在的图腾含义相当于西方的民主概念。在中国,如果你触犯了神灵,或违背了民心,就会有凶兆预警—雷电、暴雨或地震。 Article/201408/324235Once enough tea has been gathered in, the processing begins.当收集一定数量茶叶时,下一步加工开始了。Turning green leaves into saleable tea involves at least eight different stages, including drying, bruising, sifting, squeezing and twisting, before the finished product is finally y for packing.把绿色茶叶变为市场销售的茶叶最少包含8个步骤,包括干燥、捻细、筛、挤压和扭拧,这些都是成品打包前必须的步骤。The Zhang#39;s village produces ;little black dragon;, or oolong tea, so called because of the way its twisted leaves unfurl when water is poured over them.张女士的村庄出产“小黑龙”茶,即——乌龙茶,其称呼源于冲泡茶叶时,那宛如蟠龙舒展的姿态。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201409/329463

  Charlize Theron on Life in the Spotlight: #39;You Start Feeling Raped#39;Actress sparks firestorm over analogy directed at photographers and gossip reporters.A lot of people talked this moring about Charize and the controvercial comments she#39;s made about on life and spotlight.And the captin work we were using fashional knowledge when discussing her celebrity. And she is on the janat is here with more all talk a lot this moring...very lot of people are aware about that damanding beyong Charize Theron within UK promoting her movies a million ways to dare the western, she uses an unfortunate word to describe what#39;s like to she#39;s story about her personal life on the internet. Her comment has lot of people fired up.Charize Theron the statuate as beauty and Auswarding Wing attress is in hot water for quitening paparazzi intrusion with rape.I think it#39;s start living that word and doing start.. I gussed feeling raped. The controvernal comments were made this week unbreakon scared news when she is explainning she doesn#39;t google herself. Some people might rational stopped it. There are certion things in my life that I think very secret and I#39;m very protectable with them.But this morning, the wrongs is using the word rape is in a native black slash on social media. Intrusive press cover is nothing like rape Charize Theron, not even close. hashtag think before you speak. And have you been raped, have you dared to use this term so loosely.There is one wrong word choice and it aways Charlize lead the entire points she was trying to make which is she clear feels violated by the media intrusion in her life.Theron is no strangers to the issue. She could be a mother, your sister, your daughter. She started in several public service compaigns aims at stopping rape, including one in the her named in south Africa.Very 26 seconds a womon is raped in south Africa. Theron isn#39;t the first celebrities come up using the word.In 2010, Christan Dawt told British Jaw magazine that looking at parpazzi#39;s photoes was looking like someone being raped. And in 2011, Janet Dap told Theron maganize that being photographs is like being raped. Both later appologized.We reached at Theron for comment, but she hasn#39;t responded we did ,however, get a response for the nation largest anti-social violence organization#39;s assess and they horse being raped should be never be compared with unpleasantness someone#39;s gooling thems lfness. We all known what she meant and clearly she has fun in Africa against rape for sometimes we havn#39;t heard from her but clearly, she is she, she is what differently was. Unfornately it works. /201406/304768Fast-forward half a dozen years or so,让时间快转约六年and the wreck will begin to show the first signs这艘沉船将首度 出现肉眼可见的of corals visible to the naked eye.珊瑚迹象A decade later, and the wreck will be transformed.再过十年,沉船将彻底改观Thousands of polyps will form coral heads数千只珊瑚虫将形成珊瑚丘that encrust its surface.覆盖住船壳This ship was sunk during the Second World War,这艘船是在二次大战期间沉没and there has been enough time for a substantial reef to develop.已经有足够时间形成大片珊瑚礁After decades of growth,在成长数十年之后different species of corals dominate particular areas of the wreck.不同品种的珊瑚 各自占据沉船的一区The fastest-growing types grow best on the edges and overhangs,成长最快的品种 在边缘和两端突出部分最为茂盛reaching far out into the water, and up to the light.往外伸展到大海 也向上争取阳光They need only a small area to establish themselves,它们只需要一小片区域 就能开始成长yet they can rapidly grow dozens of plates, or branches,而且会迅速长出数十个珊瑚块或珊瑚枝 上面挤满珊瑚虫crammed with polyps, to gather as much light as possible.尽量吸收最多阳光 Article/201310/260913

  Airline industry gathers in Malaysian capital航空业聚首吉隆坡In an odd twist of coincidence this year#39;s meeting of the International Air Transport Association is being held in Kuala Lumpur. The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has cast a pall over the conference, as delegate discuss lessons the industry can learn from the missing jet liner.出于一个怪诞的偶然,国际航空运输协会会议今年在吉隆坡举行。马航MH370失联事件给这次发布会蒙上了一层阴影,而航空业将从此次有代表性的讨论中吸取教训。A gathering aviation industry people was always going to feel poignant in the wake of the disappearance of a passenger jet. More so when it takes place in the city from which that flight departed.客机失踪后的聚会总让航空业人士感觉到一丝酸楚,尤其当他们处在该航班起航的这个城市。;Could I invite you all to stand please for a moment#39;s silence out of respect for the families and loved ones of those onboard,; Iata Director Mike o#39;Brien said.“请在座的所有人起立默哀片刻,以示对那些失联客机的家属及亲友的尊重。”国际航空运输协会主任Mike o#39;Brien说。Industry people point out that civil aviation safety has continued to improve greatly over the past decade through refinements to safety procedures and technology. The number of passenger planes lost has dropped from one per one million flights to closer to one per three million today for Western-built commercial jets.业内人士指出,过去的十年,通过修订安全规程和技术,民用航空的安全度已经持续得到很大改善。西方制造的商业客机失事数量已经从每百万分之一下降至接近每3百万分之一。But the disappearance and apparent loss of MH370 has reminded the industry there#39;s no room for complacency但MH370的消失及其带来的明显损失提醒业界还不能因此而自满。;In a world where our every move seems to be tracked, there is disbelief that an aircraft could simply disappear and that the black box is so difficult to recover. An Air France 447 brought similar issues to light a few years ago, and some progress was made, but that must now be accelerated. We cannot let another aircraft simply disappear.; Iata Ceo Tony Tyler said.“在一个我们的一举一动似乎都被跟踪的世界,人们总会怀疑一架飞机很容易就会消失,而黑匣子又很难被恢复。几年前,法航447带来了类似的问题,当时我们也做了相应的改进,但现在我们仍必须加快这种改进。我们决不允许另一架飞机再轻易的消失。 “国际航空运输协会首席执行官Tony Tyler表示。Malaysia Airlines says it is beefing up its security protocols.马航声称,他们正在加强安全协议。There will now have to be two people in the cockpit at all times. If the pilot or co-pilot wishes to step out even to go to the bathroom, another member of the crew will have to take their place. And the airlines says that cabin crew will also be required to stand guard any time the cockpit door is opened to prevent any passengers entering the restricted area.现在起,任何时候都必须是两个人同时在驾驶舱内,甚至是驾驶员或副驾驶希望去洗手间时,他的位置将必须被机组其他成员接替。航空公司还表示,为防止任何乘客进入禁区,机组人员必须在驾驶舱门打开时站岗。 Article/201404/284362

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. McGeehan#39;s and Mr. Davis#39; history classes at Arise Academy Charter High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 今天的“大声喊出来”来到了历史课上。What country is highlighted on this map - you know what to do. 地图上标记出的是哪个国家?你知道该怎么做。So, is it Greece, Turkey, Iraq or Syria? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是希腊、土耳其、伊拉克还是叙利亚?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!That#39;s the nation of Turkey, which is partly in Europe and partly in Asia. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那个国家就是土耳其,它横跨欧亚两洲。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Some other facts about Turkey: it#39;s a member of NATO, it#39;s capital is Ankara, it#39;s biggest city is Istanbul. 一些其他关于土耳其的知识:该国是北约一员,其首都是安卡拉,其最大的城市是伊斯坦布尔。And it just went through its biggest protest against the government in years. 该国刚刚经历了近年来最大的反政府游行。It started on Friday as a small peaceful protest. 它始于周五的一个小型和平抗议。People were upset about the government#39;s plan to bulldoze a park in Istanbul for development. 群众对于政府为了发展,强拆一座位于伊斯坦布尔的公园的计划感到沮丧。But that turned into this: Turkish security forces fighting against angry protesters for days. 但那演变成了这样:土耳其安全军与愤怒的抗议者已经对峙了几天了。At some point the protest went from being about park to being about Turkey#39;s government and prime-minister. 在某些时刻,抗议的内容由公园转向了土耳其政府和首相。The protest sp to other cities. 这一抗议蔓延到了其他城市。Riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons against the crowds. 防暴警察使用催泪弹、胡椒粉喷雾和高压水来对付人群。By the end of the weekend, hundreds of people have been arrested, and dozens were injured, both civilians and security officers. 在这周末,上百人已被逮捕,几十人受伤,其中同时有平民和安全官。Protesters held control of the square in Istanbul, where all this started.抗议者控制着伊斯坦布尔广场,那里是一切开始的地方。 /201306/243105。

  Put that fruity drink down, it#39;s back to the grind! Here#39;s how to make the transition as easy as possible.放下香甜可口的饮料,现在应该回到工作岗位了!根据以下建议,最简单地实现过渡。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备Extra time off额外的休息时间Photos照片Good attitude良好的态度Steps步骤Step 1 Take extra time1.预留时间When planning your trip, set aside a day at the end of your vacation to decompress at home and prepare for your return to work. If possible, arrange for your first two days back to be half days to ease back into the workday.在计划返回的时候,预留假期的最后一天在家中减压,为回归工作做好准备。如果可能的话,安排重返工作的最初两天只工作半天,缓解上班压力。Step 2 Start prepping before you leave2.休假前开始准备In the days leading up to your vacation remind others that you#39;ll be out, and tie up loose ends that will distract you or eat up time when you come back.在即将休假的日子,提醒其他人你将离开一段时间,整理一些休假回来后可能会分散注意力或消耗时间的零碎工作。Step 3 Readjust your sleep cycle3.调整生物钟Go to bed and wake up early a day or two before returning to work to just your sleep cycle.重返工作岗位前一两天早睡早起,重新调整生物钟。Step 4 Go through your e-mails4.查看电子邮件Spend an hour going through your e-mail and thinning out your inbox the day before you come back to work.回到工作岗位前一天花费一个小时查看电子邮件,清理收件箱。Ask for an update on special projects the day before you return so can hit the ground running.回到工作岗位前一天,要求对特别的项目进行更新,这样你就能跟上工作节奏。Step 5 Show up early5.早点上班Show up early the first day back to prioritize your to-do list without the distraction of curious co-workers asking about your trip.假期回归的第一天早点到,列好当天的任务清单,不要因好奇的同事询问你的旅行而分心。Take your boss out to lunch on your first day back to catch up and discuss work matters one-on-one.休假回来的第一天和老板共进午餐,可以面对面地了解和讨论工作事项。Step 6 Bring your vacay back with you6.将假期心情带回来Keep a few pictures with you at work as a reminder of how great your vacation was. Last but not least, start planning the next trip so you#39;ve always got something to look forward to!办公桌上放几张照片,提醒自己这次假期多么愉快。最后,但也是非常重要的一点,开始为下次旅行做计划,这样你的心中就一直有期待了。According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American now works 160 more hours per year than in 1976.根据美国劳工统计局的数据,普通美国人每年的工作时间比1976年多160个小时。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/274716

  如果手术中停电了怎么办?没有灯,没有氧气-麻醉也停止供给。全世界的手术室里经常有这样的事,把日常程序弄成了悲剧。艾丽卡amp;#65381;弗兰凯尔展示了一个解决方案:万能麻醉器 Article/201404/285794

  Make your own miniature greenhouse from recyclables and get a jump on spring by sowing winter seeds.利用可循环使用的物品,自己打造小型温室,冬季播种,让你穿越到春季好风光。You Will Need你需要Knife or scissors刀子或剪子Gal. milk jug牛奶罐Potting soil盆栽土壤Half-hardy annual and perennial seeds半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子Clear packing tape清洁的包装带Liquid fertilizer液体肥料Garden花园Steps步骤Step 1 Cut the jug1.切割牛奶罐Cut the jug horizontally with the knife or scissors, leaving a small attached piece that acts as a hinge where the handle is connected. Poke several holes in the bottom for drainage, around the top for air, and one in each side.用刀剪将罐子水平剪开,在把手处留下一小片粘连在一起。在底部戳几个小孔用来排水,顶部戳几个孔用来通气,每一侧留一个孔。Step 2 Fill with soil2.装满土壤Fill the carton with 3 to 4 inches of potting soil. Add water until the soil is moist.向硬纸盒中装三四英寸盆栽土壤。加水,直到土壤比较湿润。Step 3 Plant seeds3.播种Plant half-hardy annual and perennial seeds according to package instructions and then tape the cut you made around the jug with the packing tape.按照包装上的说明,播种半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子,然后用包装带把刚才的切口粘起来。Half-hardy perennials include dahlia, geranium, gerbera, and tuberous begonia.半耐寒性多年生种子包括大丽花,天竺葵,大丁草和球根秋海棠。Step 4 Place in sun4.放在阳光下Place the jug in a sunny area outside next to your house. Water it only when needed to maintain soil moisture.Poke extra holes in the top if there#39;s too much condensation build-up.将罐子放在户外阳光充沛的地方。只有需要的时候才浇水,保持土壤湿润。如果过多水汽凝结,在上方多戳几个孔。Step 5 Fertilize5.施肥Fertilize with a very diluted liquid fertilizer if sprouts turn yellow or light green, which indicates a lack of nutrients.如果叶芽变成黄色或淡绿色,说明缺乏营养,用浓度非常低的液体肥料施肥。Step 6 Plant after frost6.霜冻后移栽Separate the individual plants and plant them in your garden after the last frost of the year.最后一次霜冻后,将单独的植株分开,移栽到花园中。Gardeners spent .5 billion on seeds, plants, fertilizer, tools, and other gardening supplies to grow their own food in 2008.2008年,园艺工作者花费了25亿美元购买种子,植株,肥料,工具和其他园艺用品,自己种植食物。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/232013

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