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But perhaps the most ambitious task for this shoot但也许此次摄影最艰难的任务is the filming with black rhinoceros.就是拍摄黑犀牛They have a reputation for being aggressive and with poor eyesight,他们出了名的好斗 而且视力差theyre likely to charge objects or people they dont recognise.他们很可能向不认识的物体或人冲去But the plight of the rhino is such an important story但捕捉那些犀牛的境况是如此重要that we want to get as close to them as possible.所以我们想尽可能近一点拍摄We also want to meet the people who are working to protect them.我们也想见见那些致力于保护他们的人So our team have come to assess所以我们的摄制组评估了the viability of filming up close with a rhino called Elvis近距离拍摄一只叫艾维斯的犀牛的可行性whos been reared by humans.他曾经被人类饲养过He should be safer than a wild rhino,他应该要比野生犀牛安全一些but theres still a risk he could be unpredictable with strangers.但他在陌生人面前也可能变的难以捉摸Wildlife ranger, Tonga Kaseyo野生动物管理员唐加·卡希奥has brought up Elvis by hand亲手养大艾维斯and knows that tickling him gently with a stick keeps him calm.他知道轻轻地用棍子给他挠痒能使他镇静But if anything were to go seriously wrong,但如果一有不对劲there would be little he could do against a one-tonne Elvis.对于一吨重的艾维斯他也束手无策And this fact hasnt escaped cameraman Mike Fox.而摄影师麦克·福克斯一直记着这件事201408/323430DPRK fires two rockets into East Sea朝鲜向东海发射两枚导弹South Koreas Yonhap news agency reports that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has just fired two short-range rockets into waters off its east coast.据韩国联合通讯社报道,朝鲜刚刚向东海发射了两枚短程弹道导弹。The firing comes a day after South Korea rejected the DPRKs proposals to ease tensions, which included requiring South Korea to cancel its annual military drills with the ed States.在导弹试射的前一天韩国拒绝了朝鲜缓和紧张局势的提议,其中包括要求韩美取消一年一度的军事演习。201407/309035

Africas climate is certainly changing.非洲的气候无疑是在变化Some parts of the continent have become非洲大陆有些地方的气温3.5 degrees centigrade hotter in the past 20 years.在过去20年里升高了3.5摄氏度At the summit of Africas most famous mountain, Kilimanjaro,在非洲最著名的乞力马扎罗山山顶 80% of its permanent ice fields have disappeared.80%的永久冰川已消失无踪Soon, it will be free of ice altogether.很快 那些冰川都会融化殆尽All over Africa, the mountainous regions对于整个非洲 山区地带are often the first indicators of climate change.往往最先显示出气候变化的征兆Here, in the Ethiopian highlands在这片埃塞俄比亚高地里live very unusual-looking creatures.生活着一种长相独特的动物Gelada baboons.杰拉达狒狒Climate change refugees.气候变化的逃难者Although this region of Ethiopia lies in the tropics,尽管埃塞俄比亚的这片区域属于热带up at 4,000 metres, it doesnt feel like it.但在海拔4000米的地方则是另一片天地201407/310730

Premier Li orders immediate response to Yunnan quake李克強云南地震后高度重视作出重要批示Premier Li Keqiang has ordered an immediate response to the Yunnan quake. 云南地震发生后李克强总理高度重视,立即作出批示。He called for an assessment of the severity, and organizing rescue operations, relocating residents and providing supplies. 要求迅速核实灾情,全力以赴组织抢险救援和伤员救治,千方百计减少人员伤亡,妥善做好受灾群众安置工作,保障基本生活。He directed local authorities to fix the roads, as well as power and water facilities.尽快组织抢修受损的交通、电力、水利、通信等基础设施,保障道路和通讯畅通,抓紧调运救灾物资。Premier Li also ordered precautions for aftershocks and the prevention of secondary disasters.加强余震监测,严密防范滑坡、崩塌等次生灾害。201410/334616The British Museum bull sculpture was cast using the lost-wax technique.大英物馆的这尊公牛雕像使用了失蜡法来铸造。The artist firstly models his vision in wax, then he moulds clay around it.艺术家首先用蜡制成雕像,And this is then put into the fire, which hardens the clay and melts the wax.其后在外裹上一层黏土,放入火中烘烤。The wax is then drained off and, in its place, a bronze alloy is poured into the mould, so that it takes on the exact form the wax had occupied.待黏土变硬、蜡融 化之后,将蜡液排出,往模具中注入青铜溶液。When it cools, the mould is broken to reveal the bronze which can then be finished-polished, inscribed or filed, to produce the final sculpture.冷却之后再敲开模子,取出青铜,进行最后加工—拋光、镌刻或挫平。雕像最终成形。The bull leaper is quite badly corroded.虽然 这座雕像如今已严重腐蚀,Its now degraded to a greenish-brown colour.外表呈灰棕色,It would never of course have been as sparkling as gold but, originally, it would have had a powerful, seductive gleam.但刚制作完成时必定极为精美。 青铜当然不能像黄金一样闪闪发光,但其自有一种迷人的光泽。Its the bronze that makes sculptures like this one gleam, and its the bronze that lets our bull move from myth into history.制作这尊雕像所用的青铜原料让我们的公牛从神话回到现实。At first sight, its surprising that its made of bronze at all, considering that neither copper nor tin-both of which are needed-are found on Crete.事实上,光是它用青铜制成这一点就足够让人惊讶,因为克里特并没有制造青铜所需的铜和锡,Both came from much further afield, with copper coming from Cyprus-the very name means the copper island-or from the eastern Mediterranean coast.二者都需要从远方运来。铜有可能来自塞浦路斯它的名 字本身便有“青铜岛”之意,也可能来自地中海东岸。But tin had an even longer journey to make, travelling along trade routes from eastern Turkey, and sometimes even from Afghanistan.锡则走过了更 漫长的旅途,沿当时的贸易路线从土耳其东部,甚至是从阿富汗来到这里。It was often in short supply, because those trade routes were frequently interrupted, on occasion by pirates.这些路线上海盗猖獗,导致锡的供应常常短缺。Here with the sculpture itself, you can actually see something of that struggle to secure the tin supplies.事实上,从这尊雕像上,你便能看到一些为了保供应所做的努力。There hasnt been quite enough in the alloy, which explains why the surface is rather pock-marked, and also why the structure has been weak, so that the hind legs of the bull have broken off over time.合金中锡的比例显然太小,因此表面上才会坑坑洼洼,合金的质地也相对脆弱,牛的后腿因此折断了。201407/312325

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is Iron Mans real name? If you think you know it, then shout it out. “钢铁侠”的真名叫什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers or Tony Stark? Youve got 3 seconds, go.他叫布鲁斯·班纳、彼得·帕克、斯蒂夫·罗杰斯还是托尼·斯塔克?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Its Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit. 在钢铁侠套装里的是托尼·斯塔克。The character made his comic debut in 1963. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.1963年,这个角色首次出现在漫画书里。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Iron Man has been around as a fictional character for 50 years, but the U.S. military wants to turn shellhead into a reality, or at least his hardware. 钢铁侠作为一个科幻角色已经快50年了,但是美国军方想要把这个铁头王变成真实的事物,或者至少是他的硬件。The military is recruiting companies and academics to design a suit for special forces, and hopefully move superhero technology from movies and comic books to the battlefield.军队正在招募公司和学者来为特战队设计装备,希望能把电影和科幻小说中的超级英雄技术用到战场中来。 /201311/264940

Chinese tourists are also quietly influencing South Koreas travel industry. Since China started its new tourism law last year, there has been an increase in individual visitors from China, instead of group tourists organised by travel agencies.中国游客正在以一种潜移默化的方式影响着韩国旅游业。自去年中国开始实行新的旅游法以来,人们现在更愿意以散客方式出游,而非组团出游的形式,而散客的数量已经有所增加。 Chinese tourists used to arrive on buses, led by guides waving flags. Now more Chinese tourists travel by themselves.过去中国游客旅游的缩影通常是:坐着大巴,戴着小红帽,跟着导游的小红旗走。现在更多的中国游客选择自己出行。Local travel authorities have also noticed the trend. In 2013, two thirds of tourists to South Korea were individuals. Because they have to arrange their own accommodation and itineraries, South Korean travel authorities have developed simple flyers, as well as online travel information service and apps, to make sure travellers enjoy their stay.韩国当地政府也已经意识到了这种旅游趋势。2013年,去韩国旅游的游客中有2/3是散客。因为这些散客必须要自己安排食宿和行程,所以韩国旅游局就开发了小传单,在线旅游信息务和应用,以确保游客可以享受旅行。201402/277080

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