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These hill slopes of Yuanyang County plunge nearly 2,000 metres to the floor of the Red River valley.元阳县的山坡以2000M之势,斜插于红河谷地的河床。Each contains literally thousands of stacked terraces carved out by hand using basic digging tools.包含了上千由原始刨掘工具所创造出的梯田。Yunnans rice terraces are among the oldest human structures in China.云南的梯田是中国最古老人类耕作痕迹之一。Still ploughed, as they always have been, by domesticated water buffaloes, whose ancestors originated in these very valleys.正如千百年来的习俗一样,并为云南河谷的家养水牛承担了耕作的重任,所以依旧被耕种使用的土地。This man-made landscape is one of the most amazing engineering feats of pre-industrial China.这片人力开拓的土地是工业化前中国最惊奇宏伟的壮景。It seems as if every square inch of land has been pressed into cultivation.似乎这里的每一寸土地都被打上了农耕的痕迹。 /201406/302940With the warmth of the sun, fresh air, and sound of the water hitting the shore, the beach is the perfect setting for picking up a girl.温暖的阳光,新鲜的空气,水浪拍击海岸的声音,沙滩是搭讪美女最完美的场合。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Confidence信心An open-ended question自由回答的问题Listening skills倾听技巧Steps步骤Step 1 Wait for an opening1.等待机会Wait for the perfect time to approach your prey. Do not approach her when she is engaged in a conversation, on the phone, or playing volleyball.等待接近目标的最佳机会。不要在她和别人聊天,打电话或打排球的时候接近她。Step 2 Seize the day2.把握机会Seize the day – go for it. Be confident. Walk with your head up, shoulders slightly back, and wear a big welcoming smile.把握机会,大胆出击。保持自信。昂首挺胸,灿烂地微笑。Step 3 Start a conversation3.开始对话Ask her if she will talk to you privately if she is with a big group of friends. Ask her an open-ended question to start a conversation.如果她和很多朋友在一起,询问她想不想和你单独聊天。问她一些可以自由回答的问题,开始对话。Do not let your eyes wander. Look her in the eyes when engaging in a conversation.眼睛不要四处看,对话的时候要看着她的眼睛。Step 4 Listen4.倾听Listen to what she is saying. Be sincere in your responses.认真倾听她说话,做出真诚的回应。Step 5 Express your interest in her5.表达兴趣Express your interest in her and ask her if she would like to go out you sometime. Do not specify a date.表达自己对她的兴趣,问一下将来是否会和你外出。不要明确是约会。Step 6 Get to know her6.进一步了解Get to know her by inviting her to the movies or dinner if she accepts your invitation. If she turns you down, look around – there are plenty of other fish in the sea.如果她接受邀请的话,请她去看电影或共进晚餐,进一步了解她。如果她拒绝了,继续寻找——沙滩上还有足够多的美女。In 2008, 1,210 U.S. beaches were affected by advisories or closures by the E.P.A. because of potential risk to public health.由于潜在的公共卫生隐患,2008年,1,210个沙滩受到公告影响,或者被环保署关闭。视频听力节目由。201309/256020It is my wish that the newspapers and the people of Hong Kong will stop speculating on the circumstances surrounding my husbands death.我希望所有的报纸和香港的人民不要再揣测我丈夫的死因了。Please remember him for his genius, his art and the magic he brought to every one of us.请你们记住他给我们展现的天赋、艺术和魔力。Of course I was going to go and see his film and applaud him and be with people who admired him.That was always my thought in my head,is; I need to do this for Bruce.;我当然会去看他的电影,并为之鼓掌,和钦佩他的人待在一起,我脑中始终有个声音说,我要为布鲁斯这么做。She really is this incredible woman with just great dignity and grace under fire.她让人难以置信,在这么大的变故后还能这么优雅镇静。It was great to see Bruce again,but only a month later my memories were very fresh anyway, you know.能再见到布鲁斯真好,一个月后我的记忆开始变得清晰。It was more pain than joy at the time.给我带来的苦多于乐Everybody said all these years, you know,he had an allergic reaction to marijuana,he had a brain aneurysm.The most important thing is how he lived.这些年每个人都说他对大麻过敏,他得了脑动脉瘤。但最重要的是他活着的方式Every time you see him, its still emotional.We miss the friend.每次看到他 还是会伤感,我们很怀念这个朋友Im now 74, but there really has not ever been a day that I havent thought about him at least once, maybe twice or three times or four times or five times through the day Theres nobody whos gonna replace Bruce Lee,not while you or I are alive.我都74了,但没有一天我是不想他的,至少会想到他一次,两次三次,多至五次,没人可以取代李小龙,至少在你我的有生之年。It just wont gonna happen.This genius passes away way before his time.We have to be thankful we had him for 32 years.没人可以取代他,这个奇才去世得太早,我们感谢他活着的这三十二年。201312/270733Yet water is still abundant in unspoiled regions of the planet.不过地球上一些未破坏的地区仍然水量充沛。The wetlands.湿地。These wetlands are crucial to all life on Earth.这些湿地对地球上的生命来说至关重要。They represent six percent of the planet.它们占了地球表面积的6%。Marshes are sponges that regulate the flow of water.沼泽是调节水流的海绵。They absorb it in the wet season...雨季时吸水。and release it in the dry season.旱季时放水。The water runs off the mountain peaks,carrying with it the seeds of the regions it flows through.水从高山上流下携带着流过区域的种子。This process gives birth to unique landscapes,where the diversity of species is unequaled in its richness.这个过程造就了独特的风景,那里的物种多样性无比丰富。Under the calm water lies a veritable factory...在恬静的水面下有一个真正的工厂。where this ultimately linked richness and diversity patiently filters the water and digests all the pollution.这种极端的丰富与多样性的结合,过滤水份并消除所有污染。Marshes are indispensable environments for the regeneration and purification of water.沼泽是水的再生和净化必不可少的环境。These wetlands were always seen as unhealthy expanses,unfit for human habitation.这些湿地总会被认为不适合人类居住。In our race to conquer more land,we have reclaimed them as pasture for our livestock,or as land for agriculture or building.人类为了开发更多土地往往把沼泽变成牧场,耕地或用于建屋。In the last century, half of the worlds marshes were drained.在上一世纪地球一半沼泽被消灭。We know neither their richness nor their role.我们竟不知它的富饶和所担当的角色。All living matter is linked.所有生物都互相连系。Water, air, soil, trees.水,空气,土,树木。The worlds magic is right in front of our eyes.世界的魔法就在我们眼前。201410/337861

Is gold losing its luster? As stocks continue to rise, investors are dumping money into the market-- and pulling out of gold. Christine Romans reports. 最近黄金大跌,下跌预示黄金熊市到来,还是一次短期下跌?华尔街著名投资人、前量子基金合伙人杰姆·罗杰斯说黄金在货币超发时代,仍具有很强的保值增值潜力。Americas latest gold rush. When even reality TV fans are watching Tv shows, like Gold Rush, Yukon Gold, is that the signal that the bubble has burst? For centuries, investors have depended on gold as a safe store of value in the face of rising prices, but now the precious metals luster seems to be fading. Gold price has down more than 20 percent since September. Whats going on? And why now? Is gold still a safe haven? Economic growth numbers out of China are rising enough for investors to worry. Slow in the growth of worlds second largest economy will mean lower demand for precious metals, with industrial uses, like gold, but someone are buying it.-A lot of people are taking them as evidence the world is slowing, no inflation, commodities are dead, get out of gold. That is not the deal. This is the real desperation on the part of the West. They set off some sort of panic, so no one would ever go near gold again.The move out of gold would suit many central banks just fine, because lower gold prices imply higher confidence in their monetary policies. Right now, it could be summed up in two words-- friend, money. That confidence may push investors away from gold and into stocks, which are now trading near all-time highs, but it cant last forever. All that extra money in the financial system could fuel inflation and that will make gold attractive again as a safe hedge against rising prices.-My suspicion is as gold is looking for a bottom, is this might or next, you are likely to see a gold resilient trend in coming years.Christine Romans, CNN, New York. /201306/243642

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