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Adidas CEO lays out World Cup game plan Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer discusses its World Cup marketing campaign.CEO Herbert Hainer joins us now live from Germany and the involvement really begins with this, doesn’t it?Oh yeah, I’m absolutely excited about the world cup, I’ve just been there for a few days and could see the atmosphere in the stadium, in the country, the fans are brilliant, not only from Brazil, from all over the world. And what I have seen, all the fans in the US are enjoying soccer very much.Now you’ve done some interesting things with the Brazuca and social media, the goal pro comes to mind, tell me more about that.Yeah, we have for the first time, put the team, a communication team directly into Rio de Janeiro, we have 25 people are sitting there permanently discussing and connecting with our consumers via Twitter, Facebook et cetera. And obviously we have twitter account for Ball Brazuca as well. And there’s in the meantime over 2 million followers, which is quite a success.Let’s talk numbers for a moment, what kind of revenue has the World Cup generated for Adidas, break that down for me.Could we have given ourselves an objective for the whole year of 2014 that we want for the first time to achieve. /201407/309128。

We will get to the very beginning of human history, but Im not going to start there because I want to begin with the mummies -which is where I began when I first came through these doors into the British Museum in 1954 at the age of eight, and I think thats where most people begin when they first visit a museum.我们以后会回到初民时期,但是我的故事并不始于彼时,因为我打算先讲述木乃伊——1954年八岁的我第一次穿越大英物馆的重门,首先映入眼帘的便是那些木乃伊,它们是我探索世界史的开端。我猜测多数访客的物馆之行也始于此处。Its a pretty safe bet that most of the children you can hear round about me are also headed for the Egyptian mummies. What fascinated me then was the mummies themselves, the thrilling gruesome thought of the dead bodies, but Im now much more interested in the mummy cases - and Ive chosen one particular mummy case for this opening programme, because it carries all the different kinds of messages across the millennia, signals from the past if you like, that things can communicate to us, and that Im going to be looking for in all the objects in this series.我敢说你现在听到的我身边这些孩子也是冲着木乃伊去的。当时我着迷的是那些木乃伊本身,它们激起了我对死尸既兴奋又恐惧的想象,但现在我对这些木乃伊的案例更感兴趣。我特别为首期节目选择了这一典型的木乃伊案例,因为它携带了“人造物”所能传递的穿越千载的远古音信。在这一系列节目中,我将在这些物品中探求这些音信。Telling history through things, whether its a mummys coffin or a credit card, is what museums are for and, because the British Museum has collected things from all over the globe, its not a bad place to try to tell a world history. Of course it can only be a history of the world, not the history.通过如木乃伊棺材或信用卡这样的物品讲述历史,是所有物馆的目标和功能。大英物馆是用来复述世界简史的一个不错的选择,因为它搜集了世界各地的物品。当然,它所能讲述的只是世界“简史”,而非世界“历史”。When people come to the museum, they choose their own objects and make their own journey round the world and through time, but I think what they will find, is that their own histories quickly intersect with everybody elses -and when that happens, you no longer have a history of a particular people or nation, but a story of endless connections. Nobody has thought more deeply about this than the Indian economist and Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen:人们造访物馆时,会依据个人喜好浏览展品,制定自己的时空之旅。但我想,人们会发现,其本族历史旋即与外族史纵横交错,此时,历史已经不再局限于某个民族或国家,而是一个无限延伸、环环相扣的故事。关于这点,印度经济学家、诺贝尔奖得主阿玛蒂亚·森(Amartya Sen)的认识最为深刻:I think what is really very important to recognise is that, when we look at the history of the world, were not looking at the history of different civilisations truncated and separated from each other. Theyve a huge amount of contact with each other, there is a kind of inter-connectedness.“我认为认识到这点非常重要,即纵观世界历史,我们看到的并非各大文化彼此隔绝分离的历史。各种文化之间交流丰富,存在着某种内在联系。So Ive always felt, not to think of the history of the world as a history of civilisations, but as a history of world civilisations evolving in often similar, often diverse ways, always interacting with each other. And this is a very different view from the clash of civilisations to which we were exposed some years ago, as a way to understand enmity in the world. Enmity has not been the general condition of the relationship between people across the world in history.所以我始终认为,不应把世界历史视为各种文化的简单结合体,而应是其相互作用,遵循相似又相异的轨道不断进化的历史。我的观点很大程度上背离了几年前提出的文化冲突论。文化冲突是我们理解世界敌对状态的一种方法,但纵观世界历史,这种状态并非人类关系的主流。”Most of us I think, if we come back to a museum that we visited as a child, have the sense that weve changed enormously, while the things have remained serenely the same, but of course they havent. Thanks to constant research and to new scientific techniques, what we can know about them is constantly growing. Im standing now in front of one of the most impressive mummy cases in the British Museum. It was made around 240 for a high-ranking Egyptian priest called Hornedjitef.回到童年时代参观过的物馆,我们大多会感慨物是人非。然而,这些物品却一直静止不动,但是当然,它们不可能变化的。随着持续的研究和科技的进步,我们对它们的了解不断增长。我现在就站在大英物馆木乃伊展品中最令人印象深刻的木乃伊身前。它大约制作于公元前240年,主人是一位名为霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)的埃及高级牧师。Theres a massive black outer case in the shape of a human body, theres an elaborately decorated inner case, and then the mummy itself. Everything we know about Hornedjitef, we know from this group of things. He is his own document if you like, and its a document that continues to give up its secrets. My colleague, John Taylor, has been researching the mummies in the British Museum for over 20 years - I asked him what we have learnt about Hornedjitef since he came to the British Museum:它包括一个巨大的黑色人形棺套,一个精心装饰的内棺,以及木乃伊本身。我们对霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)的了解均来自这套物品。你可以说霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)就是他自己的一部历史文献,不断地泄露着自己的秘密。我的同事约翰·泰勒(John Taylor)从事物馆的木乃伊研究已逾20年,我询问他自霍尼杰提夫(Hornedjitef)被移驾到物馆以来,我们了解到了哪些知识:201402/275980。

Ever think you could lose weight by eating a lot of food? Now you can with Volumetrics.曾经幻想大吃特吃的同时也能减肥?现在可以尝试一下Volumetrics计划。You Will Need你需要Foods with low energy density能量密度比较低的食物A journal日记Daily physical activity日常体育锻炼A copy of _The Volumetrics Eating Plan_Volumetrics计划副本Steps步骤Consult your physician before beginning any diet or new exercise regimen.在进行任何节食或锻炼计划之前一定要向医生咨询。Step 1 Understand the diet1.理解该节食计划Understand the diet. Created by a nutritionist, Volumetrics is based on the idea that you can eat more food and still lose weight. Its all about energy density.理解该计划。Volumetrics由一位营养师提出,其理念是吃更多食物的同时仍然可以减肥。一切都跟能量密度有关。Find more information about the diet in the book The Volumetrics Eating Plan.阅读《饮食体积计划》一书,了解更多内容。Step 2 Use the energy density rating to find the right foods2.使用能量密度评级来寻找合适的食物Use the energy density rating to find the foods you can eat. Low-density foods are good for you and include many fruits and vegetables, which have high water and fiber content,are low in calories, and make you feel full.使用能量密度评级来寻找适合你吃的食物。低能量密度的食品对你比较好,其中包括许多水果和蔬菜,水和纤维含量比较高,而热量含量比较低,同时能让你感觉更饱。Step 3 Avoid high-density foods3.避免高密度食物Avoid high-density foods such as fried foods, chips, candy, cookies, crackers, nuts, butters, and oils. These high-fat foods won’t fill you up and make it harder for your body to burn fat.避免高密度食物,例如油炸食品,薯片,糖果,曲奇,饼干,坚果,黄油和动物油。这些高脂肪食品不会让你感到肚子饱,只会让你的身体更难燃烧脂肪。Step 4 Set your weight-loss goals4.制定减肥目标Set your weight-loss goals, and then eliminate 500 to 1,000 calories per day from your diet. Depending on your weight, this will help you lose between one and two pounds per week.制定减肥目标,每天的饮食摄入的热量逐渐减少500至1,000卡路里。根据你的体重而定,每周可以减肥1至2磅。Do not eliminate too many calories or you’ll send your body into starvation mode.减少的热量不要太多,否则你的身体会进入饥饿状态。Step 5 Keep records of what you eat5.记录饮食Keep daily records of your food intake. Log your daily physical activity and record your weight at least once a week to check your progress.记录每天摄入的食物。记录每天的体育活动,每周至少一次称体重,检查一下进展。Step 6 Increase your physical activity6.加强体育锻炼Increase your physical activity. Do at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day.增加体育活动。每天至少进行30至60分钟强度比较适中的体育活动。If you’re new to exercise, start by walking, and gradually increase your pace and duration.如果你以前不经常锻炼,从散步开始,循序渐进,逐渐增加速度和时间。Step 7 Reward yourself7.奖励自己Reward yourself with something you love, even an occasional high-density food.用自己喜欢的东西奖励自己,即使偶尔吃一点能量密度比较高的食品也无伤大雅。In the U.S. 66 percent of adults are overweight or obese.在美国,66%的成年人超重或肥胖。 /201310/262277。

The cost of our actions is high.我们的行为代价昂贵。Others pay the price without having been actively involved.其他没有积极参与的也会付出代价。I have seen refugee camps as big as cities,sprawling in the desert.我见过在沙漠上绵延的难民营,大得像个城市。How many men, women and children will be left by the wayside tomorrow?明天会有多少男女老幼又将流离失所?Must we always build walls.我们一定要筑墙。to break the chain of human solidarity,separate peoples and protect the happiness of some from the misery of others?来破坏人类团结,分隔人种维护某些人的幸福而不管其他人死活?Its too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。I know that a single human can knock down every wall.我知道一个人就可以推倒所有的墙。Its too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Worldwide, four children out of five attend school.全世界 每五个小孩有四个在上学。Never has learning been given to so many human beings.从来没有这么多人受到教育。Everyone, from richest to poorest, can make a contribution.每个人无论贫富都能作出贡献。Lesotho, one of the worlds poorest countries,is proportionally the one that invests most in its peoples education.莱索托是世界上最穷的国家之一,他们投放在国民教育经费上比例最高。Qatar, one of the worlds richest states,has opened its doors to the best universities.卡塔尔是全球最富的国家之一,他们引进最优秀的大学。Culture, education, research and innovation are inexhaustible resources.文化,教育,研究,革新是无穷无尽的资源。In the face of misery and suffering.面对悲惨和痛苦。millions of N.G.O.s prove that solidarity between peoples is stronger than the selfishness of nations.数百万非政府组织明人与人之间的团结比各国的自私自利更强大。In Bangladesh, a man thought the unthinkable and founded a bank that lends only to the poor.在孟加拉国 有人异想天开,想开只给穷人贷款。In barely 30 years, it has changed the lives of 150 million people around the world.三十年间,全球有一亿五千万人的生活得到改善。Antarctica is a continent with immense natural resources...南极洲有丰富自然资源。that no country can claim for itself,a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.它们不属于任何国家,其自然储备只作为和平和科学用途。A treaty signed by 49 states has made it a treasure shared by all humanity.一份49国签署的协定使其成为人类共享的宝库。Its too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Governments have acted to protect nearly two percent of the worlds territorial waters.多国政府为保护地球上2%的水源已行动起来。Its not much, but its two times more than 10 years ago.虽然不多 但已是十年前的两倍。The first natural parks were created just over a century ago.首批自然公园成立于一个世纪前。They cover over13% of the continents.占大陆面积的13%。They create spaces where human activity is in step with the preservation of species, soils and landscapes.它们创造了人类可以。保护物种、土壤和景观的空间。This harmony between humans and nature can become the rule,no longer the exception.人类和大自然的和谐成为定律,而不再是例外。In the ed States, New York has realized that nature does for us.在美国,纽约市已明白大自然的用心良苦。These forests and lakes supply all the drinking water the city needs.这些森林和湖泊为城市提供饮用水。In South Korea, the forests have been devastated by war.在南朝鲜,森林遭到战争破坏。201411/342773。

Young, fully-developed octopus pop out.发育完全的小章鱼破卵而出Though only a few will survive to adulthood,虽然只有少数几只 可以存活到成年shes given them the best chance she can.但母章鱼已经尽力 给了后代最好的机会After her long and lonely vigil, she is dead.漫长孤独的守护落幕 它的生命也到了尽头Surely this sacrifice must make her one of natures most devoted mothers.如此伟大的牺牲,母章鱼肯定名列 自然界最尽责的母亲之一Here, 30 metres beneath the Costa Rican forest canopy,在哥斯大黎加森林 树冠层下方30公尺处another dedicated mother ensures that住着另一种充满母爱的动物her young also have the best possible start in life.它们也全心全意地 让后代赢在起跑点上This tiny strawberry poison arrow frog, only the size of a finger nail,这只只有指甲般大小的 草莓箭毒蛙is guarding her fertilised eggs.正在守护它的受精卵Whilst the eggs and tadpoles are developing,受精卵和蝌蚪发育的时候she and her mate keep watch,它和伴侣在旁守护making sure that they are safe from predators.不让掠食动物越雷池一步But they cant stay here for ever.但它们不能一直留在这里The leaf litter is drying out and tadpoles need water.落叶开始干枯,但是蝌蚪需要水She must do something, and fast.母蛙得快点想个办法才行She needs to move them and搬家的时候到了so encourages one tadpole to climb on her back.母蛙把一只蝌蚪哄上它的背She now begins an epic journey.一趟史诗旅程正式展开But its not to a pond, as you might expect,但目的地并不是池塘she is looking for something very particular.它的目标很明确Her journey takes her across the forest floor母蛙穿过林地to the foot of a tall tree来到一棵大树下and then she starts to climb.然后开始往上爬201307/247876。

Pirlo from A.C.Milan, the dead balls specialist got it going.效力于AC米兰的定位球大师皮尔洛首先出场。重点词汇: dead ball 死球例句:Milans first goal came from a dead ball situation.米兰的第一个进球来自于定位球。 视频介绍:令人窒息的点球大战开始,意大利队的定位球大师皮尔洛首先出场。。

12 Years a Slave Director: Were Very ProudThe cast and crew including best supporting actress Lupita Nyongo discusses the best picture win.Real favorite heading into last night, of course 12 years a slave and it did not disappointed. Lupita Nyongo looked great, and won big to come the Oscar for best supporting actress, the movie itself of course took home the similar award,of the night for best pictuer,i had the chance to speak with Lupita Nyongo and the star-studded team behind,the singular film after their big wins.and the Oscar girl to Lupita Nyongo .OMG, thats my name. You know, a monent of realization, and then just like, realizing what I means you know, that I have how would a women be that.It dosent escape me for one moment as so much joy in my life, and thanks to so much pains in someone elses.Im alwys personatly fascinating bythe idea giving awards for so subjecive a thing.what for you what does it mean.well,it means that my work is appreciated.It means that I got to paly a woman, a character and a real woman who touched people.12 years a slave, the film also took best pictuer as the cast and production team slaver their willing moment,including someone who is part of both,BIts an incredible experience, but it was privilege to be a part of the stoy, but it was it was Steve who found our story. I dedicated this award toall the people who have injured slaver and 21million people who still suffer slavery today.for7 weeks, crew shot the film in the unforgiving 108 degree heat of Louisiana summer.that was.what does that do, what part do that paly.I think it worked to our benefit,I think the heat was a character in the story.We got into koodoos to the background of the New Orelands which isThere was a commitment shared by all.we want to do make the storyWe really got passion for it and we are very proud of the picture, very proud. /201403/279262。