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S8XT,cS[9+95f;NfIdY5xfi@3fGy^lUM!%M;5V9John Thompson is a runaway from Maryland.约翰·汤普森是马里兰州一名逃跑的奴隶;tZkKblRdxi)kJc。I have a family in Philadelphia. But fearing to remain there any longer, I thought I would go on a whaling voyage where I stood least chance of being arrested by slave hunters.我的家在费城,但我不敢再在那里多呆,我想到了去航海捕鲸,抓捕逃奴的赏金猎人们不太可能跑到海上来追捕我a68mF3Pk^p;^*CLJDr。The equal opport unity offered in whaling is ahead of its time. Here, a colored man is only known and looked upon as a man and is promoted in rank according to his ability and skill to perform the same duties as a white man.捕鲸业所提供的平等机会超前于其所处的时代,在这里色人种真正被当人看待并且他们的晋升只取决于能力和技术水平,干的活也和白人一样lP8X.9p)*0Z.|lJ。The whaling industry offered an ex -slave like John Thompson the possibility of socialand economic fluidity, mobility and acceptance in a way.从某种角度来说,捕鲸业为那些像约翰·汤普森一样当过奴隶的人提供了社会经济层面的流动性和被人接受的可能性,Even in the North, that was not possible for black people otherwise.即使在北方,对于黑人来说这在其它行业也是不可能的r^1H1dnOSx;。The man on the lookout cried out, ;There she blows!; There were four whales in sight, not more than 3/4 of a mile distant. It takes hours to kill them.负责瞭望的人大声叫道;她在那儿喷水呢;,海面上出现了四只鲸鱼,距离他们只有不到四分之三英里,猎杀它们需要花费数小时的时间sx45@,DH[F。They use state -of -the-art harpoons invented by runaway slave Lewis Temple. The whale can only be killed by lancing him under the fin, which is a work of much skill and practice.他们用的是最先进的鱼叉,这是由一个名叫路易斯·坦普的逃奴发明的杀死鲸鱼的唯一方法是在鱼鳍处捅入鱼叉,这需要很多练习和技巧Z[L~u^Yd]Ro]3~%。A monster, terrible in his fury, able to shiver the boat in atoms by one stroke of his tail.一头盛怒之中的猛兽足以在摆尾之间让小船灰飞烟灭]hM9kyU9+QRCR;N。And yet even the dangers at sea are preferable to the horror of life as a slave.但海上生活纵使再凶险也比可怕的奴隶生活要强得多yc+EA36%,(Z。Punishment is savage for those who risk escape, but some will do anything to be free.对那些冒险逃跑的奴隶的惩罚手段极其凶残,但仍有人为了自由不惜一切代价fla46fbaXK。1841, New Orlea ns. Ground zero for the slave trade. Its auction day. The day every slave fears the most.1841年,新奥尔良,奴隶交易的中心,这一天是拍卖日,一个让所有奴隶心惊胆战的日子i8Udk;;F_K|C42s。In the first half of the 19th century, over half a million slaves are sold at auction. Its a business worth billion to the Southern economy.在十九世纪上半叶,超过一半的奴隶是在拍卖会上被卖出的,这一行业在南方经济中占了20亿美元fRj]7MY57)。Since the cotton boom, the value of slaves has skyrocketed.由于棉花种植业的繁荣,奴隶的价格飙升nY#t3RDSiydxg*W#WlT。Now men cost ,000. Women, 800. Children, 500.Solomon Northup, an educated freeman from the North, was kidnapped into slavery.现在,男奴隶1000美元,女奴隶800美元,儿童500美元moo+5X,Dp!t^Y!!NTb。所罗门·诺萨普[曾著自传《为奴十二载》],一位来自北方的受过教育的自由人因遭绑架而沦为奴隶YF@fg5rqF.w。xnYfPLtw^K.0]_IRsJIP_(2[T#hO4K)9gi /201210/203209The diagnosis of a sleep disorder involves several steps.睡眠障碍的诊断包括几个步骤。In the first instance a doctor would do a full assessment including asking several questionnaire-based questions and doing a questionnaire-based assessment on symptoms of sleep disorder. In the second instance one will need to have a sleep study,this is usually done in hospital and sleep study is polysonography, measures a variety of parameters including brain waves,eye movement, air flow, oxygen and heart rate overnight and muscle movement. By using all this data gathered were able to analyse a persons sleep, stage their sleep in other words, when they sleep in the different stages of sleep and find out whether they have any breathing problems in their sleep, movement disorders or neurological problems in their sleep.第一种情况,医生会对你进行全面的评估,包括问你一些调查性的问题,针对睡眠障碍的症状进行评估。第二种情况,疑似病患需要进行睡眠调查,需要在医院进行。睡眠调查使用多导睡眠监测,测量几个不同的参数,包括脑电波,眼球运动,空气流动,氧气,心率和肌肉运动。通过搜集的所有数据,我们可以分析一个人的睡眠,将他们的睡眠分为几个阶段。换句话说,就是在不同阶段查明他们在睡眠过程中是否有呼吸问题,运动问题或者神经问题。Thanks for watching How To Know If You Have A Sleep Disorder.感谢收看“怎样诊断是否患有睡眠障碍”视频节目。 /201211/209916

Now, bit by bit,现在 一点一点地the chicken is stripped down to a shell to become a convenience food.通过褪毛加工直到变成一种便利的食品With a pause of only 35 minutes for lunch and two breaks for tea,除了35分钟午餐和两次喝茶时间外all day long the procession of birds goes by.工人全天要面对一排排的鸡经过This is a process which is inevitable, a process which must go on这个过程是不可避免的 必须继续下去and a process which we can do nothing but admire.我们所能做的只有钦佩The end of the production line.产品线的最后Conceived by the geneticist and realised in a factory,由遗传学家构想并由工厂实现its grown in nine weeks from 1.5 ounces to three pounds,它能在9周内从1.5盎司长到3磅the weight that the housewife wants,这是主妇们想要的重量and at a price that most people can afford.且在大多数人可承受的价格之内The march of progress was relentless.工业化发展进程不断推进But in their urge to squeeze maximum efficiency out of the farmyard,但由于急切追求产出最大化scientists sometimes went to extremes.科学家们往往会走向极端Animals kept completely free of the main farm diseases thrived,动物们完全不必经受农场中盛行的疫病putting on weight at an以理想速率增重的同时exceptional rate and with much lower mortality.还伴随着相对低得多的死亡率By rearing a whole herd of germ-free piglets in incubators通过在孵化器中培育一群无菌小猪and keeping them away from other animals in a sealed-off building,让它们在密闭空间内远离其它动物commercial herds of pigs for meat商业化肉猪have been produced that are the healthiest pigs in the已被培育成全国最健康的猪种0country, with quite an edge over their nearest normal competitors.完胜它们的普通竞争者201306/242997

Dress approriately and be confident for a job interview. Remember, first impressions last.参加求职面试时的着装一定要得体,一定要自信。记住,第一印象可以持续很长时间。Hi, I am a fashion stylist. Im here in the heart of East London at the Pattern Market. This area is one of Britains trendiest areas, there are a lot of fashion designers and people who are heavily industry related.大家好,我是一名时尚设计师。我在伦敦东部帕顿市场的中心。这个地区是大不列颠最时尚的地方,有许多时尚设计师和时尚从业者。So lets go inside and Ill show you some things on how to dress. So, dressing for job interviews. Its the time when one has to put your best foot forward because first impressions are always the best.好,让我告诉大家着装方面的一些问题。求职面试应该怎样着装呢?这种时候应该展示自己最好的一面。因为第一印象通常都是最好的。So its within your interest to kind of make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the sort of job you are going for. So, if youre going for that all-important job in the city, or something particularly professional, I think that its probably going to be best for you to wear something sharp. Ladies, you need to be modest, not too much make up, not too much kind of like blusher or anything going on, and nothing too overpowering when it comes to fragrance as well.要确保你的着装能够适合自己面试的工作。如果你面试城市里非常重要的岗位,或者非常职业化的工作,我认为你最好选择比较轮廓鲜明的装。女士们,你需要谦和一点,妆容不要太浓,不要涂腮红或者其他东西,也不要用香味太浓烈的香水。You dont want to kind of overpower the people who are going to be interviewing you for the job. Always be modest in your, I would kind of suggest a nice decent-length pencil skirt, probably to knee length would be appropriate, something thats not going to be ill-fitting on your shape. You know, it could be a-line, it could be pencil skirt, but never too short and you probably dont want to go too long on that one either.不要压面试你的人。你的装一定要保持谦逊。我建议选择一款比较漂亮,长度适宜的铅笔裙,到膝盖的长度比较合适。这种款式不会毁灭你的身材,可以是A字裙,也可以是铅笔裙,但是不要太短,可能你也不想穿太长的裙子。So ladies, if youre going for a kind of a sharp but modest look especially, I would probably suggest either an a-line skirt or a pencil skirt depending on your figure. And you will also kind of make sure that you get a nice blouse or a well-fitted shirt so that you are appropriately attired, nothing too busting out, not so much cleavage showing or anything like that, and not keep a kind of jewelry. Another thing that is key to note as well especially in a time where men are wearing more jewelry these days, is try less is more especially for interviews.所以,女士们,如果想要达到一种犀利但是谦和的效果,我建议选择A字裙或铅笔裙,这取决于你的体型。你还要确保搭配一件比较漂亮的衬衣,这样你的着装才比较得体,不会太突兀,也不会格格不入。不要佩戴珠宝。另外需要注意的一点是,在现代这个社会,男性佩戴的珠宝似乎更多,面试的时候一定要减少。What you think might be cool on a job interview is probably not what your employer or potential employers going to think is cool. So guys, if you think that wearing a cubic zirconium on your ear because your favourite R amp; B artist or rap star wears one and you think that actually is kind of cool, thats not necessarily how your potential employer is going to see it either. So lose your jewelry, you can wear that on your private time or the weekends, but if youre going for that first impression, you need to be dressed appropriately for the environment youre going into.在求职面试的时候,你自己认为比较酷的着装,你的雇主或潜在雇主不一定认为比较酷。所以,伙计们,如果你想在耳朵上戴一枚立方体的锆合金,因为你最喜欢的R amp; B歌手或rap明星也戴了一枚,你认为比较酷,你的潜在雇主可能不这样认为。所以,摘下珠宝,你可以在周末或私人时间佩戴,但是如果是第一次面试,你的着装必须适合自己的工作环境。So, women wearing heels, sometimes its not the most comfortable choice of many of you but try to invest. One thing you should do is try to invest in a good pair of heels. Heels are quite important especially when judging your posture, heels often kind of make you more confident, they make you stand in a particular way which just projects an air of confidence about you, but make sure that you practice in them first.女士们应该穿高跟鞋,或许并不是很舒,但是尝试一下。有一点需要注意的是要选择一双比较好的高跟鞋。高跟鞋可以很好的修饰你的体态,通常可以让你看上去更加自信,但是确保先练习一下穿高跟鞋走路。If youre new or super tall, you might want to wear kitten heels or flats, etc. But as long as they are smart and nothing too flashy, thats the key to dressing for a job interview.如果你以前没穿过高跟鞋,或者个子很高,你或许想穿鞋跟较低的鞋子或平跟鞋。但是确保不要太花哨,要记住,你是去面试。Thanks for watching How To Dress For A Job Interview感谢收看“求职面试怎样得体着装”视频节目。201209/20112228日,联合国教科文组织正式批准成都加入该组织的创意城市网络,并授予成都“世界美食之都”称号。 Chengdu's spiciness goes globalThe city of Chengdu, in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, is known for its mouthwatering hot and spicy cuisine. Now its delicacies are about to go global, as Chengdu was nominated for the "Creative Cities Network" in the gastronomy category by UNESCO on Sunday. Jinli Street in Chengdu plays host to a variety of local snacks all year round. For visitors from near and far, Jinli Street is no doubt their best choice to get a taste of the whole city within a short stay. A visitor said, "There are various local snacks and all of them are delicious. I like those served with soup, such as the sour and spicy noodle, just to name a few." No matter whether guests come from afar, or are just the locals, one thing is sure, that everyone loves the delicious food in Chengdu. The local dining tradition has become a unique culture, gaining a growing reputation around the world for its authentic spicy flavor, and alluring global gastronomists to give it a try. And thanks to the booming catering industry, the city of Chengdu is attracting the world's outstanding enterprises and talents in the field of creative design of gastronomy. So far there are around 60-thousand restaurants of various scales in Chengdu, with millions of practitioners engaged in catering or related businesses. The City's Commerce Bureau has drafted a work plan from 2010 to 2012 to mold Chengdu into a "City of Gastronomy". As a member country of the "Creative Cities Network" issued by UNESCO, it's an obligation that Chengdu must fulfill.201003/97740Step 1: Use open-ended questions (使用开放性的问题)For conversation to flow well, it's important to ask open questions, these often start with ‘how', ‘when', ‘why' etc. An open question is something like: "What sort of things do you do in your spare time?"This really gets the conversation flowing. Try to avoid asking closed questions. These are questions that can be answered with yes or no answer, such as: "Do you like films?"Closed questions tend to kill the conversation.Step 2: Active Listening (积极聆听)People speak at 100 to 175 words per minute (WPM), but they can listen intelligently at up to 300 words per minute. Since only a part of our mind is paying attention, it is easy to go into mind drift - thinking about other things while listening to someone. The cure for this is active listening - which involves listening with a purpose. It may be to gain information, obtain directions, understand others, solve problems, share interest, see how another person feels, show support, etc. It's also important to give feedback to show yourself and the other person that you've understood what they've said. Do this by summarising and repeating what you heard.Step 3: Create a 'cocoon' (创造沟通小空间)If you're finding it particularly difficult to concentrate on what someone is saying, try to imagine a “cocoon” around you and the person you're listening to. Imagine that the cocoon is blocking out all outside distractions, so you can really focus on what they're saying. Try repeating their words mentally as they say it - this will reinforce their message and help you control mind drift.Step 4: Engage with the other person (同他人交往)When someone is trying to get your attention, or engage you in conversation don't turn your back on them, or answer over your shoulder. Instead, turn and face them, engage with them. Good communication is when you really engage. When you are talking to people observe your body language and your tone of voice. Remember to use open strong gestures, look people in the eye and smile when you talk unless you are complaining about something.Step 5: Assumptions (设想)Don't assume you know the other person's thoughts and feelings. Learn to identify when you do this. It normally occurs when the facts aren't present to support your belief, so always check with the other person what they mean when they say something.Step 6: Antagonistic sentences (敌对性的用语)If you need to talk to someone about a difficult topic then avoid using sentences like “You should know me better”, “Why are you trying to upset me?”, “You've never understood me”, “I thought we were going to enjoy ourselves”. These are antagonistic sentences, and are not productive in any way and will just ensure there is a conflict.201002/96602

The Beijing Spring Book Market has attracted nearly 400,000 ers over the past 10 days. Publishers are using discounts to promote sales, and ers say they like the combined shopping and ing atmosphere. The market is held annually in Beijing's Ditan Park for two weeks. The organizer predicts the total sales will exceed 40 million yuan this year, a significant rise from last year's event. The best selling books are on health and wellbeing. China has been promoting book-ing among the public as the per-capita consumption of books in the country remains at low levels compared with the rest of the world.05/69416

In Italia Serie A, all eyes were focused on the match between AC Milan and Inter Milan late on Sunday night.Champions Milan came into the match with one game in hand, though one point behind leaders Juventus who was tied with Cagliari in an earlier clash.Zlatan Ibrahimovic led the Milan front-line as usual with Inter featuring veteran Diego Milito who was struggling most of the season.It would be Inter striking first 4 minutes into competition. Thiago Motta headed in Maicons free kick. But the goal was ruled out with the Brazilian getting stuck in the offside trap.The hosts would have the answer 6 minutes later. Alexandre Pato found space in the area, but the young striker blooned the ball onto the stand.Around the half-hour mark, Ibrahimovic would threaten, but his trademark back-heel flick turned out wide.Milan would come closest to scoring just before the break. Mark Van Bommel launched a thunderbolt which bounced back after hitting the crossbar. The two sides remained scoreless in the first half.However Javier Zanetti led the visitors to rally back 8 minutes after the break. The Inter captain broke clear of the defence to place a long pass right into Diego Milito. The Argentine striker cut into the box, shooting inside the far post. Inter would enjoy a 1-0 lead at San Siro.Milan would strive for an equalizer the rest of the way. But Inter held on the 1-goal lead to end Milans unbeaten 12-match league run.在意大利甲级联赛,所有的目光都集中在周日晚些时候的米兰德比上。国际米兰凭借米利托下半时的进球,在米兰德比中以1:0战胜AC米兰,取得意甲六连胜,同时遏止对手连续12场比赛不败的势头。下半时开战9分钟,国米队长扎内蒂边路横传门前,AC米兰后卫阿巴特阻截失误,皮球落到米利托脚下。他顺势冲到门前,冷静推射打进比赛唯一进球。201201/168591

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