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Finance and economics财经商业Global house prices全球房价Mixed messages喜忧掺杂America surges, much of Europe sinks美国突破,欧洲大部分沦陷HOUSING markets are prone to boom-and-bust cycles, with prices overshooting then undershooting sustainable levels.房屋市场倾向于陷入价格怪圈,房价急速上升然后跌至谷底。To work out whether they are over- or undervalued,The Economist uses two gauges.为了解决房价与价值不符这一问题,经济学人用了2种计量方式。One assesses affordability by comparing prices with disposable income.一种可行的方式是比较可配收入与房价水平。The other considers the case for investing in housing by comparing prices with rents.另一种定价方法考虑到了租金与房价的关系。If these ratios are higher than their historical averages property is overvalued; if they are lower it is undervalued.如果这些比率高于历史平均那么房价就过高,反之则过低。On this basis, Canada’s house prices are bubbly whereas Japan’s are undeservedly flat.通过这一方法可以看出,加拿大出现房产泡沫,而日本的房价则奇怪地维持着平稳。America’s formerly stricken market has rebounded: house prices have risen by 12.1% over the past year.而之前美国低迷的市场也有了回暖,房屋价格较前一年上升了12.1%。But the recovery still appears to be sound, since prices remain undervalued against income.但是这回暖仅仅是“似乎”,事实上根据收入水平,房价应更高。A sharp rise in mortgage rates since May, on signs that the Federal Reserve will shortly slow the pace of asset purchases, may in any case temper the boom.五月份以来,抵押率迅速上升,这标志着美联储将会立刻放缓资产购买的步伐。或许无论如何都要促使市场繁荣。Britain’s recovery is built on shakier foundations.英国市场的恢复建立在极不稳固的基础上。House-price growth has picked up in recent months to 3.9% and is likely to accelerate further, even though valuations are still overstretched.最近几月,房价上升3.9%,而且看上去这一上涨势头在未来会更加猛烈,尽管股价仍旧过高。The market is being buoyed through a subsidy scheme that lowers funding costs for mortgage lenders and through special help for low-deposit borrowers.房屋市场的好转由补贴政策撑着。该政策为抵押放贷者降低融资成本,并且通过特殊方法帮助低收入借款人。Despite favourable valuations, Japanese house prices continue to fall, though at a modest 2.2%.尽管房价处于较好的数值区间,日本房价也在持续下落,最新数据显示已下降了2.2%。The worst-performing markets are in the euro area, notably in southern Europe but also in some northern countries.欧洲市场表现最差尤其是南欧和部分北欧国家同时,The French market is also depressed.法国市场也令人失望。Valuations remain stretched in Spain even though house prices have fallen by 30% since early 2008.尽管从2008年以来西班牙房价已下跌了30%,但其定价仍旧过高。But the recent pick-up in the Irish market looks sustainable following a 49% price crash.最近数据显示,在暴跌了49%以后,爱尔兰的房屋市场还能够可持续发展。Brighter signs gleam elsewhere, especially in Germany, which avoided the pre-crisis frenzy.关于房市的好消息在其他地方有些许听闻,特别是德国。这个国家避开了之前的危机。Prices there have risen in the past year by 5.1%, which should bolster domestic demand and help support the economic recovery in the euro zone.在过去的一年里价格上涨5.1%,这能扩大国内需求并有利于欧洲地区经济恢复。 /201309/255192Schumpeter熊彼特Digital disruption on the farm农场上的数据化颠覆Managers in the most traditional of industries distrust a promising new technology最为传统的行业管理者们对前景光明的新技术疑虑重重INNOVATION is a word that brings to mind small, nimble startups doing clever things with cutting-edge technology. But it is also vital in large, long-established industries—and they do not come much larger or older than agriculture. Farmers can be among the most hidebound of managers, so it is no surprise that they are nervous about a new idea called prescriptive planting, which is set to disrupt their business. In essence, it is a system that tells them with great precision which seeds to plant and how to cultivate them in each patch of land. It could be the biggest change to agriculture in rich countries since genetically modified crops. And it is proving nearly as controversial, since it raises profound questions about who owns the information on which the service is based. It also plunges stick-in-the-mud farmers into an unfamiliar world of “big data” and privacy battles.说起创新,人们往往会想到那些规模较小,经营灵活的初创企业运用前沿技术来做聪明透顶的事儿。不过,对于那些规模庞大,历史悠久的行业来讲,创新也是同样重要。农业正是这类行业的典型。农民可谓是最顽固的管理者—也就难怪他们对规范性种植这种注定颠覆旧有业务的新概念会疑虑重重。实质上,这个系统在指导农民针对不同土地种植相应作物上拥有极高精确度。在那些富裕国家中,这可谓是自转基因作物之后的最大变革,但也同样充满争议,因为这其中有一个深刻的问题亟待解答:究竟谁应持有这项务赖以生存的信息?这项技术同时也迫使一向循规蹈矩的农民进入充满了“大数据”和隐私权争议的陌生世界。Monsantos prescriptive-planting system, FieldScripts, had its first trials last year and is now on sale in four American states. Its story begins in 2006 with a Silicon Valley startup, the Climate Corporation. Set up by two former Google employees, it used remote sensing and other cartographic techniques to map every field in America (all 25m of them) and superimpose on that all the climate information that it could find. By 2010 its database contained 150 billion soil observations and 10 trillion weather-simulation points.孟山都一项名为“FieldScript”的规范性种植系统在去年实行了第一次试验,该系统如今已经在美国的四个州开始销售。这一切还得从2006年在硅谷由两位谷歌前雇员成立的一家名为气候公司的初创企业说起。此公司运用了遥感和其他制图技术将美国的每片土地都描绘了下来,并且在其上又叠加了一切可用的气候信息。截至2010年,它的数据库涵盖了1500亿土壤观测数据,以及十万亿天气仿真数据。The Climate Corporation planned to use these data to sell crop insurance. But last October Monsanto bought the company for about 1 billion—one of the biggest takeovers of a data firm yet seen. Monsanto, the worlds largest hybrid-seed producer, has a library of hundreds of thousands of seeds, and terabytes of data on their yields. By adding these to the Climate Corporations soil- and-weather database, it produced a map of America which says which seed grows best in which field, under what conditions.气候公司原本打算依靠这些数据来出售农作物保险。但是去年十月份孟山都以10亿美元的价格收购了该公司—这可谓是史上最大规模的数据公司收购交易。孟山都是世界上最大的杂交种子生产商,拥有几十万类型的种子库,还有达一百万兆规模的产量数据。把这些信息和气候公司的土壤天气数据结合,就会得到一个信息丰富的美国地图,你可以在上面看出不同种类的种子在什么地段、什么条件下长势最好。FieldScripts uses all these data to run machines made by Precision Planting, a company Monsanto bought in 2012, which makes seed drills and other devices pulled along behind tractors. Planters have changed radically since they were simple boxes that pushed seeds into the soil at fixed intervals. Some now steer themselves using GPS. Monsantos, loaded with data, can plant a field with different varieties at different depths and spacings, varying all this according to the weather. It is as if a farmer can know each of his plants by name.FieldScripts 使用所有的这些数据来运行由Precusion Planting制造的设备。该公司在2012年被孟山都收购,专门制造位于拖拉机后部,同步运行的播种机和其他设备。比起原先简陋的盒子结构和等间距播种功能,到如今播种机已经发生了翻天覆地的变化。其中一些能够利用GPS来引导自己。孟山都的产品经过数据加载,能够根据天气的变化进行不同深度、不同间距以及不同品种的播种活动。其准确程度很高,如同一位农夫能将各个作物熟记于心。Prescriptive planting is catching on fast. Last November another seed producer, Du Pont Pioneer, linked up with a farm-machinery maker, John Deere, to beam advice on seeds and fertilisers to farmers in the field. A farm-supply co-operative, Land OLakes, bought Geosys, a satellite-imaging company, in December 2013, to boost its farm-data business.规范性种植正在迎头赶上。去年十一月份,另一个种子生产商杜邦先锋同农场机械制造商约翰迪尔联手给农民提供种子和化肥方面的指导。名为“Land OLakes农场供应合作社于2013年12月收购了卫星成像公司Geosys以提高其农场的数据业务。The benefits are clear. Farmers who have tried Monsantos system say it has pushed up yields by roughly 5% over two years, a feat no other single intervention could match. The seed companies think providing more data to farmers could increase Americas maize yield from 160 bushels an acre to 200 bushels—giving a terrific boost to growers meagre margins.其中的好处显而易见。那些试用过孟山都系统的农民交口称赞,声称过去两年的产量因此而上升了5%左右,这一成就无可匹敌。种子公司认为给农民提供更多的数据能够把美国的玉米产量从160蒲式耳每英亩( 10吨每公顷)增加至200蒲式耳—这对于一向薄利的农民来说是个大好消息。But the story of prescriptive planting is also a cautionary tale about the conflicts that arise when data entrepreneurs meet old-fashioned businessfolk. Farmers might be expected to have mixed feelings about the technology anyway: although it boosts yields, it reduces the role of discretion and skill in farming—their core competence. However, the bigger problem is that farmers distrust the companies peddling this new method. They fear that the stream of detailed data they are providing on their harvests might be misused. Their commercial secrets could be sold, or leak to rival farmers; the prescriptive-planting firms might even use the data to buy underperforming farms and run them in competition with the farmers; or the companies could use the highly sensitive data on harvests to trade on the commodity markets, to the detriment of farmers who sell into those markets.不过,当熟识数据的企业家们遇上传统的生意人,规范性种植这一传奇也会因其中的火药味变得扣人心弦。农民们对于这项技术本来就是喜忧参半:虽然产量有所提高,但是这却使得他们的核心竞争力—用于种植的判断力和技艺变得无足轻重了。不过,更大的问题是农民对于兜售这项新技术的不信任。他们担心自己所提供的收成的详细数据可能会被滥用。他们的商业机密可能会被出售、或者泄露给竞争对手;这些指令种植企业甚至可能利用这些信息去收购那些表现欠佳的 农场,使其成为不可忽视的竞争势力;它们还有可能利用这些高度敏感的数据在大宗期货市场上交易,从而给在此市场中作为卖方的农民造成损失。Looking a gift horse in the mouth吹毛求疵In response to such worries, the American Farm Bureau, the countrys largest organisation of farmers and ranchers, is drawing up a code of conduct, saying that farmers own and control their data; that companies may not use the information except for the purpose for which it was given; and that they must not sell or give it to third parties. The companies agree with those principles, though so far their contracts with farmers do not always embody them. Also, once data have been sent and anonymised, farmers might be said no longer to own them, so it is not clear what rights to them they still have. For this reason and others, some Texan farmers have banded together to form the Grower Information Services Co-operative, to negotiate with the data providers.为了安抚农民的担忧,作为全国最大的农牧场主组织的美国农场局正在起草一项行为守则,使农民对他们的数据有拥有权和控制权,那些规范性种植公司仅能把数据用于初衷,而且不能够把数据出售或者赠与第三方。公司们纷纷表示同意遵守,但是到目前为止,这些原则却并没有体现在和农民签订的合同中。此外,一旦数据被出售并且匿去原有者名字,农民们可能就不再享有所有权,那么对于其他权利的讨论就会变得模糊。由于这种种的原因,一些德州农民联合成立了种植者信息务合作社以同数据提供者们进行谈判。Another worry is that, since the companies have not yet made the data fully “portable”, farmers may become locked into doing business with a single provider. To assuage all these concerns, the Climate Corporation has set up a free data-storage service for farmers, which others cannot access without the farmers permission. New niche data-management firms are entering the market, which should help make it more competitive.另外使人担心的则是由于这些公司还未使数据完全“便携化”,农民们可能只能和单一供应商进行交易。为解决此问题,气候公司已经为农民建立了免费的数据存储务,访问者必须具有农民的授权。新的利基数据管理公司正在纷纷涌入市场,从而使其拥有更多的 竞争性。For the time being, though, the biggest companies will dominate prescriptive planting. They collect the most comprehensive data and make better use of them than anyone else. And that raises a problem which affects big data in all its forms. Prescriptive planting could boost yields everywhere, just as mass, anonymised patient records could improve health care. But its success depends on service providers persuading users (farmers or patients) to trust them. If the users think they are taking a disproportionate share of the risks while firms are getting an excessive chunk of the benefits, trust will remain in short supply.不过就目前看来,最大的几家公司将主导规范性种植市场。比起其他任何公司,他们将有能力收集最为全面的数据,并且能更好的利用这些数据。而这将会引起足以影响所有形式的大数据的问题。如同大量匿名病人的记录能够改善医疗保健系统一样,规范性种植也将提高各地产量。然而此举能否成功将依赖于务供应商能够说用户以建立信任关系。如果使用者认为自己所负担的风险大得不成比例,而供应商们得到了太多好处,那么信任关系很难成立。 /201406/308171

Beyond them, silver belly fish never let down their guard. 除了它们以外,银钓饵鱼也从不放松警惕。They shimmer like a thousand tiny mirrors, swilling as one of more to confuse any attackers. 它们就像许多面小镜子一样闪闪发光,像一团无形云雾一样形成旋涡,迷惑袭击者。Its their only defense against this, a shark macro. 这是它们唯一的,抵御鲭鲨的方式。These are the great hands of the ocean. 鲭鲨是海洋中的猎犬。They need all their speed and agility against these ghostly spook that is here one moment and gone the next.它们需要速度与灵活并存来应对这幽灵般的族群。前一秒还在此,下一秒便无影无踪。Despite the dangers, small fish have to risk leaving the protection of reef to feed. 尽管危险,小鱼还是要离开礁石去觅食。And perhaps none is bothered than this little rass. 但是没有比这小濑鱼更胆大的了。This gigantic grouper is many thousands of times of her size and an aggressive territorial predator, with one of the largest mouthes on the reef.这条巨大的石斑鱼是它体积的数千倍,是一种守株待兔的凶猛掠食者。带着一张超级大嘴。201409/326416

Don: Ready, Yael?唐:真的吗,雅艾尔?Yael: Yep.雅艾尔:对。Don: Here goes 3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 2643 3832 79. Ta da!唐:听着,3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 2643 3832 79。哒哒!Yael: Wow, you really can recite pi to the thirtieth decimal place. Very impressive, Don! You must have the memory of an elephant.雅艾尔:哇,你真能背诵出圆周率小数点后十三位数字。唐,太令人印象深刻了! 你的肯定跟大象一样好。Don: Thanks, Yael, but do elephants really have good memories? Or is that just a saying?唐:谢谢,雅艾尔,但是大象真有很好的吗?或者这仅仅是个谚语?Yael: Oh, its real. In fact, a study on elephant memory shows that having a strong memory helps elephants survive in the wild.雅艾尔:哦,是真的。实际上,一项对大象的研究明拥有好的能帮助大象在野外存活。Don: What do you mean?唐:你是什么意思?Yael: Well, scientists studying elephants in Tanzanias Tarangire National Park in Africa knew that some elephants lived through a terrible drought from 1958 to 1961. Now cut to 1993, when theres a second severe drought. Some elephant groups left the park, but only those with members who were old enough to have possibly remembered the earlier drought. The group that stayed in the park was composed of younger elephants.雅艾尔:好吧,科学家对非洲坦桑尼亚的塔兰吉雷国家公园中的大象进行研究,了解到有些大象经历过1958年到1961年之间那次特大干旱。到1993年时,又一次严重的干旱袭来,一些大象群离开了公园,但仅仅是那些还记得之前的大干旱的老象所在的群体。留在公园的大象则是一群较年轻的大象。Don: I see. And I assume that the elephants that left the park in 1993 were better able to survive.唐:我明白了。我猜1993年离开公园的大象生存的机会更大。Yael: Right. The elephants that left the park lost only ten- percent of their calves. But the group that stuck it out lost forty-percent of its young.雅艾尔:没错。离开公园的那组大象只失去了10%的小象。而留下来的大象损失了40%的小象。Don: So in this case, at least, evolution selects for elephants that have memories strong enough to remember stuff from their childhood.唐:所以既然如此,至少大象进化选择了那些好得足以从儿时就记得事情的大象。Yael: Yep. For elephants, memory is a survival tool. 雅艾尔:是的。对于大象来说,记忆是生存工具。 原文译文属!201305/241163

Science and technology科学技术Age and wisdom年龄与智慧Older and wiser?姜是老的辣?Americans get wiser with age. Japanese are wise from the start美国人年龄越大越聪明。日本人从小就聪明ONE stereotype of wisdom is a wizened Zen-master smiling benevolently at the antics of his pupils, while referring to them as little grasshoppers or some such affectation, safe in the knowledge that one day they, too, will have been set on the path that leads to wizened masterhood.提到智慧的时候,人们脑海里总会出现这样一个老套的画面:一个削瘦的禅宗大师面容慈祥的对他的弟子微笑着,一边叫他们小不点,心中十分确定他们迟早会走上这条通往智慧的禅宗之道。But is it true that age brings wisdom?但是智慧真的与年龄有关吗?A study two years ago in North America, by Igor Grossmann of the University of Waterloo, in Canada, suggested that it is.两年前,加拿大滑铁卢大学Igor Grossmann士的研究显示情况的确如此。In as much as it is possible to quantify wisdom, Dr Grossmann found that elderly Americans had more of it than youngsters.由于智慧可以标准量化,他发现年长的美国人的确比年轻人要聪明。He has, however, now extended his investigation to Asia—the land of the wizened Zen-master—and, in particular, to Japan.但是,如今他将调查扩展至整个亚洲—这个拥有禅宗大师的神奇土地—特别是日本。There, he found, in contrast to the West, that the grasshoppers are their masters equals almost from the beginning.在那里他发现,与西方相比,几乎从一开始,这些弟子与大师在智力方面难分伯仲 。Dr Grossmanns study, just published in Psychological Science, recruited 186 Japanese from various walks of life and compared them with 225 Americans.Grossmann士研究结果刚发表在《心理科学》。他招募了186个来自各行各业的日本人并且与225个美国人做对比研究。Participants were asked to a series of pretend newspaper articles.他要求参与者阅读一些假装在报纸上发表的文章。Half described conflict between groups, such as a debate between residents of an impoverished Pacific island over whether to allow foreign oil companies to operate there following the discovery of petroleum.其中一半描述了一些团体斗争,比如太平洋小岛上当地居民关于是否允许外国石油公司开发刚发现的石油资源。The other half took the form of advice columns that dealt with conflicts between individuals: siblings, friends and spouses.另一半文章以专栏的方式提供兄弟、朋友、配偶之间的个人斗争解决建议。After ing each article, participants were asked What do you think will happen after that? and Why do you think it will happen this way? Their responses were recorded and transcribed.在阅读完文章之后,研究人员会问参与者两个问题,分别是此事发生后,你认为事态将会如何发展??和为什么你认为事态会这样发展?然后研究人员会记录他们的。Dr Grossmann and his colleagues removed age-related information from the transcripts, and also any clues to participants nationalities, and then passed the edited versions to a group of assessors.Grossmann士和同事们会在记录中剔除与他们年龄和国籍相关的信息,然后将处理过的记录版本交给经过培训的一组评委,他们都对的有一致的评分标准。These assessors were trained to rate transcribed responses consistently, and had been tested to show that their ratings were statistically comparable with one another.这些评估成员经过训练,能够始终以相同标准对纸上进行评分;并且已通过测试表明其评出的分数在统计方面相互具有可比性。The assessors scored participants responses on a scale of one to three. This attempted to capture the degree to which they discussed what psychologists consider five crucial aspects of wise reasoning: willingness to seek opportunities to resolve conflict; willingness to search for compromise; recognition of the limits of personal knowledge; awareness that more than one perspective on a problem can exist; and appreciation of the fact that things may get worse before they get better.评委将参与者的按1至3分进行评分。他们想通过这种方法把握心理学家认为的五个有关于智慧方面的重要程度,分别是:寻求解决争端机会的意愿;寻求折中方法的意愿;对个人知识有限的认识度;对问题存在多个方面的意识程度;和对事情在往好的方向发展前的趋坏倾向的估计程度。A score of one on any aspect indicated a participant gave no consideration to it.1分代表参与者根本就没有考虑过,A score of two indicated some consideration.2分代表参与者有了些思考但并不深入,A score of three indicated a great deal of consideration.3分代表参与者对这些问题有深入的思考。Each participants scores were then added up and mathematically transformed to create an overall value within a range of zero to 100 for both interpersonal and intergroup wisdom.将参与者的每个问题的得分相加,再把总分从人际关系及团体关系两方面分别转换为百分制。The upshot was that, as Dr Grossmann had found before, Americans do get wiser with age.与Grossmann士以前的结果一样,美国人随着年龄的增长智慧增加。Their intergroup wisdom score averaged 45 at the age of 25 and 55 at 75.25岁的美国人社会群体的判断力平均数是45而75岁的美国人平均数是55。Their interpersonal score similarly climbed from 46 to 50.他们人际关系的判断力平均数同样随年龄由46攀升至50。Japanese scores, by contrast, hardly varied with age.但是与美国人的结果相反,日本人的分数与年龄并无太大关系。Both 25-year-olds and 75-year-olds had an average intergroup wisdom of 51.25岁和75岁的人的社会群体的判断力平均数都是51;For interpersonal wisdom, it was 53 and 52.对于人际关系判断力反而是25岁的是53,75岁的人是52.Taken at face value, these results suggest Japanese learn wisdom faster than Americans.这些结果显示日本人比美国人更早变聪明一些。One up, then, to the wizened Zen-masters. But they also suggest a paradox.年轻人以一分的优势险胜那些削瘦的禅宗大师们。但是却有一个悖论:Generally, America is seen as an individualistic society, whereas Japan is quite collectivist.通常说来美国被视为是一个充满了个人主义的社会,然而日本则更推崇集体主义。Yet Japanese have higher scores than Americans for the sort of interpersonal wisdom you might think would be useful in an individualistic society.但是日本人在人际关系能力这一项上的得分却比美国人要高,而人际关系判断力是大多数人认为在个人主义社会中十分受用的能力。Americans, by contrast—at least in the maturity of old age—have more intergroup wisdom than the purportedly collectivist Japanese.相反,美国人—至少在年龄比较高的那一组中—在群体判断力的得分上比据称崇尚集体主义的日本人要高。Perhaps, then, you need individual skills when society is collective, and social ones when it is individualistic.也许,当社会推崇集体主义的时候你也需要人际关系技巧,在推崇个人主义的社会里你同样需要社交技巧。All of which goes to show that the real root of wisdom is this: do not assume, little grasshopper, that your prejudices are correct.所有的这一切都表明,智慧的真正根源是:别事先假定你的成见是正确的,也别轻看了那些小不点。 /201402/277825Finance and economics财经商业Indonesias banks印度尼西亚The good times end黄金时代的终结Banks solvency is not in question. Profitability is another matter偿付不是问题 获利才是问题IN THE late 1990s Indonesias banking sector collapsed after the rupiah lost about 85% of its value against the dollar, leading to a spate of loan defaults by borrowers unable to service their foreign debts.90年代末卢比汇率暴跌货币损失85%价值,这造成了大量大量贷款拖欠者无力偿还外债。The rupiahs recent decline—the currency has dropped by 14% against the dollar since the start of the year—and a big current-account deficit have revived uncomfortable memories of that period.卢比的汇率下跌以及大量的财政赤字使得那些不好的记忆重现。Indonesias economy is now growing at its slowest pace in almost three years.今年是印度尼西亚这三年来经济增长最为缓慢的一年。In real terms GDP expanded at an annual rate of 5.8% in the second quarter, down from a recent high of 6.8%.在第二季度中实际GDP增长率仅为5.8%,较之前的6.8%有所回落。Since May Bank Indonesia, the central bank, has lifted its main interest rate by 125 basis points to 7%, the highest since June , in an effort to reverse the rupiahs slide.为了阻止卢比的下跌,五月份以来,印度尼西亚的中央将主要利率将之前的基点125上调了7%。这是自年6月以来的最高值。When the currency was stable it made sense for firms to borrow in dollars even if their revenues were in rupiah, says Ivan Tan of Standard amp; Poors, a ratings agency.标准普尔的Ivan Tan称当货币稳定时公司更倾向于用美元贷款,即使他们所收入的是卢比。Slower growth, currency depreciation and higher interest rates will “start to stretch companies ability to repay their debts.缓慢的经济增速,货币贬值以及高利率限制了企业还贷能力。Firms with dollar revenues, which are naturally hedged against exchange-rate risk, may not be as safe as they once were.而那些收入美元的公司能在一定程度上避免汇率波动所带来的风险,但这也不是绝对的。Many of Indonesias biggest exporters are in the natural-resources sector, selling things like palm oil, rubber or minerals.印度尼西亚的大型出口企业多出口自然资源比如棕榈油橡胶或者金属。International prices for such commodities have tumbled recently as growth has slowed in China and other large importing countries.受中国及其他主要进口国经济增速放慢的影响,这些商品的国际价格最近都有所下跌。This is not the 1990s again, however.这已经不是90年代了。Indonesias banks have high capital ratios—an average of 16.9% in May for the countrys commercial lenders.但是印度尼西亚有着很高的资本比。—在5月份,商业贷款人平均占16.9%。Credit growth has raced along at an annual rate of about 20% in recent years, but this has been financed mostly by deposits rather than flightier wholesale borrowing. Non-performing loans are equivalent to only 2% of total lending.最近几年信贷年增长率急速增加到20%左右。但这一增长主要由存款拉动而不是流动性批发贷款。Corporate balance-sheets are widely accepted to be stronger than they were during the Asian crisis.较亚洲金融危机期间,法人财务状况表已被更广泛地接受。Stricter regulation means that lenders are better at managing their own exposure to exchange-rate risk, too.严格地管理意味着借贷人会更好地应对报表与汇率波动之间的关系。Fitch, another ratings agency, notes that banks net open positions average only 2% of their capital, well within the 20% maximum permitted at the end of each business day.惠誉称的净末平仓合约平均只占其资产的2%,而每个营业日最多允许20%Even so, change is coming to the industry.即使是这样,这也给工业带来了改变。Indonesias banks have been among the worlds most profitable in recent years.最近几年,印度尼西亚已经成为了世界上最赚钱的。As the economy slows, and banks put aside more provisions for bad loans, the years of effortlessly high returns are ending.随着经济增速放缓,需要应对更多的不良贷款。的暴利时代已经终结。 /201309/257215

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