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Does that seem like the right thing,I mean the kid probably saying这样做可以么 我觉得孩子们可能会说些什么The kids are putting on the heat,they really are,they are putting on the heat孩子们一直在催我们 真的 他们一直在催But youll do it,youll still hold out不过你总会结婚的 你还会一直等着么How do I get out this one,somebody help me.Alright你怎么会问这个问题 谁来帮帮我 好吧I dont know what the future holds,but I,I do believe well gotta get that one right我不知道未来会发生什么 所以 我坚信我们能纠正这种事情If we dont,the younger generations are aly hip to and I dont figure it out如果我们不 年轻人已经很了解这件事 虽然我不知道该怎么做But its shameful if we dont get there now不过如果我们还不行动就太丢脸了I agree,obviously.I still wanna give you a theme of the movie我同意 千真万确 我想送你一件有关电影主题的东西and I think youre one child short of a baseball team,arent you你们家组棒球队是不是还少一个孩子Its one more,yes,what did I say,one child还是会多一个 是的 我说什么了 一个孩子One family member,one family member short of baseball team,thats what I mean一个家庭成员 要组棒球队还缺一名家庭成员 我就是这个意思and I cant get a third party in there,a child,thats what I meant我总不能说要加入第三者吧 一个孩子嘛 我就是这个意思what kind of,I know what you mean,I know what you mean,We got a basketball team amd one that can sat at the bench这是肿么了 我懂你的意思 我懂你的意思 我们组成了篮球队 有一个人可以坐冷板凳Alright,so we give you something that youre gonna have to help me with那好 我们送你一样东西 但你得帮我一下If you put that side,that rope,alright.Alright,turn it around,you come this way你拉这一头 这个绳子 就这样 好的 转过来 你到这边来Alright,well be back with the co-star Chris Pratt,Hell join us after this,how about that稍后我们将有请共同出演的Chris Pratt 稍后他将来到我们节目现场 这个怎么样 /201611/477689。

第一, 迷你对话A: Why did you go out of your way to help a person like Joe?你怎么竭尽全力地去帮助Joe?B: He said he needed my help. I am not the one who see other people suffer with folded arms.他说他需要帮助,我不是那种看到别人受苦而袖手旁观的人。A: Thank God that you do not have your fingers burnt and get broken-hearted.感谢上帝,你没有因多管闲事而自讨苦吃到伤心透顶的地步。B : What do you mean? You mean I’ll get my fingers burnt by helping him.您是什么意思?您是说我会帮他而自讨苦吃。A: I don’t know. But Joe would bite the hand that feeds him.我不知道,但是Joe会恩将仇报的。第二, 地道表达bite the hand that feeds one1. 解词释义Bite the hand that feeds someone的字面意思是“去咬给自己喂食人的手”,比喻为“忘恩负义”或“恩将仇报”等意思。在习语词典中解释如下:To treat someone badly who has helped you in some way, often someone who has provided you with money/ To repay generosity or kindness with ingratitude and injury。2. 拓展例句e.g. Leaving the company after theyve spent three years training you up - its a bit like biting the hand that feeds you.公司花费三年时间把你培养起来,你就离开。这似乎有点忘恩负义吧。e.g. If you complain to the boss about working conditions, you will make sure that you dont bite the hand that feeds you.即使你准备向老板抱怨工作条件,你也一定不要恩将仇报。第三, 词海拾贝1. go out of one’s way:想尽办法做……,竭尽全力做……,特别设法做……e.g. The shop assistant go out of his way to find what we needed.那个店员不厌其烦地满足我们的需要。e.g. Val is always making insulting remarks and I dont see why I should go out of my way to be pleasant to her.瓦尔总是讲一些侮辱性的话,我不明白我为什么要特意地取悦于她。2. have one’s finger burnt:(因多管闲事)受苦受难e.g. Having had their fingers badly burnt, firms are still cautious about taking on debt.实业公司受到的惨痛教训使他们在借贷方面过于谨慎。e.g. Ive burnt my fingers through dabbling in stocks and shares; Im not taking the risk the second time.我曾做股票生意吃了亏,我再不冒险了。3. get broken-hearted:心灵受伤,伤透了心e.g. She was almost broken-hearted because the emperor forgot her.由于皇帝忘了她,她几乎伤心欲绝。e.g. Shes broken-hearted about her husband who has an affair with another woman.她为的丈夫走夜伤透了心。3. see sth. with folded hand:袖手旁观e.g. Could you see it with folded hand when the house was on fire?房子着了火,你能袖手旁观吗?e.g. He never see the other people who needs to lend a helping hand with folded hand.他从不袖手旁观需要帮助的人。4. Thank God that…:谢天谢地……;感谢上帝……I was now landed, and safe on shore, and began to look up and thank God that my life was saved in a case where there was some minutes before scarcely any room to hope.我现在已经登了陆,平平安安地在岸上了,便抬起头来,感谢上帝,因为我在几分钟以前还没有一线希望,现在已经有了活命。 /201507/386621。

smile/grin from ear to ear 笑得合不拢嘴He smiled from ear to ear when he received this birthday gift.当他收到这生日礼物时笑得合不拢嘴。talk one's ear off 喋喋不休I’m sorry to talk your ear off, i just need somebody to talk to. 不好意思,对妳说了这么久,我只是想找一个人倾诉。play it by ear见机行事He can play it by ear and handles everything in order. 他能随机应变,所以他把一切事物处理的井井有条。keep an ear to the ground 保持高度警觉,及早发现那些即将发生的事情的预兆Reporters keep an ear to the ground so as to know as soon as possible what will happen. 记者们注意舆论的动向,以便尽早知道将要发生的事情。◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201107/145525。

Subject:I dig it. 迷你对话A: Terry, we will have a conference tomorrow. Have you got the place and the time.Terry,我们明天要开会,你知道地点和时间吗?B: Yeah. I dig it.是的,我清楚了。 地道表达 dig 1. 解词释义Dig在美国俚语中,有“明白,知道,理解”的意思。相当于understand 的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I dont dig that crazy stuff.我不懂那种没意思的玩意儿。e.g. I can dig it. I dont expect a band always to be innovative. 我可以理解。我不指望一个乐队总能创新。 /201407/309748。

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: There is something wrong with my girlfriend.我女朋友有麻烦了。B: What’s the trouble?怎么了?A: The department manager is all over her. He says he loves her.部门经理理应向她献殷勤,说他喜欢她。B: What about your friend? Did she fall for him?那你的朋友呢?她喜欢他吗?A: Of course not! She thinks he’s an apple-head. She doesn’t like an apple-head man, you know.当然不喜欢了。她觉得她是个缺心眼的人,不喜欢这样的人,你知道吧。B: Now you don’t have the butterflies in your stomach, do you?那你就不用担心了呀,是吧。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】an apple-head【解词释义】apple是指“苹果”,head是指“脑袋”,两者连用来表示“愚蠢的人”。Dont have anything to do with any apple-head. 不要和那些愚蠢的人发生任何关系。 The apple-head gambled away all his money. 这个愚蠢的人把他所有的钱都赌输了。 An apple-head seldom knows whats going on in the world.愚蠢的人很少察知世上正在发生的事。 第二、词海拾贝fall for:迷恋,喜欢Many high school boys fall for the young singer.许多高中男生迷恋那位年轻歌手。I fall for his writings, because they fall in with my taste.我极喜爱他的作品,因为它们合我的口味。have the butterflies in one’s stomach:焦虑不安,紧张不安I always have butterflies in my stomach when I see the people from the personnel department. 每当见到人事部人员进行面试时,我总是感到很紧张。The company financial report isnt due until next Friday. But the boss has butterflies in his stomach and wants us to have it all y for him on Tuesday morning.我们公司的财务报告应该是下星期五才交。但是,我们的老板紧张得要命,非要我们在星期二早上就交给他。。

今天我们来看一看“我不想出门”怎么说:I dont feel like going out today. 今天我不想出门。 I think Im just going to stay home today. 我今天只想留在家里。 I cant face going outside today. 我今天不想露脸。片语: Feel like+Ving 想要(做)。。。Bruno Mars 的这首Lazy Song,一定要听啊,很可爱!听完之后你就可以很好的掌握“feel like” 的用法 /201408/318471。

新人入职超有用句子1. Please respond to this conditional offer before May.5th if you accept it。如接受此offer,请于5月5日前回复。2. On the condition that you hand in the medical check, you can be prepared to sign the contract on May. 22nd。上交体检表后,可以准备在5月22日签约。3. Your position will be sales manager, and this position will be report to the district manager。你的职位是销售经理,此职位直接向地区经理报告。4. You may be required to be relocated to other districts of JK according to the needs of company。公司也有可能会根据工作需要,要求你换到JK(公司)其他驻地工作。5. HR will request you to update your personal information regularly. Further notice will be sent to division respectively。人力资源部将会请你定期提供最新的个人信息,各业务部门将会收到进一步的具体通知。 /201103/127584。

A car bomb killed at least 13 people and wounded dozens more near the Turkish border.土耳其边境发生一起汽车炸弹袭击,造成至少13人遇难数十人受伤。The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added the bomb targeted a building used by a rebel group in the northern Syrian town of Azaz.叙利亚人权观察表示,炸弹袭击的目标是叙利亚北部城镇阿扎兹一处反叛组织使用的建筑。The building was being used as a security office.该建筑被用作安全办公室。A political officer with the group who controls the building, stated the death toll is higher, indicating that 13 of the dead were fighters with the group.一名控制该建筑的政治官员称,死亡人数更高,死者中13名是组织的战士。Yasser al-Yousef added a total of 25 people died from the bombing.Yasser al Yousef补充道,共有25人死于炸弹袭击。Azaz is under the control of multiple rebel groups, which have been been infighting among each other in recent months.阿扎兹处于多个叛乱组织的控制下,最近几个月彼此间明争暗斗。译文属。201611/479715。

Dustin Hoffmans in this movie.yeah.thats got to be an insane dream.达斯汀·霍夫曼参演了电影 一定是非常疯狂的美梦I mean,youve worked with a lot of greats,I worked with the four biggies.你和那么多大牌一起合作 我和四大名人合作过I worked with Nicholson,Pacino,Hoffman,and Hasselhoff.和尼克尔森 帕西诺 霍夫曼 哈塞尔霍夫合作过But you know,Dustin was great.Dustin,you know,one of my favorite acotrs.All of us have that feeling.达斯汀很好 他是我最爱的男演员之一 我们都有这样的感觉I remember when I was younger,I saw ;Marathon Man;.Great movie.One of the greatest.我记得我年轻时 我看了《霹雳钻》 非常棒的电影 最棒的电影之一Great performance by him,and Lawrence olivier.他的演绎非常精 还有劳伦斯·奥利佛I was little and I remember seeing that and being like,whoa,this is incredible.那时我还小 我记得 看到那电影 觉得太不可思议了My mother was like,isnt it awful with Nazis and just what they did?我妈妈说 纳粹 他们所做的事情是不是很可怕I was just like,and I was smiling and she was like,what are you smile,how could you smile?我当时在笑 她就说 你在笑什么 你怎么能笑得出I was like,Roy Schneider,hes a Jew?Shes like yeah.我说罗伊·施耐德是犹太人吗 他说是啊I go,wow,I didnt know we could be that good looking.我就说 天哪 我不知道我们可以长那么好看You were inspired by Roy,he was a great-looking guy.I was really used to my uncle Saul.I thought thats what was coming.你受到了罗伊的激励 他是个长相帅气的人 我习惯了我索尔叔叔的长相 我想就是会这样吧Thats fantastic.lets see,we have a clip here from ;The Cobbler;.I dont know which scene this is.Which scene is this?真是太棒了 我们有一段《鞋匠人生》的片段 我不知道是哪一段 这是哪一场景201703/500156。