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We’re old enough to remember when educational games were limited to the back of a box of cereal. But a whole new generation of kids are lucky enough to have access to teaching toys, games, and gadgets that are actual fun. We’ve got 11 of the best toys around that help children learn coding and tech skills.新一代儿童的玩具科技含量极高,相比之一,我们儿时玩过的变形金刚简直弱爆了。这些高科技玩具不仅给孩子带去快乐,还让他们边玩边学习编程等科学技能。1.Dash and Dot1.Dash and Dot独眼机器人The one-eyed, talking robots Dash and Dot integrate with iOS and Android devices to help teach kids ages 5 and up coding skills. Responding to light and sound, and sensing objects around them, the devices must be programmed to interact with the world around them.与iOS和安卓设备配合使用的独眼语音机器人Dash and Dot可以帮助5岁及以上的儿童学习编程。它们可以对光线和声音做出反应,还能感知周围的物体,但必须在编程后才能与周围的世界互动。2.Jewelbots2.Jewelbots手链The programmable friendship bracelets from Jewelbots aim to make coding accessible to pre-teen girls. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which featured an endorsement from no less an authority than Bill Nye, the wearables will ship this summer.这款由Jewelbots推出的可编程友谊手链旨在让13岁的女孩接触到编程。在众筹网站kickstarter.com上成功筹款并获得至少像比尔·奈伊(科教节目《比尔教科学》主持人)这样的权威人士认可后,这款可穿戴产品将于今年夏天上市。3.Sphero SPRK Edition3.Sphero SPRK Edition 机器人You may recognize Sphero from their 2015 holiday hit BB-8, but it’s not all fun and games. The Sphero SPRK Edition promises to teach robotics, coding, and STEM principles through a C-based kid-friendly language called OVAL.大家对Sphero的了解可能源于他们在2015年假期推出的热门产品BB-8机器人,但这家公司不光只有趣味和游戏。Sphero SPRK Edition机器人致力于通过OVAL计算机语言教会孩子们机器人技术、编程以及科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)原理。OVAL基于C语言,适于儿童学习。4.Mover Kit4.Mover Kit可穿戴编程玩具Launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, Mover Kit is an unassembled wearable that allows kids to create their own integrated apps, accessing the device’s accelerometer, magnetometer, and LEDs.Mover Kit本月早些时候在kickstarter.com网站上亮相,这是一款拆解方便的可穿戴设备,允许孩子们通过他们自己编写的集成应用使用Mover Kit上的加速度传感器、磁力仪和LED灯。5.Tinker by Kiwi Crate5. Kiwi Crate组装套件Kiwi Crate offers a series of subscription boxes for kids, and their Tinker Crate, intended for ages 9 – 16, includes a new STEM project every month.Kiwi Crate为孩子们推出一系列工程组件玩具。他们的Tinker Crate面向9-16岁的孩子,每个月都会有一个新的STEM项目。6.Puzzlets6.Puzzlets拼图Pairing with a tablet or computer, Puzzlets looks like an old-fashioned tile game but actually introduces complex coding and programming challenges. Kids use the tiles to move characters through 120 progressively more difficult levels.Puzzlets和平板电脑或个人计算机配套使用。虽然看上去像是老式拼图游戏,但它实际上引进了复杂的编程难题。通过这款拼图玩具,孩子们可以让他们的人物通过120个越来越难的关卡。7.GoldieBlox7.GoldieBlox积木One of the biggest players in bringing STEM to girls, GoldieBlox have outgrown their feud with the Beastie Boys to focus on bringing erector set-like toys that aim to close the gender gap in engineering.作为让女孩子接触STEM的最主要企业之一, GoldieBlox已经不再跟说唱乐队Beastie Boys争执不休,他们把注意力集中在了推出建造类玩具上,目的是消除工程方面的性别差距。8. Code Monkey Island8. Code Monkey Island纸牌Yes, an old-fashioned board game can actually teach coding skills. Code Monkey Island uses the logic required to do basic programming while helping your monkey score more bananas.没错,这是一款老式的棋盘游戏,但真的能教授孩子们编程技能。在帮助自己的猴子获得更多香蕉的过程中,Code Monkey Island要求孩子们使用基本编程所需的逻辑。9.Primo9.Primo编程机器人The Cubetto from Primo Toys combines old fashioned wooden block toys with robotics. Without using words, or screens, the Cubetto robot hopes to make abstract programming ideas accessible to all.Primo Toys推出的积木盒Cubetto把老式的木质积木玩具和机器人技术结合了起来。Cubetto不需要使用词汇或者屏幕,其目的是让所有人都接触到抽象的编程概念。10.Kano10.Kano电脑组装套件The Kano lets kids assemble their own actual computer, using a Raspberry Pi-powered board, basic wiring, and modular display unit.孩子们可以通过Kano组装属于自己的真正电脑。这款玩具包括树莓派驱动的主板、基本导线以及显示模块。11.Robot Turtles11.Robot Turtles 机器乌龟卡片游戏Not to be confused with the teenage mutants, Robot Turtles is a board game and ebook that teaches the fundamentals of programming to kids aged 3 – 8.可别跟忍者神龟弄混了,Robot Turtles是棋盘游戏和电子书的综合体,能教3-8岁的孩子学习基础编程知识。 /201607/454362

Isaac Newton may have been one of the finest minds of all time, but he turned out to be a miserable investor. “I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people,” he lamented after losing a fortune in the South Sea bubble. 艾萨克#8226;牛顿(Isaac Newton)可能是有史以来最聪明的人,然而事实明他是个糟糕的投资者。“我能计算出天体的运动,却不能计算出人的疯狂,”他在南海股票泡沫中损失了一大笔钱以后哀叹道。 Increasingly, however, technology-savvy investors think they can harness mathematics and bleeding edge computer science to predict the ebb and flow of financial markets. Some of the most advanced asset managers are turning to artificial intelligence techniques, with investment algorithms that can autonomously learn, adapt and scour vast data sets for tradable patterns. 然而,越来越多精通技术的投资者认为他们可以利用数学和计算机尖端科技,来预测金融市场的起起伏伏。一些最先进的资产管理公司现在正求助于人工智能(AI)技术,其中包括能够自动学习、适应和搜索大量数据组以研究出可交易的模式的投资算法。 But some “quantitative” financiers (quants) are sceptical that these tools are any more than a somewhat better mousetrap, and argue that areas such as “machine learning” are overhyped and AI used as a marketing gimmick. 但有些“量化”金融家(quant,即量化分析师)怀疑这类工具可能不过是一种高明一点的陷阱。他们认为“机器学习”这类领域被过度炒作,AI则是一种营销噱头。 “Everyone wants the Holy Grail, something they can invest in and it will make 1 per cent a month forever,” says Ewan Kirk, head of Cantab Capital, a Cambridge-based quantitative hedge fund. “I don’t want to be cynical, but I am sceptical.” “每个人都想要得到‘圣杯’,某种能够投资并且实现1%恒定月回报率的东西,”位于剑桥(Cambridge)的量化对冲基金Cantab Capital的负责人尤安#8226;柯克(Ewan Kirk)表示,“我不想表现得悲观,但我很怀疑。” David Harding, head of Winton Capital, one of the biggest quantitative hedge funds in the world, is also doubtful that AI represents a quantum leap for the investment industry. “I’m not a Luddite, we’re always interested in new ways to make money. But I have to be very sceptical because I constantly have world-class people showing me miracle cures that don’t actually work,” he says. 全球最大量化对冲基金之一温顿资本(Winton Capital)负责人戴维#8226;哈丁(David Harding)也怀疑,AI并不能给投资业带来重大飞跃。“我不是卢德分子(Luddite),我们总是对赚钱的新方式感兴趣。因为总有世界级的人物向我展示实际上并没有效果的灵丹妙药,我不得不对此深表怀疑,”他说。 Dramatic improvements in computing power have revolutionised the investment world, with algorithmic traders and investors increasingly influential across markets. Money is pouring into computer-driven hedge funds that have consistently managed to parse signals amid market noise. As a result many money managers are scrambling to hire computer scientists, often pitting them in direct competition for talent with Silicon Valley’s tech giants and hot start-ups. 计算能力的显著提升彻底改变了投资界,依据算法的交易商和投资者在市场上的影响力越来越大。大量资金涌入持续从市场杂音中分析出风向的计算机驱动对冲基金。这导致许多资金管理公司竞相雇佣计算机专家,直接与硅谷技术巨头和热门初创企业争夺人才。 AI is at the forefront of this. The field has also enjoyed several leaps forward in recent years. Most notably, Google’s DeepMind AI arm has created a programme that recently thrashed a legendary player of Go, an ancient Chinese game that is so complex that most experts previously reckoned it would take at least a decade before a computer could beat a human champion. AI处于领域的最前沿。近年来AI领域也经历了几次飞跃。最引人注目的是,谷歌(Google)旗下DeepMind的AI部门研发的程序,最近打败了一位著名围棋选手。围棋是一种古老的中国游戏,因为过于复杂,大多数专家此前都认为,计算机至少还需要10年才能打败人类围棋冠军。 The potentially wider applications of techniques used by the likes of DeepMind’s AlphaGo algorithm has fuelled optimism that investment management could be on the cusp of another technological revolution, possibly similar in scale to the electronification of markets in the 1970s and 1980s. DeepMind的AlphaGo这类算法所运用的技术或许还能得到更广泛的应用,这引发了有关投资管理可能即将迎来另一场技术革命的乐观情绪。在规模上,这场革命可能和上世纪七八十年代的市场电子化革命相仿。 “Machine learning and artificial intelligence is going to play a very large role in quant managers, but also with traditional asset managers that are aggressively expanding in this space,” says Osman Ali, a fund manager at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. “机器学习和人工智能将在量化资产管理中起到极大作用,但传统资产管理公司也会在这个领域大举扩张,”高盛(Goldman Sachs)资产管理部门的基金经理奥斯曼#8226;阿里(Osman Ali)表示。 Popular AI approaches such as machine learning can be used by computers to learn and develop autonomously. For example, a machine learning algorithm can learn to play and master a computer game such as Super Mario independently, at first playing the arcade classic randomly but quickly figuring out how the controls work and how to get to the end of the level. 计算机可以利用机器学习等流行的AI策略自主学习和发展。比如,一种机器学习算法可以独立上手和掌握如何玩《超级马里奥》(Super Mario)这样的游戏。一开始算法会随机地玩这款经典街机游戏,但很快算法就能摸清如何操作和通关。 There is therefore widesp enthusiasm over the potential of unleashing machine learning algos to find fleeting but profitable patterns in the vast sea of data. 因此,自由的机器学习算法在海量数据中寻找稍纵即逝的可盈利模式的潜能,引起人们的广泛兴趣。 “I think of algos as little children that can scale tremendously. And you can teach them to millions of books at the same time,” says Brad Betts, a former Nasa computer scientist working in BlackRock’s San Francisco-based Scientific Active Equity arm. “我认为算法就相当于拥有巨大潜力的幼童。你可以教它们同时阅读数百万本书,”美国国家航空航天局(NASA)前计算机科学家、现在供职于贝莱德(BlackRock)位于旧金山的“科学主动股票投资”部门的布拉德#8226;贝茨(Brad Betts)表示。 Yet scepticism, even among many quants, is still pervasive. They see areas such as machine learning and deep learning — the latter underpinned DeepMind’s Go exploits — merely as extensions or enhancements of techniques that have for long been in use. 然而,甚至是在很多量化分析师中,怀疑情绪依然普遍。在他们看来,机器学习和深度学习——后者撑了DeepMind的AlphaGo引人注目的成功——只不过是对已经投入使用很长时间的技术的扩展或加强。 “Lots of people use techniques that could be called machine learning for decades,” argues Robert Hillman, head of Neuron Capital. “There’s a huge difference between image recognition and using AI in markets. Will this be a paradigm change for investing? I don’t think so … It’s not a fundamental change, it’s an efficiency improvement.” “很多人使用了数十年的一些技术,都可以被称为机器学习技术,”Neuron Capital负责人罗伯特#8226;希尔曼(Robert Hillman)表示,“图片识别和把AI运用到市场之中存在巨大差异。这是否将带来投资的范式转变?我不这么认为……这不是根本性的变化,这是一种效率的提升。” Mr Kirk points out that most common AI approaches are focused on pattern recognition, such as telling the difference between a cat and a dog in an image. But markets are dominated by noise and chaos, the patterns are harder to find. 柯克指出,最常见的AI策略着重于模式识别,比如区分出图片中的一只猫和一只。但市场上充斥着杂音和乱流,要找到模式更为困难。 “As a geek I’m super-excited about AlphaGo, but it’s a big leap from beating a game with clearly defined rules and objectives and investing,” he says. “作为一名极客,AlphaGo让我超级兴奋,但从打赢一个有清晰规则和目标的游戏、到进行投资,中间还有巨大的跨度,”他说。 Even quants that are cautiously optimistic on the future of AI in investing warn of many pitfalls. Algorithms that may look ingenious and backrest superbly against historical data have a nasty habit of unravelling when confronted with unforgivingly fickle financial markets. 即使是对AI在投资界的应用前景抱谨慎乐观态度的量化分析师,也警告这个领域存在许多陷阱。一些看起来可能很巧妙、与历史数据完美契合的算法,在面对金融市场的反复无常时却常常出毛病。 “Playing Super Mario might not necessarily work for markets. If you hit the button you always know what will happen, but you don’t in markets,” says another quant at a large hedge fund. “It can take time for it to find the good trades and to optimise them. It can go through a lot of bad trades.” “能玩《超级马里奥》未必能驾驭市场。当你按下按键的时候,你总是知道会发生什么,但在市场上就不是这样了。”一家大型对冲基金中的另一名量化分析师表示,“算法可能需要时间才能找到好的交易机会并进行优化,可能先要经历很多糟糕的交易。” /201604/435174Most of us are familiar with this phenomenon of travel: ear-popping usually happens during takeoffs and landings.大多数坐过飞机的人都熟悉这样的现象:飞机起飞或落地时我们的耳朵会有胀胀的感觉。Our ears pop because of the change in air pressure as the plane ascends or descends. At higher altitudes air pressure is lower, even though the plane is pressurized.我们的耳朵之所以会有这种感觉是因为在飞机起飞或降落的时候发生的气压变化。在较高海拔区域气压较低,尽管飞机已经在加压了。Our ears are sealed off inside our heads, so as the plane ascends or descends the pressure outside and inside our ears is different. This difference in pressure can distort our ear drums and be painful.我们的耳朵在头内处于封闭状态,因此随着飞机上升或下降,耳朵内外的气压不同,而这种差异会扭曲我们的耳鼓并导致疼痛。What needs to be done here is to equalize the pressure between our ears and the airplane cabin.此时我们需要做的就是平衡耳朵和飞机机舱内的压力。Nature has provided the means for this with a tube that runs from the middle ear to the nasopharynx—the open area behind our noses. It#39;s called the Eustachian tube.刚好我们天生自带这种功能,由中耳延伸出的一条直达鼻的咽管道器官(在我们鼻子后面的一块开放区域)称为耳咽管。Normally the Eustachian tube is closed, so in order to equalize the pressure we need to open it.通常情况下耳咽管都是关闭的,但当我们需要平衡气压时我们需要打开它。Seasoned travelers know that you can avoid the discomfort by swallowing or chewing gum when you feel the pressure change.经验丰富的人知道,如果感到气压变化了,他们会通过吞咽或咀嚼口香糖来排除不适。The mechanical action when we chew gum or swallow opens the Eustachian tube, and allows the pressure to be equalized. The opening of the Eustachian tube is associated with the “pop” we hear.嚼口香糖或吞咽这些机械动作会帮助我们打开耳咽管,随即平衡气压,打开耳咽管的同时我们也会听到“嘭”的一声。Incidentally, babies often cry on takeoff and landing because they don#39;t know to chew or swallow. Having them suck on something can open their Eustachian tubes and alleviate the pain on their ears.通常婴儿在起飞及降落时会哭是因为他们不知道来咀嚼咀嚼或吞咽。这时让他们吮吸点什么东西能够帮助他们打开耳咽管并缓解耳内的疼痛。 /201702/491157美国有一只天生没有前腿的小,但这并不妨碍它跳跃奔跑,因为它拥有一对经过特别设计的“假肢”——模型飞机的轮子,坚强可爱的小。This tiny puppy may have been born without front legs but there's no way that is holding her back. Hope, the appropriately named two-legged Maltese puppy gets around by using a specially-designed device which features wheels from a model aeroplane.The energetic pup uses her hind legs(后腿) to boost her body forward onto her chest and operate the wheeled prosthetic limbs.The beloved pooch was born with only two legs and has small wriggling nubs where her front legs should be.At first Hope moved around by hopping but experts said her natural mode of moving eventually would damage her bones and spine.The wheeled device was created by orthotist(矫正器专家) David Turnbill free of charge with makeshift shoulder joints connected to model airplane wheels.Each of the device's 'arms' can move up or down independently of the other, allowing Hope to pivot and turn.The spring-loaded prosthetic arms hook to a custom-fitted chest plate to allow Hope to lay down or sit up without removing the prosthetic.The wheels she uses as front legs took some getting used to and at first the tiny lap dog would tip over to one side.However practice made perfect and now the persistent puppy has mastered the art of wheeling herself around, there is no stopping her.In fact she can bound across a room at a surprisingly break-neck pace.'She gets around fine,' said the puppy's rehabilitation (复原)specialist Cassy Englert.'She never knew anything other than hopping like she did. The hardest thing is teaching her a new way to get around that's going to actually be better for her,' he added.Hope was taken in by Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA when she was six weeks old.When the puppy grows bigger she will need to have another device made for her. /200806/42896

“十一”带你走进“西藏江南”Nyingchi becoming first stop for tourists to TibetNyingchi in the southeast of China's Tibet Autonomous Region is becoming the first stop for domestic and overseas tourists to the mysterious autonomous region.With an average altitude of 3,100 meters, Nyingchi has received 199,159, or nearly one third of all the tourists to Tibet, and made a revenue of 79.66 million yuan in the first five months of this year, 20 percent and 24 percent higher than the respective figures for the corresponding period last year, said local tourism bureau.Zhang Yang, a tourist from Southwest China's Yunnan Province, believed that as Nyingchi's altitude is relatively lower than other parts of the region, "tourists can adapt to plateau condition gradually before touring to other areas of Tibet."The Nyingchi airport, which began operation on September 1, 2006, has contributed a lot to the boost of tourism in the prefecture.Surrounded by mountains with average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the Nyingchi airport has handled 53,000 tourists to Tibet by September this year, despite its location that makes flights more difficult and restricts theairworthy time to only 100 days a year.Altitudes of the other two civil airports in Tibet, located in the regional capital Lhasa and Xigaze, were measured at 3,650 meters and 3,836 meters respectively.Nyingchi Prefecture, covering 117,000 square kilometers, is known for its humid and mild climate, charming scenery and rich natural resources.During the upcoming week-long National Day holiday, Nyingchi is expected to receive about 350,000 tourists, according to local tourism bureau.(Xinhua) 位于西藏自治区东南部的林芝县正成为海内外游客进藏的第一站。林芝平均海拔3100米,据当地旅游局介绍,今年1月至5月,林芝共接待游客199159人次,占进藏游客的近三分之一,旅游总收入达7699万元,分别比去年同期增长了20%和24%。一位名叫张杨的云南游客说,与西藏其它地区相比,林芝的海拔相对较低,因此“游客前往其它地区之前,可以在这过渡一下,逐步适应高原环境。”去年9月1日,林芝机场正式通航,极大促进了当地旅游业的发展,林芝机场的周围都是平均海拔达四千多米的高山峻岭,尽管地势险峻、飞行困难,全年的适航时间仅有100天,但截至今年9月,林芝机场已安全运送游客53000人次。西藏其它两个民用机场位于西藏自治区的首府拉萨和日喀则,海拔分别为3650米和3836米。林芝地区总面积为11万7千平方公里,气候宜人、景色优美、自然资源丰富。据当地旅游局介绍,“十一”国庆黄金周期间,林芝预计将接待约35万名游客。 /200803/30011A Chinese university has developed a police car capable of face scanning during patrols.近日,中国一所大学制造出了一台可以在巡逻时识别人脸的警车。The intelligent vehicles, developed by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Sichuan Province, will be first tested in east Zhejiang Province in June, according to the university.据中国四川省电子科技大学介绍,该校研制的这台智能汽车,计划于今年6月在东部的浙江省公安机关试用。China#39;s police cars are mostly refitted from commercial car models according to the needs of local authorities. The new cars will address many problems resulting from this poor standardization, said Yin Guangqiang, director of the police-use advanced technology institute at the university.电子科大警用先进技术研究所主任殷光强介绍称,中国的警车大多是根据当地政府的需求由商业车型改装而成的。而这款全新警车,将解决这种低标准带来的很多问题。A host of new technologies have been added to the new model over the seven-month development period for the country#39;s first standardized police vehicle, Yin said.他表示,在中国的第一代警用标准原型车开发的7个月历程中,已经加入了许多新型技术。The car is equipped with rooftop cameras that capture faces within a radius of 60 meters, even at a speed of 120 km/h. The images are then sent through the police database and if matches are found an alarm is sounded.该车辆搭载360度全视角摄像头,即便是在120公里/小时的高速行驶状态中,车辆也能清晰地捕捉方圆60米视野内的人脸,然后图片会通过警方数据库发送,如果扫描到匹配对象,警报就会响起。Its other functions include detecting vehicles information and identifying mobile phones in its proximity. Its engines also consume less oil and discharge less carbon dioxide.其他一些功能还包括检测车辆信息、在一定范围内识别手机。同时,它的发动机低油耗,低排放。;The new car is not just a means of transportation. It is more like a smart law enforcement system on wheels,; Yin said.殷主任表示:“这款新车不单单是一个交通工具,它更像是车轮上的移动智能执法系统。” /201604/435116

Importance of using natural health care products.Women have always been interested in keeping themselves healthy and looking great. The modern woman has come to realize that she wont live forever, but aging does not have to take the toll it once did on her face and body. There are now many solutions available to aid women in their quest for long lasting health and beauty. Women seem to be accepting the idea that taking care of their face and body is not necessarily a sign of vanity, but instead a way to keep good overall health.Unfortunately, not enough women realize the importance of using natural health care products. There are actually many convincing reasons to use natural products. First of all, regular health products are filled with chemicals. This is bad for a couple of reasons. All of those excess chemicals tend to do a lot of harm to your body. The skin in particular is susceptible to injury from chemical exposure or overexposure. In addition, when those chemicals enter your body through your pores, there is no telling what the long-term effect on your health might be. Secondly, as commercial products are manufactured, the process necessary to make them can be environmentally harmful. Finally, when non-organic products are thrown away, they often end up polluting the earth as well. With naturally made products, none of these concerns are there. They are made out of all natural ingredients that dont carry the risk of harming your body. There are no chemical side effects. And perhaps best of all, they are made in a way that is respectful of the environment.Women require different health and hygiene products than men, because their bodies are different. For example, men have to shave their faces, which often results in dry and damaged facial skin. Women, on the other hand, have to shave their legs. Women also sweat less and therefore need softer and less powerful deodorants. There are many organic health care options for women. Skin care products, hair care products, deodorizers and perfumes, and cleansing products can all be made naturally.As long as women can recognize the need to take care of their bodies and keep up their appearance, they can also appreciate the benefits of using natural care products. In fact, more and more women are realizing these advantages. As a result, the demand for natural care products is increasing and they are being made in greater quantities. In the long run, many women will be pleased they switched to organic products, because their bodies will feel healthier and the earth will be in better shape. 女性总是对保持身体健康和状态良好的事感兴趣。现代女性已经意识到她不可能永葆青春,但岁月也不能一下子在她们的脸和身体上留下痕迹。如今,想要寻求保持健康和美丽的女性都能找到很多的建议和帮助。女性们似乎开始接受一种观念,那就是关心自己的面部和身体不再是虚荣的象征,而是处于一种保持整体健康的目的。但问题是,没有足够多的女性意识到要使用天然卫生保健品。实际上,使用天然卫生保健品有很多让人信的理由。首先,普通的保健品充斥着化学物质。这里有几个不好的原因。这些过量的化学物质对你的身体都是有害的,而过度地与化学物质接触尤其对皮肤有刺激作用。另外,这些化学物质通过毛孔进入你的身体以后,长期对你的健康造成的危害更是不言而喻的。第二,由于这种商业品是大批量制造出来的,所以制造过程对环境也是有害的。最后,当无机产品被丢弃时,它们对地球也是一种污染。如果使用天然的产品,那么这些担忧就都不存在了。它们由天然成分组成,不会有伤害你健康的危险,也没有化学副作用。而且最好的一点也许是,他们在制作过程中对环境没有破坏作用。女性比男性需要更多不同的卫生保健品,因为两者身体构造是不同的。比如,男性必须刮胡子,这会导致脸部肌肤的干燥受损。另一方面,女性不得不刮除腿毛。女性出汗量也少于男性,所以就需要更温和的除臭剂。对女性来说,有很多有机的保健品可供选择。护肤产品,护发产品,除臭剂和香水,还有清洁用品都可以是天然制成的。只要女性意识到呵护身材和外表的重要性,那么他们也一定会欣赏使用天然的保健品。实际上,越来越多的女性正意识到这些优点。结果,对天然保健品的需求正在日益增长,质量也不断提高。长期看来,许多女性会很高兴她们选择了有机产品,因为她们会感到身体更健康了,地球也更“健康”了。 /200804/34588

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