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青岛八一医院做全身检查要多少钱青岛青医附院东院妇科哪个专家看的好TED演讲视频:颠覆香蕉 做出你的键盘两片披萨为何不可能是投影片的切换键?西红柿酱为何不能用来制造音乐?在这段精的影片中,发明家杰西维谈到探索周遭世界的渴望。他分享一些天马行空的发明,并示范了Makey Makey这个足以颠覆日常物品的工具组。 Article/201702/493862青岛哪家医院妇科检查的好啊 Airplanes stay in the air because of one simple fact:there is no net force on them.And with no net fore,an object at rest stays at rest,and an object in motion stays that way-even if it#39;s in midair 10 km above the earth#39;s surface.Now of course it#39;s not like there aren#39;t forces acting on the airplane;gravity pulls down on the plane itself plus all of the people and baggage inside,and every single air molecule that is shot through the engine or collides with the fuselage or wings pushes on the plane as well.飞机之所以能飞在空中是因为:它们所受合力为零,合力为零时,静止的物体保持静止状态,运动的物体保持亦保持原态,---即使这个物体处在距地面10km高空,也不例外,当然,合力为零不表示飞机不受力的作用,飞机自身以及乘客和行李的总量使其下坠,穿过发动机或者与机身,机翼碰撞的,空气颗粒也会圣飞机产生作用力。But if all of these forces are balanced-in particular,if the air molecules push the plane UP enough to counteract gravity-then the plane stays up.Getting air molecules to push the plane up is he crucial part of flying,and planes do this by making sure the undersides of the wings crash into more air molecules more violently.than the upper sides of the wings.但是如果所有的力是平衡的,---特别是,当空气颗粒对飞机的上推力足以抵消重力作用时,----飞机就能停留在空中了,使空气颗粒产生的推力足以撑飞机是飞行的关键,为此,与机翼表面相比,机翼底面与空气颗粒接触更多,碰撞也更猛烈。When a plane is parked on the ground,air molecules bounce off of the top and bottom of the wings in roughly equal amounts,or with ;equal pressure.;No lift.But in motion,the curved shape of the wings and their slightly inclined angle means that the bottoms smash into more air molecules that before and smash harder into those molecules,so the pressure on the bottom of the wing goes up.当一架飞机停于地面,与机翼上下两面相作用的空气颗数量大致相同,也可以说;压力相当;无上升力,但在起飞时,机翼的曲线形状和少许的倾斜角度,意味着,与静止时相比机翼底部会与更多空气颗粒相碰撞,碰撞程度也更剧烈,因此机翼底部所受压力也会增加。In addition,fewer air molecules now strike the top of the wing and those that do strike it less forcefully,partly because it#39;s being;shielded;by its own forward motion (the way running into the rain keeps your back drier).另外,此时撞击机翼顶部的空气颗粒较少,撞击力也较小,部分原因是飞机受到前进力的;保护;,(就跟冲进雨里时背后依然干燥是一个道理)。And partly because a curving stream of air has lower pressure on the inside of the curve since the molecules get thrown centripetally to the outside.But whatever the reasons,the pressure on the top of the wing goes down.So,low pressure on the top plus high pressure on the bottom,and the plane has lift.另一部分原因在于,弯曲流动的空气对曲线内侧的作用力较小,因为空气颗粒受向心力作用被甩开了,地论如何,机翼顶部的压力减小了,于是,由于顶部压力小而底部压力大,飞机受到上升力作用。And if the pressure/force imbalance is big enough,it can lift the plane up into the air against gravity!Now,all this crashing into air molecules to lift the plane also pushes to slow the plane down-which it would,if not for engines.Engines also push air,in this case,backwards either via a propellor,or a jet,or a jet driving a propellor.当作用力不平衡到一定程度,就可以无视重力托起飞机了,而这些托举起飞机的空气颗粒,也产生了阻碍飞机前进的力,好在发动机的推动力更大,发动机也在推动空气,对飞机而言,是向后推动,无论是螺旋桨发动机,或是喷气式发动机,或者喷气驱动螺旋桨。For various reasons,it turns out that you want to have a really big propellor driven by a really small jet for the most efficient engine.But even in inefficient engines,the spinning fan blades get their horizontal lift,which we call;thrust,;by moving quickly through air with a curved shape and a slightly inclined angle-they#39;re essentially mini-wings.由于种种原因,人们想要拥有,由极小的喷嘴产生极大推动力的,高效发动机,但是哪怕是低效的发动机,旋转的扇叶也会给飞机带来助力,我们称之为;推力;,它们以曲线形状和微妙的倾斜角,在空气中快速转动---相当于小翅膀。And so an airplane is essentially a meta-wing:it flies by moving mini-wings fast enough to push air molecules backwards,which moves the plane forward fast enough that its big wings push air molecules down.Whoa,Wingception.因此飞机本质上就像超级翅膀,它通过快速转动的小翅膀向后推动空气而飞行,极快的前进力给了大机翼,下压空气颗粒的动力,哇哦,翼度空间。 Article/201504/371195German police arrest two suspects in raid德国警方逮捕两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人Police in neighboring Germany say they have also arrested two people following a raid on 11 properties linked to radical Islamic Salafists.德国警方突袭伊斯兰激进派萨派名下11处房产后将两名恐怖袭击嫌疑人逮捕。The arrests followed months of investigation into five Turkish citizens aged 31 to 44.此次逮捕是历时几个月对5名31至44岁的土耳其公民调查后才进行实施的。Police said they believe the suspects were ;preparing a serious act of violence against the state in Syria; and laundering money.警方表示他们认为该2名嫌疑人涉嫌对叙利亚展开一系列暴力袭击及洗钱行动。Some 250 police officers took part in the raid in Berlin.大约有250名警察参加了此次在柏林的突袭行动。But authorities said there were no indications that the group had been planning attacks inside Germany.但当局表示没有迹象明这个组织计划在德国内部制造袭击。 Article/201501/354857青岛正规妇科医院有哪些

青岛现在人流多少钱Only stable, rich and powerful states can commission great art and architecture, which unlike text or language, can be instantly understood by anyone-very valuable in multi-lingual empires.只有强盛稳定的国家能出现伟大的艺术与建筑,它们比语言文字直观得多,只要一眼便可以了解,这在多语言的大帝国中是极大的优势只有。But, whereas in Rome Christianity was soon imposed as the exclusive religion of the Empire, for the Gupta kings worship of the Hindu gods was always only one of the ways in which the divine could be apprehended and embraced. This is a world that seems to be at ease with complexity, happy to live with many truths, and indeed to proclaim them all as an official part of the state, and we can glimpse something of the richness of this Gupta religious landscape through two gold coins.在罗马,基督教迅速成为唯一的国教,但在印度,印度教对笈多王来说只是接近神祇的方式之一。看起来,这个世界能轻松地面对复杂状况,让不同的真理和谐共存,并宣布它们都得到国家承认。我们通过两枚金币可以看到笈多王宗一些丰富的教景观。I#39;m in the study room of our Coins and Medals Department, and in front of me I#39;ve got two coins of the Indian king Kumaragupta I, who ruled from AD 414 to 455.我正身处大英物馆的钱币与勋章馆,我手里的就是这里藏有的2枚印度国王鸠罗笈多一世的金币,他于公元414年至455年在位。And they#39;re two coins that show very different aspects of this king#39;s religious life. They#39;re each almost exactly the size of a one penny coin, but they#39;re made of solid gold and, like all small gold objects, they sit quite heavily in the hand.这两枚硬币表现了国王的宗教信仰中极为不同的几个方面。它们由黄金制成,大小与英国的一便士相当,拿在手里颇有分量。On the first coin, where you#39;d normally expect to see the king, there#39;s a horse-a magnificent standing stallion. He#39;s decorated with ribbons, and a great pennant flutters over his head, and around the coin, in Sanskrit, is the inscription that translates: ;King Kumaragupta, the supreme lord, who has conquered his enemies;.在第一枚硬币上,别国通常用来雕刻国王头像的位置,刻着一匹神骏的牡马,身上装饰着带,头顶上飘着一面三角旗幡。金币边缘有一句梵语,意为“鸠罗笈多一世,至尊王者,克敌制胜”。 Article/201504/370968山东省青岛市六院预约 And in fact when we determined your gene type at this locus而且事实上 你的基因检测结果出来了you don#39;t have the variant.你没有基因突变-I don#39;t have it? -You do not.-我没有吗 -没有Even though I didn#39;t have the gene mutation即使我没有这个基因突变something about the experience left me feeling quite strange.这段经历仍让我感觉有些奇怪I was being asked to rate how pleasurable the alcohol drug effect was他们让我给酒精带来的快感评级and also whether I wanted more of it.以及我是否还想要更多打分I felt I was giving strong ratings to say yes it#39;s pleasurable我觉得我打出的分很高 那感觉真的很愉快and yes I definitely want more.我也绝对想要更多And...it#39;s interesting to think that there are other people想想真有意思 还有别人other drinkers that would rate the pleasurable effects其它的饮酒者 给他们的快感and the desire to get more even more strongly than I was.和想要更多的欲望打得分比我还高;I#39;ll have another wine.;;我还要一杯;;Would you like another?; ;Can I have a large one?;;要再来一杯吗; ;能来一大杯吗;Soon as you drink yeah you#39;re changing.随着你喝酒 你也在改变重点解释:1.in fact 其实; 事实上;实际上;确切地说例句:In fact, I think you#39;re right.事实上,我认为你是对的。2.even though 即使;尽管例句:Even though he tried, he still lagged behind other runners.尽管他努力了,仍落在其他赛跑者之后3.even more 更为 ... 地例句:She#39;s even more intelligent than her sister.她甚至比还聪明。 Article/201508/391999青岛市四方区红十字医院做血常规检查

青岛新阳光女子医院人流要多少钱栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/389966 There are hundreds of islands out here.The vast majority are deserted.这里有上百座岛屿 大多数都荒无人烟I#39;m heading for one of these unpopulated islands,and from a distance, it#39;s an awesome sight.我将前往其中的一座无人岛 从远处看 这的景色棒极了But appearances can be deceptive.但请不要被表面假象蒙蔽People often think of desert islands as some sort of paradise,人们往往把荒岛 想象成人间天堂but the reality is they can be the ultimate prison.但事实上 这里往往是终极地狱For shipwrecked sailors through the ages,古往今来 诸多的船只失事早已明islands like this have proved the supreme challenge,此类的岛屿神秘面纱之下隐藏着无尽杀机and I#39;m gonna show you how the smart few survived.我将向您展示 千古智者如何脱离险境100 feet now.My first task is to get ashore.高度 100英尺 我的首个任务是 上岸With nowhere to land, I#39;m gonna jump.50 feet now.苍茫大海无处着陆 我必须跳入水中 现在 50英尺It#39;s too shallow inside the reef,so I#39;m gonna drop into the deep-blue waters outside.近岸处暗礁太多 水位太浅 所以 我将跳进深蓝色的水域Okay, Bear, off you go.Need to swim in through the surf now.好的 贝尔 出发 看来我得从海浪里游出去了I want to get out of this dangerous deep water,我想尽快离开这危险的深海域but that means braving the waves that break over the shallow reef.但这意味着 我将必须破浪前行There#39;s only a few feet of water between me and the sharp coral reef beneath.我和尖锐的珊瑚礁 相隔仅仅几英尺Coral cuts are a real danger,and blood in the water can attract sharks.若不幸被划伤 情况将十分凶险 因为水中的血腥味能把鲨鱼引来But I#39;m through the breakers and into the lagoon.但很快 我突破重重困难 进入浅滩What I#39;m concerned about is that sharks are gonna love this sort of area.我一直在担心 鲨鱼应该很喜欢这样的海域They can shoal fish in here and come to feed.它们能够将鱼群赶到此处 围猎进食You just need to be vigilant, keep a good eye out here.你需要非常的警惕 眼观六路 Article/201703/498705青岛妇女儿童医院等级青岛医院无痛人流多少钱



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