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青岛哪家医院看妇科比较好青岛市立医院有做缩阴吗Have you ever been on a really long trip, and it felt like it took forever to get where youre going?你曾经有过一个长途旅行,感觉好像一生都到不了目的地吗?Well, how would you like to take a long trip into space?那么,你希望怎样完成一次远距离的太空旅行呢?That might sound like something youve about in a book or seen in a movie,这听起来好像是书上读到或电影里看到的情景,but for a select few people, its real life!但对于那些精选的少数人来说,这是他们的真实生活。Im talking about the astronauts who live in space for months at a time, on the Internationals Space Station.我现在要说的就是那些在国际空间站一次要生活数月的宇航员The International Space Station—or ISS for short—is in orbit above Earth.国际空间站(ISS)在地球上面的轨道上运行。Astronauts live and work up there doing science experiments and learning about life in space.宇航员在里面工作和生活,他们会做科学实验和了解太空生活。To get there, astronauts are carried up into space by rockets.宇航员搭乘火箭进入太空,And when they go home, they ride in space capsules that fall back to Earth.乘坐太空船返回地面。Lets take a closer look.让我们近距离的了解一下。Those big, flat shiny things are solar panels, and they provide energy for the space station.这些闪闪的大平板是太阳能板,它们为空间站提供能源。They capture sunlight and they turn it into electricity.它们捕获阳光并将它转换成电能。The space station uses that electricity to power lights and computers and everything else that makes the ISS go.空间站中的电灯、电脑及其它持其运行的东西都用这种电能。This is a robot arm.这是一个机械臂。Astronauts inside the station use this arm by remote control, to fix things on the outside of the ISS.在空间站内,宇航员通过远程操控它来修复空间站外的东西。Although it might not look like it, the space station is kind of like a big house.虽然它看上去不一样,但空间站就像一个大房子。It has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen—which astronauts call a galley,里面有5间卧室,2间浴室和一间宇航员称为“galley”的厨房。and they even have a laboratory, just like we do at the fort.他们甚至有一间实验室,就像我们的沃斯堡。But as you can imagine, life on the space station is a lot different than it is back home on Earth.但是和你想的一样,空间站的生活与地面上的生活有着很大的区别。For one thing, all of the water that astronauts use has to be flown up by rockets.其中一件就是,宇航员的所有用水都要用火箭来运输,Since its so hard to get up there, water is only used for drinking and eating.由于运水很难,所以只有在喝东西和吃饭时才能用水。So astronauts dont take baths or showers with water.因此宇航员不能用水洗澡。Instead, they wash up with special washcloths.但他们能用一种特殊的浴巾来清洗身体。But probably the biggest difference is that theres much less gravity up in the space station than there is here on Earth.但是最大的不同在于空间站里的重力远小于地球。Instead of sticking to the ground like we do at home, astronauts up there just float around!我们在地球上是贴着地面走,但宇航员只能到处漂。So, in a way, its a lot easier for the astronauts to move around, because theres less gravity.从这点上来说,宇航员很容易移动,因为这里重力很小。But after a couple of days in space, their muscles actually get weak.但是在空间站待了一段时间后,宇航员的肌肉渐渐疲软。So astronauts on the space station have to exercise at least two hours every day to give their muscles a workout.所以空间站的宇航员每天必须至少锻炼俩小时,保肌肉的功能。But the rest of the time, the astronauts are conducting experiments!但其余的时间,宇航员都在进行太空实验。Theyll study plants to see how they grow in space, and theyll study small animals, like fish,他们会研究植物在太空怎样生长,他们也研究鱼之类的小动物,to see how their muscles do in low gravity.观察它们的肌肉在低重力下如何活动。They even study how robots work in space.他们甚至还研究机器人怎样在太空中工作。Say hello to Robonaut 2.跟机器宇航员2号打个招呼吧!Hes a robot, like Squeaks, who lives on the space station full time,他跟吱吱一样,是个机器人,一直生活在空间站,Hes on board so astronauts can see if robots work as well in space as they do on Earth.它现在甲板上,因为宇航员想要观察它的工作是否和在地球上一样,R2, as his friends call him, can use tools, and even go on a spacewalk by himself.机器宇航员2号(他的朋友们都这样叫它),能够使用工具,甚至能够独自进行太空行走。Spacewalks are when astronauts leave the space station in a spacesuit,太空行走是指宇航员穿上宇航,离开空间站to do work on the outside of the station.去站外工作。But they dont do them very often.但是他们不经常这样做。Spacewalks are only for when astronauts need to fix things on the ISS or to gather information for experiments.他们只在需要修复空间站上的东西或是收集实验信息时才这样做。So life on the International Space Station is hard work,国际空间站上的生活很艰苦,and its really different than life at home.并且不同于地球上的工作。But if you ask me, the astronauts who get to go there are pretty lucky—但是如果你问我的想法,我一定会说他们很幸运because they actually get to live in space!因为他们竟然在太空生活过!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids.欢迎收看儿童科学秀.Maybe one day, if you work really hard, you can go to the ISS! See you next time.如果你努力的话,也许某天你也能去国际空间站。下次再见!201707/516815青岛人流价格咨询 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481033青岛新阳光妇科医院贵不贵

山东省青岛市二院门诊医生青岛治疗妇科炎症比较好的医院是哪家 Its five oclock, and the rest of Bohunts students have gone home.五点了,其他航特的学生已经回家了But in the Chinese school, work goes on.然而在中式学校,学习还在继续Mr. Zou is starting his lesson for those students who struggle in maths.邹老师要开始为数学有困难的学生开小灶补习Luca and two other pupils havent turned up.卢卡和其他两个学生还没有出现I never seen students like this.我从没见过这样的学生I came so long a distance to bring you some Chinese way of teaching.我漂洋过海,是为了带给你们一些中式教学法And you dont want to learn. I feel disappointed.但你们却不想学,这让我很失望Lets start, OK? Lets start.我们开始吧,好吗,开始吧Were not going to wait. Just.. be seated.不等他们了。来...坐好Almost ten years teaching, I havent experienced the level of students like these.我教了十年书,从来没有遇到过这样的学生I see if I can help them by my effort.我想知道,我能不能帮助他们提高成绩Sir, Ive done it. Can I pack up now?老师,我做完了,可以收拾书包了吗Luca is a lovely boy.卢卡这孩子很可爱He learns very quickly.他学东西很快In fact, maybe the quickest in my small group.可以说是我这补习小组里学得最快的But if he doesnt want to learn, will be a totally different person.但是如果他不想学,那就完全不一样了Luca, come here! I need to talk to you.卢卡,过来。我们谈谈Why dont you come for lesson?你为什么不来上课Sorry, Sir. No, dont say sorry.对不起,老师。不,别光说对不起Hello, this is Mr Zou from Chinese school. Is that Lucas mother?你好,我是中式学校的邹老师。请问您是卢卡的母亲吗Oh, hello.您好Tonight should be maths lesson for two periods and Luca didnt show up,今晚有两节数学课,但是卢卡都没来so he missed all two lessons tonight.他逃了今晚的两节数学课Its so different from the normal Bohunt day.中式学校跟航特中学平时上课很不一样One thing being the hours are longer.最大不同就是上课时间变长了Im trying to get to used to that. Its been difficult.我在努力去适应。但是这真的很难I just wanted to go watch the year eight basketball game.我当时只是想去看初二的篮球比赛It was because I felt like I was back in Bohunt when I went there.因为看比赛的时候,我会觉得我又回到了航特中学Im missing just normal school quite a lot from doing this.在中式学校学习,让我错过了平时学校的很多东西It just felt good.看比赛会让我觉得很开心201606/449095潍坊四维彩超多少钱

崂山区妇女医院周日上班吗There you go.Right there is the river, down in the valley.好了 那有条河 一直流到山谷里And thats what I want to get to, down there.我要下到那去This is looking pretty sheer down this bit.这段路看上去非常陡峭But I reckon well use the rope and get down to that ledge halfway.不过我觉得可以用绳子 下到半截的悬崖那里This cliff is too high for my rope to reach all the way.这个峭壁太高了我的绳子不够长But I can use a climbing technique called multi-rappelling.不过我可以用一点攀岩技巧 就是多重绳索下降法I need to make sure my rope is retrievable and that Ive got good anchor points on the way down.我得保我可以把绳子收回来 并且在下去的路上找到好的固定点Really, I want to th this up high.我要把绳子穿过这个树杈Its gonna just make it easier to retrieve.这样更容易回收Gonna be a direct line of sight to it rather than going over a lip.下降时 别让绳子离开你的视线 不要让绳子卡在悬崖上The Caucasus mountains were formed when the Arabian and European tectonic plates collided millions of years ago.高加索山脉是几亿年前 印度洋板块和亚欧板块 碰撞后形成的Nice and steady there.The region is subjected to powerful earthquakes下边地势平坦 这一地区饱受强震之苦and this means the rock faces can be highly unstable.也就是说 该地区表层岩石很不稳定The whole mountain is literally just crumbling apart.整座山轰然劈开Theres a birds nest.Theres an egg in it as well.鸟巢恰巧在那 巢中恰有一颗蛋If you want to survive out here,you must think like a scavenger and never pass up any potential food source.倘若想在这样恶劣的环境中求生 就得把自己变成拾荒者 只要是能吃的 来者不拒Just smell! That egg is rotted!Thats a vulture egg.闻闻吧 鸡蛋腐臭了 这是一枚秃鹰的蛋This is just truly...putrid.Have a look at the color inside here.这绝对是...腐烂了 看看里边的颜色201704/504758 Judy Parish has devoted her career to studying the climates of the past.Judy Parish一辈子都在研究古气候Its sort of like mystery novels, so this is a little bit like a detective story,这就像是悬疑小说,有点类似于侦探小说的情节putting together bits and pieces of information to figure out what the world was really like in the past.将各种各样的线索放在一起,然后推理出古代世界的情形Its really fascinating the idea of this super-continent关于超大陆的观点确实很吸引人and just the fact that it would have to have, have to have a major effect on climate,事实上它很有可能对气候有很大的影响so I got really interested in how this might develop.所以我很有兴趣想看看这如何发生These spectacular cliffs by the Colorado River in the ed States are from just before the super-continent split apart.耸立在美国科罗拉多河两岸的壮丽悬崖,刚好形成于超大陆分裂之前This makes them just the right age to unravel this climatological mystery.因此它们有合适的年份以解开气候之谜Geologists have known for a long time that there was something really odd about the climate of this time period.长期以来,地质学家都对这段时期的气候状况感到奇怪Its in these rocks that we can really figure out what the climate was like.但在这些岩石中,我们能找出气候的真实情况Judys spent years trying to decipher the clues locked inside these 200 million year old rocks,Judy数年来都在破解这些埋在2亿年古老岩石中的线索but what she found was something very puzzling.但是她的发现却令人困惑不解。201705/509485山东省中医院看病口碑青岛附属医院黄岛分院人流多钱




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