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One of the things I like to do on the weekends is go to garage sales. I’m a bargain hunter and collector, so garage sales are good places me. I look in the newspapers or just follow homemade signs to find the sales in my neighborhood. Whether it’s because people are doing spring cleaning or getting y to move, there are always plenty of sales in my area. After going to a lot of garage sales, I’ve learned a few things about getting what I want at the price I want. Bargaining on price is par the course at any garage sale. If you don’t want to get ripped off, you’ll try to get the sellers to lower their price. I’m an early bird and I usually get to the sales bee other people to get the best items. But to get the best prices, be sure to go back right bee the sale ends. Most people are desperate to sell so that they don’t have to store those things again or to lug them to a charity office to give them away. That’s when people are y to slash their prices. It’s true that there is a lot of junk and knickknacks at garage sales. But one person’s trash is another person’s treasure! 73

As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou growt迅速地萎缩,一如你迅速地成长In one of thine, from that which thou departest;在你那个之内,那个你进出两由的地方,And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestowt你年轻时贡献的一注精血若存,Thou mayst call thine, when thou from youth convertest.你不再年轻时便成为你收获的对象Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase;那其中活跃着智慧、美丽和繁荣昌盛,Without this, folly, age, and cold decay.而不是愚蠢、衰老和朽败的冰凉If all were minded so, the times should cease,若天下都听独身主张,则灭宗灭族,And threescore year would make the world away.不出六十年,世界也会消亡Let those whom Nature hath not made store,让造化使无心传宗接代的人Harsh, featureless, and rude, barrenly perish.变得丑陋、粗暴、无后而死亡,Look whom she best endowed, she gave the more;而造化的宠爱者得到最多的恩赐,Which bounteous gift thou shouldst in bounty cherish.这些丰厚的馈赠你都理当珍存She carved thee her seal, and meant thereby她刻你是要把你作为一枚圆章,Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die.多多盖印,岂可让圆章徒有虚名! 5573

The Practice of Peace心静如水There are many areas in which peace needs to be accomplished,许多方面需要做到心静如水within ourselves, between ourselves and others,我们的内心,我们和他人之间的关系,and between ourselves and the divine.以及我们和我们内心之间的关系When any part is out of balance,当任何一方失去平衡,a lasting peace cannot be maintained.都不能维持一种持久的平静心境A state of peace does not grow out of a false sense of safety,一种平静的心境并不来自于一种错觉的安全感,but out of understanding how to interact with the ces we are subjected to.而是来自于对如何应对我们周遭事物的理解Rather than reacting automatically,不要去机械地应对,we must learn how to best respond.相反,我们必须学着去以最好的方式应对事物Automatic, habitual reactions lead us and others into blind alleys.机械的,习惯性的反应会将我们带入一个狭窄的盲区Responding, on the other hand, includes response-ability,而相反,理智的反应,包括反应能力,the power to see things as they are,却是一种能看透事物本质的能力,stay balanced and make an appropriate response.保持各方面的平衡,并做出适当的反应This is the action of seeking peace.这才是追求心境如水的本质行为Many may not be aware of the enormous power their choices and actions have upon their lives and the lives of others.很多人可能并没有意识到他们的选择和行为对他们自己的生活以及他人生活的巨大影响力It has been said that even a small amount of real love has the power to dissolve mountains of hate.人们曾说哪怕是一点点真爱都有着化解一座冰山的力量The wonder is why we are so mean with our good will,why we hold onto thoughts of hatred and revenge.既然如此,那我们为什么还要如此吝啬我们的善意,为什么还要紧紧抓住仇恨和复仇的思想不放手Seeing this is the first step.认识到这一点是第一步,Letting go comes next.学会释怀就是第二步Rather than pretending to be loving and peaceful,we must learn how to actively work with all that opposes peace.不要假装爱与平静,相反,我们必须积极地学会应付各类对平静的干扰We must learn how to work with our fear and anger when it arises.我们必须学会当恐惧与愤怒滋长时如何去理智地应对Even in the midst of anger we can be peaceful,if we learn how to handle it properly.如果我们学会如何适当地应对,即使在愤怒进行时,我们也可以平静下来In this way we pursue and practice peace.这样,我们就能够真正地做到心静如水 7

Thus can my love excuse the slow offence我既然是离你他往,Of my dull bearer when from thee I speed又何须行色仓皇?From where thou art why should I haste me thence?不是回头路,更何须马不收缰Till I return, of posting is no need.爱呵,我的坐骑的鲁钝原不是大罪,O, what excuse will my poor beast then find,除非是归程,纵电疾如火也不算匆忙When swift extremity can seem but slow?可怜的马儿啊,那时才罪重当诛Then should I spur, though mounted on the wind;我当快马加鞭、电掣般腾达飞黄;In winged speed no motion shall I know虽展翅凌空亦却不觉其迅,那时节,Then can no horse with my desire keep pace;没一匹马儿可与我如炽的欲火争强Theree desire of perfectt love being made,呵,这集爱大成的欲望绝非一团死肉,Shall neigh--no dull flesh--in his fiery race;自当引颈长啸于火焰般的飞扬But love, love, thus shall excuse my jade;然而,一报还一报,原谅我这玉骢的鲁钝吧Since from thee going he went wilful-slow,既然它抽身离你时有意磨磨蹭蹭,Towards thee Ill run, and give him leave to go.我要正面扑向你,让它由着性儿狂奔 517

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