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Songyue Pagoda嵩岳寺塔Songyue Pagoda is situated in Songyue Temple in the south of Mount Song and at the foot of Taishi Mountain, where all is nestling among the mountains and in the folds of the forests and mountains , the spring water streams, and the birds twitter, making people there bathed in the scenery of serenity and grace as if in the paradise. Initially built in the year 509 and the Summer Palace of Emperor Xuangwu of Northern Wei, Songyue Temple was later transformed into a buddhist temple At the time, it was very large in size and at its heyday, as could be proved by the fact that Emperor Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty once took it as her temporary dwelling place when visiting Mount Song. Songyue Pagoda, built in the first year of Zhengguang of Northern Wei, namely in the year 520, was, among the existing pagodas with the dense-eaves types, the earliest one. The whole pagoda, assuming a graceful parabola shape, is exquisite in design and considered to be the classic of the pagodas with the dense-eaves types. With a height of 39. 8 meters, a circumference of 33.7 meters and a thickness of 2.45 meters, it has i5 tiers equilateral-dodecagoned dense eaves as the body and is the only example of its kind among the various kinds of ancient pagodas extant in our country. The pagoda, composed of the base, the body, the dense eaves and the finial, was built with the bluish bricks, it is hollow inside and tube-shaped.There are between the tiers such things as the doors, mullion windows and carved animals, the design of which is ingenious, unique and spectacular. Songyue Pagoda, boasting a height of almost 40 meters and a history of over 1400 years, can be considered one of the extremely fine craftsmanships. The modern scientific principles in geology, geometry, physics and chemistry were applied, and the building materials, namely the small bluish bricks and glutinous rice juice, firmly agglutinated together. Songyue Pagoda, given its unique shape, became a masterpiece in the ancient Chinese architectural history, and is of great research value in the architecture.嵩岳寺塔位于嵩山南麓,太室山脚下的嵩岳寺内,这里群山环抱、山林掩局映、泉水淙淙、鸟语和鸣、景色清幽雅致,一派人间仙景。嵩岳寺始建于公元509年,原来是宣武帝的离官,后改为佛教寺院。当时的嵩岳寺规模宏大,盛极一时,武则天游嵩山时,曾把这里作为行官。嵩岳寺塔建于北魏正光元年,公元520年,是我国现存年代最早的密檐式砖塔,大塔整个外形呈现出优美的抛物线形,设计绝妙,堪称密檐式塔的经典之作。大塔高39.8米,周长33.7米,壁厚2.45米,塔身平面为等边十二角形15层密檐,是我国现存各类古塔中的孤例,全塔由基台,塔身,密檐和塔刹四部分组成,用青灰条砖垒砌,塔身中空,呈筒状。各塔层之间均有壶门,棂窗,雕兽等,精巧独特,雄伟壮观,形制独特。嵩岳寺塔高近40米,历经1400多年,气势高危的古塔可谓鬼斧神工,整座大塔运用了地质、几何、物理、化学等现代科学原理,所用的建筑材料系小青砖、糯米汁、粘结牢固,嵩岳寺塔以它独有的造型成为中国古建筑史上的千古绝唱,在建筑学上有着极高的研究价值。 /201601/419354To visit Silicon Valley these days is to take a rocket ride into the future. The breathless talk is of another surge in technological innovation, the rapid development of virtual reality, driverless cars, 3D printing, robots, personalised medicines, the application of artificial intelligence to masses of data and of further disruption in almost every nook of the economy. 如今造访硅谷,就犹如坐上火箭快速穿越到未来。人们慷慨激昂地谈论着新一轮技术革新浪潮,虚拟现实、无人驾驶汽车、3D打印、机器人、个人化医疗的快速发展,人工智能在大数据上的应用,还有经济中几乎每一个角度所遭到的深刻颠覆。 It is an exhilarating, disorienting and at times downright scary experience. 这是一种令人兴奋、迷惘,有时又十分可怕的体验。 Turning on the television while visiting Silicon Valley, in a bid to catch up with the presidential election campaign, is to crash back to Earth with a thud. The talk is of income inequality, the collapse of the middle class, the banning of Muslim visitors and the building of walls to stop immigrants pouring into the US. 而假如你在硅谷时打开电视,想看看美国总统大选进行得怎么样了,你就会砰地一声跌回地球。电视上谈论的都是收入不平等、垮掉的中产阶级、禁止穆斯林入境以及建造隔离墙以阻止移民涌入美国。 The optimism of forward-looking West Coast entrepreneurs clashes with the pessimism of the backward-looking East Coast politicians. That coastal divide is particularly stark in the US but it exists metaphorically in many other countries, too. At its simplest, it is a tussle within ourselves, both as consumers and as citizens. 目光长远的西海岸企业家的乐观与保守的东海岸政客的悲观形成鲜明对比。两个海岸之间的这种分歧在美国尤其明显,但从隐喻意义上说,它也在其他许多国家存在。简单来说,这是我们自身内部作为消费者与作为公民这两层身份之间的斗争。 The techno-optimists of California promise a further bonanza for our inner consumer, largely powered by the supercomputer smartphones in our pockets. They aim to dissolve remaining inefficiencies in just about every consumer transaction, in the same way as Uber has revolutionised the taxi trade and Airbnb has challenged the hotel industry, throwing up new economic opportunities in the process. “You can become a driver in an hour. You can become a hotel owner in a day,” marvels one venture capitalist. 加州的技术乐观派认为,我们身上作为消费者的这一部分将迎来进一步繁荣,很大程度上借助于我们口袋里具有超级计算机功能的智能手机。他们希望消除几乎所有消费者交易中剩余的低效问题,与优步(Uber)革命性的出租车务交易和Airbnb挑战酒店业的方式如出一辙,并在该过程中带来新的经济机遇。一位风险资本家惊叹道:“你可以在一个小时内成为一名司机。你可以在一天内成为一个酒店业主。” By flying balloons, unmanned aircraft and satellites over the remoter parts of the world, Google and Facebook are also planning to connect everyone on the planet to the internet, creating the possibility of a global digital marketplace for products, services and ideas. “The fact that we may soon provide all human knowledge to the entire population of the world is a pretty big step forward,” says one tech executive. More excitable commentators predict the era of the mass production of ideas, of a “second renaissance”, of the flowering of a global civilisation. 通过在世界偏远之地发射气球、无人飞行器和卫星,谷歌(Google)和Facebook也在计划让地球上所有人都能接入互联网,从而有可能为产品、务和想法创造一个全球性的数字市场。一位科技业高管表示:“我们可能很快向世界所有人提供人类的全部知识,这是相当大的进步。”更为兴奋的员们则预测一个思想纷呈的时代,一个“第二次文艺复兴”、全球文明昌盛的时代即将来临。 But when the Silicon Valley crowd pause for breath, even they worry about some of the consequences of this technological turmoil: the impact on so many traditional jobs, the erosion of employment rights and the unequal distribution of the fruits of technology. 但是当硅谷人停下来歇口气的时候,就连他们也担心这种技术革命带来的一些后果:对众多传统工作职位的影响、对就业权利的侵蚀以及技术发展成果的不公平分配。 One long-time tech observer says Silicon Valley’s creative destruction will lead to a cruel world for many “throw-away citizens” in the US and Europe who cannot adapt. “Donald Trump has his finger on the lurking, deep-seated fear of the throwaway citizen,” he says. 一个长期关注科技行业的观察人士表示,硅谷的创造性破坏将让美欧许多无法适应的“一次性公民”(throw-away citizen)面对一个残酷世界。他说:“唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)明白‘一次性公民’潜在的深层次担忧。” Silicon Valley may have an image as a haven of libertarianism but some are surprisingly keen on the idea of greater social insurance — such as a “citizen’s” or “basic” income — to be funded by a digital dividend from tech profits. 硅谷可能有着自由主义天堂的形象,但令人意外的是,一些人非常赞成利用来自科技业利润的“数字红利”来加强社会保障(比如“公民的”或“基本的”收入)。 Darian Shirazi is one young tech entrepreneur who supports the idea. “We have a small technological aristocracy and a middle class struggling to catch up with the demands of a more efficient economy. Basic income can bring a baseline and offer freedom to those trapped by our new economy.” 达里安#8226;设拉子(Darian Shirazi)是一位持上述观点的年轻科技创业家。“我们有一小群科技新贵和一个很难满足更高效经济的要求的中产阶级群体。基本收入能够提供基本生活保障,解放那些被新经济所困的人。” Angry voters in rich societies clearly feel that politicians duped them about the gains of globalisation over the past 30 years. Although benefiting massively as consumers, many voters have lost out as workers, as jobs have shifted abroad and incomes have stagnated. The tech revolution only compounds the upheaval, threatening the second great disruption of our lifetimes. 富裕社会的愤怒选民们显然觉得,关于全球化的成果,30年来政客们一直在欺骗他们。尽管作为消费者受益匪浅,但许多选民作为劳动者却遭受了损失,因为很多就业机会转移到国外,而且收入也停滞了。技术革命只是加剧了这种动荡,有可能造成我们一生中的第二次大破坏。 James Manyika, co-head of the McKinsey Global Institute, suggests the picture is far more nuanced. He says each individual has at least five facets: as consumer, worker, citizen, investor and a moral being. “All these have largely worked in convergence before but these technological shifts are creating very different answers today,” he says. 麦肯锡全球研究所(McKinsey Global Institute)联合主管詹姆斯#8226;马尼卡(James Manyika)表示,实际情况要微妙得多。他说,每个人都至少有消费者、劳动者、公民、投资者和道德主体这5层身份。他表示:“所有这些身份过去基本上是保持一致的,但如今这些技术变化带来了截然不同的。” It would be a tragedy if the promise of technology was sideswiped by a neo-Luddite backlash. We need governments to understand these dizzying changes and devise smart regulation that encourages innovation rather than suppresses it. We also need the tech companies to acknowledge the disruption they cause and do far more to benefit all aspects of our lives. 如果技术可能带来的前景因为“新卢德派分子”的反弹而被殃及,那将是一场悲剧。我们需要各国政府理解这些令人目眩的变化,并设计聪明的监管法规,鼓励而非打压创新。我们还需要科技公司承认它们造成的破坏,付出更大努力让我们生活的方方面面受益。 /201603/431707

Jack Ma, chairman of ecommerce group Alibaba, has blamed credulous and “greedy” consumers for the prevalence of counterfeit goods available on the internet, adding that his company provides buyers with the tools to distinguish fakes from the genuine article.电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)将互联网上假货泛滥归咎于易受骗和“贪心”的消费者,并补充称,他的公司向买家提供辨别真假的工具。“If you want to buy a Rolex for Rmb25 [], you can only be blamed for being too greedy,” he told an audience at the World Internet Conference in the Chinese city of Wuzhen.在浙江乌镇举行的世界互联网大会(World Internet Conference)上,马云称:“二十五块钱就想买一个劳力士手表,这是不可能的,这是你自己太贪了。”Mr Ma’s comments were a departure from the usually contrite public message honed by Alibaba in the run-up to its record-breaking initial public offering in September, which raised bn.9月阿里巴巴通过首次公开发行(IPO)创纪录地融资250亿美元之前,该公司对外传达的信息通常带有忏悔意味。马云此番言论标志着转向。The issue of fake goods, and the difficulty in policing the roughly 8m third-party sellers on Alibaba’s eBay-like sales website Taobao, has long been a problem for the group. “The company takes the issue of counterfeit goods seriously and acts immediately to remove these goods from our ecosystem,” said Alibaba yesterday.阿里巴巴旗下的电子商务网站淘宝(Taobao)类似于eBay,拥有近800万第三方卖家。假货问题、监管卖家之难,是该集团长期面对的问题。阿里巴巴近日表示,“公司认真对待仿冒品问题,一经发现,会立即把这些商品从我们的生态系统中剔除。”Mr Ma challenged the belief in China that counterfeit goods were widely available on Taobao, which reported 0bn in sales in the year to June 30. “Many people say that Taobao and Alibaba is full of knock-offs, but those who say that have basically never shopped on Taobao. ” He added that consumers had the “power of judgment”. “Do you think we could achieve Rmb6.7bn in sales daily if the internet were full of counterfeit products?”马云对中国普遍认为淘宝假货盛行的观点发出挑战。据报道,淘宝在截至6月30日的一年里销售额达到2000亿美元。“说假货多的人,肯定基本上从未在淘宝上买过东西。”马云补充称,消费者有“判断的权力”。“如果有假货,每天淘宝的销售额能有六七十亿元(人民币)吗?”The comments received widesp play on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and elicited some ridicule from Taobao shoppers. A user named “Fangfei” wrote: “Haha, I only shop on Taobao because they have high quality counterfeit products!”马云的言论在中国版Twitter——微(Weibo)——上引发热议,并招致一些淘宝买家的嘲笑。一个名为“芳菲”(音译)的用户写道:“哈哈,我只在淘宝上买东西,因为他们有优质的假冒产品!”A five-minute trawl through Taobao yesterday netted a haul of a Chanel watch, a Louis Vuitton handbag and Dior perfume, but Rmb25 Rolex watches were nowhere to be found.记者昨天在淘宝上查找5分钟,就发现了78美元的香奈儿(Chanel)手表、29美元的路易威登(Louis Vuitton)手袋和6美元的迪奥(Dior)香水,但怎么也找不到25元人民币的劳力士(Rolex)手表。Taobao began checking third-party sellers after being named a “notorious market” by the US trade representative for violations of intellectual property rights in the four years to 2011.美国贸易代表因淘宝在截至2011年的4年里侵犯知识产权而称其为一个“臭名昭著的市场”,此后淘宝开始检查第三方商家。 /201411/344676

If you are watching computer-generated mayhem in the latest action film or scrolling rapidly on your smartphone, you may start to feel a little off. Maybe it is a dull headache or dizziness or creeping nausea.如果你正在观看最新的动作片中由电脑特效制作出来的混乱场面或者快速滚动智能手机的屏幕,你可能会开始觉得有点不舒:或许是隐隐的头痛,又或许是头晕或者犯恶心。And no, it is not something you ate.不,这并不是你吃了什么不对劲的东西的缘故。A peculiar side effect of the 21st century is something called digital motion sickness or cybersickness. Increasingly common, according to medical and media experts, it causes a person to feel woozy, as if on a boat in a churning sea, from viewing moving digital content.这只是21世纪的一个奇特的副作用,叫做数码动晕症(digital motion sickness),通俗地称之为“晕屏幕”(cybersickness)。医学和媒体专家称,这种人因为观看活动的数码媒体内容而感到头昏眼花,有如乘船在大海上颠簸的现象正越来越普遍。“It’s a fundamental problem that’s been kind of been swept under the carpet in the tech industry,” said Cyriel Diels, a cognitive psychologist and human factors researcher at Coventry University’s Center for Mobility and Transport in England. “It’s a natural response to an unnatural environment.”“这个重要的问题可以说在高新技术产业一直被掩盖,”英格兰考文垂大学(Coventry University)交通及运输中心(Center for Mobility and Transport)的认知心理学家和人为因素研究员西里尔·迪尔斯(Cyriel Diels)说。“它是对不自然环境的一种自然反应。”Digital motion sickness, known among medical professionals as visually induced motion sickness, stems from a basic mismatch between sensory inputs, said Steven Rauch, medical director of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center and professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School.马萨诸塞州眼耳平衡和前庭中心(Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center)的医务主任、哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)的耳鼻咽喉科教授史蒂文·劳赫(Steven Rauch)表示,在医学专业人士看来,数码动晕症是一种由视觉诱发的动晕症,其根源在于感官输入信号之间不匹配。“Your sense of balance is different than other senses in that it has lots of inputs,” he said. “When those inputs don’t agree, that’s when you feel dizziness and nausea.”“平衡感不同于其他感觉,它可以有很多输入途径,”他说。“当这些输入信号不一致时,你就会感到头晕和恶心。”In traditional motion sickness, the mismatch occurs because you feel movement in your muscles and joints as well as in the intricate coils of your inner ear, but you do not see it. That is why getting up on the deck of a ship and looking at the horizon helps you feel better.在传统的动晕症中,矛盾感来源于你的肌肉、关节以及内耳错综复杂的半规管系统都感觉到你正在运动,但你的眼睛却报告给你相反的结果。这也就是为什么你站到船的甲板上眺望地平线能改善你晕船症状的原因。But with digital motion sickness, it is the opposite. You see movement — like the turns and twists shown in a movie or game car chase — that you do not feel. The result is the same: You may have sensory conflict that can make you feel queasy.数码动晕症则恰恰相反。你明明看到自己在运动——例如你看到电影或视频游戏中的飞车追逐和转弯——可你的其他感官完全没有运动的感受。其结果与普通动晕症相同:感觉的冲突会让你觉得恶心。It can happen to anyone, even if you are someone who is not prone to motion sickness in cars, boats or airplanes. Various studies indicate it can affect 50 percent to 80 percent of people, depending on the fidelity of the digital content and how it is presented.任何人都可能发生这种情况,哪怕你平素并不容易晕车、晕船或晕机。众多研究表明,人群中晕屏幕者的比例高达50%到80%,具体取决于数码内容的保真度及其呈现方式。Studies show that women are more susceptible than men, as are those with a history of migraines or concussion. Anecdotally, researchers say that people with traits associated with the “Type A” personality — such as perfectionism or ambition — also seem to be more vulnerable. Nobody knows exactly why this might be, but one theory is that people with these traits may also have a tendency to be more alert and reactive to sensory inputs, similar to people who get migraines.研究显示,女性比男性更容易出现数码动晕症,有偏头痛或脑震荡史者对此也较为敏感。有趣的是,研究人员称,带有“A型”人格特质的人,如完美主义或雄心勃勃的人似乎也更可能出现这种症状。目前尚没有人确切地知道为什么会是这样,但有一种理论认为,具备这些特质的人可能对感觉输入信号更为警觉,反应也更大,这与偏头痛患者类似。Often symptoms are subtle. As a result, many people with digital motion sickness do not quite know what is causing their discomfort, typically chalking it up to stress, stomach upset, eyestrain or vertigo.数码动晕症的症状往往难以捉摸,所以很多患者都搞不清楚到底是什么原因造成了他们的不适感,而常常将其归咎于压力、胃不舒、眼睛疲劳或眩晕等。None of this is news to the military, which has long known about the sickness that even seasoned pilots can feel in flight simulators. And the problem has only gotten worse as simulators have gotten better with virtual reality and 3D imagery.不过,这在军队里倒算不上什么稀奇事,人们早就知道,在使用飞行模拟器时,就算是经验丰富的飞行员也可能会感觉恶心。随着模拟器的改进,虚拟现实和三维图像的实现,这个问题正变得越来越糟糕。It is the same sort of mind-bending artistry that is now pervading television and film and that even underlies the way the icons seem to float on your smartphone’s home screen. Quick cuts, rapid panning and first-person-view camera angles intensify the effect.与此相类似的还有在当下影视中十分常见的令人激动的技巧,甚至让你错觉智能手机上的图标是漂浮在主屏幕上的也是这类的把戏。飞速切换、快速平移和第一人称视角的镜头都会强化这种效应。“The idea is to get audiences to feel like participants in the action rather than outside observers of the action,” said Jonathan Weinstein, a former film producer and now a professor at the Kanbar Institute for Film and Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. “It makes viewers more connected to the story — or it makes them hurl because in a film there’s really no horizon to look at.”“我们想让观众感觉自己正身临其境,亲身参与,而不仅仅是作壁上观的局外人,”曾经的电影制片人,如今的纽约大学(New York University)Tisch艺术学院(Tisch School of the Arts)Kanbar影视研究院(Kanbar Institute for Film and Television)教授乔纳森·温斯坦(Jonathan Weinstein)说。“它让观众更容易融入故事当中——又或者说,更容易让你头晕目眩,毕竟电影里可没有‘地平线’来帮你调适。”Indeed, there is a website called MovieHurl.com that rates movies on how likely they are to make you feel sick. And mobile device and gamer forums are full of postings looking for advice on how to engage with the latest operating systems and interfaces without throwing up.事实上,还真有一个叫做MovieHurl.com的网站按照各部电影致人头晕恶心的程度给它们做了排名。而移动设备和玩家的论坛上也充斥着询问如何在玩转最新操作系统和界面的同时又不至于呕吐的求助帖。Apple had to add extra accessibility settings to its mobile operating system to allow users to tone down the visual stimuli. And executives at Oculus V.R., makers of the much-anticipated virtual reality headset Oculus Rift (the company was purchased by Facebook last year for billion), have said digital motion sickness is one of their biggest hurdles.苹果公司(Apple)不得不在其移动操作系统中额外添加了辅助功能设置,以降低对用户的视觉刺激。万众期待的虚拟现实耳机Oculus Rift的制造商Oculus VR公司(该公司已于去年被Facebook以20亿美元的价格收购)的高管表示,数码动晕症是令他们头痛不已的最大障碍之一。“The more realistic something is, the more likely you are going to get sick,” said Thomas Stoffregen, professor of kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, who has done extant research on digital motion sickness. “No one got sick playing Pac-Man.”“一个东西显得越真实,就越有可能让你感到恶心,”明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的运动学教授,数码动晕症的研究者托马斯·施托夫雷根(Thomas Stoffregen)说。“谁都不会因为玩吃豆人而恶心”。Balance specialists said the problem can often be improved with habituation — watching, say, a chaotically cut film or playing a virtual reality game in short spurts just until the onset of mild symptoms, then recovering and repeating at specified intervals.平衡专家表示,这个问题一般可以通过习惯化来改善——比如,短时间地观看剪辑得乱七八糟的影片或者玩虚拟现实游戏,在你产生轻微症状之前就停下来,休息一下,然后再重复,如此以特定的时间间隔反复。“People usually respond well if we have them do it in a very controlled, conservative way,” said Lisa Heusel-Gillig, a physical therapist and neurological clinical specialist at the Emory Dizziness and Balance Center in Atlanta.“在以高度可控且非常保守的方式来进行上述习惯化训练时,人们通常反应不错。”亚特兰大Emory眩晕和平衡中心(Emory Dizziness and Balance Center)的物理治疗师及神经科临床专家莉莎·休塞尔-吉利格(Lisa Heusel-Gillig)说。But some experts wonder whether it is a good idea to train your brain to ignore conflicting sensory stimuli because it might inhibit your ability to react appropriately in the real world.但也有部分专家质疑训练大脑去忽视矛盾的感官刺激未必是个好主意,因为这可能会抑制你在现实世界中做出适当反应的能力。“There are certainly concerns, particularly when it comes to long term exposure,” said Kay Stanney, a human factors researcher in Orlando, Fla., who consults with the military and businesses on the design and use of virtual reality and other immersive technologies.“这样肯定会产生隐患,尤其是涉及长期接触的时候,”佛罗里达州奥兰多市的人为因素研究员凯·史丹尼(Kay Stanney)说。她是军方和企业在虚拟现实和其他沉浸式技术(immersive technologies,又译身临其境技术)的设计和使用领域的顾问之一。Dr. Stanney said her team has tested more than a thousand subjects in virtual reality sessions and has seen that the magnitude of aftereffects can be strong and long lasting. When study subjects returned to the real world,they had trouble with visual focusing, tracking images and hand-eye coordination.史丹尼士称,她的团队利用虚拟现实片段测试了一千多名受试者,发现其后遗症的效果强大且持久。当研究受试者返回现实世界时,他们在视觉聚焦、图像跟踪和手眼协调等方面都出现了问题。Dr. Stanney said her team also measured a fundamental shift in people’s postural stability.史丹尼士补充说,她的团队还发现这些人的姿态稳定性发生了根本性的转变。The worry is that a teenager, after several hours of playing a virtual reality game, might get behind the wheel of a car and have balance and vision impairments similar to being drunk. Lengthy viewing of high-definition televisions or scrolling wildly on a phone might also somehow alter people’s sense of equilibrium, making them more likely to trip and fall.最令人担忧的是,青少年很可能在玩了几个小时的虚拟现实游戏后接着就去开车,此时他很可能出现醉酒般的平衡和视觉障碍。长时间观看高清电视或快速滚动手机屏幕也可能以某种方式改变人们的平衡感,使他们更容易绊倒和摔跤。“Long-term studies need to be done to understand the full impact,” Dr. Stanney said. “In the military you can be grounded for up to 12 hours after a simulator session because they understand the aftereffects are real.”“想要全面地了解这些影响需要进行长期的研究,”史丹尼士说。“在军队里,飞行员在模拟器训练后最长会被停飞12个小时,因为他们都清楚这些副作用可不是唬人的。” /201602/425885

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