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What started innocuously at the beginning of the week as nothing more than a quirky point-of-view snap of an Instagram user legs has quickly escalated into an internet sensation on a scale not seen since the hotly contested colour of that dress in made the world want to tear its eyes out.年那件连衣裙诡异的颜色使得不少人都恨不得把自己眼珠子抠出来,而本周Instagram上一位主自拍的一张双腿的照片又再现了那时的盛况,很快就在网上造成了轰动At issue in the current hullabaloo is whether we initially perceive an unusual slickness to the skin, as if the legs had been oiled, or whether we see merely a few streaks of white paint smudged on her bare outstretched pins.这次人们吵得不可开交的问题就是“这条腿到底是擦了油,还是仅仅只是在她伸出来的光滑的腿上画了一些白色的线?”In the 8 hours since the photo of Hunter Culverhouse legs was re-posted on Wednesday by a mischief-making Twitter user, social media hasnt stopped wringing its hands over what is and isnt visible.周三的时候,一名恶作剧推特用户将原主亨特·卡尔弗豪斯的这张腿照再次发到了网上,两天之内社交媒体上的人们都没有缓过来争论这个问题的兴奋劲儿Though the deceptively simple optical trick has caught the world by surprise this week, in fact the principle behind it is a very familiar one to many, even if they dont realise it.尽管这个带有欺骗性的光学小技巧抓住了全世界人们的眼球,但是它背后的原理对于许多人来说并不陌生--即使他们并没有察觉到The illusion is a product of our suggestibility as a species – an innate impressionability with which our brains are hardwired.这种幻觉是人类暗示感应性的产物--这是一种我们大脑中生来就有的固有印象Put simply, our minds are desperate to comprehend larger patterns – an evolutionary proclivity that has helped us survive and thrive.简单地说,要理解更大一些的信息就必须要用我们的大脑来进行处理--这是一种帮助我们生存和繁荣的进化倾向 798Confirmation of inspection 检验事宜确认A: It time to come to the question of inspection.我们该讨论一下商品检验的问题了吧?B: Right. Then how can we arrange the deal?好的那么我们该怎么办安排这件事呢?A: Firstly, we demand that bee delivery your company should inspect all the details including quality, quantity and specification and make sure that the inspection process is made according to our contrast.首先,我方要求在发送货物之前贵公司对所有细节进行仔细检验,包括质量,数量和规格并且一定要保一切检验程序符合我们合同中的条款B: We will, sure. And at the same time we demand that the reinspection fee be borne by your company. Is that all right you?没问题同时我方也要求复检费由贵方承担你们可以接受吗?A: That sounds reasonable. I guess we can accept that.听起来很合理,我想我们能够接受B: When the commodities arrive, they must be carefully delivered and once they are damaged which falls within your responsibility, we will not bear the loss. You can turn to the insurance company.当货物到达后,请小心搬运,一旦由于贵方责任而造成了商品的任何损失,我方不承担责任,贵方可以向保险公司索赔A: OK, we can live with that. But if we find any discrepancy in the process of reinspection, we will inm you in days.好的,我们可以接受如果在复检中发现任何问题,我方会在日内通知贵公司B: That will be fine.很好;fall within one reponsibility;在这里的意思是;属于谁的责任; 186A: Hello? This is Jimmy in 3.B: Hi, Jimmy. This is Nicole. What's going on?A: Maybe you can get me out of a small jam.B: Well, I can certainly try.A: Somehow, I managed to lose my mailbox key.B: Believe me, losing a mailbox key is a lot better than losing your car keys.A: I've got a duplicate somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it either.B: If you absolutely can't wait, come over here and borrow a key.A: No, I doubt that there's anything important in my mailbox, if there's anything at all.B: Well, if there's no emergency, I can make you two more keys on Wednesday.A: Not a problem. All my fan mail can wait till then.B: Okay, see you Wednesday. Have $ me, and I'll give you a receipt. 3A TV reporter caught on film being rescued from a puddle by townspeople in Mexico was axed apparently caring more about her fancy shoes than the story she was there to cover.墨西哥某电视台的节目片段显示,两位灾民在洪灾现场抬着女主持人走过了一段泛水的街道随后这名主持人因过分爱惜鞋子的不职业行为遭到了解雇Lydia Cummings, , was in the city of Puebla in central Mexico in late June when she was photographed getting ferried over a flooded street by a man and a woman.岁的莉迪亚·卡明斯曾于6月下旬前往位于墨西哥中部的普埃布拉市报道当地的洪灾灾情,当时一男一女抬着她走过了一段被洪水淹没的街道,而摄像机恰好记录下了这一幕She can be seen with her arms wrapped around both of their shoulders, clutching a microphone in one hand and a pink cellphone in the other, as the two townspeople hoisted her up from her legs, with their feet completely submerged in the murky floodwater.根据视频画面显示,卡明斯的两只胳膊分别搂住两人的肩膀,一手拿着麦克风,一手拿着粉色的手机,两名灾民则分别抬着她的一只脚,自己的双脚却完全浸在泥泞的洪水中The picture went viral almost instantly with the hashtag #LadyReportera and became the subject of dozens of hilarious memes. She was Photoshopped on top of a white horse, into a Titanic scene.这张标签为;记者;的照片在网上引发了强烈反响,遭到了了众多网友的恶搞在PS版的照片中,她时而骑在白马身上,时而穿越到《泰坦尼克号的片段中She was given the face of Jesus Christ in another, and was part of a winning soccer team celebrating their victory. She was criticized online acting like a ;Princessa; and being too concerned with her presumably expensive shoes and clothes.还有的网友把她的脸PS成了耶稣基督,而在另一张图片中,她又和一足球队共庆胜利卡明斯在网上招来了一片批评之声,抨击她表现的好像一名;公主;,太在意自己昂贵的衣物和鞋子The station she works , Azteca Puebla, got wind of the photo and fired the fashion-conscious reporter, tweeting a statement saying she was disrespectful to the people of the commy and will no longer be a part of the Azteca Puebla team.卡明斯工作的Azteca Puebla电视台发随后现了这张照片,并解雇了卡明斯该电台在推特上发表声明,指责她对灾区人民缺乏尊重,并且不会让她再成为电视台中的一员Minutes later, Cummings posted a apology on Twitter, saying she takes full responsibility the photo.几分钟后,卡明斯在推特上上传了一段视频进行道歉,表示自己会承担所有的责任;The photos posted lack professionalism and tact. All we wanted to do was help and now weve created negativity,; Cummings said.卡明斯表示:;我在照片中的行为毫无职业性和技巧可言我们原本怀着为灾区出力的愿望,结果却适得其反;She told a local newspaper the couple offered to carry her and she was scared it would be rude to decline. ;Despite the bitter pill, I want to be a journalist. I love this profession, I have covered several floods, which I got wet and never cared. After all this settles down a little I will keep looking opporties,; Cumming said.她在接受一家当地报纸采访时表示,是这对夫妇主动要求施以援手的,而自己觉得如果贸然拒绝显得有些粗鲁她说:;虽然这是个惨痛的教训,可我仍然想做记者,我热爱这个行业我去过很多次洪灾现场了,也不在意被弄湿等事件平息下来,我会继续寻找做记者的机会; 555Lucca, a retired US Marine Corps dog, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal at a ceremony at Wellington Barracks in London on last Tuesday. The award is considered the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross and his given out by the veterinary charity, People Dispensary Sick Animals (PDSA).上周二,美国一条退休军犬卢卡在伦敦的威灵顿军营被授予PDSA(英国人民兽医所)迪金勋章这一奖项等同于动物界的“英国维多利亚十字勋章”,并由英国的动物慈善组织PDSA颁发The -year-old German Shepard completed over 00 separate missions during six years of service. In , Lucca discovered a 30lb improvised explosive device while on patrol, when she started searching other devices a second exploded. She lost her left leg and suffered severe chest burns but thanks to life saving first aid from her handler, Cpl Juan Rodriguez, she survived and recovered.这条岁的德国牧羊犬在六年期间完成了00多次不同的任务在年的一次巡逻中,卢卡发现了一颗重30磅的简易爆炸装置,当她开始寻找第二枚时,装置爆炸了她失去了左前腿,胸部受到严重烧伤,幸运的是,由于训练员下士朱安·罗德里格斯抢救及时,她活了下来,并很快恢复健康None of the soldiers were hurt in the explosion that took Lucca leg. Cpl Rodriguez said: ;Through all of her treatment and despite the pain she was in, her temperament never changed. Her fighting spirit was plain to see and I was so proud of how quickly she recovered.;在那次夺走卢卡的左腿的爆炸中并没有士兵受伤罗德里格斯下士说:“经历了治疗且当时十分痛苦,卢卡的脾性没有任何改变,她还是那么具备拼搏精神,对于她能这么快恢复健康,我感到十分自豪”Lucca is the 67th animal to be awarded a PDSA Dickin Award and the first US Marine Corps dog. The award, started in 193 by PDSA founder, Maria Dickin, has been previously awarded to 30 dogs, 3 WWII carrier pigeons, three horses and one cat, named Simon, who was the rat fighting ship cat on HMS Amethyst.卢卡是第67个被授予PDSA迪金勋章的动物,此外她还是美国第一海军陆战队获此殊荣的首只军犬该奖项始于193年,创始人是玛丽亚·迪金,目前,已经有33只军犬、3只二战信鸽,3匹马以及1只叫西门的猫(这只猫是紫石英号事件中的战鼠英雄)先后被授予该荣誉The medal was awarded to Lucca by PDSA Director General, Jan McLoughlin, who said: ;Lucca conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty makes her a hugely deserving recipient of the PDSA Dickin Medal. Her ability and determination to seek out arms and explosives preserved human life amid some of the world fiercest military conflicts.;该勋章由PDSA总干事扬·麦克洛克林颁发给卢卡,他表示:“卢卡的英勇无畏和忠心赤胆,让她完全有资格成为PDSA迪金勋章的获得者在世界某些最激烈的军事冲突中,她搜寻武器、炸弹的能力和决心拯救了许多人类的生命”Lucca attended the ceremony with her current owner, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham. Willingham said: ;Lucca is very intelligent, loyal and had an amazing drive work as a search dog. In addition to her incredible detection capabilities, Lucca was instrumental in increasing morale the troops we supported.;卢卡同她现在的看护者、炮军士克里斯托弗·威林厄姆一起出席了本次颁奖仪式威林厄姆说:“卢卡非常聪明,作为搜救犬,她十分忠诚,并且有着惊人的力量除了不可思议的侦测能力,卢卡还能提升我们目前所在军队的士气” 36957

Receive the customer迎接客户A:Good morning, Mr. Jackson. Welcome to Shanghai.早上好!杰克逊先生,欢迎来到上海B:Good morning!早上好!A:Mr. Jackson, did you have a good flight?杰克逊先生,旅途愉快吗?B:I just feel a little tired. You know, it took me hours to get here.只是有点儿累,您知道到这儿得需要个小时A:You must take a rest today.您今天得好好休息B:That very kind of you, but I can do without a rest. I have long wanted to have a talk with you about the possibility of business between us.您太好了,但是我不休息也可以我一直想和你们谈谈我们之间商务活动的可能性A:We welcome good business. Anyhow, we know you must get tired by the flight, so we have arranged a meeting tomorrow morning. Today you can have a good rest.我们欢迎有意义的业务往来但是,我们知道您旅途一定很劳累,所以我们把会议安排到了明天早上今天您可以好好休息一下B:Thank you very much.非常感谢A:We wish you a pleasant stay here!我们希望您在这里过得愉快!B:I believe I will.我相信你会的 188536

Buying a Refrigerator 买个电冰箱A: Can I help you find something?我能为你做点什么吗?B: I would like to buy a new fridge.我想买个新的冰箱A: Is there one in particular that you like?有没有你特别喜欢的?B: I was looking at this Kenmore refrigerator.我想要个肯尔的电冰箱A: Ah yes, that is a great refrigerator.啊,是的,那是很棒的电冰箱B: What so great about it?它好在哪里呢?A: It both afdable and it comes with all the appliances.它是普及型的,并且兼备有很多设备B: What appliances?什么设备?A: It comes with an ice maker, water dispenser, and there is a lot of room inside.配备制冰器,饮水机,冰箱内的空间很大B: May I see the inside myself?我能自己看看里面的空间吗?A: Be my guest.请看,别客气B: Wow! Youre right! This refrigerator is great. Ill take it.哇!你是对的!这个冰箱很棒我要买这个1. would like to 相当于want to 想要,或者glad to 很高兴做I would like to express my thanks all that you have done. 我想对你所做的一切表示我的感谢I would like to introduce you to your editor. 我来介绍你认识这本书的编辑. come with 配备(装置,设备)Macintoshes now come with two-button mice. 现在苹果电脑也配备了双键鼠标3. Be my guest. 轻便,不要客气If you want to borrow the car, be my guest. 如果你要借那辆车,请不要客气 9539

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