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青岛做人流哪个医院优惠海阳市妇女儿童医院能刷社保卡吗青岛引产需要多少费用 Boxer Joe Louis just knocked out by Max Schmeling.拳击手乔·路易斯被马克斯·施梅林打倒Germany is triumphant.德国国内欢呼声一片America is in shock.美国人则被惊呆了Its a publicity dream for the Nazis.这对纳粹来说是梦寐以求的宣传时机Adolf Hitler calls Schmeling an Aryan superman.阿道夫·希特勒将施梅林称为雅利安超人Hitler considers Americans a mongrel race,doomed to the trash heap of history.希特勒认为美利坚是个混血民族,注定要被历史所淘汰Hitler says their ;mistake; was freeing their slaves.希特勒说他们的错误在于解放奴隶I had been humiliated,and I had to prove that I was the best heavyweight around.我受到了侮辱,我要明我才是最优秀的重量级拳击手A rematch is arranged, but this time,itll be the fight that involves the whole world.双方将再度交手,但这一次比赛吸引了全世界目光Though attacked in the press,Joe just keeps training.尽管媒体对他恶言相加,乔依然坚持训练In Germany, the Nazis expand their power.此时纳粹德国在养精蓄锐They build their army and prepare to attack their neighbors.他们扩充军力 准备对邻国实施打击The second Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight took on a proportion far greater than any other fight in the history of boxing.乔·路易斯和马克斯·施梅林的第二战是拳击史上最伟大的一场比赛This is the feature attraction, 15 rounds...比赛的最大看点是 将进行15回合This fight cemented the unity of the people of the ed States, vis-a-vis Nazi Germany.这场比赛使美国人在纳粹德国面前紧密地团结在了一起Weighing 193, Max Schmeling.马克斯·施梅林 体重193磅And for one of the first times,if not the first time in American history,America symbolically was being represented by a black man.并且这也可能是美国建国以来首次让黑人成为美国的代表Wearing black trunks,the famous Detroit Brown Bomber, Joe Louis.身穿黑色拳击短裤,鼎鼎大名的底特律棕色轰炸机乔·路易斯June 22, 1938.The rematch finally takes place.1938年6月22日 第二次比赛终于开战了The hype is at a fever pitch.民众的情绪近乎狂热70,000 people pour into Yankee Stadium to watch the fight live.七万人涌入洋基体育馆 现场观战Joe Louis in his corner, prancing and....乔·路易斯正在他的拳击台角里弹跳70 million people tune in via radio across the country.全美有七千万人守在收音机旁收听直播Over 100 million listen in around the world,the biggest audience to that date for anything, anywhere.全世界的听众超过一亿,节目收听人数是那个年代的世界之最Max Schmeling standing calmly,getting last word from Doc Casey.马克斯·施梅林显得很镇静 在等待多克·凯西发出开赛指令For Joe Louis, I can only imagine the immense pressure that he was under to go out there and perform because he had the whole-- almost the world on his back.我想乔·路易斯一定顶着巨大压力,要站在那儿打场这样的比赛,因为几乎全世界的目光 都关注着他The fight is no longer just about boxing.比赛的意义超越了拳击本身Its a battle of ideologies, as Joe Louis knew all too well.乔·路易斯非常清楚 这是场意识形态的较量Schmeling represented everything that Americans disliked,施梅林代表着所有美国人反对的价值观and they wanted him beat and beat good.美国人希望他此战以惨败收场 /201302/224111青岛人流术多少钱

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青岛妇保医院预约The nation got a report card on obesity today, and the country flunked. Despite all attempts to attack the problem, a new survey shows the adult obesity rate increased in 23 states last year and no state showed a decline. Here’s Dan Harris.The battle against obesity has been going on for years, with officials doing things like taxing sugary sodas, putting healthier foods in schools and requiring longer, tougher gym classes. But still, Americans keep getting fatter. Today’s study says the fattest state is Mississippi, where nearly a third of all adults are obese. The slimmest state is Colorado, but even there 19% of the adults are obese. Childhood obesity rates have tripled since 1980. Again it’s worst in Mississippi, where 44.4% of children between 10 and 17 are either obese or overweight. This trend may only be exacerbated by the recession as the price of healthy foods rises and so do rates of depression and stress which are often linked to obesity. This crisis is sure to weigh all of us down eventually because obese people require more expensive health care, as president Obama noted today at a health care forum.Obama: If we can help somebody control obesity, they are less likely to get diabetes. And if they are less likely to get diabetes that means that we are gonna be saving a whole lot of money in hospital costs. The authors of today’s report say the government needs to take rapid and dramatic steps, perhaps regulating food advertising to children as has been done in some countries in Europe.Kelly: this just has to stop if we are going to have any hope of dealing with obesity problem. The study’s authors also say the government needs to start thinking out of the box, things as simple as requiring new communities to have good sidewalks for people to run and walk on could help they say. 07/76531 Eye creams are specially formulated for use around the delicate eye area.眼霜是专为娇嫩肌肤而调配的?Fact: There is no evidence, research, or documentation validating the claim that the eye area needs ingredients different from those you use on your face or neck area or your chest. I have never interviewed any one who can tell me what the eye areas need that’s different from the face. If it is bad for the eye area it is bad for the face and vice versa. Ironically, cosmetics companies put whatever ingredients they want to into their eye products with no uniformity. They then give you half as much product compared to facial moisturizers, but charge you twice as much. The only thing different from a face product versus the eye area are the claims. Eye products promise to get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles, but no one has ever bought a product that got rid of those problems. The ingredient label on these "specialty" products more than proves the point. Eye creams are a whim of the cosmetics industry designed to evoke the sale of two products when only one is needed. And it’s a whim that has worked to convince many consumers they absolutely need an eye cream as their skin begin to show signs of aging.One more point, occasionally a physician, aesthetician, or someone selling skin-care products will defend their eye creams by telling me that the eye area doesn't need ingredients that cause irritation. Well, I agree wholeheartedly with that statement, but the same is absolutely true for the face, or anywhere else on your body. You shouldn't be applying formulations with needlessly irritating ingredients-period! That means that all your eye area needs is a well-formulated product, and that can certainly be the same product you use on your face.201105/136454青岛做人流的价钱青岛医院在哪里



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