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青岛去哪个医院看B超便宜青岛八医妇产科This is a story in which leading musicians are censored and jailed and a one time rival,Gilberto Gil, becomes Brazil’s first black government minister.这是一个头号音乐家遭受审查和监禁,而一次竞争对手,吉尔伯托·吉尔,成为巴西的第一位黑人政府部长的故事。And it starts with the music that dominates and defines this vast multi-racial state, Samba.它始于主导并定义了这个巨大多种族国家的音乐—桑巴。Samba is the best-known, most enduring style in Brazil.而桑巴无疑是巴西最著名、最持久的音乐风格。注:听力文本来源于普特201211/209564青岛新阳光人流价格 Business商业Patenting biology生物技术专利Prometheus unsound被缚的普罗米修斯Americas Supreme Court wallops the biotech industry美国最高法院沉重打击生物技术产业PATENTS are supposed to encourage innovation, not stifle it. On March 20th Americas Supreme Court threw out two medical patents for doing the latter. The ruling in Mayo v Prometheus was unequivocal. So was the horrified reaction from the biotechnology industry.专利本是用来鼓励创新,而不是扼杀。3月20日,美国最高法院撤销了两个医药专利,就是为了达到后者的目的。对梅奥医疗机构和普罗米修斯实验室的判决是毫不含糊的,而这就引发了生物技术产业的恐慌。Prometheus is the most important case to date for biotechs most important new effort. ;Personalised medicine; promises new treatments and much-needed new revenue. Different patients are predisposed to certain diseases and certain remedies. If firms understand these predispositions, they can offer diagnostic tests and targeted treatments. Not surprisingly, companies have sought patents for many tests. The Supreme Court may have made some of these patents worthless.普罗米修斯测验可以称是生物技术上最重要的新成就。;个人医疗;希望得到新的治疗和急需的新收入。不同的病人有不同的患病倾向,并有量身定制治疗方案。如果公司了解了这些患病体质,就可以提供诊断测试并进行针对性治疗。所以这些生物技术公司就费尽心思对这些测试争取了专利。而现在最高法院却要撤销那些专利。Prometheus, a subsidiary of Nestlé, had patented a test to determine the correct dose of thiopurines, drugs that have long been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Thiopurines effect depends on how each patient processes the drug. Prometheus patented a way to determine the best dose for a given patient: concentrations of certain chemicals in the blood should be within a range, high enough to work but low enough to be safe. It sells its test to hospitals, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic. In 2004 Mayo developed a competing test with a different recommended range. Prometheus sued.隶属于雀巢公司的普罗米修斯实验室获得了一项专利,该专利包括帮助医生测定巯基嘌呤药物剂量是否适当的血液测试,巯基嘌呤是治疗胃肠道功能紊乱的常用药物。巯基嘌呤的作用取决于每个病人对其药物吸收的程度。普罗米修斯专利就是为病人确定最适宜的药量:某些化学物质在血液中的浓度应该维持在一定范围内,既能保药性,也要足够安全。普罗米修斯实验室把这种测试方法卖给医院,包括享有声望的梅奥诊所。而在2004年,梅奥就开发了一种类似的测试,但与普罗米修斯测试提出的药剂量范围不同,于是普罗米修斯实验室起诉了。In the subsequent eight years of litigation, arguments centred on a basic proposition. American law prohibits patents of nature. Mayo said that Prometheus had claimed ownership of a natural process. Big doctors and hospitals lobbies agreed. Uphold Prometheuss patents, they argued, and companies would rush to patent natural phenomena. The inevitable legal minefield would stifle new discoveries, they insisted.在接下来的八年诉讼过程中,争论主要集中在一个基本的定论上。美国法律规定自然现象不能被授予专利。梅奥称普罗米修斯实验室就是拥有这种自然的过程的所有权。私人医生和医院的大型游说团也同意这一说法。他们称,如果拥护普罗米修斯专利,大公司们就会争着抢着去申请自然现象的专利。这种无法避免的法律雷池将会扼杀新发明新发现,他们坚持到。The Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO), a lobby, retorted that patents have long covered clever applications of natural laws. For example, a genetic mutation can identify patients who are susceptible to a given disease or treatment. The mutation is a natural occurrence, as is the reaction to the drug. But the invention comes in connecting the dots between these elements. Mayo itself, BIO pointed out, has licensed a test for a genetic mutation that predicts side-effects for a certain colon-cancer drug. If the court overturned Prometheuss patents, hundreds of others would capsize too, the industry warned.游说团生物科技产业组织反驳道,专利一直都是涉及了对自然法则的灵活运用。比如,基因突变可以识别易患某种疾病和易接受某种治疗的病人。这种突变是自然发生的,就像身体对于药物的反应一样。而普罗米修斯测试就是把这些因素结合到一起了。生物技术产业组织指出,梅奥诊所自身也申请到了一种测试的专利,用于预测一种治疗结肠癌药物副作用的基因突变。如果法院撤回普罗米修斯专利,那么上百个类似的专利也将被推翻,该组织警告道。Yet the Supreme Court sided unanimously with Mayo. Stephen Breyer, writing the courts opinion, affirmed that Prometheuss patents claimed a natural law and would restrict further innovation. Administering thiopurines, observing the bodys reaction and offering dosing advice did not add up to a patentable process. ;Einstein could not patent his celebrated law that Emc2;, wrote Mr Breyer. Nor could Einstein have patented the observation by ;simply telling linear accelerator operators to refer to the law to determine how much energy an amount of mass has produced.;然而,最高法院站到了梅奥诊所一边。法官斯蒂芬·布雷尔称,普罗米修斯专利涉及到自然法则,而且会限制进一步的创新。监管用巯基嘌呤,观察身体的反应,并提供定量的建议并不能算整个审核专利的过程。;爱因斯坦并不能为他的著名的公式Emc2申请专利;,布雷尔先生写到。而且爱因斯坦也不能就因为;告诉直线加速器运营商参考公式就能决定一定质量的东西能产生多少能量;就申请专利。The biotechnology industry did not expect the ruling. It is now in a minor panic. Personalised medicine inevitably includes the application of natural laws. It is unclear which applications may be patented. The patent office and lower courts must now try to make sense of the ruling. BIOs annual conference usually features a crowded session on patent law. This years meeting may need a bigger room.生物技术产业没有想到最高法院会来这一手,所以现在稍微有些恐慌。个人医疗肯定包括自然法则的应用,但该产业还并不清楚哪种应用应该申请专利。专利局和地方法院现在必须试着搞清楚最高法院的意思。生物技术产业组织的年度会议经常被看成是一堆人讨论专利法的大会,今年的会议室可能会换个大点的地方。 /201210/204674青岛李沧区医院四维彩超预约

平度市妇女儿童医院专家Business商业Corporate governance in America美国的企业管治Heating up逐渐升温Shareholders are ever more willing to vote against management股东永远愿意对管理者投反对票TWENTY years ago Bob Monks bought an ad in the Wall Street Journal declaring members of the board of Sears, to which he hoped (in vain) to be elected, ;non-performing assets;. Nowadays, shareholder activists just create a website. On April 2nd Dan Loeb, a hedge-fund boss, launched valueyahoo.com, which brims with proposals for reviving the struggling web firm. Mr Loeb is trying to get himself elected to Yahoo!s board against the wishes of its managers-a fight that could be the highlight of the annual corporate proxy season that is getting under way. He may win the shareholder vote, if Yahoo! does not strike a deal with him first.20年前,鲍勃.蒙克斯在华尔街日报刊登了一则广告,宣称西尔斯百货的董事会成员是;不良资产;,在此之前,他渴望被选中的成为其中之一,可惜没有。现今,股东维权主义者只需创建一个网站即可。4月2号,一个对冲基金的老板丹?勒布,建立一个valueyahoo.com网站,公布了各种拯救雅虎这不景气网络公司的方案。勒布先生正尝试违背公司管理层的意愿,令自己被选进雅虎的董事会。一场可能成为公司年度股东大会期间的焦点战争正准备打响。一旦雅虎没有预先和他达成协议,他可能赢得股东们的选票。Several hedge funds are urging shareholders to give boards a good kicking. Starboard Value has nominated five candidates to the board of AOL, another ailing web firm. On April 2nd Pershing Square added a seventh candidate to the alternative slate of directors it has nominated to the board of Canadian Pacific Railway. Shareholder activism is ;getting back to normal after the financial crisis of 2008,; says Peter Harkins of D.F. King, a firm that advises participants in proxy contests.几个对冲基金正说股东们给董事会一个下马威。(美国对冲基金)Starboard Value已经给另一间衰落的网络公司——美国在线(AOL)的董事会里提名了五名候选人。4月2号,波欣广场(资本管理公司)在已经提命的加拿大太平洋铁路公司董事会候选人中增加第七位候选人作为董事的替代人。;股东激进主义在2008年经济危机后现正回归到正常。;D.F. King的皮得.哈更斯说,D.F. King是一间为代理权争夺的参与者提供咨询的公司。.It is not just hedge funds that are flexing their shareholderly muscles. Pension funds are at it, too. On March 27th it was reported that Goldman Sachs had made peace with the pension fund of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), which had proposed a resolution to split the roles of chief executive and chairman, both of which are held by Lloyd Blankfein. The bank convinced AFSCME to withdraw its proposal by agreeing to appoint a ;lead director; to keep Mr Blankfein in check. The union has made similar proposals at several firms, including JPMorgan Chase, whose boss AFSCMEs president calls the ;most dangerous man in America;. Rupert Murdoch, the embattled chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, will face a motion that he surrender his chairmanship to someone independent.不仅仅是对冲基金显示了他们的股东权力。养老基金同样如此。在3月27号,据报道,高盛投资公司与美国养老基金会以及美国工会达成协议,工会在为分离首席执行官与董事会提出了解决方案,而此前两个职位都是由贝兰克梵担任的。高盛同意任命一个;首席董事;以限制贝兰克梵,以此说美国工会会撤销它的方案。该联合会在几间公司都采用了类似的方法,包括JP根大通——美国工会主席称他们的老板为;美国最危险的男人;。鲁伯特.默多克,一个新闻公司备受争议的董事会主席兼首席执行官,将面临一项移交他的主席身份给某个独立人的变动。Two other issues are expected to attract scrutiny from shareholders this year. One is bosses pay. Investors will show ;a little more backbone; in curbing it, ;having rather fluffed it last year;, predicts Anne Simpson, who oversees the corporate-governance activities of CalPERS, a giant pension fund for Californias public employees. Many boards struggled to win 70% support for pay packages last year, the first time such votes were required. This year, several could lose the vote (which is not binding) unless they have linked pay more explicitly to performance, reckons Paul Hodgson of GMI Ratings, a firm that measures corporate governance.另外两个问题今年将有望得到股东们的严格审查。一个是领导者的工资。投资者将在处理这一问题上显示更大的决心,;去年已经付出了很多;,辛普森组织认为,该组织负责监督加州公务员基金——这一巨型的加利福尼亚公务员的养老基金的管理活动。许多董事会通过抗争,去年在薪酬福利当面赢得了约70%持,第一次被要求进行这样的投票。今年,一些董事会可能会失去票数,(那些曾处于中立的票)除非他们把工资与绩效明确地挂钩起来。GMI评级机构的保罗-霍奇森这样指出,GMI是一间评估公司治理的公司。Perhaps the most contentious resolutions will be those demanding that firms be more transparent about their political spending, and requiring boards to ensure that this money is used in the interests of shareholders, not managers. This effort is being fiercely resisted. The US Chamber of Commerce argues that these resolutions, which mostly come from shareholders who are also trade unions or social activists, are not in the best interests of the firms concerned. Jim Copland of the Manhattan Institute, a think-tank, says that ;some of these proposals may serve primarily to chill corporate political speech broadly, including on issues that most diversified shareholders-as distinguished from the proposals sponsors-might prefer that the corporations views be heard.;可能最有争议的解决方案是那些要求公司在关于政治方面的花费更加透明,且同时要求董事会确保这些钱被用到符合股东的利益上而不是管理层。这一方案被强烈地抵制。美国商会认为这些解决方案,大多数是由来自工会或者是社会活动家的股东们提出,方案并不符合公司所关注的最大利益。一个曼哈顿研究所的智囊团,吉姆.科普兰认为;其中的一些建议中的可能主要是为广泛地冻结公司政治性言论;,其中包括关于股东多样化的问题,有别于建议赞助商,这些股东们可能更喜欢公司的意见被听到。Well, maybe. But, as with the other issues on the proxy this year, that is for shareholders to decide.也许是这样。但就像今年董事会中的其他问题一样,这都将由股东们去决定。 /201210/203665崂山区看妇科那里便宜 Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:Im a 15-year-old girl, and my friend Kendall has stolen a ring from me. Ive known Kendall for a couple of years, and recently weve become best friends. I invited her over to my house and showed her the ring, and she really liked it. The moment she left, I noticed the ring was missing.我是一个15岁的女孩。我的朋友肯德尔偷走了我的戒指。我认识肯德尔两年了,最近,我们成了最好的朋友。我邀她到我家玩,把我的戒指给她看。她真地很喜欢它。她离开的那一刻,我发现戒指失踪了。I didnt want to accuse Kendall of stealing, so I asked if she had ;borrowed; my ring. She denied it, but would not look me in the eyes. She is known for getting in trouble, and though I think she is a wonderful friend, I am convinced she took the ring.我不想指责肯德尔窃取戒指,所以我问她是否;借;了我的戒指。她否认了,但她不敢看我的眼睛。她惹下麻烦了。虽然我觉得她是一位难得的挚友,但我深信是她把戒指偷走了。What is the best way to persuade her to come clean so we can get this behind us? I really enjoy her friendship, and it saddens me to have this come between us. - Troubled in California有没有什么好办法可以说她向我坦白,使我们继续和睦相处?我真地很珍视我和她的友谊,但这件事令我非常难过。;;苦恼的加利福尼亚人Dear Troubled:亲爱的;苦恼的加利福尼亚人;Do you want the friendship or the ring? Its unlikely Kendall will simply return the ring because that means admitting she took it, and as you can see, she didnt take the opportunity to do so when you tried to make it easy for her. If you want to keep the friendship, tell Kendall to let you know if she ever finds the ring-and then forget about it. We also suggest you stop inviting Kendall to peruse your jewelry.你想要的是友谊还是戒指?看来肯德尔不大可能简单地将戒指交回,因为这意味着她承认她偷了戒指。而且,你也看到了,当你给她一个台阶下时,她并没有抓住这个机会。如果你想保持你们的友谊,告诉肯德尔,她是否找到了戒指,然后把这事忘掉。我们还建议你以后不要再邀请肯德尔欣赏你的首饰了。201203/173405青岛中度宫颈糜烂动手术要多少钱

青岛新阳光女子医院地址 Bison lose the last of their winter coats.野牛失去它们最后的冬衣。In the heat, tempers fray.在暑热中,这些坏脾气的家伙们开始争论不休。To escape soaring ground temperatures, cowbirds choose a bisons back as a cool place to feed and catch the breeze.为了逃离地面气温的飙升,燕八哥们选择野牛背作为一个凉爽的地方用以进食并享受徐徐微风。Biting insects now become a draining nuisance.昆虫的叮咬现在成为排水公害。A grizzly bear escapes the heat and bugs in the cool waters of a lake.一只灰熊为了逃离暑热量和蚊虫来到了凉爽的一个湖里。 注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/203560青岛那些妇科医院好啊青岛治疗宫颈糜烂最好医院



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