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青岛市南区不孕不育科青岛哪家妇科医院比较好If a -minute nap, a cup of joe, and more shuteye at night were in a cage match, who would win reducing that classic afternoon "dip"? The answer is: (in order of effectiveness)   二十分钟的小睡,一杯咖啡,晚上多睡一会,这三样哪种能更有效地减轻下午的瞌睡?如下(根据有效度排序):   1. Nap 小睡   . Caffeine 咖啡   3. Then more nighttime sleep 晚上多睡会儿   A new study just released proves the power of a nap over a jolt of caffeine and even more sleep at night. It's actually the first such study to look at all three methods combating the afternoon lull that's commonly experienced-and which is a very normal physiological response to the body cycling through its natural rhythms during the day   一项新研究刚刚明小睡的威力强过一罐咖啡甚至是晚上多睡一会儿这实际上是第一次让三种对抗下午犯困的方法同台竞技事实上,下午犯困是一天之中人体生理节律导致的非常正常的生理反应 97青岛市大学附属医院私密整形 The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil Triangle, is an infamous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by the southern coast of the U.S., Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles that has been the location of strange disappearances of ships and aircraft since the mid-19th century. Could supernatural ces be responsible these occurrences? Some probable explanations the missing vessels include hurricanes, undersea earthquakes and magnetic fields that interfere with compasses and other positioning devices. But it much more interesting to think the disappearing vessels were drawn into another dimension, swept away by aliens or simply vanished into thin air.百慕大三角(Bermuda)又称魔鬼三角海域(Devil Triangle),臭名昭著的它从大西洋延伸到美国南部海岸自19世纪中期以来,就有很多船只和飞机在百慕大三角和大安地列斯群岛(Greater Antilles)这两地离奇失踪难道真的是超自然力量引发了这些事件?虽然也有一些诸如飓风说、海底裂缝说、磁场导致罗盘和定位设备失灵说等理论试图解释这些失踪事件,但想想这些消失的船舰可能被外星人卷走、被吸进另一个时空、或是消失在虚无世界,反而更为有趣Dozens of ships and planes have vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, many without leaving a trace. Read on to learn about ill-fated journeys that never returned from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.已有许多飞机和船舶都消失在百慕大三角,踪迹全无请继续阅读,了解以下段在神秘的百慕大三角有去无回的不幸旅程.The Spray.浪花号Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail solo around the world in 1895, was considered one of the best sailors of his time. His boat, the Spray, was an old fishing boat that he had rebuilt, and the story of his circumnavigation, ;Sailing Alone around the World;, remains a classic in sea literature. He never should have been lost at sea, but it appears that exactly what happened. In 19, Slocum left the East Coast of the ed States and headed to Grand Cayman the winter. Slocum was never heard from or seen again. He wasnt declared legally dead until 19. No one knows sure that Slocum disappeared within Triangle waters, but Bermuda buffs claim Slocum story as part of the legacy of the Devil Triangle.1895年,约书亚·史洛坎(Joshua Slocum)成为独自驾船环游世界的第一人,也是当时最棒的航海专家之一他的浪花号是一艘经过改装的旧渔船;他的环球航行故事——《独自驾船环游世界是海洋文学中的经典他本应是最不可能在海上失踪的人,但事实却并非如此19年,史洛坎从美国东海岸出发,准备前往大开曼群岛(Grand Cayman)过冬,但从此他便了无音讯,并于19年被宣告死亡没人知晓史洛坎到底是不是在百慕大三角失踪的,但百慕大发烧友们还是把史洛坎失踪之谜视为这魔鬼三角海域留给人们的一部分遗产9.Teignmouth Electron9.Teignmouth Electron号If Bermuda Triangle swallows up ships and planes, could it also make a man go mad? Perhaps that what happened on the Teignmouth Electron in 1969. Businessman Donald Crowhurst set sail from London on October 31, 1968 in a triple-hulled boat design featuring his own safety innovations and grand intentions to win the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, an event that requires each contestant to sail solo around the world. A relatively inexperienced sailor, Crowhurst obtained the backing of a demanding investor and hired an aggressive publicist. With his tune and pride riding on a successful voyage, Crowhurst got off to a slow start and his boat was plagued with problems, and he considered turning back. Instead, he reported incredible times and progress to his publicist while floating around in the Atlantic. When Crowhurst began his journey home, he found out his closest competitor had sunk. Fearing that the truth about his deceptions would be discovered, Crowhurst apparently jumped overboard with his fraudulent logbook and drowned himself. The Electron was found abandoned in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in July 1969, with the last entry of his accurate logbook dated June 9.如果百慕大三角能吞噬船只和飞机,那是否也能使人发疯呢?或许这正是1969年,Teignmouth Electron号上所发生的事情1968年月31日,星期日泰晤士报金球赛拉开帷幕,商人唐纳德·克劳赫斯特(Donald Crowhurst)满怀着必胜的雄心壮志,乘坐着融入了自主安全创新设计的三体船从伦敦启航该赛事要求每位参赛者必须独自驾船航行作为一个相对缺乏经验的水手,克劳赫斯特不仅得到了一位苛刻的投资者的持,还雇佣了一个有进取心的公关虽然怀揣着开启一次成功之旅的美好愿景和自豪感,但他一开始就进展缓慢,当他的船出现问题时,他更开始考虑返航然而,在大西洋漂流时,他向公关汇报了虚假的时刻和进程当克劳赫斯特开始返航时,却发现离他最近的竞争对手早已沉入大海他担心自己弄虚作假的事情被拆穿,于是带着他虚假的航海日志跳船自尽1969年7月,人们在百慕大三角的中心地带发现了被遗弃的Electron号,以及克劳赫斯特写于6月9日的最后一篇准确无误的航海日志8.Star Tiger8.星虎号客机On January 30, 198, a British South American Airways Tudor IV plane flying from England to Bermuda disappeared without a trace. The Star Tiger, commanded by Capt. B. W. McMillan, was flying from England to Bermuda. On January 30, McMillan reported he expected to arrive in Bermuda at 5:00 a.m., but neither he nor any of the 31 people onboard the Star Tiger were ever heard from again. The official accident report suggests that the aircraft heater was unreliable and may have failed en route and a compass was at fault. To keep the temperatures warmer, the pilot may have chosen to fly the route at a lower altitude, burning fuel faster. Flying so low would have left the pilot little time to maneuver or signal help in the case of a catastrophe; the flight would have lost its height quickly and fallen into the sea.198年1月30日,英国南美航空公司(British South American Airways)的一架图多尔四引擎客机消失得无影无踪这架名为“星虎号”(The Star Tiger)的客机,从英格兰(England)飞往百慕大(Bermuda),由机长麦克米伦(Capt. B. W. McMillan)执飞1月30日当天,麦克米伦向指挥台报告说客机预计于凌晨5点飞抵百慕大(Bermuda),但随后整架飞机以及机上的31名人员音讯全无官方事故报告称,该客机的加热器并不稳定,可能在飞行途中突发故障,并且其组合罗盘也可能失灵了为保持机舱温度,飞行员极有可能选择降低飞行高度,但这样会加快油耗而且,低空飞行使得飞行员在空难降临之际无暇调整飞行策略抑或是发出求救信号,因而导致机身迅速下坠,落入海中审校:落月 校对:落花生 旭旭 386318青岛带环医院

滕州私密整形多少钱Water lily is a common name a small family of aquatic plants. The water lily's scientific family is Nympheaceae of the order Nymphaeales. The representative genus of the family is Nymphaea.There are about 70 different species of water lilies. These are grouped into: night, tropical and hardy. Night lilies bloom in the night. Tropical lilies can be found in tropical climates and bloom at all times of the day. Hardy lilies are able to withstand most conditions and are the most common.The water lily has long, stout leaves and long flower stalks. There are usually six petals and six stamen. Water lilies are also able to reproduce by budding. The roots detach and grow into new water lilies. The root of the lily is located in the mud at the bottom of a pond. Many lilies are produced through budding.学名:Nelumbo mucifera 英名:Hindu Lotus 别名:莲花、芙蕖、水芝、水芙蓉、莲科名:睡莲科形态特征:多年生水生植物根茎(藕)肥大多节,横生于水底泥中叶盾状圆形,表面深绿色,被蜡质白粉,背面灰绿色,全缘并呈波状叶柄圆柱形,密生倒刺花单生于花梗顶端、高托水面之上,有单瓣、复瓣、重瓣及重台等花型;花色有白、粉、深红、淡紫色或间色等变化;雄蕊多数;雌蕊离生,埋藏于倒圆锥状海绵质花托内,花托表面具多数散生蜂窝状孔洞,受精后逐渐膨大称为为莲蓬,每一孔洞内生一小坚果(莲子)花期6月-9月,每日晨开暮闭果熟期9月-月荷花栽培品种很多,依用途不同可分为藕莲、子莲和花莲三大系统The water lilies are well adapted to their habitat. They grow and live on the edge of ponds and lakes, in the shallow water. The climate of their habitat is usually hot. They grow in areas where there are few plants and because of this, they don't have competition sunlight. This is very important because sunlight is the main way that water lilies are able to receive food and energy. The water lilies leaves are usually large and are able to store a lot of energy. Water lilies usually live in water that is rich in oxygen and receives a lot of sunlight.Water lilies are in danger because the wetlands are in danger. The wetlands are home to many species and the water lily is included. People are constantly draining the wetlands and do not know the species they are destroying: cattails, beavers, ducks, and water lilies just to name a few. Water lilies are able to reproduce rapidly, but if there is no where to reproduce, (like the wetland) it becomes impossible reproduction.印度国花,有的说是罂粟花,有的说是玫瑰花,印度不少诗人也在诗歌中赞颂这二种花,其实,印度的国花是荷花印度荷花主要有七种,故有“七宝莲花”之称实际上,七种荷花只有二种是荷花,即白莲花(芬陀利花)和红莲花(波头花),其它五种都是睡莲在植物学中,荷也称莲,荷花和睡莲均属睡莲科,所以荷花也称莲花,果实叫莲蓬、莲子莲子有惊人的生命力日本千叶县发掘出的千年的古莲子,经过培植,竟然开花结实 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9831988.jpg?v0');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_9831988.jpg?v0" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>印度是佛教的发祥地,荷花则是佛经中常提到的象征物和吉祥物荷花出淤泥而不染,洁身自处,与佛教主张的处世人格相合正是因为荷花代表佛教,而佛教又来自印度,所以荷花在印度被视为尊严的神圣的像征荷花别名莲、莲花睡莲科多年生水生植物花单生,单瓣、复瓣、重瓣、重台及干瓣等我种类型花瓣多达00余枚花叶美丽,清香致远荷花原产中国,日本、印度、斯里兰卡及澳大利亚等国都有分布荷花主要用于布置水面,点缀水景,或布置水景园;小型花品种可用于美化家居作为经济植物,可说是浑身是宝,莲子、莲藕均可用于食用,营养价值极高 336青岛治疗妇科那些比较好 ;The situation in Syria is terrible - so terrible that I think it stops kids from dreaming. But it their dreams that one day will make Syria good again,; says Obada Kassoumah.“叙利亚的情况非常糟糕,糟糕到那里的孩子已经没有梦想但是,只有他们有梦想,叙利亚未来才会再次好起来,”奥巴达?凯瑟马说;I wish I could just give them a little bit of hope and make them believe that yes, they can have dreams.;“我希望我能带给他们一丝希望,让他们相信,他们可以拥有梦想”Obada is a Syrian student in Tokyo who, by a mixture of chance and determination, has become the translator of Japanese manga comics into Arabic.奥巴达是在东京留学的叙利亚学生,运气和决心让他成为一名日本漫画的阿拉伯语翻译And by another twist of fate, many of these Arab editions of football saga Captain Tsubasa have been donated to aid agencies and are being handed out to Syrian refugee children across Europe and the Middle East.在命运的安排下,他翻译的众多阿拉伯文版《足球小将漫画被捐赠给救助机构,并送到欧洲和中东的叙利亚难民儿童手中 Obada, the project started as an unexpected translation job but has become something very personal and important.对于奥巴达来说,这项公益活动起源于一份意外的翻译工作,但却对他个人具有重大意义A narrow escape死里逃生As a student of Japanese at university in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Obada received a scholarship to go to Japan an exchange programme. That was in , and the unrest in the country had aly started.年,奥巴达在叙利亚首都大马士革的大学学习日语时拿到了一个日本交换项目的奖学金那一年,这个国家已经爆发动荡The situation got worse and worse and often he would be stopped by the police in the street suspecting that as a young man he might be a rebel fighter.叙利亚的情况越来越糟糕,作为一名年轻男性,他经常在街上被怀疑他是叛军的警察拦住When the situation got too dangerous, his parents decided to send him to live with his aunt in Jordan until he could leave Tokyo.当情况实在太危险时,奥巴达的父母决定在奥巴达前往东京前,将他送到约旦和阿姨一起生活It was almost aly too late - it was only through personal connections that he managed to cross the border.但那时已经太晚了,他只能动用一些人脉关系才成功出国When his scholarship ended a year later, he was able to stay in Japan by enrolling as a regular student, and picked up a part-time job translating Captain Tsubasa.一年后,奥巴达的奖学金结束了,他被录取为普通学生,得以留在日本,并接下了翻译《足球小将的兼职工作;I myself watched Captain Tsubasa as a kid on TV and I loved it,; says 6-year old Obada.6岁的奥巴达说:“小时候,我很喜欢在电视上看《足球小将,我很喜欢这个漫画”;It a story about a kid having a dream to become a professional football player and working hard to make that dream come true.;“它讲述的是一个小孩儿梦想成为职业足球运动员,并为实现梦想而努力的故事”;And that something beautiful, that something you should make these kids see.;“这个故事很美好,应该让叙利亚的孩子们看到”Initially, adapting the books the Arab market was a mere business decision by a Japanese publisher.最初,将《足球小将翻译成阿拉伯文版只是一家日本出版商的商业决策But they were then approached by Prof Masanori Naito, a Middle East specialist at Doshisha University in Kyoto.但随后,京都同志社大学的中东问题专家内藤正则教授联系到他们Prof Naito had spent several years in Damascus as a doctoral student in the 1980s and was looking ways to help people affected by the conflict.上世纪80年代,内藤教授在读期间曾在大马士革待过几年,他正在寻找帮助难民的方法He suggested the publisher could donate some of the manga books to refugee kids.他建议出版商可以向难民儿童捐赠一些漫画书;The tragedy of Syria,; he says, ;is a very serious concern to me. Back then I worked in villages that are now held by the rebel ces.;他说:“我非常关心叙利亚发生的悲剧当年我工作的村庄现在已经被反政府武装控制”The original copyright holders in Japan, Shueisha publishers, were immediately y to fund the donations, he said.他说,该漫画的原著版权持有者日本集英社立刻准备资助捐赠活动Through co-operation with a number of international NGOs and Unicef, the books are now being distributed to young Syrian children in camps across Europe, Turkey and the Middle East who have escaped the terror and trauma of the civil war ravaging their home country.在多个国际非政府组织和联合国儿童基金会的帮助下,这些漫画书被分发给欧洲、土耳其以及中东难民营里的叙利亚儿童他们为摆脱内战带来的恐惧和创伤背井离乡;It is very far from the reality they know,; Prof Naito explains. ;But kids it is very important to be able to escape from reality a while. And these books can also give them some hope their own future.;内藤教授说:“书中的描写和他们所知道的现实差距很大,但是对于孩子们来说,能够从现实中逃离一段时间是非常重要的而这些书籍也能给他们的未来带去一些希望”Manga he says, could even be ;a tool of soft power against despair and radicalisation;.他说,漫画甚至可以成为“对抗绝望和激进行为的软实力工具”A surprise from Japan来自日本的惊喜One of the places where Captain Tsubasa now provides a small escape from reality is a refugee home in Berlin where just last week, the copies were handed out by German-Turkish NGO Wefa to around 60 refugees.《足球小子为柏林的难民之家提供了一处逃避现实的小小港湾上周,德国和土耳其共同建立的非政府组织Wefa将这些漫画书分发给约60名难民;It was really something quite unique and we got a completely different reaction from normal,; Ismet Misirlioglu of Wefa told the B from Berlin.来自Wefa的伊斯梅特在柏林接受了B采访,他说:“这些漫画书非常独特,孩子们的反应和平时完全不同”;What the children usually get are of course clothes and food and so they were really surprised when we suddenly had Japanese manga books - in their own language,; he says, laughing.他笑着说:“通常孩子们得到的是衣和食物,所以当阿拉伯语的日本漫画书出现时,他们感到非常惊喜”;And you really could tell that from their eyes!;“你从他们的眼神中就能看出来!”Wefa in Berlin is planning to give out more of the books in the coming weeks.柏林Wefa组织打算在未来几周发放更多的漫画书A duty to help帮助他们是我的义务Back in Tokyo, Obada Kassoumah is still at work putting ever more adventures of Captain Tsubada into Arabic. He is currently translating volume seven out of 37.在东京,奥巴达?凯瑟马仍在努力把更多《足球小将的冒险故事翻译成阿拉伯语目前,他已经翻译了37卷中的7卷 him, going back to Syria is not an option.对于奥巴达而言,他无法回到叙利亚Instead, he will stay in Japan now and finish his degree - he knows Syria will need his skills in the future and he hopes he can have a bigger impact if he works building links between the two countries.目前,他将留在日本完成学业他知道,将来叙利亚将需要他的技能,而他希望通过自己的努力发挥更大的影响,在两国之间架起一座桥梁;I have friends who are fighting with the government and other friends who are fighting with the rebels,; he says with a heavy voice.奥巴达语气沉重地说:“我有朋友在和政府战斗,也有朋友在和叛军战斗”;We are all one family - and now they wish death to each other, trying to kill each other.;“我们都是一家人,而现在他们却希望对方去死,他们试图杀死对方”But he hopes his translations will put a smile on the face of a Syrian child somewhere, trying to get the terror of the past.奥巴达希望,他翻译的漫画能给某个试图忘记恐怖过去的叙利亚儿童带去一丝笑容;As a Syrian it like my duty to help - and through this thing I can help.“作为一名叙利亚人,我有义务帮助他们,而我能通过这件事帮到他们”;This way the children can - at least a bit - get all the bad memories they have from the war.;“这样可以让孩子们忘记战争留下的糟糕记忆,就算不是全部,至少可以有一点帮助” 5861即墨市医院体检多少钱

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