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山东省二院是公还是私泰安做人流一般多少钱青岛最好的医院 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了。What is the federal minimum wage in the U.S.? If you think you know it, shout it out. 美国联邦最低工资是多少?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it 5.15, 6.55, 7.25, or 10.10 per hour? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是一小时5.15、6.55、7.25还是10.10?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Since 2009, the U.S. federal minimum wage has been 7.25 per hour. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.从2009年开始,美国联邦最低工资就一直是每小时7.25美元。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: President Obama has been pushing for a minimum wage increase. 奥巴马总统一直在推动最低工资上涨。He wants it to be .10 an hour. 他希望能涨到每小时10.10美元。But Congress has to pass the law that would do that, and Democrats and Republicans are divided on the issue. 但国会不得不通过这一法案,民主党和共和党在这个问题上有分歧。The Congressional Budget Office, which gives non-partisan analysis of economic issues says raising the minimum wage to 10.10 would mean higher wages for 16.5 million Americans. 国会预算局给出的不受党派影响的经济分析表明,把最低工资涨到10.10意味着给1650万美国人涨工资。But it also says that bad effects would balance up the good. 但是该报告同时指出,负面影响可能会抵消积极的效果。Prices on many goods and services would go up. 许多商品和务的价格都会上涨。Businesses would lose money, and an estimated 500,000 Americans would lose their jobs. 生意会赔钱,据估计有50万美国人将会失业。 /201406/304718乔治·戴森讲述猎户座计划。此计划旨在开发核动力飞船,五年内可带人类飞到土星。作为知情人同时又有秘密资料,乔治带来了原子时代的梦想。(注:NASA把重返月球的新一代航天器命名为“猎户座” 巧合?) Article/201407/313139青岛市新阳光医院可以做引产吗

山东省中医院挂号网But not all pupils have to walk to school. These children are boarders.然而并非所有孩子都要徒步上学。这些孩子是寄宿生。As the day pupils near journey#39;s end, the boarders are still making breakfast.当孩子们快要到达学校时,住宿生还在做早饭。In the schoolyard, someone seems to have switched the lights off.校园内仿若被关掉了灯一般黑暗。But this is no ordinary playground, and no ordinary school. It#39;s housed inside a cave!但这里其实并没有正规的操场,以及正规的学校。只不过是在洞穴中的房屋而已。A natural vault of rock keeps out the rain so there#39;s no need for a roof on the classroom.天然拱顶阻隔了雨水,为教室省去了屋顶。 /201406/308193青岛治疗不孕不育比较好的医院是哪里 but jobs with his eye ever on the bottom line, Had a different view.但是从乔布斯看来,这还没有触及他的底线There were too many people at apple有太多人站在苹果这一边了And in the apple ecosystem playing the game of而且在苹果公司系统里,常常玩着的游戏便是;for apple to win, microsoft has to lose,;;苹果会胜利,微软会失败;And it was clear that you didn#39;t have to play that game然后你很清楚你没必要再玩这个游戏了Because apple wasn#39;t going to beat microsoft.因为苹果公司不会想去打败微软Apple didn#39;t have to beat microsoft.苹果公司没必要击败微软Apple had to remember who apple was.苹果需要牢记自己为什么是苹果It was just crazy what was happening at that time,那段时间真的很疯狂,And apple as very weak, and so I called bill up苹果很虚弱,所以我打给比尔And we tried to patch things up.然后我们尝试修补关系I think he learned to be a better businessman.我认为他学习到了如何成为一个更好的商人I think he learned a little more humility.我认为他学会了如何变得更加谦逊Steve really changed in a number of ways,史蒂夫真的在很多方面改变了自己And he changed primarily because of failure.最重要的因素便是失败Failure affected him, and he learned from it.失败影响着他,他从中学习教训jobs created a brand-new product at apple, the imac.乔布斯创造了一个全新的产品线,iMacI think there was a decision to look different.我认为那是一种从不同角度思考的决心Remember,记得吗,their motto immediately after his return was ;think different,;他们在他刚刚回到苹果时候的广告就是;Think Different;And he didn#39;t say that because he didn#39;t believe it.他从来不那样说因为他坚信这点.He really did want to think different,他确确实实做到了不同凡想And they would have to appear different To show that they were thinking different.并且他们乐于用各种不同的方式展现他们不同的想法.the pair joked about the relationship Between ;mac man; jobs and ;pc man; bill gates.有一恶搞;Mac Man;乔布斯和;PC man;盖茨之间的搞笑组合Pc guy is great but not a big heart.用PC的家伙很伟大,但是没有雄心His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他Pc guy is what makes it all work actually.PC guy是那种让任何事情循规蹈矩发展的家伙Mossberg: all right.没错.It#39;s worth thinking about.这样想是很有价值的The truth about bill gates is a brilliant man事实上比尔盖茨是一个很有才华的人Who you could and I did talk to for long periods about the future.是那种可以和你与我谈论起未来滔滔不绝的人He could think quite intelligently About the future,他对于未来的想法很明智,but the way microsoft worked As a business was far more incremental than apple.但是微软比起苹果 有着过于商业化的运作All the while, they were working on some big leap,在那时,他们都是在巨大的变革之中And microsoft tended to do the incremental stuff Almost all the time.而微软趋向于任何时刻都在提升自己的附加值 /201309/258255青岛莱西市哪有好的妇科中医

青岛市妇儿医院正规吗?怎么样I#39;m Adam Savage - And I#39;m Jamie Hyneman.我是亚当·沙维奇 我是杰米·海曼We are at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.我们在位于加州山景城的电脑历史物馆You don#39;t have to be a tech geek即使你不是技术宅to appreciate the shrine to the technology age.也能看出这里堪称信息时代的圣地It helps.当然是的话更好This is the perfect place to remember one of its founding gurus.这里是缅怀一位计算机行业伟大奠基者的最佳场所Because it would look a whole lot different around here因为若没有史蒂夫·乔布斯if Steve Jobs hadn#39;t been around.这里的面貌将相去甚远We#39;re going to look at Steve Jobs#39; legacy both in terms of things and ideas.我们将从产品和理念两方面回顾乔布斯的传奇经历Ideas that will spur innovation far into the future.他的理念不断激发出超前的创新And his big idea?而他的宏伟理念Right from the very beginning,从最初开始was to change everything!就是改变一切Do you have to be a difficult person,是不是天才一定都难以相处a tough person to be a genius?个性强悍I don#39;t know the answer to that.我无法回答He was very dictatorial.他很独断He was very tough.很强硬He had a very clear sense of his own guts, his own instinct.他深知自己 胆识过人He was abrasive.他不招人喜欢He was brash.很蛮横无礼He thought he knew everything.他认为自己无所不知But the product he created were not elitist而他创造的产品算不上尖端的even though they were super cool.尽管都与众不同All around the world people love these products.全世界的人们都爱苹果的产品What did Frank Perdue say: ;It takes a tough band to make a tender bird.;弗兰克·珀杜曾说;严谨决定一切;Say what you want,不管怎么说but Steve Jobs was ;The Guy;史蒂夫·乔布斯仅此一位who envisioned a computer on every desk,他预见了个人电脑的普及an earbud in every ear,音乐将随身而行and a device that would take multitasking to a whole new level.多任务处理设备将迈入全新纪元He didn#39;t just envision.他不止提出构想He made it happen!更将其化为现实 /201305/239188 Our journey starts at the very heart of China, Beijing. China#39;s capital is a vast metropolis, home to 15 million people.我们的旅程将从中国的心脏北京启航。中国的首都是一座巨大的城市,供养着1500万人口。This bustling modern city seems an unlikely place for traditional beliefs and customs. But beneath the contemporary veneer, it#39;s possible to see glimpses of a far older China.这座熙熙攘攘的现代都市似乎与传统信仰和习俗无缘,在现代的浮华外表之下依稀可以窥探到远古中国的身影。Every morning, people head to the parks around the Forbidden City, to continue a custom which is centuries old.每一个早晨,人们汇聚到紫禁城附近的公园里,延续一种保持了数个世纪的传统。Many Chinese keep birds as companions, specifically a type of laughing thrush from southern China.许多中国人把鸟儿当作自己的伙伴,尤其喜欢一种来自中国南方的画眉鸟。But they know that cooped up indoors, birds may become depressed.养鸟的人知道把鸟关在笼子里,鸟儿也许会变得消沉So they try to brighten their day by meeting other birds. This surprising scene in the heart of modern Beijing is a clue to China#39;s oldest spiritual ambition, the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.因此他们试图让鸟儿们也高兴起来。通过让鸟儿们聚会的这种方式,北京的中心上演了出人意料的一幕。从中可以发掘到远古中国心灵的渴望,那就是——人与自然注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201408/318092山东省妇女医院治疗效果如何青岛什么医院可以做四维彩超



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