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Who do we got?我们得到了什么?Hi, um, okay, hi everybody.嗨,姆,好吧,嗨,各位。My name is Nereida.我的名字是呐瑞达。I just want to say first of all首先我只想说that dating is never boring under any circumstance.约会于我的情形并非无趣。But I am very excited to be here right now,但是我很兴奋现在在这儿,so I am just trying to remind myself that,于是我只是努力提醒自己you know, like, the purpose of being here and everything,你知道,像这样,来这儿的目的和每件事,I mean, trying to answer these questions, it is very exciting.我的意思是,尝试回答这些问题,很令人激动。But I also, I just need to acknowledge但我也是,我只是需要了解that TED is an incredible experience right now TED是现在一个难以置信的经验in the present, like, I just need to say, like,在现在,就像,我只需要说,就像Isabel Allende. Isabel Allende!伊莎贝拉艾兰得,伊莎贝拉艾兰得Okay, maybe it doesnt mean,好吧,也许它并不意味着,of course it means something to you,当然它对你来说有某种意义。but to me, its like, another level, okay?但对我,就像,另外一个水平的,行吗?Because Im Latina and I really appreciate the fact因为我是拉丁人而且我特别感谢这个事实that there are role models here that I can really,有一个角色模子在这里,我真的能够,I dont know, I just need to say that.我不知道,我只是需要那样说。Thats incredible to me, and sometimes when Im nervous and everything like that,对我来说难以置信,有时候,当我紧张的时候,每件事都像那样。I just need to, like, say some affirmations我只是需要,说一些断言that can help me.那会帮助我I usually just try to use, like, the three little words我常常试着去利用,就像着三个单词that always make me feel better:那总是能让我感觉好起来:Sotomayor, Sotomayor, Sotomayor. (Laughter)索托马约尔,索托马约尔,索托马约尔,(笑声)Just, it really helps me to get grounded.就是这样, 它真的帮助我落到地面。Now I can use Allende, Allende, Allende,现在我可以用艾兰得,艾兰得,艾兰得,and, you know, I just need to say it, like,并且,你知道,我只是需要说,就像这样。its so incredible to be here, and I knew that we were going to have these questions.来到这儿真是难以置信,而且我知道我们会有这些问题。I was so nervous and I was thinking just, like, oh my God, oh my God,想我很紧张我会那样想,就是像,欧,我的上帝,我的上帝,and reminding me, because Ive had, like, some very,提醒我,因为,我已经,像,一些很,especially since the last time we were here at TED,尤其是上次我们来到TED一样,it was, like, unbelievable,就像是,难以相信的,and then right after that, like,在那以后,就像so many crazy things happened, like,那么多疯狂的事情发生了,就像we ended up going to the White House to perform.我们最后来到白宫表演一样。That was, like, amazing,是那么,神奇。and Im standing there,而且,我站在这儿and I was just like, please dont say, ;Oh my God.;我只是就像这样,请不要说,“喔,我的上帝。”Dont say, ;Oh my God.;不用说,“喔,我的上帝。”And I just kept saying it: ;Oh my God. Oh my God.;我只是一直说:“喔,我的上帝,哦,我的上帝。”And, you know, I kept thinking to myself, like,然后,你知道,我一直想着我自己,就像President Obama has to come up here at the same podium,奥巴马总统来到这儿在同一个讲台,and Im standing here saying, ;Oh my God.;而我站在这里说,“喔,我的上帝。”Its like, the separation of church and state.就像是,“分离教堂和州府。Its just, I couldnt, like, I couldnt process.就像,我不能,像,我不能进行了,It was really too much.这实在太多了。So I think Ive lost my way.那么,我想我失去了我的方向。But what I wanted to say is that dating, for me,但是我想说约会,对我来说,you know, as far as Im concerned,你知道,我至今一直关心的,however you reproduce, as long as youre enjoying yourself无论你怎样生养,只要你一直感到享受and its with another consenting asexual -- I dont know.这是另外一个单性的认同-我不知道You know where Im going with that.你知道我会沿着那个走向那里Okay, ciao, gracias.好的,你好(西班牙语),格拉西亚斯小城。Okay, next question. (Applause)行吧,下一个问题。(鼓掌)201410/335622

And you know why?.知道为什么吗。No one knows why.没人知道为什么。If a umass Lowell engineer.如果马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校的。Or scientist can figure it out.某位工程师或科学家能够弄清。He or she may be able to control energy in a way that.他/她将能够以科幻小说家。Science fiction writers have only dreamed about.梦寐以求的方式控制能量。Maybe you all will find the darkons.也许你们将能够找到暗子。You know, the darkons, the particles of dark.暗子 也就是黑暗的粒子。We got dark matter. We got dark energy. You know.我们有暗物质 暗能量。In physics, we love our particles.物理学中 我们喜欢考虑粒子。We love our neutrons or photons or tau mesons.我们喜欢中子 光子 介子。Why not darkons?.为什么不能有暗子呢。To exchange dark energy.交换暗能量。I mean to say nothing of the elusive Higgs who doesnt love that.我这里还没有讲晦涩难懂的希格斯粒子。Darkons are just a little physics idea that Im working on. Ill keep it personal.暗子只是我正在考虑的一种物理理念 是我个人的喜好。Along with the evidence of common sense.就常识方面的据而言。You know, my parents often remarked.我父母经常说。Common sense is not that common, dont count on it.常识并不那么显而易见 别指望常识。But researchers have proven scientifically that humans are all one people.研究者已经科学地明了 人类只有一种。Were one species. Were a lot like dogs in that regard.我们都是一个物种 这方面我们和很像。If a great dane interacts.如果一条大丹交配…。Can we say interact? Yeah.说交配没问题吧 好。If a great dane interacts with a chihuahua.如果一条大丹同一条吉娃娃交配。You get a dog.生出来的还是。Thats all you get.仍然是条。I mean, some of my best friends are dogs but.是我们最好的朋友。All youre going to get is a dog.这里肯定会生出。Theyre all one species.它们都是一个物种。The same with us, everybody.我们人类也一样。The color of our ancestors skin and ultimately my skin and your skin.我们祖先的肤色 传下来得到现在你我的肤色。201510/406264

But even harder than the technological troubles are the political ones as preposterous as it might sound to many of us但在技术难题之外 更复杂的是政治难题也许看起来有点荒谬there are great many people claim that climate change is a hoax很多人都声称气候变化只是个骗局perpetrated by an international conspiracy of scientists and government officials是科学家和政府官员编造的国际阴谋Oh but it were that simple有这么简单吗If there were a conspiracy our path forward would be easy如果确实是阴谋我们前进的道路就简单了None of us would be responsible for climate change没人需要对气候变化负责It would be those bad guys. All wed have to do is expose them and everything would be fine but my friends, there is no such thing需要负责的是坏人 我们只需要曝光坏人就行了一切都会很好但是朋友们 根本不是这样的Have you ever tried to get along with a bunch of scientists?你们能同一堆科学家相处得好吗Theyre at each others throats and theyre happy about it他们吵得不可开交 而且乐此不疲Climate change is happening because we are all using the atmosphere for chemical energy and as ways to dump our airborne carbon气候变化正在发生因为我们都在使用大气提供化学能并往空气中排出碳Its a much more complicated problem than any that could be caused by a misguided conspirator这个问题太过复杂根本就不是一个阴谋者能够想出来的Conspiracy theories are for lazy people people that dont want to get down to business at hand阴谋论只适用于懒人只适用于不想严肃考虑问题的人So everybody, please dismiss those ideas at once我请所有人立刻摒弃阴谋论观点The US cannot wait for the others we have to overcome the notion that美国不能等别人我们不能总想着since other large carbon dioxide emitters like China, Russia and India其它二氧化碳排放大国 例如中国 俄罗斯 印度have not come around to the idea of reducing emissions都没有考虑减排 then the ed States and the class of 2014 shouldnt either那么美国和2014届毕业生也不应该考虑减排201510/404495

Excuse me抱歉Throughout my life, I have rushed to some of my greatest moments在我这一生中 我匆匆错过了很多伟大的时刻and I said if I made it to this point and when I made it to this point我曾经说过 如果我能走到这一天I would take my time and I would look at each and every one of you我会花时间看看你们每一个人So let me take my time and look at you下面给点时间我 让我看你们Let me realize where Im at让我体会一下自己在哪Let me live in this moment and be present right now让我沉醉在这个美妙的时刻Aint no homecoming like a Howard homecoming没有比回到霍华德更让人高兴的了And it feels so good to be home能回到这里 我感觉真是太棒了I want to give all glory to God for this day今天的荣耀属于上帝Thank you Jesus, thank you God, thank you感谢耶稣 感谢上帝 谢谢Hallelujah哈利路亚I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to come back home我想感谢所有为我回到这里铺平道路的人们to my Howard family感谢霍华德这个大家庭Ms. Nesta Bernard内斯塔·伯纳德女士I called her mom along, wouldnt know her我甚至亲切地称她为母亲Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years感谢你这些年对我的爱和持Thank you to Earning Jordi感谢厄尔宁·约迪Kasim Reed卡西姆·里德and Barry Ray还有巴里·雷201412/350471

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