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泰安早孕检查多少钱城阳医院无痛人流多少钱Larry下课后在校园里碰到李华。他问李华需不需要去邮局。今天李华会学到两个常用语:fixing to do something和tricked-out。 LL: Hey, Li Hua, I'm fixing to go to the post office to mail a package. Do you need to buy stamps or mail something? LH: Larry,你要去邮局寄包裹。这和修理东西有什么关系?为什么你说fixing to go to the post office?是不是你去邮局前,要先修什么东西啊? LL: No. Fixing to do something means that you are getting y to do it. "I'm fixing to go to the post office" means that I'm getting y to go to the post office. LH: 啊!我懂了,fixing to do something就是准备要做什么事。Larry,我从来没听过这种说法。 LL: It's used all over the U.S., but it's more commonly used in the southern states. LH: 原来这是在美国南方常用的说法。Larry,我很想和你一块儿去邮局,不过我准备去图书馆,我想在晚饭前看点书。I am fixing to go to the library to study before dinner. Larry,我这么说对吗? LL: Absolutely! Hey, did you notice how tired Professor Smith looked in class today? He looked as though he was fixing to fall asleep in the middle of his lecture. LH: 是呀,今天Smith教授看起来好累,在课堂上讲课时好想要睡着一样。不过你知道吗?他正在为下个月参加马拉松赛跑作准备,也许他锻炼过度,所以才这么累。 LL: I didn't know that he's fixing to compete in a marathon? Wow, that's impressive. LH: 就是啊!我真难以想像他怎么能在上课之余还能找出时间来锻炼呢。 LL: No wonder he's tired. I'd be exhausted. LH: 嗯,对了,我得去图书馆了,一会儿见! LL: Yeah, I'm going to go and mail this package before post office closes. They should be fixing to close up soon, so I had better hurry. LH:那就快走吧! 否则邮局关门了。你这包裹就寄不出去了。 ****** LL: Hey, Li Hua. On the way to the post office, I saw Bob's new car. It's awesome! It's totally tricked-out with every accessory you can imagine. LH: What? 你说Bob的新车怎么样?什么是tricked-out? LL: If a car, or boat, or other machine is "tricked-out", it means that it has all kinds of luxury accessories. LH: 噢,tricked-out就是说汽车、船、或其他任何机器有各式各样的豪华设备。所以你刚才是说Bob的新车有各种新式的装置,很酷,是吧? LL: Exactly. It has a satellite radio system, big speakers, special wheels, and an amazing paint job. It has a super turbo-charged engine, too. LH: 哇,车上有卫星收音系统、大的扩音器、特殊的轮子....啊呀,我可不懂这些东西,但是听起来真的很酷!Bob's new car really is "tricked-out." LL: I can't imagine what he paid for it. It must have been really expensive. I can't wait until I can afford such a tricked-out car. LH: 嗯,肯定是很贵。你想要这样的车呀?我可不一定想买这种豪华车。我比较喜欢实用的车子,价钱比较便宜,问题可能也比较少。 LL: A simple car would be less expensive than a tricked-out one. But why do you think it would have fewer problems? LH: 当然啦!你车上的装置越多,就越容易出故障,修理起来一定也很贵。 这是必然的。 LL: That's true. It's probably more expensive to maintain a really tricked-out car because there are more things that could go wrong with it. LH: 对呀,要维护一辆高级车肯定是很贵的。我的要求是价钱便宜,问题要少。 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是fixing to do something, 就是准备要做某件事。另一个常用语是tricked-out,是形容一样东西很豪华,有各种新式的装置。 /200809/47521在青岛打胎需多少钱 办公室工作可能会给员工生活带来麻烦。压力可能积蓄并爆发出问题。这可能严重影响公司的生产力和效率。Listen Read Learn The office can be very demanding on the lives of the workers. Stress can build up and explode into problems. This can seriously influence the productivity and efficiency of a business. The problems that upset an office can vary drastically depending on the nature of the employees or even the employers. Employees may feel that they are being overworked or underpaid. They may also feel that this signals the loss of appreciation on their work, causing increasing tension as they complain about work. They may also have personality differences which can cause conflict. This can be seen in offices where too close relationships develop. People in authority may tend to place more value on these relationships than on the work itself. They may have lost sight of the goal of forwarding the development of the company. Gossiping about co-workers and the company is a frequent example of this. Gossipers undermine the efforts of everyone as they sp discontent. Leaders may also focus too much attention on competition, and not enough on teamwork. If these problems have occurred, then it is the responsibility of everyone to acknowledge them and try to solve them. If this does not happen, then the leadership must take steps to avoid it. This is a part of the process of self-improvement that all companies need to integrate. Frequent evaluations of leadership skills and teamwork ability would help to limit these problems.听看学办公室工作可能会给员工生活带来麻烦。压力可能积蓄并爆发出问题。这可能严重影响公司的生产力和效率。困扰办公室的问题可能大不相同,具体取决于雇员甚至是雇主的特点。员工可能觉得自己工作量大而得到的报酬却很低。他们也可能感觉这表明没有人欣赏他们的工作,而这会在他们抱怨工作时导致更紧张的情绪。他们所具有的个性差异也可能会引起冲突。这可以在有过于私密关系存在的办公室里看到。当权者很可能更倾向于看重这些关系而不是工作本身。他们可能会忽视推动公司发展的目标。对同事和公司说三道四就是常见的例子。说闲话者在传递不满情绪时会破坏每个人的努力。领导也可能过于关注竞争,而不够注重团队协作。如果发生这些问题,每个人都有责任去了解并尝试解决问题。如果没有出现这种情况,领导就应该采取措施避免其发生。这是所有公司都需要整合的自我完善过程的一部分。经常对领导技能和团队协作能力进行评估将有助于避免这些问题发生。Grammar 语法小结虚拟语气在表示一种纯然假象的情况或主观愿望时,动词需要用一种特殊的形式,称为虚拟语气。表示现在或将来的虚拟条件句,从句的谓语动词用过去时,主句的谓语动词用would +动词原形,例如:If I had that book, I would lend it to you. 如果我有那本书我就借给你。If you left your bicycle outside, someone would steal it.如果你把自行车放在外面,有人会偷的。If I lived near my office, I'd walk to work. 如果我住在办公室附近,我就步行上班。If I were you, I would do it. 如果我是你我会做。If he were to resign, who would take his place? 如果他要辞职,谁来接替他?Do it together 家庭总动员找出下面句子中的语法错误并改正。1. If I had that kind of skirt, I could have lend it to you.2. If he were to ask such question again, I will refuse to answer him.3. If it were Sunday tomorrow, we won't have an exam.4. If I were in school again, I will work harder.5. If I were to do it, I will do it in a different way.1. 去掉 have2. will→ would3. won't→ wouldn't4. will→ would5. will→ would /200809/48075I like my college life,and sometimes I'm a little homesick. 我喜欢大学生活,只是有时我有点儿想家。青岛那家医院有做阴超

青岛市新阳光女子医院医阮1 GreetingsConversation 1Key words and phrasesvery ,well ,thank, howConversation 1Lee:Good morning, kevin.Kevin:morning,Lee.How are you?Lee:Very well.thank you.Conversaion 2Key words and phraseslook, great ,you ,tooConversation 2Lee:Hello, Kevin.Kevin:Oh,Lee.You look great.Lee:Thanks,you too.Conversation 3Key words and phrasessee, again ,pretty, business ,tooConversation 3kevin:So nice to you again,Louise.louise:Pretty good.How's your business going,Kevin?kevin:Not too bad.Additional Useful ExpressionsVocabularyam ,are ,as, chenge ,day ,do, everything ,family, fine , get on , goI , long ,same , time , today , usual , was , with , work ,your Additional Useful ExpressionsLong time no see.How's everything going.How are you getting on with your work?you have't change much.How's your famil?How was your day?Same as usual.I'm just fine.So far so good.Not so good. /200811/55015青岛一般做一个妇科常规多少钱 Fredo: Here's our name card. By registering on our website, you can receive e-mail reminders for when to buy flowers.Johnnie: Gee, thanks.Fredo: See, that's why I stay single. Then I always have spare cash during the holidays.Johnnie: Yeah, but with these good looks, what can I do? I'm a girl magnet.Fredo: (Laughing)Okay, girl magnet. I need to unpack some flowers.Johnnie: Go ahead, I'm thinking of sweet nothings for these cards. "Roses are red, violets are blue; you like me, I like you, too."Fredo: Don't quit your day job, Romeo. /201107/146215青岛市妇幼保健院中医

青岛妇幼保健院概况 资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句No sweat! 不麻烦!喷倒老美Jane想学下如何制作水果沙拉,朋友耐心地告诉她如何选水果,如何切块,如何配制各种调味料,最后还手把手带Jane一起做苹果沙拉,Jane十分感激地说道:“Thanks a lot. I owe you.”(十分感谢,我欠你个人情)。朋友客气地说道;“No sweat!”Jane心想:“我也没出汗啊”。想聊就聊Lily: Thank for your help. I owe you.莉莉:谢谢你的帮助,真是麻烦你了。Jane:No sweat! Think nothing of it.简:不麻烦,别客气。知识点津sweat的意思是“汗,出汗”,在习惯用法No sweat!中,表示“不太费力”的意思。如果有人请你帮忙,你没流汗就把事情搞定了,说明这个事情比较容易,它的引申义就是“不麻烦,不客气”。 /201011/118355青岛市第三人民医院好吗青岛妇产医院打胎多少钱



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