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2018年12月15日 13:14:35

By end of April, Beijing Railway Bureau will have installed free WiFi on over 100 trains, and currently, Jinan Railway Bureau is testing free WiFi on 75 trains. But the bullet trains are not included.截至4月底,北京铁路局将在100余组列车上安装免费WiFi,此外济南铁路局有75组列车也正在进行免费WiFi的装车调试。但高铁、动车暂时无缘免费WiFi。In order to use the WiFi service, passengers are required to download an APP, which will provide music, news, and movies after logging in. Instant Messaging APPs such as QQ and Wechat are also accessible through the service.为了使用免费WiFi务,旅客需下载一个应用,登录后里面有自带的音乐、新闻和电影内容。连接WiFi之后,旅客还可使用QQ和微信等即时聊天应用。According to Beijing Youth Daily, the WiFi signals on the trains will come from the 3G and 4G services providers along the way, and the wireless network capacity will be able to accommodate 120 devices at the same time on each train.根据北京青年报报道,在火车上的WIFI信号将来自沿途的3G和4G务提供商,且每台火车的无线网络将会持120个设备同时接入访问。The trains will include lines from Beijing to Shanghai, east China#39;s Qingdao, southwest China#39;s Kunming and Lhasa, as well as south China#39;s Guangzhou.这些火车将包括从北京开往上海,从北京开往中国东部的青岛,从北京开往中国西南的昆明和拉萨,以及从北京开往中国南方的广州的各条线路。 /201603/433518胶南市妇幼保健医院评论怎么样A federal program meant to encourage investment in the ed States from wealthy foreigners is increasingly supporting large luxury real estate projects, not the development in the rural and downtrodden districts that some say were the original targets of the program.目前,一个旨在鼓励富有的外国人在美国投资的联邦项目愈来愈倾向于持大型豪华房地产项目,而不是用于乡村和穷困地区的发展,虽然在一些人口中,后者才是该项目的初衷。With billions of dollars flowing in, mostly from wealthy Chinese, the program faces an uncertain future. 数以十亿美元计的资金已通过该项目流入美国,大多是来自富裕的中国人,但如今它面临着不确定的未来。In September, Congress reset the expiration date on parts of the so-called EB-5 program to Dec. 9.9月,国会将这个名为EB-5的项目的部分截止日期重新设为12月9日。The program grants permanent residency in the ed States to those who are willing to immigrate and invest 0,000 in a business that creates at least 10 jobs. 该项目向愿意移民的投资者提供美国的永久居留权,此人需要向一个至少创造10个工作机会的企业投资50万美元。Many of the projects that have received money have been in real estate, though investments have also gone to charter schools, medical centers and manufacturing plants. 尽管也有投资流向特许学校、医疗中心和制造厂,但许多获得该项目投资的都是房地产。Some billion of investments have been made through the program since 2005, according to the EB-5 Coalition, an industry group in Washington.根据华盛顿行业组织EB-5联盟(EB-5 Coalition)的说法,从2005年以来,该项目大约吸引了150亿美元的投资。Critics have derided the program as essentially a legal way for immigrants to buy their way into the country.批评者嘲笑该项目本质上是为移民提供购买美国身份的合法途径。Donald J. Trump’s election adds a new wrinkle. 唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump)的当选增加了一个新的变数。He campaigned heavily on immigration reform, pledging to build a wall on the Mexican border and increase the deportation of criminal noncitizens. 他竞选时大力主张移民改革,承诺在墨西哥边境上修建围墙,并将更多犯罪的无公民身份者驱逐出境。He also said he wanted to reduce legal immigration and ensure jobs are offered to Americans first.他还说他想减少合法移民,保优先向美国人提供工作。Whether President-elect Trump will actually follow through on these pledges remains to be seen, said Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, a law professor at Cornell University and an immigration lawyer. 侯任总统是否会真正恪守这些承诺,还有待观察,康奈尔大学法律教授与移民律师史蒂芬#8226;W#8226;耶尔-勒尔(Stephen W. Yale-Loehr)说:It is always difficult for Congress to enact significant immigration changes because immigration is so complex and controversial.在移民方面,国会总是很难实行重大的变化,因为移民问题太复杂,太有争议。The ed States is not alone in offering residence for investment. 美国不是唯一一个为投资者提供居留权的国家。Germany, Australia and Canada have versions of the program, as do several small countries. 德国、澳大利亚、加拿大及一些小国都有类似的项目。Competition among Caribbean nations is rising for their citizenship-by-investment programs, with St. Lucia being the most recent to revamp its program.目前,加勒比国家正在竞相实施投资移民计划,圣卢西亚是最新修订类似项目的国家。Foreign interest is growing. 来自外国的关注在增长。According to an analysis by professors at New York University, investments in the program are increasingly financing large-scale, luxury or entertainment-oriented real estate developments. 根据纽约大学的教授们分析,该项目吸引的投资愈来愈多地用于大型、豪华或型房地产开发项目融资。Among them: nearly billion gathered in the last year from 2,000 investors to build a Chinese-style casino in Las Vegas, 0 million from 1,200 investors for New York’s mixed-use Hudson Yards project and 0 million from 300 investors to construct the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria.举例来说,去年,来自2000名投资者的近10亿美元被用于在兴建一座中式风格的;来自1200名投资者的6亿美元被用于在纽约兴建多用途的哈德逊广场(Hudson Yards);来自300个投资者的1.5亿美元被用于建造比佛利山华尔道夫-阿斯托里亚酒店。The program was intended to reward people for putting money into the ed States. 该项目旨在奖励那些把资金投入美国的人。Projects that raised more than billion were practically nonexistent in the program before 2010, Prof. Jeanne Calderon of New York University’s Stern School of Business wrote in a March report on the program. 纽约大学斯特恩商学院教授让娜#8226;卡尔德隆(Jeanne Calderon)在3月发表了关于该计划的报告,其中写道,在2010年之前,几乎没有什么建设计划通过该项目筹集到超过10亿美元的资金。But when banks turned off the credit spigot around the 2008 financial crisis, developers started getting more creative in finding alternative financing.但是,在2008年金融危机时期关闭信贷渠道后,开发商便开始寻找更有创意的替代融资方案。N.Y.U. tracks 27 projects across the ed States that have raised more than .6 billion from foreign investors.纽约大学跟踪调查了美国境内27个项目,它们从外国投资者那里募集了超过56亿美元。Many of these projects are run by large commercial developers who could proceed without any foreign investment but are reaching out to foreign investors for cheaper financing than they would receive from banks.它们当中有许多是由大型商业开发商经营,就算没有任何外国投资也可以运作下去,但开发商们寻觅外国投资者是为了获得比更便宜的融资。Reformers from both political parties are calling for a much tighter definition of the areas eligible for investment through the program to remove the tracts in prosperous urban areas and get money to underserved ones. 来自两党的改革者们都呼吁对有资格获得该项目投资的地区做出更加严格的定义,让这些资金不再用于繁华都市地带的大片土地,而是用于欠发达地区。They are also looking at raising the investment minimum to 0,000.他们还考虑将投资最低限额提高到80万美元。In addition, they hope to make the projects more accountable by requiring better disclosures to protect potentially vulnerable immigrants from fraudulent schemes. 此外,他们希望该项目具备更好的透明度,保护可能处于弱势地位的移民免受欺诈性计划之害,令该项目更加负责。Federal securities regulators have filed several enforcement actions against people committing fraud through the program in recent years.联邦券监管机构已经针对近年来通过该项目实施欺诈的一些人采取了若干执法行动。The issue has friends and foes on either side of the political aisle. 这个问题在政界的左右两方都有朋友和敌人。Senators from rural parts of the country want more development dollars coming to their districts, while those from large cities want to maintain the status quo. 来自农村地区的参议员希望更多的发展资金进入自己的选区,而来自大城市的议员想保持现状。As for the immigrants themselves, they are entering the program mostly in an effort to gain permanent residency in the ed States, which gives project developers more power.至于移民们自己,他们参与该项目主要是为了在美国获得永久居留权,因此会令开发商拥有更多的权力。The Wanda Group, which is the largest commercial developer in China and is owned by the nation’s richest man, is said to be seeking foreign investment program financing for its Wanda Vista Hotel in Chicago. 万达集团是中国最大的商业开发商,其所有者亦是中国最富有的人,据说该集团正在为其芝加哥万达文华酒店寻求外国投资项目融资。The city approved the project last November. 芝加哥于去年11月批准了该酒店建设项目。The Wanda Group is also developing One Beverly Hills Hotel next to the new Waldorf in that city.万达集团目前还在开发新的比佛利山一号酒店(One Beverly Hills Hotel),它就在该市那座新的华尔道夫酒店旁边。All of this investing has created a backlog of uncertain futures. 所有这些投资令不确定的未来积压如山。Currently, 22,000 petitions are pending with the Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is directed under the Department of Homeland Security.目前,2.2万份申请书正在等待国土安全部领导下的公民及移民务局批准。 /201611/478962平度人民医院可以刷医保卡么?Britain#39;s decision to leave the EU has led to a ;dramatic deterioration; in economic activity, not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis.英国脱欧已导致经济活动“急剧恶化”,其严重程度为金融危机余波以来之最。Data from IHS Markit#39;s Purchasing Managers#39; Index, or PMI, shows a fall to 47.7 in July, the lowest level since April in 2009. A ing below 50 indicates contraction.研究机构IHS Markit数据显示,7月份英国采购经理人指数或PMI降至47.7,为2009年4月以来的最低水平。该指数降至50以下则意味着经济萎缩。The report surveyed more than 650 services companies, from sectors including transport, business services, computing and restaurants. It asked them: ;Is the level of business activity at your company higher, the same or lower than one month ago?; It also asked manufacturers whether production had gone up or down.这份报告调查了650多家务业公司,涉及到交通运输、商业务、计算机和餐饮业。这些公司需回答“贵公司商业活动与一个月前相比较为活跃,保持不变,抑或有所减弱?”调查中还询问了制造商的生产水平是上升了还是下降了。Record slump创纪录的下跌Chris Williamson, chief economist at IHS Markit, said the downturn had been ;most commonly attributed in one way or another to #39;Brexit#39;.; ;The only other times we have seen this index fall to these low levels, was the global financial crisis in 2008/9, the bursting of the dot com bubble, and the 1998 Asian financial crisis,; Mr Williamson told the B.IHS Markit首席经济学家克里斯·威廉姆斯称指数下降“很明显在这方面或那方面受到了英国脱欧的影响”。威廉姆斯先生还对B说:“指数下降到如此低的水平,我们只见过为数不多的几次:2008年9月的全球金融危机、互联网泡沫爆炸、1998年的亚洲金融危机。”The difference this time is that it is entirely home-grown, which suggest the impact could be greater on the UK economy than before.本次指数下降的不同之处在于它完全是内生性的,也就意味着它会对英国经济造成比以往更大的影响。Heading for recession走向衰退Samuel Tombs, chief UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said the figures provided the ;first major evidence that the UK is entering a sharp downturn;. Neil Wilson, markets analyst at ETX Capital, said he thought the UK was ;heading for a recession again;, and that the data would almost certainly prompt the Bank of England to roll out further stimulus.潘西恩宏观经济咨询公司首席经济学家塞缪尔·托姆斯称这些数据“首次印了英国经济正急剧下滑”。ETX Capital的市场分析师尼尔·威尔逊说,他认为英国“正再次走向衰退”,而且这些数据几乎一定会促使英格兰展开进一步的经济刺激计划。The pound has fallen in response to the publication of the data.数据公布后,英镑也随之下跌。The UK#39;s new chancellor, Philip Hammond, urged caution. ;Let#39;s be clear, the PMI data is a measure of sentiment, it#39;s not a measure of any hard activity in the economy. What it tells us is businesses confidence has been dented, they#39;re not sure, they#39;re in a period of uncertainty now.; Earlier on Friday, Mr Hammond said that he might ;reset; Britain#39;s fiscal policy.英国新任财政大臣菲利普·哈蒙德敦促各方警惕。“我们要清楚,PMI指数只能测量人们的情绪,却不能测量任何实体经济活动。它只能告诉我们商业信心受挫了,他们无法确定,他们正处于一种不确定的时期。”早在周五,哈蒙德先生就说他可能“重启”英国的财政政策。No surprise意料之中While IHS Markit#39;s ing on the UK economy was worse than most analysts expected, its verdict on the wider eurozone economy was more cheery.尽管IHS Markit的英国经济数据低于大多数分析师的期待,它对更广泛的欧元区经济状况判断却较为乐观。Europe Economics#39; Andrew Lilico, who argued during the referendum campaign that leaving the EU would be beneficial for the UK in the long term, told the B the PMI data was ;no surprise;, and that it ;doesn#39;t tell us much about what Brexit#39;s longer term impact will be;.《欧洲经济学》的安德鲁·利里克曾在公投期间声称离开欧盟会为英国带来长期效益,他对B说PMI数据在“意料之中”,它“并不能告诉我们英国脱欧会带来怎样的长期影响”。Mr Lilico said he always expected a short-term reaction, and those who voted to leave, ;expected a short-term slowdown too;.利里克先生说他早就预料到会有短期的反应,而且那些投票脱欧的人“也都预料到会带来短期的经济放缓”。 /201607/456458解放军第401医院上环

青岛市中心医院正规吗青岛市哪家医院妇科比较好After receiving several complaints from loyal customers, the owner of an upscale Italian restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina, has taken the controversial decision to ban children under the age of five. And, despite facing some backlash on social media, he claims that business has grown significantly.美国北卡罗来纳州穆尔斯维尔市的一家意大利高级餐厅在收到老顾客的不少投诉后,店主做出了禁止五岁以下儿童入内的决定,这一新规引发了争议。不过,尽管这一决定在社交媒体上引发了一些网友的强烈抗议,但店主却声称客流量有了大幅增长。Caruso’s describes itself as a “traditional, classy, intimate” restaurant but young children crying, screaming or playing on iPads at full volume and disturbing the other diners apparently didn’t fit in too well in that picture. So the owner, Pasquale Caruso, adopted a “no child under five” policy in January 2017, to ensure that his upscale eatery lives up to its reputation.Caruso#39;s餐厅对自己的定位是“传统、高档、私人”,但是儿童的哭喊、尖叫、全音量外放平板声音明显会影响其他顾客,这就破坏了餐厅的理念。所以在2017年1月,店主帕斯奎尔?卡鲁索制定了“五岁以下儿童不得入内”这一规定,由此保他的高档餐厅名副其实。“I had several customers complain, get up and leave because children were bothering them, and the parents were doing nothing,” Caruso told the Mooresville Gazette. “It started to feel like it wasn’t Caruso’s anymore, that it was a local pizzeria instead.”“因为熊孩子打扰到了别人,但是父母又不管,所以我的一些客人就投诉或起身走人。”卡鲁索告诉《穆尔斯维尔报》,“让人感觉Caruso#39;s餐厅变了,变得跟普通披萨店没什么区别。”Caruso added that he didn’t like taking this kind of decision, but in the end, he had to do what was best for his business. ‘I try to please everyone, and create a nice atmosphere, keeping the restaurant elegant. I want it to be a place where couples and friends can have a nice evening out,” he said. “I was starting to lose money and customers, because I had very young children coming in, throwing food, running around and screaming.”卡鲁索还说,其实他也不想做这种决定,但是最后为了餐厅,他不得不采取最佳解决方案。他说:“我试图让所有的客人都开开心心的,给他们创造一个精致的氛围,优雅的环境。我希望情侣和密友能在这里享受一顿愉快的晚餐。之前,这里有很多小孩子,他们乱丢食物,跑来跑去,大声尖叫,很多客人都不来了,收入也少了。”Yoshi Nunez, the restaurant’s manager, told the Washington Post that the final straw was a little girl using an iPad with the volume on high. Despite repeated requests from the staff, her parents refused to turn down the device, so they had to ask them to leave. “They were upset, but they didn’t seem to care about what the other guests thought. We tried to be nice about the situation, but we’re here to take care of customers and we can’t tell a parent how to control their kids,” he said.餐厅经理廖申?努涅斯告诉《华盛顿邮报》,他们最终决定采取这个措施是因为有个小女孩在餐厅里用平板电脑,声音开得特别大。工作人员提醒多次,但是小女孩的父母不愿意调低音量,所以工作人员就请他们离开了餐厅。“他们挺不开心的,但是他们似乎不关心别人的感受。我们尝试友善地处理这个问题,但是我们要顾及所有的客人,也不可能告诉父母要怎么才能管好他们的小孩。”他说。So in January, Caruso’s made the decision to ban children under the age of five. Since then, people have been voicing their opinions on the restaurant’s unofficial Facebook page, with many labeling the policy as a form of discrimination.所以在1月份的时候,Caruso#39;s就决定禁止五岁以下的儿童入内。自那以后,人们就在餐厅的非官方脸书主页上留言,很多人给这条规定贴上了歧视标签。“How you are legally allowed to discriminate amazes me!” one person wrote. “Next you will be kicking out all the elderly because they take too long to eat. Slippery slope!”“你们怎么能正大光明地允许歧视呢?难以置信!”一条留言如是写道,“下次你们就会因为老年人呆的时间太久把他们赶出去了!道德沦丧!”“Now that you have banned small children, who is next: blacks, Jews, native people? Shame on you!” another Facebook user commented.“你们这次是不许小孩子进来,下次又不让谁进呢?黑人?犹太人?土著人?真可耻!”另一位脸书用户道。But for every critical comment, there are several that congratulate Caruso’s for taking such a brave, albeit controversial decision. “Thank you for taking a stand,” several people wrote on its Facebook page.除了这些批评指责,还是有一些人认为这一规定虽然备受争议,但是餐厅做得非常勇敢,他们对餐厅表示祝贺。“谢谢你们能站出来反对这件事。”一些人在该餐厅的脸书主页上写道。“I’m the parent of 5… don’t bring little ones to a nice restaurant and expect them to quietly sit still for an hour. They CAN’T DO IT,” one person posted.“我是一个五岁孩子的家长……别把小孩带到高档餐厅里去,别指望他们能安安静静地坐上一个小时。他们做!不!到!”有人发表说。“When my husband and I go out to dine, we also do not want to hear children crying or misbehaving,” another said, adding that the limit should be upped to 10-year-old children.“我跟丈夫一起出去吃晚饭的时候,也不想听到有孩子大哭大闹,不想看到他们胡闹。”另一个人说,他还说年龄限制应该提高到十岁。Pasquale Caruso claims that the online support for his controversial policy is reflected in the success of his business. The number of reservations has risen significantly since words got out about the restaurant’s no-child rule, and the number of patrons has gone from 50 a day, to around 80.帕斯奎尔?卡鲁索说,虽然这一规定备受争议,但是他的生意越来越好,能看出来人们还是持他的。对儿童的限制政策传出后,预约人数大量增加,以前一天有50位客人,现在能到80位左右。“People don’t want to come in and spend money on a nice meal and an evening out, when there’s constantly food on the floor, loud electronic devices keeping kids entertained, and small children screaming. It was just the right decision for my business,” Caruso concluded.“如果地上都是食物残渣,孩子们为了开心又把电子设备的音量调到很高,小孩子大叫大闹,人们就不会想进来花钱吃一顿精致的晚餐,不会想来这里约会。这个决定对我的餐厅来说,是正确的。”卡鲁索最后说道。According to Eater, Caruso’s isn’t the first restaurant to adopt a no-child policy. Restaurants in Texas, Pennsylvania, California and countries like Italy, Australia or Korea have also banned young children or implemented measures for their control.根据芝加哥美食杂志《Eater》的报道,Caruso#39;s不是第一家禁止儿童入内的餐厅。德克萨斯州、宾夕法尼亚州和加州都有餐厅采取了这项规定,意大利、澳大利亚和韩国的一些餐厅也禁止儿童入内或对儿童采取限制措施。 /201704/504569Asian and Russian homebuyers who once made up a third of those buying property in London’s wealthiest areas have largely deserted the market this year as emerging market currencies plunged against sterling.曾经占伦敦最富裕地区三分之一购房者的亚洲和俄罗斯买家今年基本上放弃了这一市场,原因包括新兴市场货币兑英镑汇率大幅下挫。Properties in boroughs such as Kensington, where the average home price is 1.5m, were a sought-after asset among wealthy buyers seeking an investment in a global, politically stable city.房屋均价在150万英镑的肯辛顿(Kensington)等区的房产,曾经是寻求在政治稳定的全球城市置业的富裕买家们追捧的资产。But that has changed in 2015, in a shift that estate agents said was partly down to turmoil in emerging markets and partly to sweeping changes to stamp duty, increasing the rate for those buying homes worth more than 937,000 This includes rates of 10 per cent on the portion of the sale price above 925,000 and 12 per cent on the part above 1.5m.但这种情形在2015年发生了改变。房产经纪称,这种转变部分源自新兴市场的动荡,还有一部分原因在于英国印花税的大幅度改革——提高买价超过93.7万英镑的房产的税率。售价介于92.5万至150万英镑之间的部分执行10%的税率,超过150万英镑的部分按12%缴纳印花税。Asians made up 26 per cent of those buying homes in areas such as Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia in the first three-quarters of last year, but that fell to 6 per cent in the same period of 2015, according to figures compiled exclusively for the Financial Times by Hamptons, a high-end estate agent. Chinese buyers were down from 9 per cent of the total to 3 per cent and Russians were down from 7 per cent to 1 per cent.高端房产经纪公司汉普顿斯(Hamptons)专门为英国《金融时报》汇编的数据显示,去年前三季度,在肯辛顿、切尔西(Chelsea)以及贝尔格拉维亚(Belgravia)等高档区购房的人群中,亚洲买家占26%,而这一比例在2015年同期下降至6%。中国买家的比例从9%下降至3%,俄罗斯买家从7%降至1%。The fall has coincided with a period of turbulence in Chinese equity markets, which sp to other Asian emerging markets, prompting falls in the region’s currencies against sterling. China’s renminbi is down 6.6 per cent since April.购房人数的减少正值中国股市动荡时期,此轮股市暴跌还蔓延至其他亚洲新兴市场,导致该地区货币兑英镑汇率出现下挫。自今年4月以来,人民币汇率已下跌6.6%。In Russia, the war in Ukraine and international sanctions, together with lower oil prices, have taken a big toll on the country’s economy. The rouble has shed 25 per cent against sterling since April and is down 53 per cent over the past two years.在俄罗斯,乌克兰战争、国际制裁以及油价下跌对该国经济造成了巨大破坏。自4月以来,卢布兑英镑汇率已下跌25%,过去两年间累计下跌了53%。Transactions in prime London boroughs were down 19 per cent in the first three-quarters of 2015 against a year earlier, according to LonRes research.研究公司LonRes提供的数据显示,2015年前三季度,伦敦高档区的房产交易量同比下降了19%。 /201511/411924青岛那里做处女膜修复最好青岛市能做人流的医院

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