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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/438626。

Belgium raises terror alert to highest level比利时将布鲁塞尔恐怖威胁级别升至最高级Belgium has raised its terror alert to the highest level in the capital Brussels on Saturday, with the OCAM national crisis centre warning of an ;imminent threat; a week after the Paris attacks.巴黎恐怖袭击发生一周后,随着OCAM国家危机处理中心发出警告称“恐怖主义威胁已经迫在眉睫”,比利时本周六将布鲁塞尔恐怖威胁级别升至最高级。The centre urged citizens to avoid crowded areas such as concerts and transport hubs in Brussels, which is also home to the European Union and NATO headquarters.比利时全国威胁分析协调机构在公告中建议布鲁塞尔民众避免去人群集中的地方,如演唱会、大型活动、火车站、机场、公共交通、商业中心等。比利时还要求民众遵守安检,不要散布谣言。 译文属201511/411487。

Then the children came along, and l kept singing.生了孩子后 我还是继续在唱2300 Jackson st, in that little house.杰克逊街2300号的那栋小屋l was the only one born in that house.只有我是在那里出生We had two bedrooms in our home.屋子里有两间房间And l and my sisters, Janet and La Toya,我跟其他姊珍娜与拉托雅Slept in the living room.睡在客厅We had a couch that let out into a bed.我们有张沙发床My brothers slept in one room.所有的兄弟们睡一间And that room had triple bunk beds.那间房摆了三套双层床And they slept on the bunk beds.他们就睡那And then my parents slept in the other room.然后父母睡另一间卧室l dont know how l squeezed all of us我真不知道怎么把那么一大家子in that little house.安顿在那么小的屋内Having all my children when很年轻时就生了小孩并且那么的密集I was young and having them so close together,并且那么的密集every time l would get pregnant, l was afraid to tell Joe.我每次怀 都不敢跟乔说We didnt believe in abortion,我们不认同堕胎so thats why we got so many children.所以才生了这么多孩子The children around our neighbourhood, especially the boys,邻居的孩子们 尤其是男孩子they were kind of bad, some of them.有些品性真的不好They would break in peoples cars and do things.会偷人家的车之类的And our children were never allowed我们禁止孩子们to go out at night or play with those kids.晚上出游或是跟那些孩子们玩They werent really social with the rest of the neighbourhood.他们与周遭的邻居没有什么互动They clung to each other,他们自己是个小团体and thats how the Jacksons were raised.杰克逊家的孩子就是这样长大的Poor? I mean, that was a way of life.贫穷? 日子就是这样We had plenty of food to eat.我们从来不会没饭吃We were like all the other kids in the area.我们就跟附近的孩子们一样Michael never thought he was poor when he was young,迈克尔小时候从不曾觉得自己家境不好because he did not know what poor was.因为他根本不知贫穷为何物He thought everyone lived the way his family did.他一直认为所有人的家庭都跟他家一样We had a rickety washing machine.我们有台破洗衣机We werent able to buy a new one.但没有钱换新的Whenever it washed, it would creak. You know, make noises...每次洗衣时都叽喀作响something like that.类似这样And Michael, l guess, was about 11 or 12 months old.迈克尔差不多11到12个月时He was just dancing to the rhythm of the washing machine.开始随着洗衣机的声响起舞And l knew then that he had a lot of rhythm.我当时就发现他很有节奏感201508/390367。

Wouldnt it be nice if we could be sure of a sunny day若我们在邀请朋友前before inviting our friends?能确定是晴天 不是很好吗?Predicting a nice day should be relatively simple.预测好天气应该相当简单才对After all,we understand pretty well how the atmosphere reacts to heat and pressure...毕竟我们非常清楚 大气在高温和压力下to form clouds and thunderstorm.会如何形成云层和暴风雨But no matter how hard we tried to compete all the details但不论我们多么努力计算所有细节it is impossible to say exactly what the weather would be in any particular place and time.仍然无法确定在某个地点 某个时间的天气究竟会怎样Instead,we make weather forecasts但我们还是做天气预测using simplified models that dont take into account利用无法考虑到every single tiny variable.每个小小变数的简化模型But tiny variables can have big consequences.但小小的变数就能造成严重的后果So,if a butterfly flaps its wings too hard in the Amazon所以若一只蝴蝶在亚马逊河过于用力拍翅膀The barbecue might be a wash out.烤肉聚会就可能成了落汤鸡Its a complex system.这是一个复杂的系统I think our brains are just another complex system.我认为人的大脑也只是 另一个复杂的系统like the earths atmosphere.就如同地球的大气层We abide by the physical laws.我们遵守自然法则yet are impossible to fully predict.然而却无法完全预测The mind is like weather inside our heads.心灵就好比大脑里的天气形态201602/426185。

You like to think of yourself as a good friend, but are you really? If you’re not sure, it’s time to think about what makes a true pal.你认为自己是一个好的称职的朋友,但你是吗?如果不确定的话,是时候了解怎样才是一个真正的好伙伴了。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Self-control自我控制Selflessness无私Step 1: Be willing to listen1.愿意倾听Always be willing to listen to what the other person is telling you, even if sometimes it’s boring or makes you uncomfortable.总是愿意倾听别人告诉你的事,即使有时候内容很乏味或是令你很不舒。Step 2: Don’t be judgmental2.不要过于决断Don’t be judgmental. Try to see your friend’s point of view. If you’re going to disagree, do it respectfully.不要过于决断。试着去理解朋友的观点。如果你不同意他的观点,一定要委婉些。Don’t give advice without being asked, or first asking if your friend would like your counsel. Sometimes people just want to vent.如果朋友没有让你提意见不要发表意见,或是先问问你的朋友是否想听你的意见。有时候人们只是想发泄一下。Step 3: Speak up3.毫无顾虑地说出That said, if your friend is doing something that is hurting her or someone else, you must speak up. Forcefully.也就是说,如果你的朋友做了伤害别人的事,你一定要毫无顾虑地指出来。要有说力。Step 4: Don’t interrupt4.不要打断朋友的话Don’t interrupt your friend. Cutting someone off shows that you are more interested in what you want to say than what they are telling you.不要打断别人的话。插话会表明你相对于别人说的话,你更对自己所说的感兴趣。Step 5: Be there when they need help5.朋友需要帮助时伸出援手Be there when they need help. Nothing ends a friendship faster than abandoning a friend in her time of need.当朋友需要帮助时伸出援手。如果朋友需要帮忙时,你却不理睬,友谊很很快结束。Step 6: Be thoughtful6.要体贴Be thoughtful. If you’re shopping and see a small item a buddy would like, buy it. Send cards just to let your friends know you value them.要体贴。如果你在购物,看到一个好朋友喜欢的小饰品,买下来。给朋友发祝福卡片让他们知道你珍视友谊。Step 7: Don’t take your friends for granted7.不要把你的朋友想当然Don’t take your friends for granted. If you hear yourself thinking, “She’s my friend; she won’t mind,” stop and reconsider. It is precisely because she’s your friend that you shouldn’t take advantage of her.不要把你的朋友想当然。如果你发觉自己出现“她是我的朋友,她不会介意”的想法,停下来再重新思考。正因为她是你的朋友,你才不应该利用她。Good friends may help you live longer—one study found subjects with a wide circle of friends outlived loners by 22%!好朋友会帮助你更长寿——一项研究发现,有着广阔的朋友圈的人比孤独的人长寿22%。201502/360427。

Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party chooses new chief老挝人民革命党选出新领导层The Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party has chosen Bounnhang Vorachit to be its new leader.老挝人民革命党选举本扬沃拉吉为新任领导人。Bounnhang was elected, after a vote by a newly formed 77-member central committee.在新成立包括77位成员在内的中央委员会投票后,本扬最终当选。 译文属201601/423910。

Hello.My name is Stephen Hawking physicist,cosmologist,and something of a dreamer.大家好 我是史蒂芬·霍金 一个物理学家 宇宙学家 有时还是个梦想家Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer,in my mind,I am free...虽然我行动不便 也必须通过电脑发声 但我的思绪却在自由驰骋Free to explore the deepest questions of the Universe.得以探索关于宇宙的大哉问Among them, the deepest of all...其中最深奥的一则ls there a God who created and controls the Universe from the stars and the planets to you and me?是否有上帝创造并控制宇宙 从恒星 行星 到你跟我Finding out takes us on a journey through the laws of nature,要找出 必须历经一趟 自然法则之旅for there,I think,lies the answer to the age-old mystery我认为亘古谜题的即藏于其间of how the Universe was made and how it really works.Check it out.即宇宙如何形成又是如何运作 欢迎观看I recently published a book that asked if God created the Universe.我最近出版一本书 问到是否真有上帝造宇宙It caused something of a stir.掀起了不小的风波People got upset that a scientist人们不太高兴 一名科学家should have anything to say on matters of religion.胆敢对宗教议题发言I have no desire to tell anyone what to believe,我无疑告诉任何人该相信什么but for me, asking if God exists is a valid question for science.但我认为上帝是否存在 是合宜的科学提问201602/428410。