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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201510/405351TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/423754

Xiaoniancustom: Kitchen god worshipping amp; sweeping过“小年”:祭灶神扫房子It is Xiaonian Festival in China, an annual mini-festival held seven days before Chinese New Year.今天是中国的小年,过完这个节日后,还有7天即将迎来中国的传统节日春节。There are some very old customs to celebrate the day, like pasting couplets on either side of doors, worshiping the “Kitchen God,”and sweeping homes.这个节日有很多习俗,比如在大门的两侧张贴对联,还有祭灶神,扫房子等。It is also marks the start of the countdown as the festivities begin to gear up for Spring Festival.小年也同样标志着春节庆祝正式进入倒计时。Many people use the time to go out shopping,to buy those much needed supplies and groceries for the biggest holiday of the year.许多人在小年的今天会选择外出购物,为即将到来的春节置办各种各样的年货。201502/359715

The difference between people who succeed and people who fail, I think,in many cases, is not fear.在我看来 成功者和失败者之间的差别 很多时候并不在于恐惧Everyone experiences fear.The difference is, what do you do with your fear?所有人都会感受到恐惧 差别在于 你如何对待恐惧Do you work to overcome it?Or do you let it defeat you?你是努力工作 去克它 还是让它将你打败And I think that is actually what distinguishes very successful people from others.我认为 这就是异常成功者不同于常人的地方Desperate, Carnegie reaches out to investors,looking for an infusion of cash.绝望之中的卡内基找到投资人寻求资金的注入Youll be glad to learn that the building of the St. Louis bridge is progressing smoothly.我很高兴告诉大家圣路易斯桥的进展 很顺利I am convinced that steel is the future; however,obtaining such a large quantity of steel is proving to be difficult, causing us some delays.我敢肯定钢是建筑的未来 但是要获得如此大量的钢非常困难 导致了一些延迟It is also proving to be extremely expensive.而且使用钢材也确实非常昂贵My forecast shows that we will require another million dollars before the year is out.我的预报显示年底之前 我们还需要一百万美元But I have no doubt that in time the people will come to see the bridge as the eighth wonder of the world.但我敢肯定 建成之时人们会将这座桥当作世界第八大奇观一样看待Yours sincerely, Andrew Carnegie.真诚的 安德鲁·卡内基Carnegies last-minute pitch works.He secures the financing he needs.卡内基的最后一搏成功了 他确保了所需的资金And finally, after four years,the bridge is complete.最终 经过四年时间 桥梁完成建设The results are epic.But Carnegie now faces a new problem.这是史诗般的 但卡内基又面临了一个新问题201603/433091

  In ,the country of Samoa prohibited the sale of alcohol for three days to keep people safe while the island nation switched from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left.The switch was so Samoans could get cheap ;hand-me-down;cars from nearby left-side driving New Zealand and Australia.But Samoans werent too pleased,since most of the cars they owned were designed to drive on the right.年,萨亚禁止酒精饮料售卖三日,为了在这个岛国从靠右行车转为靠左行车期间,保人们的安全。这样做的原因是,萨亚人可以从附近靠左行驶的,澳大利亚和新西兰买到便宜的二手车。但是萨亚人也不是很高兴,因为他们自己的车都是为靠右行驶设计的。In fact,2 out of 3 earthlings drive on the right.But why?...There arent clear and obvious reasons to choose one side over the other,so the origin of driving conventions is a perfect opportunity for the mathematics of game theory and symmetry breaking.Or we can just look at historical evidence.Todays rules evolved from;driving;livestock and carts on the earliest roads.实际上,三个地球人当中就是两个是靠右行驶的。但是,为什么呢?对于选择行车方向的偏好,没有清晰而明显的原因,所以说,这种习惯的起源对于数学上的,弈论和对称性破缺而言,是一个完美的机会。或者我们可以看看历史上的据。今天的规则 是从在古道上“驾驶”牲畜和马车的规则演变而来。Archaeologists view deeper grooves on the left lane leaving an ancient Roman quarry in England as evidence for left-side traffic,since departing wagons wouldve had heavier loads.And its possible that this left side convention was in place so right-handed soldiers and knights could draw their weapons more quickly against passing enemies.考古学家将英格兰一个古罗马时期的采石场的文物上,左侧车道凹陷更深的现象作为靠左行驶的据,因为出场的运货马车会装更重的东西。而且,靠左的惯例可能是适当的,因此,偏用右手的士兵和骑士们,能快速抽出自己的武器,迎击经过的敌人。Whatever the reason,keeping to the left was eventually made into law in England in 1835.And today,most people who drive on the left side live in countries,like India,South Africa,and Australia,which were once British colonies.But that doesnt explain why the rest of the world drives on the right.Some claim that following the French Revolution,drivers there switched to the right to reject the practices of their overthrown aristocracy,but others suggest the French drove on the right all along.不论什么原因,靠左行驶的规则,最终在1835年被英格兰以法律上形式确定下来。时至今日,大多数有靠左行驶习惯的人们的所在地,像印度,南非,澳大利亚,都是英国曾经的殖民地。但是,那不能解释为什么世界其他地方靠右行驶。有些人声称,在法国大革命之后,那儿的驾驶员们转成了靠右行驶,以抵制日贵族的惯例,但其他人说,法国人从来都是靠右行驶。Regardless,driving on the right side of the road did sp across much of Europe when Napoleon(and later Hitler) imposed their national driving rules on conquered territory.And other countries voluntarily switched to the right to align with their neighbors,like Sweden in 1967,or to veer away from their colonial pasts,like Nigeria and Ghana in the 1970s.无论如何,靠右行驶的习惯,在拿破仑(而后希特勒)将此强加到被征领土之后,确实在欧洲大部分地区被推广开来。其他的国家自愿改为右行,就像瑞典1967年那样,以向它们邻国看齐,或是为了远离他们的殖民史,就像在七十年代的尼日利亚和加纳那样。And in the US? Well,America owes its right-sided habit,in part,to the carts and postilion wagons of its early days.Driving either from the ground or from horseback,right-handed men preferred to walk or ride on the left side of the horses,so they could control the animals with their right hand.As a result,they drove their wagons to the right in order to be seated near the center of the road,to see and steer clear of oncoming traffic.那美国呢,美国靠右行车,在某种程度上是因为,美国早期的左驭马的马车。不论是在地上还是马背上,右撇子喜欢在马的左边行走或骑行,这样他们就可以用右手驾驭牲畜。因此,他们会靠右行车,使得座位靠近路中央,以便于看清和避开迎面而来的车辆.And thats ultimately the point of driving laws:to keep us safe from the high-speed,two-ton metal projectiles we call cars.从根本上来说,这就是交通法规的要义,保我们在高速行驶的,两吨重的,拋体一般的汽车中的安全。201503/364733


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201503/364477

  Today that sounds ridiculous.今日这种说法听来荒唐But two hundred years ago it didnt seem so unlikely.但是两百年前还颇言之成理It was widely believed that当时一般人认为the Earth was only a few thousand years old.地球只有几千年的历史But in the mid-nineteenth century a new science但是19世纪中期was emerging that was painting一股新的科学势力兴起a very different picture of the age of the Earth.并对地球的年龄提出截然不同的见解By looking at the deepest layers of rocks geologists地质学家研究深层岩石后were discovering that the Earth was much older发现地球年龄远超出than anyone had previously imagined.一般人的预期If that was true then the sun also had to如果此言属实have been burning for much,much longer.那么太阳燃烧的时间也应该久得多You can see the strata and the lines in the rock in back of you后方岩石的地层和线条that represent hundreds of代表了millions of years of geological history.好几亿年的地质历史The top of Sacramento Peak up beyond this,我们在更后面的沙加缅度峰上we find fossils that are 300 million years old.找到了有三亿年历史的化石Below Sacramento Peak youve got more than a kilometre沙加缅度峰下方,有一公里多的地层of these strata that are far older than that.年代比三亿年还久远From the age of these strata geologists knew地质学家藉由这些地层得知that the earth was at least a billion years old.地球的历史至少有十亿年At the same time astronomers thought但天文学家却认为the sun was only 10, 000 years old.太阳只有一万年的历史If the geologists were right then astronomers如果地质学家说得对,那么天文学家had to find some other source for the Sun producing its energy.必须另外想办法解释太阳能量的来源The search for the source of energy寻找持了太阳that could power the sun for billions of years数十亿年的能量来源lasted for nearly a century.持续了将近一个世纪Eventually scientists would find the answer in the forces最后科学家终于在凝聚原子的力量that hold atoms together and in the nature of matter itself.和物质的本质中找到But first you have to know what the sun is made of.但首先我们必须先搞清楚太阳的组成To find that out you need to take a very close look at sunlight.想要得到,必须仔细观察阳光When you take the light from the Sun and pass it through a prism,若让阳光穿过棱镜sp it out into the colours,让阳光分色排列as you look through it you notice that it isnt uniform,你会发现阳光的组成并不一致that there are places that are darker.有些地方比较暗Each of those dark lines is due to a specific chemical element.这些暗沉的线条都代表着特定的化学元素Each element has its own series of lines that are specific to it.每一种元素都拥有一系列专属的线条Each chemical element absorbs light at specific frequencies每种化学元素都会吸收特定频率的光线removing a strip from the spectrum.进而移除光谱上的特定区块As the light passes through the sun,光线穿过太阳时all the elements leave their mark.所有的元素都会留下它们的印记So when the light arrives at the Earth it contains所以抵达地球的光线the complete chemical formula of the sun.包含了太阳的完整化学式If we take the spectrum and sp it out to fine details若是把光谱摊开…and what weve done here is stacked up我们在这里pieces of the spectrum one on top of each other把几块光谱上下堆叠you see all of these dark areas.你们可以看到这些暗色区域The key to figuring out how much of these elements至于判定元素含量的关键are there is the bth and the depth of the line;则是这些线条的宽度和深度how dark is the line and how broad is it.也就是它们的深浅和宽窄201503/367263

  What are you thinking?I was...er.你在想什么 我在thinking about Einstein and the relativity.And stars.想爱因斯坦和相对论 还有星星Its possible for a perfect star to collapse into nothingness.一颗完美的恒星是可能坍圮消失的If its a perfect sphere than it can collapse and become infinitely dense,如果它是很完美的球体 那它就能坍圮成为无限密实的物体so dense that everything is pulled down into nothing.密度之大 它能拉入一切物体而变成虚无But the conditions have to be right.What conditions?但条件必须刚刚好 什么条件Yeah, if it is a perfect sphere,如果恒星是完美的球体if a place has been very moving, if even its very beautiful.如果那里很动人 很美丽The condition has to be ideal,and is possible for the pull of the gravity,条件必须是理想的 才能使重力牵引一切to stop everything escaping,everything in nothing.不让任何物体逃走 把一切拉入虚无Oh, no!Wasnt that bad, was it?不好 没那么差劲吧My bag, I left it in the theatre.Shall we?我的包 我落在剧院了 我们走吧Oh, can you see these stars? Look, there, see?Found it!你能看到星星吗 看 在那儿 看到了 找到了Hamlet doesnt act.That is his fate to avoid. If he acted, if he did something.哈姆雷特什么都没做 他躲避自己的命运 如果他做了什么.Shorten the play.It saves his life.戏不就短多了 会救他的命201512/415345

  I spend a lot of time thinking about the universe,我花了大量时间来思考宇宙but I never get bored.却从未感到过厌倦After all its a pretty extraordinary place.毕竟,这是一片非凡的领域This is the cosmos.这就是宇宙And a very large scale.浩瀚无际Each tiny point of light is an entire galaxy.每一个小光点都是一个完整的星系Each a cluster of as many as 400 billion individual stars.每一个星系都拥有多达四千亿颗恒星This view of the universe is only possible只有通过最新的超级计算机due to the latest super computers.才看得到这样的宇宙场景I find it indescribably beautiful.它是如此的星光灿烂Uncountable billions of galaxies forming a vast web数十亿无以计数的星系形成了一张巨网stretching away in all directions.向着四面八方延伸出去Whats more, I never get over the fact而且,有一个事实我从未忘怀that within this massive universe那就是,在这广袤无垠的宇宙中lies one perfectly ordinary spiral galaxy.存在着一个极其普通的螺旋星系Inside that galaxy exists a commonplace yellow star.在这个星系中存在着一颗平凡的金色恒星Orbited by eight planets.围绕着它的,是八颗行星On one of those planets lives a species在其中一颗行星上,生存着一个物种that is only just worked out what a remarkable place the universe is.他们刚刚了解到宇宙有多么奇妙Us.这就是我们,人类Weve discovered more about the cosmos我们在上个世纪里对宇宙的探索发现in the last century than in all previous human history.达到了人类历史上前所未有的程度Finally we are solving the basic mysteries终于,我们开始着手破解那些that have perplexed our ancestors for at least 200,000 years.困惑祖先二十多万年的普遍神秘现象What I like above all is最吸引我的莫过于that the facts themselves are both breathtakingly elegant and surprising.事实本身是如此地惊险迷人而又出人意料We are living just as it donates us我们生存在宇宙赠予我们的环境中that the earth and everything around us was made by the stars.地球,以及我们身边的一切都源于恒星Boiling fantasies of hydrogen gas like our sun甚至是构成你睫毛的原子made even the atoms in your eyelashes.都源于同太阳一般,充满氢气的炽热球体Weve worked out that the universe is almost unimaginably ancient.我们计算出宇宙的古老程度几乎无法想象About 14 billion years old.大约存在了140亿年And that it will continue to exist for at least twice that long.而宇宙也还会继续存在至少两个这么久But without a doubt,但无需怀疑the most remarkable fact of all is that the entire enormous universe,最美妙的事实莫过于整个广袤的宇宙all the innumerable galaxies所有无以计数的星系even time and space and the forces of nature themselves,甚至是时间空间,以及自然力量本身simply materialized out of nothing.都源于虚无,终成宇宙201508/393030

  Iraqi forces in Ramadi have taken control of the city’s government complex from the group calling itself Islamic State, or ISIL.伊拉克部队已经从自称为伊斯兰国的组织ISIL手中夺回政府大楼。A military spokesman said the next step is to clear pockets that could exist here or there in the city.军方发言人称,接下来的目标是清剿藏于城市里的分子。Counter-terrorism forces backed by Iraqi and US-led coalition air strike reportedly outnumber the few ISIL fighters still holed up in Ramadi.据称由伊拉克持的反恐部队及美国领导的联军空袭数量超过躲藏在拉马迪的少数ISIL战士。The victory will allow armed forces to focus their sights on capturing Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.此次胜利将使武装军队集中力量占领伊拉克第二大城市苏尔。In Syria, the US-backed Kurdish Arab rebel alliance has captured a dam on the River Euphrates from ISIL.在叙利亚,美国持的阿拉伯库尔德反叛联盟从ISIL手中占领了幼发拉底河的一个大坝。That is an important development for the alliance because it cuts off ISIL’s main supply route across the Euphrates, according to an alliance spokesman.据联盟一发言人表示,对于联盟而言那是一个重要的进展,因其切断了ISIL横跨幼发拉底河的主要供给路线。He said they secured land stretching at least twenty kilometers and seized scores of villages.他说他们获得了二十公里的土地,并夺取了许多村庄。The spokesman said he believes the group can be defeated.发言人表示,他认为该组织是可以被击败的。The ultimate goal of the alliance is to capture ISIL’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa.联盟的最终目标是占领ISIL在叙利亚大本营拉卡。译文属。 /201512/418567。



  The educational materials presented here今天展示的教育材料were developed by students and faculty是由爱荷华州立大学营养学of the department of food science and human nutrition和人体营养学系的at Iowa State University.学生和老师提供的Funding for this project was provided by grants该项目的资金由from the American Cancer Society Mid West美国中西部地区癌症协会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.及兰斯,阿姆斯斯壮基金会提供The materials are intended for educational use这些材料仅用于教学and are not meant to provide medical advice.并非用以提供医疗指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.欢迎大家对这些材料做出反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请用主页上提供的调查评价链接to provide your comments and suggestions.提交你们的评价和建议Nutrition and exercise during pregnancy.期营养及锻炼Many of you are wondering在场的大多数人都在想how this presentation will affect your lives.今天的演讲和自己的生活有什么关系呢First, typically everyone knows someone首先,每个人肯定都认识一些妇who is pregnant or is going to become pregnant.或者即将怀的女性With this knowledge, I hope to inform you藉此,我希望告诉大家of health conscious choices that you can share一些从健康角度出发的选择with people you know.大家可以和认识的准妈妈们分享Second, not only is a proper diet and exercise第二,正确的饮食和锻炼不仅对important for women during pregnancy,妇非常重要but also everyone else.对其他人也是如此These recommendations presented今天讲到的建议will not only benefit someone who is pregnant,不仅可以使妇受益but will also promote a good health of individuals.也有助于每个人的健康Because health problems are on the rise,由于健康问题越来越多it is important to understand how an improper diet我们必须知道饮食不当can affect your health会影响健康and create a wealth of diseases.而且会引发一系列疾病By informing women who are pregnant告诉妇or seeking to become pregnant about healthy choices,或打算怀的女性一些健康的选择we can prevent diseases from occurring.可以预防疾病It is a good way to start healthy nutrition habits一个好方法是尽早养成健康的营养习惯early on so the mother can continue it这样准妈妈们才能坚持throughout the childs life.至宝宝出生There has been much debate人们莫衷一是on the proper weight gain during pregnancy.无法决断期到底该增加多少体重Weight gain depends on many factors体重的增加基于很多因素including the pre-pregnancy BMI.包括前身体质量指数BMIIf BMI before pregnancy is low, a greater weight gain如果怀前BMI很低,那么建议during the pregnancy is recommended.在期体重多增加些For example, if BMI is less than 19.8,例如,如果BMI低于19.8the recommended weight gain建议增重is between 28 to 40 pounds.28至40磅On the other hand, if BMI is above 29,但如果BMI大于29the recommended weight gain那么建议增重is a minimum of 15 pounds.至少15磅The minimum of 15 pounds is based on the need这一15磅的最小值基于to gain support tissues for the baby.为婴儿获取持组织的需要An estimate of where the weight gains occurs预计了一些体重增加的部位in an average women includes the baby对一般女性而言at seven and a half pounds, breast tissue 2 pounds,婴儿重7.5磅,乳房组织2磅maternal stores, mainly protein and fat,母亲的储蓄主要是蛋白质和脂肪which is seven pounds, placenta one and a half pounds,达7磅,胎盘1.5磅uterus growth 2 pounds, amniotic fluid,子宫增重2磅,羊水which is the water around the baby, 2 pounds,也就是婴儿周围的水,重2磅additional maternal blood 4 pounds,额外的母血重4磅and other body fluids 4 pounds.其他体液重4磅To fully understand weight gain recommendations,为了大家能够充分理解增重建议it is important to define terms.定义一些词是非常重要的BMI is the abbreviation for Body Mass Index.BMI是身体质量指数的简写This is a measure of body fat这一数值体现了based on height and weight.基于身高和体重的脂肪含量To calculate, divide weight in pounds by height计算方法是,体重磅数除以身高英寸平方in inches squared and multiply by 703.然后再乘以703BMI calculation is the same for males and females.男性和女性的BMI计算的方法一致201503/362911

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