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青岛青医附院体检多少钱青岛做引产手术大概多少钱青岛哪家妇科最好 This transmission is coming to you approximately half way我们现在差不多位于between the moon and the earth.月球至地球的中途点Back on earth, people watched and waited and listened.地球上的人们满心期待地收看任务实况And the astronauts didn#39;t disappoint.太空人也没让他们失望Hovering just above the moon#39;s surface他们贴着月球表面盘旋时their broadcast was from the book of Genesis.放送了一段创世纪中的文字In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.起初,神创造天地And the earth was without form and void and darkness地是空虚混沌was upon the face of the deep.渊面黑暗And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters神的灵运行在水面上and God said let there be light, and there was light.神说,要有光,就有了光I don#39;t know,it just caught the country,这段话让国人有些措手不及it, by surprise, it was so moving and comforting它如此动人和令人安慰and I think at that point we realised the importance of a space我想我们在那一刻明白了mission for bringing self confidence to people.登月任务的重要性在于让人们拥有自信On their fourth orbit around the moon,太空人在第四度环绕月球时the astronauts saw something看到了that had no human eyes had ever seen before.从来没有人看过的情景It was the earth, rising out of the blackness of space.他们看到的是自幽暗太空升起的地球The pictures they took changed the way we viewed our planet forever.他们拍的照片永远地改变了我们对地球的看法We have connect, we have lift off.我们升空了And then came the big one.重大的一刻终于来了On July 16th 1969 Apollo 11 was launched.1969年7月16日阿波罗11号升空Oh I remember watching it, it was like wow,我还记得看实况转播时it was like watching science fiction come true.觉得科幻情节似乎在眼前真实上演On its final descent to the moon#39;s surface但收看转播的观众不知道的unknown to the watching audience是在下降至月球表面时a series of alarms went off inside the lunar module.登月小艇里警报器突然响了NASA decided to over-ride them.航太总署决定不管警报器The gamble paid off.他们的豪赌有了回收Houston er,Tranquillity base here,休士顿,这里是宁静海基地the Eagle has landed.老鹰已经降落了I#39;m going to step off the ladder.我走下梯子That#39;s one small step for man,这是我的一小步one giant leap for mankind.是人类的一大步More than 600 million people watched the broadcast worldwide.全球共有六亿多人收看实况转播The experience bonded the human race这次登月经验in a way which had never happened before.以前无古人后无来者的方式Or since.凝聚了全人类One of those rare occasions that brought登月任务极其罕见地the whole nation and in a sense the whole world together凝聚了全国,甚至全世界in a shared experience.让大家共同分享这个经验Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin only walked阿姆斯壮和艾德林的月球漫步on the moon for less than 3 hours.不到三小时就结束了 Article/201504/372232We’ve all been there -- stuck at a party that’s about as entertaining as mopping the floor. That’s why it’s important to have an exit strategy.我们都遇到过这种情况——被困在和拖地板一样无聊的聚会上不能脱身。这也是了解下面这些逃跑策略重要性的原因。You Will Need你需要Excuse借口Sense of timing时间感Compliments赞美Thank-you note感谢卡Steps步骤STEP 1 Set the stage1.为提前退场做好准备Set the stage for a possible early exit when you RSVP for a party -- especially if the host is a repeat offender in the annals of disastrous soirees. Say you have a previous engagement on that date, but will drop by briefly.当回复别人的派对邀请时,为可能提前退场做好准备,尤其是如果主人以举办无聊的聚会而臭名昭著。告诉对方,你之前在那天已经有一个约会了,但是会过去稍待一会儿。STEP 2 Chat her up2.与主人聊天As soon as you arrive, ditch your coat, grab a drink, and head for the host. Note how charming the bathroom décor is or how tasty the appetizers are to pretend you’ve been at the party for a while instead of having just walked in the door.到达聚会现场后,放下外套,拿一杯饮料,去找主人。提及她的浴室装潢多么迷人,或者她的开胃食品多么美味,假装你已经来到这个聚会有一段时间了,而不是刚刚走进门。STEP 3 Make the rounds3.四处走动After talking to your host, make the rounds. You want the host to notice you at different points in different places. It will create the impression that you’re having a lovely time, and register that you were there… more than you were really there.与主人聊天后,四处走动一下。你希望派对主人在不同的时间不同的场合看到你。这会制造出你过得非常愉快的景象,而且可以造成你已经在派对很长时间的假象。STEP 4 Drop key phrases4.丢出关键词A few minutes before you ditch, sidle up next to the host and announce something that makes it seem you were there longer than you really were—like, #39;I’m gonna have to make this my last drink!#39; (even if it’s your first) and #39;This is my third trip to the buffet!#39;开溜之前几分钟,缓缓走到主人旁边,说一些让你看上去好像在那里逗留了很久的话,比如“这是我喝的最后一杯了。”(即使实际上这才是第一杯。)或者说“这已经是第三轮了!”STEP 5 Bide your time5.等待时机When you’re y to make a break for it, discreetly gather your belongings and pause at the door. Wait until the host seems engaged in conversation, then catch her eye, point at your watch apologetically, and mouth #39;Thank you!#39; Give her a devastated and conflicted look as if you can’t believe you have to leave so soon… then bolt.当你准备离开的时候,小心地收拾你的物品,在门前停一下。等到主人似乎忙着和别人交谈的时候,吸引到她的视线,抱歉地指一下你的手表,用唇语说“谢谢!”作出很难过很矛盾的表情,就好像你难以相信这么快就要离开了……然后就开门。STEP 6 Keep it vague6.模棱两可If your host breaks away from conversation to say goodbye face-to-face, try not to offer any reason for your early departure other than the aforementioned prior commitment, since lies have a tendency to trip you up later. Deflect her attention by lavishing her with compliments about the party.如果主人终止对话,面对面和你道别,尽量不要提及提早离开的其他理由,除了你之前说的有约会之外。因为谎言很有可能会被拆穿。赞扬她举办的派对多么精,转移她的注意力。If you failed to establish a prior commitment, cough in your host’s face as you say you’re coming down with something. She’ll no doubt be happy to see you and your germs go.如果你没有告诉她你已经有约会了,靠近主人的面部咳嗽,就好像你被卡到了。毫无疑问,她会很高兴看到你和细菌都离开了。STEP 7 Send thanks7.寄送感谢卡Send a thank-you note after the party. Not only is this good manners, but it will help alleviate any resentment your host may harbor about your early departure.聚会后寄送一张感谢卡。这不仅仅是礼貌的问题,而且会安抚主人对你的提前离开而产生的任何憎恨情绪。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/337807荣成体检价格

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海阳妇幼保健医院是什么等级原味人文风情:Life with kids can be a mess,有孩子的生活会是一团糟,With kids to wake and shake and dress,要叫孩子起床、摇醒他们、还要帮他们穿衣,With meals to make and things to clean,要料理三餐还有东西要清洗,And cats and dogs and other things.以及猫猫和其他事情。With broken toys and hurts to mend,有坏掉的玩具和伤口要修补,Sometimes needing rules to bend.有时候需要改变一下规则。With naps that never will be yours,午睡永远不会是你的工作,Because of lunches thrown on the floors.因为那些掉到地上的午餐。You always plan your time for you,你总是为自己安排时间,When we are all sleeping in our rooms,当我们全都在房里熟睡时,To a book or watch the news,读本书或是看看新闻,But seldom is it ever true.但那很少成真。And just when you might think you#39;re done,正当你可能认为工作做完了,We all come home and need a snack,我们全都回家了且要吃点心,Or need a ride or need a chat,或是需要接送、或是需要聊天,Or cry or laugh or this or that.或是哭哭笑笑,这个那个的。You somehow manage every task,你不知怎么办到的处理好每件工作,And travel like a garden gnome,像花园小精灵一样东奔西跑,And still you always ask my dad,但你仍总是会问候我爸爸,;How was your day?; when he comes home.“今天过的如何啊?”当爸爸回家的时候。My mother#39;s work is never done.我妈咪的工作永远做不完。Her sentences are life-long one.她的判决是一辈子的。But even as the years have changed,但即便一年一年更迭,I never once heard her complain.我从未听过她抱怨。Have an awesome Mother#39;s Day.享受一个超棒的母亲节! Article/201412/350978 The Jacksons themselves were杰克逊家族本身interested in moving on with their career.也想要再推进他们的歌唱事业They wanted to write, they wanted to produce.他们也想写歌与参与制作so Huff and l, we helped them produce.瑟夫与我在制作方面 稍微帮了他们一下Tito was excellent, #39;cause he#39;s a great guitar player.蒂托很厉害 因为他谈吉他的技巧很高超Kenny Gamble and leon Huff was very warm, nice people.肯尼·甘柏与里昂·瑟夫 是很热情也很好的人They had a lot of soul,他们很懂灵魂音乐we had a lot in common with the music.我们在音乐上有许多的共通点When l cut their tracks,我在混音时l always included Tito节奏部份in the rhythm section.一定会加入蒂托的独奏And he told me Motown would not let him play on their tracks,他告诉我说城 不让他在自己的歌中弹奏but he played on every one of mine.但我制作的每首都有他Our studio Was running 24 hours a day, so it was like a machine.录音室简直是全天候开业 像机器似的sometimes,有时we might wanna work until the wee hours我们可能一路工作of the morning.到凌晨Depends on how strong your creative juices is flowing完全取决于当下有多少at that moment.灵感And the Jacksons were used to curfews.而杰克逊家族以前有门禁But that changed in Philly.这点在费城时改变了Well, they were older, they were teenagers then.他们那时也稍为年长 已经是青少年了But they were still trying to induce that old system,但他们还是想回到以前的那套and Michael rebelled against it.当时迈克尔就开始反抗Because Michael wanted to hang out因为迈克尔也想要into the wee hours of the morning, so... And that#39;s what he did.混到清晨 他也就这么做了 Article/201509/399708青岛无痛人流平均价位潍坊妇幼保健医院有药流吗



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