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When I started learning Chinese, I was horrified to hear that it would take me 10 years to become fluent. 27 years later I#39;m still working at it. Due to my work on television, some Chinese language learners may consider me a role model of sorts, but every day I#39;m reminded of what I don#39;t know and how much more there is to learn.当我开始学习中文,当我听说我要花上10年时间才能讲的流利的时候,我吓到了。27年之后我还在学习。由于我在电视剧上做功课,一些中文学习者可能认为我是一个楷模,但其实我每天都在想一些我还没学会的以及今后还有多少需要学习。Who cares how long it takes? Just do it! If you really want to learn Chinese, you will devote yourself to it however long it takes.谁会在乎需要花费多少时间?喜欢就去做。如果你真心想要学习中文,你就要全身心投入不去管到底需要多少时间。Gaining fluency in Chinese is a difficult practice. All manner of things affect how long it will take, from time and dedication, classes you take, and finding a good teacher. Fluency has a different definition in most peoples minds, for the sake of this answer, I am going to consider fluency the ability to and understand a newspaper, as well as engage in complex unscripted* conversation.学会流利中文是一项艰难练习。所有的东西都将决定所花费的时间,时间、投入、上过的课、以及找到一位好的老师。不同的人对流利都有不同的见解,因此,我所认为的流利就是能流利阅读并理解一份报纸,同时能够投入到复杂的无稿交谈中。 /201704/504271

Forget using expensive lotions and potions to turn back the clock, there are some simple changes you can make every day to fight the clock.不要再想着用昂贵的乳液和药剂来“返老还童”,其实只要做一些简单的改变就能让你抵抗衰老。The best skincare experts in the business have shared the ways you could be adding a decade to your face without even realising - and they#39;re surprising simple to rectify.业内最好的皮肤护理专家已经分享了一些诀窍--你可能在无意识的情况下让自己衰老了10年,但是你可以很简单地纠正过来。Here, they reveal the ways you#39;re ageing yourself - including how you wear your hair, what bed linen you lay on and how you drink your beverages.下文中列举了一些会让你衰老的事情,包括你怎么打理头发、你睡的床单还有你怎么喝饮料。1.Using your phone: Eva Alexandrides, Managing Director and Co-Founder of 111SKIN, www.111skin.com, says that constant mobile phone usage can be very problematic for your skin.1.用手机。111SKIN联合创始人兼常务董事伊娃·亚历山大表示,长时间使用手机会让你的皮肤很成问题。2.Your bed linen: Did you know the way you sleep can cause ageing? According to Skin Repair Expert, Lorena Oberg, lying on your side can cause skin to create small folds on your body causing premature wrinkles. Silk pillowcases are meant to be gentle on skin and also stop your hair frizzing.2.你的床单。你知道你的睡觉方式会导致衰老吗?按照皮肤修复专家洛·奥伯格的说法,侧身睡会导致皮肤在身体上形成小褶皱,从而早早地就有了皱纹。真丝枕套对皮肤很柔和,还能防止头发变卷。3.Drinking through a straw: Whilst straws are recommended to protect our teeth from juices and coffee, the action of sucking a straw can cause fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area.3.用吸管喝饮料。虽然人们建议用吸管来避免牙齿遭果汁和咖啡的侵蚀,但是吸吸管的动作却会导致口腔周围出现细纹和皱纹。4.Room and water temperature: Temperatures that are too hot can dry out your skin really quickly. Hot showers and central heating over time will cause the skin to crack and become dry, showing off fine wrinkles.4.房间温度。温度太高的话,你的皮肤很快就会变得非常干燥。热水浴过久、或者暖气开的时间过长也会导致皮肤干燥龟裂,出现细小皱纹。5.Having long hair: Kala Kilshaw, Creative Director at EGO Professional, maintains that wearing hair too long can be ageing as it pulls features and can make the face look longer. Be brave and go for a chop. Not only will you rid the hair of any old split ends, the younger hair will be shinier and healthier and help to keep you looking young.5.留长发。EGO Professional创意总监卡拉·基尔肖认为,头发过长会让人看起来更老,因为垂下来的头发会让人的脸看起来很长。所以勇敢地减掉自己的头发吧!这样你不仅会摆脱头发分叉的苦恼,新长出来的健康头发还会闪闪发亮,让你看起来更年轻。6.Using soap: Priti Patel at Riverbanks Wellness and Anti-aging clinic said: #39;Shockingly people still use ;soap; – this really dry#39;s the skin, when we have very dry skin we are able to see wrinkles and fine lines.#39;6.用香皂洗脸。“河岸健康和抗衰老”诊所的蒲丽迪·帕特尔表示:“令人震惊的是人们仍然用香皂洗脸(这真的会让皮肤很干燥),如果皮肤变干,我们就能够看到细小的皱纹。” /201703/500913

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