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青岛第五人民医院有药流吗青岛新阳光妇产医院郑启花市南区儿童医院口碑咋样啊 Can restructuring save Malaysia Airlines? Malaysia Airlines was in financial trouble before their recent disasters. CNN looks at whether the airline will survive. Can an airline survive two disasters claiming the lives of 537 people, Malaysia airlines will try by going private, it took the first step Friday delisting from the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange, Malaysia state investment firm announced it wants to take over the troubled carrier and perform a complete overhaul of the airline, the national carrier was aly in big financial trouble before flight 370 vanished in March with 239 passengers and crew on board, it tried to rebound with a public relations campaign. Im a captain of the Malaysia airlines. My name is Razad, i am a licensed aircraft engineer. My name is Farisha B, im a chief stewardess. But tragedy struck again just four months later, MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in an area controlled by pro Russia rebels, the airline hadnt turned profit in years before these disasters, struggling to fill seats in the face of competition from budget Asian airlines, and unable to restructure because of labor resistance to layoffs, but labor now says it will cooperate if management goes, the state investment firm is expected to give more details of the planned restructuring by the end of the month. Can rebranding work? It saved the US based value jet after a devastating crash in 1995 with a loss of 110 lives, the airline quickly merged with a smaller US competitor, airtran, took over its name and survived, but a huge question mark lies over Malaysia airlines survival, no airline has ever had to deal with such a devastating loss of life in two still unsolved crashes. /201408/321005But it soon became clear that these big animals但他们很快发现 那些大型动物were only part of the story.只是一部分Perhaps even more important也许更重要的是might be the little ones hidden underfoot.藏在地表的小生物Its understanding these creatures that is attracting那些小生物吸引了some of the best minds in the scientific world.全世界的顶尖科学家来一探究竟You were going to show me something? -Yep, something new.你要让我看什么吗 没错 新东西Professor Ed Wilson is a world expert on biodiversity爱德·威尔逊教授是世界闻名的生物多样性专家and at a mere 83, hes still pursuing his passion - ants.83岁高龄 仍在追寻自己的至爱 蚂蚁You see theres a big nest... Let me just get one specimen.你看那里有个大巢 让我采集一个样本If you look down at your feet, you may see them.如果你看看脚下 你就会看见它们Walking by here and there, an ant, a little beetle...走来走去 一只蚂蚁 一只小甲虫Theyre what I like to call the little things that run the Earth.我喜欢称他们为统治地球的小东西Its the rich diversity of insect life here正是这里昆虫丰富的多样性that gives Gorongosa the prospect of a future.给了戈龙戈萨一个美好的未来前景These creatures form the basis of life in the park.那些生物形成了公园里生命的基础This is so much fun. These little invertebrate creatures.真是太有趣了 这些小小的无脊椎生物201408/322390青岛城阳妇幼保健院治疗妇科怎么样

青岛打胎那家医院便宜人流在青岛多少钱 Our head comes from this time, a year or two after Augustus became emperor. It was once part of a full-length statue that showed him as a warrior, slightly larger than life-sized. Its broken off at the neck but otherwise the bronze is in very good condition. Its an image that in one form or another would have been familiar to hundreds of thousands of people, because statues like this were set up in cities all over the Roman Empire. This is how Augustus wanted his subjects to see him. And although every inch a Roman, he wanted them to know that he was also the equal of Alexander and heir to the legacy of Greece. The distinguished Roman historian Susan Walker explains what is going on:这尊头像制作于奥古斯都称帝后一至两年内。这尊比真人略大,充满了力量的头像将他塑造为一名勇士。尽管雕像在颈部折断,但其余部分的青铜仍状况良好。这副面容以不同的形式出现在罗马帝国的每一个城市里,为成千上万的公民所熟悉。这就是奥古斯都都希望自己留给百姓的形象。虽然他是个地道的罗马人,却希望百姓知道他也是希腊文化的继承者,功绩堪与亚历山大大帝比肩。罗马历史学家苏珊沃尔克解释道:;When he had become master of the Mediterranean world and took the name Augustus, he really needed to find a new image. And he really couldnt copy Caesars image, because Caesar looked like a crusty old Roman. He had a real warts-and-all portrait-very thin and scraggy, and bald, and very austere, very much in the manner of traditional Roman portraiture. So that image had become a little bit discredited, and in any case Augustus-as he now was-was setting up an entirely new political system, so he needed to have a new image to go with it. And having assumed this image when he was still in his thirties, he stayed with it until he died aged 76, so theres no suggestion in his portraits, even any subtle suggestion such as we see in the portraits of our Queen, for example, of any aging process at all.;在成为地中海地区的君主,接受了新衔之后,奥古斯都需要一个全新的形象。他不能复制凯撒的头像,因为凯撒的肖像看起来就像个暴躁的罗马老头:骨瘦如柴兼又谢顶,采用了传统的罗马雕刻手法,完全未加美化,有损罗马君主的威名。而现在奥古斯都正在建立一个全新的政治系统,因此需要一个全新的与之相称的形象。他使用了自己三十多岁时的样貌,直到七十多岁去世时仍未变更。他的所有雕像都没有任何年龄的变化。201412/346350青岛市妇儿医院做孕检多少钱

青岛哪家医院做无痛人流术好UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im a country in Northern Europe, Im on a peninsula between the North and Baltic Seas. 我是一个北欧国家。我位于北海和波罗的海之间的一个半岛上。I was a setting for Shakespeares ;Hamlet.; 我是莎士比亚剧作《哈姆雷特》的背景所在。My capital city is Copenhagen. 我的首都是哥本哈根。Im Denmark. And Im home to more than 5.5 million people.我是丹麦。我有五百五十多万人。AZUZ: Hamlet might have thought there was something rotten in Denmark, but his fellow Danes dont agree. 哈姆雷特可能认为丹麦有些邪恶的事务,但是他的丹麦同胞却不这么认为。Despite the cold, the lack of sunshine and winter and that whole Shakespearean tragedy thing, Denmark, not Disneyland, has just been named the happiest place on Earth. 尽管这里冬天天气寒冷,缺乏阳光和还有所有有关莎士比亚悲剧的事情,丹麦,而不是迪士尼乐园,被称为世界上最幸福的地方。Columbia Universitys Earth Institute recently ranked more than 150 nations, based on a survey done between 2010 and 2012. 哥伦比亚大学地球研究所最近根据在2010到2012年间作的调查,将150多个国家进行排名。It asked folks about their expectations for a long healthy life, the freedom to make life choices, having someone to count on. 问题涉及他们对于健康长寿的生活的期盼,选择生活的自由以及有能够依靠的人。 /201309/256235 Breaking up is hard to do, but it can be a lot more painful if you have to fight about possessions. Make it simple, quick, and fair.分手是很伤心的事情,但是如果还要为财物而争吵则更加痛苦。让分割财物的过程更简单,快速,公平。You Will Need你需要A sense of fair play公平A CD burner光盘刻录机Identical lists of contested items两份有争议的项目列表An agreed-upon scoring system双方都赞同的评分系统A separation agreement (optional)分居协议(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Be fair, and share music1.公平,分享音乐Be fair. Agree to make duplicate copies of CDs to avoid debates. Divide furniture, utensils, and dishes equitably or by deciding who needs each item more when they move.公平一点。复制CD,避免争议。公正地分配家具,器皿,盘子,或者根据需要来分配。STEP 2 Make identical lists2.制作相同的列表Make two identical lists of property to be split. Don’t include pets, children, automobiles, or anything that requires a saw cut or a county court.制作两份需要分割的财产的相同的列表。不要包括宠物,孩子,汽车或任何需要锯开或需要法庭裁判的物品。Sometimes a separation agreement, with details regarding property, money, and child care spelled out, can make things easier.有时分居协议可以让事情变得更加简单,详细列明财产,金钱和孩子的归属。STEP 3 Use point system3.使用记分系统Assign points to items each of you wants. The total points accumulated on each list cannot exceed one hundred.为每一种你想要的物品评分。每一张列表上的总分数不要超过100分。STEP 4 Divide things4.分配物品Compare your lists. Allow the person with the most points assigned to an item to claim it.对比列表。分数最多的人获得自己想要的物品。STEP 5 Break tie scores5.打破平局Total the points of items won. The person with the fewest points is awarded tie-score items to even things out or until everything is gone.统计所有得分。分数最少的人赢得分数相同的物品,直到所有物品分配完毕。Being greedy is likely to prolong the parting and mire you in the very relationship misery you’re trying to escape.贪心很有可能让你拖延分手过程,更加陷入这段你想逃离的关系中难以摆脱。STEP 6 Sell the rest and divide money6.出售剩余物品,分配金钱Liquidate the remaining property either by forfeiting a claim or by selling it and splitting the proceeds.清算剩余财物,没收或出售,把钱分开。Did you know? As of 2005, the national divorce rate had dropped to 3.6 per 1,000 people, the lowest since 1970.你知道吗?截止到2005年,全国的离婚率下降到千分之三点六,自1970年来的最低水平。201408/321539胶州市第一人民妇保中医院做人流多少钱青岛市新阳光妇科医院人流



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