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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic: Pick sth up收到,获得,看到讲解:Pick sth up不但有收到的意思,还指获得,看到等。例1:I picked up a bargain at an auction sale here last weekend.上个周末,我在此处的拍卖会上买到了便宜货。例2:Her grandmother picked up health soon after she got to the seaside.她的祖母到海滨去后不久,身体就康复了。例句3:I picked mine up last night.我昨晚就接到分派的任务。 /201210/204406听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Wayne County has more than 150 juvenile lifers, by far the most in the state. As of today, only one of them – and, in fact, the only person among the more than 360 juvenile lifers in the entire state of Michigan – has been given that second chance.On June 4, 1975, 17-year-old William Washington and his 26-year-old co-defendant, Kenneth Rucker, robbed a record store. After a scuffle with the store owner, Mr. Rucker took the victim into the back room and shot him to death. This incident led to Washington receiving a life without parole sentence for first degree murder, as well as a second life sentence for armed robbery, for his role as an aider and abettor. On November 17th of this year – 41 years after he went to prison – William Washington became a free man. Washington and his mother Lizzie Young joined us in the studio.(This story is part of our series Michigans Juvenile Lifers: Who Gets a Second Chance?)Washington told us its hard to put into words how hes felt since he got out of prison.;I cant describe how 40 years of just wanting to be back with your family, sitting down eating a meal, waking up in the morning, good morning, greetings, I hadnt realized how much I missed it,; he said.;To be here now with my mom being interviewed, I cant describe that.;When asked what surprised him most since getting out, he warned us he might get ;a little philosophical.;Washington said he was most surprised to find ;how love doesnt really change. How I felt for my brother, my mom years ago as a child, I still feel the same.;By his own admission, Washington was ;not a very good son; growing up.;I think my mom was a very good mom, I was just not trying to hear what, you know, the discipline, whats-best-for-the-child-stuff. I really wasnt trying to hear that, especially from my father. So I would skip school, just do what I want to do at a very young age,; he said.Washington received his life sentence at age 17, and told us he thinks his mom was more affected by it at the time than he was.;She started crying and kind of pleading with the judge, and … I felt more saddened by that than the sentence itself,; he said, ;probably because I didnt grasp the significance at that time, what that held for me for the rest of my life.;Washington didnt hesitate when asked if he felt he deserved that sentence.;Yes, of course. Probably ever since I was 12 years old … stealing from my mom and my father, just making my moms life miserable,; he said. ;The stuff she just put up with me is amazing.;;These were the times when I would think deeply on how a lot of the stuff my mom had to put up with, how she felt, because I never had a chance to really think about how other people felt about the stuff that I did to them or the impact that I may have had in their life,; Washington said. ;A lot of that was about the stuff that I had did to people, you know, harming people, and how it was literally coming back to haunt me.;Then, after 41 years and two Supreme Court decisions, Washington was resentenced to a term of years and became immediately eligible for parole.Washington doesnt know why he was the first of Michigans more than 360 juvenile lifers to be released.;I know it was probably because the lot of hard work and sacrifice of people whove been working with this juvenile bill for the last 20, 25 years,; he said.;Even though it was a Supreme Court decision that ruled juveniles being sentenced to life sentence is cruel and unusual punishment, you know, you give a shout out to all the layers involved. I dont think it was about me, I just happened to be the first one released. Its not about me, its about the 300 and more others.;;A lot of it has come through the forgiveness of these families that we victimized and traumatized and all that stuff. Its through their efforts as well as not being opposed to us being released now, so I think they are just as integral to this as anything else.;People dont get sentenced to life without parole without being part of a pretty horrible crime that results in loss of life. There are likely some who believe that since Washington was involved in a crime like that, he should not have been released.To those people, Washington said: ;I understand it.;;I have no problem with them saying that. The crimes Ive committed, I wouldnt have any problem with remaining in prison for the rest of my life. I absolutely had no problem with that.… Youre never released from murder. Whether you pull the trigger or not, being part of that lifestyle, youre never free from it because you never forget about it.;Moving forward, Washington says his only plans are to be with his family and to be a productive member of society.;I really enjoy being with my family, thats all I ever wanted to do was be with my family,; he said. ;What my brother and my mom have established over where Im living, they would clean the neighborhood, I mean literally clean the neighborhood, two or three houses down, vacant lots, and thats what my brothers got me doing. I was telling him its a joy, you know, because Im able to put some of my skill sets in play.;;Its a joy working around the house and the property, its a lot of space to take here, a lot of lawn to maintain, a lot of grounds keeping work which is labor-intensive, and I love it. So if I can spend the rest of my life living next door to my brother, taking care of my moms house and her lawn and the other lawns and vacant lots, Im good.;201612/484106toast 祝酒,庆祝They toast the friendship between two countries他们为两国的友谊祝酒。A toast to your good health祝你身体健康Let's have a toast to your good luck!为你的好运干杯 mend fences 和某人或某国修补关系Pakistan leader seeks to mend fences with Kabul巴基斯坦领导人设法改善和喀布尔的关系。If they are to cooperate, they'll have to mend fences如果他们还想合作的话,就不得不修补他们之间的关系In order to mend fences I baked a cake for him为了跟他重归于好,我给他烤了个蛋糕。Think twice before you speak so that you don't have to mend fences later。三思而后行,免得以后还要修补关系 背景音乐:tik tok 应某位网友的要求 我今天把音量调低了些 但是个人觉得音乐的魅力不减啊 /201006/105482

And what am I supposed to be seeing?我应该要看到什么呢?That was a frog, smoking a cigar.是一只正在抽雪茄的青蛙。And what color do you want the frog smoking a cigar to be?那你想要这只抽雪茄的青蛙是什么颜色的呢?Magenta. Done.紫红色。搞定。Okay, six more questions left before Im gonna have to say goodbye.好的,还有六个问题,我就要跟你说再见了。Ah, get out.啊,消失。But, if you had to choose another career, what would you be doing?但是,如果要你选择另外一种职业会是什么?There could be a chef.可能会是个厨师。What do you have left on your bucket list?你还有什么没有完成的心愿吗?Im gonna jump out of something.我想要去蹦极啥的。Youre a triple threat.你在影视歌三方面都有发展。What would make it a quadruple threat?下一方面你有什么打算吗?I guess Ill find out.我想我会找出来的。Can you tell me a secret?你能告诉我一个秘密吗?I think I was born in the wrong era.我觉得自己生错了时代。Can you tell me a lie?你能告诉我一个谎言吗?I have a twin.我有一个双胞胎。I know it may hurt you for me to say this, but last question. Okay.我知道这么说也许会伤害到你,但是这是最后一个问题。好的。Can you end this interview with the worst joke youve ever heard?你能够讲一个自己听过的最差劲的笑话来结束今天的采访吗?What did the Pirates say on his 80th birthday?海盗会在自己80岁生日的时候说什么?I dont know. Aye matey.我不知道。是的朋友。Just leave. Bye, Selena. Bye.走吧。拜,Selena。拜拜。201706/509074

Subject: I will throw the professor some curves. 迷你对话A: I will state many special opinions. I will throw the professor some curves.我将陈述许多新观点。我会让教授大吃一惊。B: That is very exciting! How would you do?真是令人兴奋!你怎么做呢? 地道表达throw sb some curves 1. 解词释义Throw sb some curves这个短语来自棒球场上,打球者以为投手会投出直球,但是眼前飞来的却是curve,意思是“让某人大吃一惊,让某人吓一跳”。其英文解释为:to confuse someone by doing something tricky or unexpected. 2. 拓展例句e.g. When you said ;house; you threw me a curve. The password was supposed to be ;home.;当你说到house这个词的时候,吓了我一大跳,密码应该是home。e.g. John threw me a curve when we were making our presentation, and I forgot my speech.我们在做自我陈述的时候,约翰让我大吃一惊,我忘记了自己的演说。 Ps:state an opinion:陈述观点 /201312/269871

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