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B: Welcome to American English Mosaic, Im Mike Bond!A: And Im Lin Yang.B: Are you a smart investor? Do you know how to better manage your money? We will offer you some useful tips in todays business etiquette.A: 调皮的小孩长大后更容易成功? 我们在下面的节目中为你介绍。B: And in words and idioms, we will learn what ;squeak by; and ;long shot; means!A: All coming up on this edition of American English Mosaic!B: Now lets go into our first segment, Learn a word!Learn A Word 1839 misbehaving今天我们要学的词是 misbehaving. Misbehaving is spelled m-i-s-b-e-h-a-v-i-n-g, misbehaving. Misbehaving 形容词,意思是表现不好的,行为不端的。A new study listed a number of signs that misbehaving children may become extremely successful. 一份最新研究列举了一系列迹象,那些表现不好,但是带有这些特征的孩子,长大后很可能会极其成功。Compelled by the U.S. Justice Department, a Mississippi school district has agreed to keep more misbehaving students in the classroom instead of suspending or expelling them. 在美国司法部的要求下,密西西比州的一个校区同意让更多表现差的学生留在学校,不让他们暂停或是开除学籍。好的,今天我们学习的词是 misbehaving, misbehaving, misbehaving...A: Misbehaving children may become extremely successful? OMG does that mean Im gonna be super successful soon?B: The study says ;may;, not ;will; YL. Im willing to bet that you belong to the latter group...A: Ugh...At least Im intelligent enough to squeak by in life, unlike some people I know...B: Ouch! That was harsh...but since you only said to introduce the idiom we are going to teach.....I guess Ill let it slide....A: Haha, you know Im kidding! 我们来听听今天的美国习惯用语,学学squeak by 这个短语的用法!Words and Idioms 875 Squeak by美国习惯用语第 875 讲我不久前带侄子去考驾照,眼看着他倒车上了马路牙子,本以为这下没戏了,没想到考官居然给了他第二次机会,最后擦着边儿通过了路考。这也让我想起一个习惯用语可以跟大家分享,那就是:M: Squeak by. Squeak is spelled s-q-u-e-a-k. Squeak by.听过老鼠的尖叫声吗,这种叫声在英文就是 squeak. To squeak by 意思是勉强通过,侥幸成功。刚才说,我侄子驾照路考的成绩刚好过线,我们就可以说,He squeaked by. 不过,我的邻居詹姆斯太太就没有这么幸运了。75岁的她为了延驾照,要接受视力测试,考官让她从后视镜里分辨苹果和桌子两个图像,她居然问考官,你说什么桌子?What table? 结果驾照没延成。The official didnt let her SQUEAK BY.下面例子里的学生拿到考卷后如释重负,我们一起来听听是怎么回事。M: ;My university doesnt allow graduate students to get any Cs. So I was really nervous about my final exam in chemistry. But when my grades were posted, I discovered that I had gotten an 80, which qualified as a B. Whew! If I hadnt SQUEAKED BY, my dad would have been furious.;这个学生说:在我们学校,研究生是不允许得C的。我这次化学期终考完试后,心里特别紧张,最后成绩下来,我得了八十分,刚好够得上B,真是万幸,如果没能侥幸过关的话,我爸一定会气炸了。还记得前年带孩子去游乐场玩,儿子因为个头不够高,很多能玩的东西他都不能去。一年下来,他长了足足两英寸,去年再去,刚好擦边够高,所有翻滚过山车都能坐了。He was thrilled to have squeaked by. 好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;My university doesnt allow graduate students to get any Cs. So I was really nervous about my final exam in chemistry. But when my grades were posted, I discovered that I had gotten an 80, which qualified as a B. Whew! If I hadnt SQUEAKED BY, my dad would have been furious.;如果让你在富有但却空虚,和贫穷但却充实这两种生活之间选择一个,你会选哪个?我们一起来听听下面的例子:M: ;I admire my friend Alice. She could have easily chosen a high-paying career. Instead, she took a position with a non-profit organization dedicated to saving endangered tigers. I dont know how she manages to pay her bills on her meager salary. But somehow she SQUEAKS BY.;这个人说:我很佩我朋友 Alice. 她原本可以选择一份高薪的工作,但是她没有,反而加入了一个挽救濒危老虎的非盈利机构。我真不知道她挣的那点儿钱,怎么够付账单,不过她好象也能凑合过。我们刚结婚那会儿,两个人没多少钱,家里开却很多。It wasnt easy SQUEAKING BY. 一分钱掰成两半花的日子确实不好过。那会儿我们还年轻,在英语里,叫 Salad Days, 意思是少不更事的青春年华。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;I admire my friend Alice. She could have easily chosen a high-paying career. Instead, she took a position with a non-profit organization dedicated to saving endangered tigers. I dont know how she manages to pay her bills on her meager salary. But somehow she SQUEAKS BY.;To squeak by 这个习惯用语是二十世纪上半叶出现的,想想看,squeak 指的是勉强发出来的声音,所以,用 squeak by 来指勉强通过,侥幸获胜,也就不难理解了。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.B: When I had just graduated from college I couldnt find a job right away, it sure wasnt easy squeaking by.A: Look at you now, things worked out just fine!B: Yeah. I feel like I need to learn some investing skills though, no one gets rich by living paycheck to paycheck every month.A: That I agree! And in todays business etiquette, we will discuss that exact topichow to make smart investment!B: Lets check it out!礼节美语 Investing IFrank 去见投资顾问 Jerry.Frank: Jerry! My financial counselor! Good to see you... as always.Jerry: Hey Frank, nice to see you, too. Hows your stock portfolio these days?F: Not that bad. I bought into a hedge fund and it helped minimize my losses.J: Wise! You seem to beat the market at its own game pretty often. Whats your secret?F: I dont really have a secret. I just a lot and pay attention to trends.投资顾问 Jerry 问 Frank 投资的股票赚不赚钱,Hows your stock portfolio? portfolio is spelled p-o-r-t-f-o-l-i-o, portfolio 是投资组合的意思。Frank 说他买了 hedge fund 对冲基金,减少了不少损失。Jerry说Frank投资总能赚钱,beat the market at its own game. 这里所说的 to beat someone at his own game 意思是以其人之道还治其人之身,在这里意思就是利用市场规则,成为市场投资的赢家。J: Well, I commend your business sense. You seem to be staying ahead of the curve.F: You win some and you lose some, thats business. So, I hear you have a sales pitch for me.J: Well, actually...its not really a sales pitch...I have a vision I want to share with you! This idea could turn your company into a leader in the industry!Jerry对 Frank 的商业头脑 business sense 表示赞赏,说 Frank 总是 stay ahead of the curve, 走在别人前面,stay ahead of the curve 意思是比别人更有远见,更能预见未来走向。Frank则说,You win some and you lose some, thats business. 做生意就是有赚有赔。you win some and you lose some. 是很常用的一句话,意思是有输有赢,正常现象。Frank 问 Jerry 想向自己推销什么。a sales pitch 是推销的意思。Jerry 说有个投资想法,能让 Frank 的公司成为行业领军人, turn your company into a leader in the industry。Jerry 的想法是什么呢?F: Ok...youve got me interested. Lets hear the idea.J: You know that old expression: strike while the iron is hot?F: Uh huh.J: Well, it comes from blacksmiths. They would get the iron really hot so they could shape it. But, if the iron cooled down, the blacksmith couldnt beat it into the shape he needed.F: Ah...I never thought about where that expression came from...Makes sense: youve got to strike while the iron is hot.Jerry 问 Frank 听没听说过 strike while the iron is hot 趁热打铁这句话,这句话是从打铁来的,铁匠打铁,一定要趁热,等铁冷却下来,就不行了。可这跟 Jerry 的投资想法有什么关系呢?我们下次继续听。A: 投资顾问Jerry询问Frank他的stock portfolio 投资组合怎么样,Frank说,他买了hedge fund, 对冲基金,所以还不错。Jerry说,I commend your business sense, 赞扬Frank的商业头脑,说他总是stay ahead of the curve, 走在别人前面。B: Thats why hes y to pitch an investing idea to him! Smart people always share information with each other, and that information can help them really stay ahead!A: True. Lets keep listening to Jerry and see what idea hes going to pitch!礼节美语 Investing II投资顾问 Jerry 跟客户 Frank 见面,向他推销一种投资想法。Jerry: I believe the iron is hot right now in the field of energy and transportation. Everyone is looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption.F: Yeah, youre right. I bought a hybrid car last month...saves me as much as 50% in gasoline use!J: Hybrids are the hottest thing on the market these days, and I think they fill a niche right now, but Im betting that the future belongs to fully electric-powered vehicles.Jerry 觉得,能源和交通是投资的正确方向,一定要趁热打铁。Frank 表示赞成,说自己上个月刚买了一辆汽电混合动力车 hybrid,耗油量少了一半。Jerry 承认,汽电混合动力车现在很流行,有自己的市场定位 niche, niche is spelled n-i-c-h-e,但他觉得,汽车今后还是要向纯电动的方向发展。F: That might be true. But I manufacture in China. Millions of people there dont even have a gas-powered car yet.J: Yes...but dont you see? This is a golden opportunity! Millions of middle class Chinese could potentially leapfrog over the old technologies and embrace electric vehicles.F: Its an interesting idea. I know the government is supporting electric vehicles since many cities have serious air pollution.Frank 的工厂在中国,而中国很多人连汽油动力车都没有,哪谈得上什么纯电力车呢?Jerry 却觉得,这是绝好的机会。This is a golden opportunity. 因为中国数以百万计的中产阶级都可以跨越陈旧的技术,直接利用新技术,这里所说的 leapfrog 蛙跳,是跃过,跨过的意思。Frank觉得,这种想法有道理,因为中国政府为了治理空气污染,非常持电动汽车的发展。J: Just imagine! You could make a lot of money AND help make China a better place for people to live.F: So you want me to invest in producing electric cars?J: I think the real area of interest here is batteries. Battery technology needs to catch up. We aly have a lot of companies that can make the cars, but batteries are far too expensive.开发电力汽车,这种既能赚钱,又能改善中国生活环境的事何乐而不为呢?Jerry 补充说,他其实不是建议 Frank 投资电力汽车,The real area of interest is batteries. 真有干头的是电池这一块,因为 battery technology needs to catch up. 电池技术还需要改进。Frank 会被 Jerry 说,投资电力汽车电池技术的开发吗?我们下次继续听。A: 原来Jerry想让Frank投资电动汽车业,its a golden opportunity, 绝好的机会,像中国这样的发展中国家可以leapfrog, 蛙跳,直接接触最新的电池技术。B: Thats actually a really good idea! If everyone chose hybrid cars over traditional cars, I bet the smog in Beijing would improve!A: Thats true. 咱们接着来看看Jerry和Frank谈得怎么样吧!礼节美语 Investing III投资顾问 Jerry 跟客户 Frank 见面,建议他投资电动汽车电池技术的开发,Frank 似乎有顾虑。F: I dont know....sounds like a gamble to me.J: All investing is a gamble! But sometimes gambling pays off big time!F: Thats true...but sometimes you lose your shirt.J: Id recommend we take it step by step. The first step is to do lots of research. We really have to do our homework.F: And then? Whats step two?J: Im recommending buying a small Chinese company called WinTron Power. They hold several key patents and they have a good Ramp;D department.Frank觉得投资电池技术的开发听上去有些象 gamble ,可是话说回来,投资就要有风险,堵注下对了就会赚一大笔钱,pay off big time, 全军覆没则会 lose your shirt 倾家荡产。Jerry 已经做好了全盘规划,第一步是要做一下市场调查,do our homework 意思是先做好准备工作。第二步是收购一家叫 WinTron Power 的小公司,这家公司掌握着好几项关键专利,而且有优秀的 Ramp;D Department 研究和开发部。F: How much is this going to cost me?J: The initial investment is about five million.F: Five million U.S. dollars? Thats steep!J: Yes...but you could end up becoming a major supplier to the auto companies of the future. Invest millions for a chance to make billions.F: Its a tempting idea. It could be huge.Jerry 说,首期投资 the initial investment 估计要500万美元,Frank 说,thats steep. 这么多钱。steep is spelled s-t-e-e-p, steep 意思是倾斜度大,坡陡,也有过份的意思,比如说 The price is steep. 意思是价钱太贵。 Jerry 劝他说,如果成功,投个几百万,就有机会赚回几十亿,是个上算的买卖。Frank说,Its a tempting idea. 他好象动心了。J: China has the potential to be the leader in the field. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I think it would be foolish to let it slip away.F: Jerry...you sold me. Ill get working on this project right away. This could be my big break! Thanks for the info!J: Just doing my job.Jerry 说,This is an once-in-a lifetime opportunity. 这可是千载难逢的好机会,过了这个村就没这个店了,这样的机会千万不能错过。Frank 终于被说动了。他说,you sold me. 意思是你把我说了。This could be my big break. 这回没准我的机会来了。big break 往往用来指突如其来的好运气。Jerry 回答说,Just doing my job. 这是我份内的工作,这是我应该做的。A: Jerry想让Frank投资500万,Frank说,thats steep, 钱真够多的。Jerry说,投资就像,有时pay off big time, 赚一大笔,但是不注意也会lost your shirt, 倾家荡产。最后Frank被说动了,this could be my big break,没准我的机会来了。B: Wow, invest millions to make billions! I wish I had that kind of initial investment capital...A: Maybe one day, but thats a long shot!B: Haha, very funny. (A: Ha!) Well you just mentioned an idiom, long shot, lets check it out in todays words and idioms!Words and Idioms 876 Long Shot美国习惯用语第 876 讲2010年,我的宏伟目标是锻炼身体。从1月1号开始,我一直坚持去健身房,每周四次,每次一小时,刚开始的时候,我只能跑一公里,现在已经能跑三公里了。教练鼓励我去参加小型马拉松。我知道自己肯定跑不下来,不过觉得,试试看也没什么不好。这倒让我想起一个习惯用语可以跟大家分享,那就是:M: Long shot. Long is spelled l-o-n-g. Long. Shot is spelled s-h-o-t. Shot. Long shot.在中文里,long 是长的意思,说一件事情是 long shot,意思就是成功的可能性很小,不过还是值得尝试。就好比,我想去参加小型马拉松比赛,明明知道跑下来的机会很小,its a long shot. 但我还是很想去试试看。下面例子里这个人正在鼓励自己的弟弟去申请一份管理层的工作,我们一起来听听他是怎么说的。M: ;Sure, its a LONG SHOT, but why not? You thought you werent going to get your current job! You said theyd never hire you straight out of college. But you got that job and who knows, maybe youll get this one too.;这个人说:没错,申请到这个工作的机会确实不大,但为什么不去试试看呢?你原来也没想到能争取到现在这份工作啊!还说什么他们死活不会招个象你这样大学刚毕业的新人,结果他们还是雇了你啊,谁知道呢,没准这次你又能拿到呢。我最近一直在鼓励女儿申请去做校刊编辑。I know its a LONG SHOT, 我也知道可能性不大,但我还是希望她能去试试看,起码可以积累点儿经验。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Sure, its a LONG SHOT, but why not? You thought you werent going to get your current job! You said theyd never hire you straight out of college. But you got that job and who knows, maybe youll get this one too.;A LONG SHOT 这个习惯用语是从十九世纪末开始流行的。最早起源于打。刚刚出清b时,准性很差,距离稍微远一点就打不中目标。因此,A LONG SHOT 就成了成功可能性很小的意思。这个习惯用语在赛马中也很常用,指不被大家看好的参赛马匹,但是赔率一般很高。我们一起来听下面这个例子中有关肯塔基赛马大会的一段报道。M: ;In this years Kentucky Derby, Brother Derek is a safe bet but if he wins youll only win a small amount. However, if you want to take a LONG SHOT, put your money on Giacomo. He doesnt have the best record, but if he wins youll win a lot of money!;这段话说:今年的肯塔基赛马大会,把赌注押在德拉克弟兄身上很保险,但是如果它赢了,你只能赢一点点钱。不过,如果你决定选择一匹胜算不大的马,那就把钱押在 Giacomo 身上吧,它的比赛记录虽然不是最好的,但如果它赢了,你就能赢很多钱。最近,我的一个朋友决定去参选市议员。他明明知道,Its a LONG SHOT, 胜选的可能性微乎其微,但还是打算试试看,因为他觉得,美国华裔参政的比例太小,希望尽自己的一份力,增加华裔在政治事务中的能见度。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;In this years Kentucky Derby, Brother Derek is a safe bet but if he wins youll only win a small amount. However, if you want to take a LONG SHOT, put your money on Giacomo. He doesnt have the best record, but if he wins youll win a lot of money!;好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: I have to admit, when I first met you I thought it was a long shot that you would last this long!B: I know! but now its a long shot that you will ever get rid of me!A: guh, dont remind me! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201502/349746

Mark: Hey, Todd, when you look back on your high school experience, do you, in general, do you see it as a positive or a negative experience?马克:嗨,托德,你回顾高中生活时,你认为那是一段积极的经历还是消极的经历?Todd: Oh, definitely positive. It was one of the best times of my life.托德:哦,绝对是积极的经历。那是我一生中最好的时光之一。Mark: Yeah.马克:是啊。Todd: Oh, it was awesome. I mean, it was being with your friends, and you know, driving for the first time and having your first part-time job and playing sports and going to dances. It was great.托德:那时真是太棒了。和朋友们在一起,第一次开车,第一次做兼职,做体育运动,去跳舞等等。太棒了。Mark: Now did, a lot of high schools in the states, I went to high school in the states and a lot of high schools have, there are these clicks, you know, theres like a popular group of kids, and then there are other kids who dont really feel like they belong (right) Yeah, I know you Todd. You strike me as you were probably one of the popular kids, so of course youre gonna think high school was great.马克:美国的许多高中……我是在美国念的高中,许多高中都有受欢迎的学生,你知道,就是一群受欢迎的孩子,而其他孩子则不属于这一类。托德,我想你就是属于那种受欢迎的孩子,所以你当然会觉得高中生活很棒了。Todd: Well, no, actually, I wasnt one of the popular kids, but I was in the popular group, so I played sports so I was one of the jocks.托德:不是,实际上我并不是受欢迎的孩子,不过我在一个受欢迎的团体里,我喜欢体育,所以我是运动迷。Mark: Yeah, one of the jocks, always, they get into the popular clicks easier. So do you, can you imagine like how somebody might feel that wasnt in one of those groups, that they might have hated high school?马克:运动迷,很容易成为受欢迎的人。你有没有想过,不属于受欢迎团体的人可能会讨厌高中生活?Todd: Well, I dont know who hated high school but I remember there were the motor heads. Those were the guys that were always working on their car. They had really nice cars they fixed up. They probably didnt like high school too much, then there were the drama freaks, and the drama freaks were, they dressed really different and they were kind of into punk at that time. They were very artistic and very creative, very smart, and because they were so different, I think a lot of kids made fun of them, so maybe they didnt like high school.托德:我不知道有谁讨厌高中生活,不过我记得有那种汽车迷。那些人总是开着车出现。他们把车改装的非常好。他们可能不太喜欢高中,还有那种戏剧迷,他们会穿着奇怪的衣,痴迷于朋克。他们有很强的艺术天赋,同时又非常有创造力、又聪明,因为他们与众不同,所以我想有许多孩子会取笑他们,也许他们也不喜欢高中生活。Mark: Now were you one of the kids that made fun of them?马克:那些取笑他们的人也包括你吗?Todd: Definitely not. I mean, I was never that way. Actually, I was the kid that somehow was friends with everybody because even though I was with the jocks, I wasnt a good jock. I was a terrible athlete, so I was maybe just surviving by being friends with them anyway, but yeah.托德:当然不是了。我从来没有那么做过。实际上,我当时是那种和所有人都能成为朋友的孩子,虽然我是运动迷,不过我的体育能力并不强。我是个糟糕的运动员,所以我的生存方式就是和他们成为朋友。Mark: Now, youre a good baseball player though, right?马克:不过你是名出色的棒球运动员,对吧?Todd: Actually I was but I didnt play baseball because I, in high school because I, foolishly I wanted to make money. I wanted to get a part-time job and get a car, so I stopped. I played football and basketball, though.托德:以前是,不过我高中的时候没有打棒球,原因是我愚蠢地认为我应该挣钱。我想找份兼职,买辆车,所以我就没有打棒球了。不过我踢足球也打篮球。Mark: OK, now most high schools, just about every high school, after ten years, you have a high school reunion. Did you go to your 10-year high school reunion?马克:好,现在大部分高中,几乎所有高中都会在十年后举行高中同学聚会。你参加过高中同学10周年聚会吗?Todd: You know, I did not go to my high school reunion. My friends went and, you know, they said it was a pretty good time and everyone had changed, but I didnt go. Have you been to yours?托德:我没有参加高中同学聚会。我朋友们去了,他们说他们度过了美好的时光,所有的人都有所改变,可是我并没有去。你去了吗?Mark: I did. I went to mine last year.马克:我去了。去年我参加了高中同学聚会。Todd: Oh, really. Did everybody still look the same?托德:哦,真的吗?你的同学们还是原来那个样子吗?Mark: For the most part. What I found interesting is the popular clicks, that I talked about before, they still existed. It was ten years later and it was like all the popular, you know, theyre not kids anymore, but all the popular people were hanging out together and all the nerds were kind of standing around on the side and looking lonely and depressed.马克:大部分是。我发现了一件有趣的事,我刚才提到的那些受欢迎的学生现在依然受欢迎。10年之后,那些人已经不再是孩子了,不过这些受欢迎的人会一起活动,而所有的书呆子就会站在一边,看起来孤独又沮丧。Todd: Wow.托德:哇。Mark: Yeah it as kind of sad.马克:对啊,有点悲伤。 译文属 /201502/358085

2 Vedio Store Dialogue2 音像店 对话Steven goes into a store to buy some records.史蒂文进入一家音像店,想买一些唱片。Assistant: Welcome, sir, what can I do for you?店员:欢迎光临,先生,请问您想要什么?Steven: I want to buy some records.史蒂文:我想买些唱片。Assistant: Whose record do you want?店员:您想买谁的唱片?Steven: Are there the records of Michael Jackson?史蒂文:这里有迈克尔o杰克逊的唱片吗?Assistant: His records have been sold out. The new copies will be available next week.店员:他的唱片已经卖完了,下周才会有新的。Steven: Oh. its too late. Maybe I should go to other stores to have a look.史蒂文:哦,那太晚了。也许我应该到别的音像店看看。 /201506/383636


  Wendi: So you were saying that your sister looked really beautiful?温迪:你说过你穿婚纱的样子特别漂亮,对吧?James: Yeah.詹姆斯:对。Wendi: Can you tell me a little about what she was wearing?温迪:你能描述一下她穿的婚纱什么样吗?James: Yeah, she was wearing my mothers original wedding dress that my mum made in like the 1960s so it was a real, English 60s-style lace and silk dress, a long train that went about two meters back. She had all her hair pinned up. She spent about an hour at the hair dressers before, a couple of hours before the wedding, and then an hour doing the make-up and then the last thing to go on was the wedding dress and then she came down the stairs and she just looked absolutely stunning.詹姆斯:好,她穿的是我妈妈当年穿的婚纱,那是上世纪60年代时我妈亲手做的,所以那是件60年代英式风格的婚纱,是一条带有蕾丝的丝制裙,裙尾有两长米。她把头发别了起来。在婚礼开始前的几个小时时间里,她用了一个小时左右的时间做头发,然后用一个小时的时间化妆,最后一件事就是穿上婚纱,她走下楼梯时,真的特别迷人。Wendi: Wow!温迪:哇!James: And obviously my brother-in-law, the husband, he was another. At his friends house, spent the morning getting y in his tuxedo and his suit, me as well, but then I had gone back to see her and she wore little silk slippers but because it was raining she had to wear her trainers to walk from the car to the church and then get changed back into her silk slippers to walk down the aisle. Yeah, and then she had her huge bouquet of flowers, which generally were just white and pale colors to go with the dress.詹姆斯:当然我夫也要打扮一番。他一上午都在朋友家做准备,包括准备燕尾和西装,当然我也要做准备,之后我过去看我的时候,她穿了一双丝制鞋,因为那天下雨了,所以她下车后不得不穿着便鞋走向教堂,然后再换上那双丝制鞋走红毯。接下来,她拿着一大束花走上了红毯,那些花主要是白色和浅色花,以搭配她的婚纱。Wendi: Thats really amazing that your sister wore moms wedding gown that your mother made. That is so cool.温迪:你穿的是妈妈的婚纱,而且还是妈妈亲手做的婚纱,这真是不可思议。太酷了。James: And it was a beautiful, beautiful dress.詹姆斯:而且那件婚纱非常非常漂亮。Wendi: It must have been so tiny though cause women were so much more slender it seems like back then.温迪:那件婚纱一定很紧,因为以前的人要更苗条一些。James: My sister is very little.詹姆斯:我身材小巧。Wendi: Right.温迪:好。James: Shes only five-foot-two. So it fitted well. You wouldnt have know it was made for someone else. Im not sure if they adjusted it but I think it just fitted. And it was, it was a really beautiful dress. My mum, that Sixty-style anyway is very much my sisters style and the style that was in England at the time.詹姆斯:她只有5英尺2寸高。所以婚纱很合身。要是不说,别人不会知道那婚纱不是为她订做的。我不知道他们有没有改婚纱,不过我认为婚纱真的很合身,当然也很漂亮。我妈妈那60年代的风格很符合我的风格,那是当时英国非常流行的款式。Wendi: Right.温迪:好。James: So it worked. It really worked well.詹姆斯:所以婚纱很棒,非常合身。Wendi: Of all the weddings youve been to, do you think there is a pretty consistent kind of style of what you wear as a guy or as a woman?温迪:你参加过的所有婚礼中,你觉得男性和女性的着装有没有一致性?James: Yes. Definitely.詹姆斯:当然有了。Wendi: What would you describe it as being?温迪:请你描述一下,好吗?James: White. Well, for the bridegroom or?詹姆斯:白色。你是指新郎吗?Wendi: For the people coming to the wedding.温迪:参加婚礼的人。James: Yes, they cant wear, women cannot wear a similar color to the bride so if the bride is in white, no white. I noticed, in Japan, they wear black. In England you wouldnt wear black to a wedding, because its associated with funerals.詹姆斯:哦,女性不能和新娘穿相似颜色的衣,如果新娘穿白色,那其他人就不能穿白色。我注意到,日本人会穿黑色参加婚礼。在英国,你不能穿黑色衣参加婚礼,因为黑色会让人联想到葬礼。Wendi: Right.温迪:好。James: And generally, with women and weddings, the women try to get the nicest dress possible or a nice little suit, like skirt and blouse and top. Men, its just a suit and generally a bright tie or a bright shirt, not too dark, but black or blue pin-stripped suit but as long as its a suit its fine.詹姆斯:女性参加婚礼时,一般会选择最漂亮的衣或是漂亮的套装,她们一般会穿衬衫和短裙。而男性则是西装搭配亮色领带或是亮色衬衫,一般不太选择暗色衣还有黑色或蓝色条纹西装,不过只要是西装就可以。Wendi: Right.温迪:好。James: Right, generally colorful ties, cause again you dont want to look to somber.詹姆斯:嗯,男性一般选择亮色领带的原因是,这样看上去不会显得阴沉。 译文属 /201507/384466。

  Todd: Now, Mariel, what kind of clothes do you love to wear?托德:玛丽埃尔,你喜欢穿哪种衣?Mariel: My favorite clothing is jeans, for sure.玛丽埃尔:我最喜欢的当然是牛仔裤。Todd: OK, so you then are the jeans expert.托德:那你是牛仔裤专家了。Mariel: I could be. What would you like to know?玛丽埃尔:可以这么说。你想知道什么?Todd: Well, theres so many kinds of jeans now and its a bit confusing so what is trendy or popular right now?托德:现在市面上有许多种牛仔裤,这令人有点困惑,现在流行或是受欢迎的牛仔裤是哪种?Mariel: Right now? You see different kinds of trends, but I think tight jeans and baggy jeans are very popular.玛丽埃尔:现在吗?现在有许多种不同的潮流,不过我认为紧身牛仔裤和宽松牛仔裤非常流行。Todd: OK, wow, thats quite a difference.托德:哇,那是完全不同的两种风格。Mariel: Its a contrast. Yeah.玛丽埃尔:是种对比。Todd: OK, lets start with the baggy jeans. First of all, who likes to wear baggy jeans?托德:好,我们先来说宽松牛仔裤。首先,哪些人喜欢穿宽松牛仔裤?Mariel: I think baggy jeans go with the hip-hop kind of style. Also, skateboarders really like to wear baggy jeans. People who like to feel relaxed and move around a lot are usually baggy jeans fans.玛丽埃尔:我认为宽松牛仔裤给人一种嘻哈的感觉。玩滑板的人也喜欢穿宽松牛仔裤。还有那些喜欢舒适、经常走动的人也喜欢宽松牛仔裤。Todd: What about you? Do you like to wear baggy jeans?托德:那你呢?你喜欢穿宽松牛仔裤吗?Mariel: Oh, those are my favorite kind of jeans.玛丽埃尔:哦,那是我最爱的牛仔裤风格。Todd: Your favorite?托德:你的最爱?Mariel: Yeah, I love to wear baggy jeans.玛丽埃尔:对,我非常喜欢穿宽松牛仔裤。Todd: Why is that?托德:为什么?Mariel: Its just that theyre so easy to wear and so relaxed and I can just do whatever I want in baggy jeans I feel.玛丽埃尔:宽松牛仔裤很容易穿,而且穿上以后感觉很舒适,我可以想做什么就做什么。Todd: Sounds good. Well, then what about tight jeans?托德:听起来不错。那紧身牛仔裤呢?Mariel: Mm, tight jeans. To me theyre very unconfortable, but a lot of girls like to wear them.玛丽埃尔:嗯,紧身牛仔裤。对我来说,紧身牛仔裤不舒,不过许多女孩喜欢穿紧身牛仔裤。Todd: Now, usually only girls wear tight jeans?托德:只有女孩们喜欢穿紧身牛仔裤吗?Mariel: Some guys do as well. Again, those people are usually very trendy and its quite often that punk people and rock people wear tight jeans.玛丽埃尔:男孩也喜欢穿。那些非常时尚的人,还有玩朋克音乐和摇滚音乐的人也喜欢穿紧身牛仔裤。 译文属 /201601/421994

  13. We would also accept a certified check as well as a direct bank remittance.我们也接受保付票或是直接汇款。还能这样说:Either certified check or direct bank remittance is all right.We accept payment by certified check or direct bank remittance.应用:powerful check to sth. 对……有力的控制;under proper checks and restraints 在适当的控制之下;suffer a check 受挫14. Payment might be refused if anything goes wrong with the documents.如果单据有问题,可以提出拒付。还能这样说:We approve of refusal of payment if anything goes wrong with the documents.Under the circumstance that the documents go wrong, we will allow the buyers refuse to pay.谚语:Losers are always in the wrong.胜者为王,败者为寇。15. It would help me greatly if you would accept D/P.你如果能接受付款交单的话,会对我有很大帮助。还能这样说:It would be greatly helpful if you would accept D/P.It would benefit greatly if in case that you accept D/P.应用:accept sb.s good will 接受某人的好意;accept sb.s hand in marriage 答应与某人结婚;accept sb.s reasons 相信某人的理由16. Payment is to be made before the end of this week.这个周末以前应该付款。还能这样说:You have to pay before the end of this week.The deadline of the payment is this weekend.应用:this day week 一星期后的今天;week after week 一个星期接另一个星期,一连数周;week in week out 每个星期都,毫无例外;every other week 每隔一周17. We may have some difficulties making payment in pound sterling.用英镑付款可能会有困难。还能这样说:It may be difficult to pay by pound sterling.We have trouble to choose pound sterling as the means of payment.应用:make a difficulty 刁难,找麻烦;iron out difficulties 除去障碍,使事情圆满 /201504/367612本期内容:Blood is thicker than water血浓于水首先我们来学习一个单词 thick T-H-I-C-K 粗的,厚的,浓的它的比较级在后面加上er,是thicker它的词组有很多 thick and past 大量而急速的in the thick of sth 在最繁忙,活跃或危险的时刻through thick and thin 赴汤蹈火blood is thicker than water 血浓于水形容亲情是最坚固的纽带关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201703/496127

  1.惯用口语句子:Now the environmental pollution is too serious.现在环境污染太严重了。environmental a. 环境的pollution n. 污染Some people pay little attention to the environment.有些人根本就不重视环境。A lot of companies just ignore the law.许多公司简直就无视法律,little a. 很少,几乎没有environment n. 环境ignore n. 忽视,无视,不理睬pay attention to“注意,重视”They should stop contaminating the air.他们应该停止污染空气。contaminate v. 污染The air in this mill stings the eyes.这家工厂里的空气刺激眼睛。mill n. 工厂,制造厂sting v. 刺痛,使疼痛The illegal waste dumping has mushroomed in the last decade.非法倾倒垃圾的现象近十年来愈演愈烈。illegal a. 违法的,不合规定的waste n. 废物,废品,废料dump v. 倾倒mushroom v. 迅速增长decade n. 十年Garbage is a necessary evil.垃圾令人讨厌,却又无法避免。garbage n.垃圾evil n. 坏事,祸害More and more plastic bags are used in everyday life, which is very harmful to the environment.越来越多的塑料袋在日常生活中使用,对环境十分有害。plastic a. 塑胶的,塑料的harmful a. 有害的be harmful to“对…有害处”People should take measures to combat the deforestation.人们应该采取措施与乱砍乱伐作斗争。combat v. 反对,与…战斗deforestation n. 砍伐森林take measures“采取措施”We can reduce the pollution by living a simple life.我们可以过一种简单的生活来减少污染。reduce v. 降低,减少,缩小 /201506/380676Feifei is ironing a huge pile of clothes before she goes on holiday. But Neil thinks this is long. Learn a useful expression to describe boring jobs in the programme.菲菲在度假前要熨一大堆衣。不过尼尔认为这太“无聊”了。请在本期节目中学习这个形容无聊工作的有用表达方式。Neil: Hi Feifei, what are you up to?尼尔:嗨,菲菲,你在忙什么?Feifei: Hi Neil. Oh, Im just... ironing a few clothes.菲菲:嗨,尼尔。哦,我只是在熨几件衣。Neil: Thats a big pile of clothes.尼尔:这可是一大堆衣啊。Feifei: Im going on holiday! Everything has to be neat and clean.菲菲:我要去度假了!所有东西都要干净整洁。Neil: Youre even ironing your shorts!尼尔:你连短裤都要熨!Feifei: Nothing like perfectly ironed shorts.菲菲:没有什么比得上完美熨烫过的短裤。Neil: Nah, thats long, Feifei!尼尔:不是,这太无聊了,菲菲!Feifei: Theyre shorts – not long!菲菲:这些是短裤,并不长!Neil: Haha – very funny. You know what I mean.尼尔:哈哈,真有趣。你知道我是什么意思。Feifei: Long is British street slang which we use to talk about a task which is boring and not really worth it.菲菲:“long”是英国街头俚语,用来形容一项任务无聊又不值得。Neil: Exactly. Ironing is long. Its dull and takes forever.尼尔:没错。熨衣就非常枯燥。而且无趣又耗时。Feifei: Thats because you do it all wrong. Here, let me show you, while we play these examples.菲菲:这是因为你做得不对。来,我来教你,这期间我们来听些例句。Examples例句I cant believe youre cleaning the whole house. Thats long, bro. Come out and enjoy the sun.我真不敢相信你要打扫整个房子。伙计,那太无聊了。我们出去享受阳光吧。A: Why dont you stick with your diet?A:你为什么不坚持节食?B: Dieting is long. I just eat what I want and go to the gym instead.B:节食太枯燥了。现在我吃我想吃的食物,然后去健身房锻炼。Neil: You know, Feifei, youre right. Ironing isnt so bad.尼尔:菲菲,你是对的。熨衣也不是那么糟嘛。Feifei: Just you wait. Youll be ironing your socks before you know it.菲菲:别急。熨袜子的时候你就知道了。Neil: So, where are you off to on holiday?尼尔:你打算去哪里度假?Feifei: Im travelling around the world for five months!菲菲:我要用五个月的时间去环游世界!Neil: Wow, five months! Thats long.尼尔:哇哦,五个月!好长的假期啊。Feifei: Aha – but do you mean long – as in boring?菲菲:哈,你的意思是说无聊吗?Neil: Of course not... Five months is a long holiday. Have a great trip!尼尔:当然不是了。五个月可是个长假。祝你旅行愉快!Feifei: You can do all my ironing when I get back.菲菲:我回来的时候你可以帮我熨衣。Neil: So long, Feifei. Bye!尼尔:那太无聊了,菲菲。再见!Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。 译文属 /201706/514556

  Tom: Jess, you were talking before about getting your hair done.汤姆:杰西,你之前说过理发的事情。Jess: Every month, I have my hair done. Well, every four to six weeks I have my hair done. I have highlights which is one color. They take small strands of the hair and color that so overall it looks like its more sunkissed, like its bleached in the sun. But then I also get a low-light put through it, which is less harmful to the hair and gives more volume to the color if you have two colors, and that takes a long time to do. They wrap the hair theyre going to color in foil and it takes about half an hour for it to take effect and during that time they put a big ... I dont know how to describe it really. Its like a big helmut which releases hot air onto your hair, which speed up the process of the coloring, so its quite long and drawn out. I usually get through two or three magazines while thats happening. And then they wash out all of the color, and I have a treatment to protect the hair because the color often makes it dry, so the colors kinds of ... the treatments nourishing and moisturizing and they leave that on for about twenty minutes again so usually I fall asleep at that point, and then theyll rinse your hair and then cut it and style it so anything between two and a half and four hours, so much more complex and longer than youre half-an-hour short-back and sides. Yeah, I have a whole monthly beauty regime. Every month I also go and get my nails done and I have a manicure and a pedicure simultaneously to save time. And I love that. It always feels decedent to have one person working on your hands and another scrubbing away at your feet, and sometimes Ill have like a matching polish which always makes me feel good. What else do I have done every month? I try to go for a massage and a facial once a month. At the moment, Im doing like a workout regime so Im working out every day, so my muscles are aching a lot, especially when I stand up and sit down, so Im going for special ... whats the word ... ayurvedic. Im not sure what the right word is: special massage where they really push down on your muscles and then I have a facial afterwards. Yeah, I think thats about it. I think thats enough, no!杰西:我每个月都要剪发。大概四周到六周的时间,我就要剪次发。我染发时会用高光,只使用一种颜色。理发师把小缕头发染上颜色,使头发整体看起来更耀眼,就像在太阳下漂白的一样。之后再用低光,如果用两种颜色,这样做对头发的伤害更小,而且使颜色看上去更饱满,这个过程需要很长时间。理发师用锡箔纸把要染色的头发包起来,染色过程需要半个小时,这段时间他们会把……其实我不太清楚要怎么形容。他们会在你头部上方放一个会释放出热气的大头盔一样的东西,来加速染色过程,所需时间很长。这段时间我通常能翻完两三本杂志。之后他们会把染色剂洗掉,对头发进行护理,因为染色会让头发很干,所以护理是给头发增加营养和水分,这个过程需要20分钟,那时我通常会睡着,之后理发师会帮你冲洗头发,然后修剪,通常整个过程需要两个半小时到四个小时,比你修剪盖式发型所需的半个小时要长得多。我每个月都要做美容务。我每个月还要去做美甲,为了节省时间我会同时进行手部护理和足部护理。我非常喜欢这个。让一个人护理手,另一个人擦洗脚,这让我感觉很体面,有时我还会做美甲抛光,那一直让我感觉很好。我每个月还要做什么?我一个月会去一次还有做一次面部护理。现在,我在执行运动计划,我每天都会去健身,所以我的肌肉非常疼,尤其是我站起来和坐下的时候特别疼,所以我要,那个词怎么说来着,我要做阿育吠陀。我不太确定是不是这个词,这是一种特殊的方式,师会帮你肌肉,然后给你做个面部护理。我想大概就是这样,就是这些!Tom: Well, I dont envy all that time you spend! But you do look great.汤姆:我并不羡慕你花的那些时间!不过你看上去的确非常漂亮。 译文属 /201605/442456


  When an idea is unconvincing and wont work, why do you need washing powder?! The answer is you dont – but there is a washing-related phrase you can use. But Feifei has still brought some to the studio for this programme. Will she need it? Listen to The English We Speak to find out.当一个想法难以令人信而且行不通时,为什么需要洗衣粉?!当然是不需要洗衣粉了,不过你可以使用一个与洗涤有关的短语。可是为了本期节目,菲菲仍然把洗衣粉来到了演播室。她需要洗衣粉吗?请收听节目并弄清原因。Neil: Hello, Im Neil...尼尔:大家好,我是尼尔。Feifei: ... and Im Feifei and this is The English We Speak.菲菲:我是菲菲,欢迎收听地道英语节目。Neil: Whats in that bag, Feifei?尼尔:菲菲,那个袋子里装的是什么?Feifei: Oh this – its a box of the best washing powder there is – Dazzlebright non-bio washing powder!菲菲:哦,这个啊,这是一箱最好的洗衣粉——Dazzlebright牌非生物洗衣粉!Neil: And why will I need that?尼尔:我为什么需要洗衣粉?Feifei: Well, at the meeting earlier – when John suggested we all wore suits to work – you said his idea wont wash with the team – so heres some washing powder to help you make it wash.菲菲:之前开会的时候,约翰建议我们都穿西装上班,你说他的想法在团队里“洗不了”,所以我带了一些洗衣粉来帮你洗。Neil: Its a kind thought – but I wont need it. When I said it wont wash I meant his idea is unconvincing and wont work.尼尔:你的用意很好,可是我不需要洗衣粉。我说“it wont wash”的意思是他的想法没有说力,而且行不通。Feifei: Ah – So you dont need my washing powder then?菲菲:啊,所以你不需要我带来的洗衣粉?Neil: No thanks. You see, this phrase originally referred to fabrics that were not good quality and wouldnt last long when they were washed. But now its about someones idea or suggestion not lasting very long because people wont believe it or accept it. Lets hear some examples...尼尔:不需要,谢谢。你看,这个短语原指纺织物质量不好,清洗的时候持续不了太久。而现在这个短语的意思是某人的想法或者建议持续不了多长时间,因为人们不会相信或者说不会接受这个想法。我们来听几个例句。Examples例句Your excuses for not finishing your essay wont wash with me – youve missed your deadline and thats that.你作文没写完的理由不能说我,你已经错过截止日期了,就这样。The bosss idea to work an extra hour everyday wont wash with the team – theyll be furious.老板的想法是每天多工作一个小时,不过这个想法不能说这个团队,他们会火冒三丈的。Just saying youve got a cold wont wash with your fans – theyve paid a lot of money to come and see you perform.你说你感冒了,这对你的粉丝来说没有说力,他们为了来看你的表演花了很多钱。Feifei: Thats the expression it wont wash which really means it wont work – or nobody will believe you. Of course, I do know this phrase Neil.菲菲:这个短语真正的意思是行不通,或者说没有人相信你。尼尔,我当然知道这个短语。Neil: So why did you bring in the washing powder?尼尔:那你为什么还带洗衣粉来?Feifei: Well I know how scruffy our team members are – and if we do have to start wearing suits, they will all need a good wash. Erm, did you have curry last night?菲菲:我知道咱们的团队成员有多邋遢,如果我们必须要穿西装,他们都需要好好清洗一下。呃,你昨晚吃咖喱了吗?Neil: Yeah – why do you ask?尼尔:对啊,为什么这么问?Feifei: Theres a big yellow stain on your jumper – just there. Here, why not test out use my Dazzlebright washing powder – it makes your old clothes look like new!菲菲:你的毛衣上有一大块黄色的污渍,就在那里。为什么不试试我带来的Dazzlebright牌洗衣粉?它会让你的旧衣焕然一新!Neil: Hmm, thanks.尼尔:嗯,谢谢。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Neil: Bye.尼尔:再见。 译文属 /201705/510893

  我刚刚从一个采访现场回来。我们的嘉宾介绍了她有关中东地区冲突的一本新书。拍摄完成后,我注意到,摄像师的情绪好象特别低落,我这才想起他是退伍军人,在战场上失去过很多战友,一定是刚从嘉宾谈到战场上的伤亡,勾起了他很多痛苦的回忆,这也让我想到了一个习惯用语。那就是:close to home.Close to home这个短语跟家其实没什么关系;它的意思是“触及痛处”。上面的例子中,新书作者谈到中东冲突的惨状,触及了摄像师心里深层的记忆。For him, they were close to home. 对摄像师来说,这段采访触及了他的痛处。下面这个例子中,我们的法律记者要带我们去看看一个叫M.A.D.D., MADD的组织,咱们去听听是怎么回事:例句-1:M.A.D.D. is an organization committed to stopping drunk driving and supporting victims of this terrible crime. It was started in 1980 by a mother who had strong feelings about such issues. Her daughter had been killed by a repeat drunk driver. As with many of MADDs members, this tragedy is very close to home.这段话是说:“反对醉驾母亲协会”这个组织致力于防止醉酒驾车,并帮助遭遇不幸的受害者。一位母亲1980年创建了这个组织。她女儿就是被一名多次醉酒驾车的人撞死的。对于这个组织的成员来说,他们每个人都对这类悲剧有着切身的感受。MADD这个组织的全称是Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 所以缩写是MADD。对于这位母亲来说,the issue of drunk driving is close to home since her own daughter was killed by a drunk driver. 她对醉酒驾车的害处深有感触,因为她女儿就是被一名醉酒驾车的人撞死的。正是由于这个协会的努力,美国对醉驾的容忍度变小了,惩罚也更为严厉。******你有没有过这种经历呢?有时候别人无意中说的一句话,做的一件事,谈论的某个话题都会触及你的痛处。下面例子里的这名父亲在跟儿子谈话时就遇到了这样的情形。我们来听听看:例句-2:I wondered what my son was laughing about. He was watching a competition show on TV involving severely heavy people trying to lose weight. I explained to my son how I felt hurt. It was too close to home. I had been very overweight growing up. And I remembered all the ridicule I suffered years ago.这段话是说:我正纳闷我儿子在笑什么,原来他是在看一个电视真人秀节目,讲的是很多严重肥胖的人比赛减肥。我告诉儿子说,他触及了我的痛处,因为我小时候就特别胖,我清楚地记得原来怎样受到别人的嘲笑。这确实挺难受的。不过这位爸爸正好利用这个机会教育自己的孩子怎么面对与自己不一样的人。在这里,我们还可以在这个短语前面加上动词hit, hit. To hit close to home 也是一样的意思。 /201701/486552

  5. Weather (3) 5.天气(3)A: Heard its supposed to rain.A:听说要下雨了。B: Where did you hear that from?B:你从哪听说的?A: The news. The weatherman said there is a high probability of rain.A:新闻。天气预报员说很有可能下雨。B: Since when have you started watching the news?B:你从什么时候开始看新闻?A: Ive always watched the news. Well, at least to check out the weather.A:我一直看新闻。嗯,至少看看天气预报。B: What else did they say about the weekend?B:他们关于周末还说了什么?A: I think they said it was going to rain throughout the weekend.A:我想他们说整个周末都会下雨。B: Throughout the weekend? Dont pull my chain.B:整个周末?别逗我。A: Im not. They said it, not me. I know you had plans.A:我没有。他们说的,不是我。我知道你有计划。B: Well, I dont believe it. Just like I dont believe you watch the news.B:嗯,我不相信。就像我不相信你看新闻。A: Okay, suit yourself. Id take an umbrella though.A:好的,你随便。但我还是带上雨伞。B: I wont. Id rather get wet than listen to you. B:我不会的。我宁愿淋湿也不会听你的。 /201510/404488

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