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  New Zealand cherry producers are flying helicopters low over their orchards to dry off raindrops and protect thousands of tons of their product headed to Asia to feed rapidly growing demand from Chinese people.为满足中国人民迅速增长的需求,新西兰车厘子种植者正驾驶直升机在果园上空低空飞行,将准备出口至亚洲的数千吨车厘子上的雨滴吹干以保护果实。Growers in Central Otago are paying thousands of dollars an hour to fly helicopters over trees to stop rainfall from cracking fruit.中奥塔哥地区的果农正在付每小时数千美元的费用,驾驶直升机在果林上空飞行,阻止雨水破坏果实。To ensure the good quality sought by Asian buyers, the choppers have been flying just one meter above the trees, operating like fans to blow away moisture left by recent rain.为了确保亚洲买家追求的高品质,直升机刚好在果树上方1米的高度飞行,像风扇一样将近期雨水残留的水分吹干。The Chinese mainland has grown to become the second largest destination for New Zealand cherries after Taiwan in the past seven years.过去7年间,中国大陆逐渐成为新西兰车厘子的第二大出口地,仅次于中国台湾。Exports are expected to grow to around NZm this season, according to Tim Jones, chairman of Summerfruit NZ, which represents growers.据代表果农的新西兰夏季水果行业协会主席蒂姆·琼斯介绍,本季新西兰车厘子出口额预计增至约5000万新西兰元。Exporters and growers said they received constant requests for as much as fruit they could grow during Chinese New Year.出口商和果农均表示,中国新年期间,他们接到了源源不断的订单,供不应求。;The demand is phenomenal,; said Tracey Burns, who handles international cherry sales at produce exporter Freshmax.在产品出口商Freshmax负责车厘子国际销售的特蕾西·伯恩斯说道:“需求真的非常惊人。” /201702/492232


  Spain has appointed its first Minister of Sex whose job will be to get people busy between the sheets.西班牙最近任命了该国第一位“性大臣”,他的职责就是让人们在床第之间忙碌起来。The government hopes to boost Spain#39;s falling birth rate, which is one of the lowest in the developed world.西班牙政府希望能以此来提振西班牙不断降低的生育率,要知道西班牙是发达国家中生育率最低的之一。Prime minister Mariano Rajoy appointed Edelmira Barreira as the country#39;s sex tsar to get Spaniards to produce more babies.首相里亚诺·拉霍伊任命埃德尔米罗·巴雷拉为该国第一位性大臣,以此来鼓励西班牙人多多生育。The country is faced with a population crisis, with fewer births than deaths for the first time last year.西班牙正面临人口危机,出生率去年首次低于死亡率。Experts say long working hours and a culture of eating late at night and going to bed after midnight are partly to blame for the nation#39;s sex famine.据专家表示,工作时间过长、深夜吃宵夜以及午夜过后才睡觉等习惯都部分地导致了该国的性饥荒。Rafael Puyol, of the IE Business School in Madrid, said: ;They do not help with making a family. Then when a child arrives it is even worse.;来自马德里IE商学院的拉斐尔·普约尔表示:“这些习惯使得人们难以组成家庭,而当家里有一个孩子时,情况甚至会变得更糟。”Since 2008 the number of births in Spain has plunged by 18 per cent. And the number of childless couples has nearly tripled from 1.5million in 1977 to 4.4million in 2015.自2008年以来,西班牙的婴儿出生数量已经暴跌了18%。而无子女夫妇的数量几乎增长了3倍,从1977年的150万人增长到了2015年的440万人。Most Spanish women say they would like two or more children but in 2015 those aged 18 to 49 had an average of 1.3 children – well below the EU figure of 1.58.大多数西班牙妇女表示,她们想要2个甚至更多的孩子,但是在2015年的时候,18岁到49岁的妇女平均只有1.3个孩子--远低于欧盟1.58的水平。 /201703/496704

  A researcher who is no stranger to controversy has pondered whether exporting wild dog meat to South-East Asia is a sustainable way to manage the pest.一名饱受争议的专家近日又有了新想法:他提出向东南亚国家出口野肉来作为控制患的可持续之道。Dr Benjamin Allen most recently worked on a plan to release dingoes into a Great Barrier Reef island to kill feral goats.本杰明·艾伦士最近正在研究一个计划--把澳大利亚野放到大堡礁的一个岛屿上猎杀野山羊。His latest research started with a throwaway comment.他的最新研究始于一句玩笑话。;I met someone who works a fair bit in Asia. I mentioned that I work with dingoes, and they said #39;Oh, I#39;ve always wondered if tinned dingo meat would go well there#39;,; he said.他说道:“我遇到了一些在亚洲工作了很久的人。我提到了我在进行野研究,他们就说#39;哦,我想知道野肉罐头在那边能不能行得通。#39;”。Dr Allen did not give the issue much thought until he was preparing to present a paper at a conference focusing on conservation through the sustainable use of wildlife.艾伦士并没有把这个问题太放在心上,直到他准备在一个关于通过野生动物的可持续利用来实现保护的会议上发表论文。;Around the world, the sustainable use of wildlife is used as a model for conservation,; he said.“在全世界范围内,野生动物的可持续利用都是保护的典范。”他说。;We have sustainable use here in Australia aly. We have kangaroo and possum harvesting industries. Ecotourism is also sustainable use.;“我们已经在澳大利亚实行可持续利用了。我们有袋鼠和负鼠肉的加工业。生态旅游也是可持续利用的一种。”The paper Dr Allen wrote for the conference is titled Creating dingo meat products for Southeast Asia: potential market opportunities and cultural dilemmas.艾伦士为会议撰写的论文题为《为东南亚国家制作澳大利亚野肉罐头:潜在市场机会与文化困境》。;I think the first reaction from people when they hear the idea of selling wild dog meat to Asia is #39;How could you possibly put our animals through that?#39;; he said. ;But the dogs are aly being killed through trapping and shooting.;“我觉得,人们听到#39;往亚洲卖肉#39;这个主意的时候,第一反应应该是#39;你怎么能这么处理我们的动物呢!#39;”他说。“但是这些野已经用弹和陷阱杀死了。”Dr Allen said the control of wild dogs on Australian pastoral land had become a major concern to local, state and federal governments.艾伦士表示,澳大利亚牧区对野的控制已经成为当地政府、州政府和联邦政府的心头大患。;We#39;ve got no idea how many wild dogs are in Australia, but there#39;s something in the order of 10,000-15,000 scalps a year handed in to local governments for bounty payment,; he said. ;The dog is often hung on a tree or hung on a fence, or left to rot on the ground.;“我们不知道为什么澳大利亚有这么多野,但是现在每年有一万到一万五千只野尸体会被上交到地方政府来换取赏金。”他说。“野尸体往往挂在树上或者栅栏上,或者扔在地上腐烂。” /201610/471719As the saying goes, ;You are what you eat;.中国有句老话叫“吃什么补什么”。And according to a manufacturer of mung bean cakes in Shanghai, if one eats its product labeled ;dog poop cake;, you are likely to be ;blessed with the kind of luck that would see you step on dog poop;.上海一绿豆糕商家将自家商品命名为“屎糕”,宣称只要吃了他们家的“屎糕”,你就能走屎运。While tourists in the city have been intrigued by the product, locals are said to be indignant that the manufacturer is calling it ;a specialty of Shanghai;, leading to production of the cake being suspended and the product being pulled from shelves since Wednesday, after receiving wide media attention.虽然该产品吸引了很多外地游客,但是很多上海本地人对于商家标榜自己为“上海特产”的做法很生气。在引起媒体广泛关注后,该糕点现已停产,在售的也已下架。;I don#39;t get it. I just want to be innovative, which is supposed to be encouraged,; said Zhang Neirong, owner and manager of Shanghai Fengdu Food Co, which began labeling its signature mung bean cakes as ;dog poop cake; this year.上海风都食品公司在2016年开始给自家生产的绿豆糕打上“屎糕”商标。张内荣是该公司的所有者,总经理。他说:“我不明白为什么会这样,我只是想有点创新,我认为创新应该被鼓励。”Zhang said that due to overwhelming criticism and pressure, he has withdrawn the product from his partnering food stores in Shanghai.张经理表示,蜂拥而至的批评和压力让他不得不将该产品从上海的合作商铺中下架。He has also stopped producing the cake#39;s packaging - a linen bag and a post-it-size label that s, ;Savor the dog poop cake, enjoy the luck of stepping on dog poop; on a background featuring Shanghai#39;s skyline.该糕点的外包装为一个麻布口袋,“吃屎糕,走屎运”的标签字样印在以上海为背景的袋子上。该负责人表示目前该包装也已经停产。The mung bean cakes inside look and taste no different from the regular offerings prevalent at the city#39;s food stores and supermarkets. But the price, 42 yuan (.2) for 200 grams, is almost twice the average price.该款“屎糕”和上海各大超市、食品店销售的绿豆糕在外观和口味上并无差别,但是200克每包的售价却高达42元(6.2美元),大约是普通绿豆糕的两倍。A shop assistant working at a specialty store near the Bund, who refused to be named, said shoppers intrigued by the cakes are not usually concerned by the price, adding that more than 90 percent of purchases at her shop are made by tourists.外滩附近特产店里一位不愿透漏姓名的店员表示,90%来买糕点的客人都是外地游客,顾客一般都是被新奇的名称吸引,并不太关心价格。 /201611/479401

  First we learned that your cat#39;s poop might give you fits of rage, and now it turns out just being around our cats could make us seriously sick.我们在一开始就知道你家猫咪的便便可能会惹毛你,而现在发现,仅仅是待在猫咪周围也会使我们身染重病。NPR reports more people are becoming seriously ill with something called cat-scratch disease, a sickness that you can get if your cat#39;s claws pass on certain bacteria when they scratch you.美国国家公共电台报道,越来越多的人由于“猫抓病”而身患重病,它是由于你家猫咪在抓你时爪子上携带的病菌传染而致病。You can also get it by kissing your cat or touching your cat. Nothing is safe.即使是亲吻和抚摸猫咪也可能患病。没什么是安全的。Each year, around 12,000 people get the disease that causes symptoms like a bump or blister near the scratch, fatigue, fever, headache, and more.每年约有12000人患“猫抓病”,感染后会出现抓痕处肿起或起泡、疲劳、发烧、头痛等症状。The disease comes from bacteria that#39;s passed cat to cat and is also found in flea poop, which cats can get on their paws, in their fur, and in their mouths.这种疾病由猫和猫之间传播的细菌造成,该种细菌也存在于跳蚤粪便中,而它们会黏附在猫咪的爪子、毛发以及嘴里。If your cat scratches or bites you, you#39;re at risk for the disease that can turn into a heart infection or cause your brain to swell.如果你家的猫抓了你或咬了你,你就有心脏感染或脑肿胀的风险。While fewer people are getting the disease, NPR points out, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the cases that do happen are getting more serious.美国国家公共电台指出,虽然患病人数较少,但美国疾病预防与控制中心已经发现,一旦患病,情况就会变得越来越严重。To lessen your risk for the disease NPR says you should be sure to treat your cat for fleas and and keep it indoors.为了降低患病风险,美国国家公共电台建议,你应当确保猫身上没有跳蚤并且让它一直待在室内。It#39;s also a good idea to wash your hands after you touch your cat and not to kiss your cat.摸完猫后立刻洗手是个不错的习惯,切记不要亲吻猫咪。If it has flea poop in its fur and that poop comes into contact with your mouth, you might get sick.如果猫身上有跳蚤粪便并且与你的嘴接触,你就有可能生病。And NPR reports that kittens are especially risky because young cats are even more likely to have the bacteria that makes you sick.公共电台报道称,小猫更加危险,因为它们身上携带的细菌会在增加你患病的可能性。We always suspected cats had some grand plan to take over the world. Maybe cat-scratch disease is their first step.我们一向怀疑喵星人有着统治地球的远大抱负。也许猫抓病就是它们迈出的第一步。 /201609/469065A newlywed looks almost unrecognisable after she shed more than five stone for her wedding.一位新婚妻子在为婚礼减肥超过5英石(60斤)后,看起来几乎面目全非了。Danielle French, 28, said she could #39;barely fit into any of her clothes#39;. The mortgage advisor from Barnsley feared that she would be a #39;big bride#39; and was wearing size 16-18 clothes, but eventually walked down the aisle a size six after slimming down to eight stone.28岁的达尼埃尔·弗伦奇表示,她之前“几乎穿不上任何一件衣”。这位来自巴恩斯利的抵押贷款顾问起初担心自己会成为穿着16到18码衣的“肥胖新娘”,但最终她瘦到8英石,穿着6码的衣走向了婚礼的殿堂。She said: #39;After getting engaged I continued to put on lots of weight until March 2015 when I got to my biggest and could barely fit in any of my clothes. I really didn#39;t want to be a big bride.#39;她说:“订婚后我的体重仍然一直飙升,直到2015年3月我的体重到达了顶峰,那时我几乎穿不上我的任何一件衣。我真的不想成为一个胖新娘。”After the bride and groom-to-be booked their wedding for November 2016, Danielle joined Slimming World and also began to follow inspirational Instagram weight loss pages to ditch the pounds.在这对准夫妇将婚礼定在2016年11月后,达尼埃尔加入了“瘦身世界”,并且开始关注Ins上一些鼓舞人心的减肥网页,以此来鼓励自己减肥。It took Danielle a year to get to her goal weight. She said: #39;Losing the weight has changed my life in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. Before losing the weight I hated going out with my friends because I felt so self-conscious and awful in everything I wore.#39;最终,达尼埃尔花了一年的时间达到了自己的目标体重。她说道:“减肥在很多方面改变了我的人生,这远远超出了我的想象。减肥前我很不喜欢和朋友们出去,因为无论穿什么我都感到很丑很难为情。”#39;I was also really unfit and got out of breath really easily whenever I walked more than half a mile. I suffer from IBS and since losing the weight and eating a much healthier balanced diet means I hardly ever get symptoms.#39;“以前我的身体真的很不健康,一旦步行超过半英里我就会很容易喘不上气。我以前还有肠易激综合征,但自从减肥后我开始吃更健康均衡的饮食,就再也没有犯过病。”She said all of her friends and family have been amazed by her transformation. Danielle said: #39;They are all really proud of me and can#39;t believe how much weight I have lost and how different I look now.#39;她表示,自己所有的亲朋好友都对她的改变很吃惊。达尼埃尔称:“他们都很为我骄傲,并且难以相信我现在减了这么多斤,变得这么不一样。” /201704/502381

  To like or not to like...喜欢还是厌恶……(模仿《哈姆雷特》中的名句;To be or not to be, that#39;s a question.(生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得考虑的问题);)If Hamlet was written today如果《哈姆雷特》成书于今天的话 /201703/498099



  Hand-Held Stilts手扶式高跷Hand-held stilts typically come in two varieties (string and pole) and are common childhood toys. Unlike other forms of stilts, hand-held stilts are not tied or strapped to the wearer. Hand-held pole stilts are made of two long poles, each with a foot support on them. The stilter holds on to the upper end of the pole and rests their foot on the foot plate. Hand-held string stilts (also known as tin can stilts) are platforms with strings attached to them. The platforms, most commonly made of tin cans, hold the stilter’s weight while the strings are used to pull the cans to the feet as the stilter takes a step.手扶式高跷一般有两种(线形和极点形),是常见的儿童玩具。不同于其他形式的高跷,手扶高跷不依赖或绑在使用者身上。手扶式极点高跷是由两个长雪仗,每个有脚撑组成。踩高跷者晃到杆的上端,他们的脚踩在脚踏板上。手扶式线形高跷(也称为罐头高跷)与带状物和平台连接。这平台大多数由锡罐做成,控制踩高跷者的重量当他们拉罐到脚上的时候。 /201611/477682

  New research provides further evidence to suggest that sufficient vitamin D while pregnant can have health benefits for future children, with a recent Australian study suggesting that the vitamin could help prevent autism traits in offspring.新研究提供进一步据,表明怀期间摄入足够的维生素D能为宝宝的未来发展带来健康益处,最近的一项澳大利亚研究表明维生素D或能预防后代的自闭症。Autism -- or autism spectrum disorder -- is a lifelong condition where sufferers experience developmental disabilities such as an inability to communicate with others, interact socially, or fully comprehend the world.自闭症,或是自闭症谱系障碍,是一种终身性疾病,患者会经历发育障碍,比如无法与他人交流、无法与社会互动,或无法完全地理解世界。In their animal study, a team of researchers from the University of Queensland#39;s Queensland Brain Institute used the most widely accepted developmental model of autism, in which the mice behaved abnormally and demonstrated problems with social interaction and basic learning.在他们对动物的研究中,一组来自昆士兰大学昆士兰大脑研究所的研究人员使用了最为广泛接受的自闭症发展模式,研究中,小老鼠表现异常,并出现社交和基本学习障碍。The team of researchers gave the pregnant mice active vitamin D supplements, and found that pregnant females treated with active vitamin D in the equivalent of the first trimester of pregnancy produced offspring that did not develop autism deficits.这组研究人员让怀的老鼠摄入活性维生素D补充剂,并发现:期前三个月摄入活性维生素D的小老鼠的后代不会产生自闭症障碍。The discovery provides further evidence of the crucial role vitamin D plays in brain development, said lead researcher Professor Darryl Eyles, with the results also backing up QBI#39;s other recent human studies on the effect of vitamin D on autism.该发现进一步表明:维生素D对大脑发育至关重要,首席研究员达里尔·艾尔斯教授说道,该研究结果还持了昆士兰大脑研究所最近开展的维生素D对自闭症影响的其它人类研究。QBI#39;s 2016 study carried out with the Erasmus Medical Centre in The Netherlands looked at blood samples from 4229 pregnant women and found that those who had low vitamin D levels at 20 weeks#39; gestation were more likely to have a child with autistic traits by the age of six, suggesting a link between low vitamin D and brain growth and neurodevelopmental disorders.2016年昆士兰大脑研究所与荷兰伊拉斯姆斯医学中心共同开展的一项研究对4229名妇进行了血样检测,并发现在妊娠20周时维生素D低的妇,她们的孩子更有可能在6岁的时候发展自闭症特征,这就表明维生素D摄入量低与大脑发育、神经发育障碍之间存在联系。However commenting on the results of the new study, researcher Dr Wei Luan also pointed out that although vitamin D is crucial for health, including maintaining healthy bones, the active hormonal form of vitamin D cannot be given to pregnant women because it may affect the skeleton of the developing fetus.然而,在新研究的结果时,研究员魏栾士也指出:尽管维生素D对健康至关重要,能维持健康的骨骼,但妇不能摄入维生素D中的活性激素,因为这可能会影响发育中胎儿的骨骼。However, he also added that, ;Recent funding will now allow us to determine how much cholecalciferol -- the supplement form that is safe for pregnant women -- is needed to achieve the same levels of active hormonal vitamin D in the bloodstream.;然而,他还指出,;现在有了资金,我们能够确定需要多少胆钙化醇--妇可安全摄入的补充剂--就能在血液中达到和活性激素维生素D相同的效果。;Vitamin is produced by skin cells when exposed to sunlight, however it can also be found in some foods including oily fish (salmon, trout, tuna, sardines and mackerel), calf#39;s liver, soy and egg yolks.当暴露在阳光下时,皮肤细胞能产生维生素,但有些食物也含有维生素,包括富含脂肪的鱼类(三文鱼、鳟鱼、金鱼、沙丁鱼和鲭鱼)、小牛的肝、大豆和蛋黄。译文属 /201704/502987

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