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Learn simple ways to conserve energy used in your home and save money while doing it. Checking insulation and thermostats are just two ways to save energy in the home; Videojug will show you more.跟着我们的视频可以学习家中节约能量的方法,从而节约费用。检查绝缘效果和热量状况是家中节约能源的两种途径。Videojug会教给你更多方法。Step 1: Check For Drafts1.检查通风装置In the average home, nearly 20 percent of all heat is lost through unprotected openings in widows, doors and floorboards.在普通家庭中,接近20%的热量是通过门窗和地板未封闭的开口流失的。To test an area, simply hold your hand or a lit candle, up against a door or window. If you feel cold air coming in (PAUSE)… warm air is escaping. And as your mother always said, “Why heat the outside?!”进行检查的时候,只要将一只手或者一根点燃的蜡烛对着门窗就可以了。如果感觉到有冷空气流过来,说明热量在流失。就像你的母亲经常说的,“为什么要给房子外面加热?”The fix is simple. Apply weather-stripping around all doors and windows. Fill in any cracks on window frames or floorboards with filler or sealant.修理工作非常简单。在所有门窗上安装密封条。将门窗或地板的所有裂缝都用填充物或密封剂填满。You#39;ll save hundreds of dollars on your annual heating bill while saving the planet.在拯救地球的同时,你每年可以节约数百美元的加热费用。Step 2: Thermostat Control2.温度控制Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can reduce your energy consumption by more than 5%.... And you won#39;t even notice the difference.将温度降低1度可以使能量消耗降低超过5%……而降低1度你基本上感觉不到太大差别。And, while you#39;re at it, don#39;t heat rooms you#39;re not using. This can save you cash on your heating bill.同时,不要为你没有使用的房间加热。这样可以节约账单上的资金。Step 3: Turn It Off3.关掉不使用的设备You aly know you should turn off any appliances you#39;re not using. This includes switching off lights when you leave a room.你知道你应该关掉不使用的任何设备。包括离开房间的时候要关灯。And don#39;t use that “standby” function on your electronics. According to the California Energy Commission, devices set to “standby” still use power, accounting for 35 percent of the wasted energy in your home. Eliminating that this could save billion every year in the U.S.不要使用家电上的“待机”功能。加利福尼亚能源委员会表示,设置在“待机”状态的电子设备仍然耗电,而且占据家中浪费掉的能源的35%。如果不使用“待机”功能,全美国每年可以节约10亿美元。Step 4: Hot Water4.热水Your hot water heater does NOT need to be set higher than 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or 60 degrees centigrade. Any higher, and the system automatically adds cold water to cool it back down for use. Now that#39;s just wasteful.你的热水器不需要设置在华氏140度或摄氏60度以上。如果高于这个数值,热水器会自动向其中注入冷水进行冷却,这就造成了浪费。Step 5: Waste Not, Wash Not5.使用洗衣机不要浪费Don#39;t run your washing machine unless you#39;ve got a full load. If you can#39;t wait, make sure to use the “economy” or “half load” settings.当洗衣机满载时才开动。如果迫不及待地要洗衣,确保使用“经济”或“半量”设置。Modern washing machines work just as effectively at 100 degrees as they do at 140 degrees. But that 100-degree setting cuts carbon emissions by one-third.现代洗衣机在100度的设置下像140度的设置一样高效。而使用100度的设置可以将碳排放量降低三分之一。Tumble dryers use up a lot of energy, so why not hang your clothes on a line instead? This is better for your clothing AND the environment.转筒式干燥机消耗大量能量,所以,为什么不将衣晒在晾衣绳上呢?这对你的衣和环境都更好。Speaking of washing, taking a shower instead of a bath uses about 50 percent less water and energy.说到洗涤,淋浴比沐浴可以节约50%的水和能量。Step 6: Insulation Installation6.绝缘设备的安装Up to one-third of the heat in your home escapes through your roof. You can prevent this by insulating your attic. Not only is it simple to do, but it#39;s the most cost-effective energy-saving measure you can take.你家中多大三分之一的热量是从屋顶流失的。可以在阁楼安装绝缘材料来避免这一点。这不仅非常简单,而且是最成本高效的节约能量的方法。And don#39;t stop there... If you haven#39;t aly, insulate your walls. This prevents another third of your heat from escaping.还不止……如果你房间的墙壁没有安装绝缘材料,也要进行改进,这又可以为你节约三分之一的热量。Step 7: Hit The Breaks7.减税Saving energy is not only good for the earth, it#39;s good for your wallet. Government tax breaks and rebate incentives are often available when you retrofit your home to be as energy efficient as possible.节约能源不仅对地球有利,对你的钱包也比较好。如果你对自己的家庭进行改造,尽可能的能源高效,将可以获得政府的税收减免和返还激励。In the U.S., consumers who install energy-saving equipment in their homes may be eligible for a 0 tax credit. Check your local power authority for more information.在美国,家中安装了节约能源设施的消费者可以获得500美元的税收减免。要了解更多信息,可以向当地官方机构咨询。Step 8: Good Buys8.合理购买From light bulbs to kitchen gear, there are tons of energy-efficient appliances available on the market. Amazingly, these machines often use 50 percent less energy than other models.从照明灯泡到厨房设备,市场上有多种节约能源的设备。令人惊叹的是,这些节能设备比其他型号的设备可以节约50%的能量。And, after you bring your energy-efficient appliances home, make sure you use them in an energy-efficient way…购买了节能设备后,确保使用的是节能模式。Don#39;t boil more water than you need, don#39;t leave the fridge or freezer doors open longer than necessary, don#39;t forget to defrost your freezer regularly, and try give your hot water heater regular check-ups.煮沸的热水不要超过自己需要的数量,不要长期打开冰箱门,不要忘记经常为冷藏室解冻,并且经常对热水器进行检查。And while you#39;re at it, you could save even more by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs.如果使用节能灯泡的话,你可以节约更多能源。Thanks for watching How To Save On Energy Costs In Your Home感谢收看本期“家庭怎样节约能量”节目。 Article/201209/197980Buddy the Surf Dog rules! Meet Buddy the Amazing Shredding Pooch, the Scourge of Ventura Beach. See Buddy shoot the curl! ;I#39;m on a quest to find the perfect wave!; says Buddy, ;Some gnarly breakers, my longboard, and my dude Bruce, what more do I need?; Buddy won the 2007 Surf Dog Championship in Del Mar, California. Find out how this modest Jack Russell Terrier discovered surfing and became a surfing champ! 巴迪这只冲浪小现在来到了你的面前!在文图拉海滩你就能发现它的身影。看看这只小的英姿!我想找到完美的海浪!这浪花太美妙了,瞧瞧,我可是冲浪老手,这是我的伙计布鲁斯,我还需要些什么?它赢得2007年加利福尼亚冲浪比赛的冠军。了解这只谦虚的杰克罗素梗如何发现自己沉迷于冲浪并使自己成为一个冲浪冠军!词语解释:1. surf v. 冲浪2. perfect a. 完美的 Article/201112/164969吉尔伯特泰勒所拥有的研究机会不是每一位脑科学家都所希望拥有的:她有严重中风,并且观察到她大脑的功能--运动,语言,自我意识-一个接一个关闭。这真是令人惊讶的故事。 Article/201212/215894

How to Make a Talking-Dog Video on HowcastThink your dog is even more adorable than a talking Chihuahua? Grab your camera and start filming.想想你的比会说话的吉娃娃都可爱?拿起你的摄影机开始拍摄吧。Step 1: Take lots of footageVideotape your dog when they’re barking and chewing. You’ll need about 30 minutes of footage of them with their mouth moving.第一步:要拍很多连续镜头当叫或咀嚼食物的时候,将这些场景拍摄下来,你需要拍摄30分钟的的嘴在动的画面。Step 2: Load it onto a computerLoad the footage onto a computer.第二步:将录像传到计算机上将录像传到计算机上Step 3: Edit itOpen up a -editing program and edit the raw footage down to the best 3 minutes or so, using 20 to 30 second chunks.第三步:编辑录像打开视频编辑程序,将最初的录像最好删减到30分钟或选20至30个画面。Step 4: Work out a scriptWrite a script that matches their mouth movements as closely as possible.第四步:写剧本写一个尽量和(的)嘴型变化相匹配的剧本。Tip:If they make a funny expression or gesture, think about how you can work that into their monologue.小贴士:如果做了一个滑稽的表情或动作,要想想如何将之制作成一个独白。Step 5: Record the voiceRecord the voice into a computer microphone as you watch the edited . If your -editing program has a voice-over tool, you can add the voice directly to your movie. If not, open up a dedicated audio program and record the VO separately. Then import the audio file into your editing program and combine the audio and .第五步:录音一边看录像一边将声音录到电脑中。如果你的录像编辑程序有配音的工具,你可以直接将声音添加到录像上。如果没有,再同时打开一个音频软件,将录音分开录下来。然后将音频导入编辑的程序中,将声音和图像结合起来。Step 6: Show offShow off your talking-dog clip to your friends and family.第六步:展示将你制作的说话的录像展示给朋友或家人。 Article/201012/119826

演讲简介:Julian Treasure说日益吵闹的世界正在吞噬我们的精神健康,甚至威胁我们的生命。他提出了八大法则帮助我们缓解“声音的侵袭”(先从廉价耳机入手),并且重新建立起我们同声音之间的和睦关系。 Article/201211/210771

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