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如果你不想起床…… /201108/147130Nobody in this planet has the perfect job. Including you. Here are the jobs that everyone, including you, should try at least once in their lives.下面的这些工作,每个人在一生中都应该至少去尝试一次。Waiter 务员It is one of the most basic of jobs and, in fact, quite a number of people (like Lady Gaga and Jen Aniston) have actually done this at some point of their lives. As you wait on tables, you learn qualities like patience, humility and subservience. The best part is that you earn more in tips that would make your salary look tiny.这是最基本的工作。事实上,很多人(像 Lady Gaga和珍妮弗·安妮斯顿)在他们人生中的某个阶段都做过这份工作。当你在桌旁等候时,你学到了耐心、谦卑和从。这份工作最好的部分是你会发现你收到的小费比工资还要多。Baby sitter保姆It might be justified if you wouldn#39;t want to associate yourself with what you consider a girl#39;s job. However, this job deserves at least one go because it might help you in your later life, apart from helping you make some extra bucks. Before marriage, men usually find kids extremely annoying and even repulsive to a great extent. When you opt for baby-sitting as a job, you learn how to deal with the very babies that made you cringe before. This could, in fact, be the first step you could take towards fatherhood and would be a great thing to do before you plan to start your own family. Even Anne Hathaway was a baby sitter before she hit it big time in Hollywood (if that#39;s any consolation).可能男性不想把自己和一份女性的工作联系起来,这很合情合理。然而,这份工作值得你去做一次,因为除了能帮你赚一些外快,对你以后的生活也很有帮助。在结婚前,男人通常会觉得小孩子很烦,甚至在很大程度上会排斥他们。当你做保姆时,你将学会照顾以前不愿靠近的婴儿。实际上,这是你当爸爸的第一步,也是在你计划建立自己家庭之前非常重要的一件事情。就连公主安妮·海瑟薇在好莱坞走红之前也做过保姆。(如果这算是安慰的话。)Salesman推销员For the thrill of convincing someone to pay you money for something they don#39;t need. The more you succeed in it, the more your feeling of awesomeness. Learning the tricks of the selling trade not only adds to your smartness but also to your inherent ability to manipulate others. Also, there certainly is some charm to a job that was Jerry Seinfield#39;s first.说别人去买他们并不需要的东西并从中赚钱,你会感到兴奋。你的推销工作越成功,你的感觉就越棒。学习销售的技巧不仅会让你更聪明,而且还能学会控制他人。如果你知道这是美国喜剧演员杰瑞·宋飞的第一份工作,你是不是会觉得这份工作很有魅力呢?Customer Service Representative代表This particular job is more like stepping into somebody else#39;s shoes. To be more precise, all those customer care reps you have yelled your lungs out at, at some point of your life. You#39;ll realize that being a customer service executive is, indeed, a job much tougher and challenging than any other desk bound job that you might opt for. Hopefully, after this stint, you#39;ll stop holding the customer care rep. responsible for every fault of his employers.这份工作更像是接替他人的工作。更准确的说,接替那些客户务代表们的工作:在你生活中的某个阶段,你肯定有朝他们大喊大叫过。你会意识到,代表这个工作比其他任何的办公室工作都更困难、更具有挑战性。但愿在这份工作后,你不会再把顾客的每次抱怨都看成是代表的责任。Driver/ Chauffeur司机You#39;re a man and there#39;s no thrill better than getting behind some nasty wheels. While driving a taxi might not exactly be as thrilling, getting yourself a job as a chauffeur of high profile businessman or a celebrity might just be the start of a fantastic experience. While you whisk them around the city, you also get to be a part of their everyday dealings, albeit indirectly. As you gain knowledge about the things they do, you might be able to incorporate them into your life and, perhaps, create your own success story. Even Brad Pitt drove his way right into Hollywood while chauffeuring a limousine.作为一个男人,没有比开车更令人激动的事情了。开出租车可能不会让你那么兴奋,但给有钱商人或者名人当司机会给你带来绝妙的经历。当你载着他们在城市里穿梭时,你也成为他们生活中的一部分,尽管不是直接联系。当你了解他们所做的事情时,你可能会把这些带到自己的生活里,也许还会创造出自己的成功故事。就连布拉德·皮特,也是边当豪车司机,边奔向好莱坞实现梦想的。 /201204/176483Why Siri And Most Other Computer Voices Are Female为啥Siri和其它人工智能都是女的? If you ask Siri what gender it is, the iPhone 4S personal assistant doesn't give a clear answer. But many have assumed from its tone that Siri is female (in most countries anyway -- in France and the UK, Siri's voice is masculine). 如果你使用苹果iPhone 4S的语音功能Siri,问它是男是女,它可能不会给你明确的。但是,通过Siri的音调来判断,大多数人认为它是女的(在大多数国家Siri用的是女声,在法国和英国用的是男声)。 From GPS devices to voicemail boxes, most computerized voices are female. The reason likely boils down to psychology. 从全球定位系统到语音信箱,大多数人工智能的声音都是女声,其中的原因可能要归结于心理学。 Scientific studies have found that humans prefer the sound of a woman's voice to a man's. The preference begins at an early age too. Stanford University professor Clifford Nass cites a study in which fetuses react to their mother's voice, but not to other female voices or their father's voice. 科学研究发现,比起男声,人们更喜欢女声,而且这种偏好从婴儿形成的时候就开始了。斯坦福大学教授克利福德·奈斯引用一项研究来说明,胎儿只对其母亲的声音做出反应,而不会对其他女性或者其父亲的声音做出反应。 Is there another possible reason for all of the female computer voices? 还有其他的原因来说明为什么人工智能都用女声吗? Our history, says CNN's Brandon Griggs. "According to some sources, the use of female voices in navigation devices dates back to World War II, when women's voices were employed in airplane cockpits because they stood out among the male pilots. And telephone operators have traditionally been female, making people accustomed to getting assistance from a disembodied woman's voice." CNN的布兰登·格里格斯说,“这与历史有关。根据资料显示,最早在二战的时候。飞机驾驶舱中的导航设备使用的就是女声,因为在男性飞行员中,女声更能被辨识出来。而且,传统上来说,电话接线员都是女性,这就让人们习惯于从没有实体的女性声音那里来获得帮助。” /201110/158632

Think your office dress code is stiff, boring, and corporate? The truth is, you can still let your individuality shine when a business suit is your daily uniform. With these celebrity-inspired tips and tricks, you can express your personality and make your basics pop while still looking professional on the job.你是不是觉得自己的职业装呆板、单调又雷同?职业装穿衣秘籍来了:一点点“小心机”就能让千篇一律的正装穿出你自己的风格来。跟明星学穿职业装,突显个性的同时,又不失专业素养。 /201207/190185

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