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Paper-Cut in Wedding婚姻中的剪纸艺术At wedding ceremony,paper-cut ;Fish playing around lotus,; ;Fish biting lotus,; ;Lotus bearing seeds; and ;Happy dolls;(baby with coiled hair holding a pair of fish) are pasted on the ceiling of the bridal chamber.在婚礼仪式,剪纸“鱼戏莲花”,“鱼咬莲花”,“莲花结子”和“快乐娃娃”(卷曲的头发的宝宝拿着一双鱼)被粘贴在洞房的天花板上。Fish, being a proliferous legendary animal, is often used to symbolize having multiple children. A yin-yang paired fish became a cultural code in Chinese folk art works.鱼,是传说中多子的神兽,常常被用来象征有多个孩子。配对的阴阳鱼成为中国民间艺术作品的文化代码。 /201605/442487。

Her bright suits and bold hats put the Duchess of Cambridge’s nude court shoes in the shade. The Queen may have turned 90, but there is little doubt she is still the ultimate style icon, as a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace from tomorrow reveals. 女王亮眼的套装和大胆出挑的帽子让凯特王妃那双裸色高跟鞋黯然失色。女王已经九十,但毫无疑问她仍是永不过时的时尚偶像。这一点可以在七月二十二日起在白金汉宫举办的一场女王装展览中展现出来。Her Majesty wears jewel-coloured outfits to ensure she can be seen by her subjects - and even uses them as a tool of diplomacy. Who knew that she dresses to echo the flag of the country she is visiting so as to flatter her hosts, and sometimes even has their national emblem sewn into them.为了让她的国民能清楚地看到她,女王一直身穿宝石色的套装,甚至还将这些套装作为一种外交工具。为了对接待她的国家表示友好,她会穿与那个国家国旗颜色一样的套装,甚至有时会将那个国家的国徽缝在衣上。Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen’s Wardrobe shows off almost 80 of her outfits and 62 of her iconic hats. Here, we take a look at a glorious selection... “造就一个朝代:女王衣橱时尚九十年”展示了近80套套装及62顶标志性的帽子。接下来,我们来看看其中的几套精选装。THE ONE-SHOULDERED DRESS 露肩礼Made from duchesse satin, lace, sequins, diamante and beads, this asymmetric crinoline-skirted gown of pale yellow and turquoise - made by Sir Norman Hartnell, her favourite couturier of the time - is a perfect example of the Queen’s Fifties fashions. 这件浅黄与宝绿色相衬的露肩膨鼓裙礼是诺曼#8226;哈特内尔设计并完成的,用全丝硬缎、花边、珠片、镶钻、及绿松石制成。哈特内尔是女王当时最欣赏的设计师。这件礼是上世纪五十年代女王时尚最完美的代表。Worn on a state visit to the Netherlands in 1958, it features a one-shouldered bodice, the line of which is continued by a gathered panel of satin across the skirt. 女王身穿此礼于1958年出访荷兰。礼的特点是其露肩的连衣裙上身,全丝硬缎的镶片将肩部线条延续到整条裙子上。The dress is appliqued with tape lace forming stylised floral motifs and is richly embroidered with heavy beading. 裙子上还饰有带有风格化的花朵图案的长条蕾丝并且镶满了珠子。This, says the Royal Collection, is another perfect example of the Queen’s unique championing of British couture. 英国皇家收藏信托表示,这件礼也完美地展现了女王对英国女士时装的持。THE INVESTITURE OUTFIT 授权仪式装An ensemble that bears all the hallmarks of Sixties fashion: the princess-line coat hides a tunic as well as an underdress. 这是一套具备了所有六十年代时尚特点的装:公主线外套遮盖住了女士短上衣和衬裙。Made in a striking pale primrose yellow, the silk outfit also includes pearls, bugle beads and embroidery on the cuffs, collar and hem. 这件淡黄色的丝绸外套的袖口、衣领和下摆处缝有珍珠和玻璃小珠,并带有刺绣。The most interesting thing about it, however, is the matching hat made by a favourite milliner of the time, Simone Mirman. 然而,最有趣的还数与之相配的帽子是由当时最受欢迎的女帽设计师西蒙娜#8226;米尔曼制作的。Her Majesty took inspiration from the medieval age, which suited the surroundings of Caernarvon Castle, where the Queen was investing her son and heir, Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales in July 1969. 她的灵感来源于中世纪。1969年7月,女王在卡那封城堡授予她的儿子即继承人查尔斯王子以威尔士亲王的头衔。她的灵感与卡那封城堡的环境很相配。The section at the back of the hat represents a ‘caul’, a form of head-dress covering the hair and hung down over the neck. 帽子后面部分采用了“发网”这一形式,即一种覆盖头发并自然垂下至颈部的发饰。‘The philosophy behind the design is that the Queen would largely be seen from behind as she placed the coronet on the prince’s head, so having good design from the back was just as important as the outfit looking successful from the front,’ says exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 展览负责人卡罗琳#8226;德#8226;吉托说:“这样设计是因为当女王将小冠冕授予王子时,大部分时间大家只能看到她的背影,所以帽子从后面看起来好看和装从前面看起来完美一样重要。”THE OFFICIAL PORTRAIT GOWN 官方肖像照礼With its crinoline-style skirt, nipped-in waist and sweetheart neckline, this gown - a highlight of the exhibition - is a perfect example of the Queen’s style in the Fifties. 这件有裙撑,腰部收紧,鸡心领的礼是此次展览最精的部分。它是女王五十年代时尚的完美展示。Made by Sir Norman Hartnell, the Queen wore it in 1956 for a series of official portraits taken by Baron Studios. 在由男爵工作室于1956年拍摄的一系列官方肖像照中,女王就穿了这件哈特内尔设计的礼。It was fashioned from oyster-coloured duchesse satin and gold lamé, embellished with diamante, pearls, sequins and beads in tones of gold and silver. 它用牡蛎色的全丝硬缎和金银锦缎制成,装饰了深浅不同的金银色镶钻、珍珠、亮片和小珠子。‘This is about beauty, about the best of British, about elegance,’ says Caroline de Guitaut. ‘It is another superb example of British couture, which the Queen champions.’ 吉托认为“这件衣代表了美,代表了英国最好的一面,代表了优雅,是女王所持的英国女士装的又一优秀范例。”GOWN FIT FOR A HISTORIC VISIT 历史性访问场合礼Designed by Savile Row’s Hardy Amies, the Queen first wore this turquoise dress in 1965 when she became the first British head of state to visit Germany after World War II. It is made from organza silk, sequins, silver th, beads and pearls and was worn to an official state banquet. 萨维尔街的哈迪#8226;埃米斯设计了这件礼。1965年,女王出访德国时首次穿了这套蓝绿色的衣。当时女王是首位二战后出访德国的英国首脑。这件衣的材质有欧根纱、闪光装饰片、银线、珠子和珍珠。女王穿着这件礼参加了国宴。The ornate embroidery over the bodice was inspired by the Rococo interiors of the palaces at Schloss Bruhl, which Amies researched prior to the Queen’s visit. 礼上半身的华丽刺绣的灵感来源于德国布鲁尔城堡内部洛可可风格的室内设计。埃米斯在女王出访前特意做了一番研究。Her Majesty loved the dress so much so that (with her usual eye for economy), she wore it again for an official portrait by Cecil Beaton in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace in 1968. 女王十分喜爱这件裙子,再加上她不铺张浪费的观念,1968年在白金汉宫白色会客厅由塞西尔#8226;比顿帮她拍摄官方肖像照时,她再一次穿上了这件衣。THE QUEEN’S WEDDING DRESS 女王的结婚礼When commissioned to design Princess Elizabeth’s 1947 wedding dress, Sir Norman Hartnell set out to produce ‘the most beautiful dress I had made so far’. His magnificent creation is in ivory silk, decorated with crystals and 10,000 seed pearls. 当哈特内尔被任命设计1947年伊丽莎白公主的结婚礼时,他就开始着手做这件“有史以来做过最漂亮的裙子”。这件华丽的设计采用了乳白色的丝绸,并用水晶和一万粒珍珠点缀。The accompanying shoes are tiny. Her shoe size has never been officially revealed, but is believed to be a two-and-a-half to three. 配套的鞋子很小。女王的鞋码从未正式公布过,但一般认为是英码2.5码-3码左右。THE CORONATION DRESS 加冕仪式装The Queen’s 1953 Normal Hartnell-designed Coronation dress is regarded as a tour de force of British design. 这件由哈特内尔设计,女王1953年登基加冕时所穿的礼被认为是英国设计的巅峰之作。The duchesse satin gown, which took eight months to design and create, features national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold and silver th, encrusted with seed pearls, sequins and crystals. It had to be reinforced to support the weight of the embroidery. Unbeknown to the Queen, Hartnell added a four-leaf shamrock on the left of the skirt for luck, and was delighted to see her hand brush it as she walked into Westminster Abbey. 这件全丝硬缎的礼花费了八个月的时间来设计并且制作,用金银丝线绣上了英国和英联邦的代表花朵,外面装饰有珍珠、亮片和水晶。为了能够撑起外面这么多的装饰,哈特内尔还加固了这件衣。女王不知情的情况下,哈特内尔在裙子左侧加了一株四叶草,以求幸运之神眷顾女王。而且令他高兴的是,女王在走入威斯敏斯特教堂时,摆动的手拂过了这株幸运草。‘The Queen wanted a dress that would stand up to the occasion - it was the first coronation fully televised - and the dress she chose was the eighth of nine he sketched. It is timeless,’ said exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 吉托说:“女王想要一件能镇得住场面的礼,毕竟这是第一次全程直播的加冕仪式。女王在哈特内尔的九张手稿中选择了第八件。它是永恒的。”THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE STYLE 周年庆典装One section of the exhibition is devoted to an example of the Queen’s style from each decade of her life - and this green Hartnell silk dress is typical of the Seventies. 展览有一部分是每十年女王穿衣风格的展示。这件哈特内尔设计的绿色丝绸连衣裙是典型的七十年代风格。Along with a matching silk and straw Simone Mirman hat, it was worn by Queen on several occasions during her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977, when she travelled the length and bth of the ed Kingdom before heading overseas. 1977年迎来了女王的二十五周年纪念之旅。在她出访海外前,她游遍了整个英国。在这期间,她多次穿着这件衣,同时佩戴了米尔曼设计的丝绸草帽。The soft silhouette, bow-tie neck and floral print silk are all hallmarks of Seventies design. 柔和的线条、蝶形领结、花朵图案的丝绸都是七十年代设计的标志。‘There is a strong print, and the dress is made of lightweight silk for the sake of practicality,’ observes the curator of the exhibition.. 展览负责人说:“出于实用考虑,裙子使用了轻薄的丝绸,还配上了浓烈的印花。”THAT OLYMPIC DRESS 奥运礼Among the most globally recognisable outfits on show is the dress worn by the Queen at the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. 女王在2012年伦敦奥运会开幕式上穿的衣也在展览之列。这套衣全球闻名。The gown was designed by the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly, and made from silk in a peachy-pink colour, embellished with lace, sequins and beads, with matching feather fascinator.这件礼由女王的资深造型师安吉拉#8226;凯莉设计,用桃粉色的丝绸做成,加上蕾丝,亮片和珠子的装饰,并且搭配羽毛边饰。Caroline de Guitaut says: ‘The philosophy behind the design was to have a colour that wouldn’t in any way be representative of any of the countries participating in the Games and also to have striking, strong design lines, so the illusion of the Queen supposedly jumping [out of a plane at the ceremony] wouldn’t be lost.’ 吉托说道:“使用桃粉色是因为需要一个不代表任何参赛国家的颜色。这件衣还需要拥有突出、强烈的线条,这样当女王的替身从飞机上跳下时才够显眼。” /201607/456453。

Robots that slice, grill, assemble and bag 400 burgers in one hour are set to invade California.一款可以在1个小时内自动切、烤、组合、包装400个汉堡的机器人将要引入到加利福尼亚州。Momentum Machines unveiled its autonomous grill master in 2012 and recently announced it will be opening a robot-powered burger bar in San Francisco#39;s South of Market.美国动力机器公司早在2012年就推出了能做汉堡的机器,近日又宣布其机器汉堡店即将登陆旧金山南部市场。Although this machine can do the work of three humans, the startup is still hiring people to perform other tasks such as payroll and taking out the garbage.尽管这台机器人可以做三个人的工作任务,但在初期仍然需要员工来帮忙处理客户订单或者清理垃圾等。With the minimum wage increasing in parts of the US, the idea of hiring a staff of robots may be a way to combat costs.美国部分地区的最低工资标准已开始上涨,那么用机器人替代员工将能降低成本。Former McDonald#39;s USA CEO Ed Rensi has said it would be cheaper to hire robots to replace the company#39;s staff than to pay them the minimum wage.美国麦当劳前任CEO爱德华·伦西表示,雇佣机器人来代替需要付15美元的员工,这要划算的多。It#39;s cheaper to buy a ,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who#39;s inefficient making an hour bagging french fries,#39; Rensi told Fox Business. He added that the demand to raise wages is #39;going to cause a job loss across this country.#39;伦西在接受《福布斯商业》的采访时说道:“购买价值35000美元的机器人比付给效率低的员工每小时15美元去炸薯条要实惠得多。”此外他补充说道,提高工资的要求“将会导致美国更多人失业。”And Momentum Machines just might be the spark that ignites the rise of the machines in the US fast food industry. News of the robot-run restaurant sp after a job posting on Craigslist surfaced last month, which gives the public a glimpse into how the startup#39;s futuristic eatery might operate once it is open to the public.动力机器公司将引领机器人在美国快餐行业大规模使用的新潮流。自从上个月Craigslist网站上发布招聘信息之后,机器人汉堡店这一新闻就传开。一旦其正式开业,公众就有机会一睹这家公司的未来主义餐厅如何运作的了。 /201607/454720。

We all know that ditching carbs and alcohol can help shift the weight around our middle but did you know there#39;s plenty of other reasons you may be struggling to get a flat stomach that don#39;t have anything to do with the food that passes your lips?我们都知道,减少摄入碳水化合物和酒精可以帮我们甩掉腰部赘肉,但我们不知道的是,为了甩掉小肚腩我们还要和其他很多因素抗争,而这些与我们的饮食毫无关系。Chewing gum吃口香糖Munching on a piece of minty fresh gum makes you swallow too much air, which gets trapped in your digestive system causing pressure, bloating and gas. The same thing can happen if you gulp air when snacking on the run, eating too quickly, talking while eating or drinking from a straw.嚼一片薄荷味口香糖会让你吞下大量空气,这些空气困在你的消化系统里,会产生压力、腹胀和废气。如果你一边小跑一边吃零食、吃得太快、边吃东西边说话,或者用吸管饮水时吞下空气,都会产生类似情况。Rushing your food边跑边吃It is often easy to eat too quickly or on the run especially breakfast and/or lunch if time is short but it can cause bloating. If you eat on the run your body is feeling stressed because you are rushing.人们很容易就吃得过快,或者边跑边吃,特别是在时间紧张的早午饭时,而这会让你腹胀。如果你边跑边吃,身体会紧张,因为你在奔跑。The stress response was designed to enable you to either run or fight for your life, during which time digestion of food was unlikely, the natural flow of energy is diverted away from your digestive system to your extremities to give you the energy to run or fight.压力反应会让你跑起来,或者为生活奔波,而在此期间身体不可能去消化食物,能量的自然流动会从消化系统转移到四肢,让你有能量奔跑或奔波劳碌。Your body literally shuts down your digestive function and food stagnates and ferments, making you feel bloated and often giving you gas.你的身体会让消化系统停工,食物在体内滞留发酵,让你感到腹胀,体内也有更多废气要排出。Stress hormone cortisol压力荷尔蒙皮质醇The main reason some people gather more fat around their middle than others is specifically because of the action of the stress hormone cortisol.一些人比其他人腰部赘肉多的主要原因是压力荷尔蒙皮质醇的作用。And if you eat something sugary or fatty as a consequence of the post-stress appetite surge, any weight you gain as a result, will be around your middle. The reason fat targets the middle is because it is close to the liver where it can most quickly be converted back into energy if needed.如果你因为有压力后食欲增加,而吃了含糖或含脂肪食品,你因此增加的赘肉都会集中在腰部。脂肪容易集中在腰部是因为这里离肝脏近,在需要时可以迅速转化回能量。Lack of sleep缺乏睡眠People who are sleep deprived have an increased appetite. Inadequate sleep lowers levels of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, and increases grehlin, a hormone that increases food intake and is thought to play a role in long-term regulation of body weight. All this suggests that sleep deprivation can make weight loss extremely difficult because it causes your body to work against you!缺乏睡眠的人食欲更大。睡眠不充分会降低人体内瘦素的水平,增加胃生长素。瘦素是一种能够抑制食欲的激素,而胃生长素能增加人体的食物摄入,据称在人体体重的长期调节中发挥着重要作用。这些都表明,缺乏睡眠会让减肥极其困难,因为这会导致你的身体和你对着干!Keep a regular sleep routine, include 30 minutes of exercise in your day, avoid all stimulants in the evening (including chocolate, coffee, tea), avoid bright light around the house before bed, have a relaxing bath and keep your bedroom quiet, dark and cool.保持规律睡眠,白天拿出半小时来锻炼身体,避免在晚上摄入所有的刺激性食物(包括巧克力、咖啡和茶),睡觉前把室内灯光调暗,洗个让人放松的澡,保持卧室安静、光线暗淡、凉爽。Bad gut bacteria讨厌的肠道细菌Our stomach is made up of good and bad bacteria, called gut flora, which has a controlling influence over many important body functions, including metabolism and fat reduction. However, our lifestyle habits can often damage our gut bacteria. These factors include taking antibiotics, a diet high in sugar, stress and alcohol. Try to eliminate these to help with fat reduction.我们腹内的细菌有好有坏,称为肠道菌群,并对我们的很多重要身体机能有配性影响作用,包括新陈代谢和减肥。而我们的生活习惯经常会破坏肠道菌群。影响因素包括吃抗生素、高糖饮食、压力和饮酒。试着剔除这些因素能有助于减肥。Water retention from periods经期水潴留Water retention is a problem for many women and it is often worse just before a period. Don’t be tempted to limit your intake of fluids, which can actually cause bloating. Your body will think it needs to conserve water, which exacerbates the problem. Water is a natural diuretic and it should be drunk as frequently as possible.水潴留对很多女性来说都是个问题,尤其是在经期前。不要有限制水分摄入的念头,这其实会让你腹胀。你的身体会认为需要保水,这更会加剧这一问题。水是自然的利尿剂,越经常喝水越好。Too much salt吃太多盐Table salt is sodium chloride and sodium is a mineral that affects your body’s ability to balance water retention. Another mineral, potassium, works with sodium to regulate water balance and normalise heart rhythm. The more sodium you consume, the more potassium you need to counteract this effect.食用盐的成分一般是氯化钠,钠是一种能影响身体平衡水分能力的矿物质。另一种矿物质,钾,与钠一起作用时可以调节体内水分平衡,维持正常心律。你摄入的钠越多,就需要更多的钾来中和。If you have a high salt intake, you could be carrying around an extra 1.8kg (4lb) in excess weight due to water retention. Water retention can be caused by not drinking enough water and also too much salt but it can also be caused by the same blood sugar swings that trigger many of the pre-menstrual symptoms.如果你吃盐太多,你就会因为水潴留而超重大约1.8公斤。水潴留可能是因为你饮水不足,或者吃盐太多,但也可能是因为引发很多经前期症状的血糖波动而导致的。 /201607/452443。

A furrowed brow, lifted chin and pressed-together lips are used to show negative judgment among speakers of English, Spanish, Mandarin and American Sign Language (ASL), according to a new study published in the May issue. In ASL, speakers sometimes use this ;not face; alone, without any other negative sign, to indicate disagreement in a sentence.根据五月刊的一项新研究指出,无论是说英语、西班牙语或者说普通话的人,还是美语手语者,“皱眉,抬下巴,咬嘴唇”都是用来表示一种负面色的判断。在美语手语中,有时候说话者无需用其他手势,而只用“拒绝脸”就可表达他们的不满。;Sometimes, the only way you can tell that the meaning of the sentence is negative is, that person made the #39;not face#39; when they signed it,; said Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist and professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University.俄亥俄州立大学的电气和计算机工程教授、认知科学家阿莱克·马丁内斯表示:“有时候,唯一可以告诉别人不满的方法就是打出#39;拒绝脸#39;牌。”Martinez and his colleagues previously identified 21 distinct facial emotions, including six basic emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust).马丁内斯和他的同事们预先确定了21种不同的面部表情,包括六种基本情绪(快乐、悲伤、恐惧、愤怒、惊讶和厌恶)。The researchers wondered if there might be a basic expression that indicates disapproval across cultures. Disapproval, disgust and disagreement should be foundational emotions to communicate, they reasoned, so a universal facial expression marking these emotions have evolved early in human history.研究人员猜想,在跨文化领域中,会不会存在同一种表达反对的基本表情。他们解释称,“不赞成,厌恶和反对”应该是交流的基本情感,因此,一种表情的普遍性就标志着这些表情在人类历史早期就已经开始发展。The researchers recruited 158 university students and filmed them in casual conversation in their first language. Some of these students spoke English as a native tongue, while others were native Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or ASL speakers. These languages have different roots and different grammatical structures. English is Germanic, Spanish is in the Latin family and Mandarin developed independently from both. ASL developed in the 1800s from a mix of French and local sign language systems, and has a grammatical structure distinct from English.研究人员动员了158所大学的学生参与了该研究,并且拍摄了他们使用第一语言时的日常交流情况。有些学生的母语是英语,有些是西班牙语,还有些是普通话或者是美语手语。这些不同的语言都有不同的词根和语法结构。英语来自日耳曼语系,西班牙语来自拉丁语系,而普通话在两者的基础上独立发展。美语手语是在19世纪的法国和当地手语语言系统的混合中产生的,并且它也有不同于英语的自身语法结构。But despite their differences, all of the groups used the ;not face,; the researchers found. The scientists elicited the expression by asking the students to negative sentences or asking them to answer questions that they#39;d likely answer in the negative, such as, ;A study shows that tuition should increase 30 percent. What do you think?;研究人员们发现,不管语言有多大的差异,所有的被研究人员都使用了“拒绝脸”。科学家们让学生阅读一些负面色的句子,或是问他们一些回答可能呈消极的问题,以此引出他们的表情。比如说这个问题:“一研究报道称,学费将上涨百分之三十,你有什么想法?”As the students responded with phrases like, ;They should not do that,; their facial expressions changed. A furrowed brow indicates anger, a raised chin shows disgust and tight lips denote contempt.当学生回答“他们不能那样做”的时候,他们的面部表情就随之而变。皱起的眉毛表示愤怒,抬起的下巴表示厌恶,紧抿嘴唇表示蔑视。By analyzing the of the conversations and using an algorithm to track facial muscle movement, Martinez and his colleagues were able to show that a combination of anger, disgust and contempt danced across the speakers#39; faces, regardless of their native tongue.通过分析对话视频里的面部表情并利用计算程序来跟踪面部肌肉运动,马丁内斯和同事们发现,无论是什么语系,“愤怒,厌恶和轻蔑”的集合体都展现在了说话者的脸上。 /201604/435660。

But believe it or not, there#39;s an escapist in all of us. But some of us tend to take escapism to the next level and this can be quite bad. In this article, I will identify 9 signs of being an escapist. So if you want to know whether you are an escapist, check these 9 signs below.信不信由你,其实每个人心里都住着一个“逃避现实者”;只不过有些人比较纵容逃避主义,导致情况变得不那么乐观而已。在这篇文章中,我将向你揭示作为逃避现实者的9个征兆。如果你想知道自己有没有中,那就赶紧看看下面这9条征兆吧。1. You daydream (a lot).1. 经常做白日梦。If you have a tendency to daydream (a lot), then you could be an escapist. Escapists are people who want to create their own reality whilst they go about their daily routine. And these day dreams don#39;t tend to happen purposefully; they actually happen quite naturally when you don#39;t expect it. And when they do occur, you welcome them.如果你经常做白日梦,那你可能就是个逃避现实者。撇开日常现实生活,逃避现实者更愿意营造一个属于自己的小世界;而他们所设想的白日梦往往不会刻意实现,只会在最不经意的时候顺其自然地出现;当白日梦真的成真时,那就尽情享受吧。2. You are very creative.2. 极具创造力。If you are capable of making your own alternate reality in your mind, then you must be one imaginative and creative person. And because you developed this habit of imagining, you regularly exercise your creative muscles so you come up with new ideas all the time.如果你很擅长为自己想象出另一种生活,那说明你想象力丰富、非常有创造力。而且,因为你经常不自主地东想西想,创新思维比较发达,所以总能冒出不少新颖的点子来。3. You want to live life on your own terms.3. 喜欢随心生活。If you are an escapist, chances are you are working in a job that you don#39;t really like. And you probably have this burning desire to quit your job. But being an escapist is not just about wishing to quit your job; there could be many things in your life that you wish weren#39;t there. They could be finance or family-related, and things which you don#39;t have control over. Escapists like yourself are longing to free from their shackles and live life on their own terms.如果你是一个逃避现实者,那么有可能你并不是特别热爱自己的工作,甚至很想辞职走人。但对逃避现实者来说,一切并不只是辞职那么简单,其实,生活中很多事情都不如其愿,比如经济状况、家庭关系、各种无法掌控的事情等等。逃避现实者特别渴望挣脱各种枷锁、渴望能够随心生活。4. You love to travel the world.4. 喜欢周游世界。You#39;re quick to be bitten by the travel bug. And by travelling, it is not your usual going to a beach and partying type of vacation (although you won#39;t mind doing that now and then). Your idea of travelling is to explore and to embrace the vibrant cultures that the world would has to offer.你会一直被旅行的愿望挠得心痒痒。虽然你并不介意俗套的漫步沙滩或派对度假,但对你而言,旅行更多的是探索和经历世界各地的风情文化。5. You enjoying ing fiction like fantasy and sci-fi.5. 喜欢读魔幻科幻小说。As mentioned in one of the previous signs, escapist are incredibly creative and they#39;re responsible for creating the greatest works of fiction, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. And as a fellow escapist, you admire their work because it allows you be a part of their imaginary universe. It gives you a chance to escape.正如前面所言,逃避现实者具有惊人的想象创造力,很有可能创作出伟大的魔幻科幻小说作品。作为普通的逃避现实者,你很欣赏这类作品,因为它能引领你走进那个神奇浩繁的世界,让你逃避日常现实生活。6. You may be addicted to games.6. 或许会沉迷于。Video games have evolved so much recently that you actually feel as if you are a part of their pixelated world. Like many escapists, you are probably addicted to playing games, and that is because these games allow you to escape into an imaginary reality.现如今已经发展得相当强大,甚至会让你觉得你就在虚拟世界里一样。跟许多逃避现实者一样,你很可能也喜欢玩,因为你能逃避到一个虚拟世界里去。7. You realise the world is a harsh place.7. 觉得现实世界很残酷。This is very common characteristic of all escapists, and it should be seen as a sign. As an escapist, you will have probably imagined this amazing future where you will be living the life of your dream. But when you go and pursue this dream, the shock of what the world is really like disappoints you. You will quickly realise this so go back to just imagining your dream world, where you feel happy.这也是逃避现实者的常见特征。作为逃避现实者,你会为自己想象出一个美好的梦想未来,而当你准备努力追寻这个未来时,你会发现现实世界真的很打击人。很快你便发现,最好的办法就是继续做白日梦,至少这样你是快乐的。8. You tend to procrastinate.8. 有拖延症倾向。Although you may have all these aspirations to live your dream life, the truth is something is holding you back and it is preventing you from pursuing passion. The one thing that is holding you back is your fear of failure. In fact, you#39;re petrified of failure. You keeping asking all these ;what ifs; and they all revolve around failure. And because of this, you end up staying where you are and you start procrastinating.虽然你雄心勃勃想过上梦想的生活,但总有些原因让你踟蹰不前,阻止你追随自己的。其中一个原因就是“对未来的恐惧”。说实话,你特别畏惧未来。你总在设想各种“万一”,这些“万一”都跟失败相关。正因如此,你只能拖拖拉拉、原地踏步。9. You can#39;t face uncertainty.9. 无法面对不确定因素。Similar to the last point, another sign which coincides with procrastination is your inability to face uncertainty. Your alternate dream world is where you go to escape the actual reality that you find difficult to accept. When you face uncertain situations, you tend to start procrastinating and start to fantasize. And that#39;s because you find certainty and security in your dream.跟前面一点类似的是,逃避现实者无法面对不确定因素。一旦发现现实世界难以接受,你就会逃到自己想象的小世界里去。在面对不确定环境时,你会变得拖拉磨蹭,然后开始做白日梦,因为在白日梦里,你才能找到确定感和安全感。 /201607/452119。

STARBUCKS Coffee Company announced that it will bring its first international Starbucks Roastery and Reserve Tasting Room to Shanghai in 2017.近日,星巴克咖啡宣布,将在2017年在上海开设海外首家咖啡烘焙工坊以及臻选品鉴馆。Located along Nanjing Road W., one of the world#39;s busiest shopping destinations, the Roastery will be part of the soon to be built HKRI Taikoo Hui Project, Shanghai#39;s newest premium world-class retail, office, and hotel area.咖啡烘焙工坊坐落在世界最繁华的商业街之一的南京西路上,入驻于即将完工的兴业太古汇。兴业太古汇是上海最新的集零售、办公、酒店于一体的建筑。Scheduled to open in late 2017, the new Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room in Shanghai will be inspired by the first location that debuted in December 2014 in the company#39;s hometown of Seattle.全新的上海星巴克咖啡烘焙工坊及臻选品鉴馆计划于2017年开放,并且可以从2014年12月开放的公司总部的西雅图店中获取灵感。The 2,700-square-meter Shanghai space will reflect a similar, immersive all sensory experience. This interactive, retail environment will allow customers in China to better understand the craft of roasting.这家位于上海的门店占地面积2700平方米,会给人带来相似的身临其境的感官体验。这样的互动零售环境能够让中国的消费者更好地感受烘焙咖啡豆的工艺。;China represents the most important and exciting opportunity ahead of us. As our first international Roastery, we will take even bolder steps to make this Shanghai location our most stunning store, while making it completely unique and relevant to the Chinese customer,; said Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer of Starbucks. ;I am confident this will be one of the most highly-anticipated store openings in our international markets.;星巴克公司的主席兼首席执行官霍华德·舒尔茨表示:;中国对我们来说代表着最重要和令人激动的新机遇。作为我们首家海外烘焙工坊,我们会采取更大胆地设计,让上海这家门店成为我们最出色的门店,并且让中国消费者感受到与众不同和亲切感。我认为这将是国际市场里最值得期待的星巴克门店之一。;China is, today, Starbucks largest international market with more than 2,100 stores across over 102 cities, including 55 Starbucks Reserve stores.现如今,中国是星巴克最大的海外市场。已在102个城市开设了超过2100家门店,其中包括55间星巴克储备商店。 /201606/447723。

Capricorn羯座Instead of trying to beat them, join them. You may get frustrated and angry at those who are having more fun than you. Instead of trying to rain on their parade and make them think that they need to be serious all the time, why don#39;t you just join in the fun and have a good time yourself. Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy yourself and the people you are with. Encourage the positive upbeat spirit instead of getting down on it.你应该加入他们,而不是试图打败他们。有些人玩的比你更开心,你可能因此而沮丧生气。不要试图扫兴,让他们觉得需要时刻保持严肃。为什么不加入他们,自己也玩的开心呢?从忙碌的一天中抽出时间,享受自己独处以及与他人相处的时光。鼓励积极乐观的精神,而非打击这种精神。Taurus金牛座Although you may want to bring things down to earth so that you can better plan, organize, and rearrange, this may not exactly be the best course of action. For the most part, you are better off keeping things light and uplifting. You will find that the pieces will fall into place as you need them to. Trust in others. Realize that some of the best experiences you have in your life are the spontaneous ones. Put your to-do list away.尽管你可能想要踏踏实实地做事情,这样你就能更好的进行规划、组织和重新安排,但这可能并不是最好的做法。大多数情况下,你最好还是带着轻松愉悦的心情做事。你将会发现一切都会如你所愿。相信别人。要意识到生命中最好的经历都是自发形成的。将你的待办事项清单拿开。Aries白羊座The fog has lifted and you are y to take off. The dreaminess you may have experienced lately has been nice, but now it is time to get moving again. Use all that you have learned from that recent internal processing and put it to use in the practical world. Try not to get caught up in the crossfire of conversations that don#39;t really pertain to you. Feel free to start something new.雾已消散,你可以起飞了。最近你体验过了迷糊感并感觉良好,但现在是时候继续行动了。调用最近所学到的所有内部处理知识,并将其运用到现实世界中。尽量不要加入到与你无关的对话中去。想要开始新的事物就开始吧。Leo狮子座You might feel that you need more space. Perhaps your living quarters are a bit small. Or maybe your home is crowded with furniture. You could be thinking about remodeling and adding some extra rooms. Or you might consider moving to a new home and experiencing a grander living space. As a sensitive water sign, you tend to be very affected by your environment. Seek a more inspirational setting.你可能想要更多的空间。也许你宿舍有点小了。也有可能你家里全都堆满了家具。你可以考虑重建或再添加一些房间。或者你可以搬到新家,体验更大的生活空间。作为敏感的水象星座,你很容易受到环境的影响。找一个更能给你灵感的住所吧。译文属 /201607/454811。