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最后的星期天(Last Sunday) -- :56:6 来源: 最后的星期天(Last Sunday)  last sunday  yesterday was sunday, i didn’t go to school, but i was busy.  in the morning, i got up at eight o’clock, then i ate breakfast. after breakfast, i cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. in the afternoon, i played badminton with my friends.  in the evening, my sister and i ate some cookies, ice cream and drank some juice and milk, but i didn’t like chocolate. after finishing my homework, i watched tv and listened to music.  i had a good time last sunday!。

英语童话剧剧本:皇帝的新装 --7 ::35 来源: 英语童话剧剧本:皇帝的新装很久很久以前在一个遥远的地方,有一个皇帝,他爱慕虚荣,成天什么事情都不想,只想着穿漂亮的衣他有满橱满柜的衣他总是时不时地更衣皇帝的这个心思传到了各个遥远的国度,最终传到了两个骗子的耳里旁白:Long ago and far away, there lived an Emperor. This Emperor was very vain and could think about nothing but his clothes. He had wardrobes and cupboards full of clothes. He just changed his clothes from time to time.News of the Emperor sp to distant kingdoms and finally came to the ears of two very shady characters. 第一场 骗子甲:Could we ? Could we fool the Emperor who loves new clothes ? (they asked themselves.) 骗子乙:Let's try,旁 白:They left their homes and travelled to the Emperor's city and applied to meet the Emperor. 骗子甲:dear chancellor .We have something very special to show the Emperor 大 臣:That's what everyone says. 骗子乙:Ah, but this is magicalWe have invented a new cloth by using a very special and secret method. 大臣进屋告诉皇帝(耳语)皇帝:Something magical? (在镜子前试衣)Oh, I love new things, Show the two weavers in. 大臣出屋:Come on in.皇帝:so why you say your cloth are magical?骗子甲:oh your majesty.It is gold,silver and rainbow coloured, all at the same time, 骗子乙:It feels like silk, but is as warm as wool, 骗子甲: It is as light as air, a most wonderful fabric. 皇帝:There is a grand parade in the city in two weeks time, I need a new outfit it. Can one be y in time? 骗子甲:Oh yes, your MajestyBut there is a problem. The cloth is very expensive to make. 皇帝:No matter, (挥挥手)Money is no objest. I must have an outfit. Just see the Chamberlain and he'll sort it out. Make it here in the palace. (大臣把两骗子领到织布机旁,骗子作出衣的样子) 第二场: 旁白:Several days passed.皇帝:Chamberlain, go to the weavers and see how the cloth is processing. The parade is only a week way. 大臣:Yes.my Liege (大臣去敲门,在外面等了一下) 骗子甲:Enter! (非常兴奋) 大臣:The Emperor has sent me to check on the progress of the cloth,( 很奇怪的盯着织布机) 骗子甲:Is it not beautiful? See the lustre, feel the softness! 骗子乙:Oh wise Chamberlain ,Now you can see why it is magical. Only the truly clever and brilliant can see the cloth. Most people would see an empty loom, but a clever man like you will see our wonderful cloth. 大臣:Um,(不知道该说什么)oh,my god !Am I foolish? Am I unquartifited? I would not let others know it! (自言自语) 英语童话剧剧本:皇帝的新装。

Learning eign Language --19 ::1 来源: I love learning eign languages. Especially English because English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is used by countries all over the world. example, if you want to find a nice job, you probably need to be good at English, and when you surf on the Internet, you'll see many dialogues and keywords in English. If you don't know them, then you'll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an English dictionary. Theree we must try harder to learn English and improve our English, and we could learn more besides.   Now, I'm a junior high student, I try to magazine s in English everyday. In fact, learning English is lots of fun. It's rather like learning Chinese. Just open your mouth and say something in English or lots of achievement. All in all, it's useful everyone to learn English.。

我是球迷我怕谁-- :5: 我是球迷我怕谁…Socor fun  D: Hello modern English, Drew speaking.  你好,洋话连篇,我是Drew  A: Hello Drew, it is your friend Allan.  你好,我是Allan.  D: Hey what's up buddy, did you see the Liverpool game on TV last night?  怎么样,哥们儿,昨晚看利卧蒲队的比赛了吗?  A: Yeah!!! Wasn't it great, that Michael Owen can sure score goals. I have some questions about football you.  当然,太棒了,欧文真历害,我有一些足球方面的问题问你,  D: Sure Allan, what are your questions?  说吧  A: What is like to see an English football game?  看英国足球比赛是怎么样的?  D: it is really fun. The fans are really into the game and there are lots of families enjoying a day out together.  很有趣,他们特爱看球,很多家庭都会一起去  A: Really? I heard that it was very dangerous to go to a British football game because of all the violence in the stands.  真的,听说在英国看球很危险,足球暴力很严重,  D: No that's not true anymore they have really cleaned up their act.  不是那样的,他们现在好多了,  A: Do you want to go see a football game with me at the Workers Stadium?你想去工体看球吗?  D: I would love to go.  想啊  A: Ok, I will buy an extra ticket!  好,那我在买张票  D: Oh, don't worry, I'll buy my own ticket.  别担心,我自己来买  A: No problem, the tickets are no problem to get, I will buy you one and you can pay, me back!  没问题,我来买,然后你在把钱给我  D: Great I'll see you on Saturday. Don't get the jerseys….Glory Glory  好,周六见,别忘了买票[歌声]  A: Ok Drew be there or be square.  好的,不见不散  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]socore是足球的意思,这可与我们说的football有点不同,football在美国和加拿大表示橄榄球  []The fans are really into the game. Really into sth表示非常喜欢做什么事情,ie: I am really into playing computer games.我特喜欢玩儿点脑游戏  [3]They have cleaned up their act.clean up their act是指他们已经规范他们的行为了.  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  kick-off circle refree coach ward back center goal-keeper  注:书中对话仅作参考,重要的是拿起电话就自己喜欢的内容与老外反复练习轻易不出口,出口必砸人。

【纪念张国荣】《霸王别姬的经典台词(双语) -- ::01 来源: 人不敌天   No matter how resourceful you are, you can't fight fate.  人纵有万般能耐,终也敌不过天命从一而终 56 《霸王别姬经典台词。

信(Letter) -- :: 来源: 信(Letter)Dear Pat,  My name is Huang Yuanjun. I’m years old. I have a fish. She’s beautiful. She can swim quickly. I really love her. I have lots of hobbies. I like playing chess.  I like fishing and shopping. I like listening to music, too. I think they’re fun. I don’t like drawing or painting. I’m not good at these things. They’re boring, I think.  But my sister likes drawing and painting very much. She’s . She’s clever. How about you? What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?  Please write to me soon.  Love from  Huang Yuanjun。

订购东西 Mail Order-- ::59 KELLY: Yes, I would like to place an order.DORIS: Alright, Ma'am. What items would you like to order today?KELLY: I have your catalog here.Do you want me to tell you the item numbers, or the names?DORIS: You may tell me both, Ma'am.KELLY: Alright. I want to order the satin sheets on page .DORIS: The Merriman satin sheets?KELLY: Yes, that's right.DORIS: And what size would you like?KELLY: I need one full set of sheets in King-size.DORIS: Alright, Ma'am. And what color did you want?KELLY: Ivory, please.DORIS: So that is product number MS19. Size: King. Color: Ivory. Is that correct?KELLY: Yes, I think so. Can I ask you something?DORIS: Certainly.KELLY: I'm a eigner here. My English isn't perfect. Can you tell me what satin is?DORIS: Satin is like silk, Ma'am. It feels like silk. But it's a different material.KELLY: I see. That's what I thought.DORIS: Anything else today?KELLY: No, I just need the sheets.DORIS: Alright. With shipping charges, your total will be 78 dollars and 95 cents.Will you be paying with credit?KELLY: Yes.DORIS: Visa, Master Card, or American Express.KELLY: Visa.DORIS: Card number?KELLY: 93 5671 36 9876.DORIS: Expiration date?KELLY: Zero nine, two-thousand-and-one.DORIS: Alright, Ma'am. I will run that charge you.And then I will get your address in a moment.KELLY: Thank you.凯莉:我想要订购东西桃乐丝:好的,太太你今天想要订购什么呢?凯莉:我有你们的目录要说编号还是品名呢?桃乐丝:你可以都告诉我,太太凯莉:好的,我想订 页的绸缎床单桃乐丝:欢乐牌绸缎床单?凯莉:对的桃乐丝:你要什么尺寸呢?凯莉:我要特大号的一整套桃乐丝:好的,太太你要什么颜色呢?凯莉:象牙色,谢谢桃乐丝:商品编号是 MS19,尺寸是特大号,颜色是象牙色,对吗?凯莉:对的我可以请教一件事吗?桃乐丝:当然可以凯莉:我是外国人,我的英文不是很好,你可以告诉我什么是绸缎吗?桃乐丝:绸缎就像丝一样,太太摸起来也像丝一样,但是材质不同凯莉:我明白,我也是这么想桃乐丝:今天还要其它的吗?凯莉:不,我只要床单就好桃乐丝:好的,含运费一共是 78美元95美分你要用信用卡付帐吗?凯莉:是的桃乐丝:威事卡、万事达卡或是美国运通卡……凯莉:威事卡桃乐丝:卡号是?凯莉:93 5671 36 9876.桃乐丝:期限是?凯莉:01 年 9 月桃乐丝:好的,太太我会为你处理的待会儿再要你的地址凯莉:谢谢。

台湾宝岛旅行游记(中英文对照) -01- :30: 来源: 台湾宝岛旅行游记(中英文对照)My first trip to Taiwan, which took place last month, was with a team of professional photographers. They were more interested in the people inhabiting this treasure of an island, than the tourist attractions it has to offer. And it made a world of difference because it clicked with my intuitive finding that the most wonderful thing about Taiwan is its people.It is difficult to claim to know a place and its people in a tour of one week. So I depended on my teammates corroboration. He Yanguang, a veteran photographer with China Youth Daily, was embarking on his fourth tour of Taiwan. He first visited it in 1997. "There's not much difference," he said, "not even in the facade."A family of five enjoys ice cream on a street in New Taipei City. 在台北市的街道边,一家五口其乐融融地吃着冰激凌And that lack of change could well be the most valuable lesson we carried away from this journey.Sure, there is Taipei 1, the tallest building in the world when it opened in until the title was snatched away by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in . It's certainly sky-piercing or a crane among a clutch of chicks, to borrow the Chinese term, as Taipei does not have a dense cluster of skyscrapers as Hong Kong does.When I examined it closely, Taipei 1 seems an oversized Chinese pendant, with coins on all four sides. All the symbols of money would take some explaining when the world enters an all digital era when cash may sound extremely quaint to future visitors.But worry not. Right now, Taipei is a paradise to those who want a taste of the old way. Here, gourmet could mean snacks and street stands, which attract hordes of diners including the middle class and chic youth. This is subversive to my thinking because in the mainland a restaurant could easily have dozens or hundreds of tables in a mammoth hall or flanks of private rooms, often with lavish decorations.In Taiwan, we were taken to every lunch in restaurants with no more than tables. The service is efficient and the place is clean, but the taste of the food is so memorable we instantly understand why so many are waiting a seat. I had the best beef noodle I could remember.I was told that all of these businesses are operated by families and most have a history that goes back half a century or more. And I noticed there are many businesses of this size in Taipei, either downtown or in the suburbs, and they contribute to the feeling of a commy. I left Taipei with a strong sense that, though it's a city with a population of almost seven million in the metropolitan area (with .6 million in the city proper), it has a touch of intimacy as if it's still a village - only endlessly enlarged. People talk to each other in a way they talk to fellow villagers.We visited many old streets and night markets, which are unadorned and crowded. Vendors hawk their offerings and bakers ask you to have a taste of their fresh pastry, but they never give you any pressure to buy or give you the nasty look after you tasted something but decided against buying it. There is a friendliness in their voice and their manner that is more neighborly than businesslike.Every member of our delegation was impressed by this attitude of the people we met. One day we swooped into a fishing port in Keelung and jumped onto several boats. The fishermen were surprised, but as soon as they learned of our purpose they blithely cooperated and even struck some poses us. "I have not met a single person who is nasty," said Zhang Feng, photographer with The Beijing Evening News.There are lots of place names familiar to us mainlanders as they are featured prominently in movies and pop songs. I was more surprised by the ubiquitous use of "kindness" and "loyalty" street names, terms revitalized in the recent campaign in the mainland to Chinese classics such as Confucius' Analects.Sure, the display of traditional virtues in such high profile could be window-dressing, but it is more than that. We met a middle-aged woman in Daxi, an old town by the Tamsui River where a century ago cargo ship would dock and turn the place into a hub of trading. Now it's a quiet town with a couple of commercial streets. On one of them, which is quite touristy, we talked to this woman who gave up her job to take care of her father.The old man has to get around in a wheelchair and his medical expenses have been covered by welfare, but the full-time care by a family member would be something of a luxury to most families in the Chinese mainland. "We get some income from renting out a storefront," she explains, without a hint of bitterness or regret.In the ensuing days, we encountered other examples of this nature, where a grownup child gives up his or her job to care an ailing parent. I don't know how popular the practice is in Taiwan, but it's the ultimate manifestation of "filial piety", a concept sanctified in Chinese tradition."We just scratched the surface," said Wang Wenyang, photographer with a newspaper devoted to intellectual property protection in China. "We didn't have time to go into people's homes long stretches of time. But from what we could see, the daily lives of Taiwan people have shown sufficiently the lifestyles and human interaction that are the bedrock of this society. It is heavy on small business and it is full of human warmth. We did bump into two weddings, though."On Dihua Street in downtown Taipei, I strolled into a store that has a plaque saying this is the oldest store in the city. Now it sells tea from all over China. The architecture along the street probably goes back to the early days of the Republic of China. But at that time, Taiwan was still occupied by the Japanese.Whether in architecture or food or ways of life, Taiwan seems to have absorbed from all sources, taking what is good and valuable and making it its own. In Ho-Ping Island Hi Park in Keelung, there is a seashore with rocks carved by millions of years of winds and water, similar to the nearby Yeliu Geopark. Despite a gust, a couple of fisherwomen were scouting a certain seaweed that goes into a local snack. A few of our photographers jumped down to search the best shots.Meanwhile, our guide told us this was the location Chiang Kai-shek landed after he retreated from the mainland in 199. Across the strait lies Fujian province, where most of the early settlers in Taiwan hailed from. many decades, there was something stronger than the gusty wind to prevent people from calling on each other. Now it's just a short flight away.After a week of going around Taipei, we stuffed our bags with Taiwan pastry and the memory of a way of life that used to live in ancient textbooks and is now so hauntingly real. It's not the most touristy place, but in an unconscious way it offers a corridor into our past.By Raymond Zhou ( China Daily )上个月我和一群专业的摄影师一起去了台湾,这是我第一次去台湾比起那些旅游景点,这些摄影师更感兴趣的是宝岛上的人这也给我了一种感觉,台湾最美的风景是人仅仅一周的时间,很难去定义这个地方和这个地方的人如何,我向我的队友贺延光求助实他是中国青年报非常有经验的摄影师,之前就已经来过台湾三次第一次来台湾早在1997年,他说:“这里没有多少变化,连外观都没变”在这次旅行中,我们获得的最有意义的理念就是“没有多少变化”当然,年竣工的台北1大楼曾是世界第一高楼,年迪拜的哈利法塔(迪拜塔)的建成使得台北1退居世界第二高楼由于台北没有像香港那样高楼密集,台北1大楼显得“鹤立鸡群”根据我的仔细观察,台北1大楼看起来像是个放大版的中国玉石坠饰,在四周是钱币所有钱币的标志都可以解释,当世界进入全面信息化时代时,现金可能在未来变得特别奇怪但别担心,台北是品尝传统小吃的天堂在这里,小吃和路边摊也是美食;在这里,每天都吸引着无数的吃货,包括中产阶级和时髦的年轻人们;在这里,饭店颠覆了我的固有思维,因为在大陆,我们的饭店通常有着巨大的、装修豪华的大厅或者雅间,能够容纳上百桌在台湾,我们几乎每顿饭都是在那种只有几张桌子的小馆子吃的,但是务好地方也干净当我吃到第一口牛肉面时我就明白为什么这么多人在等位了,因为它的味道实在是太令人惊艳了,这绝对是我人生中吃过的最好吃的牛肉面庙口夜市所有的商贩都是以家庭为单位的,大部分都有半个世纪甚至更长的历史并且我注意到在台北这样规模的店家有很多很多,无论是市区还是郊区,是它们让台北充满了浓浓的人情味当我离开台北时,我深深的感到,虽然台北是一个拥有700万人口的大城市(包括60万城市人口),它仍然给人一种亲切感,好似它仍是一个村庄,只是在不断扩张而已人与人之间的交流非常朴实,毫无距离感我们参观了很多朴素的街巷和夜市,小贩们在沿街叫卖,面包师们让你品尝新鲜出炉的点心,但他们绝不会强迫你买,或是你品尝之后没买,他们也不会甩脸色在他们的言语和行为中,我看到更多的是邻里之间的友好,而不是商人的斤斤计较我们同行的每一个人都对宝岛人民的态度印象深刻有一天,我们抵达了基隆的一个鱼塘,跳上了几艘渔船起初这些渔民有点惊讶,但得知我们的目的后非常爽快地答应了我们的合作请求,甚至摆造型让我们拍照北京晚报的摄影师张峰说:“在台湾我从来没有看到一个人对我甩脸色”在台湾有很多因为电影和流行歌曲而被大陆人所熟知的地名,但当我看到无处不在的“仁义路”和“忠孝路”时还是被震惊了最近,大陆举办了很多阅读中国经典著作的活动,例如论语等,这些词语再度引发人们的关注当然,用高姿态的方式来展示传统美德是装饰门面的,但我们看到的远远不止这些在淡水河边有一个古老的小镇名叫大溪,一个世纪前,这里成为了港口,渐渐发展成了贸易中心现在,这里发展着旅游业,有几条商业小街我们在这里遇到了一位中年妇女,为了照顾父亲而放弃了自己的工作这个老人必须整日待在轮椅上,社保承担了他的医药费,但是要一个家庭成员来全职照顾他,在大陆算的上奢侈说到这个时,她解释道:“我们有一个店面,靠租金来挣钱”言语中没有一丝苦涩和遗憾接下来的日子里,我们还遇到了其他类似的例子,正值壮年的孩子为了照顾生病的父母而放弃了自己的工作我不知道在台湾还有多少这样的事,但是中国传统观念中的“孝顺”在这里体现的淋漓尽致一位在一家致力于中国知识产权保护的报社供职的摄影师王文阳(音)说到,“我们只挖出了表面,没有时间去深入了解他们,但是就我们现在所看到的,台湾人已经充分展示了他们的生活方式台湾建立在家庭式经济和浓浓的人情味之上,人与人之间的互动交流是社会的坚韧基石我们还无意中碰到了两次婚礼”我在台北闹市区的迪化街闲逛时,进了一家据说是这里最古老的商店,茶叶销往全中国迪化街的建筑能够追溯到早期的中华民国时期,但当时,台湾还被日本占领着在这里,无论是建筑、食品还是生活方式,它都吸收着所有的资源,取其精华去其糟粕,发展成自己的特色在基隆和平岛的一个公园里,有一片被数百万年的风吹雨打侵蚀而成的岩石海岸,看起来很像附近的野柳地质公园尽管这里狂风大作,几个渔妇仍在这里搜寻着一种能做出当地小吃的海藻,还有几个我们的摄影师东走西顾寻找最好的角度同时,我们的导游告诉我们,199年蒋介石从大陆撤退到台湾时就是在这里登陆的海峡对面就是福建省,大部分最早的台湾居民也是从这里来的过去几十年,有很多因素让两岸人民不能来往互通,而如今,海峡两岸实现了三通直航,人民交流往来非常容易一周的台北之行结束时,我们的包里都塞满了台湾小吃,过去曾经只是书本上读到的台湾现在深深地刻在我的脑海里它不仅仅是个旅游胜地,而是能让我们无意识地回到过去的桥梁 台湾宝岛 旅行游记。

初恋的回忆 A Walk to Remember 英文剧本 --19 3::3 来源: 初恋的回忆 A Walk to Remember 英文剧本A Walk to Remember script-Is he here yet? -No. -You scared him. -I gotta take a massive piss. Dude, any excuse you to pull that thing out. Anyone got any beer? We finished them all back at school. Besides, you've had enough. I've got one. It's not cold, but it's yours if you want it. All you gotta do is sit up, beg, roll over and shake that booty. -Thanks a lot, Eric. -Anytime, anywhere. -This is gonna be sweet. -I'm glad I thought of it. You're animals. Just because he's new. You've talked shit the whole time. Why don't you be quiet? You know how it is. Nobody's cing him to show up. What if he doesn't? I want to go back to the dance. Belinda, why don't you go back to the dance by yourself? I wasn't talking to you, Dean. You know I don't dance. It's true. I've seen him bust a move. It ain't pretty. But a brother like me is y to get his freak on. What you say? Put it away bee you hurt somebody. Like yourself. He's here! All right, here he comes. Hey, check out the Safari Joe truck. I can't wait to see you fly! Hey, nice shirt, Opie. You're late. I thought I said be here at , but you know.... When I say be here at , be here. Can you remember that next time? If there is a next time! Dean! ls he always like that? Always, man. So how about it? You y to fly? Wait up, baby! Let me get on your back. Giddyap! Giddyap! Okay, here's the deal. You're gonna jump from up there into here. That's it, and you're one of us. Okay? -You y? -Yeah. All right. All right. Let's do this, okay? It's cake, man. Hell, I'm jumping with you. -How deep is this? -I don't really know. Let's go find out. Let's do it. Yeah! Shit, yeah! Come on, let's go! Jump! -You done this? -We've all done it. -I hope you had your Wheaties! -You guys gonna do this tonight? On three. One. Two. Three! Oh, shit. Landon, he's hurt! -Is he okay? -Landon, get down here! -What the hell? -Dean, what the hell? -You guys, he's hurt! -Come on, man! -I told you it was a bad idea! -Get him out of the water! -Hurry up! -Is he dead? What are we gonna do? Help me! -Get him over here! -There's a pipe. He must have hit it! Get him out of the water! Watch his head! Watch his head! Hey, who's down there? Tracie, come on! Central, we've got trespassers. Send a squad car. Come on, Landon. Come on! You guys, just take him! Give me his arms! I got him. We gotta get out of here. -Go! Get out of here! -Landon, come on! I told you not to do this! Calm down. Belinda, let's go! Come on, get in! I'm driving. Damn it! Shit! Put your hands on the wheel. You know, Mama, my leg really hurts today. I don't think I can go anyplace. -Maybe I should call your father. -No. I'm not talking to him. This has gotta stop between you two. You can't do that. You need a father. Let us be thankful today that a life was saved by our Lord. And let us pray the lives of the others involved... ...who are clearly not on the path of righteousness. -So how's the leg, man? -It's good. I can't believe you were in jail. -What'd you tell them? -It was a nice night a drive. Ended up at the cement factory, found Gephardt. Tried to help him, got spooked. Figured I'd leave bee they thought I was involved. Gotta hand it to you. You're a Jedi Master of bullshit. Damn, that Jamie Sullivan sure has style. Wore that dress in the fourth grade. It's the quiet ones you gotta watch. She might put it on a brother like a Pop-Tart. A little maintenance, she might not look bad. Nice sweater. Thank you. Thank you. A student claims you were drinking on school property. Lucky you, Clay Gephardt isn't talking. The factory owners aren't pressing charges. At least not today. I said I'd arrange appropriate punishment. What, are you gonna expel me? Not yet. Besides attending class, you will help our janitorial staff after school. - pay? - the inner satisfaction it brings. Saturdays, you'll tutor students at our sister school. You'll take part in the drama club's final event. The spring play? It's time you experienced other things. Started spending time with other kinds of people. Don't blow it, Landon. This is a device made of plastic wrap, a coat hanger and Wite-Out. -Does anyone know what it is? -It's a star frame. This is a star frame. It will help you locate stars with your naked eye. Mercury and Jupiter can be seen just over the west horizon after sunset. Bet you can see angels up there, flying around. There are things that could be called miraculous. The more Einstein studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power. Well, if there is a higher power... ...why can't he get you a new sweater? He's too busy looking your brain. Laugh, it's a joke. -Let's get out of here. -I gotta stay. Principal's gone. Let's make some moves. Come on. Come on. I don't know. The custodian thing kind of suits you. Thanks, buddy. Thank you. Look at the chart, you'll see Halley's comet. Okay, so I'll see you at school. My parents aren't home, if you want to come inside. Come on, Belinda. Nothing's changed. I know. I just thought.... It's over. Yeah. Whatever. Okay. Good morning, Landon. Landon, wake up! Come on. Up, up, up, up! Up! It's Saturday, no school. Tutoring. Let's try this again. Which of these are similar triangles? This one or that one? What do you think? Man, I think this is bullshit! Makes two of us. Do you wanna buy some raffle tickets? I'm trying to raise money to buy Jefferson new computers. No. So I saw you in there with Luis. And I know it can be difficult... ...but maybe you should back into it from somewhere else. Are you gonna go visit Clay Gephardt? That would be a no. They moved him from the hospital to a rehab place on a street. Is this your idea of small talk something? If so, your social skills need work. No one ce him jump. -It's called peer pressure. -How do you know that? You it in your precious book? Please don't pretend like you know me, okay? But I do. I do. We have all the same classes since kindergarten. Why, you're Jamie Sullivan. You sit at lunch table seven. It's not the reject table, but it's definitely self-exile territory. You have exactly one sweater. You look at your feet when you walk. And fun, you tutor on weekends... ...and hang out with the Stars and Planets kids. How's that sound? Fairly predictable. Nothing I haven't heard bee. -You don't care what people think? -No. I don't know what your problem is. Miss Garber has nice hooters. This is bullshit. Thanks. I can't wait to see you in stage makeup. That's gonna be cool. -Be back in an hour. -Tell them to do West Side Story. Get that nice big-booty girl from Selena. Maria! Maria! This year's spring musical is a story, burning passion and blazing Tommy guns. Written by our own Eddie Zimmerhoff. Words and music by Jamie Sullivan. It tells the story of Tommy "The Gun" Thornton in Prohibition-era New York. Eddie, perhaps-- Mr. Carter, better late than never. Please join us. Sure. Now then, let's see.... Jamie will be our Alicia, a mysterious club singer. -Sally will be playing Caroline. -Congratulations. And Landon will Tommy Thornton. No. No. See, I didn't plan on acting or anything. When did you know, Tommy? IKnow what? That we were in love. Love? Baby, you don't want to fall in love with a guy like me. It's too late. I'm crazy about you. I'm breathing it, drinking it all in. Aren't you? I don't know what I'm drinking, dollface, but if this is love... ...pour me another glass. Are you trying to be bad at this? No, just comes naturally. All right, everybody, let's go to the end. Don't even pretend you won't be great. -Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. -All right. See you. Bye. -So would it kill you to try? -Yep, and I'm too young to die. You don't care about classes, but you like school... ...because you're popular and you'll never be on top again. -That's thoroughly predictable. -Your act only works on an audience. Feeling Christian? Seat belt? -I feit. -Thank you. ty-two. What do you mean, ty-two? ty-two is befriend somebody I don't like. It's a to-do list I have except my life. Like getting a new personality? Join the Peace Corps, make a medical discovery. Ambitious. Be in two places at once, get a tattoo. What's number one? I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. I've come... ...to see if you're y. Take a good look,lady. The only thing I'm y is a dirt nap. Ready to look into your heart, Tom Thornton. Your words have been heard, and not just by me. When you walked into.... Shit. When you walked into my club, that wasn't just a coincidence. Nothing's coincidence, baby. You know you're the only one who can make me sing. Yeah, Miss Garber! You'll put Eric in all your plays! Eric, I'll put you in all my plays! Come on. Do you know I got three weeks to memorize all this stuff? You couldn't pull this off in three months! De Niro couldn't! I didn't write it, okay? But you're gonna make a jackass of yourself in front of everyone. Look, I don't have a choice, so would you help me out, please? I'm just busting on you. I'll be there opening night, front row. And you can count on it. With tomatoes. Thanks, man. Landon? Boys, can you help with these groceries? -Yeah. -No problem. Jamie. What do you want? I've known you years. You've never been the first to say hello. I need help with my lines. -Landon Carter's asking me help? -Yeah. Okay, I'll pray you. Jamie, look-- You've obviously never asked anybody help bee, right? A request like yours requires flattery and groveling. It can't be about you. It has to be the common good. It is the common good. Eddie Zimmerhoff deserves the best. -Please? -Okay. One condition, though. What's that? You have to promise you won't fall in love with me. -That's not a problem. -Okay. I'll see you today after school. Landon Carter is coming here? He's dangerous, careless, the worst kind of bully. Daddy, what about giveness? I thought we had discussed that I would decide... ...how I wanted to spend my time and my life. It's him I don't trust, not you. You gonna keep me out here all afternoon? Come on in. My script is in my room. I'll be right down. Make yourself at home. Oh, yeah. It's not likely. That is one scary-looking-- -Jesus! -No, Jamie's father. Hello, Mr. Carter. I understand you're the lead in the play. Congratulations. Thanks letting me come over and run lines. I didn't let you. It's a school night. Let's get one thing straight, Mr. Carter. You think that, on Sundays, I don't see you from where I stand. But I see you. I'll be in my office, just here. Ready? Yeah, let's go. -Landon! Where have you been? -Nowhere. -Hey, come here. -What's up? -Are we cool? -Yeah, sure. What the hell? -What are you doing here? -I should ask you the same. Do you normally walk alone in a cemetery at night? Maybe. Where you going? Come and see. Okay. What is that? This is my telescope. I built it when I was 1 . Take a look. Saturn. Very cool. I'm planning on building a larger one so I can see the comet Hyakutake. It comes this spring. Nobody knows when it'll be back. Nature's miracles. I get it. -Get what? -That you're into all this stuff. This stuff? I have my beliefs. I have faith, but don't you? No. There's too much bad shit in this world. Without suffering, there's no compassion. Tell that to those who suffer. This is what I love about early spring. Where those legs been hiding? -She's trashy. -Well, if it isn't the Virgin Mary. Here comes your leading lady. Hey, Carter. So I'll see you after school? In your dreams. Hi. Where's your sweater? Let's get out of here. What's up, dude? Come on, Jamie. Open the door, please! What do you want? -You're not in a good mood. -You don't miss a thing. Listen, I was hoping we could run lines together. Okay, but just not so anybody knows, right? I just figured we could surprise everyone with how good I get. We could be secret friends. Exactly! It's like you're ing my mind. Great. Maybe you could mine? Jamie, I can't just be your friend. Landon, I thought I saw something in you. Something good. But I was very wrong. Damn it! Sorry. Sorry. You know the answer? Come on, man, I know you know. Okay. It's you, me and the basket. We m the three corners of a triangle. Take a step towards the basket. Am I at the same angle to you and the basket as bee? -Yeah. -Are you? -Yeah. -So, what did we just make? -A similar triangle? -Yes. Okay, make me an isosceles. You got it, two sides the same. Okay, enough of this. Let's play. I came to say I'm sorry. Well, you did. Feel better? No. I feel like shit. You know what? I actually thought I wanted to be your friend. And now I have no idea why. No idea. I made that jump once. I thought I was a badass. I remember actually saying that I meant to belly flop. Did it hurt? Like hell. Good. So I guess I'll see you at school then. -Pour me a drink, Joey. -You promised me, Tommy. No more of your no-goodnik schemes. You promised me we'd go to Paris. I won't sit on my keister and watch the fat cats get rich. Trust me. This is a sure thing. That's it! We are through! Go ahead and run your booze, you big dope! And I hope you drown in it! So you must be the new girl he's hired. The singer? You want some free advice about this one? Stay far away. He's nothing but trouble in cheap spats. Look, I ain't blaming you. I ain't asking giveness, either. I just did what I had to. When you walked out of the rain and into my club... ...that wasn't just coincidence, was it? Nothing's coincidence. Your face.... You look so familiar. Like this dame I knew once, only it wasn't real, it was a dream. Tell me about this dream girl. Well, I don't remember. All I know... ...is you're beautiful. The song, the song. The dream. Help me to remember. Will you sing me? That was great. Hi, kids. Honey, I couldn't believe it. What a transmation. Thanks, but please stop. -Don't be home too late. -Okay. Thanks. Okay, okay. -Interesting rewrite you did there. -I did my best. Your acting didn't suck either. -Gotta go. Take it easy, man. -Okay. -Landon, you were marvelous! -Thank you. Landon? Fine permance, son. -What are you doing here? -I thought we'd get a bite. -I'm not hungry. -Don't walk away. You taught me how. Oh, my God. Look who's here. Don't look at him. You don't want to stare too much. I guess he doesn't want to sit with us. -People can see. -That would ruin your reputation how? What's that? I'm ing books on Rothman's list of contemporary American authors. -And how many books are there? -A hundred. But then there's his British list and his European list. So is this on your list, to all these books? Jamie, I'm trying here, okay? Maybe.... Maybe I miss spending time with you. -Maybe you inspire me. -Sounds like bull. -Which part? -All of it. -It's not. -Prove it. Jamie! -You've no idea how to be a friend. -I don't just want that. -You don't know what you want. -You're scared someone wants you. -Why would that scare me? -You couldn't hide behind books... ...or your fricking telescope, or your faith. No. You know the real reason why you're scared? It's because you want to be with me too. We gonna get this party jumping! Can you turn down Soul Train? Some of us are trying to work. You really know how to bust a robot's groove. It's all good because we'll get Club Landon and Club Eric jumping now. What we got here? Okay, okay, you're not feeling my hip-hop, but what the hell is this? Jamie lent it to me. You're listening to her people's music. -Her people? -Yeah... ...her Bible-hugging, crucifix-wearing... ...honk-if-you-love-Jesus people. -She's not like that. -Well... ...you got Belinda thinking that little lip action... ...between you and Jamie was kind of real. What's with you? You don't have time your real friends anymore. I don't know, buddy. I'm just over it. I'm sick and tired of doing the same shit all the time. This girl's changed you, and you don't even know it, man. -Let me guess, Belinda say that too? -No. I did. You. Me. What is it? I got you something. Thank you. Well, I'll see you at school. Okay. -Mr. Carter. -Later, Reverend. Boys like that... ...they have.... They have expectations. The rules around here aren't going to change. Fine. You might not care what I say or think... ...but you should care about God's opinion. I think he wants me to be happy. Dad, it's just a sweater. I'm going to make us some dinner, okay? I talked to your dad today. Said he saw you at the play about seconds. Sending a check once a month doesn't exactly make him a father. -Landon, there are a lot of reasons-- -He left us. You need to give him too. Jamie Sullivan! Oh, me, oh, my, look at Jamie Sullivan. She was looking all right in that play. She doesn't look hot. Yeah, I would have to say during the play, she looked hot. I have the best idea. Can you do something, like, move it? Maybe move it around a little something here. Take one. Let me stop it a second. Check it out. Hey, look at this. Here. Take one. Look.-Jamie. Hi. -Hi. Listen, I just want you to know, no hard feelings. Landon and I are way over. I really don't know what you're talking about. You'd be so beautiful... ...if you knew how to do your makeup. -Come on, eat lunch with me. -Okay. -Want a Tic Tac? -No, thanks. Okay. Wow. Is that you? Nice bod. Look, this is about me, okay? This is not you. Stay here. Hey, man, no wonder you been keeping her locked up. I had no idea this was underneath all that. -Dean, stop! -You stay out of this! -We're through. We're through. -That's great. -We're through ever! -You okay? -You made a mistake, Landon! -You sure? Let's get out of here. Hey! You're a little chickenshit! Baby, I'm sorry. Okay? They're animals, all right? You want me to take you home? Let's get out of here. -Are you sure you're okay? -I'm fine. -Thank you everything. -You're welcome. -I want to ask you something. -Okay. Will you go out with me on Saturday night? I'm sorry. I can't go. -You have something else going on? -No. -It's not that. -Then what is it? I'm not allowed to date. "Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. he who sows to his flesh, will of the flesh reap--" -Can I help you? -Yes, sir. I'd like to ask your daughter to dinner on Saturday night. That's not possible. With all due respect, sir, I ask you to reconsider. With all due respect, Mr. Carter, I made my decision. You can exit the way you entered. I'm sorry I haven't treated Jamie the way I should have. She deserves more than that. I'm asking you the same thing... ...you teach us every day in church. And that's faith. I can't believe you asked permission. It's no big deal. He was cool about it, anyway. -Thank you. -This is you. -Thank you very much. -Would you like something to drink? -Sweet tea, please. -Make that two. Right away. This place is really nice. Is this okay? -Don't even worry about it, okay? -Okay. Choose whatever you want. So, what'll it be? Is everything okay? -Thank you very much. -Yeah, me too. Thanks. Would you like to dance? Sorry, I don't dance. Me neither. I mean, not usually in front of anybody. Well, no. I mean, I don't at all. As in, I can't. Everybody can dance. Come on, you can't be that bad. Please? me? Come on. Sorry, I told you I was bad at this. -In all fairness, you warned me, right? -That's right. So, what's number one on your list? Okay. Number one on my list is getting out of Beaut. Getting out won't be your problem. It's more like figuring out what to do when you get somewhere. What do you mean? I mean, you can do anything. -Where are we going? -Just hold on, you'll see. Come on, come on. Let's go! -What are we doing? -Run! -Okay, okay. Stand there. -All right. -One foot there, and one foot here. -Okay. You're acting crazy. What's going on? Right now, you're straddling the state line. Okay. You're in two places at once. Okay, butterfly, rosebud or star? You choose. -Butterfly. -Okay. Where do you want it? Right here. Okay. How can you see places like this... ...and have moments like this, and not believe? You're lucky to be so sure. It's like the wind. I can't see it, but I feel it. What do you feel? I feel wonder and beauty... ...joy, love. I mean, it's the center of everything. I might kiss you. I might be bad at it. That's not possible. I love you. Now would be the time to say something. I told you not to fall in love with me. Jamie. Say good night to Mr. Carter. Landon, go home. The night's over. -Good night. -Good night. Good night, sir. Jamie, your behavior's sinful. -You act with that boy like you're-- -In love? -Jamie, you are a child. -Dad, look at me... -...l'm not a child. -Then stop acting childish. I love him. Then be fair to him, Jamie, bee things get worse. -Hey. -Hey. -Will you help me? -Yeah. So, what did you tell your father? The truth. I just left you out of it. So, what do you want to see? Pluto. Pluto only rises a few minutes bee the sun. Right... ...and I have brought us a thermos of hot coffee... ...and a blanket. -You planned this. -Oh, I hoped it. Are you trying to seduce me? Why? Are you seducible? That's what I thought... ...ergo, a second blanket. -One me, and one you. -Thank you. -Can you find this star right here? -Sure. So why am I looking this star? Because I had it named you. See? It's official. It's from the lnternational Star Registry. This is wonderful! I love you. Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'm stopping. So, what's your number one? To marry in the church where my mother grew up. That's where my parents were married. -Did you just get in? -Yeah. Thank heavens I didn't know. I'd have been panicked. Sorry. Landon, were you with Jamie? Landon, be careful. She's the reverend's daughter. -Mom-- -Please! It's different with her. -It's different with her. -Yes. It better be different with her. I was doing laundry the other day, and I found this. "Examine a moon rock. Go to college. Get into medical school." Honey, these are really beautiful ambitions. -But you'll have to work really hard. -I can do that. Yeah, you can. Mama... ...Jamie has faith in me. You know? She makes me want to be different. Better. I was so drunk, I don't remember anything. That's great. Citizen high to citizen low. Are you worried about your college applications? No. I'm not applying. -I thought you said-- -No, you assumed. -Take a year off, try the Peace Corps? -No. What are you gonna do? I'm sick. -I'll take you home, you'll be-- -No, Landon! I'm sick. I have leukemia. No. -You're 18, you're perfect. -No. I found out two years ago. I've stopped responding to treatments. So why didn't you tell me? The doctor said I should live life normally, as best I could. I didn't want anybody to be weird around me. -Including me? -Especially you! I was getting along fine. I accepted it, and then you happened! I do not need a reason to be angry with God. Dad, open the door! Landon? -I need your help. -What's wrong? You okay? It's my girlfriend, Jamie. She's.... She's got cancer. And I need you to come and see her right now. Okay, calm down. -Can you help me or not? -I don't know her case. I don't know her history. I'm a cardiologist. I can't-- You know, just get it. I knew it. Would you wait? Landon, wait! Your mom called me. Talk to me, man. About what? About you... ...about Jamie. What's there to talk about? She's the best person I've ever known. I didn't understand. It's okay, man. It's okay. It's so nice to see you again. You're welcome. Watch yourself now. I'm not going anywhere. Please tell Jamie that. I'm so sorry. I really should have told you sooner. I made you do too many things-- If anything, you kept me healthy longer. Are you scared? To death. Lighten up. It's not funny. I'm scared of not being with you. Oh, baby, that will never happen. I'll be here. Mom. Can you do me a favor? So I talked to Eric. Need some help with this stuff? Sure. What's that boy doing in the yard? What's the matter? Jamie, honey? Landon. Run along, son. I'm not tired. I need just a minute with her. -I'll be back, okay? -Okay. Daddy... ...so serious. Do you remember when you were about 5 or 6... ...and you said you hated gravity... ...and you wanted to jump off the roof and fly? I was so angry at you making me come down. Honey, if I kept you too close, it's because I wanted to keep you longer. Dad.... You know, when I lost your mother... ...l was afraid that my heart would never open again. Jamie, I couldn't look at you days. But then.... I love you so much. I wanted to give you these. The pictures from the play. -I'm sorry about the flyers. -It doesn't matter. I guess you're with who you should be. It's like she chose you. Yeah, I don't even know why. I do. How you feeling? -I'm okay. How are you? -Pretty good. -I have something you. -You do? Don't worry, it's not a Bible. It was my mother's. It's got es from her favorite books... ...and es by famous people. Her thoughts. -Come on. -Okay, let's check it out. "What is a friend? It's a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Aristotle." -Right here. -Okay. "Find out who you are... ...and do it on purpose." That's Dolly Parton. I always thought she was smart. "Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful." -You know what I figured out today? -What? Maybe God... ...has a bigger plan me than I had myself. Like, this journey never ends. Like, you were sent to me because I'm sick. To help me through all this. You're my angel. What's going on? I get to go home. Please thank your father me. -What does she mean? -He's been trying to reach you. He's going to pay private home care. Thank you. Sorry. It's all right, son. -I gotta finish this tonight. -Here, something hot. Almost finished. Did you order the mirrors? -Yeah, they're in here. -Good. -What about side bearings? -An old phonographic turntable. So you think you can get all this done by tomorrow? -Thank you. -You're welcome. It's beautiful. Okay, it's time. Go check it out. There it is. Come here. Come look. Come here. Come look, quick. That is cool. Do you love me? -Will you do something me then? -Anything. Will you marry me? "Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous." -I love you. -"Love is never boastful nor conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins... ...but delights in the truth. It is always y to excuse, to trust, to hope... ...and to endure... ...whatever comes." -I, Landon Rollins Carter... -I, Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan... ...do solemnly swear... -...to take Jamie Sullivan... -...to take Landon Rollins Carter... -...as my wife. -...as my husband. To honor and to cherish her, all the days of my life. Jamie and I had a perfect summer together... ... with more love than lots of people know in a lifetime. And then she went, with her unfailing faith. It's been four years... ...but the vision ofJamie walking towards me... ... will stay with me ever. Hello, Mr. Carter. Come in. -Have a seat, please. -Thank you. Landon. -You look good. -Thank you. You too. I'm getting by. -What's new, Landon? -Well, I got into medical school. Your mother told me that. We're so proud of you. Jamie would have been proud of you too. Listen. I want you to have this. Oh, Landon. Oh, my. Thank you. I'm sorry she never got her miracle. She did. It was you. Jamie saved my life. She taught me everything. About life, hope... ...and the long journey ahead. I'll always miss her. But our love is like the wind. I can't see it... ...but I can feel it. 初恋 回忆 Walk。