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3.Write a book3.写书Utilize your writing skills by writing some memoirs – at this point it’ll be important at least for your own children to when they’re older. You’ll be their hero, so make sure you incorporate what you learned from experiences, how you overcame difficulties, and how you wish to become better in the future, to help and teach them. If you’re not good at writing nonfiction, try your hand at fiction – write a novel, start a comic if you’re good at drawing, or simply start with short stories for fun.运用自己的写作技能,撰写回忆录——至少当孩子长大后可以阅读,这一点颇为重要。你将成为他们的英雄,因此,确保在书中写到,你从经验中学到什么,你是如何克困难的,将来希望如何做才能变得更好,以帮助、教育他们。如果你不擅长写实作品,可以尝试虚构——写一部小说,如果你擅长画画,可以从漫画开始,或仅仅为了从短篇小说开始。4.Pursue a hobby4.追求兴趣爱好Hobbies are great ways for you to utilize the self-care system. Rather than take bubble baths with face masks, you may find yourself drawn to generally more masculine past times like working on a car, motorcycle, boat, actually riding one of these, or even get closer to nature with the drive and go horse-riding, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or hang-gliding for some alone time to reconnect with yourself for who you are.业余爱好是利用自我调理体系的良方。你会发现自己被更加男性化的消遣方式所吸引,而非洗泡沫浴和敷面膜,如开汽车、骑托车、或乘船,更加接近自然;独自骑马、划独木舟、皮划艇、徒步旅行或悬挂式滑翔运动,使你重新和真正的自己联系起来。5.Go for a bike ride/jog5.骑自行车兜风/慢跑Exercise is an excellent way to de-stress, particularly for men. Men respond very well to cardio, strength training, yoga, martial arts – anything really, so get active and get those endorphins flowing to help balance your life at a particularly ‘nurturing’ time in your partnership. Men are great nurturers, but they also need some more active energy to balance that out, whereas women do better with the scales tipped to more ‘nurturing’ energy.锻炼是一种解压的极好的方式,尤其对男人来说。男人对有氧运动、力量训练、瑜珈、武术-实际上对任何事情反应极强,因此活跃起来,使内啡呔得以流动,以有助于在‘育儿’期平衡自己的生活。尽管男人在育儿方面表现很好,然而,他们还需要更多的活化能进行平衡,而女人将生活的天平偏向“育儿”方面,因此,在这方面做的更好。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/400478Whether deformities are caused by genetics or environmental factors, they spark curiosity and awe throughout the world. Many who have them have accepted their differences and led fulfilling lives. Some have undergone risky surgeries to change their appearance. Some have joined the circus and embraced the label ;freak; to make living. Others have concealed themselves to avoid people#39;s reactions.世界上所有人都对畸形(不论是先天还是后天环境所致)抱着一种既好奇又畏怯的心态。很多畸形患者接受了他们自身的;与众不同;,努力让自己过得充实快乐。他们中的一些人冒着巨大的风险做整形手术,一些人则加入马戏团,上演一场与众不同的;畸形秀;,另一些人则封闭自我,以避免人们的指指点点。10.Cutaneous Horns10.皮角Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) result when keratin manifests in a conical shape and protrudes outward from the skin. Lesions found at the base of these horns may be malignant or benign.皮角是由锥形角质物异常增多而形成的突起状角化性皮损,有时表现为良性表皮增生,但偶可见恶性病变。When cutaneous horns grow, they tend to be on people with fair skin, at an average age of 50. Sun-exposed areas of skin are most susceptible. A biopsy can help determine the cause because cutaneous horns are related to a variety of medical issues. Possibilities range from verruca to Bowen#39;s disease. The majority of horns are benign, but about 20 percent are cancerous, and another 20 percent are pre-cancerous.Some people even choose to let their benign horns grow. If a horn does sprout on your forehead, you can at least now rest assured that you#39;re probably not turning into a demon.皮角常见于50岁左右的老年人,多长在皮肤曝光处。一般还要通过;活体组织检查;(biopsy)来分析其病因,因为它可能是一些疾病的并发症,比如病毒疣(verruca)或是文氏病(Bowen#39;s disease)。皮角多呈良性,但20%的皮角会发生癌变,另有20%属于癌前病变。一些人甚至放任良性皮角不管,任其自由生长。如果前额当真长出;角;来,那患者倒还可以松一口气,至少他不用担心自己会变成什么怪物。9.Aniridia9.无虹膜畸形Black eyes aren#39;t necessarily a sign of pure evil. A condition called aniridia can cause absence of color in the iris, which may lead to weakened vision and sensitivity to light. This figures, as the literal translation of aniridia is ;without iris.; Further conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts, are likely to occur along with aniridia. Sufferers may be legally blind, may see well enough to drive, or may even have 20/20 vision.黑洞洞的眼睛并不一定就是邪恶的象征,一种被称为;无虹膜;的畸形病症也能造成这样的无瞳孔状态,该病患者的视力通常会有所损害,并且极其畏光。对;无虹膜畸形;字面上的解释就是;没有虹膜;,此病极有可能伴发青光眼(glaucoma)和白内障(cataracts)。患者也许是;法定盲;,或许开车都不成问题,甚至可能拥有正常视力。A gene mutation causes this condition. It occurs around the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, as the eye develops. Aniridia can be inherited; a parent with this condition has a 50-percent chance of passing it on to his or her child. Parents who each have a mutated copy of the PAX-6 gene may be at risk for having a child with Gillespie syndrome (autosomal recessive aniridia) and related cognitive disabilities.这种病症是由基因突变引起的,这种突变发生于怀的第三个月末,眼睛差不多成型的时候。这是一种遗传性疾病,患有此病的父母有50%的可能性将其遗传给子女。父母中任意一方的PAX-6基因副本发生突变都有可能以常染色体隐性遗传的方式使子女患上无虹膜畸形病,甚至还会造成子女的认知障碍。8.Backward-Bending Knees8.膝反屈畸形People with genu recurvatum have knees that bend backward surprisingly far, sometimes creating an animal-like appearance. The most severe cases involve a congenital dislocation of the knees. Other cases involve differences in leg length or diseases such as cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Another cause is physical trauma to the knee. It could happen while playing sports or in a car accident, for instance.膝反屈患者的膝盖向后伸展过度,这使患者看起来像是某种动物。膝反屈畸形的病发原理多样,最为严重的要数先天性膝关节脱位,另外,两腿长短不一,大脑性麻痹和多发性硬化症也会造成膝反屈畸形。甚至在运动或车祸中造成的膝关节损伤都有可能发展成为膝反屈畸形。Surgery and physical therapy can help treat the condition. Leg braces may also be used. Depending on how well treatment works, this condition may become a permanent disability for some individuals. To date, the most well-known case of genu recurvatum is that of Ella Harper, born in Tennessee circa 1870. Ella preferred to walk on all fours. She was dubbed ;Camel Girl; and found great success in the role. She even starred in W.H. Harris#39;s Nickel Plate Circus in 1886 and used the profits to better her life.我们可以通过手术与理疗治疗这种病症,也可以采用下肢具矫正腿型。但其疗效却不尽如人意,一些患者可能还是摆脱不了终身残疾的命运。1870年左右出生于田纳西州的艾拉·哈珀(Ella Harper)是迄今为止最为人所知的膝反屈患者。她行走时四肢着地,被称为;骆驼女孩;。她甚至在1886年受邀来到哈里斯(W.H. Harris)的Nickel Plate马戏团演出,并得到一笔乐观收入,自此过上幸福生活。7.Prune Belly7.梅干腹综合征Known more formally as Eagle-Barrett syndrome, prune belly syndrome causes extreme weakness in the abdomen. This leads to severe wrinkling and a prune-like appearance. The bladder of an Eagle-Barrett patient becomes permanently expanded and difficult to relieve, leading to further medical challenges. The genitalia, internal organs, and skeleton may also be negatively affected.梅干腹综合征是一种先天性腹肌缺损病症。由于腹壁肌肉缺损,致使腹壁松弛,皮肤皱褶,形似;梅脯;。患者膀胱扩张,尿路受阻,进一步加大了治疗难度。此外,此病可能还会伴发肌肉骨骼畸形,心血管畸形,和生殖器畸形。The cause of this condition is currently undetermined. It#39;s possible that prune belly syndrome is hereditary, as multiple cases have been noted within families. Parents usually have fair warning. When a fetus is affected, the prune-like appearance of the belly is often visible through prenatal ultrasound, allowing for early diagnosis. Undescended testicles are another symptom. Nearly all Eagle-Barrett syndrome cases involve males—95 percent, to be exact. Children with this condition are often stillborn, and those who make it past delivery may die soon from related complications, but some do survive.目前尚未找到病因,但有人认为这可能是一种遗传性疾病,因为同一个家庭中通常会有好几起这样的病例。所以患有此病的父母通常会被要求做产前超声波检查,根据胎儿的腹部形态来判断其是否受到遗传,以便进行早期诊治。先天隐睾则另当别论。95%的梅干腹综合症患者为男性,患有此病的新生儿多为死胎,即使婴儿侥幸存活,不久也会死于并发症之下,但也有一些例外存在。6.Lobster Claws6.螯状趾People born with ectrodactyly tend to have deformities of both their hands and their feet. Varying degrees of surgery are used to correct this condition.螯状趾是指手足发育畸形,可以通过手术矫正治疗。Known commonly as split hand/foot malformation (SHFM), lobster claw syndrome involves missing fingers or toes along with gaping clefts in the sufferer#39;s hands or feet. Fingers or toes are fused with other digits or webbed. If only one limb is deformed, it likely occurred due to a non-hereditary genetic mutation. If the hands and feet are all deformed, the condition was inherited. Parents who carry the gene have a 50-percent chance of passing it down to their offspring. Some choose to have children despite the high risk. Lobster claw syndrome is not related to more complicated medical conditions or mental barriers. The only challenge is learning to function with hands and feet shaped differently than most.螯状趾综合症(又称手足裂畸形)患者通常表现为手指或脚趾缺失、手足分裂、或是指掌相融。一肢畸形很有可能是由非遗传性基因突变造成的,但如果手足均发育畸形,则很有可能是由遗传所致。携带有这种基因的父母有50%的可能性将其遗传给下一代。尽管遗传概率如此之大,一些患者还是会选择育孩子。螯状趾的治疗过程并不复杂,患者也不会有什么心理障碍,唯一的挑战就是要学会灵活操纵长短不一的手指和脚趾。翻译:李念 前十网 /201509/401437

An Indonesian monkey that achieved Internet celebrity with a grinning selfie cannot own the photograph’s copyright, a federal judge said this week.本周(1月3日至9日),美国一位联邦法官称,因大笑自拍在网上走红的一只印尼猴子不拥有照片的版权。People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had argued in ed States District Court in San Francisco that the rights to the photograph, which was snapped using a photographer’s unattended camera, rightfully belonged to the monkey, a crested macaque.善待动物组织(Ethical Treatment of Animals)在旧金山的美国地方法院为这只黑冠猕猴争取照片所有权。照片是这只猴子用摄影师故意放在那里的相机自拍的。In a tentative opinion on Wednesday, Judge William H. Orrick disagreed.周三(1月6日),威廉·H·奥里克法官(William H. Orrick)在一份初步意见书上对他们的主张表示反对。“While Congress and the president can extend the protection of law to animals as well as humans,” he wrote, “there is no indication that they did so in the copyright act.”他写道:“虽然国会和总统可以把法律保护的范围扩展到不同人群甚至动物身上,但是在版权方面他们没有这样做过。”The images were taken during a trip by the British photographer, David Slater, to the Tangkoko Reserve on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 2011. He put his camera on a tripod amid a troop of macaques, setting it so it would automatically focus and wind, and waited for the animals to get curious.那些照片是英国摄影师大卫·斯莱特(David Slater)2011年在印度尼西亚苏拉威岛的Tangkoko保护区(Tangkoko Reserve)拍摄的。他把相机放在三脚架上,设为自动对焦,置于一群猕猴中间,等待它们产生好奇心。The results included the charming mug of the monkey, identified by PETA as a 6-year-old male, Naruto, grinning broadly and bucktoothed into the lens.拍出的照片包括这只猴子迷人的笑脸。善待动物组织认出他是一只6岁大的公猴,绰号火影忍者(Naruto)。他对着镜头大笑,露出门牙。Mr. Slater published a book, “Wildlife Personalities,” that included the pictures, and the images were widely shared online, including without permission by Wikipedia. When Mr. Slater asked the crowd-sourced website to remove the image, it refused under much the same rationale as PETA: Mr. Slater didn’t press the shutter release, so the image was not his.斯莱特出了一本名为《野生动物的个性》(Wildlife Personalities)的书,收录了这些照片。这些照片在网上广为流传,维基百科(Wikipedia)也未经授权用了照片。斯莱特要求这家由众人编辑的网站撤掉这张照片,该网站以与善待动物组织相似的理由拒绝了他:照片不是斯莱特拍的,所以不归他所有。In September, PETA filed its lawsuit against Mr. Slater, his company, and Blurb, the company that published his book, asking the judge to allow it to represent Naruto and distribute the image’s proceeds for the benefit of the Indonesian reserve’s crested macaques, a critically endangered species.去年9月,善待动物组织起诉斯莱特以及他的公司及其出版商Blurb,要求法官允许该组织代表火影忍者将照片的收益用于保护印度尼西亚保护区的严重濒危物种黑冠猕猴。The photographer’s lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that a monkey lacks legal standing. Its motion, at times, struck a mocking tone.这位摄影师的律师们请求法官撤回起诉,理由是猴子没有法律地位。这份动议书不时带有揶揄口吻。“A monkey, an animal-rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court to sue for infringement of the monkey’s claimed copyright. What seems like the setup for a punch line is really happening.”“一只猴子、一个动物权利保护组织和一位灵长类动物学家走进联邦法院,起诉这只猴子所谓的版权遭到侵犯。这听起来像是一则笑话的开头,没想到还真发生了。”Judge Orrick explained from the bench on Wednesday that he had no authority to extend such rights to animals.周三(1月6日),奥里克法官在法庭上解释说,他无权将这样的权利赋予动物。“This is an issue for Congress and the president,” he said, according to Ars Technica. “If they think animals should have the right of copyright, they’re free, I think, under the Constitution, to do that.”据Ars Technica网站称,奥里克法官说:“这是国会和总统的事。如果他们认为动物应该拥有版权,那么我觉得按照宪法,他们有权这样做。”Last July, another legal effort to reinterpret the rights of other primates failed to persuade a judge. The Nonhuman Rights Project argued in a State Supreme Court in Manhattan that two apes being held by a university for research were “legal persons,” highly intelligent and self-aware, and should be removed to a sanctuary. The judge took the case seriously, but ultimately decided that under the law, Hercules and Leo were property, not people.去年7月,另一次重新阐释其他灵长类动物权利的法律行动也没有赢得法官的持。非人类权利计划(Nonhuman Rights Project)在曼哈顿的州最高法院要求释放一所大学拘禁的两只用作研究的类人猿,称它们是“法人”,具有很高的智商和自我意识,应该被送往保护区。那位法官认真对待这一案件,但是最终判定,依照法律,赫尔克里士(Hercules)和利奥(Leo)是财产,不是人。Despite PETA’s setback this week, the group cast its unorthodox legal battle as a crucial step toward enlarging the rights of animals.尽管本周善待动物组织遇到了挫折,但是该组织认为自己的非正统法律诉讼是扩大动物权利的重要一步。“We will continue to fight for Naruto and his fellow macaques,” Jeff Kerr, an attorney for PETA, said in a statement, adding “As my legal mentor used to say, ‘In social-cause cases, historically, you lose, you lose, you lose, and then you win.’”善待动物组织的律师杰夫·克尔(Jeff Kerr)在声明中说:“我们将继续为火影忍者和他的同伴争取权利。”他还说,“就像我的法律导师过去常说的,‘从历史角度看,社会事业方面的案子,总是败诉、败诉、败诉,坚持到最后就是胜利。’” /201601/422693

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