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Hi, everybody. 大家好。This week, I traveled to New England, where I was joined by four governors who are working to raise the minimum wage in each of their states. 本周,我到访了新英格兰地区,持当地四位州长提高各自州内的最低工资标准。And theyve also joined me in calling on Congress to raise the minimum wage from .25 to .10 an hour. 他们也与我一起呼吁国会将最低工资标准从7.25美元每小时提高到10.10美元。Because it would give nearly 800,000 Americans in their states a raise -and lift wages for about 28 million across the country.此举将提高他们所在各州约80多万人的生活水平,并提高全国2800万人的工资收入。So these governors arent waiting for Congress to make up its mind. 这几位州长没有等待国会做最后决定。And in my State of the Union Address, I asked Americas business leaders to go ahead and do what they could to raise their employees wages, too. 在我的国情咨文中,我也请求美国的各个公司领导提前谋划,尽他们能力提高员工工资。And increasingly, its not just large companies like Costco or the Gap that choose to pay their employees higher starting wages.最近,不仅像Costco和Gap这样的大公司选择为其员工提供更高的工资。Its smaller businesses like Jaxsons, a family-owned ice cream parlor in South Florida. 连Jaxson这样的南佛罗里达地区的家庭经营的冰激凌小店都加入了。They answered the call and raised their wages so that more than 70 employees would earn at least .10 an hour, without cutting back on hiring.他们响应我的号召,提高员工工资,70多位员工每小时至少可以得到10.10美元的工资,而公司并没有因此没有解雇一个人。And two weeks ago, an Atlanta small business owner named Darien Southerland wrote me to share a lesson his grandmother taught him -that if you treat your employees right, theyll treat you right. 两周前,亚特兰大一家小企业主Darien Southerland写信给我,讲述他祖母给他的教诲:如果你善待你的员工,他们也将善待你。And Vice President Biden paid him a visit this week.为此,拜登副总统本周前去拜访了他。I agree with these business owners, which is why I issued an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least .10 an hour. 我完全持这些企业主的做法,因此,我签署了一份行政命令,要求所有联邦政府合同承包商向其员工付最低10.10美元每小时的工资。Its good for our bottom line. 这对改善社会底层境遇有帮助。And working Americans have struggled through stagnant wages for far too long.工薪阶层忍受低工资太长时间了。A clear majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage, because we believe that nobody who works full-time should have to live in poverty. 很明显,大部分美国人是持提高最低工资标准的,因为我们相信,任何辛勤工作的人都不应该生活在贫困之中。About half of all Republicans support raising the minimum wage, too. 大约有一半的共和党人也持提高最低工资标准。Its just too bad they dont serve in Congress. 可惜的是他们并不都是国会议员。Because the Republicans who do serve in Congress dont want to vote on the minimum wage at all. 因为国会的共和党人并不想给提高最低工资标准一个投票表决的机会。Some even want to get rid of it completely. Seriously.有些人甚至想完全废掉这份提案。Thats why what business leaders and everyday Americans are doing to raise wages is so important. 正因如此,大量的企业主和美国人民提高工资的行动才显得如此重要。Because change doesnt come from Washington -change comes to Washington. 因为华盛顿不会轻易改变,只有压力到来他们才会改变。Ive always believed that, and its true in this case, too. 我始终相信,这一切终会到来。Outside Washington, Americans are y to put aside old political arguments and move this country forward. 华盛顿之外的美国人民早已做好准备,将陈旧的政治争论抛之脑后,推动这个国家向前发展。The American people are way ahead of Congress on this issue, and weve just got to let Congress know that. 在这个问题上,美国人民已经走到了国会的前面,我们应该让国会知道这一切。Its time for “ten-ten.” Its time to give America a raise. 10.10美元的工资标准刻不容缓。提高美国人民生活水平刻不容缓。And its time to restore opportunity for all.为所有人提供更多机会刻不容缓。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快!201403/279636

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