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The elephants are nearing the end of their long journey.象群正接近漫长旅途的终点After weeks of marching theyre desperately tired.经过数周的长途跋涉,它们都已是精疲力尽The matriarch can smell water and encourages the herd to make one last effort.母象首领闻到了水的气味,它鼓励象群再做最后的努力The youngsters are exhausted, but their mothers have made this journey before小象疲惫不堪,不过它们的母亲以前也经历过这种旅行and they know that theyre close to water.它们很清楚水就在不远的前方After many hundreds of miles theyve arrived.在完成数百英里的行程之后,它们终于抵达了目的地The lives of these elephants are dominated by the annual rhythm of wet and dry,这些大象的生活决定于一年一度的干湿季节交替a seasonal cycle created by the sun.这是太阳造成的季节循环201702/493537Paleontologists come to the plains around Plaza Huincul searching for clues to a prehistoric world.古生物学家们来到普拉萨乌因库尔周围的平原,寻找史前世界的遗迹This place was once home to the most extreme dinosaurs ever seen.这个地方曾经生活着迄今所见最大的恐龙Dinosaur hunter Rodolfo Coria knows he is a lucky man.恐龙专家Rodolfo Coria认为自己是一个幸运的人He is chief paleontologist here and many of the most extraordinary finds have been his.他是这里的古生物学科带头人,许多最惊人的发现都是他的功劳Argentina is a good place for finding fossils, especially because of Patagonia.阿根廷是寻找化石的理想地点,尤其是巴塔哥尼亚Patagonia is almost 50 per cent of the Argentinian surface, and the rocks, they are very well exposed.巴塔哥尼亚几乎占到了阿根廷面积的50%,这里的岩石非常裸露So it is very easy to find fossil evidence.所以很容易找到化石遗迹If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place.如果你想寻找恐龙,巴塔哥尼亚正是最佳地点Even Rodolfo was unprepared for the record-breaking monsters he was to unearth in these rocks,但是Rodolfo从未想过要在这些岩石中挖出破纪录的怪兽dinosaurs which would change our picture of the prehistoric world.改变史前世界面貌的巨型恐龙It all began nine years ago, when he began excavating the bones of what was obviously a very large dinosaur.一切开始于9年前,当时他挖掘的一块骨头,显然属于一只非常巨大的恐龙201611/477932Iceland looks like it will be the first country to officially outlaw the gender wage gap.冰岛看起来将会是首个正式禁止性别工资差距的国家。The island nation is working on a law that would ensure all companies with 25 or more employees pay women as much as men by 2022. 冰岛正在制定一项法律,到2022年确保所有25名或以上员工的公司实行男女同工同酬。This cements Icelands status as one of the best places on earth to be a woman in the workforce. But Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson says Iceland isnt done striving for equality.这巩固了冰岛的地位,作为世界上女性劳工最好的地方。但总理比亚德尼·贝内迪克松表示,冰岛在争取平等的道路上还没完成。Yes, we may rank No. 1 in the world at the moment, but the job is not done still.是的,我们现在可能排名世界第一,但是工作还没有完成。Multiple evaluations ranked Iceland as the No. 1 country in the world for gender parity, but it still has a pay gap estimated at 14-18 percent.多方评价将冰岛列为世界第一性别平等的国家,但仍有估计百分之14-18的薪酬差距。译文属。201703/497050

5 Days of No Coffee我的五天不喝咖啡日记Hey, guys! Im Lucie Fink. This is ;five days of no coffee.;嘿大家!我是 Lucie Fink。这是“五天不喝咖啡挑战”。Monday星期一I love coffee. I myself started drinking it at about age 15. I drink about two to four cups of coffee every day. But I dont think that I drink it only for energy. I genuinely enjoy coffee. Coffee is such a huge part of social culture around the world. I mean, think about it, when you go to meet up with a friend that you havent seen in a while, where do you go? To get a cup of coffee!我爱咖啡。我自己在十五岁左右开始喝。我每天大概喝二到四杯咖啡。不过我不认为自己只是为了提神才喝。我真心喜欢咖啡。咖啡是全世界社交文化如此重要的一部分。我是说,想想看,当你和一个一阵子没看到的朋友约见面时,你会去哪?喝一杯咖啡!There are so many proven benefits of coffee, but there are also some drawbacks. It can be dehydrating, it can disrupt sleep patterns, caffeine increases your stress hormone, and also, coffee tends to lead to unplanned trips to the bathroom (side note). So, Im going off of it this week, and well see how my body responds.喝咖啡有许多经明的好处,不过也有一些坏处。咖啡可能造成脱水、可能打乱睡眠型态、咖啡因会增加你的压力荷尔蒙,还有,咖啡容易让你意外多去厕所几趟(题外话)。所以,我这礼拜要戒咖啡,然后我们就知道我的身体会如何反应了。I have a garbage can here. I didnt just pour that on the floor. Gotcha!这有一个垃圾桶。我没有直接倒在地板上啦。骗到你了!I have a really bad headache, and Ive had it all freaking day. It was almost as if the moment I started thinking this morning, my head started hurting. Happy Monday. Good night.我头超痛,而且已经痛一整天了。几乎是在我今天早上开始思考那刻,我的头就开始痛了。星期一快乐。晚安。Tuesday星期二Hi. The sun hurts. Twenty-four hours with no coffee... I didnt think I needed coffee, but let me tell you, I was wrong. Yesterdays headache was just the tip of the iceberg. Todays is even worse. Yesterday I felt really disorganized. I had a couple of morning meetings that I just could not pull myself together, and papers were flying around my desk! People would come over to talk to me and I continuously forgot what I was about to say. Blame it on the fact that it was Monday or blame it on the lack of coffee—who knows.嗨。太阳好刺眼。二十四小时没喝咖啡……我之前不觉得我需要咖啡,但告诉你,我错了。昨天的头痛不过是冰山一角。今天更惨。昨天我觉得思绪很没条理。我早上要开几个会,我就是没办法集中精神,然后文件还在我桌上四处飞!人们过来和我说话然后我一直忘记我要说什么。把错推给昨天是星期一,或是怪没有咖啡吧——天晓得。But instead of just giving in and assuming I must be addicted to coffee, I decided to do some research about foods that naturally will energize my body and make me feel more alert and awake. So heres what I got: some fresh fruit for natural sugar, trail mix, dark chocolate, and in the fridge, I have coconut water and get this...raw sauerkraut. Lets do this. Ouch...不过我没有就这样让步然后觉得我一定是咖啡成瘾,我决定调查一下哪些食物能自然帮我的身体充电,还有让我感觉更头脑清醒些。所以这里是我得到的结果:一些新鲜水果来提供天然糖分、综合坚果、黑巧克力,然后冰箱里我冰了椰子水,还有这个……没加工的德式酸菜。来吧。痛啊……Wednesday星期三I made a mistake this morning. The point of this five days was to give up coffee, which naturally led to me giving up caffeine, considering coffee is my biggest source of caffeine. So I thought I was being so good and I poured myself a cup of tea instead of coffee. You know, I had another cup...and another cup. Later in the day, my co-producer asked me, ;What are you drinking?; And I said, ;Tea.; She looked at me and asked, ;Can I see the label for that?; As it turns out—and Im so ashamed—I was drinking caffeinated black tea.我今天早上犯了个错。这五天挑战的重点是戒掉咖啡,那很自然就连到我戒掉咖啡因,有鉴于咖啡是我最主要的咖啡因来源。所以我想说我做得很好,然后我替自己倒了杯茶而非咖啡。你知道,我喝了另一杯……又一杯。那天稍晚,我的协同制作人问我:“你在喝什么?”我回:“茶。”她看着我然后问:“我可以看看那的标签吗?”结果呢——我觉得很羞愧——我喝的是含咖啡因红茶。Since one cup of black tea has half of the caffeine content of a cup of coffee, and I had three cups of tea, I have today had 1.5 cups of coffees worth of caffeine. Needless to say, my headaches are gone. If nothing else, this grand mistake of mine has taught me that the headaches and the irritability were from a lack of caffeine. Even still, without the headaches, and even with all the food Ive been eating to keep my energy levels up, I still want coffee.因为一杯红茶含一杯咖啡的一半咖啡因含量,然后我喝了三杯茶,所以我今天喝下一杯半咖啡的咖啡因含量。不用说,我的头痛没了。至少,这个天大的错误告诉我,头痛和易怒确实是缺少咖啡因造成的。然而即使头不痛了,还有即使有我吃的那所有提神的食物,我还是想喝咖啡。Today, I ran out in the rain, and I went to a coffee shop, and I just sat there and inhaled the fumes. Do you see how crazy this week is making me?今天,我在雨中跑出去,我去了间咖啡厅,然后我就只是坐在那吸咖啡的香气。你看到这礼拜把我搞得多疯了吧?Thursday星期四My five days of no-coffee challenge has turned into a big, buzzing topic around the R29 office. Everyones got a coffee story. This person drinks coffee for two weeks and then goes off of it so that they dont get addicted. This other person drank so much coffee that she became allergic to it. That is a true story.我的五天不喝咖啡挑战已经变 R29 办公室的热门话题。每个人都有咖啡故事。这个人喝咖啡喝了两个星期然后戒掉,这样才不会上瘾。另一个人喝太多咖啡,喝到变对咖啡过敏。那可是真实故事。My focus this week was to really dive deep and understand my personal relationship with that dark, steaming roast. As we saw, on Monday and Tuesday, Im kind of addicted to caffeine. To be honest, even though the caffeine got rid of my headaches, caffeine alone doesnt cut it. That feeling for me of holding a cup of coffee and just inhaling and breathing deeply, taking that first sip—its a mind, body, and soul experience. So, Im not sure that Im addicted as one would say, but I might be...in love. Interesting.我这礼拜的重点是真的深入探索并了解我自己和那浓黑、冒着蒸气的烘焙咖啡的关系。如我们所见,星期一和星期二,我有点咖啡因成瘾。老实说,即使咖啡因解决掉我的头痛,单只有咖啡因还是不够。对我来说,手握一杯咖啡然后深吸一口气的感觉、啜饮那第一口——那是身心灵的体验。所以,我不太确定我是人家说的对咖啡上瘾,但我可能……恋爱了。有意思。Friday星期五Happy Friday, guys! Wow, what a week! Am I right? Lets break down how the week went, shall we?大家,周五快乐!哇,真精的一周!对吧?我们来简单讲一下这礼拜过得怎样,好吗?Cons: massive headaches, irritability, and the inability to form sentences. Pros: I was able to get to sleep a little bit easier than I am normally and, potentially, made fewer trips to the bathroom. So, where does that leave me? Clearly, some addictive personality traits that I didnt even know I had came shining through this week, so I really learned a lot about myself and my addiction. Nothing in my life can really replace a cup of coffee.坏处:严重头痛、易怒,还有说话无法成句。好处:我能够比平常稍微容易入睡些,还有,很可能,少去几趟厕所。所以,这挑战对我有什么意义?很显然,有一些以前我甚至没发现的成瘾人格特质在这礼拜全都显现出来,所以我真的认识自己和我的咖啡瘾许多。我生命中没有任何事物能真正取代一杯咖啡。Now I wanna know what you could not give up for one entire week. Subscribe to Refinery29 on YouTube for some more challenges like this one. Drop us a line. Let me know what you wanna see me try.现在我想知道什么是你没办法一整个星期都不碰的。在 YouTube 上订阅 Refinery29 频道好收看更多像这样的挑战。留言给我们。让我知道你想看我尝试什么。201607/452466

Do you wear this outfit all the time?你老穿着这样的衣吗?Every time I go on hikes, of course.每次远足都会穿。You go on hikes a lot?你经常远足吗?Ive been on hikes when I was five, four, three, pretty much all my ages.我从5,4,3岁开始远足,永远都在远足。Been on hikes all your ages?永远?Yeah, pretty much. Thats pretty good. I like this. So, let me ask you this, Henry.差不多。非常好,我喜欢。亨利,让我问你几个问题。What made you famous?你是怎么出名的?Basically, just one of me crying about the planet.其实是一个视频,我当时在为地球哭泣。Do you know how many people saw this ?你知道有多少人看你的视频吗?I think even more than I can think.我想会超出想象吧。Like 600 million, I think. Thats a lot.我想应该是6亿吧。这是个天文数字。I want to see it so everybody can see what made you famous.我们重温一下那个视频,让现场观众看看你是怎么出名的。Oh, yeah. Okay, lets go. Lets take a look at it. This up here. Okay.好的。来看看吧。看大屏幕。好的。The planet is gonna be wrecked.地球将会毁灭。They throw trash on the ground.人们随地乱丢垃圾。They cut down trees.人们砍伐树木。They are being so bad.人类总是肆无忌惮地破坏环境。I could just call them dumb people.他们愚昧无知。Or maybe even a bad word, the ;S; word.用一个不好听的单词来形容,那就是“S”开头的那个词What is it that upset you?你为什么那么伤感?Well, I dont like people cutting down trees.我不喜欢人们砍树木。I dont like people making forests into roads because its animals houses,我不喜欢森林变成公路,因为那里是动物的家,and I dont like big factories that pump smoke up into air.我不喜欢冒着烟的大工厂。No, I do not like that. Really? Mnh-mnh.我不喜欢这些。真的吗?是的。Well, Henry, let me ask you something.亨利,我问你啊。If you were the President of the ed States, what would you do?如果你是美国总统,你会怎么做?Well, if someone littered or did something bad for the planet,如果有人乱扔垃圾,或是做对地球不好的事情,I would put them in jail for about a month or a week,我会让他进监狱,监禁一个月或是一周,and then I would let them out, and then they would never litter again because of that lesson, ever again.然后将他们放出来,然后他们就不会乱扔东西了,因为他们接受了惩罚。What should people be doing to help the planet?你认为人们怎么做才能保护地球?How big is your car?你的车大吗?Say, man, what my car got to do with this here?我的车和这个有什么关系?Okay, before I answer that, what happens to people with big cars?在我回答之前,我想问你人们的车很大会怎样?Cause I need to know how much time Im getting for it. Im going to say that I hope you have a little car,因为我想知道我会被监禁多长时间。我希望你有个小车,because if you have a little car, then it uses less gas, and it pumps out less smoke.因为这样的话,就会少用汽油,也会少排气体。Oh, okay. If you drive a big car, then...哦,好的。如果你开大车的话,那么...Steve Harvey, take a bus.史蒂夫,你坐公交吧。Steve Harvey take a bus?史蒂夫坐公交?Yeah, if you have a big car, thats only..是的,如果你的车很大,那只有...Yeah, you got a big car. Do you? I didnt say I had a big car. I didnt say that. No, I didnt. Are you trying to send me to jail? No.我知道了,你的车很大,不是吗?我没说我有大车,我可没说。我没说。你要把我关起来吗?没有。I didnt say. Im not trying to. But listen, Henry! A bus is bigger than the car!我没说。我不会把你关起来。听我说亨利,公交比汽车大得多啊!And Im a little crazy getting off this bus.我不想下车,这会让我感到疯狂。You know, theyre going to look at me, and theyre going to go wow, Steve aint doing good.他们会注视着我,然后...说哦,史蒂夫不够优秀。I dont really know what youre talking about. They do.我不知道你在说些什么。他们知道。I have something for you, actually.我有东西送给你。Oh, thank you. What is this? Its a recycle bot.哦,谢谢。是什么?一个循环装置。Oh, this is great. Thats pretty good, man. Thank you very much.这太棒了。非常好看,非常感谢你。I like that, a recycle bot. And it reminds me to recycle.我很喜欢,循环装置。它会提醒我去循环利用。And so, can I give you something?我也有东西送给你,你要吗?Yeah, of course. Im going to set that there. Dont touch it cause its mine. Okay. Okay.当然。我会把这个放在这儿。别碰它,因为这是我的。好的,好的。Dont touch it. I dont want nobody...And stop looking at it, cause its mine. Its not yours.别碰它,我不想让人拿走它。别再看了,这是我的不是你的。Ill be right back. Stay here, Henry. I got something for you.马上回来,亨利你坐在这里。我给你准备了个东西。Now Im gonna set this here. Thats yours.我把它放在这里,这是你的了。Thank you, Mr. Harvey. Yeah. No, Henry, youre welcome.谢谢你,哈维先生。不用谢,亨利。But guess what? What?但你猜怎么着?什么?You see this tree right here? Yeah.看见这棵树了吗?是的。All of us at Little Big Shots, were going to plant 1,000 trees just like that in your name in a forest.所有“小小达人秀”的工作人员,我们将在森林以你的名义种下一千棵这样的树。I got another surprise for you, though, Henry.我还有个惊喜给你。This is the Little Big Shots presents the Environmentalist of the Year—Henry.“小小达人秀”将年度环保人士的书颁给你,亨利。Ladies and Gentlemen, Henry.女士们先生们,亨利!Thank you so much!非常感谢!America, a big hand for Henry! Our future is safe! Give your love for Henry!朋友们,为亨利鼓掌!我们的未来是光明的!为亨利鼓掌!201707/515906栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/453258原味人文风情:Ive some terrific books lately. Here are a few you might wanna this summer.我最近读了一些很出色的书。这里是几本你今年夏天可能会想读的。The Vital Question by Nick LaneNick Lane 的《The Vital Question(重要问题)》He starts with the basic question of how life started. The work hes done on that is so intriguing.他从生命如何开始那基本问题起头。他对那的研究非常吸引人。He seems to be the first guy whos really looked into certain weird things about the mitochondria.他似乎是第一个真正探究粒线体特定奇怪事情的人。But he puts forward all sorts of ideas about different diseases that really bear looking into.但他也提出各种关于不同疾病、非常值得研究的想法。Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah HarariYuval Noah Harari 的《Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind(人类大历史:从野兽到扮演上帝)》Sapiens is really good. And theres a lot of things about early human history that most people havent been exposed to.Sapiens 这本书真的很棒。早期人类历史有许多是大部分的人没接触过的。And hes good and succinct on that. And then he goes off in many directions, like, ;Are we happier than weve ever been?;而作者对那很擅长也很简洁明了。接着他来到许多面向,像是「我们比以前更开心吗?」;And what about robots?; Its got the broad framework. Its a great book.「机器人怎么样?」这本书的架构很广。是本好书。How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan EllenbergJordan Ellenberg 的《How Not to Be Wrong(数学教你不犯错)》This book has tons of good stuff in it for a non-mathematician.这本书对非数学家来说有许多好东西。He updates you about the world of math, what advances have taken place.他更新你对数学世界的认识、更新有哪些进展发生。His enthusiasm comes across. In math, if you dont, kind of, practice it, you get this attrition of your mathematical thinking.作者的热忱表露出来。数学的领域,如果你没有有点去运用的话,你的数学思考能力就会磨损。The Power to Compete by Ryoichi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mikitani三木谷良一和三木谷浩史的《The Power to Compete(竞争的能力)》To me, Japan is fascinating. In the 1980s and 90s, the Japanese were just turning out engineering and doing great stuff.对我来说,日本很迷人。在 1980 和 90 年代,日本正在发展工程和进行一些很棒的事。How did they lose their way? Why have these companies not been more innovative?他们是怎么迷失的?为什么这些公司没有更创新呢?Japans actually had a hard time changing, but the country can be in very good shape.日本其实在改变上遭受困难,但这国家可以发展得很好。The thing I spent the most time on is Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.我花最多时间的是 Neal Stephenson 的《Seveneves(七夏娃)》。I havent science fiction much in the last decade, which is, you know, kind of crazy because I used to it massively.我过去十年来没读多少科幻小说,你知道,那有点怪,因为我以前读很多。This terrible thing happens that has to do with the moon breaking apart.这件可怕事情的发生和月球碎裂有关。The planets gonna undergo this meteoric bombardment for, like, 5,000 years.星球将遭受大概五千年的陨石轰炸。It makes you think about a lot of things. You know, like, if the worlds gonna end in two years, whos gonna come to work?那让你思考许多事。你知道,像是,如果这世界两年内会终结,谁要去工作?Should kids go to school? Its a really good book.孩子们应该去上学吗?这是本真的很棒的书。So those are some of the books Id recommend this summer. I hope you find something you like.所以那些就是我今年夏天会推荐的书。希望你找到自己喜欢的。201611/476637

I Dare You to Watch This Entire Video我敢说,你看不完这短短三分钟影片I dare you to watch this entire . I dare you to watch this entire . No skipping ahead, no pausing, no opening another tab and letting this play in the background. I dare you to sit still and do nothing but watch a single three-minute Internet .我挑战你看完这整部影片。我挑战你看完这整部影片。不能跳过去、不能暂停、不能打开其它视窗然后让这在背景播放。我挑战你乖乖坐着然后什么事都不做,只单看一部三分钟的网路影片。Hmm, its difficult for you, isnt it? Youre becoming bored. Your brain is beginning to itch inside your skull, begging for a morsel of distraction from the Internet. And youre holding it together for now, but the truth is, youre frightened. Its been so long since youve tried to focus like this that you dont know if you can do it anymore.嗯,这对你来说很困难,对吧?你开始感到无聊。你的大脑开始在头颅内骚动,哀求着要从网路上得到一点点能分散注意力的东西。而你现在还撑着,不过事实是,你吓坏了。自你上次试着这么专注已经过了好久,久到你都不知道自己还能不能做到。And this is boring, isnt it? Maybe you think its a trick, that theres some reward for sticking it out. You think that at two minutes and 50 seconds, a funny message will appear for a frame or two, and youll only see it if you watch the whole thing. Youve probably aly scrubbed along the bottom of the progress bar to see if that happens, right? Well, it doesnt. Theres no joke, no prize. Theres just you and this . Either you watch it or you dont.而且这部影片很无聊,对吧?或许你认为这是个花招,认为坚持到最后会有某种奖励。你以为在两分五十秒时,一个好笑的讯息会出现个一两幕,而你只有看完整部影片才会看到那讯息。你搞不好已经沿着时间轴拉看看那会不会发生了,对吧?这个嘛,并不会。没有笑话、没有奖励。只有你和这部影片。你要不看完它,不然就是不要看。I dare you to watch it. But the obstacles are mounting. That was an email. That was a new post on Instagram. That was a celebrity who just died on Twitter. Maybe it was Shaq. Everyones tweeting about Shaqs death, and youre missing it. Are you comfortable with that?我挑战你看它。不过阻碍正在增加。那是封信件。那是 Instagram 上的一则新贴文。那是推特上一个名人刚过世的消息。搞不好是侠客。大家都在推文说侠客的死,而你在错过。你对那感到自在吗?That was 10 seconds. But it felt like a year, didnt it? A decade of instantaneous entertainment has made you so mentally soft and fat that you find even 10 seconds of boredom excruciating. How sad.那是十秒钟。不过感觉起来像一年,是吧?十年来的即时刺激使你心理上变得如此软弱又肥胖,你发现就连十秒的无聊都难以忍受。多悲哀啊。Remember when you were a child? You could spend an entire hour watching an ant crawl across a rock. One afternoon, you checked out a library book, and you were so engrossed that you the entire thing in just one day. When was the last time that happened to you?记得你还是个孩子的时候吗?你可以花整整一小时看一只蚂蚁爬过石头。有个下午,你从图书馆借出一本书,而你是那么入迷,所以你在仅仅一天内就读完全部。你上次那样是什么时候了?The truth is, youre weaker now. Attention is the scalpel you use to cut away the fat from your life, but the Internet has robbed you of it. And now, instead of choosing what you experience, you drift from tab to tab full of content you hate, like a hungry ghost who will never be full. Your life is filtering through your fingers, and you are doing nothing to stop it. But if you watch this entire , if you make the choice to sit and be bored for these 180 seconds, you will have finally taken the first step in regaining control over the one truly unrenewable resource in life: your time.事实是,你现在变得更加软弱。专注力是你用来将脂肪从生活中切除的解剖刀,但网路已经把它从你身上夺走了。现在,不是选择你所经历的事物,你反而游荡在充满你厌恶的内容的视窗间,就像个永远不会满足的饿鬼。你的生命在从指间流逝,而你却没做任何事来阻止。不过如果你看了这整部影片,如果你选择坐着然后感到无聊 180 秒,你将会终于采取第一步,取回生命中唯一不可更新资源的控制权的第一步:那资源就是你的时间。Less than three minutes ago, I dared you to watch this entire . In a moment, you will have won or lost, and only you will know the difference. Either way, the dare will be over. To decide what youll do with the rest of your life, youll have to dare yourself.不到三分钟前,我挑战你看这完整部影片。马上,你就会胜利或落败,而只有你会知道差别。不管怎样,挑战将结束。要决定你接下来的人生要怎样,你将得挑战自己。201605/444671TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461836Im gonna give you a great recipe. Were gonna make the most amazing hollandaise sauce,我们今天要做荷兰酱,绝对美味至极。but its gonna be easy and Im gonna show you how you can keep it without splitting it.制作方法很简单,我会教你如何保蛋黄不分离。Okay, it starts with two very good eggs and were gonna remove just the yolks okay.好的,第一步磕两个鸡蛋,只要蛋黄部分。Now the egg whites you can use for a lovely meringue.蛋清可以制作美味的低糖马林。So the egg yolks go to a heat-proof glass bowl, then here Ive got a pan about an inch of water,之后我们将蛋黄放入一个隔热的玻璃碗中,旁边放一个平底锅,加入一英寸水。and I put the bowl on top and I do not want the water to touch the eggs,之后将碗放入平底锅上,不要让水触碰到鸡蛋,because it will overheat and youll get scrambled eggs and we dont want that.否则会变成炒鸡蛋。Add a little swig of lemon juice or white wine vinegar, just a little tablespoon.之后放一点柠檬水和白醋,一勺量即可。And whisk that up to make it fluffy and pale. It just takes a couple of minutes.搅拌它让它变蓬松变白,几分钟即可。Then I wanna use some butter. I want to put a pack of butter in here guys,之后拿些黄油,放一些在这里,because Im gonna make enough hollandaise for about six people.因为这个荷兰酱要供六个人食用。Im gonna put it on a heat and were just gonna melt it okay. So as you whisk the egg yolks,将黄油放在炉灶上融化,在搅拌蛋黄的同时,is gonna start to double inside, youre sort of par-cooking the eggs蛋黄开始变双层了,现在只做蛋黄备用,and now the eggs are kind of y to hold and emulsify fat.鸡蛋开始凝固了,开始乳化脂肪。In this case,were using the melted butter,slowly adding the butter.那么好了,之后使用已经融化的奶酪,慢慢倒入蛋黄中。If you dont whisk constantly, youll have too much fat and it will split.一定要不停搅拌,否则脂肪太多就会分离。You can see its thickening up nicely. As youre doing it,have a little taste. Yum.开始凝固了,我来尝一口,美味。Im gonna add a little bit of salt,a little pepper,just get a good old-fashioned thermos flask之后加入盐,一点胡椒,然后用一个老式热水瓶,Right, and preheat it and then pour that away and this is the best place to put a fantastic hollandaise sauce.先用热水加热,再倒掉水,拿热水瓶放美味的荷兰酱再适合不过了。Get your sauce and just pour in. Its gonna stay warm for two hours and its the best tip that you could get.之后将酱放在里面,热水瓶能保温2小时,这个主意真是太棒了。Oh, look Ive just gone over the rim and in kitchens,哦,弄到外面来了,we use thermos flasks to keep these fantastic sauces like bearnaise, hollandaise that are held together by egg and heat and fat.一般我们会用热水瓶装一些蛋黄酱或是荷兰酱,装一些有鸡蛋脂肪的东西。The thing about these sources is its so delicate, so silky.这种酱口感细腻,丝滑柔顺。Its so good with things like asparagus,new potatoes, you know steamed fish even grilled chicken.再配上芦笋,新鲜的土豆,蒸鱼甚至烤鸡肉。Amazing!So there you go guys, classic hollandaise sauce made with love and care.简直太棒了!这是道用心制作的经典荷兰酱。Theres so many things you can do with even the eggs benedict.就算是班尼迪克蛋你都能给它做出花样。And if you want to see a recipe for that, just click the link up there but there go,如果你想了解制作方法,请点击上面的链接,thermos flask, brilliant tip. Happys days.还有就是暖水瓶,这主意绝了! 生活愉快! 201707/516690

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister later this year.英国首相卡梅伦宣布今年晚些时候将卸任首相职务。I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. But I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.在未来的几个月里,我将继续努力稳定英国这艘大船,但我不认为我再适合担任船长,引领国家走向下一个目的地。Cameron made the announcement shortly after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.英国投票决定离开欧盟后不久,卡梅伦发表了这一声明。The results almost immediately spelled bad news for the prime minister, who campaigned vigorously to remain. Losing his countrys spot in the EU quickly sparked calls for his resignation.对于大力持留欧的首相,脱欧几乎立即招来坏的消息。失去英国在欧盟的位置很快引发让他辞职的呼声。Cameron said he will continue to serve as prime minister for the next three months but will resign in time for the Conservative Partys conference in October.卡梅伦表示,在未来三个月将继续担任首相,但将于十月在保守党大会上辞职。译文属。201606/451067栏目简介:More than 200 local museums and headquarters of major technology industry players will be open to the public for free, starting tomorrow. Its part of this years Shanghai Science Week, sponsored by the city government. Top scientists from Shanghai and overseas attended this mornings opening ceremony. Wu Ying has more.201703/496720Have you ever been snacking on some sashimi and paused to wonder: why do we eat raw fish but not raw chicken?你是否曾经在吃生鱼片的时候突然会想:为什么我们能吃生鱼却不吃生鸡肉呢?Really, eating any kind of raw meat comes with some health risk to humans, depending on how it was slaughtered, stored, and prepared.事实上吃任何未熟的肉都有可能有健康风险,这取决于生肉是如何屠宰、储存和加工。But some are more iffy than others, because different animals have different microbes and parasites inside them,但有一些生肉风险会更高,因为不同的动物体内有着不同的微生物和寄生虫,some of which are really nasty to humans. Fish is on the safer end of the spectrum.它们某些对人类的危害确实严重。鱼则是这些动物中较安全的一种。It doesnt usually carry bacteria that are harmful to humans, but we do have to watch out for parasitic worm larvae like, roundworms, tapeworms, or flukes.鱼通常不携带对人类有害的细菌,但我们确实会发现一些寄生幼虫,比如蛔虫、绦虫或吸虫。If you eat infected raw fish, the larvae will mature into worms that can latch onto organs and cause some serious damage.如果你吃了受感染的生鱼肉,幼虫将会在你体内成熟并侵入你的器官,造成严重的危害。Sometimes fish is frozen for storage, and if its cold enough, any parasites or bacteria hanging around will die.有时为了保存而将鱼冰冻,只要温度够低,任何寄生虫和细菌都会死亡。But cooking fish is the best way to make sure that all of the infectious is gone.但是将鱼煮熟是确保鱼没有感染能力的最好方法。But if your sushi comes from a clean, reputable kitchen, its probably safe to eat. Now, what about other meats, like beef, chicken, and pork?只要你的寿司来源干净卫生的厨房,一般就不会有什么大问题。但其他那些牛肉、鸡肉和猪肉之类的肉类呢?The bacteria that live in these animals, like strains of Salmonella and E. coli, tend to be more dangerous to humans than any that live in fish.在这些动物身上存活的细菌,如沙门氏菌和大肠杆菌,比起鱼身上的细菌它们对人类的危害更大。Many harmful microbes live in cattle guts, not the muscle where we get cuts of steak.许多有危害的微生物一般存活在家畜内脏里而不是我们食用的肌肉部分。But beef can be contaminated if a butcher punctures the digestive tract. So steaks might have bacteria on the surface.但如果屠宰场的屠夫穿刺了牛的消化道,那么它极有可能会被感染。所以肉类表面可能会附有细菌。Usually a good, hot sear is enough to kill off anything infectious, and leaving the inside red is fine, because its sterile in there.通常高温足以杀死任何感染物,其余体内剩下的则没有问题,因为它们没有生存的条件了。Ground beef is more treacherous, because any germs living on the surface of the meat get mixed inside.绞碎的牛肉会更危险,因为肉质表面的细菌完全混合其中。Plus, it tends to contain meat from multiple animals, so one contaminated cow means bad news for an entire batch of ground beef.此外,碎末中也会含有多种动物的肉,所以将一头被感染的牛绞碎,这真是件坏事。Thats why you should probably not order totally rare hamburgers -- they should be cooked all the way through.这也是为什么你不应该点半熟汉堡的原因——因为它们应该被彻底的加工煮熟。The meats firmly on the dangerous-when-raw list are chicken and pork, which might be carrying even more harmful microbes than beef.当生鸡肉和生猪肉在一起时,那是相当的危险,它们所携带的有害细菌完全超过了牛肉。Infectious, diarrhea-causing Campylobacter strains can live in chicken guts.有感染能力且能造成腹泻的弯曲杆菌一般成株地存活在鸡内脏中。And the crowded, dirty conditions at many chicken farms mean that lots of raw chicken may be contaminated.拥挤肮脏的鸡圈意味着大部分的生鸡肉可能会被污染。Pigs, on the other hand, have historically harbored the parasitic worm Trichinella spiralis, although modern farming practices mostly prevent it from sping.另一方面,猪身上通常含有旋毛寄生虫,虽然现代农场科技通常可以阻止它的传播。The larvae form cysts inside the muscle tissue of pigs, so if you eat infected, undercooked pork, some worms will make a home in your guts.猪的肌肉组织中可能会含有幼虫,所以如果你吃了被感染又没煮熟的猪肉,可能就会有一些幼虫寄生在你的内脏中。So sushi and rare steaks can be delicious when theyre prepared safely, but you should always pass on the pork tartare.所以,加工安全的寿司和半熟牛排吃起来会很美味,但你在吃鞑靼猪肉时应该密切注意。Thanks for asking, and thank you especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.感谢在Partreon上持我们的小伙伴,也感谢那些向我们提问和回答的小伙伴。If youd like to submit questions to be answered, or get s a few days earlier, you can go to patreon.com/scishow.如果你有任何问题或其他影视资料想要给我们,请登录patreon.com/scishow。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!不要忘了去youtube.com/scishow给我们留言哦!201706/515556

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