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赣州做双眼皮修复手术费用赣州哪里抽脂好Recommending Drinks推荐酒水Shaoxing wine tastes very good.绍兴酒很好喝May I suggest Qingdao? It is milder than Shanghai and many other brands.来杯青岛啤酒怎么样?它的度数比上海啤酒以及许多其他品牌的啤酒都低The black tea tastes strong and promotes digestion.红茶味浓,而且有助于消化Moutai is one of the most famous liquors in China.茅台酒是中国最著名的酒之一We have different kinds of canned and bottled beers.我们有各种不同的罐装和瓶装啤酒Would you care something a little stronnger?您想来点儿度数高一点儿的酒吗?If you prefer something milder,we have rice wine.如果您愿意喝淡一点的酒,我们有米酒Which kind of wine would you prefer?您喜欢哪一种葡萄酒?Moutai is good indeed. It never goes to the head.茅台酒真的很不错,喝多少都不上头定南县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛斑多少钱 Dialogues对话A:Please have a seat. Tell me what your problem is.请坐.说说你怎么了?B:You know,Im a tourist the Olympic Games here.你知道,我是到此来观看奥运会的游人.And this is my first visit to China.这是我第一次访问中国When I went out sightseeing this afternoon当我今天下午出去观光时I was so absorbed by the beautiful sights of Beijing.我简直被北京的美丽景致迷住了,that I didnt notice the change of the traffic lights.以致于完全没注意到红绿灯的变化,I was knocked to the ground by a car.我被一辆汽车撞倒在地,Of course,it my fault.Now,there a pain in my ribs.当然,这是我的错.我现在觉得肋骨疼.A:Does it hurt when I press here?我这儿疼吗?B:Ouch!The pain is terrible.哎哟,疼死了!A:Then,Youd better go to the X-ray Departme nt.那你最好先去拍X光片.Bring the X-rays to me when they are y片子拍好后拿来给我.Here is the m the X-rays.See you later.这是拍片子的单子,一会儿见.B:See you later.一会儿见. 13话题8 兑换钱币兑换钱币可以是将整钱破开,也可以是将一种钱币兑换成外币,这些都可以在办理,为了方便,美国设有小时营业的 drive-in window(免下车特别窗口)英语情景会话A: Miss Jin. can you do me a favor?A:金,请您帮个忙好吗?B: Of course I can, go ahead.B:当然可以,请说A: Can you go to the Front desk and change some money me?A:您能到前台帮我换些钱吗?B:All right.B:好的A:It very kind of you! Thank you.A:您太好了谢谢您!(At the exchange desk)(在兑换处)B: Excuse me, Would you please tell me the exchange rate US. dollar today?B:打扰了,您可以告诉我今天美元的兑换率吗?C: The rate notes is 8. yuan 1 US. dollar.C:每8.元兑换1美元B: Could you change some money me?B:您能给我换些钱吗?C: Certainly. What kind of currency have you got?C:当然您有哪种货币?B:Chinese Yuan.B:中国人民币其他常用英语口语表达I want to cash my traveler checks.我想兑现旅行票What denomination do you prefer, please?请问您要换成哪种面额的?All in ten-dollar bill, please?请全部换成十元钞的Which window should I go to cash my traveler’s checks?我该到哪个窗口兑现旅行票?Please show your passport and counter sign the checks.请拿出护照并签署旅行票常用英语词汇表达check 票passport 护照sign 签署travel check 旅行票dc}nomination 面额currency 货币window 窗口change 兑换 3赣州鼻部整容失败修复

赣州隆胸手术导购口语:If you are not satisfied, you many return it.如果你不满意,你可以退货We only accept returns thirty days after the purchase.我们这里的货物在卖出后30天内可以退货Bring your receipt to the customer service, and they will refund you.把你的收据拿给顾务部,他们就会退钱给你 语句:Accept returns可以退货,return作动词时,是“归还,退回”的意思,作名词时,意为“退货”,常用复数形式 情景再现:What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchase?假如买了以后不满意怎么办?Our bookstore would accept returns provided that books are in good condition.我们书店不久受退换的书,除非书完好无损 6赣州激光美容科哪里好 赣州整形美容医院整形

赣州纹眉毛多少钱第一句:May I give you an oral declaration? 我能口头申报吗?A: Do you have your customs declaration?你有海关申报表吗?B: May I give you an oral declartion?我向你口头申报行吗?A: OK, what are you declaring?好的,你要申报什么?B: Two bottles of wine.两瓶酒第二句:Three cartons of cigarettes.三条香烟A: Do you have anything to declare, sir?先生,您有物品需要申报吗?B: Yes. Three cartons of cigarettes.是的,三条香烟申报物品时,一般要求填写海关申报表,当然有时候口头申报也可以,这时你需要问清楚 9 Make out the receipt开张发票How much is the camera?这台数码相机多少钱?. It Sony made in Japan.50美元,是日本制造的索尼It is cute. I will take it. Please make out the receipt.看上去很好看,我买下了请给我开张发票OK, sir, here you are. There is a one-year warranty.好的,先生,给您产品保修期是一年 9赣州激光去胎记赣州整形美容医院双眼皮好吗



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